One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 6, 1998 on OLTL
Andrew and Todd had a fight. Nora invited Georgie to live with her and Bo. Clint took Viki to his poker game. Georgie trapped Bo in a compromising situation. Téa admitted that she still had feelings for Todd. Georgie claimed her lover had assaulted her.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 6, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, April 6, 1998

Bo and Georgie

Georgie tells Bo that she loves him and that she's been waiting for him. Bo insists that he just appreciates her for everything that she's done for Nora. She backtracks a bit by saying she feels like a fool because she always thinks that guys who are nice to her want her. Bo tells her she is good and she'll find someone but he is taken. She apologizes and leaves. Bo immediately calls home expecting Nora, but remembers she had a business dinner with Sam. He leaves a message saying that he loves her and Nora walks in just as he hangs up. She tries to call him back at the office, but he'd already left for the poker game. Georgie sneaks back into Bo's office and writes something into his date book.

Todd and Téa

Todd and Téa are kissing quite passionately when Téa pulls away. She runs upstairs. Todd is confused by the whole situation. She is sitting on her bed upset when Todd knocks on the door. When she doesn't respond he tells her he's sorry and he says it won't happen again. He tells her not to go away because he doesn't want to be alone. Téa rushes to the door, but he's already gone.

Téa goes downstairs to find Todd. She tells him he didn't do anything wrong. He didn't scare or force her. She didn't run away from him, she ran away from feelings. She says she wanted him to kiss her, but that it was more than she could handle. Todd asks her if she felt something and she said yes. But also that she had come back with the intention of getting a divorce so that she could be with Andrew. She said that the kiss scared her, but it was too late for them. Todd leaves.

After Todd left, Téa calls Andrew and leaves a message on his machine that said she's scared of what Todd might do. She also tells him to come over as soon as he gets this message. Then she grabs her coat and runs out.

Todd comes back to the penthouse and rushes up to her room excited about something. He knocks on Téa's door, but she's not there. He goes downstairs and finds Andrew's cross on the floor beside the couch.

Viki and Clint

Viki and Clint drive to Asa's in a 69 Camaro. Clint says something about this being their first date. Viki, laughing, reminds him of their two marriages and their three children. She does say that he's doing better that Sam, although it's not a competition, because he gave up his poker night with Asa for her. Clint says that he had forgotten about it when they had planned their date so he decided to take her along.

The Poker Game

Asa, Andrew, and Mel are sitting at the lodge playing poker. Nigel is standing nearby subtly helping his boss know how to play his hand. Asa says that the Queens are the only women allowed in the lodge on poker night. Mel tells Asa about having breakfast with Renee the other day. Asa gets up from the table and orders two dozen red roses, presumably for Renee. They continue playing and Asa asks Andrew if there is a nice widow in his congregation for Clint because he's tired of him trying to win back the "freeze-dried" ex-wife of his. Just then Clint and Viki walk in. Viki sits down, ready to take Asa on.

More Cards

Viki, Asa and Clint are playing a hand when Bo arrives. It's Asa's bet and he stalls because he's trying to figure if they are bluffing. Viki was, but Clint wasn't and he beats Asa. Clint decides to sit the next one out and early on Viki folds. Viki and Clint start dancing and head out to his car. Asa tells Bo he could beat him with one hand behind his back in business, bed and betting.

Asa and Bo are the only ones left in a hand. Bo puts everything and so does Asa. Bo has a royal flush in hearts. Asa ends up with a royal flush in spades. Asa says that there's a house rule that spades beat hearts so he takes all the money. Bo demands that he empty his pockets. They get into an argument that ends with Asa leaving the room. Bo says he can't change Asa.

The Camaro

Viki and Clint kiss by the Camaro outside. Clint drives Viki home and on the way he tells her he wants to kiss her. She says he should wait till they get home because he's driving. Viki all of a sudden realizes she had forgotten her purse at the lodge. Clint had also forgotten his earnings. They head back to get them.

Andrew and Todd

Todd answers his door to find Andrew. Todd shows him his cross.

Nora and Sam

Sam is looking at a picture of Nora and Bo dancing. He says that she looks like there is something wrong. She says that she is tired from Harrisburg. He talks her into letting him rub her feet. Nora starts talking about her problems and says that Sam has the special touch. Sam tells her that he hasn't done any foot massaging since she stood him up. Sam finds her magic spot and asks if Bo has found her magic spot too. She sits up and he asks her what? Is it him? No, she says, it's Bo.

