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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of June 26, 2006 on GL
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Lizzie is doubled over in pain in her room. At first Tammy thinks she is faking it, but realizes something really is wrong. She insists on taking Lizzie to Cedars. At the hospital, Lizzie learns she has suffered from false labor pains and that she and the baby are okay. When the doctor asks if Lizzie wants him to call the father, she says no. Tammy thinks Jonathan should know, so she leaves the room to call him. While Tammy is gone, Lizzie gives the doctor Coop's phone number and asks him to call Coop. When she calls Outskirts, Tammy learns that Jon has taken his passport and left town. She's stunned. When Coop gets the call about Lizzie and the baby, he and Ava decide to go to the hospital although they were in the middle of a very passionate moment and the construction site of Harley and Gus's future house.

Tammy returns to Lizzie, telling her about Jon's departure. Lizzie says good riddance. Tammy admits that she still loves Jon and knows that Lizzie's baby is also a part of him so she wants to make sure the baby is okay. Beth and Alan arrive at the hospital after Alan has told Beth that Jon's no longer a problem. Jon's gone for good. Beth briefly thinks maybe Alan has had Jon killed, and they joke about whether either one of them would mind if he were dead. Beth seems to feel confident that Jon's out of the picture. While Beth and Alan are in Lizzie's hospital room, Tammy comes in to inform them that Jon's no longer a problem because he's left town. Alan says that Jon's leaving is quite fitting for his character in that he runs out on Lizzie and the baby.

Tammy leaves the room to make another call. She asks the person on the line to please meet her, that she needs them to be there. It turns out to be Cassie, who has left a frantic Josh at Company. When Alan and Beth leave Lizzie's room, Beth runs into Ava and Coop in the hall. She tells them that only one can go in at a time and sends Coop in to see Lizzie. Lizzie is happy to see Coop and the two share the sounds of the baby's heartbeat on the monitor. Coop tells her that he can't shake the feeling that he's the baby's father. Lizzie says that maybe it's a sign that the three of them should be together-her, Coop, and the baby. She says that during this latest trauma, she felt she was going to lose the most important thing in her life. When Coop says, the baby, Lizzie corrects him and says, "No, you Coop."

Earlier at Company, Blake runs into a distracted Cassie. Blake picks up on that Cassie has her mind on a man. Cassie confesses her feelings for Josh, although she swings back and forth about whether or not she's in love with him. Just as she's asking Blake about what's not to love about Josh, Josh enters Company, visibly upset. Blake leaves and Josh joins Cassie. He goes on and on, frantically, about all the things they need to do concerning the project and says that Reva's no longer involved. When Cassie presses him, he says that it's now just the two of them-Josh and Cassie.

Josh went to Company after his unpleasant encounter with Reva at "Cross Creek." Reva, having decided to go to Minnesota for the experimental cancer treatment, was packing her bags to leave town when Josh arrived. She told him she had to leave town to do research that would get her back into WSPR and would being going on a whirlwind trip that included Minnesota, Paris, and Oklahoma. Although he repeatedly begged her to be more clear in her plans, she continued to sidestep his questions. In frustration, he shouted that she was selfish! Just then Billy arrived to take her to the airport. Josh, insulted that Billy knew more than he about the spontaneous trip, left in anger and went to Company.

Left at "Cross Creek," Billy tells Reva that he still thinks she's still wrong by not telling Josh. Reva says she'll get all better and return to Josh whole and ready to help him. She looks at a picture of Josh and promises to return to him. Meanwhile, after Cassie has left Company to go to Cedars, Josh calls Marah in Paris. He learns from her that she knew of no plans on Reva's part to visit Marah, Dylan, or Oklahoma. Josh is very upset.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dinah wakes up from a nightmare about her and Mallet's wedding, unaware they're secretly being watched. Also doing some secret watching is Harley, who is keeping an eye on Gus. Next, Harley comes to see Dinah, but begs her not to tell Gus she's back in town. Meanwhile, Frank informs Gus that the only way he can get back on the force is to partner with Mallet. Mallet isn't thrilled and Gus dares him to hit him for all the crap Gus has pulled. Mallet refuses, but Dinah goes ahead and socks Gus in the face. By the end of the day, Harley and Gus are at their home's construction site, Gus unaware that she's there. Marina has second thoughts about spying on Alan-Michael. She tells him he has to choose between Spaulding and her, because he can't have both. Alan-Michael refuses, letting it slip that he has people inside the company feeding him information. Alan-Michael continues to play Marina, who thinks she's the one playing him. Olivia's car breaks down, and it's Buzz to the rescue. They connect like always, but then Buzz hands her over to Frank.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Still unwilling to tell Josh about her illness, she says good-bye to him by dictating a letter she has no intention of sending. She and Billy take off for the clinic in Minnesota to try another type of treatment. There, Reva meets another woman, Tracy. The two trade barbs before bonding. Later that night, Reva sees Tracy go into cardiac arrest. She imagines telling Josh about her illness, but when she opens her eyes, it's only Colin there. Colin informs Reva that Tracy died.

