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Clint and Lindsay had an argument. Drew arrested Will and Jessica. Kevin confronted Todd. Cassie went after Barbara. Roseanne tried to create a rift between Cristian and Jessica. Bo began working at Buchanan Enterprises. Nora visited a fertility clinic.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, August 17, 1998

Written by: Natasha

(Please note: This update has been prepared by a substitute. The regular updater is on vacation)

I i. Opening Scene. Asa's Study. Bo and Nora are standing close to one another, facing each other directly. They have been discussing Nora's announcement that she plans to visit a fertility clinic. For some reason, this catches Bo off guard. He just hopes he'll still have a say in *having* a baby, no matter what she finds out. Nora seems insulted by this comment. What does Bo think she would do anyway? Throw her pills out and trick him into it? Of course this is not what Bo thinks. Nora concedes that it must be a mutual decision; Bo will have to want this baby as much as she does. Bo remarks, rather warily, that this baby doesn't sound too hypothetical.

ii. Asa's living room. Lindsay and Clint, Llanview's own Dharma and Greg, are alone together. Clint has just confronted Lindsay on her "real" feelings for Sam. Lindsay resents the implication and Clint resents her not answering the question (good old Clint -- insanely jealous as always). Lindsay can't understand why he's so upset all of a sudden. Well, for one thing, it's not all of a sudden, says Clint, and for another thing, he's not the only one who seems upset. He wonders why it bothers Lindsay so much that Will is working for Nora if she isn't still in love with Sam. That's because Nora doesn't like her, Lindsay claims. She doesn't want her poisoning Will's mind against his mother. Clint doesn't buy this for a second.

Lindsay maintains she has a right to be upset; Sam crashes her dinner party and regales their son with history he shouldn't have heard. Clint can't see why that history should matter now. Lindsay counters that she and Sam have kids together, which forever links them. Clint of all people should understand that. When Will acts out, Lindsay starts to say.... You're going to chase after him and your ex husband, right? Clint interjects. Lindsay points out that she's here, isn't she? That's because he stopped her, Clint replies. He says he's raised a couple of boys, but he still doesn't like her running to Sam every time the kid acts up. Lindsay says it's hard enough to blend families. Why does Clint think she threw this party tonight? Clint is damned if he knows. He's not even sure why she married him. "Joey and half my family think you're using me...for my name and who we are in this town." If that's it, let's get it out in the open, he challenges her. Lindsay seizes the opportunity to say that as long as they're discussing motives, Clint should go first. Why did he marry her?

iii. Headlight of car. The car is Jess's (played today by Maggie Anderson). Will is a passenger. They are driving in the dark. Jess reassures Will she didn't know about Sam and Nora having a past. Will tells her it's okay. His dad tells him it happened way before his parents were married. But now he's found out that mom cheated on dad. Jess feels bad for Will. He says it's okay, it's a growth experience. It only reminds him that you can't count on anyone. Jess says she knows how he feels. Will denies being angry and says he'll forget the whole mess with a little help from John Barleycorn. He pulls out a pint bottle of whiskey.

iv. Viki's library. Sam has stopped by. Viki is telling Sam she hasn't seen Will and wonders why he thought Will would be there. Sam explains that when Will stormed out of Asa's, Jess was with him. Viki is surprised to hear this. Jess had a date with Cris tonight. They must have changed their plans, she says. She offers to call Cris to see if Will and Jess have gone there. As Viki goes to the phone, Sam remarks that instead of getting easier, he worries more about his kids as they get older. To be honest, he's spread kind of thin these days, he tells Viki. She knows the feeling. As she begins to make the call, Sam asks if Viki can stop by to visit Todd. He could use some supervision, he says. Viki agrees, but thought he was getting that in the hospital. She is quite surprised to hear that Todd has been allowed to go home.

v. Todd's penthouse. Tom and Téa are locked in a tender embrace. The doorbell rings; Tom assumes it will be Sam, but it is Kevin at the door. Tom is very surprised to see him. After a moment of hesitation, he says, "Hi Kev!" Then asks what he's doing there. Tom looks at Téa.

II i. Viki's library. Viki hangs up the phone. Cris had to cover at the diner, she says. He hasn't seen Jess since she left for Asa's. Sam worries that Will may have dragged Jess into another escapade. Viki doesn't worry; Jess is level-headed. In contrast, Sam says, Will's behavior has been about as unpredictable as Todd's. Mention of the latter's name segues into a discussion of how Sam got Todd/Tom released. Viki is amazed. Sam says he would really appreciate Viki looking in on Todd since he now must look after Will. Viki is surprised to learn that Todd is home alone and Sam says that's the problem.

ii. Todd's penthouse. Téa explains (as if she were speaking to a child) that Kevin is there because she invited him. To talk to me or to you? asks Tom. Kevin says that actually he was hoping to talk to Todd. Does Kevin want an apology, Tom wonders. He's already said he was sorry. Should he say it again? Téa urges that it's important for the public to hear Todd's story. Tom corrects Téa about the use of the right name for him. Téa apologizes. She asks if "Tom" will agree to the interview with Kevin. Tom is hesitant. Sam has told him not to give interviews. After some discussion, Kevin offers to keep anything Tom tells him off the record until they can get approval from Sam. Téa thinks this sounds fair. Tom fears Téa wants Kevin to trick him to prove that Tom is a faker. "Pete did some awful things, but Pete's not here now," Tom reminds them. They wait. Tom asks Téa if it will make her happy if he talks to Kevin. She nods. Tom agrees to talk; Todd and Pete are the ones who have secrets; he'll tell Kevin whatever he wants to know.

iii. Asa's study. Nora and Bo continue their serious discussion about having a baby. Nora's in a mood. She seems very testy. She says of course "this baby" is hypothetical; she doesn't even know if it's feasible. She's setting up appointments at fertility clinics tomorrow and intends to find out. Bo wonders how long she'll be gone. (Neither say "gone where" when Nora shouldn't have to leave town to get infertility treatment) Nora says she'll be gone as long as it takes to find out what she needs to know. She advises Bo not to think about it anymore until she gets answers. She doesn't want him to get too invested in the idea of having a baby only to find out it can't happen (talk about projecting!). Bo gets the same idea as updater did, and says what he worries about is her getting invested in the baby idea when it might not happen. Evading the issue, she angrily asks him if having a baby Buchanan is such a horrible thought. At that moment, Asa walks in. He hears her question and puts in his vote: a resounding no (not a bad idea).

iv. Jessie's car. Will holds bottle of whiskey. Jess thinks he stole it from Asa's house. Will is offended. He may be a lot of things, he admits, but he's not a thief. Rappaports pay their own way. He got it from a "friend" who lives under the bridge by the river. He offers Jess a drink. Jess says no thanks. Will makes clucking sounds. She denies being a chicken. She would take a drink if she wanted one. But, first, not while she's driving. Mainly though, she doesn't think he should drink in his condition, being "bummed out." That's why he wants a drink, he tells her. Jess says he's better off talking about it. Now she sounds like Sam, Will accuses her. Jess says she knows she looks like a goody two-shoes... But Will says, "nah." She appreciates that. She's just worried about him, how upset he is. He appreciates her concern. It's more than his parents have shown, he adds bitterly. But then they're so busy, he continues. Busy screwing around, busy arguing... She's not a goody two-shoes, he says, but she is a tad uptight. They discover quite unexpectedly that they are both planning to attend Columbia University in NYC in the Fall. What an odd coincidence! Suddenly Jess spots a cop car. Jess freaks, but Will is cavalier, unconcerned. He scoffs at Jess' nervousness and holds the bottle up high so that it could be plainly seen through the window. Jess really freaks now, but Will just laughs off her anxiety, until, that is, a squad car's siren sounds and flashing lights are seen.

