Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 28, 2005 on GL
Harley revealed she remembered pulling the trigger on Phillip. Alan knew that Harley couldn't remember but had taken the plea bargain to spare her family. Jonathan manipulated Reva into pursuing legal action against Edmund. Edmund isolated Cassie from family and friends in his plot to conceive a child with her.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 28, 2005 on GL
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Monday, February 28, 2005

Outside at Company, Buzz found Zack seated on a bench and said, "Your mother would shoot me dead if she knew you were here without your coat." Too late, Buzz realized what he'd said when his grandson stared wide-eyed at him. Buzz apologized and said he hadn't meant that, and he found out the kids at school had been teasing Zack and telling him his mommy had shot his daddy. Buzz tried to console his grandson by taking him for an ice cream treat.

At Harley's Angels, Harley told Gus she remembered the night Phillip had been shot, and she was sure she had done it. She tried to call Jeffrey O'Neill to accept the plea deal, but Gus wouldn't let her, saying he knew she was lying and really had no idea what had happened the night Phillip had been murdered. Harley admitted to it but agreed to go to Company with Gus to reenact her last moments with Phillip before she had lost her memory. Once at the restaurant, Harley recounted the events leading up to Phillip's death. She told Gus she had shown up disguised as Ruth because Phillip wouldn't have told her anything as Harley.

Gus listened as Harley confessed that Phillip had known she had been disguised as Ruth and had taunted her for always screwing things up and had stated that she didn't deserve to be a mother to Zack and Jude. Harley trembled as she told Gus how she had hated Phillip in those last moments because she had been convinced the reason he wouldn't tell her where the boys were was because he had hurt them. "And then I shot him and watched him fall to the floor with a puzzled and hurt look on his face like a child," she said.

After listening to Harley's story, Gus was still not convinced Harley should deal with D.A. and told her whether she had shot Phillip or not, the world was a better place without him. They were interrupted when Buzz and Zack returned from the ice cream shop. Buzz suspected there was something going on, but Gus denied it and said he had to leave to prepare his case to free Harley.

At the fertility clinic, Reva sneaked in to see Cassie with the help of Jonathan who knocked a security guard unconscious. Reva tried to tell her sister about Edmund and the fire, but Cassie was groggy and repeated how much she loved Edmund and couldn't wait to have his baby. Undeterred, Reva told Cassie there was something she needed to know before she had a baby. Finally, she was interrupted when Cassie had trouble breathing, and the doctor rushed in. Edmund arrived at the same time and assumed Reva had done something to upset his wife.

Reva told Edmund that Cassie had had a reaction to the anesthesia. She accused Edmund of being ready to blame her or Jonathan if anything went wrong with Cassie's procedure. Edmund was incredulous and told Reva he didn't "give a damn" about her or her psychopathic son -- all he cared about was Cassie. He begged Reva to leave so he could be alone with his wife. Reva agreed but listened from the doorway as Edmund professed his eternal love to Cassie and promised to take care of her forever. Later, Jonathan was furious when Reva told him she hadn't had the heart to tell Cassie about Edmund after seeing how much her sister loved him.

Ross had followed Dinah to the park, where she was waiting to rendezvous with Jonathan. She denied she was attracted to Reva's son and insisted she was only serving as a role model for him. She was accusing her father of not trusting her when Jonathan showed up with a flower and called her "babe." Ross raised an eyebrow but listened as Dinah pretended to berate Jonathan for following her. Ross told Dinah he had set her up with a mystery date and would call her later with the details.

Once Ross left, Jonathan discovered Dinah had arrived to meet him, wearing only underwear under her coat. They began to kiss passionately when Dinah received a call from Blake requesting that she meet her for a family meeting. Upon arriving at Harley's Angels for the meeting, Dinah realized the mystery man was Matt. She watched in disbelief as Ross appeared and locked her inside the agency.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Josh ran into Tammy on his way out of Elizabeth & Co. He thanked her for setting up the dinner with Reva and Cassie, but Tammy admitted to her uncle it had actually been Jonathan's idea. Josh wondered why Jonathan wanted them to get together as he went to try to find Reva. At that moment, Jonathan and Reva were fighting. He called her a coward for not telling Cassie that Edmund had set the barn fire when Reva had had her chance at the fertility clinic. He tried to convince Reva that Edmund was a threat to everyone, and he reminded her, once again, that Reva had given him up because of Edmund.

