One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on OLTL
Viki went out on a date with Sam. R.J. and Max found the twins in Canada. R.J. was shot. Blair had a fake ID made. Todd and Téa played a board game and kissed. Kelly blamed herself and Joey for Ian's death. Georgie expressed her feelings for Bo.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, March 30, 1998

Téa showed up at Todd's door with her suitcase, saying that she was back for the four weeks. Todd was really happy that she was back, but Téa made it clear that she still wanted a divorce. Todd made a lot of efforts not to say anything too stupid and not to get her upset. He told her that he had made a list of the things they could do together with Starr and without Starr. Téa said that she wanted to unpack, and Todd told her she should sleep in his room.

Téa was shocked by the idea so Todd said that he only meant that he would sleep on the couch so she could have the bigger bedroom. She went upstairs and started putting her clothes away. She couldn't help thinking about Andrew. When she opened the top drawer, she found a picture of herself while she was sleeping. Mad, she went downstairs to confront Todd, who had just finished lighting some candles.

Téa wanted to know why Todd had gone into her room while she had been sleeping. He said it had been because she was nice to look at. Téa asked him why he hadn't asked her to take her picture. He said he hadn't wanted to bother her. He said then she shouldn't have left the bedroom door unlocked. Téa asked Todd to tell her to her face what he thought of her. He avoided the situation by suggesting they play a board game -- Money Hungry.

Andrew read the note Téa had left him on her pillow. It said that she was doing "the only thing I can do" for their future and that she loved him. He was upset by what he read and missed her.

Viki was getting ready to go out to dinner with a man who wasn't Clint. Jessica was suspicious, but Viki told her that it was just an acquaintance. As she was about to leave, Andrew arrived at the door. He told her he had taken a sabbatical. She was less than amused by the news. She asked him if the rumors about Téa and him were true. He said they hadn't been before but were..

Viki accused Andrew of lying to her by omission. He said that he loved Téa. Viki asked him what would happen if Téa decided to stay with Todd. Andrew pointed out that Viki had been involved with Sloan before her divorce with Clint was final. Viki retorted with the fact that she was not a priest and that his actions affected the whole congregation. She also told him that she hoped Téa stayed with Todd for everyone's sake.

Max was in R.J.'s apartment, pointing a gun at him. R.J. was just sitting there, saying that he had been waiting for him. Max confronted R.J. about the tape, and R.J. tried to explain. Max ht him across the face with his gun and sent R.J. flying across the room. Max stepped on R.J. with his cowboy boot while demanding to know where his kids were.

R.J. swore he didn't know where the kids were. He explained he hadn't meant to kidnap them. He said that Charbonneau didn't know where the kids were because his guys had crossed him. But he did know that they had been sold to an adoption page. R.J. told Max that he needed R.J. to find his children.

Max made R.J. call Charbonneau. R.J. told Charbonneau that he needed the kids back alive. Charbonneau told him to "go to hell." R.J. offered to go to Charbonneau's room with Max. Max told R.J. that R.J. was only trying to save his own skin, and it was too late. Max fired the gun.

Bo gave the tape of Max's kids to the lab to find out exactly where it had been shot. He got a report that R.J. wasn't at Club Indigo, and he enlisted the help of a cop named Annie. There was an APB out for Max, and the police were watching his house. Bo and Annie went to R.J.'s apartment and yelled for R.J. to open up. After there was no response, they went in and found the apartment empty. Bo called in the crime scene unit to look at the blood on the floor and the bullet hole in the wall. He hit the redial button on the phone, and no one answered.

Claude was lying on the floor of his room, shot. Max was asking him for information about his kids while R.J. searched the room. R.J. found a matchbook but didn't show Max. Claude told Max, "Chateaugay," but Max thought he had said "shadow gate."

Bo and Annie showed up at Claude's room too late. He was dead. They found out that Max's fingerprints were all over R.J.'s apartment, and it was Max's bullet in the wall.

Todd and Téa started playing Money Hungry in the living room of the penthouse. He pulled out a game that was missing pieces. He had improvised, including using bottle caps as houses. He even used real money. They went back and forth with some great one-liners. Téa was saving her money for the more profitable properties, while Todd was buying anything that he landed on. They both actually looked like they were having fun.

