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Friedrich "Papa" Bauer

Actor History

Theodore von Eltz (August 31, 1948 to September 21, 1949; Radio only)

Theo Goetz (September 22, 1949 to June 27, 1952 Radio only; June 30, 1952 to June 29, 1956, radio & television; July 2, 1956 to December 29, 1972, Television only)


Born March 14, 1892

Died in his sleep in February 13, 1973.


Former carpenter


at time of death lived with his daughter-in-law, Bert

Marital Status

Single/Widower ("Mama" Bauer) [At the time of his death]

Past Marriages

"Mama" Bauer (deceased)


Otto Bauer (brother; deceased)

Karl Bauer (brother; deceased)

Douglas Bauer (brother; deceased)

Chuckie White (grandson; deceased)

Mike Bauer (grandson)

Ed Bauer (grandson)

Hillary Bauer (granddaughter; deceased)

Hope Bauer (great-granddaughter)

Rick Bauer (great-grandson)

Michelle Bauer (great-granddaughter)

Alan Michael Spaulding (great-great-grandson)

Robert Frederico Santos (great-great-grandson)

Jude Cooper Bauer (great-great-grandson)

Leah Bauer (great-great-granddaughter)

Hope Santos (great-great-granddaughter)

Mary Bauer (niece; deceased)

Jack Bauer (nephew)

Johnny Bauer (great-nephew)

Bert Miller Bauer (daughter-in-law; deceased)

Clyde Palmer (son-in-law)

Joe Roberts (son-in-law; deceased)


Meta Bauer

Bill Bauer (deceased)

Trudy Bauer Palmer

Flings & Affairs


Crimes Committed

None Memorable Quotes

Papa Bauer, giving advice to Bill again on February 17, 1953. The Bauer family is going through some rough patches, and Bill doesn't know how to deal with his often critical wife, Bert. This mooring Bert really let Meta have it (about her scandalous stepdaughter, Kathy) and Bill doesn't know what to do about Bert or his marriage:

"Yah, yah, yah ... Yah, yah, yah .... I know it, I know it! So .... some things you've got to overlook and some things you have got to remember. Berta, she is your wife. She is your wife! Hmmmm. A lot of things you are saying are right, but some things are wrong. And the same goes for Berta. Hmmmmmm. This much I know: Things can't go on like this. Nobody GIVING ... (raises his thumb and finger and squeezes them closely together to make his next point) NOT THIS MUCH!"

Brief Character History

Frederick Bauer, or "Papa" as everyone called him, was the wise patriarch of the Bauer family. A German immigrant with a hard work ethic, Papa doled out advice and support to his family whenever it was needed. A man with old-world values, he was appalled by his oldest daughter's wild ways and wrote her out of his life. However, in 1949 when his beloved wife laid on her deathbed calling her name, he realized the error of his ways and accepted Meta back into the family.

Following the death of his wife, Papa went to live with his son Bill and his wife, Bert. When Bill succumbed to alcoholism, Papa did his best to help. Though he was disappointed in Bill's extra-marital affairs and frustrated at Bert's demanding attitude, he did his best to play peacekeeper and refused to take sides in family arguments. Instead he tried to show both Bill and Bert the error of their ways. When the birth of Bill's son, Mike, put more strain on the marriage, Papa made sure the boy had all the attention he needed. In time, he became Mike's best friend.

To Papa, family meant everything and there was nothing he wouldn't do for them. Following Bill's apparent death in a plane crash, Papa stayed with Bert and doled out advice to his grown grandsons until his death in February 1973. Though very few in Springfield remember Papa, the values he taught his children and grandchildren have been passed on to the next generation of Bauers.

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Who's Who in Springfield

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