One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 1, 1998 on OLTL
Téa left Todd. Nora and Sam visited Georgie's parents. Drew was arrested for Georgie's murder. Blair and Max found evidence that Todd had been near the murder site and had paid for Georgie's burial. Barbara was hired to look after David.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 1, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, June 1, 1998

Written by: Molli


Order in the court! Order in the court! Bo says he's "guilty, your honor". Judge Fitzy asks Bo if he's confessing to the murder. Nora says no. Téa asks for a brief recess, and Hank has no objection. Nora tries to strike Bo's statement from the record, but Bo insists that he's guilty. Clint wonders what Bo's doing. Fitzy tries to encourage a recess, Bo won't have it, while Nora insistently says to him that he's not guilty, but he says "I am".

Suddenly, Drew stands up and shouts (very loudly) "He didn't do it!" Bo tells Fitzy that his son's justifiably upset. Fitzy demands order. Viki suspiciously says "This is all wrong". Kevin and Joey mutter bad things about Drew, which makes Kelly mad. Drew (very) loudly yells "Dad! Don't!" Blair announces that The Sun was right, and flounces out. The new Commish asks Hank if he had any idea that Bo was planning on doing this. (This updater hates the way the new Commish talks, as if he's one of those hoity-toity icks who are born with a silver spoon stuck deeply in their mouths, and considers dubbing him "Uppity") Hank, as everyone else, is clueless. Rachel believes Bo's owning up to Georgie's death. Council approach the bench.

Drew goes up to talk to Bo. Bo explains that he's confessing only temporarily, so that the real killer will make mistakes, thinking he's safe, and that will afford Drew the opportunity to catch him. Drew panics, thinking he'll screw it up, but Bo has total confidence in him and would trust him with his life. He insists that this is the only way to catch the killer, otherwise either he or Drew will spend the rest of their lives in jail. Nora notices their conversation. Drew leaves to "do his stuff", pausing long enough to exchange a meaningful look with Kelly, and one with Bo.

The judge grants a 24hour recess, but Bo asks for his right to make a statement about his guilt. Nora angrily tries to stop him. Asa manhandles him a bit, trying to stop him. Bo insists. Fitzy says "very well", and Nora (I think literally) bites her tongue as she sits down.

Bo's Speech: He wishes he didn't have to do this in open court, but know's this is the best way (looks at Nora). The judge allows Bo to tell his wife that he knows this is going to hurt her more than he's already hurt her. The judge also allows Bo to address the bystanders, apologizing to them for frustrating and confusing them. He wants to put an end to the nightmare before it destroys everyone he loves and respects. He finally faces the judge, admitting to making a lot of mistakes where Georgie was concerned. He says he knew she was sick, and that if he had handled things differently she might be alive right now. He admits to wanting to "get rid of her". He reiterates Georgie's mistakes in her assumptions about Bo that she paid for with her life. Bo is prepared to pay for his mistakes right here, right now. He "what if's" a lot (heard on the tv in Todd's office, see below). He tells the judge exactly how the murder happened, with the bat, with "a blow that probably ended it in a few seconds, I guess". He reminisces about the bat. The judge lets him. He makes it clear that if he had known about Georgie's pregnancy, it would have made a difference. The baby and Georgie will haunt him for the rest of his life. He turns from the judge and apologizes to the crowd again. He talks to Hank about the justice system, and how he (Bo) believes that truth prevails, that the guilty are punished, and "that's why I'm doing what I'm doing right now. Because I am deeply guilty." The judge lets him tell Nora that he hopes that someday she will understand, because "I love you with all my heart" ( What a juicy transcript this will be, eh?) End of speech! The judge remands Bo into custody. There will be a hearing within the week for both entry of a formal plea of guilty and sentencing.

Nora's extremely angry. Téa tries to talk to Hank about what to do next, as lawyers, but Hank doesn't buy Bo's confession. Rachel needs to be told by Téa that Bo will have to spend time in prison, for Rachel seemed to think he wouldn't have to. They talk about how weird Georgie was.

Kevin, Asa, Clint and Viki talk about what happened. Clint and Viki get in a bit of a tiff; he doesn't believe Bo, she doesn't know. Sykes tries to talk to Asa, who calls him a "smug son-of-a.." then winces and clutches his chest. Clint and Kevin lead him out of the courtroom, where Kevin, again, attacks Todd in front of gobs of reporters. Viki asks Todd if this is the way he avoids dealing with the mess he's made of his life.


Kevin wants to follow Drew, but since he can't due to the paper, Joey takes up the cause. Drew bursts through the closely knit huddle of reporters lurking outside the courtroom and goes to agonize against a wall. Joey follows with Kelly on his heels. Joey demands to know why Drew is out here when his father is confessing to murder. "I'm trying to help him!" Drew yells. Joey thinks Bo is taking the rap for Drew's crime. Drew tells Joey to leave him alone and flees. Kelly and Joey fight, and Joey convinces her to come with him as he follows Drew, he to prove she's wrong about Drew, and she to prove she's right.

