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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 19, 2006 on GL
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Monday, June 19, 2006

Lizzie inadvertently admits that Jonathan is her baby's father. Tammy realizes that means he cheated on her. Buzz is crushed for Coop, while Beth insists there will still be a wedding yet. Then a slip on her part leads everyone to realize Beth knew about the baby's paternity as well. Lizzie insists to Coop that he can still be baby Jenna's father. And then she pulls out the big guns, claiming that Jonathan raped her. Coop heads back to Towers, about to make an announcement, when Lizzie faints. Meanwhile, Jonathan explains to Tammy that Reva was the one who told him about the baby and she's the only reason he's claiming it. Tammy tells Jonathan she won't let him walk away from his child, but she can't talk about it right now. When Lizzie faints, Tammy notes how Jonathan instinctively protects her. Reva refuses to let Billy tell Josh about her cancer. She collapses and the nurses call a Code Blue. When Reva recovers, she asks Billy to find Jonathan for her. Billy tries. He promises Reva that he'll take care of her, but she can't hide things from him. She shows him her shaved head and begs him to get her out of the hospital. He obliges.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Billy tricks Reva into attending a cancer support meeting. Meanwhile, Josh asks Cassie to manage his project for a while so Josh can make time for Reva. Reva is so touched by Josh's gesture that she's about to confess all, but ultimately can't do it. Lizzie begs Coop to still marry her, but he tells her he doesn't believe her rape story and that they're over. Jonathan takes off to see Tammy at Cassie's. Tammy orders her mother not to let him in, but when Cassie hears why, she tells Tammy and Jonathan they need to talk. Tammy realizes that it was her breaking up with Jonathan that set everything in motion. Lizzie informs Alan and Beth that she still intends to end up with Coop.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ava, assuming Coop is now married, writes him a goodbye note. Frank comforts her. Olivia walks in and scowls. Later, she accuses Ava of making a play for Frank. Meanwhile, Coop is about to head out to look for Ava when Beth appears to make the case for Lizzie one more time. Coop isn't interested. He rushes to the Beacon, but Ava isn't there, only Olivia. Something Olivia says reminds Coop of Ava's favorite holiday The Summer Solstice. Realizing it's today, he rushes to the lighthouse observation deck. Ava runs into Colin. The depressed pair goes out for a drink, during which Coop calls Ava. She gives the phone to Colin and excuses herself. It stops ringing. Coop almost catches up to her, but exchanges barbs with Jonathan instead. Coop begs Frank to put out an APB on Ava and Frank agrees. Ava runs into Beth, who decides to keep the news of Coop and Lizzie's non-wedding to herself. Marina tells Coop that Ava is on her way to England. Franks gives Coop a police escort to the airport. The plane takes off and Coop figures it's all over. He even answers a phone call from Lizzie. But then Ava is escorted off the plane courtesy of Frank. She and Coop reunite.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mallet returns to his and Dinah's room bearing flowers. Dinah asks if he's feeling guilty and he replies that they are thank-you flowers for her having accepted his marriage proposal. When he goes into the other room, Marina arrives, speaking loudly of her and Dinah's plans to bring down Alan-Michael. Dinah shushes her and covers with talk about her manicurist just as Mallet is entering the room. Realizing it's not a good time and place to talk, Dinah looks for a pen to write down Marina's cell phone number so she can call her later. When looking in Mallet's jacket for a pen, she finds a room key (Regina's) and becomes suspicious. Dinah tells Marina that their plan so far is not a good one. Marina should not lead Alan-Michael along romantically to get information on Harley-it wouldn't be good for Marina and wouldn't be fair to Alan-Michael. Marina says since she's a cop she can handle it. Dinah reminds her that she's also a woman with personal feelings and that she doesn't think Marina's really over Alan-Michael. Marina leaves and Mallet comes dressed from his shower and prepares to leave. When Dinah asks where he's going, he dismisses the question and leaves. Dinah says to herself, "Oh, yeah, he's so guilty."