Later, Téa had all the money, and Todd was bankrupt. He pulled out the two of hearts and said it was an emergency card to erase all the things he had done wrong the first time. He decided not to use it, and she headed upstairs to bed, but not before they accidentally touched hands, making for a very awkward moment.

Téa went upstairs and started to read a book. She got up and locked the door. Then she changed her mind and unlocked it. When she did, she opened it and looked down the hall. Todd was yelling downstairs. She ran downstairs and tried to wake him up from his nightmare.

R.J. and Max were in the bushes outside of Max's house, trying to find a way to get in to get the tape. R.J. showed Max the matchbook that he had found. It was in French. R.J. said it was from a place in Quebec.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

When Sam arrived at Llanfair to pick up Viki for their dinner, he was greeted not only by Viki but also Jessica, Kevin, Joey, Barbara, Kelly, and Cassie, who were all there to help Kelly with her fundraising project. The lawyer dealt well with the intense scrutiny of the smiling clan. Afterwards, Sam and Viki left for dinner, and Viki told her brood not to wait up. The group settled in for an evening of charades. In the middle of the game, Kelly became very upset and ran from the House; despite Kevin's warnings, Joey ran out after her.

Andrew was in the process of cleaning up the church and happened upon Enoch, a homeless parishioner who sold crucifix art. When Enoch asked Andrew if he was planning to go somewhere, Andrew explained that he was taking a break. Enoch was happy to hear that Andrew was taking a vacation. In the course of their conversation, Andrew asked Enoch why he continued to use the sign of the cross in his art. Enoch explained that the cross symbolized crossroads "where you've got to figure out what you're going to do next." Andrew was moved and thanked Enoch "for the reminder."

Enoch left, and later, Andrew found a hysterical Kelly in one of the pews. She was ashamed because she had been having a good time, and she was afraid that Ian would think that she had forgotten about him, and she couldn't let that happen because she had been nothing before Ian. Joey, who had gotten to the church right behind Kelly, screamed at her that she didn't owe Ian her future. Kelly continued to blame herself and Joey for Ian's death. She admitted that she had feelings for Joey, and she thought that Ian had known it, and that was why he had followed her to Canton.

Andrew got Kelly and Joey to stop blaming each other, especially in the church. Kelly apologized to Joey, who asked her to kiss him. Kelly told him that she couldn't kiss him, and at that point, Joey realized that Kelly would never be able to feel for him what she once had because Ian's death would always be between them, and deep inside, she couldn't really forgive him. After the two of them disappeared, Cassie stopped by the church, Andrew told her that it had been a busy night, and she said that life always seemed simpler at St James, but she wondered if it really was. "I honestly don't know," said Andrew.

Téa woke Todd in the middle of an obviously frightening nightmare. As a terrified Todd lashed out, he accidentally knocked Téa to the floor. Todd was afraid that he had hurt Téa and raced to get some ice to put on her bruise. Téa said that she should have known better than to wake Todd in the middle of a nightmare. Todd, who was having trouble breathing, apologized and explained that that was why he didn't sleep.

Téa suggested that Todd see a doctor, but Todd refused, so she put him to bed herself. She asked Todd about the nightmare, and he told her how he had, when he was young, woken up in mid-air with his father's hand to his throat. He also told how his father had once made him kneel in a pile of uncooked rice on the kitchen floor for three hours when he was six. When Téa asked why Peter Manning had done that, Todd said he didn't know why, and he would never know why. "Happy homecoming," said Todd, but Téa was relieved that he had told her the truth.

Téa prepared to leave so that Todd could get some sleep, Todd asked her not to go. He wanted her to stay and talk to him; maybe she could bore him to sleep, he said. Téa told Todd of the nightmares she'd had after her mother had left, but her brother had convinced her that she had been watched over by a guardian angel. Todd noted how funny it was that Téa's nightmares were about being left alone, and his were about not being left alone. Eventually, Todd finally fell asleep, but when Téa started to leave, he reached out and held her hand to keep her there. Téa settled into bed next to her husband.

Viki and Sam settled in for a late dinner at the Palace Hotel, and Sam asked whether she thought that he had passed the family inspection. Viki told him that he had. Sam turned on his considerable charm, and the two of them discussed Todd, Viki's children, and work then Sam asked about "Viki Carpenter, the woman."