Nora apologizes and says that she is a married woman and that she's happy. She talks about how Bo is the opposite of what she thought she wanted. But that she loves him. Sam is everything she wanted. Sam says he didn't win, Bo did. Nora tells him that when she and Hank broke up the thought of a relationship scared her. That's why she stood Sam up. Nora says she needs Bo so much. Even though they've been on thin ice lately things have been sorting out. She's scared of losing him because now she's not just Nora, she's Nora and Bo.


Mel is sitting on the stairs at Dorian's looking up. He says he couldn't go another night without seeing her. We see that he is talking to her portrait.

Bo and Georgie in the Jeep

Bo gets into his Jeep and finds Georgie sitting in the passenger seat. She takes her shirt off and she had nothing on underneath! He looks away, shocked.

Tuesday, April 7, 1998

The Penthouse:

Todd pushes Andrew away from the door as the minister asks for Téa. Todd brandishes the cross that Andrew left behind and says that Téa must be doing a lot of sinning to warrant two visits from Andrew in one night. Andrew barges into the apartment demanding to see Téa, even though Todd tells him that she's not there. Andrew packs one of Téa's suitcases and says that he won't leave without Téa. Todd tries to throw Andrew out and tells him that Téa is HIS wife. "That woman has been more of a wife to me than she has ever been to you!!" The two men get into a knock-down, drag-out brawl in the middle of the penthouse living room. Téa returns home to find Andrew at Todd's throat, screaming. In desperation, Téa smashes a vase over Andrew's head and knocks him to the floor. Todd rises from the floor and laughs that Andrew and he aren't so different, after all Andrew did come after him with "murder in his heart." Todd tells Téa that he is leaving because the thought of her laying down with "this sanctimonious, sermon-spouting, hypocrite" makes him sick, but if she really wants to be with Andrew, she had better be gone before he gets back. However, if there is any part of her that wants to be with Todd, Andrew has to go. Then he leaves. Andrew tells Téa to get her things together, but she tells Andrew that she is not leaving. Téa finally admits that while she does love Andrew, she also has "strong feelings" for Todd.

Later, Todd returns home to a darkened and silent penthouse, looking for signs of Téa. When he turns around he finds his wife holding "Money Hungry." "This time," she says, softly "I get to be the iron" As Téa sets up the game on the floor she asks "Are you ready to take your chances Todd? We make up the rules as we go along anyway." Téa hands Todd his game piece and the two hold hands.

Bo and Nora's :

Sam consoles an emotional Nora, who has just laid out her feelings for Bo. Sam continues to tell Nora about the deep feelings he has for her. He understands and accepts the present situation and is actually happy that she found her soul mate. He then leaves, making it very clear that while he respects her feelings for Bo, to him she will always be "magic." After Sam leaves, Nora heads upstairs to prepare a sexy little surprise for Bo. She changes into a satin nightie and positions herself on the couch. Nora hears footsteps and when she opens her eyes and stars into the smiling face of....ASA, who is there to discuss some "business" with Nora. An embarrassed Nora runs upstairs to change and when she comes back downstairs, Asa demands to know whether or not Nora and Bo will help him "pump up the old Buchanan bloodline" by having children. Nora tells Asa to go father his own children and he leaves. When Bo gets home, Nora tries to create a little romance but Bo is visibly upset by what has happened earlier in the evening. Nora attributes his mood to Asa and confides that she, too, is upset by the fact that they won't ever be able to have children (since she's perimenopausal.) Bo debates whether or not to add to Nora's heartbreak by telling her about Georgie.

Asa's lodge:

Outside of the lodge, a naked Georgie climbs all over a stunned and sickened Bo, who desperately attempts to push the nymphomaniac off of him. At that moment, headlights illuminate the couple and Clint and Viki are shocked to find Bo and Georgie in the compromising position, but instead of stopping, Clint turns the car around and drives away. Bo jumps out of the car and berates Georgie for her antics. Georgie is devastated and proceeds to bang her head against the steering wheel in hysteria. Bo, afraid that she will hurt herself, pulls a screaming Georgie out of the car, takes her into the lodge and hands her an icepack for her head. Bo asks Georgie what part of "I don't love you!" Georgie doesn't understand. Georgie says that if Bo will give her "ten seconds of truth" she will leave him alone. What does that mean, asks Bo. Georgie drops her coat and demands that Bo look at her for ten seconds and says that he doesn't feel anything. Bo is disgusted, but ready to do anything to make her go away, so he stares at her as she counts down "10, 9, 8, 7, 6..." Right then the phone rings and Nora's voice fills the lodge as she leaves a message on the machine. Bo is about to pick up the phone, but Georgie stops him saying that it would kill Nora if she knew. Bo returns Nora's call saying that he will be home soon and when he turns around, Georgie is gone.