Dinah follows Mallet to where he's meeting with Regina. He is telling Regina that since the guy who had been threatening them is now locked away, he needn't be her bodyguard any longer. Regina comes on to him, suggesting they could pick up where they left off. Mallet reminds her that he is engaged. She replies that before he was married. He tells her he screwed everything up with Harley because he felt she was too good for her. He now has a second chance with an amazing woman. A waiter approaches the on-looking Dinah and offers her a mimosa sent to her by a gentleman. Just then, Mallet looks up to Dinah and raises his glass to her. Dinah approaches the two at the table and Mallet introduces the two women. Regina tells Dinah she is lucky to have a man who adores her so much and then leaves. Dinah and Mallet accuse one another of having cold feet. Mallet asks if they are having a fight. Dinah says they are. Mallet asks if it's over yet so they could make up. Dinah asks if that means they have sex, that it's always on Mallet's mind. He replies, "and it's not always on yours?"

At Company, Lizzie sees Buzz emptying out the nursery to make room for Ava's return. Buzz advises her not to torture herself and go away. Jonathan comes outside and Lizzie socks him a few times, yelling that it is all his fault she no longer has Coop. Jon tells her to stop being a drama queen and treat him with respect since he's the father of her kid. While she is making insulting comments about Ava, Coop and Ava arrive at Company, having overheard Lizzie's remarks. They ignore her and go inside. Jon leaves and Lizzie goes in to "apologize" to Ava. The two end up arguing and Lizzie insists that Coop has already formed a bond with the baby, even if it isn't his. She tells both Ava and Coop that Coop won't be able to let go of that. Coop later confesses to Ava that he does still feel a connection to the baby he had loved as his, but the two of them will be okay. As they kiss, Lizzie, crying, watches them through the window and vows, "I'm not finished yet."

Deciding not to call Harley, Gus goes to Company. When he sees Lizzie outside he says, "Hi, Lizzie, how's the baby?" She responds, "Drop dead!" He mutters, "Okay," and goes inside. When he sees they are clearing out the nursery, he offers to help, but Buzz says no. An officer from Police Internal Affairs arrives to check up on Gus. He insists that he is clean and doing well, that his father-in-law wouldn't let him help them if he wasn't clean. The officer tells him that she will go file her report for now and wishes him well. Buzz acknowledges that he and Frank have been avoiding Gus because they are upset with him. He tells Gus that he's crazy about him but that Harley is his daughter, and she comes first. Then he asks Gus how he is doing. Gus tells him that he's clean and sober five days. Just as he's saying that's not a long time, Buzz screams that that is "Fantastic!" He embraces Gus and insists on calling Harley to tell her. Gus tells Buzz to hold off until Gus knows he is really ready.

Against Dinah's advice, Marina sets it up so Alan-Michael invites her into his room for coffee. They go round about his feelings about her and his motives in the company. Marina is playing hard to get. When Alan-Michael gets a phone calls and steps away, Marina begins to look around his desk. Alan-Michael catches her and she confesses that she was looking for gum or a breath mint so she could do this-plant a big kiss on him. They end up making love. While Alan-Michael wants their time in bed together to last longer, Marina insists she has to go back to work. He asks her to come back after her shift. She says she will. When she leaves Alan-Michael's room, Marina runs into a returning Mallet and Dinah. When Mallet goes on ahead, Dinah apologizes to Marina and agrees that Marina can hold her personal feelings aside and reel Alan-Michael in and they'll get what they want from him.

