One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on OLTL
Max blackmailed Todd. Jessica and Will slept together; Jessica had imagined that her first time would be with Cristian. Drew planned to propose to Kelly. Sam and Blair shared a romantic evening. Hank and Bo bonded over Bo and Nora's plan to have a baby.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, September 7, 1998

Jessica was still upset about her fight with Cris, so Will agreed to go with her for support over to Cris's apartment. Before they went in, however, they saw Cris and Roseanne hugging through the window and took off for Asa's lodge. Inside, Roseanne had admitted her true feeling for Cristian, that she had loved him for years, but Cris didn't return her feelings and only hugged her to comfort her. Roseanne looked at the painting and freaked when she realized that while the person in the painting was her, the eyes were Jessica's, not hers. Meanwhile, up at the cabin, Jess and Will shared some wine and started to kiss.

At Club Indigo, Kevin, Cassie, Kelly, Drew and Asa were all there together. Kevin and Cassie shared the news that they were back together. Asa told them the news that Kelly would be buying the Sun and practically offered Kevin the position as editor of the Sun. Kelly had a private talk with Asa, she told him that was not what they agreed on and not to promise Kevin anything. Besides, Kelly didn't even own the paper yet. Since she had gotten nowhere with Blair, Kelly decided to approach Todd to see if he would sell her the paper. Joey and Barbara showed up, annoying Cassie, but she gave Barbara a big smile just to tick her off. Barbara gave Joey a kiss and he asked if that was for Kevin's benefit. No, it was for my benefit, Barbara told him. Max gave the tape back to Blair to blackmail Todd, but kept a copy of the tape for himself.

At the opera, Todd was acting very romantic, kissing Téa's hand, whispering in her ear, which totally freaked Téa out. Téa did agree, though, to take Todd home because Sam had a big night planned. Blair arrived at the opera, Sam was happy to see her, but upset when he realized she was wearing Max's ring. They went out in the hall, started kissing and Sam took the ring off her finger and put it in her purse. When San wasn't looking, Blair destroyed the tape. But Max, lurking down the hall, did see her destroy the tape and went into the opera box, where Todd was sitting alone, and confronted him with the tape.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

Written by: Cheryl Patack

Bo and Nora's house

Nora comes down the stairs with a pillow under her dress and ask Bo what he thinks. He tells her she looks beautiful. She tells him everything else that happens to a woman during pregnancy - the mood swings, stretch marks, etc. Bo says he's dealt with that already. Remember the fish in the freezer, he asks her? They laugh and he tells her it will be ok. She asks him if he's ever changed a diaper. Sheepishly he says no. Nora gives him a pillow and a napkin and tells him to diaper the pillow. Just then Kelly & Drew come over, when Nora opens the door, they stare at her stomach.


Sam & Blair are kissing and after some romantic talk, they leave (but not before Blair forgets her purse). Just after they leave, Max, with a copy of the tape in his hand, enters Todd's box. He threatens Todd with the tape and Todd thinks he's bluffing, he could've edited the tape. Max assures him it's real. He tells Todd to meet him at the Penthouse in one hour. Todd says no, Max says, all tough-like, "I'm making the rules" (or something like that) and walks out. Téa returns and Rod/Todd hustles her out of there.

The Park

Sam and Blair are kissing. Blair wants to know everything about Sam. All of his deepest darkest secrets. He tells her how much he loves the park, he comes there every dawn to watch the sunrise and run. Blair confesses she's not a morning person. They laugh and kiss. They sit down and Sam says he'll be right back, he's going to get her a surprise.

Meanwhile, at the opera Max discovers Blair's purse and sees the destroyed tape and the ring.

Nora & Bo's

Drew, Kelly, Nora & Bo, share a pizza and reminisce over Nora & Bo's wedding. They look at pictures while Nora & Kelly go get dessert. Drew comments on how Bo is looking at Nora in one of the photos and asks if he ever looked at his mom that way. Bo apologizes and says that he never loved Becky Lee the way he loves Nora, but that doesn't mean he doesn't love Drew. Drew apologizes too and says it was a dumb question anyway. Then Bo asks him how he feels about a baby. Drew says he likes the idea of a big family, he grew up alone so he loves having cousins, uncles, etc. Nora is listening at the door while Drew & Bo talk a little about Rachel. Drew confesses that he visited Rachel and things are ok with them. Nora and Kelly enter with dessert and Drew kisses Kelly.

The Penthouse

Téa and Rod/Todd return and Téa is very nervous. Rod goes to get them some wine and puts on Mozart. When he returns they sit on the couch and Rod begins talking very romantically. Téa is overwhelmed by the things he is saying and they begin to kiss. Téa is very confused. She loves what he's saying and doing, but he's not the man she married (obviously!) She doesn't know what to do. She's afraid of Pete, but Tom & Rod keep pulling her back. But who is Todd, she wants to know. Rod tells her to go home, think about things and they'll talk again. Does she want a ride home he asks. Téa laughs and says, that this is so much better than being thrown out in the snow. Rod apologizes for that while hustling her to the door. She is giggling like a schoolgirl, but he finally gets her out of there. Just as the elevator doors close, Max knocks on the door. He plays the tape for Todd and Todd asks him what he wants. Max answers, Blair.