Reva realizes it's time for her to do everything she always dreamed of doing before she dies - and Colin is going to help her! Tops on Reva's list? Meeting a famous rock star! Colin arranges for Reva to meet her idol at a celebrity show. But when the show is canceled at the last minute, it's Colin who steps up and gives Reva a karaoke performance she will never forget.

Next on Reva's list is driving a race car! Colin arranges for Reva to meet NASCAR driver Travis Kvapil. He gives her a few pointers and lets her drive his #32 Tide/Downy Chevrolet Monte Carlo around the Hickory Motor Speedway.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Harley tries to figure out if she's ready to face Gus. She goes to his room and is happy to see a full bottle of pills unopened. Harley is about to call Gus and tell him she's back in town when Rick interrupts to say he's seen Gus and he appeared stoned (he was actually frustrated by trying to put together a bike for Jude, sober). Gus overhears Rick threaten Harley that if she goes back to Gus, Rick might take Jude. Gus leaves, unseen, before he can hear Harley defend him. Josh and Tammy wonder if Reva and Jonathan took off together. Josh decides to move his base of operations to Oklahoma. Meanwhile, Colin operates on Reva. Under anesthesia, she wonders if Josh will ever forgive her for keeping this from him. When she wakes up, she attempts to call him. Lizzie continues to use her baby to get Coop's attention, this time asking him to be Jenna's godfather. Coop refuses. So Lizzie goes to Plan B a fake suicide attempt. She gives Ashlee a note to deliver to Coop, but when Ashlee hears that Jonathan has left town, she angrily rips it up.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Alan arrives at his island villa where Jonathan has been waiting. Jonathan demands to know where Tammy is since he thinks Alan scammed him. Alan assures him that Tammy will be coming soon. "He" sent her a message asking her to come here. Alan tells Jonathan all he has to do now is sign on the dotted line. Alan is not only giving Jonathan the villa, but will also deposit money into his account every month for the rest of his life--as long as Jonathan relinquishes his rights to Lizzie's baby. Jonathan says he's do it on one condition: Reva can see the child whenever she wants. After Jonathan signs the papers, Tammy arrives. He tells her he is surprised she came. She says she had to; he asked her. Tammy wants to now why he is there, Did he come to a decision about the baby? Jonathan ignores the question and says he just needed to clear his mind and figure out how to get her back. Tammy again asks what about the baby and he states that he wants a life with her--that is all he wants. He asks if she has forgiven him; she tells him that is not the point. She tells him they need to fix this but he maintains all he needs is her. He then kisses her. After the kiss, Tammy goes back to the question she almost asked when she got there--whose house is this. He states that it's his. He lies that he borrowed against the bar for the money. Jonathan says they can stay as long as they want. Tammy disagrees--the baby needs him. Again, he tries to shrug off talk of the baby, but when Tammy mentions she took Lizzie to the hospital, he becomes concerned and asks if the baby's okay. Tammy says she is fine and notes that Jonathan does care. Jonathan tells her even though he and Lizzie made a gig mistake; he still wants the baby to be okay. Tammy assures Jonathan that she will never make him choose between her and his daughter. Jonathan quickly changes the subject and suggests that while they are alone, they should take advantage of it. After they profess their love for each other, they make love.

Gus is at Cedars when a nurse alerts him that someone has been spotted on the roof.

Frank is outside Company talking to Harley. Frank defends Gus to Harley, stating that he is working to put his life back together. Harley tells him that she wants to believe Gus is clean. Suddenly, Frank gets a call. A jumper was spotted on the roof of Cedars. The officer on the scene is Gus. Frank takes off and Harley follows.

Lizzie is on the roof of Cedars strapping on her harness to begin her "suicide attempt" She begins walking on the metal rail so she can get higher up. Suddenly, half the rail breaks out from under her. Lizzie screams; she doesn't want to die! Lizzie tries to get to the safe level of the roof but her feet are twisted up in the rope. A scared Lizzie assures her baby she has got her. At that point, Gus arrives. Lizzie is getting hysterical, screaming that she did not want this to happen. She cries that she doesn't want her baby to fall--this is not her fault. Lizzie suddenly gets a pain and screams that something is wrong with the baby. Gus calms Lizzie down by telling her to listen to his voice and keep her eyes on the horizon. Gus asks her what happened. She tells him she was not going to jump; this was just a set up for Coop. She wanted him to come running. Lizzie admits that it hurt so much; she has lost almost everything. At this point, Frank and Harley are at the scene. Harley tries to approach Gus but Frank stops her--Gus needs to stay focused. By this point, Gus is trying to untangle Lizzie from the rope. Lizzie confesses that she does not know how he does it. How is she supposed to keep going? An upset Lizzie laments that she thought this baby would make her feel important, but she is all alone. Suddenly she hears sirens and asks if they are for her. Gus admits they are. Lizzie starts freaking out that everyone will find out; she will be Crazy Lizzie again. Gus calms her down by saying that when she's in pain she needs to breathe--moment by moment. then think about the people she loves, then think about her child. The baby is going to need her. Lizzie proclaims she will be the worst mother ever but Gus says the baby won't let her. The baby will change her; he believes in her. He then gets her to safety. Before he turns to take Lizzie out, Harley ducks out.