Drew is at the lodge, looking around, when Joey and Kelly arrive. Joey accuses Drew of covering up evidence that would prove Drew's guilt. Drew tells Joey to "Shut up!" "Oh yeah?!" "Yeah!" "Well why don't you shut me up like you did Georgie?!". Joey continues to accuse Drew, then Drew goes outside. Kelly and Joey fight. Joey's mad because he has had to stand on his head to get her attention from Ian, Ian's memory, and now Drew, who's nothing but trouble. Meanwhile, Drew scopes the grounds, looking at the branches which covered Georgie's body, when he hears someone weeping. Inside, as Joey is ready to leave Kelly to the choice she made, Drew enters carrying a woman with short blonde hair, who is apparently in labor.


Todd looks at the gloves with an expression on his face that strikes the updater as one of fear. He puts one of them on what I think is a letter opener and twirls it around, but hears someone coming ! and hurriedly hides it (not very well) under some papers on his desk.

It's Blair, ecstatic about Bo's confession. Todd is oddly unresponsive to it all. This dichotomy goes on for a while...(and I think it's awfully fun to watch) ... Blair's excited, Todd's depressed, or scared, or confused, or all three, or something else I can't define exactly. A few times she questions him about his lack of enthusiasm, but he blows her off. Also, there are a few close calls where she nearly finds the glove, but each time he manages to keep his secret a secret, and winds up throwing it in a locked drawer. She know he's hiding something. Finally she takes advantage of his mood in a really cute, half-hearted way, by asking if she could have Star for the night. He says ok. As she leaves the office, she gives him a kind of challenging look and says, in some strange mix between a condescending and a pushy tone, "It's a good day (!)."

Todd leaves to go to the courthouse, then returns in time to be sitting at his desk when Téa shows up, asking him if he's happy now that Bo confessed. He asks her when she's coming back home. She looks at him like he's nuts.


Back at Bo's cell/ lawyer conference room/ visiting room, Nora confronts Bo. She also thinks Bo is taking the blame for Drew's crimes. She's angry, primarily, because she didn't even get a say in his decision to make the confession he made. She is angry because he humiliated her in public by basically confessing to having had an affair with Georgie. She feels he sacrificed her. Bo tells Nora what he knows about Drew (a brief version), and what his plan is with the confession. Bo says he told the truth in court today, because he is guilty.. guilty of messing up with Drew. He thinks Drew got involved with Georgie because she was a little like Becky Lee.

Nora thinks Drew is completely guilty, and is horrified that Bo is defending him, putting their marriage at risk. If Bo is willing to take the blame for Drew, and let Drew run roughshod over her, he can "count her out." Bo admits he was wrong for not telling her what he was about to do. Nora sees it as the same thing he did when he didn't tell her about Georgie. But this time he wasn't protecting her, he was protecting Drew, and that when push comes to shove, she will always take a backseat to a flesh and blood Buchanan. Nora tells Bo that this time, the lack of trust broke the connection, ended what they had. She will never trust him again, and will never forgive him. Ever.

She goes back to the empty courtroom, calls for Drew, and breaks down. When she turns to leave again, she finds Sam in the hallway, giving her a little smile, and she collapses in his comforting arms.

Tuesday, June 2, 1998

Todd and Téa

Todd assumes that just because Bo has confessed, Téa will be coming back to him. No hard feelings, he assures her, she's back in his life now. Wrong, Téa informs him, the defense is far from over and she's nowhere near back in his life.

Todd doesn't understand why Téa isn't coming back, he did what she asked and held back the story about Georgie's pregnancy. Téa doesn't believe he did that for her, she thinks he was worried about being sued. Todd says she's going back on their deal. Bribing Nora to kick Téa off the case wasn't a deal, she tells him, it was a criminal act. Using his newspaper to strong arm others was racketeering, it's a federal crime, she informs him. Todd doesn't seem very concerned, it's Nora's word against his. Todd says she's missing the point, Bo is guilty so she can quit her "silly little lawyer games" and come home. Téa can't believe he would say that, hasn't Todd heard anything she's said? Why would she come home, for more of the same treatment? Todd tries to guilt her into coming home for Starr, but Téa isn't falling for it this time. Now that's she's found the strength to move out, it's time she found the strength to stay out. "And maybe that's the best thing I can do for Starr".