Clint's car:

Clint and Viki try to deal with what they just saw. Viki debates calling Nora. "What would you say to her?" asks Clint ..."facts don't always add up to the whole story. I would think that a lifetime of journalism would have taught you that." Viki agrees and the pair continue home. Outside of Llanfair, Clint and Viki start to kiss and decide that the night doesn't have to end and head upstairs for a romantic evening. However, before they can get too comfortable, Jessica knocks at the door. Viki directs Clint to hide in another part of the bedroom. When Viki finally lets Jessica in the room, the youngest Buchanan says that she can't sleep and wants to stay in Viki's room. Jessica starts to nod off and Clint settles into the corner for the night.

Wednesday, April 8, 1998

Llanfair-Clint, Viki, Jessica, Joey, Kevin, Barbara and Cassie

The alarm goes off and Jessica is still in Viki's bed. Jessica begins to awaken and Viki asks her why she felt the need to sleep in her mother's room three times in the past week. Jessica won't answer. She just thanks Viki for the favor and goes to her room to get ready for school. Viki puts on her robe and begins to brush her hair at her vanity when she hears a noise and realizes that Clint is still where she left him. She finds him stretched out on floor. As he awakens, he explains that he was waiting for Jessica to leave and when that didn't happen right away, he dozed off.

As he and Viki get dressed, they discuss what happened the night before with Bo and Georgie and what almost happened between them. Clint says he is going to call his brother about what they saw and set up a meeting. He doesn't believe Bo would step out on Nora. Bo is flat out in love with her and would not risk his marriage on a "little piece of fluff" like Georgie. Viki is not so sure. As Clint finishes putting on his shoes, he announces his is ready for breakfast, which puts Viki in a panic. They can't go down the stairs together. What would the kids, not to mention, Barbara Graham think, if they arrived together for breakfast. They would have to make an excuse to explain their arrival. They discuss how they "almost" made love. Clint says they have to take care of the "almost". Viki replies they will. Joey calls up to Viki. Clint tells Viki to go ahead, he will be along in a few minutes. He will say he is dropping off some papers. They kiss.

In the kitchen, Barbara is putting the dishes on the table. Jessica shows up and Joey teases her about sleeping in Viki's bed. They all think this is about Cristian Vega, but Jessica does not admit to it. Barbara tells Kevin and Joey to cut the girl some slack and promises Jessica that they will short sheet their beds for revenge.

Clint comes through the back door with the papers for Viki. Kevin says Clint's outfit is nice. Is there any particular reason he is wearing the exact same clothes as yesterday. Joey adds that it must Clint he heard in Viki's room. Jessica chimes in that she slept in her mother's bed all night and she doesn't want to answer any more questions about it. Clint tells Viki that he is going to see his brother. After he leaves, all eyes in the room are on Viki.

Bo and Nora's House

Nora comes down stairs and finds Bo on the couch. When he awakens, he admits that he is a little stiff, nothing a 3 minute steam bath won't cure. Nora says that with all they have been through, Bo never felt he couldn't sleep next to her. Bo replies he did not want to disturb her. Nora does not accept his excuse. He was on edge last night when he walked in. She wants to know what is bothering him. He blew up over the suggestion about their having a baby and it wasn't even Nora's suggestion-it was his father's. Then he wouldn't make love with her and he chose to sleep on the couch. That's all evidence that something is bothering him. They can talk it out and make it go away. Just then the phone rings. It is Officer Annie. There has been another bodega robbery. Bo tells Nora that is the 8th one in 6 months. He has to take a shower and change. Why doesn't she come up and they will talk. The phone rings again.

Rachel's-Rachel, Georgie and Nora

Rachel has called to talk to Rachel about her Uncle R.J. His condition has been upgraded and he will keep her informed. Rachel picks up the Banner and reads the headline "HOLDEN TWINS FOUND ALIVE-CLUB OWNER SHOT DURING RECOVERY". Just then Georgie stumbles in from her room. There are bruises all over her face. Rachel asks who did this to her. Georgie replies that she did it to herself by driving the car into a tree. Rachel says she needs to have herself checked by a doctor. Georgie joked she is not so bad; Rachel should see the tree. Rachel tells her that she went out for the paper just a little while ago and that Georgie's car is perfect shape. She is sure Georgie's married lover did this to her. Rachel calls her mother and tells her to come quick. Georgie needs her help. Nora grabs her coat and leaves without talking to Bo.