Frank escorts Lizzie to the examining room when Beth suddenly rushes in. Lizzie assures her mother that it was just a stupid idea and she will never do something like that again. She then asks Frank not to tell Coop. Frank suddenly puts it together and realizes that this was a set up. He gets upset that Emergency Services had to called because of her little stunt. Gus tries to smooth things over by telling Frank it is over; Beth can write a check for Emergency Services. Frank is still annoyed about the manpower. Before he leaves, Gus tells Lizzie sometimes the only thing a person needs is another chance; it depends what they do with that chance. When he and Frank leave, Alan arrives worried about the baby. Beth assures him that they are going to run tests. She then states that Frank wants Lizzie to consult a psychiatrist. Alan brushes off that suggestion by saying he will take care of Frank but Lizzie says no. Lizzie tells Alan she will do whatever it takes to make sure her baby is strong and healthy. She states when she was on the roof something happened--the baby kicked. At that moment she got it. Someone real is inside her. Her daughter, Lizzie, promises that she will never do anything like this again. She has to be there for her baby. Alan and Beth leave the room, neither one look convinced that Lizzie will change. Alan informs Beth it is only a matter of time before Jonathan signs over the rights to his child. He says thank God Lizzie's baby has them.

Gus is back at work trying to build he and Harley's house. Suddenly, Harley arrives. They cannot take their eyes off each other. Gus tells Harley that he is clean. She says she can tell and admits that she broke into his room and looked around. She then lets slip that she saw what he did today. He shrugs if off by saying it is what he does. She states, yes it is. Gus tells her welcome home.

Reva has woken up from her surgery and is anxious to call Josh. Colin wonders if Reva is ready for that. He agrees that Josh should not but he does not believe in impulsive decisions and that is what this is. He tells her that when she calls Josh, he will be down her in "five minutes" wanting to protect her day and night. Since she has been resisting that for so long, Colin asks if she is ready for it now. Reva makes her decision and calls Billy instead. Reva asks Billy to keep an eye on Josh. She believes he needs to focus on this project. If he asks about her, she wants Billy to change the subject. Billy tells her he'll try. Later, Reva is sitting outside with Colin. She suddenly tells him she cannot understand him. He acts like he doesn't like people yet he spends every day taking care of them. How did he get here? Colin admits that it was a woman -- his twin sister, Maggie. She was his best friend and she died of cancer on their 21st birthday; he went to medical school a week later. He admits that being an oncologist to him is not about curing people. It is about getting revenge on the disease that took his sister away from him. Reva suddenly admits that she does not want to die; he tells her he won't let her. Reva tells him that she is not going to let go and thanks him.

Josh runs into Cassie at Company and asks what she thinks of him moving to Oklahoma to work on the project on-site. Cassie imagines herself giving Josh a big hug asking him not leave. If he did, she would miss him so much; seeing him is the best part of her day. Josh snaps her out of her reverie and Cassie instead tells him she thinks that is a great idea. Josh then goes to the cabin where he overhears Billy ending a call--with Reva. Josh acts disgusted and Billy tries to tell him it is not what he thinks. Josh asks what is it, then. Billy seems at a loss for words and Josh just waves it off saying he does not want to hear it. Reva has already given enough excuses. Billy tries to tell Josh that Reva is worried about him; when she comes home everything will be fine. Josh says he does not care and proclaims that he can't wait to get to Tulsa and leave all this behind. Billy tries to tell Josh he can't leave. He starts on how when Reva comes back from visiting her friend in Minnesota when Josh stops him. Billy tells his brother that Reva is just being Reva and he should be Josh; that pillar for her. When Josh goes to leave, Billy yells for him to wait. Josh yells that he is tired of waiting. He is tired of waiting for Reva and tired of waiting for everything to make sense. He then goes to pack. Later, Billy is gone and Cassie arrives. Josh asks Cassie if Reva told her why she was going to Minnesota. Cassie says if was to check at a news story. Josh says that is what she told him to, but she told Billy she was visiting a friend. Cassie suggests that means one of them is lying, but Josh doesn't discount that fact that it could be both of them. All he knows is that Reva is hiding something.

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