Reva had had enough of Jonathan's behavior. She told him he had just used up the last of his "I was given away" cards, just as Josh found the two fighting. Reva was receptive to Josh's help because she'd had it with Jonathan. She told Jonathan she believed Josh over him, and Jonathan left in a huff. Josh and Reva talked about how to handle the situation, and he convinced her to talk to Edmund and tell him she knew about the barn fire. Josh agreed to go with her.

Jonathan, however, was not done with his troublemaking for the day. When he ran into Tammy as she left Elizabeth & Co., he bragged to her that he had slept with her mother before her wedding with Edmund. Tammy didn't believe him, but Jonathan's parting shot got her attention: "And she did it for you!"

A very unusual slumber party was shaping up at the Santos home. Robbie had demanded everyone, Marina, Danny, Michelle, and Tony, sleep in sleeping bags on the living room floor. It was definitely not what the adults had had in mind, but they went along with it because it made Robbie happy. There was an awkward moment when Michelle, thinking she was about to join Tony in the shower, walked in on Danny. She was shocked, so shocked she began to have flashbacks of intimate moments with Danny.

Ross had set up an intervention with Dinah and her family. Unfortunately, her mother, Vanessa, had not been able to join the group, but her husband, Matt Reardon, joined Blake, Bill, and Ross. They tried to tell Dinah how much they loved her and how worried they were about her and the choices she was making. Dinah was almost ready to listen until Blake added they were worried about what she would do to Cassie. Dinah was angered and offended when they tried to convince her to give up the past and the bitterness so she could have a happy future.

Matt presented Dinah with an airplane ticket so she could join him and Vanessa at their home in Italy, but a defiant Dinah turned on him and acted as if he were trying to seduce her. She tore up the plane ticket in front of the group and told her father, "I expected more out of you." A very tired Ross said, "And I of you." He handed the key to the locked room to her, and she left in anger. Bill and Matt left for a drink, but Ross asked Blake to wait in the car while he took a moment to be alone with his sad thoughts.

A shell-shocked Dinah wandered into Elizabeth & Co. and thought she was alone. When Jonathan popped up from behind the bar, she tried to get him to leave, but he refused to do so. Tenderly, he told her she would never be alone.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Coop, worried about Lizzie, attempted to call her but only reached her voicemail. He later found her on the roof of a building. Thinking that she was about to commit suicide, Coop tackled Lizzie, pulling her away from the ledge. Lizzie assured him that she would not kill herself and teased that she had more reasons to live than he did.

As she started to leave, Lizzie slipped, but Coop saved her by grabbing her arm as she began to fall. After he pulled her back onto the roof, they shared a romantic kiss. Lizzie pulled away and left, only to meet Coop again at Company. Seeing the way that Coop and Lizzie were looking at each other, Frank warned Coop to stay away from her before it was too late.

Gus and Frank met at Company and attempted to discuss Harley's defense, only to be interrupted when Harley informed them that she was guilty and was going to accept the plea bargain. Harley went outside to call Alan and told him that she would give him what he wanted if he would meet with her at her office. Once Alan arrived, Harley confided that she remembered shooting Phillip and was going to change her plea to guilty. Surprised that she was not going to keep fighting, Harley admitted that she had heard him threaten Gus and knew that he intended to take Zack away from the Coopers.