III i. Asa's living room. Clint and Lindsay continue their argument. Clint says he married Lindsay because it seemed the right thing to do at the time. Lindsay asks if he's having second thoughts now. Clint admits he is, and with good reason, he adds. Sam walks in and you go loco, he accuses her. She may say she has no feelings for her ex.... Lindsay breaks in to say that if he has no feelings for his ex, his family couldn't plant seeds of doubt in his mind. He must be ready and willing to listen. Clint is stuck there. He goes to pour himself a drink, knowing she has hit a nerve. He acknowledges Viki was very important to him and will always have a place in his life. Lindsay explains that, in the same way, Sam will always have a place in her life, too, but if Clint is going to have a fit every time she speaks to Sam, maybe their marriage was a mistake. Clint replies that maybe it was. Lindsay looks down, hurt. Clint, possibly feeling badly for that, adds that he doesn't want to think so, but... Lindsay admits it would be embarrassing for them both, but still better than trying to build something on Las Vegas sand.

Clint thinks a moment silently, then says, he married Lindsay because she made him feel needed....wanted. He's sitting rather sadly on the couch now and she goes over to him and sits down close by. "You still *are*," she remarks softly, her tone deep with sincerity. Encouraged, she says she's willing to try forever here. She cares about him. She acknowledges that it happened fast, but there it is. "Really me?" Clint asks, "or is the Buchanan name..." he hesitates a few seconds before adding in a pained voice, "or our money?" He's so hung up on that, she says. Well, she hates to burst his bubble but there were plenty of other rich, well-connected men she could have had. Why didn't she then? he asks, sounding almost like a little boy with a fragile ego, needing to be reassured. Because none of them made her feel the way Clint did the moment she first fell in his arms. Her voice breaks, she chokes back tears. "You made me feel special," she tells him. "I'd like to hang on to that." Clint is clearly moved by her words, the emotion in her voice. She wants to make it work, she claims, doesn't he? Of course, he confirms. But there's got to be more than the loneliness they started out with. There has to be real feelings. She answers that there ARE, at least for her. "You mean that?" Clint asks. "I thought I made that clear on our wedding night," she replies.

ii. Station house. Jess and Will have been arrested. By guess who? Llanview's newest man in blue on every scene: rookie Drew. Will is indignant and outraged over the arrest. He is mouthing off something fierce. Why isn't Drew out there bagging some real criminals, Will jeers. (He has a point) Jess is contrite, but Drew is unyielding (must be the first big case he's cracked). He points out that this is the second time he's caught her in a compromising situation (the first being the night before). Jess acknowledges wrongdoing, but begs Drew not to drag their parents into it. He tells her he would let them off with a warning, but his partner, Officer Block, goes strictly by the book and thinks they should book them. Jess begs Drew to try talking to his partner and explain it was due to "family upset." Drew promises to try.

Will still outraged as Drew heads off. He thought Jess' family owns this town. Can't she pull some strings? Sometimes they come down on us harder *because* we're Buchanans, Jess answers. Will is disgusted. Where is everyone's sense of humor, he wants to know. Showing the bottle the way he did was a joke. While they are arguing, Drew returns. Bad news. Block won't budge. He thinks they should be booked and fingerprinted. Will is stunned and indignant. Jess says okay if they have to, but he knows them; can't he just release them on their own recognizance and leave the parents out of it.

iii. Viki's library. Viki walks in with a man's small carrying case. She says she's put together some of her sons' clothes that they never wore; Todd can have these (must be nice to have money -- the mall must be closed by now). Sam is grateful. Viki wants to hear how Todd is after leaving the hospital. Sam says he hasn't seen much of Todd. So Tom is still in control, Viki concludes. This is good news, she thinks, but if he's Tom then he shouldn't be left alone. Sam agrees. He tells her he's baffled about this "split personality thing." He's done some reading on it, but he is hoping Viki can recommend a good therapist. As a matter of fact, Viki can. The therapist that treated her, Susannah Hanen. Sam recognizes the last name. Yes, it's Nora's sister. Sam worries that may not work out, given Todd's murky history with Nora. Viki is confident Susannah can be a professional about it (isn't she also in Switzerland?). Good enough. Sam trusts Viki's judgment. Viki jokes that he should because it's thanks to Susannah Hanen that she has any judgment today.

Sam laughs and Viki gets Susannah's phone number for him. She says she will go look in on Todd now if he will look for their kids, to which he agrees. Just then, the phone rings. It's officer Drew. He needs Viki to come down to the station, he has Jess and Will there. Viki looks aghast at Sam. "They've been arrested!" she tells him.

iv. Todd's penthouse. Téa is alone with Kevin and quietly tells him to "go easy" on Todd, he's fragile. Kevin shows contempt. Fragile? He worries that Téa is getting sucked in to Todd's act. This is why she needs Kevin to do the questioning, she explains. Tom has just returned from the kitchen with a tray of refreshments, but they don't see him immediately. He stops to listen in on their conversation. Téa warns Kevin that he needs to be careful and to remain objective (HAH!). What she really needs, Kevin interjects, is him to expose Todd as fast as possible. Téa thinks about this a second, then agrees this is true. She really needs *proof* though, that he's faking, she cautions. Tom looks on warily, listening. Then he bustles noisily into the room with the tray and sets it down on the table, offering some juice to Kevin. What Kevin really wants, he says, is to get started right away. He asks Téa to leave the room. Tom agrees with this and she excuses herself to upstairs. Tom settles himself cross-legged into a chair with his drink and says, "ask away!" Kevin glares at Tom cynically.


I i. Asa's study. Asa is pleased to hear he will get his heir. Nora and Bo are irritated. There's more than a decision involved, Nora informs Asa grumpily, but Asa's uncharacteristic good mood is not to be spoiled. He gleefully agrees with Nora's statement. Angered, she stresses that Asa is not a motivating factor. Whatever, Asa replies cheerfully. As long as the baby is healthy, he adds. Now! If he can just get Bo to join Buchanan Enterprises, he'll have everything he wants. Bo says a bit testily that it's a private discussion. Asa can't see what the big deal is; a job, a baby.... a little guy running underfoot. It'll keep 'em young, he says. Bo asks Asa to scram. Unoffended, Asa calmly agrees, then stops. What about dinner? Later, Bo says. Asa is leaving but advises Bo to have a nice supper; he has to keep up his strength. When they are securely alone again, Nora turns to Bo and asks, in an almost angry tone, would a baby be so bad? No, Bo says. He's just wondering why she's so gung ho (didn't they have this exact discussion last Monday?). Because we're running out of time! Nora bursts out. Bo thinks that's no better reason than trying to please Asa. He goes on to say they have taken a lot of knocks lately. He just wants to be sure a baby isn't a wrong-headed way to save a marriage.