At "Cross Creek," an ill Reva reads a sweet note from Josh that says he left her sleeping because she looked so peaceful. Reva mutters that sleep is about all she's good at now these days. She then picks up a list she made as a young woman. The list is titled, "Ten things I want to do before I die." Jonathan arrives, angry with her for making him believe she was on her deathbed and her dying wish was that he come clean about the baby. When he tells her that he busted up the wedding by announcing he is the baby's father, Reva hugs him and tells him how proud she is of him. He is determined that since he came clean about the baby, she must now confess all about her cancer to Josh. He points out that in all her "protection" of everyone from news of her illness, she has so far caused him to confess his fatherhood, Tammy to break up with him, and has pushed Josh away. He asks her what all her "protection" will bring on next. Who's next on her fix-it list? While he keeps referring to the baby as Lizzie's, Reva keeps pointing out that it is his baby, too. Angry, Jon storms out. After a while, Reva joins him on the porch with a cup of coffee for him. Jon asks that they not talk about Lizzie, the baby, or Tammy. Reva agrees and says that "cancer's always good for a laugh." Serious, Jon asks her what if she doesn't make it. As he is crying, he reminds her that she said she would help him with the baby. He has lost Tammy, what if he loses her, now, too. Crying also, Reva admits that she's scared, too. She promises she'll do her best to stick around because, "you need me just as much as that little girl needs you."

Friday, June 23, 2006

Beth and Alan arrive at Towers to have breakfast with Lizzie. Beth doesn't think having breakfast here is a good idea since it's returning to "the scene of the crime. Just then, a very chipper Lizzie arrives. At Alan and Beth's stares, she announces that he's in a good mood; today is the first day of the rest of her life--with Henry Cooper Bradshaw. Alan and Beth try to tell Lizzie that she doesn't have to cover up her feelings--she can get upset over losing good. But Lizzie denies losing Coop. She sees what happened as a minor setback. Alan then tries another tactic and tells her she needs to focus on the baby. Lizzie though can't let go and insists that Coop still loves her and will forgive her. Beth reiterates that Lizzie needs to focus on the baby. Lizzie finally snaps and insists that her future is with Coop and she demands what Alan is going to do to help her Alan asks Lizzie if he's ever (intentionally) let her down and tells her she needs to take care of the baby; he'll take care of everything else. Alan leaves. When he's gone, an upset Lizzie accuses Beth of caring more about the baby then her. Beth denies that and tries to get Lizzie to see how lucky she is. Lizzie gets very upset and proclaims she's not lucky. Jonathan is the father of her baby. Before storming out, an angry Lizzie tells her mother, "If I can't be with Coop If I can't raise this baby with Coop; there's no reason for either of us to be alive!"

Tammy and Jonathan both meet at the lighthouse. Tammy received a note to meet him, saying it was important. Jonathan got the same note. Tammy thinks Reva set them up, but Jonathan says no, Reva has enough on her plate. But whoever it is, knows they should be together. Jonathan informs Tammy that Outskirts has just opened for business again. Seeing she's conflicted, Jonathan holds her and tries to get Tammy to admit she didn't miss him last night; that she doesn't want him as much as he wants her. Tammy admits that she does want him. Jonathan insists that nothing else matters but Tammy says it does. Suddenly, she wonders who set up their meeting. Jonathan doesn't think it really matters. He tells Tammy he wants to fix things but she insists she needs more time and space and runs off. At that point, Alan arrives. He was the one who set up this meeting. Jonathan asks Alan if he enjoys messing with people's lives or was this revenge for knocking his granddaughter up. Alan cuts to the chase and tells Jonathan that neither he nor Coop is good enough for Lizzie. He tells Jonathan he's off the hook and states that he has a friend in the DA's office. Jonathan realizes Alan got Doris to get his bar reopened. An amused Jonathan knows he's being bought and asks Alan what his deal is: VP at Spaulding? A room at the mansion? Alan says Jonathan isn't getting near Spaulding. He then tells Jonathan that he lost a child recently. That child was his last chance at redemption. He then states if anyone is less suited to be a father--it's Jonathan. Jonathan agrees with him and states that he doesn't want anything to do with Lizzie's baby. Again, Jonathan asks what he's being offered. Alan says Tammy Winslow. Later, Alan escorts Jonathan to the airport. Jonathan asks how he knows Alan is going to do what he says. Alan admits he doesn't but he doubts that Jonathan has much of a chance on his own. At that, Jonathan tells Alan he reminds him of someone he used to know--he had a nasty run-in with an outboard motor. Alan assures him that Tammy will be as good as his and Jonathan boards the plane.

