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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on GL
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Monday, January 10, 2005

Jonathan lies crumpled at the foot of the stairs. Tammy is torn between her loyalty to her Uncle Josh and her instinctive sympathy for Jonathan.

Josh is convinced Jonathan staged his own fall but the injuries are real and together Tammy and he take Jonathan to the ER. Meanwhile, Reva is closing down Cassie and Edmund's wedding reception when she spots Jeffrey trying to forget his own heartache in a glass of brandy. Reva would pursue the source of his pain but Dinah appears hoping to gloat over the wedding that didn't happen. But to her horror, she learns Cassie and Edmund did tie the knot and it was Jeffrey who performed the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Cassie, a truly desperate housewife, struggles to keep it together on the night of her wedding. She urgently wants and needs Edmund to make love to her. She hopes to eliminate any possibility that Jonathan could ever be the father of the child she and Edmund dream of conceiving. After they do make love, Cassie falls into an unsettling sleep where nightmares of Jonathan plague her.

Later, Reva hears of the stairwell accident and races to the hospital, believing it was Josh who was injured. To her shock and horror she finds Jonathan was the victim and Josh may have pushed him down the stairs. The act manages to further drive a wedge between Reva and Josh as mother and son take one step closer to each other.

Tony's arrival at the villa forces a final confrontation with Sebastian. Sebastian takes the serum and lives. But Tony, no sentimentalist, is prepared to make sure he never hurts Michelle or anyone else again. Michelle, however, is able to convince Tony to leave Sebastian alone in the villa. With Danny they leave the island at last. Holly hangs back to say a final goodbye to Sebastian. But after she does Sebastian reveals he is far from finished with her.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Coop and Marina have gone to Cedars Hospital to tell Rick and Mel that Danny and Michelle are dead. But Rick and Mel are having another argument about Beth, and Rick leaves in anger. Marina tells Rick she must talk to him, but he declines and walks off. Confused, Marina talks to Mel about Danny and Mel decides to go look for Rick and tell him the bad news in person.

In the airport near Sebastian's private island, Danny and Michelle -- who are very much alive -- talk about their relationship while they wait for Holly to join them. Although Michelle remembers bits and pieces of their lives together, she does not remember her love for him and Danny admits to her that he knows he lost his wife a year ago in the explosion. She tells him she is sorry for his loss and they embrace. Tony, seeing this, assumes that the embrace means that the two are back together and he tries to leave gracefully so she can be with the one she loves. Tony is thrilled when Michelle tells him "I am with the man I love." Meanwhile, it doesn't look like Holly will be joining the group any time soon. It seems that Sebastian has stowed away on her airplane and he tries his best to convince her that her life is meaningless in Springfield and that she needs to go out into the world with him. Hoping to persuade her to go with him, he opens the cabin door and threatens to jump if she will not join him. "I love you, we were meant to be together." He kisses her and tries to get her to agree to go with him but loses his balance and falls out of the airplane. Holly screams into the darkness!

Gus pulls Harley out of the restaurant so they can speak in private about her defense, but someone is watching and listening.... When Rick sees Beth eavesdropping on Harley and Gus, he asks her what she's doing, and she becomes very defensive and angry. She is absolutely convinced Harley is guilty of murdering Phillip -- who Beth says was the love of her life. When Harley and Gus hear the commotion, they enter the room and Beth is very ugly to Harley. It seems that there is nothing Harley can do to make Beth happy, and when she is alone with Rick she slips and says "Everything I did that night is all for....." Rick is surprised: "For what Beth, what did you do that night??" She rambles a little and then avoids the issue by kissing Rick on the lips. He kisses her back -- just in time for Mel to walk in and see them. Mel steps back long enough for the kiss to end, and when she takes Rick away telling him that she must talk to him, Mel looks back at Beth. If looks could kill!

Gus later surprises Harley when she finds out that he bought the land on which her home stood before Phillip had it destroyed. She is delighted, but even more so when he tells her that a contractor is going to rebuild her home, brick by brick, so that they can all be together in it when she is found not guilty. She is afraid to hope for so much, but Gus is convinced she will be acquitted.