Todd thought Téa loved him. "The sad part is, that I do", she replies. If she really loved him, then she wouldn't leave, people don't hurt the people they love on purpose. "You do", Téa says softly. Téa loves and always will love the man he could be. She's tried to care for and nurture the crippled little boy inside him who hurts people before they hurt him, but she just can't do it anymore. What Todd's father did to him emotionally is far worse than if he had cut off Todd's legs. Todd gets upset, saying that she's like everyone else, she uses what she knows about him to hurt him. That's not true, Téa defends herself, she's tried to help Todd, sometimes she's even thought she's made a difference. But then he threatens her and manipulates her and she realizes things haven't changed at all. Todd tries to brush it off as a little setback, he still thinks she'll come back. To what, she asks again, he emotionally abuses her and she just can't take it anymore. Todd accuses her of betraying him. Téa refuses to let Todd use her to hurt innocent people. What innocent people, Todd wants to know, the only person who got hurt was Bo and he's a murderer, according to Todd. Téa asks him why he is so totally obsessed with this case, is Todd taking his feelings about his father out on Bo? Todd then accuses the Buchanans of trying to use Téa to get to him because they know she is his weakness, they're trying to turn her against him, he says. "You've done that all by yourself", Téa tells him.

Where did all this paranoia about the Buchanan's come from, Téa wonders. "I'm not paranoid, they're all out to get me", Todd replies. No, they're not, Téa tries to explain, they just want him to back off a bit on his newspaper articles. They're trying to shut him up and now they've bought off Téa. "No one buys me!", Téa insists. I bought you, Todd reminds her, for 5 million dollars. They don't even want you, they just want to hurt me. Téa angrily thanks him for the vote of confidence. "Come home to me, please", Todd asks quietly. How many times, Téa wonders, how can I and keep any self respect that I have left? "Téa, I don't want you to go, I love you", he says. "I can't take anymore of your kind of love, it hurts me, it's abusive." Todd denies it, he never laid a hand on her. She knows, that't the worst kind of abuse, "you won't touch me, you won't hold me, you won't make love to me". Téa tries to leave and Todd grabs her by the arm, "you are not walking out on me!".

Téa tries to pull away, but he won't let her go. He puts the letter opener he's been holding into her hands and forces them to point it at his neck. "Go ahead, put me out of my misery, put you out of my misery, put everybody out of my misery!", he goads her. "Go ahead, kill me, so that I can't manipulate you or hurt you ever again. Do it!". Téa accuses him of manipulating her again. It's not a game, he says, he will not let her walk out that door, he will make her kill him first. "I don't do assisted suicide", Téa yells back, "If you hate yourself that much, do it yourself. Go ahead, stick a knife in your heart, put a gun to your head, drive your sports car off the ravine. Just remember, suicide is the coward's way out, and if you do it, that's the way your daughter and I and the whole world will remember you! Do it!". Todd says that Téa not giving him any other choice. Yes she is, she insists, Todd was brave when he told her about his father and when he proposed to her in public, "be brave again, not for me, for yourself".

Téa takes the letter opener and lays it down on the desk. Can't you see why you're miserable, she asks Todd, you take all of the good and shut it up deep inside of you. He's so busy protecting himself from the world he won't open up to it. "It's an ugly, ugly world", says Todd. "It doesn't have to's about you, and your refusal to let go of the hatred and anger you feel inside. You've been hurt Todd, you've been hurt very badly, there's a huge emotional gash in you, and I can't heal it". "Maybe you could if you want to", Todd suggests. "I do want to", she replies, "but I can't, you've got to do that yourself unless you want to live your whole life a bitter, lonely man, incapable of love." Todd says he does love her. "But it's your insane fear of losing me or your fear of how much you need me that's chasing me away. You can either love me or you can be alone, it's your choice Todd". Téa walks away and after one more backward glance, closes the door behind her. Todd stabs the letter opener through a picture of Bo and stands there alone in his office, emotions of sadness and fear visible on his face.

Nora and Sam

Nora rushes back to the courthouse and calls out Drew's name, but he's not there. She turns around and sees Sam standing there. He was at his son's high school graduation when he heard the news and got on the next plane back to Llanview. Nora goes into his arms for a big hug, she can't tell him how good it feels to be held like that. He tells her how sorry he is that this happened. Nora tells him that the worst thing is, Bo isn't even guilty, he did it to protect Drew, who had had an affair with Georgie. Nora doesn't believe that Drew is innocent, he's a con artist and Nora thinks he and Georgie were plotting the whole thing together from the very beginning and things just got out of hand. Nora's determined to prove that Drew is guilty and make him confess, against Bo's wishes. Sam reminds her that as his lawyer, it's unethical for her to go against Bo's wishes. Nora has no intention of letting Bo go to prison while Drew gets off. That's what parents do, Sam says, they protect their children, that's what he would do. Even if his son was a murderer? Nora doesn't think so. Sam doesn't answer. Nora heads over to her house to look through Drew's things for evidence.

Bo, Hank, Sam and John Sykes

Hank and John Sykes visit Bo in his jail cell. They inform him that he will be transferred to Statesville immediately after his sentencing, which should be in less than a week. Sykes leaves them to go do some paperwork on the case. Hank asks why Bo didn't leave it to him to try to prove the case against Bo. Bo replies that he knows how much a murder case would cost the people of Llanview. Hank only has one question, why would Bo do this to Nora? Hank leaves.