At that point, Clint walked in and stopped by to introduce himself. Clint and Sam shook hands, and Clint went to his own table. Afterward, Sam asked Viki if she thought the "handshake crushing competition" had been a win, lose, or draw. When Viki didn't understand the question, Sam explained that Clint's greeting had been a contest to see which man had the stronger grip. Not only that, Clint had nearly pulverized Sam's hand. Fortunately, Sam said, he was a lawyer and a professional hand crusher.

It was obvious to Sam that Clint was crazy in love with Viki. When Sam went to make a quick phone call to the West Coast, Clint walked over to the table and told Viki that he had finally had his limit. After all his patience, he couldn't stand the thought that Viki was dating someone else, and he was not going to wait around anymore. Viki denied that she was on a date. Then Sam returned and, upon finding Clint at the table, asked if he had lost his date. Clint assured him that he hadn't and left.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

The City Room was jumping. There were two front-burner stories: the bodega robberies in East Llanview and the Holden twins' kidnapping were foremost in the minds of the publisher and editor. Clint assigned Zach to the bodega robberies stories and asked to be kept informed if Mel called in about the kidnapping when Viki approached with Clint's editorial commenting on the robberies. It said that "the police are in danger of losing the "rappaport" (rapport) of the community." Viki relished drawing attention to her ex-husband's Freudian slip.

Kevin entered with Cassie and took his accustomed seat. Mel called in and told him there was an APB on Max and R.J.

At the police station, Bo refused to answer Mel's questions. It would jeopardize the investigation. Mel quoted the First Amendment, but Bo told Annie to help "Thomas Jefferson" find the door, and he was escorted out.

Hank arrived. He couldn't believe he was out of town one day, and Bo had an all-points bulletin out on R.J. just because Max was gunning for him. It was pure fantasy. Bo informed him that R.J.'s connection to the kidnapping was not a fantasy anymore.

Jacara arrived and was willing to give a statement to Officer Annie. She told Bo she had given Max the video after finding it in a cabinet in R.J.'s living room. She had known what was on the tape when she had given it to Holden. Hank jumped to the conclusion that it was a taped confession and believed that it had to have been at gun point. Annie took over the transcribing of Jacara's statement while Bo took Hank over to where Officer Pete was enhancing a picture of Max's twins on the computer.

Bo informed Hank that Claude Charbonneau was dead. It was he who had given the video to R.J. Apparently, an unknown person had thought Max had been getting too close to the truth. With Claude gone, Max needed R.J. to find the kids. There were no other leads, so they would continue to computer enhance the video, looking for clues to Frankie and Leslie's whereabouts. Hank had tears in his eyes as he said to himself, "Oh, brother, you really messed up this time."

Blair, unaware of Max's whereabouts, had left a message on his answering machine for the sixth time. Dorian entered, and she grabbed the newspaper, scanning for news about the kidnapping case. Blair told her aunt she had a feeling. Dorian asked if that was what had kept her up.

Blair admitted to worrying about Max, but she asked about Dorian's excuse for insomnia. Dorian replied that she was still suffering withdrawal pains from Clarence's tea. Blair was certain it was withdrawal from men her aunt suffered from. Being alone in bed was lousy, even if a woman was glad to get rid of the guy in the morning.

The phone rang. It was Stephen Winwood. Blair stalled him by saying she was sick with chicken pox. Winwood replied he had already had chicken pox, and he was most anxious to conclude their business so he could get back to England. He couldn't transfer the funds into her account until he had a picture I.D. of Ms. Kelly Cramer. As Blair hung up, Dorian wanted to know why Blair had lied about having the chicken pox.

When Winwood arrived at the door with flowers and introduced himself as Ian's lawyer, he asked Dorian for Kelly Cramer. Dorian said her niece was not in. Then Blair walked down the stairs, and suddenly the mystery was solved for Dorian. She was beginning to detect a pattern. Blair covered up and said she was still recuperating, and Dorian played along, telling Winwood that her niece had to have been in her room all the time.

Dorian thought her niece had gone out and had had no idea she had been ill. Winwood handed Blair the flowers "for healing." Blair replied she had to look awful. Winwood was looking for an exchange. He wanted to trade the I.D. for the flowers. Blair replied that it was up in her room. However, she was very sick and needed to ask him to leave.