Bo and Clint

Bo meets with Clint at the diner and tells him what happened with Georgie. He says that the girl has always been odd. She has an unsettling quality like static on the radio. Clint replies then she revs up higher than most folks. Bo tells him that Georgie was always underfoot, too eager and she had no boundaries. She would walk all over Bo and Nora's lives if given the chance and they gave her that chance. Clint questions whether alarms were going off. Nora was on to her, but Bo keep saying give the girl another chance. Now Nora thinks her assistant is terrific and Bo has to tell her of the stunt Georgie pulled in his car. He recaps for Clint how Georgie was sitting there buck naked under her raincoat. She was all over him like metal shavings on a magnet. He shoved her away. She started banging her head over and over on the steering wheel like she was knocking herself out. Then he decided to take her back to the Lodge. There she dropped her raincoat. Georgie told Bo he had 10 seconds to prove he didn't want her by looking at her and not feeling anything. He decided to call her bluff. He looked her straight in the eye but he did blink. He got home and he didn't tell Nora. It was just not a good time. There was the bodega robbery to contend with. Now he has to tell her and it was going to kill her.

Clint gives his younger brother some advice. He says that if you have a bobcat spooking the herd, you don't want to scare the herd, you want to get rid of the bobcat. Clint is sure that Georgie would receive a glowing recommendation from Nora if she was still in her good graces. So with that, the legal assistant could move on, far away from Llanview.

Rachel's-Georgie, Nora, and Rachel

Nora arrives and Rachel says that Georgie is all bruised up and making excuses about how it happened. Nora can't understand why she would lie, but Rachel informs her that she is covering up for a man she is seeing. They knock on Georgie's door and she hesitantly opens the door, all the while saying she can't work today, but she will put in extra hours tomorrow. When Nora sees her, she is shocked by her bruised face and weakened condition. She asks who did this to her, but Georgie will only say she did it to herself. Nora does not believe her and starts to call Bo, hoping he will get the name out of her.

Nora asks Bo to come over to Rachel's, that Georgie was assaulted last night. Some guy she was seeing did this to her. "It's ugly, Bo. This creep did a number on her". Bo wants to rush over, but Clint tells him to think first before he acts. Bo gives Nora excuses about the case he is on and says he will send a detective. Nora can't understand why he won't handle it personally. So she will handle it herself. As she hangs up, Bo tells Clint, this had better work.

Georgie admits her lover did this. But it was her fault. He never did this before. Nora cautions her that any man who could make her look this bad is going to do it again. It will escalate. She has to accept he is a criminal because he will beat her again and again until one day she will not heal. Georgie continues to refuse to name her alleged perpetrator. He loves her and she does not want to risk losing that love, she whimpers. She will be at work tomorrow better than new. Right now she is tired and she just wants to go to bed. Georgie goes off to her room.

Nora wonders why Georgie is protecting this creep. Rachel says the man is married, but she has no idea who it is. Nora does not notice the look in her daughter's eye or how she briefly hesitates when she denies knowing the man's identity. The bell rings and a delivery man hands Rachel a wrapped flower box with a note reading "Georgie, you're the best. Love, Bo". Nora asks who the flowers are from. Rachel slips the card in her bra and says she doesn't know. They arrived without a card.

Clint and Bo

Bo is worried that Georgie is so off kilter that she will confront Nora and he doesn't know what that girl will say. Bo hates lying, but Clint tells him to think of it as a "diplomatic omission" and although Bo does not see the difference, he is becoming convinced his brother is right. They need to get Georgie to leave town. But how without it blowing up in their faces? Clint says they need someone with connections and power. The description describes someone they both know well-Asa. Bo says No way. Clint replies it is the only way.

Dorian's-Cassie, Kelly, Blair, Mel and Dorian

Mel is asleep on the floor at the bottom of the staircase. When Dorian finds him there, she screams, sending all three Cramer girls bounding down the steps. She picks him up by the collar and tells him to get out, but he just says, "hello, Ladies" and falls back down on the floor.

Dorian demands he explain himself. He replies that he had no means or opportunity to sleep beside her, so he chose to sleep below her portrait.

Kelly worries about the state Mel is in and Cassie mentions that he has been sober so long, why would he do this? Mel replies that he does drunk as well as he does sober. You can hear the thud in the next area code. Dorian is not sympathetic. Mel is just trying to make her feel guilty. Kelly wants to give him aspirin and walk him around to get his circulation going. Dorian just wants him out of her house. Cassie tries to say to Dorian that this is not all about her. Blair doesn't feel Mel's needs should be more important than that of her daughter sleeping upstairs. Mel says, Blair is right. This is about Dorian. The girls leave them alone.