Nora is stung by this. She looks hurt. Funny, she comments, almost whispering, her lip trembling slightly. "I thought our marriage WAS saved." She feels they are more solid than ever. Bo agrees they are, but says that's a long way from being back to normal (what's NORMAL in Llanview?). Nora makes almost the same point updater just did and asks Bo how he sees their future. More like we were, he says. Nora shares that she sees them together, growing, moving on. And you think a baby will facilitate that? Bo asks. Nora is offended by his use of this "clinical" word. She personally doesn't know where they are heading and likes not knowing, but can see wherever that is with a baby. Can he?

ii. Asa's living room. Clint agrees that it was great for them in bed. That's a good start, Lindsay asserts. But sex doesn't make a marriage, Clint comments soberly. But it can break one, Lindsay thinks. Clint worries that they dove into marriage backwards, no courtship, they didn't know each other, they weren't even really friends. Lindsay thinks they can have fun doing those things now. There still has to be more to it than that, Clint insists. Lindsay states she's not a novice. She knows there's more to it than what's your favorite color, favorite food and what do your really hate. Clint looks her squarely in the eye. "Red, ribs and artichokes," he says. Lindsay begins to smile and looks deeply at Clint. "You'll find I look really good in red," she says softly. At this, Clint smiles himself and laughs a little. He warms to her. "I'll bet you do," he tells her. What else does she need to know, he asks. She becomes serious again and says, how not to hurt you...what you need from to balance each other out, and she's not talking about a checkbook. Clint seems intrigued. Lindsay says she knows money isn't enough to keep a marriage going, she learned that from Sam. Clint suddenly bristles. Lindsay says if Clint is going to have a knee jerk reaction every time she mentions Sam's name, it's going to be tough for her. Clint says he'll try to avoid that. Lindsay explains that Sam had money and it never made her feel secure. Clint looks down at her, more tenderly now. He begins softly stroking her hair. "What does?" he asks gently, sensing her old wounds. That she's valued, she says, that she matters, that she's interesting. Clint gives her those feelings, she claims. He sure hopes so, because it's true that she is all those things to him. She tells him that when he walks in a room she feels so proud he chose her. He didn't take advantage of her, he honored her by making her his wife, and she wants to be the best wife she can be for him. Does she mean all that, he wonders. She chose him didn't she? She looks moved, her eyes shine with tears and she smiles sweetly. Clint looks very happy then and pulls her into his arms, holding her close. She snuggles deeply into his chest, looking very satisfied.

It's good enough for him, he proclaims, but wants one promise. Next time there is trouble with Will, will she please remember she has a husband she can go to for help? Still snuggling, Lindsay promises, looking very content. They look up at each other and kiss a bit. He strokes her face thoughtfully and remarks that he's not all that hungry anymore, is she? Lindsay pauses, then says she's famished! Clint laughs and leads her out of the room, their arms still wrapped around one another. But where are they heading? Bedroom or dining room?

II i. Station house. Will apologizes to Jess for getting her into this mess. Jess is understanding. They commiserated over how babyishly their parents treat them. Sam and Viki enter. Will tries to explain to Sam, saying the whole thing is stupid. Sam says they committed a crime and Will is acting stupid. He accuses him of getting arrested to get back at the people he's angry at. Will remains belligerent. Viki tells Jess she's disappointed in her. Jess doesn't take this well. They argue about why Viki was out all last night and Viki brings up that her brother is very ill. Jess argues that they weren't doing anything wrong. Sam interjects that the judge won't agree with that. He gives possibilities of several bad consequences that will arise for them. Will blames Sam for the whole thing, calling him and Lindsay lousy role models. He's very smart-mouthed about it, calling Sam a no-show dad and Lindsay a sleep-around mom. Sam won't take that gup from him and won't fall for the victim routine. He tells Will that Will alone is responsible for what has happened here.

Drew comes out to book Will and Jess. Will asks Sam to stop what's happening and Sam indicates he can't. Jess and Will are marched off for finger printing. Sam and Viki look at each other, demoralized.

ii. Todd's penthouse. Kevin takes a seat to begin with Tom. He's right that they really hate each other, Kevin tells Tom. Tom jumps in quickly that it's really Pete Kevin hates, and Tom doesn't blame him. Tom hates him too. Pete? Kevin asks. He tells Tom he went to Chicago. Tom starts singing to himself "My kind of town, Chicago is", bouncing his head to the tune. Kevin ignores this and mentions the old girlfriend Michelle. Tom says he liked her, she was so pretty. Kevin says he wants to hear about what happened when Todd was 14. Tom says he knows Kevin calls him Todd because he believes Tom is faking. He offers Kevin juice, which Kevin refuses, a little irritably. He continues trying to interview Tom, still calling him Todd. Returning to what he learned in Chicago, he mentions how Todd's grades slipped, how he got into serious trouble. Tom says he guesses this is true. Mr. Cool immediately loses his cool here and forgets his plan of playing along with Todd in order to trap him in a mistake, catch him in a lie. He starts getting really nasty and accuses Todd of doing those things at 14 as a way to set up a plan for now with this bogus alters story (like that makes so much sense!). Tom notices that Kevin uses big words and admires Kevin for being so smart. Kevin totally loses it now, just expressing open contempt. Tom says it is Pete who despises Kevin, not Tom. He always thought Kevin was so cool, that he had it all together -- great family, president of the fraternity....he wanted to be just like Kevin. At this, Téa begins creeping softly downstairs, unnoticed. She sinks down on a step, still unseen, and listens in.

Pete resented you, Tom says, but I think he was just jealous. Kevin angrily asks if that's why he made him stand trial for a rape he didn't commit. Tom says he felt really bad about that and he wanted to tell Kevin the truth, but he couldn't talk. He says he's still just getting used to talking... At this, Kevin begins to express his scornful disbelief. Tom understands how he feels. He would think it a crock, too, if it wasn't happening to him. Kevin brings up Viki, accusing Todd of using Viki's DID to exploit and imitate in a desperate attempt to save his own hide. At the mention of Viki's name, Tom says he loves Viki, he loves Kevin's whole family. Kevin goes on being nasty, getting nowhere in his plan to subtlely trap Todd in a slip up. Tom looks long and hard at Kevin. He is hurt. I told you that was Pete, he says quietly. Then he tells Kevin he never had a brother, not even a real friend. He always hoped it would be Kevin, that Kevin could be both. Kevin sneers hatefully at Tom. Okay, he says coldly. "You're good. And all those characters you've come up with will come in handy. They'll keep you company while you spend 350 years behind bars." Tom, silent, gazes back at Kevin, his face filling with fear.

III i. Police station. Sam asks Viki how he can get through to Will. She replies that it will be hard to get his attention now because Sam is preoccupied with Todd. Sam says he'll get through to Will somehow, get him to see how serious this is. Drew comes back with Jess. He's through processing her, but Will is giving Officer Block a hard time, which gets Sam even more upset to hear. Drew has Viki sign off on Jess' paperwork. Because Will is 18, he's on his own. Sam tells Viki to take Jess home, but Jess announces she'll wait for Will. Viki says no she won't and Sam agrees, saying Will is likely to be a long time yet. Viki reminds Sam that Will must be his priority now and Sam answers that he can handle things with both Todd and Will. Viki offers to help if she's needed and she and Jess depart. Drew says Will should get off light....the bottle wasn't even open (so why arrest them?). Sam says that's what worries him. Will comes out with Officer Block who reports that Will has "a mouth" on him. Will is still defiant. He has a major attitude. Sam advises Will he'll have to make his own bail. That's a joke, right? Will says, incredulous. Sam shakes his head. "No joke," he says. "See ya'" Sam appears to leave and Will looks after him, stunned.

ii. Viki's car. Viki tells Jess she knows all about what had upset Will so, Sam filled her in. She seems prepared to go light on Jess about this incident. She tells Jess she's concluded that she must start treating her like a grown up, not a child. Jess looks for the catch, but Viki says she means it. Jess brings up Clint's marriage. Viki agrees that she pretended not to be affected by it in an effort to protect her children. The truth is she's really very upset about it. She says she wants Jess' father to be happy, but.... Jess says, you don't trust Lindsay? After some hesitation and some prodding by Jess about being honest, Viki admits she doesn't trust Lindsay. Jess suddenly notices Viki is going the wrong way to get home. Viki explains she must make one stop, then they can go home and talk all night. Jess seems agreeable and asks what the stop is. Viki tells her she has to drop off some clothes for Todd at his house. Jess is shocked to hear that Todd is not in the hospital anymore and has been allowed to go home. Viki says she'll explain the whole story back at their house, after the errand. But now Jess doesn't feel like going back to Llanfair. She asks to be dropped off at Grandpa's. Jess makes no secret over her irritation with Viki over her attention to Todd. She makes a nasty remark about wanting to spend the night where she is treated like a high priority. Viki expresses disapproval over Jess' nasty remark. Jess says since they're into truth and honesty now, she honestly prefers to stay at dad's tonight. Viki, at an impasse, agrees in frosty resignation.