"Brava," Dorian said after Steve was gone. Obviously, the tabloid reporter Blair had been talking about was really Ian's lawyer, and Dorian demanded to know when Blair had changed her first name to Kelly. Dorian was no fool. She knew it had something to do with an inheritance Ian had to have left Kelly. Really, she thought she had taught Blair to plan better if she was going to steal money.

Blair lied at first, but her shaking chin gave her away. She finally admitted that was precisely what she was doing, but it was for a good cause -- for Starr and for Dorian's coral business. Dorian said that Blair was so much like her that it was frightening. But they did not steal from family. Blair pretended to agree that she should call Winwood's office and stop the whole business, but as she picked up the receiver, she told her aunt how Kelly planned to give all the money to saving whales. That piqued Dorian's Interest, and she said, "Not so fast." Blair hung up the phone.

Blair told Dorian that the whales would get millions of dollars, and the Cramers would not see one cent of the inheritance. Dorian agreed that Kelly was a very vulnerable young woman, and it was a serious amount of money for her to handle. Her niece needed a champion, and who better to shoulder the responsibility than Auntie Dorian.

Dorian would let Blair proceed with her masquerade on the condition that Dorian controlled the money. Starr would be first priority, of course, and then they could take some money to start the coral business. At age 25, Kelly would receive her money back, whatever Blair and Dorian needed plus interest, and all the remaining principal of the inheritance. Dorian chided Blair for thinking she could pull it off without her. She looked up her contact, Bik. He was in her black book under "F" for fixer.

Max and R.J. had disappeared off the face of the earth, and Kevin and Cassie discussed how Max had to be calling the shots. He and R.J. had to have left town, but they wondered how. All means of transportation were being watched -- except, Kevin said, General Aviation Airport. A private plane could have taken Max and R.J. out of town. He was going to check it out.

Kevin got up, and the pain of his burns caused him to almost fall over. Viki wanted to rush over to him, but Clint stopped her. He had newspapers in his blood, and he belonged in the City Room just where he was. Sure enough, Kevin steadied himself and hoisted himself back in his chair, saying he would call the airport instead. Clint and Viki went on arguing about whether or not it had been a date she'd had with Rappaport.

Mel showed up and said he had been 86ed from Police Headquarters. Clint said they still needed someone there to cover any updates on the story, and he sent Cassie. Mel told Clint about the video and that if it had been duped, the police might have used Magna Video. He knew an employee there named Cindy, who would give them the information for the price of a banana walnut muffin. Clint dispatched Zach to the video store.

Clint told Viki he was amazed at the progress she was making in therapy with Dr. Maude. Viki could not believe how indiscreet it was of him to mention that subject at work He thought she should shout it from the rooftops because the good doctor had worked wonders with Viki.

Clint apologized about the crack he had just made. Viki replied that he was way too obsessed about whether she'd had a date. She challenged him to ask her out to dinner. He said that they had dinner every week. That was family dinner, she reminded him. "How about tonight?" he inquired. She was busy, she replied, and when he walked away annoyed, she gloated, "So much for that."

The Mannings had spent their first night together in bed. Todd's hand was still clamped over Téa's when she woke up. As soon as she extricated herself and sat up, Todd awakened and looked at her with puzzlement. They began to straighten out their clothing, and things were a little awkward. As Todd rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, he was amazed that he had slept 13 hours. He asked if he had been running his mouth off about his nightmares.

Téa told Todd that they had talked. Since she had accepted the deal, she would need to have it put in writing. Nora was out of town, so Sam could draw it up. Todd called Sam to meet him in his office and take the reconciliation papers. He hung up and asked Téa if four weeks from that day was all right, but she held out for a month from the previous day. He noticed the bruise on her cheek and that her arm was immobile.

Téa explained that her arm was just numb from holding his hand all night. Every time she had tried to leave, he had stirred, and she had not wanted to wake him up. He noticed the bruise. Téa said that it had been an accident. She had gotten it when she awoke him too soon from his nightmare. Todd stroked her cheek.

Starr walked in. She gave Todd a hug, and Téa asked for one too. Starr accommodated her request and called her Mommy. "No, not Mommy," Téa corrected her, offering, "Friend, amiga. Daddy will always be your Daddy, and I will always be your friend." Starr repeated the word "friends" and placed Todd and Téa's hands together on her lap.