Back at Cedars, Marina is outside by herself wishing upon a star. Just as she breaks into tears, Danny finds her and holds her close. Suddenly, it seems that perhaps it's not such a bad thing that Michelle doesn't remember him any more.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

As Gus is putting up pictures of the suspects in Phillip's murder, Harley reminds him not to forget the one of Ruth Karloff. Gus argues that Ruth does not belong up there, saying his main suspect is Beth. As Gus gets ready to leave, Harley thanks him for his support. After Gus' exit, Jeffrey enters only to tell Harley he can't speak to her without her attorney present. Harley asked him to at least tell her how things are looking for her. Jeffrey refuses to answer her questions. Gus comes back. Jeffrey tells Gus he came to talk about a deal. Gus refuses, saying, "You don't bargain when you are innocent."

Mel is standing in her kitchen, remembering Rick kissing Beth. Rick interrupts, only to be told she is tired of the things that are going on in their lives. Rick suggests they forget everything else, and says how glad he is that Michelle and Danny are coming home. Mel expresses how upset she is that Danny and Michelle are not going to be together after everything they have been through. She is interrupted by Beth knocking on the door. Mel confides to Rick and Beth that she saw them kiss. Beth explains she kissed Rick, not the other way around, and apologizes for everything. Beth says she only came to clear the air and leaves them alone. Rick explains to Mel that he believes Beth knows something about the night the Phillip was murdered. She was about to tell him what, when she kissed him. He admits he kissed her back, and promises to stay away from her rather than risk hurting his marriage.

Beth returns to the Spaulding mansion, where she speaks to Gus on the phone. Beth screams at him that she does not want to hear Harley is innocent or talk about Phillip's murder. She hangs up the phone, leaving Gus thinking she has something to hide. The maid enters, telling Beth she has sent her dress to the drycleaners because it had a red stain. Beth instructs the maid to get rid of the dress as soon as it is returned from the drycleaners.

Reva confronts Joshua, telling him Jonathan did not deserve to be hurt. Josh denies he pushed him down the stairs. They continue to argue about Jonathan. Josh can't believe Reva would think he would do something like that on purpose. Reva discovers Josh allowed Jonathan to move into their home only because he thought it would prove he is there to cause trouble.

Cassie answers a knock at the door, and imagines seeing Jonathan standing there. She realizes it is really the paperboy delivering the day's paper, showing the front page story about Jonathan's fall down the stairs. Cassie rushes to the hospital, only to have a memory of her and Jonathan in bed together. Running into Tammy in the waiting room, Cassie begs her to go home and stay away from Jonathan.

Sandy is in the hospital room with Jonathan, deliberately leaning on his injured leg. As Sandy pushes on his leg, he warns Jonathan to stay away from Reva, Tammy and the rest of the Lewis family. Sandy steps away from the hospital bed, again warning him to stay away from the Lewises. Reva enters the room as Sandy leaves. Cassie goes up to Jonathan's room only to see Reva in with him. Jonathan sees Cassie standing outside the window, and tells Reva there is something she needs to know.

After having the nurse go into the room to get Reva, Cassie tells her that Jonathan drugged her the night before the wedding. Cassie explains that she woke up the morning of the wedding with Jonathan in her bed and no memory of what happened during the night. Cassie confides this is the reason she ran away the morning of the wedding. Explaining she has been taking fertility drugs in the hopes of getting pregnant, Cassie begs Reva to confront Jonathan and find out what really happened that night. Reva goes back into Jonathan's room and asks why he was in bed with Cassie. He says he is shocked Cassie had the nerve to tell her, but he is sure her version of what happened is different than his.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Danny, who is packing to move into the Beacon, gets special deliveries from the women in his life. Marina brings him Buzz burgers and Roxy dogs from Elizabeth & Company. Michelle arrives with Tony in tow. Danny tells Michelle they need to tell Robbie together that they aren't living with each other anymore. Tony and Marina leave. When Danny calls Robbie into the room, he doesn't want to hug his mommy. Michelle gives Robbie a toy plane and plans to take him to the park and a museum. When Marina returns to retrieve her keys, Robbie runs to her and wants to stay with her. Upset, Michelle leaves with Tony but watches from the window as Marina and Danny play with Robbie. Danny tells Marina he is getting on with his life without Michelle and takes her hand.

Tony and Michelle reminisce about their happy times on the island.