iii. Todd's penthouse. Closeup on Todd's somber face, soaking in the reality of 350 years in prison. He repeats the number. That's a long time, he notes. Todd's going to die in there, isn't he? It's a good bet, Kevin says, relishing the thought of it. Prison will be easier for Todd now that Pete isn't in control, Tom realizes, cheering up a bit. He tells Kevin he has him to thank for that. Kevin is scornful. "Thank me for sending you to jail?" Tom says no, it's because he pushed Todd so hard, with headlines and then holding the gun on him at the lodge. That forced Pete to give up control, he ran away scared, says Tom, making a childlike sound of someone running off scared. Kevin gets up angrily, madder by the second at this "act" of Todd's. Téa remains listening unseen on the stairs. Todd extends his hand for a shake, saying he wants to thank Kevin for that. Now he gets to be in control. That does it. Kevin goes over the edge. Tom goes on about how grateful he's going to be to Kevin for a long time.

IV i. Asa's study.Bo tells Nora all he *can't* see is a future without her. So if she wants this baby, go ahead to the fertility clinic and see if a baby is an option. Strangely, Nora is not comforted by these words. She resents the use of the word "option" regarding the baby. Bo ignores her pout. He says that while she's gone, he'll work on his imagination and see if can't put a kid in their future. Still getting hung up on words, she corrects him, rather harshly, not A kid, OUR kid. *Our* kid, Bo echoes. Bo tells Nora he loves her...he just doesn't want her to get....his voice trails off. "My hopes up?" she finishes his sentence. "I know."

ii. Asa's living room. Clint, Lindsay and Renee are standing together in the room. Either the newlyweds never made it to the bedroom, or they've been up and are back. They appear happy and relaxed. They give each other a big hug as Lindsay tells Renee that her dinner party didn't go EXACTLY as planned. She and Clint laugh and hug. Renee smiles, amused. "Well, best LAID plans..." she snickers, as Clint and Lindsay pick up the joke and chuckle proudly. (guess they *did* do the deed).But fun time is over. In come Jess and Viki. Casually, Clint asks Jess what's going on. Jess says, oh nothing. She and Will just got arrested, trying to make it sound matter-of-fact. Clint, Lindsay and Renee express shock and dismay. Viki tells Clint that Jess wasn't at fault. Clint has no doubt of that, but asks what *Will* got her into this time. Renee excuses herself, sensing a delicate situation. Lindsay jumps in excited, wanting to know where HER son is and what Sam has done with him. Viki, feeling sorry for her, gently explains that Will gave the police a hard time and she's not sure, but she thinks Sam may have decided to let Will spend the night in jail. Lindsay stares at her, shocked.

iii. Lock up. Will is in a cell, belligerent and yelling at Drew. He'll sue the police and arrest Sam for child abuse. Drew advises him to pipe down. Sam enters then (guess he DIDN'T leave, after all), saying he can hear Will all the way outside. Will says, as usual, Sam can hear him but he's not listening. Sam asks Drew to leave them alone a minute. Sam confides that in truth, he could spring Will, but he wants him rational first. Will responds forget it, he'll use the lawyers the court provides, and flops down on the bunk, throwing up his arms in disgust. Sam tries to point out what a mistake Will made for not acknowledging wrongness of his first mistake. Will becomes more incensed at this. He jumps up and steps up to the bars. You leave your own son locked up and you spend all your time springing a real criminal (meaning Todd, quite clearly). Ouch! Sam looks hurt. The remark hits Sam where he lives. He looks down with no answer, guilty and wounded. Wills says, just forget it, forget all about him and just go take care of his *real* son...good old Boomer. Sam is still silent, badly stung.

iv. Todd's penthouse. Kevin and Tom are standing, their faces are inches apart. Kevin begins advancing on Todd, yelling angrily, pushed to the breaking point. Tom backs away fearfully, waving his hands in distress, yelling out desperately, "I'm sorry Kevin, I'm sorry, I won't talk anymore, I'm sorry!" He pantomimes zipping up his mouth and throwing away the key. Téa, alarmed, rushes down the stairs to intervene. Tom is in a terrified panic, covering his face as if to protect himself from being hit and begs Kevin in a voice sounding close to breaking down in tears, not to yell at him anymore please, please Kevin.... Kevin stops in surprise at the fierceness of Tom's terror. Tom, squeezing his face, gasps, "I'm sorry...."

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

Written by: Cheryl Patack


Viki, Jessica, Clint and Lindsay are in the living room at Asa's. Clint is outraged at the fact Jessie was arrested with Will. He shouts that he knew Will was "trouble". Lindsay asks where Will is and Viki tells him she thinks Sam is letting him "cool his heels in jail". Lindsay is angry at the thought of her son spending the night in jail and asks Clint to come to the police station with her. Clint would like to remain behind to check on Jessica. Jessica says it's O.K. and tells her dad to go with his new wife and tells Viki to go to her brother, she'll spend the night with someone who really cares about her, Cristian. At this, Clint is adamant about staying behind. Lindsay whines a little, but goes to see Will.

Llanview Police Station

Will, from behind bars, lays a guilt trip on his dad for leaving him and his sister with an unstable mom. Will thinks that if it came down to a choice, Sam wouldn't hesitate and he would go be with Todd. Sam can't believe that Will thinks that way. He tells him he would do anything for his children and if Will wants, he will make a choice right now and he would choose his children in a minute. Will has a hard time believing that. Sam thinks that they should spend some time "getting to know each other" so Will will understand that Sam would always put his children first.

The Penthouse

Todd/Tom is begging Kevin to stop yelling at him and believe that it was Pete who did all the "bad things". He pleads with Kevin to please believe him because if Kevin doesn't believe him, then Téa won't either. Todd/Tom gets down on his hands and knees and begs Kevin to forgive him and believe him. Just then, Blair, Max and Starr enter. Starr starts to run for her daddy, but Blair stops her, seeing that Todd is not "himself".


Meanwhile, back at Asa's...Jessie is telling her parents not to dump all their problems on her, she's got enough of her own. Clint asks what she means by that and she tells them about Cris painting Roseanne in the nude and she says that she is worried because Roseanne is beautiful and has a "body to die for". She then runs from the room. Clint tells Viki to leave to see Todd and he'll handle Jessica.

Cristian's Place

Cris is painting Roseanne. Roseanne is insulted that Cris doesn't see her, just a series of curves and skin, etc. Cris says, yes, there are a lot of curves and smiles. He tells Roseanne that she is his muse. As they take a break, the phone rings and Roseanne answers it. It's Jessie calling Cris. She says she just needed to hear his voice. Roseanne listens and looks longingly at Cris as he tells Jessica he loves her and hangs up.

