Jack and Carly, together again?

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Jack and Carly, together again?
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Last week, Jack finally came to his senses and decided that Carly was his true love. Watching Jack tell Carly that she was the one he wanted to be with was a memorable moment.
It's almost hard to believe that it has finally happened or has it - Carly and Jack are back together. I was so pleased when Jack finally came to his senses and decided it was Carly who was his true love. There was Julia across town with her biggest champion, Lisa congratulating her. I will talk about Lisa later. Watching Jack tell Carly that she was the one he wanted was what makes moments like this a real treasure for fans.
I must speak about Lisa's friendship with Julia. First of all, Lisa is hardly ever seen anymore and when she is, she is befriending the newest citizen of Oakdale. I know she has some issues with Carly but she befriended Carly just she did Julia many years ago because Carly is like she was years ago. Lisa has been too hard on Carly and so much in the corner of a total stranger. She has spent no time with her family at all; it's as if she doesn't have any real ties to Oakdale. I won't harp on this point because it's the show and not the character's fault. I will discuss this more in my final column saying what I have liked and disliked this year.
I have gotten quite a few emails since my last column from telling me how about Holden's allegiance to Julia:
Leslie said, "Oh my goodness, get out of my head! Why was I thinking the exact same thing when Holden let that woman into Carly and Jack's house? I wanted to punch him in his head."
Cindy said, "Holden is hypocritical and extremely judgmental character."
Ruth said, "As for that self-righteous prig Holden - when have we seen him supporting anyone?"
Julie has her own opinion," I think you are being way too hard on Julia...Most of the people I know like her and wouldn't mind seeing Jack with someone besides Carly."
Unfortunately, we can see how Holden's friendship with Julia is going to end up since he has taken time away from Lily. Julia is making sure that she has a man while she is in Oakdale so if not Jack - why not his cousin and best friend, Holden.
I must admit that even though I have grown to dislike the character of Julia, I like Sarah Brown as an actress very much. It takes a strong actress to create this type of chaos in the Carly and Jack relationship and for viewers to be so vocal about a story.
There is more happening in Oakdale like the mystery of Fairwinds - who believes that Barbara is behind this in some way? Somehow, someway, I know she is doing something to get back at Rosanna and pushing Rosanna to think that Will is responsible for these strange happenings.
I am so glad that Katie has returned but I am enjoying Mike and Jennifer together. No matter who Mike is with, you just wish for it to work out. Mike and Jennifer are hot and Mike and Katie are hot so this will be hard taking a side. I am just going to enjoy watching it play out because I am sure with Katie back that Henry is not far behind.
The news that the character of Jordan is being written out seems to be out of left field now that he has been hired by Lucinda and sparks are flying between Jordan and Sierra. I think this would be a good match for both of them. Can the show reverse their decision?
What is going on behind the scenes in Oakdale? They have let the characters of Chris Hughes, Jordan Sinclair, Lucy Montgomery (possible recast) and one of my all time favorites, Dr. John Dixon. I hate that Larry Bryggman is leaving after so many years - when I started watching this show John was the protégé of bad Dr. Michael Shea, Lisa's husband who was murdered and a young Tom Hughes stood trial for his murder. I have watched John Dixon do so much during his time in Oakdale including blackmail Kim into marriage and leave Lisa at the altar - I could go on and on. John Dixon is a wonderful character because when he's around you know there is going to be some conflict; it's the end of an era.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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