In an attempt to bargain, Harley agreed to accept the plea if Alan would let Zack live with Buzz once she was in prison. When Alan didn't immediately agree, Harley became angry and accidentally admitted that she still did not remember what had happened the night of Phillip's murder. Alan eventually agreed that all he wanted was for Harley to go to jail, and if that happened, he would let Zack stay with Marina, Buzz, and Frank. After Alan left, Gus entered and again tried to talk her out of taking the plea. Harley told him that it was too late; Alan already knew. Harley tried to convince Gus that she would be okay.

After Harley asked Gus to promise that he would go on without her and stating that he needed to make peace with his family, Gus kissed her, only for her to pull away and run out of the room. Harley then met Bill in the park, where he assured her that she did not have to be strong for him and attempted to comfort her by promising to finish her house for her children, so that they would have a stable home to grow up in. Gus, meanwhile, went to see Alan at Spaulding. Asking if he remembered what it had been like before all the hate, he told Alan that he would be nothing without Harley. As Gus started to leave, Alan stopped him by calling him "son" and telling him that there was something that he should know.

Sebastian met Olivia in her office with a copy of the background check that she had ordered and informed her that he had been made co-president. Confronting Alan, she demanded to know what his intentions were in hiring Sebastian. Alan simply said that it would be fun and told Sebastian that he could share Olivia's office until his was ready.

Thursday, March 3, 2005

Alan remembered a conversation in which Harley had told him that she had still been unsure she had killed Phillip. Alan tried to bridge the gap between him and his son. Gus told Alan not to call him his son again and stormed out to fight for Harley.

Jeffrey didn't believe that Harley really wanted to plead guilty to manslaughter, but she signed the plea agreement anyway. He said that she needed to give her plea in open court. A stone-faced Harley said she was relieved. Jeffrey left as Gus arrived with plane tickets. Gus wanted her to leave the country with him. She refused and told him that it was time for him to let go. A tearful Gus said that he was nothing without her.

Olivia interrupted Bill comforting a distraught Harley. Harley revealed that Bill had offered to help rebuild Harley's house. Olivia left, angry at Bill for doing things that would only antagonize Alan. Olivia flirted with Matt Reardon for Bill's benefit. Bill introduced Matt as his stepfather. Alan interrupted. Olivia wanted Alan to remove Sebastian from Spaulding. Alan wanted a piece of Slingshot in exchange for firing Sebastian. Olivia offered him co-ownership of the Lewis Construction building instead.

Edmund told a tired Cassie that she was in a suite at Towers and that the retrieval had gone perfectly. Edmund vowed to make sure that nothing and no one disturbed Cassie during her recovery.

Tammy, Sandy, and Reva were upset that Edmund had taken Cassie away from her family. Edmund refused to tell them where he had hidden her so that she could have peace and quiet. Edmund told Tammy privately that Reva was a threat to Cassie. Tammy defended Edmund to Reva and wondered why Reva had taken Jonathan to the clinic. Tammy told Sandy about Cassie's "seduction" of Jonathan. Sandy wondered why Tammy was so angry about Cassie's plot. He told her that he didn't need reassurance that Jonathan no longer had a hold over her. They kissed.

Edmund returned to Cassie's side. Cassie was feeling isolated and wondered why a block had been put on her phone.

Reva went to Jeffrey to file reckless endangerment charges against Edmund. Jeffrey told her to wait a few days before she broke Cassie's heart.

Friday, March 4, 2005

Bill approached Dinah at the bar in Towers. He was concerned, since it was awfully early to be drinking, but Dinah was not in the mood and refused his offer to have breakfast with him. Dinah wallowed in self-pity, calling herself the "family failure." She told Bill that the night before at the intervention, she had learned that she was nothing without Cassie. She talked about how the intervention had been all about protecting Cassie. Bill tried to convince her that that was not true, but she didn't believe it.

Dinah told about how she had been envious of Cassie and had hated her at the same time. Bill tried to tell Dinah that she could make a fresh start for herself. He tried to get her to leave the bar, but she refused and told him to just forget she was his sister. Bill then had to leave to go to Harley's hearing.