Mel says he is sending her a message from his soul. Dorian replies that this pathetic display is wasted on her. If he is sober enough to walk, he should go now. He refuses to leave. Dorian just wants to be left in peace. Mel would love to do just that, but he knows he is too good for her to let that happen. Dorian tells him that she doesn't need a burned out dissipated old drunk. Isn't that exactly what she feel in love with, Mel retorts. She knew he was drunk 30 seconds after he met her when he passed out on the bar room floor. He knows she was not spoiled by her parents, but she has spoiled herself rotten. With Dorian, it is always her way or the highway. Dorian accuses Mel of not accepting her. She never has been and never will be good enough for him. He wants to make her over in his own image and she is sick of his playing god with her life. Mel says he understands she is pain. Dorian replies that what he doesn't understand is what it is like to find out you have an aging lunatic for a mother. She could have made it right if she didn't kill her. Mel reminds her she did this to save Cassie. Dorian says the ending is the same- it is the death of hope. He just doesn't get it. There is no "us" anymore. Mel replies that he won't fight her anymore. It is up to her now if he stays or goes.

She must forgive herself before she forgives him, Mel says. Dorian wonders how she could forgive herself for killing the women who gave birth to her. Mel replies that the "wretched old cretin didn't love you, I did, and always will. Live with her in the past or live with me in the future". Dorian questions why she can't live in the present with herself. Mel gives her an ultimatum. Choose him or Sonya.

Dorian hugs Mel and it appears she has made her decision until she looks up and sees a vision of her mother in the doorway. Sonya begins to speak, but only Dorian can hear what she says. "Did you really believe you could end your mother's life and go on with yours, as if nothing has happened, turn a blind eye and turn a deaf ear to the past and find happiness and love. No one will love you, Dorian, not in this lifetime. The truth of what you have done has curdled your heart. You are the destroyer, the root and the cause of all our miseries-mine, Charlotte's, Melinda's, Addie's-you are the killer of people, of their souls. That is all you have ever done. All you ever will do".

Dorian breaks away from Mel saying she cannot do this. She can't be with him like this. She tells him to get out. It is finished between them. It is over. A disheartened and clueless Mel leaves.

Sonya tells Dorian that she did the right thing. "You do not deserve to be loved. You are not fit to give love. You deserve to go to hell, straight to hell". "I am sure I will see you there, Mama", Dorian replies as she walks slowly from the living room toward the staircase. Before she ascends the stairs, she looks back and Sonya's vision is gone.

Llanfair-Joey, Barbara, Kevin and Cassie

Barbara and Joey are doing the breakfast dishes. Kevin makes some wisecracks and Joey shoots his brother with the sink hose and immediately regrets it, his mischievousness blunted by the guilt he feels for attacking his still ailing brother. In truth, he is more bothered by his actions than Kevin, who is more bothered by Joey's over-reaction. He doesn't want Joey's apology. He is not that fragile. Joey leaves the kitchen.

Barbara tells Kevin that Joey cares about him, but Kevin replies that he is sick of being hovered over with everyone walking on eggshells around him. Kevin's shirt is all wet and he has to get to work, so Barbara begins to peel it off his soaked skin. As she does this, Cassie watches through the kitchen window.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

Asa agreed to arrange an out-of-town job offer for Georgie as a favor to Bo. Georgie reluctantly "admitted" to Rachel that Bo was the married man she was seeing. Bo went to see Georgie and angrily warned her that she had better accept the job offer, or she would be very sorry. Unbeknownst to Bo, Georgie had taped their conversation in which Bo sounded extremely threatening. Max returned to Llanview with the twins and he and Renee took them to see Blair and Starr. Max thanked Blair for standing by him and helping him through his ordeal. Blair was thrilled to finally see Max with a smile on his face. Max told Blair that he was taking the kids to North Carolina to see Luna's family and when he asked her to go with him, she agreed, saying it would be fun. Cassie interrupted a close moment between Barbara and Kevin. Barbara felt displaced when Cassie insisted on shaving Kevin. When Kevin fainted, Barbara took over and got angry at Cassie. Dr. Gordon assured Cassie that it wasn't anything she did and explained why Kevin passed out. Feeling guilty, Barbara apologized to Cassie for her earlier outburst. Cassie thanked Barbara for the excellent care she was giving Kevin, but subtly warned her not to get too close to him. At the hospital, Hank told R.J. how disappointed he was because he really thought that R.J. had changed. Bo arrived and R.J. gave his statement about the events in Canada. R.J. said that even though he never ordered the kidnapping, he would take full responsibility for it. Bo told Hank that he thought the court might be lenient with R.J. Rachel came by to see R.J. and Hank told her the truth about R.J.'s involvement in the kidnapping. Hank wondered about Rachel's reaction when he said that Bo was a man of integrity.