Todd left to meet Sam. Téa and Starr had a tea party with her stuffed animals. Andrew went to the door, and Téa wondered what he was doing there. He begged her not to stay with Todd, especially when he noticed the bruise. Not realizing that Starr was there, he raised his voice and was ready to go after "that man."

Andrew scared Starr, who screamed. Téa took the little girl into her protective arms. He asked where Todd was. Téa replied he was at the office. Andrew wanted her to pack and leave before he returned. Téa took Starr up for a nap.

Téa asked Andrew to lower his voice or leave. She told him the bruise had been accidental. She assured him that her heart belonged to him, but she had to stay the four weeks. The papers were being drawn up as they spoke. With that signed document, in a month, Todd had to let her go. Andrew believed he would just dig in his heels all the harder. Todd was a drowning man, and Téa was his life raft. If he drowned, he would pull Téa in with him.

Andrew begged Téa not to go through with the plan. She replied that she could not back out, and neither could he. She was the only person he had been willing to risk his soul for, and he loved her so much he was willing to take that risk. They kissed passionately for a long time, and when they broke it up, they were still touching each other tenderly. Andrew gently glided his fingers across the bruise. As he left, Téa told him to have faith. Neither of them noticed that the tin cross Enoch had made for Andrew had slipped off his neck and onto the floor in front of the couch.

Todd ran past one of his employees because he was so anxious to talk to Sam about the reconciliation. He had no interest at all in the R.J. and Max Holden story. He told Sam to get his feet off the desk and grabbed the papers. Sam asked how it was going. Todd said he had slept and had had no nightmares. He had slept with Delgado, and they had held hands all night long. He just had to figure how to make her think he was a nice person.

Sam suggested joint custody. Todd was far from wild about the idea. He did not remember ever talking about that. Sam reminded him he had, but perhaps he would like to amend it to every weekend. No, Todd said, but finally agreed to every other weekend unsupervised.

Sam did mention to Todd that the relationship Téa had with Andrew seemed to be heating up. Todd called Téa while Andrew was still there. She asked if something was wrong. He said he was thinking of going home. He hung up, and Sam said that although he didn't know Téa well, he believed she would honor the agreement and stay the month. "We will find out, won't we?" Todd replied. He picked up the visitation papers and went off to see Blair.

Starr had awakened from her nap, and she took Téa a crumbled-up paper she called a story. Téa began to read it.


Téa realized that it was a letter from Todd. She told Starr it was a silly story. It didn't even have pictures. She asked the little girl to go upstairs and get her a book, and Téa would read it to her when she returned. She picked the letter back up.


At the police station, Jacara told Hank she was sorry. He said he was sorry that she had gotten taken in too. She had also thought R.J. had changed. He was sorry R.J. was his brother. It had not always been like that. As a kid, R.J. had had a wide-eyed innocence. He could make a person laugh or cry without ulterior motives. They both wanted to believe R.J. Jacara said they had failed. Hank replied that it was R.J. who had failed them.

Hank said if Bo did not get those kids back, R.J. was going to wish he had been dead. Bo took over the statement, and Jacara signed it. It was a difficult thing for her to do, and Hank realized it. He asked what was next for her. She replied that she had to let it sink in. She had to get out of town for a while. He offered her his fishing cabin. Jacara said she might take him up on that. Hank wished her good luck and hugged her.

Hank left, and Annie told Bo they'd had no luck so far with General Aviation Airport. Bo wanted a list of all flights that had left since Charbonneau had died.

Cassie showed up and wanted to know what was going on with all-points bulletin on R.J. Hank lost it and said that whether writing for a tabloid or the Banner, all reporters were the same. He said Cassie should be happy; maybe this time she had it right about his brother.

Bo took Hank away from the hoopla. Hank apologized for almost throwing away their friendship. Bo said no apology was necessary.

Bo received the news that the .38s they had found in R.J.'s wall did not match the ones in Claude. Officer Annie escorted Asa in, and Bo figured out that it was his father who had given Max the jet.

At the City Room, Cassie told Clint that Asa had given the jet to Max. He gave Kevin permission to run with the story. After much ado, Viki finally agreed to a date on Friday night.