Llanview Police Station

Will and Sam continue to argue over the divorce. Sam apologizes to Will that he overheard Sam talk about Lindsay's affair. He thinks Lindsay did it to get Sam's attention, just like Will is a troublemaker. To get Sam's attention. Sam assures Will that he got his attention, now what? Will asks if he can live with his father for a while. Sam is thrilled at the idea and agrees. Just then Lindsay walks in and begins to scream at Sam for letting his son "rot in jail". Sam says he and Will are fine. Lindsay wants to post bail for Will, but he won't let her. Lindsay thinks Sam has brainwashed Will to go against her. Will tells his mom that he wants to live with his dad for awhile. Sam goes to arrange bail for Will. Lindsay tries to "guilt" Will into staying with her, after all, he is leaving for college soon and she won't see him anymore. Will assures her that he is only going to New York and will be home a lot. Will doesn't want anymore lectures from Clint. Lindsay will run interference for them. Will tells her he will never grow up if she keeps doing that for him. She begs Will to come stay with her, Sam comes back and tells her to "give it up". Will waits outside for his parents and Sam tells Lindsay that Will feels responsible for his mother's happiness and that's too much responsibility for a kid his age, Lindsay assures Sam that she'll get her son back, Sam tells her she never lost him and leaves as Lindsay looks evil and says "you bet I haven't". Hmmm....

Back at the Penthouse

Téa is trying to explain to Max and Blair why Todd is home. Max and Kevin think that Todd is faking DID, after all, Viki had it and he knew all about it from that. Blair is not sure what to believe. Kevin is threatening to expose Todd in the Banner, just as Viki enters. Todd/Tom and Starr are having a tea party upstairs. (Writer's opinion: Todd/Tom is ADORABLE this way!!) Back to the facts...He asks Starr if she can keep a secret, then reaches under the bed and pulls out real cookies for their tea party (I don't think that's the secret but...) Viki enters and watches Tom/Todd and Starr lovingly. She calls Todd Tom and Starr wants to know why. Todd explains that Tom is his real name and some people call him that. Starr still wants to call him Daddy. Blair checks her answering machine, a lot of hang ups. We see Sam leaving her a message, of course, right after she checks her machine . He tells her he misses her. Max sleazes up to Blair and they discuss their trip to North Carolina. Blair tells him he was very patient with her and he tells her how frustrated he was (at least they didn't get married!!). She appreciates how kind and patient he was with her and Starr but she still needs time. Viki, Starr and Todd/Tom come downstairs. Todd/Tom offers everybody juice. Viki assures Tom that Kevin didn't come for the juice. Tom says he knows, he came because Téa asked him to in order to ask him questions. Viki shoots Téa a dirty look. Téa goes to leave and Tom makes her promise to come back. He wants Starr to stay over, Blair hesitates then agrees, she'll stay too. Tom is so excited he jumps up & down like a little boy. Everyone leaves and Blair tells Todd that it's ok he can stop now, it's just her. Todd still is the same. They look over at Starr, who has fallen asleep on the floor. Tom gently picks her up and carries her to the stairs and Blair looks on, very confused.


Clint and Jessie are talking. Clint can't believe how Jessie has grown up and what an adult she is. They begin about Cris and Clint assures her she is beautiful, just like her mother. The doorbell rings and Cris is there to check on Jess because she didn't sound right on the phone. She tells him she got arrested and Cris tells her he doesn't want her hanging out with Will anymore. She tells him she doesn't want him painting Roseanne nude anymore. They argue and Cris storms out.

The Banner

Téa is disappointed that they got "nothing" on Todd/Tom. Kevin taped the interview and will have it analyzed to prove Todd is faking (Huh?!?). Kevin has an idea to "get" Todd/Tom but Téa has to be willing to go all the way.

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

Palace-Will, Sam,Kelly, Cassie

Will and Sam discuss the cramped quarters they are sharing. Will is sleeping on a pull out couch. They discuss a trip to Washington DC when Sam was defending a case before the Supreme Court when Will was a kid. Will admits to loving room service, but Sam feels that permanency in Llanview translates to home owning. Will says that in Llanview tacky is tasteful. Sam mentions also expensive.

At another table, Kelly tells Cassie to walk away from Kevin, but Cassie says she got something from David that Cramer women don't usually get- fatherly advice. David told her that if she loved Kevin she should forgive him.

Blair arrives and Will takes second and third looks at her. He and Sam had just been discussing loft space with enough privacy for major babes and Will says that the blond is one. Sam replies he used to go out with her and Will is visibly impressed.

Blair says that she heard about Kevin and Barbara and now it looks like Kevin is not letting his sheets cool. He has moved on to Téa.

The Banner- Clint, Kevin, Mel, Viki, Joey, Dorian

Clint asks Kevin about Cassie and Kevin says they will be fine. Then he checks on Mel's progress on the mugging story. Mel has interviews scheduled with Barbara and her father. Clint sees that Viki has come into the city room and tells her about Kevin's interview with Todd or Tom. Viki worries about whether Kevin can be anything but biased. When Clint is asked a question by one of the other reporters, he leaves a path open between Kevin and Viki. She passes Mel's desk and he tells her to take it easy. But Viki is determined to test her son's sense of fairness and requests the tape he transcribed the interview from. Kevin starts to complain that she never asked him for one before. Why now that he is associate managing editor? She replies that Todd is fragile and she does not want Kevin to jump to the wrong conclusions. Kevin protests that his mother is sacrificing her journalistic integrity for Todd, but he does hand over the envelope with the story and the tape in it and Viki manages a polite, if cool, thank you.

After she heads back toward the executive offices, Mel also tells Kevin to take it easy. Joey then shows up and Kevin asks how Barbara is. Joey flippantly tells him to ask her himself.

Meanwhile, back at his office, Clint is surprised to see Lindsay. She is upset that Will is going to move permanently in with Sam. Clint knows that she doesn't want to hear this, but at Will's age this is the best move and besides, she needs the downtime. Lindsay says she does not want the down time. She is used to a busy household. Clint promises to be home early so just the two of them can share some time together, if that is enough people for her. Lindsay says it is and they begin kissing when Viki walks in to discuss Kevin.

Plainly embarrassed, Viki tells Lindsay and Clint that she will come back later, but Clint says they have things to go over. There is a whole checklist of stories and business decisions, but Viki comments that the story Kevin wrote about Todd will occupy the bulk of the conversation. Lindsay offers to take Clint to lunch later, but he has a meeting. On her way out she tells Viki not to work her husband too hard. Viki manages some false laughter and outside the door Lindsay does not look thrilled about her husband working with his ex wife.

Clint tells Viki that things have been rough on Lindsay. Will decided to move in with Sam. Viki changes the subject to Jessica and Cristian and the nude modeling. Clint mentions that their daughter was upset as ever this morning, but Lindsay gave her good advice. His new bride told Jessica that arguing was a part of every relationship and she urged her to make up with Cris. Viki wants Jessica back at Llanfair. Clint agrees... unless Jessie wants to stay. Viki makes it clear that Jessica's home is with her. Jessie visits him but lives with her.

In the city room, Kevin tells his brother that calling Barbara would be a very stupid thing for him to do. She would misinterpret it to mean he was in love with her and would be forever. He has screwed up big time and Cassie is close to being at peace with it so he is not about to stir up the breeze. Joey can tell Barbara that he is sorry that they did something they shouldn't have. "Too bad you did not think ahead of time", Joey replies sarcastically, then leaves in a huff just as Dorian breezes in. "Hi, Joe", she starts but he just rushes past her.

Never mind. Dorian's real target is Kevin. She tells him that his sainted mother may have talked Cassie into staying, but she is going to do her darndest to convince her daughter to leave the Banner and him in the dust. Kevin replies that she better work long hours because things were going well so she better not stand in his way. Dorian does not mince her words. She will dance on Kevin's grave if he hurts Cassie again.

Mel takes her aside and tells her not to do this at the Banner. She is angry that Viki was not acting in Cassie's best interest. Mel's boss just did not want to lose a good reporter. Lindsay watches the ensuing argument and the lecture Mel gives his wife about galvanizing her energy. The girls are grown. She needs to get back in the world, she is squandering her drive. Dorian guess that asking Mel to lunch is just too frivolous and asks Lindsay if she has any plans.