Jonathan and Reva were also at Towers, having breakfast. When Reva got up to make a phone call, a package arrived for her, and Jonathan signed for it. He opened it up and discovered that it was papers pressing charges against Edmund for what had happened the night of the fire. When Reva returned, she tried to grab the papers away, but he had already seen them and congratulated her.

However, Reva told Jonathan she was not even sure yet if she'd go through with pressing charges. Jonathan tried to encourage her to follow her instincts and press charges, but Reva wasn't quite sure if it was the best thing to do. She then hurried to leave so she could be in court. When she was gone, Jonathan had the papers in his hands.

In their room at Towers, Edmund gave Cassie great news: her embryos were ready to be implanted, as early as that afternoon. Cassie was thrilled but was upset that she couldn't call Tammy or Reva, since the hotel's phones weren't working. Edmund told her that Tammy already knew. Edmund tried to ease her frustrations by telling her that he just wanted her all to himself that day. Suddenly, Edmund's cell phone rang. He told Cassie that he had to go; he had a meeting to get to.

When Cassie suggested that Edmund leave his cell phone with her so she could call Reva, he told her that he needed it in case the clinic called. Edmund then went upstairs for his meeting, but the man from the consulate he had been set to meet with never showed. While he was waiting, Edmund instructed a waiter to send breakfast up to his wife. Jonathan overheard Cassie's room number.

Edmund noticed Dinah at the bar and asked if she was stalking him. He thought she had set up the fake call so he'd see her. Dinah denied the charge and went back to drinking. Edmund tried to convince Dinah that she could change; she didn't have to be a prisoner to her obsession. He used himself as proof that she could change. Dinah was a little surprised at his concern for her, since she thought he hated her.

Edmund maintained that he didn't hate Dinah; they were too much alike. He did feel sorry for her though. Dinah didn't appreciate that and asked to be left alone. When Edmund left, Jonathan approached. She was not in the mood to see him either, but he told her there was something he needed to show her.

The phone rang in Cassie's room -- it was the hotel management. While they were on the line, Cassie asked about the phones getting fixed and was disbelieving when she was told Edmund had ordered all outgoing phone calls blocked. Just then, room service arrived. On the table was a note, apparently from Reva, asking her to go to the Beacon.

As Edmund discovered that Cassie was not in the room, Cassie went to the Beacon in time to see a fax arrive -- the papers that stated the charges against Edmund.

Everyone was getting ready for Harley's big day in court. After she quietly watched her friends and family, Harley went to her office, where Gus was staying. Gus wasn't there, and Harley sat down to write him a note. In the note, she told him that she was accepting the plea bargain and would be sent to jail for ten years. In the letter, she told him not to put his life on hold for her, and told him to stay close to her family in an attempt to help. She wanted him to make a new life for himself.

Suddenly, Gus entered and asked Harley if she was taking the coward's way out. He then glanced at her letter and was upset that she was writing him a "Dear John" letter. Gus told her that he was staying with her. Wherever she was sent, he'd make a life near her. Harley didn't want that and told Gus he had to walk out of her life. She couldn't live with anything else. Gus told her that he wouldn't be in court that day, and Harley left.

As Frank was preparing to go to court, a policeman interrupted and told him there was an important matter he needed to attend to on 5th Street. When Frank got there, he learned that someone had been caught robbing a store. The robber told Frank he wanted to make a deal. Frank was not interested until the man mentions that he had been there the night that guy had been killed at Company.

At the courthouse, Reva told Jeffrey she had gotten the papers. He again told her to take her time before she filed the papers. A little later, Reva discovered that the papers were gone and figured out that Jonathan had taken them.

Harley arrived at the courthouse and was shocked to see that Gus was there after all. When the judge asked Harley if she was ready to finalize the plea, Harley hesitated. Gus tried again to get her to change her mind, but she told the judge she was ready. Just as she was ready to plead guilty, Frank rushed in. He told the judge there was new evidence -- a witness could testify that not only had Phillip been alive when Harley had left Company, but he hadn't even been shot yet.

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