Friday, April 10, 1998

Rachel, Hank, Georgie, Bo and Nora

As Hank and Rachel leave R.J.'s room, Hank is happy that R.J. is making progress. Rachel is relieved too, but she hopes the progress won't send him straight to jail. Hank explains again that Bo plans to go easy on R.J., he doesn't understand Rachel's negative attitude toward Bo. Rachel starts telling Hank that Georgie is having an affair and the married guy she's seeing beat her up last night. Hank hopes she presses charges, but he still doesn't see what that has to do with Bo. Bo is the one Georgie is having the affair with, Rachel explains. Hank finds that very hard to believe, what kind of proof do you have? Georgie told me herself, Rachel begins, but they are interrupted by Nora's arrival. Bo arrives a few seconds later and Nora asks him to change his mind about taking Georgie's statement. The "poor kid is terrified", Nora tells him. Bo asks if it has occurred to anyone that Georgie may be lying.

Back at her apartment, Georgie is putting makeup on under her eyes to make the bruises appear much worse that then are. While she is doing this, she is listening to the tape she made the night before of Bo threatening her to leave town. Georgie turns off the tape and smiles.

Nora defends Georgie, how can Bo even say such a thing? Georgie's all bruised up and scared. Bo tries to suggest that Georgie might be making the situation more dramatic than it really is. Unfortunately, Bo's trying to make light of the whole topic of Georgie's attack makes him look even more guilty in Rachel's and Hank's eyes, like he's trying to cover something up. Bo tries again to point out that Georgie's always doing strange things, like buying the same dress as Nora, but Rachel isn't convinced. Bo thinks they shouldn't jump to conclusions, like everyone did in the case of R.J. Bo apologizes for bringing it up, then leaves to go back to work. Nora explains Bo's attitude by saying he's under a lot of pressure right now. Nora asks if Hank can go talk to Georgie about the situation. Rachel thinks it's an excellent idea and Hank reluctantly agrees. Nora goes to the nurses station to call Georgie. (She actually mentions not being able to use her cel phone in the hospital, a fact which is usually ignored) Hank says to Rachel that he'll go and talk to Georgie and hopefully get everything cleared up.

Nora calls Georgie and asks how she's going. "I'm OK, really", Georgie tells her in a pitiful voice. Nora explains that Hank will be coming over to talk to her. Georgie pretends to object, but Nora won't take no for an answer.

Hank and Rachel arrive at her apartment to see Georgie. Rachel quietly tells Hank about seeing Georgie and Bo together at the Logan's department store and how Georgie asked Bo to unzip her dress. That doesn't mean anything, Hank says, Georgie could be the one chasing Bo. Then Rachel shows Hank the card from the flowers that says "To Georgie, You're the best, Love Bo." Hanks admits it does look pretty bad, but nothing proves what Georgie says is true. Georgie, with a suitcase in her hand, interrupts their discussion and begs them not to fight about her, she can't take it. When Rachel asks where she is going, Georgie tells them that Nora asked her to come stay with herself and Bo for a few days. "You're going to stay with my mother and Bo?, Rachel asks", shocked.

Rachel doesn't think it's a good idea for Georgie to go there, under the circumstances. Nora insisted, Georgie tells her, as if that's a good reason why she has to go. Rachel gives up, she does not understand Georgie at all. "You're on your own", Rachel tells Georgie and walks away. Hank wants Georgie to tell him what happened to her. I will, she promises, but asks him for a ride to Bo and Nora's house first. Hank agrees and they leave.

Outside of Bo and Nora's, Hank comments that she was very quiet in the car on the way over, was she thinking of last night, he asks. Does anyone ever get over their first love, Georgie asks him in return. Is she talking about the guy that beat her up, Hank wonders. No, her first love was her father, Georgie tells him, she used to think he was perfect. She used to tell him when she was very little that she would never, ever marry anyone else. Of course, she didn't know at the time that she was right and would end up an old maid. You're far from an old maid, Hank tells her kindly, don't worry, the right guy will come along. He already has, but he won't marry me, Georgie says sadly. Hank tells her that she can say anything to him, he's the D.A. and she can trust him. It's Bo, Georgie finally admits. Hank tells her that he knows Bo just about as well as anyone and he finds it hard to believe that that is the truth. He didn't mean to hurt her, Georgie claims, but after Clint and Viki saw them together the night of the poker game Bo got very angry and lost it. Georgie doesn't blame him, they never meant for this to happen, it all got so complicated. Just then, Nora opens the door saying she thought she heard voices and tells them to come inside.