Palace- Blair, Kelly and Cassie

Blair says that had always thought that Kevin and Téa couldn't stand each other. She was wrong. Téa married Todd for his money and now she is back to her old squeeze. Cassie says they are just working angles to determine if Todd is faking. DID is not hereditary, Cassie continues, and yet Todd has split into one of Viki's personalities- Tom. Blair replies that she does not believe Kevin and does not know how Cassie can after he hurt her. Cassie cattily remarks that she sees that Max's ring is still in the same place and she hasn't switched it to her engagement finger yet. Blair says she and Max had a good time, but she shared a bed with Starr. Something was missing between them.

Will is watching and tells his father to go talk with Blair. Sam should go after what he wants.

Clint's office- Viki and Clint

Viki wants Clint to know SHE would not agree to her child living with him. Clint replies that Lindsay is heartsick about Will and it was not her choice either. Viki is adamant. Lindsay will not fill the void with her daughter. Clint corrects her and says our daughter. "I will not let Jessica be the chinking that keeps the wind from howling through Lindsay Rappaport's empty heart", Viki replies. Clint guesses that Viki is upset about more than the children and their reaction to his marriage. She is upset for herself. Viki denies this and says that she wishes them the best. Clint doesn't buy this. But there is another fire to put out and he hurries off.

Palace-Sam, Will, Blair, LIndsay, Dorian, Kelly, Joey, etc., etc.

Blair says that she gave Sam every opportunity to move closer and that he keeps backing away, so she decided to move on to Max, even if that is moving backward. Dorian told her that only time or another man could cure what ails her and time takes too long. Blair thinks that Cassie needs to move away from the Buchanans. First Bo then Kevin. Cassie says that she was married for about 5 minutes to Bo. Next Blair notices the necklace Drew gave Kelly and reads Believe. She is floored. How could Kelly possibly believe Drew. No one knows him. Kelly counters that Max is not believable. Blair says that Max is a rat but he is her rat. At least he does not pretend like Kevin, who bonked Barbara and then forgets all about Cassie. Now he is sniffing Téa. Cassie runs from the table. Blair says that Cassie hates the guys' guts. Kelly tells her she is wrong as can be.

Joey arrives at the Palace with Barbara and she tells him she is going back to work and was going to call Kevin for references. Joey says he saw him and that his brother is sorry she was mugged and nothing more. He and Cassie are working things out.

Blair calls up her messages on her cell phone. Just as she is listening to Sam's message he shows up at her table and says he missed her. He asks if she got the message and she lies that she didn't. She mentions staying at the Penthouse with Todd for Starr's sake. Sam tells her he is Todd's custodian. Blair says that Sam was brilliant in the way he got Todd out of jail and the rest should be a cake walk. Will comes over and he introduces Blair to him. She assumes that Sam has talked a lot about her, but Will tells her he heard about her from his mother. Lindsay arrives with Dorian and introduces Will to Mrs. Hayes.

In the bathroom...

Kelly tells Cassie to stop listening to Blair. Cassie is thinking about how a year ago her dad was fine. She mentions what she did to her family and how Andrew forgave her for a lot worse than what Kevin did with Barbara. After all it was life or death with Kevin that night and Cassie could have lost him forever. Now she is sitiing here ready to throw away her future. Kevin told her that he loves her, not Barbara. But ...could he be happy with just one woman. She remembers how he involved himself with Téa when she couldn't bring herself to leave Andrew. And then there was Barbara. She tells Kelly she has to clean up and they agree to meet at the table. All this time Barbara has been in the stall. When she hears Cassie leave right after Kelly, she comes out. She stares exasperated into the mirror and Cassie comes back through the door.

Barbara says that Joey told her that Cassie an Kevin are back together. Cassie says it is none of her business and to stay away from her, Kevin an her father. Cassie makes a beeline to the door but Barb slams the door and grabs a hold of Cassie. "What are you so afraid of?", Barbara asks.

Outside at her table, Kelly asks Joey to join her and Cassie but he informs her he is having lunch with Barbara. Kelly worries that he will be eaten alive. Joey has a soft spot in his heart for lost souls and Barbara is not one. When he mentions that Barbara is in the bathroom, Kelly says so is Cassie and they rush off.

The Banner-Clint and Viki

Viki tells Clint she has a problem with Kevin's story. The interview does not match the transcript. He rewrote the statements. Kevin suggests that she read it again and look through the smoke screen Todd is erecting. Viki refuses to approve the story. Kevin replies that with all the things Todd did, she forgave him and he understand but he wants to know how she will feel when she finds out he is using the most private, painful part of her life to keep his butt out of prison. Viki insists he is not faking. He asks his mother how she know that. She says that she can not break a promise.

In the city room... Kevin has returned from speaking to his mother. Mel says that he will try to keep Dorian out of Cassie and Kevin's relationship. Kevin appreciates that. Mel reminds him that he is in his corner as long as he knows Kevin is faithful to Cassie. He could have been madder if Cassie had been his own daughter, when Kevin cheated.

Later Clint tells Kevin he needs him to furnish fool-proof evidence that Todd is faking and for that he will need a witness. Kevin tells his father that Téa will corroberate his story.

The Palace

Lindsay and Sam discuss the house he is going to buy. She tells him taking Will from her is the cruelest think he ever did. Will asks them to do this when he is not around and walks off. Lindsay inquires if Blair will be joining Sam and Will in the new house. Sam says that Blair is engaged to Max and Lindsay is gleeful.

Meanwhile, Dorian also thinks that Blair is engaged to Max and Blair finally realizes that is why Sam is acting so weird, because of the ring. One minute he misses her and then he shuts down. Dorian says that day Blair left Sam showed up and told her that he doesn't like to play games. Blair wishes her aunt told her this earlier. Lindsay flits over and congratulates Blair. Dorian tells Lindsay she will be right back over and then advises Blair to do something about Sam.


Viki tells Clint she only wants fairness from Kevin on this story. Todd is without allies, even Jessica. Clint replies that is for good reason. If she allowed Kevin to do his job, Viki would see this blind loyalty is like spitting in the wind. He wants her to reconcile with her son and to embrace her family before she loses all of it. "Don't you mean the rest of it", Viki replies.

Kevin is busy talking to Téa on the phone and tells her to meet him at the Penthouse. He knows a way to prove Todd is faking it.

The Palace

Sam tells Will that his mother will eventually calm down. Will is busy looking at Blair and he comments that Blair is not the bimbo his mother painted her to be. Sam says she is engaged and off limits. Will advises him to go after what he wants. Engaged is not married. Blair comes over and asks for a word with him. Sam tells her the ring irks him. So from now on she can call his office and make an appointment.

Meanwhile, Dorian asks Lindsay is she ever feels that the world would be a better place if people would just listen to you? Lindsay smiles and says this could be the start of a beautiful friendship.

In the bathroom...

Barbara turns nasty. She tells Cassie that she must be afraid every time Kevin leaves that he is running to her. Maybe she doesn't want to know how she and Kevin couldn't wait to get their clothes off, how they couldn't get enough of each other. How when they made love they relieved all the frustrations, every desire they ever had in their lives. Nothing will have match what she and Kevin had and the only name on his lips will be Barbara's. Cassie tells her to dream on. Barbara lets her claws show and says,"you may as well be Téa!" Cassie goes after her. Kelly and Joey rush into the bathroom and break them apart. Cassie tells Barbara to get some help as Kelly lead her out of the bathroom. Barbara turns to Joey and explains "Kevin will never marry Cassie. That's never gonna happen"

Thursday, August 20, 1998

One Life to Live was pre-empted today due to the special report. Today's episode will be seen tomorrow in it's entirety.