After seeing Nora, Sam goes downstairs to see Bo. Bo tells Sam the real reason that he confessed, that he wants to flush out the real killer. Since he's stuck in jail, Bo needs Sam's help to do some investigating. Bo wants Sam to start in Boston with one of Georgie's victims, Simon Carver, and go down the list. Bo's only condition is that Sam is not to investigate anything having to do with Drew. A very reluctant Sam finally gives his word that he will not try to dig up any information at all on Drew. Sam can't promise that Nora will do the same. This gives you an opportunity to go after Nora, Bo comments. Sam says he wouldn't go after Nora now, he'll clear Bo and get Bo and Nora back together. Then, when the playing field is level, I'm going to take her away from you, Sam tells Bo.

After Sam leaves, Hank comes back to see Bo. Hank again asks why Bo would do this to Nora, but Bo doesn't explain it to him. Hank offers to try to delay his transfer to Statesville, but Bo refuses the offer, he doesn't want Hank to get in trouble. Bo says he screwed up and he wants this over as soon as possible so his family can move on. Hank doesn't believe him and says if Bo thinks he's just going to stand around and do nothing, he's dead wrong. Hank wants the truth, but Bo refuses to give it to him. Hank says he knows Bo is innocent and if Bo gives him just one word or hint that he is innocent, Hank will turn the town upside down to find the real killer.

Nora and Sam

After leaving Bo, Sam finds Nora at their offices and informs her they are working together again. She's found Drew's address book and inside is the address of Georgie's parents. Nora says that if she follows Bo's wishes and doesn't investigate Drew, Bo will go to jail and she'll lose her husband. On the other hand, if she does investigate Drew and gets Bo freed, Bo will resent her for the rest of her life. It's a lose-lose situation for her. Sam tells her that he's going to Boston to speak with one of Georgie's former victims. I'm going with you, Nora insists. Sam tells her no way, but Nora won't be put off, Georgie's parents happen to live in Boston, too. Sam and Nora finally come to an agreement, they will go and meet Simon Carver first. If Bo is wrong and he's not involved, then they will go to talk to Georgie's parents.

Drew, Kelly, Joey and Camille Peterson

Drew carries Camille into the house and lays her down. Kelly calls for help, a medivac helicopter, and Drew sends Joey to get hot water and towels. Drew very calmly takes over the delivery, using what he learned during his academy training. The baby is a breach birth, but Drew manages to deliver the baby. The baby isn't breathing and Drew tries everything he's been taught, but nothing's working. Finally the baby girl, named Rose, starts breathing on her own. Kelly is full of admiration for what Drew has done, all Joey can do is stand by and watch in frustration. The medivac helicopter arrives to take Camille and Rose to the hospital.

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Dorian's- Kelly, Cassie and Dorian

Dorian is back from her honeymoon and all she wants is good news. Cassie volunteers she might have some, but Kelly is not forthcoming. Dorian fills them in on the wonderful honeymoon. Romantic walks on the beaches of Cape Cod and Mel did not write a word, that was the how intensely they were immersed in each other. She mentions hearing of Bo's confession in the limo from the airport and that Mel rushed over to the Banner for business as usual. It is a good thing they just plunged into marriage without much thought. Marriage requires flexibility. Cassie sees this as her opening to tell her mom that she and Kevin got engaged. Dorian asks what is the rush? Cassie wonders if this means Dorian is not happy. Dorian replies she was just taken by surprise. Cassie tells her it happened right after she and Mel left the reception and she did not want Dorian to be distracted. There is no set date yet, but it was Dorian who said when she came out of her coma to follow her heart. Dorian laughs that Cassie never followed her advice before. But she does admit that she likes Kevin because he got her out of the bad marriage with Andrew. She is worried, however, that Cassie will get hurt. Kevin is a bit of a lothario. Cassie replies Kevin was just searching for the right woman and he hasn't looked at another woman since they have been together. Furthermore, she has had 3 marriages(Rob Coronal, Bo and Andrew) to his one(Lee Ann Demerest). Kelly speaks up and says that Kevin was a hero in Canton and what more can any woman want. Dorian likes that her girls are sticking up for each other. Adversity has made them stronger and she is deliriously happy for Cassie.

Now Dorian begins to quiz Kelly about whether she is planning to marry Joey. She replies that they are sort of together. Dorian warns not to rush and Cassie begins to see a theme for the day. Kelly should keep company with lots of men, she should travel. Kelly replies that she needs to feel settled in herself. She is confused because of Drew. Dorian cannot believe he is involved in her life again. Kelly says he has come back to prove himself. Graduated 1st in his class. She also tells Dorian about the baby he delivered and how he saved its life. It was a breach birth. Drew turned the baby around and gave it life. He was a hero. Dorian says when Drew is not in hero mode, he is poison and she can't understand why Kelly is falling for that snake.