Bik was setting the screen and camera up, and Blair was getting ready to pose for her picture I.D. Bik said he did good work and had never had a complaint when the bell rang. Dorian said she would take care of it. Todd barged in with Sam and told Dorian not to worry; it was one time when Blair would be happy to see him.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

Blair quickly explained that Bik was taking new pictures for Melador as Todd and Sam interrupted to discuss Starr's custody. Dorian and Blair mistakenly thought that Todd wanted to take away Blair's time with Starr, and they started to go ballistic, but Todd suddenly said he needed to discuss his decision with Téa.

Blair continued to have her picture taken while Dorian entertained Sam. Blair panicked when Winwood entered and called her Kelly in front of Sam. Sam recognized Windwood, and Dorian tried to keep him from finding out about Blair's scheme. Bik gave Blair her phony I.D., and in turn, she showed it to Winwood and got Kelly's money.

Todd showed up at the penthouse to get Téa's advice about Starr and Blair, and he told Téa that he was giving Blair more rights because of Téa. Téa agreed that it would be good for Starr to see more of Blair. Todd stunned Blair when he returned and offered her the increased visitation rights. When Todd left, Blair turned to Dorian and said that she couldn't take Kelly's money.

Later, Todd learned that Téa had read his letter, and she asked if he had meant what he had written. Angry and a little flustered, Todd said yes.

At the police station, Bo arrested Asa for aiding and abetting Max and R.J. Things were crazed at the station when Georgie showed up and volunteered to help.

Meanwhile, Max and R.J. searched for the twins in Canada. When Max and R.J. reached a dead end, Max called Bo and asked for help. Bo and Max were able to figure out that the name of the park was Chateaugay. Bo was disappointed when he and Max got disconnected, but Georgie was there to comfort him.

Max and R.J. showed up at the park and looked around. Max saw R.J. look past him, and when he turned, Leslie called out "Daddy!" Max was happily reuniting with the twins when R.J. saw an approaching gunman.

Friday, April 3, 1998

The phone rang at the police station, giving Bo an excuse to pull his hand away from Georgie. Bo asked Georgie to go into the other room and handle the phone call for him. Right after Georgie left, there was a knock on his other office door. "I said not unless it's urgent," Bo called out. Nora walked in saying, "You better believe it's urgent, pal."

Nora told him that she had won her Supreme Court appeal. Bo rushed to give her a big hug and kiss and to tell her the news that Max's kids were alive. Nora was so surprised that she was practically speechless at first. The bad news was that R.J. was involved.

Cassie arrived at the police station and tried to get information from Georgie, but she was not talking. Hank walked in and apologized for blowing up at Cassie before. Off the record, he told her that he was not going to defend R.J. anymore and that R.J. was going to have to pay for what he'd done. Cassie said she was sorry and asked if she could do anything to help. Pray, Hank suggested, because that was the only thing that was going to help R.J. anymore.

Hank joined Bo and Nora in Bo's office. He and Nora were both upset about R.J. They couldn't believe he had sunk to that. Bo, surprisingly, was the one that said they shouldn't judge yet before they had all the facts. Nora didn't understand. Bo was the one who had suspected R.J. from the beginning; Bo had been right. It was one case where he wished he was wrong, he told them.

Georgie rushed in and told Bo to pick up a call on line two. It was the Canadian police saying that Max and R.J. had been spotted, but there was no word on the twins yet. Hank said the kids had better be okay, or R.J. would wish he had never gotten out of Canada alive.

Bo was busy fending off the media's questions when he got another phone call from Canada. In Bo's office, Hank and Nora were still discussing R.J.'s involvement. Nora was trying to convince Hank that he was not responsible for R.J.'s actions. Hank decided he had to stop thinking of R.J. as the young kid he had once been. Maybe if he could find some way to get R.J. out of his heart, R.J. wouldn't be able to get to him anymore. Bo entered the office with the news that R.J. had been shot trying to protect Max's kids. Hank rushed out the door to get on the next flight to Montreal.

Nora sat on Bo's lap in his office. Nora apologized again for not telling him about the kidnapping, but she had thought it had been the right thing to do. Bo said he understood, and those difficult times were behind them. They had happier things to look forward to. They sat and enjoyed listening to the peace and quiet; all the crises had been handled for the day.

"You are all I'll ever want," Nora told Bo. "You don't think big, do you?" Bo teased her. Nora asked him to promise her he'd be the last thing she saw before she closed her eyes to sleep at night for the rest of the night. Bo promised her with a kiss.

