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It's coming down to the wire to name Phillip's killer, and Harley is doing everything that she can to find the killer and protect her family. She probably hasn't even had time for holiday shopping!

It's coming down to the wire to name Phillip's killer and Harley is doing all she can to both find the killer and protect her family (I'll bet she hasn't done any holiday shopping - when would she have time?). This week she'll take the plunge (literally) for her family!

And now it seems that Billy Lewis has more than a little something to hide besides the horns on his car! His little INS scheme to deport Olivia may or may not have resulted in murder! Did Phillip's blackmail of him make Billy feel the need to eliminate his ex-son-in-law from the picture on a permanent basis (remember, Phillip's first ex-wife is Mindy). That cell phone call to that anonymous person late on Friday's show means that he thinks that someone he hired sent more than a "message" to Phillip.

But I still have my suspicions about Mel. Although she is technically not a suspect, it would be a way for GL to break up Mel and Rick and send Rick back to his first love - Beth. Next week there are plenty of changes to this story, so I hope we'll have an answer soon as to what really happen!

With all of these twists and turns, I am more confused than ever as to who did it - which is great. I hate "knowing" who did it before the big reveal. Spoilers are great - but I really like a good surprise now and then. Of course, if a main character is the culprit, that means we might lose another cast member. Of course, drug-dealing Alex is out of the pokey, so we could always just excuse a small little thing like a murder, right?

Over 200 of you have given your feelings on how far you would go to save you or a loved one. Thanks so much for taking part in our survey - and here are the results:

If you were Harley and KNEW that Frank was looking for Ruth Carloff (who is really you in disguise) would you tell him that it was really you?

Yes 43.1%
No 31.2%
Don't Know 19.8%
Other 5.9%

If you were Harley, would you tell Frank about the confrontation with Phillip at Company (as Ruth Carloff in the beginning) now that you can recall much of it?

Yes 44.1%
No 25.7%
Not Sure 25.2%
Other 5%

By virtue of Company's alarm system, Harley thinks that Buzz could have been responsible for Phillip's death. Should she tell Frank what she thinks?

Yes 32.7%
No 49.5%
Don't Know 10.9%
Other 6.8%

Despite the fact that his impending marriage to Harley collapsed for the same reasons, Gus is protecting Harley's dual identity and her condition after the murder. Would you turn in the woman you still love to find justice for the brother you have just come to know?

Yes 7.4%
No 72.3%
Don't Know 14.4%
Other 5.9%

Alex was supposed to be in jail, yet she could have done the deed. Should Buzz give her up to protect himself and his family?

Yes 50.5%
No 33.2%
Don't Know 11.9%
Other 4.5%

Buzz - Now that you admit that you saw Alex outside of Company, wouldn't you turn her in to possibly save Harley (who you originally thought had killed Phillip)?

Yes 59.9%
No 20.8%
Don't Know 13.9%
Other 5.4%

Based on what you know NOW, who do you think killed Phillip?

Top Answers:
I don't think he's dead 38.1%
Other: 14.9%
Mel 13.9%
Jonathan/JB 10.4%
Lizzie 6.9%

If you were dying and had only one possible person to save you, how far would you go to secure the help you need to save your life?

I would do anything - legal or not 28.4%
I would do anything within the law 52.7%
I'm not sure 13.9%
Other 5%

Thanks to all that responded! I have at least one more survey coming up so please be sure to share your opinions (which I share w/GL as well).

It's coming down to the wire on the year that was 2004 so I'm counting on hearing what you thought of the stories on GL this year. I have designed a new survey to see what you thought of all the stories and characters from this past year. I tried to think of all of the big stories, but left spaces for you to add comments in case I forgot some of them. Please share your comments at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=24232771628 We'll post the results with my Year in Review Column (which I tentatively have scheduled for the day after Christmas.

I hope that you all are taking time in this busy holiday season to enjoy the spirit of the season and share memories with those you love when you are all together during this time. Happy Holidays and I'll talk to you all next week! Until then....

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

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