Billy visits Cassie for breakfast. She tells him that she's going to Tulsa for Josh's project. She tells Billy that she decided he was right--she has been relying too much on Josh and that's over. She then comments on Josh and Reva and how they are "till death do them part." At that, Billy gets a wistful look on his face but covers. He starts talking about how he let his feelings for Reva get in the way so he couldn't see what was right in front of him. He realizes Josh and Reva belong together, Cassie agrees. She then tells him that she's getting back into business--hotel management.

Reva wakes Josh up at the cabin. He slept on the couch because he came in late last night and didn't want to wake her. Josh finds Reva's "10 Things to Do Before I Die" list and asks her about it. She tells him she wrote that up and when she younger and just found it. Josh laughingly asks if she wants to knock off a few and she surprises him by saying "Not with you." Reva apologizes for the comment and tells him the list upset her. She wants to complete them today. Josh reminds Reva they have a luncheon meeting with Jeffrey. Reva tries to beg off, causing Josh to get upset.. He asks her why she keeps pushing him away and asks if she's having second thoughts about their marriage. Reva insists that's not it--she meant it when they tore up their divorce papers. He's everything to her. Josh asks Reva to forget about the list and live in the present with him. At that point, the phone rings. It's Billy reminding Reva of her chemo appointment. When Reva gets evasive (because she doesn't want Josh to know what's going on) Billy accuses her of backing out. Josh tries to get her to hang up on whoever it is and talk to him. Not able to talk, Reva asks Billy if she can call him back. Knowing she was as talking to Billy, Josh assumes they had planes today--say riding in a race car.

Reva quickly tells Billy she will see him later, leading Josh to leave in anger. Later, at Towers, Josh is meeting with Jeffrey isn't going so well, until Cassie (who's in her own separate meeting with the Towers manager) speaks eloquently on Josh's behalf.

Reva's now at Cedars waiting for her chemo treatment. Finally, Dr. McCabe enters and delivers some unsettling news--the cancer is spreading. Billy starts to tell McCabe there must be a mistake and Reva asks to talk to the doctor alone. McCabe confirms that there is no mistake. He starts talking about how he hoped the conventional treatments would work and becomes evasive. Reva draws him out and he tells her that she does have an option. There's a clinic in Minnesota, the Langer Clinic. They have an experimental treatment in which the body is bombarded with intense amounts of radiation. It would kill every cancer cell, but destroy her immune system as well. Reva tries to tell him that she can't leave, but he tells her that it's her best option and again tells her to tell Josh. Reva leaves the room. Of Billy's look, Reva gets upset and tells him not to look at her that way. She's not dead yet! She then begins to break down in his arms but recovers. Later, Reva is at the cabin when Josh arrives. He tells her the meeting went well and she tells him that she's proud of him. Josh asks Reva what's going on. She responds that she knows this is the worst possible time to tell him--she has to go out of town for a little while.

Lizzie arrives at Tammy's place to find Tammy packing. Lizzie thinks Tammy is moving away, but Tammy states she's only going away for a few days. Lizzie seems relieved and tries to explain that what happened between her and Jonathan was just one crazy night; it was a horrible mistake and she feels bad she hurt her friend. Tammy believes her. Lizzie seems relieved is says she thought Tammy blamed her. Tammy states that there's plenty of blame to go around. Suddenly, Lizzie gets an idea--she can help Tammy with Jonathan and Tammy and help her with Coop. But they have to get Coop away from Ava first. As Lizzie starts ranting about Ava, Tammy suddenly laughs. She accuses Lizzie of only being there because she wants a favor. Tammy calls Lizzie pathetic and states there's one good thing to come out of this mess--the baby. Maybe she'll change Lizzie. Lizzie maintains that she doesn't want to change and then starts ranting about Ava again. Tammy gets fed up and tells Lizzie to stop blaming everyone else. She then tells Lizzie she feels sorry for her baby; no one deserves a mother like her. Suddenly, Lizzie doubles over in pain. At first, Tammy thinks she is faking but Lizzie insists something is wrong with the baby.

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