Georgie barged into the office while Bo and Nora were kissing. She reminded Nora that she had dinner that night with Sam to discuss Todd and Téa. Nora thanked her for all of her work on the Supreme Court appeal. Bo added his thanks for helping out at the station. Nora left, and Bo offered to do something nice for Georgie in return for all her hard work. Flowers would be nice, Georgie suggested.

Bo called and had red roses, Georgie's choice, delivered to her place with a card that read, "To Georgie, You're the Best, Love Bo." After he did that, something seemed to be troubling Georgie, and Bo asked her what was wrong. "Do you really not know? Is that possible? I love you," she said, throwing her arms around Bo's neck and hugging him.

R.J. yelled to warn Max then attacked the male gunman, knocking him to the ground. He went for the gun, but the woman stepped on his hand just as he reached it and pointed her own gun at Max and the kids. Max slowly put his gun down and told her that he didn't want vengeance -- he just wanted his kids.

Max stepped forward, and R.J. grabbed the woman behind the knee, knocking her off balance. Max wrestled the gun away from the woman, but the man regained consciousness, grabbed for the other gun, and went toward the kids and the woman who had adopted them. They screamed. R.J. ran over and grabbed the guy and struggled with him. The gun went off. For a second, it was unclear who had been hit, but then R.J. slowly crumpled to the ground. Just then, the police arrived.

The police led the kidnappers away in handcuffs as the woman who had adopted the twins explained that they were the ones who had taken the twins to her. Max went over to R.J., who was lying on a stretcher. R.J asked if the kids were okay. "Frankie and Leslie are fine. Thank you," Max said. As Max went over toward the kids, the woman who had adopted them apologized; she'd had no idea the children had been kidnapped. Max thanked her for taking care of his children, but they were his, he said and went over to hug them.

Using both speech and sign language, the twins told him they had thought he was in heaven with their mother. Max told them he had thought that was where they were and apologized for taking so long to find them. "I missed you so much," he told them. Frankie signed that they had missed him too. They signed, "I love you," and Max hugged and kissed them both. "Let's go home," he said.

Téa stood in the living room of Todd's penthouse with Todd and Starr. Téa asked Todd if he remembered what he had written in his note to her. "Of course I remember -- I wrote it," he said then changed the subject and told Starr to go get ready. Starr told her father to kiss "Tee," which was what she called Téa. Todd and Téa didn't quite know what to say. Todd tried to distract Starr by saying again that they had to get ready to leave. "Kiss," Starr demanded. "Later, sweetie," Téa told the girl, and Todd rushed upstairs with the excuse that he had to get Starr's pajamas.

Todd arrived downstairs with more things to pack in Starr's suitcase. He handed her a little white stuffed bunny and told her to run and get her coat. "This is very hard for you, isn't it?" Téa asked. Starr had been under this roof every night for a whole year, except when she had been at Viki's, Todd replied. "Did you know that you'd turn out to be such a good dad?" asked Téa. "I didn't ask to be a father. When Blair got pregnant, I didn't very much like the idea," Todd told her.

Todd hadn't been there when Starr had been born, and when he had returned from Ireland, he had been afraid to go near her. It had been Viki who had forced him to spend time with Starr. Starr had kept reaching out to him, she hadn't been afraid of him, and he had decided right then it was his job to protect her. "I think that's called love," Téa said. "If you say so," Todd replied, then bellowed for Starr, ending their conversation.

Todd threw the rest of the clothes in the suitcase and closed it, with clothes sticking out everywhere. He grabbed his coat and rushed Starr out the door. He stopped long enough to turn around and say, "You're coming, right?" to Téa, then went out the door himself, not waiting for her. Left standing there by herself, Téa decided to go with them, grabbed her coat, and rushed after them.

Blair was feeling guilty about stealing Kelly's money. Dorian tried to convince her it was "managing" Kelly's money, not stealing it, and they'd pay it back with interest. Blair was not as interested in the money since Todd had given her more visitation rights. Maybe he'd respond to kindness, Blair suggested, rather than threatening to take Starr away from him again.

Dorian didn't agree with her, about Todd or about Kelly's money. Dorian asked if Blair wanted to be able to give Starr everything she needed, from herself, not from Todd. Of course, Blair replied, but she was trying to be a good person -- she wanted to be a good example for Starr. Kelly walked into the room just then. "Kelly, there's something I need to tell you," Blair began to say.