Friday, August 21, 1998

Today's show was originally supposed to be aired on Thursday, August 20th and was postponed due to the special report.

Blair, Max and Kelly

Blair enters Todd's office at The Sun, hounded by Kelly and Mike, the assistant editor of The Sun. Mike is complaining to Blair about all the things that are going wrong at the Sun, dropping circulation, computer problems, there's not even anyone to approve headlines. Kelly, on the other hand, is harassing Blair about how she treated Cassie earlier, making her so upset. Mike is easy to get rid of, Blair orders him out, but Kelly is not so easy. Blair calls her a flea that is annoying her and tells her to get a life. Kelly finally gives up and heads off to an appointment she has with Asa. After Kelly has left and as Blair is trying to sort through the mess on Todd's desk, Max arrives to ask "How's it going".

Blair tells Max if he's there to apologize again and try to get her into bed, he's wasting his time. The Sun is a mess and she has no time to deal with him, she wants him to leave. But that's not why Max is there, he informs her, pulling out Starr's beanie frog that Todd gave her. Starr left it in the car and he thought she'd be missing it. Embarrassed, Blair thanks him, but then is suspicious if it's another one of his ploys. You slapped me down so hard and so often in North Carolina that even I was able to get the message, Max tells her. Max realizes that Blair knows how he feels and he just wants her to be happy. As Blair's look softens, Max gets up and heads for the door. Mike barges past him and demands that Blair give him approval now for the headline. Blair is unusually indecisive and calls Max back to give his opinion.

Max returns and looks at the headline about the Summer Garden Show opening. Max thinks it looks fine.... if she doesn't want to sell any papers. Blair tells Mike to kill the story and hold up the press run. This is just what he was trying to tell her before, you can't run a paper this way and the advertisers are "going ballistic". People bought the paper because of the edge Todd added to it, and without Todd, the edge is gone, Mike explains. Blair promises to give him an edge, a "Blair Manning edge" and sends him off to kill the press run. Blair asks Max for his help thinking of a headline. He thinks Blair should run a story about Todd, about his DID, "the public eats that kind of stuff up". Blair's worried about Starr seeing Todd's picture in the paper, but Max reminds her that it's Todd's paper, his picture's in the paper all the time. Put a few pictures of Todd on the front page with a headline like, "I Didn't Do It, He Did", Max recommends. She can take an old story about Todd holding everyone hostage, put a new lead on it about the good Todd fighting the bad one and she's got her story, says Max. Blair declares his idea is genius and gets to work. She wonders why he is doing this, he hates Todd. But he likes her and he's doing this to help an old friend, he replies.

Blair is panicking that they won't get the story done in time, but Max tells her to stay calm. As he helps her get the wording of the story right, he casually mentions that he hasn't had this much fun since they broke in disguised as janitors. Blair laughs as they reminisce about their adventure. They look like they are about to kiss, but Max is the one that backs away and tells her to keep typing. Blair finishes the story and sends it down to the press room. Blair turns to Max, excited about finishing the story and the two of them are about to kiss when the computer starts beeping. The computer's about to crash, do something, Blair begs Max as the computer keeps beeping.

Max fixes the computer, Blair declares him a hero and gives him a big hug. Max, obviously having changed his tactics, is the one to pull away from Blair and says he has to leave. It looks like his plan is working because when Blair sees the screen saver he left on her computer, which says "Blair Loves Max", she gets a smile on her face.

Cristian, Roseanne, Jessica and Téa

Cristian is very frustrated about how the painting is going, he has his mind on Jessica and can't get any work done. Cris isn't happy that Jessica is friends with Will, all he's managed to do is get her arrested. Roseanne tells him of course it makes sense they'd be together, this is the land of the "Anglos" and they stick together. Cris actually agrees with her and says that Jessie's parents would have been more angry about the whole thing if it were Cris who had caused her to get into trouble. "The rich are different from you and me", Roseanne says to him, trying to create more distance between Cris and Jessica.

Roseanne brings them two beers and says that Jessica's parents are probably thrilled she's spending time with "her own kind". Cris protests that she's making this sound like 'West Side Story', she doesn't know the Buchanans at all. And she doesn't know him and Jessica at all either, Cris says a bit angrily. Roseanne immediately backs off and apologizes. Cris asks for a little time alone and she heads for the door. She tells him not to worry about Jessica, "things will work out exactly the way they're suppose to. I know it, in my heart." Roseanne leaves.

Cristian opens his apartment door and Jessica is standing there. (Erin Torpey is back. Yeah!) She apologizes about the fight, saying it was all her fault, and gives him a big hug. Cris says it was his fault, he had no right telling her she couldn't be friends with Will. He knows that Jessica and Will will be going to Columbia together and he wants her to be happy, hang out with the right people. But you'll be there too, at the Institute of the Arts, she reminds him. Not if he doesn't get this scholarship, he says, worried. "Maybe you and Will are meant to be more than friends", he continues. "Cristian, what are you saying?", asks Jessica.

Téa walks by and finds Roseanne sitting alone on the edge of a dock. Roseanne is startled and asks what Téa is doing there. Actually Téa was looking for her, Carlotta said Roseanne like to hang out there, by the water. Téa is surprised, doesn't it bother Roseanne, because of what happened to her mother. "She drowned", Roseanne replies bluntly, "I didn't say that I wasn't scared to death of the water, I just said I like to be close to it". Roseanne is throwing flower petals in the water and Téa asks if they are for her mother. Sometimes I can almost feel my mother's presence and we talk, says Roseanne. Téa offers to be there if Roseanne needs someone to talk to, but Roseanne feels the offer came a little too late. If she doesn't want to get closer to Téa, then why did she come to Llanview, Téa asks. "I came here for Cristian, I came here because I love him", Roseanne replies.

Back at Cris's apartment, Jessica doesn't understand, is Cris trying to tell her that she should date other people. No, he tells her, but I want you to be happy, you didn't date other guys before we started dating. Where is this coming from, she asks, still confused, is this coming from Roseanne? It was his idea, he insists, he was wondering if a guy from Angel Square is good enough for a Buchanan. Have we ever let those differences come between us, asks Jessica. No, Will is forced to admit. Well, I'm not about to start now, Jessica tells him, she loves him. "And I love you, too", Cris tells her, putting his arms around her and holding her.

Out on the docks, Téa doen't understand, how can Roseanne love Cristian, they haven't seen each other in years. But they've written to each other every week, very private letters, Roseanne replies. And besides, she and Cris are already married. What!, Téa exclaims. You were there, Roseanne says and reminds her that it was back in New York when they were six. "We're soul mates", Roseanne claims, "and nothing is ever going to change that". Roseanne doesn't think Téa would understand. "Actually I do", Téa says quietly, presumably thinking about Todd. Téa just doesn't want to see Roseanne get hurt, Cris is serious about Jessica. That isn't written in stone, says Roseanne, then leaves, she has something she has to do.

Roseanne returns to Cristian's, ready to start modeling again, but Cris tells her not right now, he and Jessica are going to go for a walk. Roseanne says she has to get a few things from the bathroom and Cris and Jessica leave. After they've gone, Roseanne opens up Jessica's bag, pulls out her hairbrush and takes some strands of hair, which she wraps around a voodoo doll.

Dorian and Lindsay

At the Palace Hotel, Dorian is giving the waiter a hard time about the food and makes him take it back. It's really not a bad restaurant, Dorian tells Lindsay, and it's really the only place to have lunch except the country club, which of course Lindsay now is a member of since she's Mrs. Clint Buchanan, Dorian points out. Dorian marvels over the fact that Clint married her so quickly, it's not like him to be spontaneous. But I like to move fast, Lindsay replies, especially when I know what I want. "And what exactly is that?", Dorian asks. Lindsay hesitates before responding, unsure if it is a friendly question or a hostile accusation.