At his office at the police station, Bo gets the good news from Asa that he's found a job for Georgie in Seattle. The sooner Georgie is gone, the sooner my troubles will be over, Bo says.

Nora tells Georgie she's so glad she's here. Are you sure I'm not imposing, Georgie asks, and thanks Nora for everything she's doing. Nora sends Georgie upstairs to unpack. Hank asks Nora if she asked Bo about Georgie moving in, he's not sure how Bo's going to react. Nora insists that Bo will be fine. Bo arrives home and is most definitely not fine to find out that Georgie has moved in. "You did *what*?", he asks.

Nora and R.J.

Nora goes in to see R.J. He tells her to go away, but she refuses to leave and sits down by his bed. She wants to get the truth from him, he took a bullet to save the kids and he's apparently been looking for them since they were kidnapped. Why, R.J., she asks him. R.J. claims he only did it to save himself. Nora agrees that might be part of it. R.J. tells her that she's deluding herself, that he's not the good-hearted but troubled guy she seems to think that his is. That's Nora's problem, he tells her, she's too trusting, believing in people that don't deserve it.

Trusting me almost ruined your marriage, R.J. says, and I felt like scum every time Bo accused me of the kidnapping and one of you defended me. You trust too much, R.J. says again. Nora allows that that might be true, but she's never seen that as a character flaw. Bo taught me how to trust, she continues, and when you love someone, you let them in. Did you order the kidnapping, she asks R.J. No, R.J. finally says. Then I wasn't wrong about you, was I, Nora says, reaching out to touch R.J.'s hand. "I'm sorry for all of it, I'm so sorry", R.J. tells her. After Nora leaves, R.J. re-reads the letter that Jacara sent to him.

Dorian and Kelly

Dorian can't sleep, so she disturbs Kelly, who's trying to listen to a tape of whale songs. Dorian's really worried about her, she should be listening to some real music, something with a beat. Dorian's tried everything, meditation, counting sheep, watching infomercials, but nothing helps. She asks Kelly for a sleeping pill, but Kelly doesn't like to take them. I've only had a few hours of sleep a night for the last few weeks, Dorian complains. How can I be so exhausted and still not sleep? Kelly tries to get Dorian to admit that the real cause of her insomnia is Mel, but Dorian insists that she's over Mel. Kelly doesn't believe her. Dorian can make a conscious effort to not think about Mel while she's awake, but she can't help thinking about him while she's asleep. That's why she won't go to sleep, Kelly tells her, Dorian's in denial. Dorian tells her that Mel and anything to do with Mel are banished from the house. After thinking about it for a moment, Dorian finally figures out what she can do to get some sleep.

Dorian tries calling the doctor, but he won't see her this late at night and wants to schedule an appointment for her tomorrow. Tomorrow is too late, Dorian says, hanging up the phone. Don't doctors make house calls anymore, she says, I used to make house calls when I was a doctor. Of course, that's how I met Victor Lord, she remembers. Maybe house calls aren't such a good idea, she decides. Then Dorian has another idea. After having Kelly put her earphones back on to be sure she doesn't overhear, Dorian calls Bik and asks him to forge a prescription. Bik refuses, forging a prescription is what landed him in jail last time. Dorian slams the phone down in frustration. How will she ever get to sleep, she wonders. She glances over at the couch, where Kelly is already fast asleep.

Téa, Todd and Ramon,the bodega owner

Téa is shopping in a bodega for some "comida tradicional", traditional food, to make for dinner. She hasn't seen Ramon since she lived with Carlotta and he says he missed seeing her. She misses the old neighborhood too, she tells him. He asks if she is cooking this for her husband, but she replies that To dd doesn't like Spanish food, "spicy things make him nervous". Ramon suddenly sees a suspicious looking person come in and warns Téa to stay down, there have been a lot of bodega robberies lately. Ramon confronts the man and tells him to drop it, but when he turns around it's Todd holding a tube of Chapstick. "I don't want my lips to get chapped", Todd says calmly as he puts some on. Téa just shakes her head in disbelief.