Asa's house-Nigel, Joey and Kevin

Asa is on the phone with Max demanding info on Todd. He wants action and Max promises to deliver. Nigel comes in with Asa's heart medicine, Nigel worries about the discomfort Asa felt yesterday at the hearing. He won't give Asa a choice. He takes the pills or he goes to the hospital. Asa tells Nigel he does his job with a vengeance and when he leaves he says to himself he hopes Holden does same. Joey and Kevin show up to check up on him and Asa says he will feel better when Bo is out. Joey tells him that Drew delivered a baby and saved its life. Asa replies that the Buchanans could use decent press and asks Kevin to play up this in the Banner. Kevin refuses. Asa argues that Viki owns the newspaper and Clint runs it and Kevin can write whatever he wants. Kevin admits he just does not want to. Asa says that Drew is a Buchanan and has the blood in his veins. Kevin replies "As opposed to Joey and me". Asa tells Kevin that he did not mean it that way. Joey and Kevin have the Buchanan attitude and they were raised by a Buchanan. They know the meaning of family. Kevin should write the story for his uncle's sake. Asa turns to Joey and asks him if he doesn't think Kevin should write the story. While Joey won't say what his brother should do, he will say that he was surprised by Drew's heroic actions. Kevin insists that he will not use the paper to benefit the family. Asa replies that now he is acting just like his mom- St. Viki. Asa is convinced that Bo has confessed for a reason- to find the real killer. Anyway, even if Bo did it, it was what Georgie deserved. Asa then tells them that he has an angle. He believes Todd is setting up Bo, Todd with the flapping ears, tipped off the cops about the bat. He probably planted it in Bo's car. Kevin wants to know where Asa got this information. Asa will only reveal he has a source and if Kevin is smart, he will follow up on it. In the hallway outside the office, Kevin says he will write the piece on Drew, but without the fluff. Now Kevin thinks the killer could be either Todd or Drew.

The Sun- Briggs, Todd, Blair and Max

The headline reads "Bo says: I boffed her and then I offed her". Briggs asks for the go ahead to run 10,000 extra copies. Todd told him to show no mercy. Briggs notices that Todd seems less than happy. Todd asks what does Briggs want a medal for the headline, maybe he wants Todd to do the ma.k.arena to Bo boffed her then offed her. He throws Briggs out and Blair says that she thought Todd was going to back off for Téa. Todd replies that Téa is out of the picture and he doesn't want to talk about it. Max comes in and Todd leaves, annoyed by further questions about Téa.

Blair says she feels sorry for Todd. Max comments that Todd is dangerous. Blair doesn't think so. Max tells her that her ex husband and current boss might have killed Georgie. Asa thinks that Todd framed Bo. Blair reminds Max that Asa is Bo's father and besides, this is ridiculous. Todd did not make Bo confess. Max begins to build a case for Todd to be the killer. He knew where the bat was. Blair says that she found it at the same time. Max reminds her that she said Todd's fierce campaign against Bo was paranoid. Blair replies that paranoid tendencies don't make him a murderer. And she is sure Todd would not hurt the mother of his child. She steps out of the room for a moment and Max looks through papers on Todd's desk and when Blair comes back tells her he hit pay dirt. He has Todd's credit card bill and it shows that Todd was at the Gas and Sip after midnight of April 25 and that is 5 miles from the lodge. Max says this means that Todd had opportunity and that he was in the vicinity. He also could have led Blair to the bat. Bo is too smart to leave the bat in his car. Furthermore, Blair should think about that fact that if Todd goes to Statesville, she will get custody of Starr. "And then one day I will have to tell her her father is a murder", she replies.

Dorian's- Joey, Kelly, Cassie, and Dorian

Dorian says she managed to accept Kevin as a potential son in law and eventually she might accept Joey as a suitable match, but she draws the line at Drew. Kelly says she has feelings for Drew. Dorian replies that Drew lied to her, got between her and Joey and look what it led to. Kelly takes responsibility for running Blair and Patrick off the road. Dorian reminds her he also extorted her over it. She warns Kelly to approach Drew with her eyes open. Kelly says her feelings are cloudy about Joey and Drew. The door bell rings and it Joey there to finish the argument they started the day before. Dorian and Cassie withdraw and Kelly stands up for Drew. She can't believe Joey feels the same way after what Drew did to save the baby.