"All I'm looking for is a friendly face", Lindsay finally replies. They are interrupted when the waiter returns with a new dessert for Dorian and informs them that coffee and desserts are on the house. Lindsay hopes that the friendly face might be Dorian's, even though Dorian once warned her away from Clint because of her dear friend, Viki Carpenter. Lindsay got the impression from Dorian and Mel's "little disagreement" that Dorian might not be as good of friends with Viki as she had claimed. Dorian denies it, even the best of friendships have their little "bumps". Lindsay doesn't buy it for a moment, she's done her research and she knows that Dorian hates Viki's guts. Dorian pointedly "wonders" if the reason they're having this discussion is that there is already trouble in Clint and Lindsay's marriage and that trouble is Viki. Dorian can tell from Lindsay's unhappy expression that it's true. "You're looking for an ally, aren't you, in your war against Viki", Dorian declares.

Dorian and Lindsay are finishing up Dorian's dessert as Lindsay tries to explain her feeling about Viki. Her problem with Viki is that she's always around, Lindsay feels that Viki needs to accept that she lost and stay out of Clint's life. But she's the mother of Clint's children, Dorian points out. Lindsay realizes that, but she doesn't like woman that obsesses over their ex-husband's new life. Dorian finds that ironic considering how upset Lindsay got when Sam started seeing Blair. Lindsay insists that is simply not true, "Blair is a lovely girl" and Sam's life is none of her business. Lindsay wonders what caused the argument between Mel and Dorian earlier. Dorian informs her it was caused by her new stepson, Kevin, "he is a despicable human being, a snake. He has just about ruined my daughter's life, he's a sicko, a serial seducer", Dorian warns and tells Lindsay she should watch her back around him. And as for the rest of the Buchanans, Dorian describes Asa and Drew as "Satan and his spawn". The only one worth anything in that family is Joe, Dorian says with a nostalgic sigh, he has an artistic temperament, sensitive. Lindsay brings the topic back to Clint, although she might want to hear about "Joe" sometime. Dorian says that Lindsay's problem is that while she has Clint's ring, house and money, Viki has him for 10 hours a day at work. She thinks that Clint enjoys the challenge of sparring with Viki at work and when he comes home to Lindsay, its a bit of a let down. Lindsay defends herself, she'd not in the least bit boring, she was an accomplished sculptor and even owned a very successful art gallery. This information peaks Dorian's interest, "Now we're getting somewhere", she says.

They are no longer at the Palace Hotel, they are with a realtor who is showing them the "wonderful space". Dorian agrees that it will make a wonderful art gallery. When Dorian mentions Lindsay's last name, Rappaport, which Lindsay quickly corrects to "Buchanan", the realtor recognizes the name and says she just rented a house to Sam Rappaport. See, Sam's getting on with his life, you should get on with yours, Dorian encourages, and relationships do better when each person has their own life. Lindsay likes the idea, but she has one question, what's in it for Dorian?

Dorian has come to the realization that maybe she does have too much time on her hands, as Mel was trying to tell her. That means she has too much time to worry about her girls, and the last thing I want to be accused of is meddling, she says. So, maybe she does need a life of her own, she and Lindsay can become partners in an art gallery. Lindsay agrees and Dorian tells the realtor to draw up the contracts. "The Lindsay Buchanan Gallery", Lindsay imagines out loud. Dorian thought they were partners. They are, Lindsay was just trying to find a name that would "make Viki's flesh crawl". Dorian applauds her instincts, but the name Lord will work just as well. They agree upon the "The Buchanan-Lord Gallery". Dorian is already savoring the thought of hand delivering Viki's invitation personally because she doesn't want to miss the expression on Viki's face.

Bo, Asa and Kelly

Bo has apparently accepted Asa's job offer and is sitting behind his desk at Buchanan Enterprises when Asa enters his office. Asa asks him how it feels to be back at work. Bo is glad to have something to do while Nora is at the fertility clinic. But he's been looking over the financial reports and it looks like BE has taken some big hits lately. Nothing that we can't fix and build up again, Asa assures him. Bo's kind of happy that he's not police commissioner anymore, that means he doesn't have to play by their rules, he's planning to play by his own rules from now on.

Looking over the reports, Bo has noticed that Buchanan Enterprises has sold off a lot of it's media holdings in the last few years. He thinks that's a mistake, a company can control it's public image through its news division, tv stations, radio stations, newspapers. In fact, Bo would like to get a hold of The Sun, it's been Todd's weapon against the Buchanans for years. Asa agrees, but he's tried to buy the paper before, they've got to come up with a plan. Just then, Asa's two o'clock appointment arrives, it's Kelly. Kelly apologizes for being late, she was over at The Sun with Blair, who is in way over her head. Asa looks at Bo and Bo smiles.

Asa and Bo start questioning Kelly about Blair, is Blair just Todd's proxy or does she have real power at The Sun. Kelly's confused at their questions, she thought she came to talk about investing her inheritance. Kelly also mentions that Drew told her everyone at the police station misses Bo. Bo misses it too, but there comes a time when you have to move on. Kelly can understand that sentiment. Bo's happy that Kelly has been there for Drew. He's been there for me too, replies Kelly, helping me get over Ian. And Ian is the reason she has all this money she needs to figure out what to do with. Bo thinks that he can help her out with that, she should do something with the money that Ian would have wanted, did he have any dreams, Bo wonders. Kelly steps right into Bo's trap - as a matter of fact, Ian wanted to buy The Sun and turn it into a respectable paper, she tells Bo. Bo thinks that they should look at this as a sign, something they should pursue in Ian's memory.

Kelly isn't sure that she'd be able to run The Sun, Blair certainly doesn't see her as capable. Bo and Asa both encourage her, with a "dedicated, sane young person at the helm", they think Kelly can realize Ian's dream of creating a paper with the integrity of the Banner without all the stodginess. Kelly starts to get excited about the idea. She would be able to help people, to make a difference, Asa encourages her. But Todd will never sell it to her, Kelly says, trying to be realistic. Bo replies that with Todd's current mental state, the opportunity might present itself to buy the paper. Asa lets his real feelings show, he can't wait to get the paper to pay Todd back for all he has done to them. Kelly is suddenly turned off the idea, after all that's happened in the past year, she can't take pleasure in something that will make someone else suffer, even if it's Todd. She suddenly becomes suspicious, if Bo and Asa are so hot about this idea, why don't they buy The Sun themselves? Because they can't, Kelly's the only one with an "in", her cousin is the one currently running the paper. Her cousin that recently called her a "flea", Bo adds, trying to get Kelly angry enough at Blair to agree.

Bo advises that the first thing Kelly needs to do is find out how extensive Blair's power is, if it's limited to just deciding what's printed. Once Kelly lets them know the answer, Bo and Asa will take it from there. Kelly is interested, not only as an investment or as a way to fulfill Ian's dream, but as a way to prove something to Blair. Kelly promises to get them the information they need. She thanks them both and leaves. "I knew you were my son the minute I saw that look in your eye when she mentioned that miserable paper", Asa praises Bo. Bo calls it "divine inspiration", and says it feels good to be working on a project again. Asa thinks that Todd has held the town hostage long enough with "that rag". "Well, this is our chance to take it away from him", replies Bo.


Still down on the docks, Téa calls Kevin to see if they are "still on for tonight". "Good", she continues after he apparently answers yes, "because one way or another I have got to find out the truth about Todd".

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