Holly returns to Springfield but can't forget accidentally pushing Sebastian out of the plane. Shaken, she tells Blake that Sebastian died from the same disease which Roger had. Holly and Blake meet Ross for breakfast. Holly can't get the thoughts of her time with Sebastian out of her mind and "accidentally" reaches for Blake's mimosa rather than her own non-alcoholic drink. Blake tells Holly she could have closure if they returned to the island to find Sebastian's body and have a memorial service. Holly refuses and leaves. Blake vows to find out what Holly is hiding.

Edmund brings his new bride roses. Cassie freaks when he shows her a video tape he found outside their door. Cassie grabs the tape, thinking it shows her night with Jonathan. Edmund wonders why she wants to pre-screen their wedding video. Cassie covers, claiming she doesn't want Edmund to see her embarrassing bachelorette party. Edmund presents her with tickets to Tahiti.

Jonathan tells Reva that Cassie is lying about their night together in order to get back at him for taking advantage of Tammy. He shows Reva the note from Cassie inviting him to her suite on the night before her wedding. He claims Cassie was setting him up but that he didn't touch her. Jonathan forces Reva to choose between her sister and him.

Outside the hospital, Joshua tells Reva that Jonathan should leave their house. Reva says she and Jonathan need each other. She feels responsible for Jonathan's problems just as Joshua felt responsible for Shane's paralysis.

Cassie goes to the hospital demanding that Jonathan give her the tape and tell her what he did to her on the night before her wedding. Reva comes in as Cassie is telling Jonathan that she wishes he had died when he fell down the stairs. Lillian arrives to take Jonathan for x-rays. Reva confronts Cassie about her note and accuses her of wanting to drive Jonathan out of her life. Cassie refuses to apologize for wanting Jonathan gone. Reva finds the tape.

Friday, January 14, 2005

At Company, Olivia shows Bill a complimentary newspaper article on Slingshot Enterprises. She comments on how good of a team they make, personally and professionally. Suddenly, Bill spots something else on the table, it's an invitation for Olivia and Emma to come to the Spaulding mansion for cocktails. Olivia tells Bill that Alan told her he has an announcement to make. Bill's not fond of her going over there, she states that she's not either and doesn't really want to go without him. They both agree that Alan's up to something, but Olivia's curious about what he has to say. She starts talking to Bill about how wonderful her life is now, especially since she's not a suspect in Phillip's murder since they arrested Harley. Unfortunately, Buzz overhears and isn't too pleased with Olivia's celebrating the fact that his daughter's been arrested. Bill tells Olivia he agrees with Buzz, he's not happy with Harley being arrested either. But he does agree to go to the Spauldings' with her.

At the Spauldings', Beth's ' in a foul mood. Alan informs her and Alex that he's invited Olivia and Emma over for cocktails. Alex tries to bow out, but Alan convinces her to stay by promising that she'll see fireworks. Beth's in no mood however and excuses herself by saying that she has a headache. Soon, Olivia, Emma, and Bill arrive and Alan gives them the big news: he's established a trust fund for Emma. Olivia's curious as to why now, and Alan states it's because it seems as if her future with Bill is secure. Alan has his doubts about Bill's ability to be a good husband and father and his prepared for the possibility that their joint venture, Slingshot Enterprises, will fail. So, he's making sure that his granddaughter is taken care of. Olivia tries to convince Alan that he's wrong about their company by showing him the newspaper, but he's not impressed. Suddenly, he turns on the television, and what is on? An episode of "Unsolvable Mysteries" which is about Phillip's death! The program puts forth the theory that Phillip's death may have been a conspiracy between Harley, Bill, and Olivia and that Phillip was completely innocent. Olivia irate and threatens to sue Alan for slander, but he informs her that the program is independently produced and besides it was only a possible theory. Bill and Olivia go to leave, but Alan tells Olivia that he's not done with her yet. Alone with Olivia, Alan accuses Olivia of working with "Ruth" and Bill to kill Phillip. Olivia tells Alan she didn't know about "Ruth" until everyone else did, but Alan says Bill knew and he could have told her. Alan again raises concerns about Bill stating that he's wrong for Olivia and is a poor choice for a stepfather for Emma. He warns Olivia that as long as Bill's in her life, he'll be going after her. However, Olivia is not going to give up on Bill just to get Alan off her back.