Palace- Viki, Todd, Kevin and Barbara

Todd is having lunch with Viki. Not far away, Barbara is meeting with Kevin. Viki has a clear view of their table, but Todd has his back to them. She tells Todd she has a favor to ask of him. He reminds her that he will not compromise his journalistic integrity. She laughs at that and tells him she is just requesting that he backs off the steam roller coverage of Bo. Todd does not want to comply with this request. Viki mentions Joey and Jessica and how this is affecting them. Todd says that they need to know Buchanans have to follow the same rules as everyone else. Besides all Bo did for him was put him in jail. Viki reminds him that when everyone thought he was guilty of Barbara's rape, Bo found ther real rapist. Todd doesn't buy it. Bo locked him up without evidence. Viki continues to watch Kevin and Barbara and does not really listen to Todd's usual tirade about the Banner. Todd notices the lack of attention and asks if she turns into someone else when she doesn't get what she wants. Viki tries to reason with him about being magnanimous now that he has been proven right. Besides, isn't he rubbing Téa's nose in it? Todd informs her that Téa is not coming back. He thought she would forget everything, but she said it was too late and he thinks she means it this time. "Téa told me a big lie that she accepted me and that she would fix what was wrong later. She said she wouldn't leave me, she wouldn't walk out and she did". Téa believes that he backed off on the big headline because he was afraid of being sued, when it was because of her that he did it. Whatever he does, she doesn't notice. Viki replies that loved ones don't always respond to what we say as we would like. Todd doesn't have the stomach to talk about it. Viki comments that Téa makes him happier than she ever seen him. "What has she done lately except kick me in the teeth. She says she is tired of trying and so am I". Viki begs him to work it through. He echoes her words back to her "You can't always control how the people you love respond to what you say". Todd leaves.

At the other table, Viki has seen Barbara and her son seem to act intimately. He kissed her before he sat down and he now is holding Barbara's hand. Now as she gets up she hears Kevin ask if Barbara will show up. It's up to her. Barbara replies she really wants to do it. But will Kevin keep Cassie from finding out?

Dorian's- Kevin, Joey, Dorian, Kelly, Cassie

Kevin comes to the door with flowers. He apologizes for being late and says he was just here and there. He says Welcome Home, Mrs. Hayes to Dorian. Dorian congratulates him and extends her hand. Cassie says that Dorian is happy for them. Dorian tells them she wishes them every happiness. Kevin asks about David and Cassie replies that he has settled in nicely, but he needs attention. Cassie thinks that Kevin has news for her, but he says he can't tell her yet. Dorian comments that keeping secrets so early in the game is not a good sign.

Llanfair- Jessie and Viki

Jessie is reading a book when Viki comes and prattles on about who to assign Bo's story to, Todd and Téa breaking up and worrying about...everyone in the family. Jessie says that Viki worries about everyone but her. Bo is in jail and Viki thinks only about covering the trial. It is Jessie's graduation next week and no one cares. Viki says she thought it was two weeks. Jessie replies that it was two weeks one week ago. Everyone is busy. Viki tries to assure her that she is important. Jessie says, "Forget it. I have. In fact I might not even go".

The Sun- Todd, Max and Blair

Todd is angry when he finds Blair (Max has left already) sitting at his desk and holding a paper in her hand. She asks him what he was doing at the "Gas and Sip" the night of the murder. Todd says that she should know that when he can't sleep, he drives. Blair finds it hard to believe he would leave Téa on the night he proposed. He refuses to answer her questions and accuses her of dodging his about her rifling through his stuff. She reminds him that she had some questions when they found the bat and now coincidentally he is in the area of lodge when Georgie got killed. He tells her that why he wasn't with Téa is between Téa and him. And the Buchanans would not give him directions to the lodge. When he turns silent, Blair continues to wait him provoking his paranoia. He screams, "Why are you looking at me. I should never trusted you, Blair. You will turn your back on me like my lawyer, my sister and my wife". Blair asks if it is true that Téa is out of the picture. "I'll paint you a picture. Téa is not here. She is gone. Is that clear to you".

Asa's- Asa, Max and Nigel

Asa is smoking a cigar. Nigel comes in with a relaxation tape. Asa hides the cigar and tells him since when did he become a nursemaid to him. He is making him tense. Nigel says he will return after Asa finishes the cigar. The phone rings. Max tells him he has something for him. Todd was in the vicinity of the lodge on the night of the murder. Asa replies for him to stay on it and they will "tighten that noose around Manning's neck so tight that his eyes are going to pop out and the slime is going to choke to death".

The Sun- Todd and Blair

Téa know that he pulled the story, Blair says. She thought that was the issue. Todd replies what she wants on any given day, he can't give to Téa, so the hell with it. Blair says she is sorry. Todd explodes. "I don't want your sympathy or your questions or your going through my stuff. Now get out of my office" "Fine", Blair replies. He screams at her to close the door. Then he opens the desk draw and looks again at the bloody glove.

Thursday, June 4, 1998

Written by: Mechelle Larkin-Davis

Marty's old house

Kevin leads a blindfolded Cassie into the living room of what is now their new home.

R.J.'s Office

A bearded R.J. pulls out and stares longingly at the engagement ring he purchased for Jacara and asks "why didn't you trust me". An unseen Hank looks on in the background.

Nora's Office

Drew comes in looking for Nora and Rachel asks him if he's planning another break-in. She informs him that her mother and Sam are in Boston to interview Georgie's old friends.