"What's the matter with you, you almost gave us a heart attack!", Téa yells at him. "Me? I did? He almost clobbered me for using lip balm", Todd replies. Ramon says something to Todd in Spanish (all I could understand was "la cabeza", the head). "Same to you", Todd tells him, not understanding a word Ramon said. Téa asks what Todd is doing there, he claims he was bored so he followed her. Ramon and Téa get into a rather long discussion in Spanish and I think that Ramon asked Téa why she married this man and she replied "por el dinero" - for the money. Todd, paranoid that they are talking about him, which I think they were, tells them to stop all this "salsa speak", he can't understand them. Téa suggests that if he's that interested he should take a foreign language course, "then you can monitor my every word". Todd asks her what she's doing there, anyway. Téa explains she had an urge to get back to her roots and plans to make a Spanish dinner. Then hurry up, I'm hungry he tells her. Téa is surprised Todd likes Spanish food. She then says something else in Spanish to Ramon. What did you say, Todd asks. "I told him you were following me to check if I went to see Andrew, but you didn't have the guts to admit it", Téa replies. Outside, someone watches them through the front window.

Todd admits that he didn't follow her because he was bored, he wanted to spend time with her. This is supposed to be a trial reconciliation, how can they get back together when she keeps running out, he asks. I just went to go food shopping, Téa points out. Téa sarcastically asks if he wants her to wear an ankle bracelet so he can track her. You would wear one, Todd asks, because I have one at home, it's a little broken... It's not funny, Todd, she tells him, smacking him on the arm. Todd obviously thinks it's funny because he smiles a little bit. I moved back in to speed up the divorce, she reminds him. "Why would I reconcile with a man so paranoid that he spies on me?" While they are talking, Todd glances down and notices the necklace and charm that Téa is wearing. Engraved on the charm is the letter "A". "A" for Andrew, Todd says before storming out, giving Téa no chance to explain. On the way out the door, he bumps into the man who has been lurking outside. The man hides his face as Téa comes out the door and follows Todd.

Téa finds Todd down by the river, staring into the water. She reaches out and touches him on the arm, but he moves away and walks to another spot along the dock. Téa follows him again and explains that the "A" stands for Anna, the necklace was her mother's. Her father kept it and when he learned that she died, he gave it to Téa, who was about 7 years old at the time. It's the only thing she has left of her mother. "Sorry", Todd apologizes and Téa gives it to him to look at. As Todd is returning it to her, it slips through both of their fingers and falls into the river. Todd takes everything out of his pockets, takes off his coat and jumps into the river to find the locket, despite Téa's protests. "It's not worth it, Todd", she yells after him as he jumps into the water.

The bodega

Dorian, wearing a hat and sunglasses despite the fact that it is night, enters the bodega. The man who was watching Todd and Téa from the window before is sitting on a bench outside, taking a drink from a bottle when Dorian passes him. Inside, Dorian tries to convince Ramon to give her sleeping pills without a prescription. Ramon tells her that the bodega is not a pharmacy. Dorian tries to give him money to give her something, insulting Ramon by insinuating that he is a drug dealer. He tells her to take the over the counter medicine or to get out. Dorian backs down and goes to the shelf to get it. Two men enter the bodega, grab some things off the shelf and approach the counter. Dorian tries to push her way forward, saying she was there first, but gives up and takes her place in line behind them. The men are complaining about the price of what they are buying, while Dorian asks them to please hurry up. Ramon looks down and sees that one of the men is holding a gun.

Dorian, not noticing the gun, again complains for them to hurry up. The wino from outside enters the store and starts asking where the jelly beans are. He manages to get himself between Dorian and the men, apparently to protect her, but Dorian complains that she's not going to let him cut in line, too. The man shoves her toward the door and tells her to get out of there, but of course Dorian doesn't go. He grabs the shoulder of one of the men and turns him around, and ends up with a gun pointed at both himself and Dorian. Too late, Dorian notices the gun. The mans shoots, hitting Dorian, who falls to the floor.

Translation of Téa and Ramon's conversation

Ramon to Todd: Tiene suerte que no le rompi de cabeza
You are lucky I did not hit you on the head (with my bat)

Ramon to Téa: Quien es el tipo que es tan pesado
Who is that annoying guy? (rough)

Téa: Este es mi esposa que te mencione
This is my husband who I mentioned to you.

Ramon: El que no la gusta como usted cosina
The one who does not like how you cook (your food).

Téa: Si

Ramon: Una mujer como usted que podia casar con cualquiera. Porque a casado con este hombre?
A woman like you could have anyone. Why did you marry him (someone like him?)

Téa: Por El Dinero!
For the Money!

Ramon: Entonces, agarre el dinero y salga corriendo
Then take the money and run!

Téa to Ramon: Mi marida esta lleno de porqueria
My husband is full of sh*t!(about his excuse why he followed her)

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