At Cedars, Jonathan and Cassie try to get the tape from Reva. Suddenly, Cassie realizes why Jonathan is so determined that his mother not see the tape---it shows him drugging her. . When Reva asks Jonathan if it's true, Jonathan asks what if he says no. He asks her if he gives his word as her son that he's telling the truth, will she trust him enough not to watch the tape. Reva again asks for the truth, and he tells her that nothing happened. But Cassie's convinced there's something on that tape that Jonathan doesn't want Reva to see and grabs it and sticks it in the VCR. The tape shows an apparently drunk Cassie coming on to Jonathan, then passing out, and he putting her into bed and getting into bad to take a nap fully clothed. A shocked Cassie get mad and states that it didn't happen that way--Jonathan must have edited the tape. She knows that both she and Jonathan were naked when she woke up, but Jonathan claims that he was just playing with her head. Cassie refuses to believe it and tries to convince Reva that she was not drunk that night, she was perfectly sober--Jonathan drugged her. But Reva doesn't believe that Cassie was sober that night and is angry that Cassie set Jonathan up in the first place. Cassie says she's scared about what might have happened that night and is angry that Reva is talking Jonathan's word over hers. She tries to convince Reva how evil Jonathan is, but all she succeeds in doing is getting Reva angry. Reva reminds Cassie that when she came to town, she had an agenda. Everyone told Reva not to trust her, but she stuck by her anyway. After asking Cassie if she would have given up on Tammy if she'd been raised in foster homes and made bitter, Reva warns Cassie to accept her son. Cassie asks or what? She can't believe Reva would choose Jonathan over her. Reva leaves the room and Jonathan tells Cassie she better get all her ducks in a row--you don't mess with Mama Bear and her cub. he tells Cassie that they didn't do the deed, but she wonders why she should believe him. He snidely tells her that she has a point and she'll have to live with that uncertainty. Now, she knows what it's like to be set up. He then leaves the room and sees Reva. He tells her that he really didn't want her to see that tape. Reva's upset and informs Jonathan that he's far from innocent, but she doesn't believe that he did the things Cassie said. She tells Jonathan she'll stick by him and asks him not to make her regret that decision.

Gus is staring at the suspect board when Harley walks into the room and asks if he thinks the killer is going to just jump out at him. Harley is staring to become convinced that it was her all along. She suggests to Gus that they should explore separate theories. Gus wants to know what she's up to, but Harley wants to see if it pans out first. Before she leaves, she asks what his plans for the night are and he says he's going to see Beth; he thinks she's hiding something. Harley realizes that Gus thinks Beth is protecting Lizzie. Gus says he's not sure, but he thinks she's protecting someone. He tells Harley that Beth has a conscience and whatever she's hiding, she won't be able to hide it for long.

Later, upstairs the Spaulding mansion, mansion, Gus overhears Beth yelling at a maid for not getting rid of her dress. She insists that she wants the dress and the other items gone to the Charity Auction tonight. Suddenly she sees Gus and explains that that was Phillip's favorite dress; keeping it upsets her. Gus invites Beth to go for a drink. Although she tries to decline, Gus pushes the issue and they go. At the bar, Gus asks Beth how Lizzie is doing. Beth explains that she's having a hard time without her father. She starts to get upset that she's powerless to help Lizzie and feels as if she's failed her. Suddenly, Beth starts crying and spills wine on her dress. She starts to talk about what a klutz she is and mentions that it's happened before. He asks if she spilled whine on the dress she's giving away. Surprised that he'd bring that up, Beth tells him no, she told him why she was giving that one away. Suddenly, Gus gets up to make a phone call.

Harley's at Company with Buzz--she tells him that she wants him to recreate the night of Phillip's murder. Harley starts going over how Phillip grabbed her and ripped off her wig and yelled at her. She wants Buzz to say everything to her the way Phillip did, but Buzz isn't very good at play acting. Harley tells Buzz that she needs something to react to, she needs him to make her hate him. Buzz tries to get out of this by suggesting that they sit down and have some coffee and pie, but Harley wants to keep going. She relates how Phillip slammed the gun on the bar and dared her to use it. She and Buzz reenact the struggle with the gun (using Gus's unloaded gun) but Harley can't seem to remember what happened during the struggle, Suddenly, her cell phone rings--it's Gus. He wants her do stop what she's doing and do him a favor. He tells Harley he thinks Beth may be the killer. He asks her to go to the charity drop-off on 5th Street and see if she can find a blue dress that was just dropped off tonight; he's thinking Phillip's blood may be on it. Harley goes to the drop-off and just as she finds the blue dress, someone comes up behind her!

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