Nora and Sam argue about going to see Georgie's parents. Nora, who got their address by stealing Drew's phone book, insists that info from Georgie's parents might lead them straight back to Drew. Sam reminds Nora that a trail to Drew is exactly what Bo does not want. Nora says she will not let Bo go to prison for a crime his son comitted.

Nora's Office

Drew and Rachel banter about Bo. Rachel plays her old broken record about how Bo is responsible for Georgie's death. Besides, he confessed. Drew says Bo is lying and it's time he (Drew) cleared up why. Sidebar: Is anyone else as sick of Rachel's whining as I am?

R.J.'s Office

R.J. gives Hank the blues about having to do 1,000 hrs of community service. Hank tells him its better than doing jail time. R.J. feels he the the short end of the stick because instead of counseling drug addicts (his community service gig) he should have gotten a hero's welcome for saving the Holden kids.

The new Kevin and Cassie Home (Kevin, Cassie, Dorian, David, River and surprise)

Kevin tells Cassie he has one more surprise for her (the newly purchased and decorated house was first). He goes to the stairs and down comes nurse Barbara (I can't resist it, here comes another Gomer Pyle quote "surprise surprise"). Well you should have seen the expressions and fake smiles on everyone's face. Everyone except River and David of course (who don't know the story). It was sorta like when someone shows you a picture of their kid and you think geez he's ugly as sin but you can't say what you really think so you scramble and paste on this smile and go oooh looka there will ya, how old is he. Anyway, Kevin announces that he hired BB to take care of David. David breaks the silence and says Barbara is too beautiful to take care of a wizened old man. BB excuses herself, which gives Dorian the opportunity to tell Cassie just what she thinks about Boobie. Cassie corrects her and says its BB. Dorian offers to have the place redecorated. Viki tells Dorian to butt out and that she knew that the "new and improved" Dorian would only last 5 mins. Cassie is visibly upset and uncomfortable with one of her surprises. Is it the house or BB? Kevin and nurse BB are outside talking while Viki eyes them suspiciously.

Nora's Office

Rachel tells Drew that she could use his company. Meanwhile, Drew spots a laptop and asks if that was Georgie's. Rachel says yes and tells him that she once thought that Drew and Georgie were having an affair. Drew replies everybody makes mistakes. Clueless, I mean Rachel, remembers that she has to go to R.J.'s plea bargaining hearing so she rushes out, leaving Drew alone with the laptop. And since everybody is computer literate, Drew starts typing away to access files.


Nora is staring a hole into this pregnant woman at the next table. She tells Sam that things might have been different if she and Bo had a baby together. (The trial has obviously made her forget how old she and Bo are) Anyway, she snapped back and said that she wasn't getting any younger and Sam (don't ya love him) replies "good for you, the world would be an empty place without the seasoned and experienced Nora Gannon". Are there any real Sams out there? He's a sweetheart. Nora thanks him for being there and saying all the right things, then they play a game of darts.

Nora's Office

Drew pulls a video tape from a black bag. Its undetermined by this updater whether he brought the tape with him or if he found it in a bag that was already on the desk. I think it may be the former because he didn't have that "Eureka" look what I found expression on his face.

R.J.'s Office

Hank tells R.J. that Rachel hasn't been doing to well with the Georgie murder. R.J. asks if she's using again and Hank says no. An un-sympathetic R.J., says what goes around comes around for Bo Buchanan. (seems there's no shortage of folks who would like to see Bo burn for Georgie's murder, first Todd now R.J.) R.J. tells Hank that the boys in Statesville are not gonna give Bo an easy time. An angry Hank grabs R.J. by the collar and tells him to lay off.

Kevin & Cassie's house

David and Viki share a heartwarming conversation about love and dying. She tells him about Megan and Lupus. He tells her that he's been watching her and he can tell she's lonely.

Post Office

Drew changes the date on the postage machine to read 4/29. He stamps a package which looks just like the video tape he had in Nora's office, and mails it.

R.J.'s Office

Rachel walks in on Hank and R.J.'s argument. She asks what Bo's sentence is going to be. Hank tells her, then gets a page and has to leave. R.J. apologizes to Rachel for the argument. He asks how she's been and asks if she's been thinking about using. Insulted, Rachel says she would expect that question from anyone but him.


Nora and Sam head to Georgie's folks.

Somewhere in Llanview

Drew books a flight to Boston.

Friday, June 5, 1998

Todd's office:

Blair shows tomorrow's layout to Max and gloats that he should be sorry for trying to pin Georgie's murder on Todd when Bo has now confessed to it. Max tells Blair that this is all part of Bo's plan to flush out the real killer and Todd's relentless chase of Bo only makes him look guiltier. Max tries to search Todd's desk, but Blair informs him that Todd keeps it locked now since he found her with his credit card bill. Blair says that when she asked Todd about his whereabouts the night Georgie was killed, he claimed that he couldn't sleep and went for a drive. Todd interrupts Blair and Max, he and Max trade insults and Blair finally gets Max to leave with her. While sitting at his desk Todd prepares to destroy the gloves and is just about to burn them in the wastebasket when Cassie shows up at the door. Cassie asks Todd if he killed Georgie Phillips and taunts him with the threat that if The Banner starts to ask questions, he could very soon find himself on the suspect list. After Cassie leaves, Todd figures that Kevin is the one spreading suspicions and goes off to confront him.