Before Blair could say any more, Dorian jumped in and told Kelly that it was good news: Starr was staying with them for the weekend. Kelly was surprised that Todd was allowing it, but thrilled that they would have Starr with them. Ming carried down a box of things that they had been saving to give to Starr, including a dress with little stars on it and some stuffed animals.

Blair was very quiet, and Kelly asked what was wrong. Kelly worried that Blair didn't want Kelly around Starr. Blair insisted it was fine, and Starr should be around all the love she could get. Kelly ran upstairs to get something she had bought for Starr. Blair promised Dorian that she wouldn't ruin the day by saying anything to Kelly, but Kelly would find out the truth soon enough. Dorian wanted to be the one to decide when Kelly was told the truth.

Blair and Kelly actually had a moment together alone without fighting, discussing a book that they had both read as children. Blair worried that it would be too scary for Starr. "Not if her mommy reads it to her," Kelly said. The doorbell rang. It was Todd and Téa with Starr. Starr rushed to Blair and gave her a big hug. Todd watched silently from the doorway.

Blair and Dorian were telling Starr how beautiful she was. Dorian led her into the living room, where they had some surprises for her. "Don't give her a lot of presents," Todd demanded. He had been trying to make sure she was not spoiled. Todd pushed by Blair to follow Dorian and Starr. Blair started to follow, but Téa suggested that she wait there. Todd just wanted to see Starr one more time then he'd go away, Téa explained.

Blair questioned Téa about whether the revised custody had been her idea. "No, it was Todd's," she told Blair, "he said he wanted to do it because it was the right thing to do." Blair asked if Téa and Todd were back together. Téa explained that it was a four-week trial reconciliation, but as soon as it was over, they'd be getting a divorce. Blair commented that Téa seemed too good for Todd, and that seemed to be good for Blair. "It's not good for me," Téa said. "Well, you have four weeks to figure it out," Blair said and walked away to join the others in the living room.

"Try to have fun here," Todd told Starr, "and don't pay too much attention to Auntie Dorian. She talks out of her hat, even if she isn't wearing one." Starr gave Todd a kiss goodbye. Todd pulled her close and quietly told Starr he loved her. "I love you too, Daddy," Starr whispered back.

Todd got up to go, and Blair stopped him and sincerely thanked him for letting her keep Starr. "No problem," Todd replied, although it was obviously not easy for him to leave Starr. Dorian called after Todd and Téa, "Just think, the two of you have that great big place to rattle around in all by yourselves for the whole weekend." Todd and Téa didn't reply; they just looked uncomfortable, turned, and left.

Kelly, Dorian, and Blair sat around watching Starr enjoy her presents. Kelly told them about how she had ended up going to church the other day because she had felt guilty that she had been having fun. That day, she felt different. She felt better about it. That was what Ian would want, Dorian tried to reassure her; he would want Kelly to enjoy herself. Starr asked if she could sleep with her new stuffed bear that night. "Anything you want," Blair replied, giving Starr a hug.

Cassie arrived and was delighted to see Starr. Dorian declared that it was perfect -- all of the Cramer women were together. Cassie had more good news. Max's children had been found, and they were safe.

Todd and Téa returned to the penthouse. Todd almost immediately noticed that Starr had left her favorite white bunny behind and wanted to rush back and take it to her right away. Téa tried to talk him out of it. She was sure Blair had something else for Starr to cuddle. "She needs this to go to sleep," Todd insisted; they had a routine at night. "Let Blair start her own routine," Téa gently suggested, "Starr's going to be just fine." Todd responded, "I'm not. I feel like I left part of me over there, more than half of me. I hate this."

Todd went over and stood by the staircase, staring out the window. Téa hesitantly approached him and put her hand on his arm, telling him everything would be okay. He'd get through it. Todd clutched her hand then suddenly turned around and hugged her. Téa held him for a moment and stroked his hair.

Todd pulled back ever so slowly until he was looking into Téa's eyes. She reached up with one hand and brushed his hair back. Slowly they kissed, a gentle, closed-mouth kiss, then pulled back, but only slightly. Todd looked at Téa, but Téa was looking down, not at him.

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