While Todd is gone, Blair searches Todd's office and finds the bloody gloves in Todd's waste basket. She takes them and runs out. When Todd gets back from the Palace he tries to burn the gloves and discovers that they are gone.

The cemetery at St. James:

Téa answers Andrew's request to meet her at Georgie's grave. He informs her that Todd arranged for Georgie's burial and makes sure that there are fresh flowers on her grave everyday. Téa says that Todd probably identifies with Georgie as an outsider, who in the end was responsible for her own downfall. He says that he found Todd on his knees saying that they are all God's children and that has made him realize that Todd might not be as evil as he thought. Andrew also realizes that he was being a hypocrite and that Todd was more right about him than he was about Todd. Téa then breaks it to Andrew that she and Todd are calling it quits. Andrew tells Téa that maybe should wait before leaving Todd for good. Téa says that she doesn't want to talk about it and leaves.

The Palace Bar:

Kevin tells Cassie that he believes that Todd is the one who killed Georgie Phillips. Cassie asks what ever happened to his suspicions about Drew, but Kevin is more excited at the prospect of nailing Todd. Kevin asks Cassie to go see Todd and ask some questions while he tries to get some info out of Téa.

When Téa arrives, Kevin tells her of his suspicions concerning Todd. He tells her that he knows that she and Todd have separated again and that this is her chance to get even with him for using her. Téa rips Kevin's head off for accusing Todd of murder. She calls him cocky, arrogant and superficial and reminds him that he used her "to prop up your pathetic machismo" when Cassie was stringing him along and now he wants to use her to get even with Todd. Téa says that Todd is more capable of genuine emotion and feeling than Kevin could muster if someone held a gun to his head and in the process she spills the beans about Todd's good deeds towards Georgie, facts that Kevin finds interesting. Todd walks in, sees Kevin and Téa together and assumes that Téa has betrayed him. He tells her that since the Buchanans bought her off she means nothing to him now and leaves. Téa screams at Kevin that he has always had it easy and has no idea what it feels like to be an outsider. She also promises him that if he accuses Todd publicly she will make him VERY sorry While Téa is reading Kevin the riot act, Cassie returns from The Sun. Téa tells them that if the want to gloat about Todd's reaction they should do it somewhere else.

The Phillips home in Boston:

Drew watches from the bushes as Sam and Nora arrive at the Phillips home, only to find the place vacant and the mail piling up on the porch. Nora tries to open the door anyway, but before she can the twosome is interrupted by neighbor, who tells them that the Phillips won $5,000 in the state lottery, bought an RV and went on vacation. Sam comes up with a cover story and says that he will just leave a note. While placing the note, Nora finds the package that Drew planted on the porch with the return address of her office. Inside the package is a videotape and a letter from "Georgie" saying that she asked a friend to send the package in case something happened to her so she must be dead. The letter names Drew as her killer and tells of their "plot" to get even with Bo and Drew's "violence" toward her. The letter claims that the videotape is proof of what she is saying.

Sam and Nora run back to the restaurant the just left and beg to use the VCR. The tape shows Bo and Nora making love and then show the scenes Georgie shot of herself to splice into the picture. Nora can't wait to give the evidence to Hank, but Sam warns her that doing so will cost her her marriage. He also comments that this is so convenient that she should be aware that it seems like a setup. Nora says she doesn't care all she wants to do is clear Bo.

The "Gas n Sip":

Blair and Max show the gas station attendant a picture of Todd and asks if he recognizes him. The attendant says yes that Todd was in a few weeks ago to use the restroom. He recalls that Todd tracked mud all over like he had been out in the woods earlier. He remembers the guy's fancy Italian sports car.

The Llanview jail:

Hank comes down to announce to Bo that the charges against him have been dropped and he is free to go because there is another suspect and hard evidence against that person. When Bo asks who, Nora shows up to let him know that it is Drew.

Georgie's grave:

Back from Boston, Drew retrieves the ring that he left there days ago. Andrew finds him and assumes that he is there trying to deal with Bo's confession. The reverend invites him to stay and join him and Kelly for coffee, but Drew says that he can't. Just then Kelly shows up. Andrew excuses himself and Kelly proceeds to tell Drew how proud she is of him for turning his life around, coming back to face everyone and delivering that baby. Then the two kiss. Afterward, Drew tries to distance himself from Kelly and at that moment he is placed under arrest for the murder of Georgie Phillips.

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