The Park

Sam returns with root beer ice. They taste it and continue cooing and kissing. Continuing the "get to know Sam tour" (which is cute by the way) they proceed to Sam's office where Blair discovers Sam is a closet archeologist. A romantic and an explorer she says and they begin to kiss. As they are kissing we see a montage of Blair and Sam while Max is staring at the ring.

The Penthouse

Todd tells Max he can give him anything, but he can't give him Blair. Max says he can give him the Sun and that will in turn get Blair to stay with him. Todd realizes that Blair and Sam are together right now and begins to taunt Max with that. Max tells Todd he's sure he doesn't want Starr to visit her daddy in jail does he. Todd gets a stricken look and Max tells him he'll be back in the morning with a contract.

Sam's House

The final stop on the tour finds Blair and Sam in his living room as he serenades Blair with a very romantic song. After the song they go upstairs for the classic soap love scene complete with music & candles.

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

Sam and Blair- Sam's new house

Sam and Blair are still basking in the afterglow of the night before. Since she had mentioned not being a morning person, Sam asks if he converted her. Blair replies that getting up in the morning and staying up until dawn are two different things. She comments that last night was like getting to know him for the first time. Sam tells Blair that he talked more about himself than about she did about herself and he would like to know about her history. Blair said there was not much good to tell, but she jokes that she did have one foster mom who actually baked sugar cookies for when the social worker came. The best part of her life didn't begin until she was 18 and found her Mom. She is sure that Addie will like Sam. Addie is perceptive in a childlike way and people are either good or bad. She knows her mother will pick Sam as one of the good guys. Sam looks at Blair longingly and remarks that her eyes turn different colors with the light. Last night he could see the music go right through her eyes. Sometimes when she is guarded they turn green like a catwoman. Now they are peaceful, calm, serene and he knows the reason now for the changes. Blair replies that he sees more in her than anyone has ever seen. Sam assures her that she need never be afraid of him.

Penthouse- Max

Max is in the penthouse. He has been informed by the housekeeper that Téa took Todd to his doctor's appointment. Mr. Rappaport made the arrangements. Max notes that Sam must be on the job early.

Sam's House- Blair and Sam

Blair calls Max's cell phone. She has no idea he is at the penthouse. He says he wants to celebrate her being elevated to publisher. Blair replies there is a change of plans, she can't explain but meet her at the penthouse. Max knows she is lying. Sam comes in and admires Blair wearing Will's clothes. He says she may start a trend. She has to get to the penthouse, but she doesn't want to leave him. Sam says they will just start where they left off.

Blair feels like she is getting in too deep, but Sam tells her that they are in the same boat. Blair doesn't understand how he can know her better than she knows herself. Sam says he would never hurt her after last night and this morning. It will be OK. He will feel the same way tonight after they come home from work. It will be the same as last night. But for now he has to do some work researching Todd's case. After that, he will spend time with Blair removing the look of fear from her face and their happiness will be complete.

Nora, Bo and Viki- Nora and Bo's house

Bo is exercising and ready for a jog in the park. Nora is exhausted after a pleasant night of making love, but wonders at his stamina. Bo feels like he can do anything and is thinking they may have made a masterpiece last night. Nora worries if they are parenting material or is she being neurotic. Bo is sure their child will be well adjusted. Nora jokes about who their child will play with since she doesn't know any well adjusted people in Llanview (Truest thing said so far!) Just then, Viki arrives. She is going to China as an appointed representative of the President and she does not know where Jessica is. She lied to her and said she was staying at Amy's, but she is not there. Bo volunteers to make a call and find out where she is. He comes back a few minutes later with the 411. He tells Viki that Annie at police headquarters told him she sent a car to the lodge. Jessica is alright but she is not alone! (The police should get to the Lodge that quickly when there are murders and hostage taking incidents!)

The Lodge- Will and Jessica

Jessica awakens and sees the half full wine glass. She seems to be confused by her surroundings. Somewhere next to her there is a body hidden under the covers. She calls Cristian's name, but is shocked to see the person next to her is Will!

Jessica is so embarrassed that something like this could happen and she would not remember. But she flashes back to the glass of wine that spilled on the rug and then she slugged some out of the bottle. Next she remembers kissing Will passionately. Of course neither one of them meant for this to happen and Will is almost as upset when he realizes that this was a first time for Jessica. They were both so wasted.

Jessica gathers her clothes together and leaves the room to get dressed. Will pulls himself together, gets up and smashes the bottle against the fireplace.

Jessica comes back a few moments later and begins to clean up the mess the wine made. Will says he only meant to help her and how did it end up like this. He is so sorry because it was her first time. Jessica frets she can't get the stain off the rug. Will tells her that he was upset because the new girl in town Roseanne wasn't giving him a tumble but Jessica and Cris were together for 3 years and he (Will) ruined it for her. Jessie wonders what will happen with Cris after this and whether her mom will kill her. Will swears no one will know. Jessica says she can't hide this from Cris. He was so patient. She had always dreamed of her first time with him. It would be perfect. She and Cris would be engaged, maybe married. Is that old fashioned? Will doesn't think so. Jessica continues that the first time was supposed to be beautiful, like her Mom said. To her, it was supposed to be the total commitment of body and heart and she and Cris would wake up the next day in each other's arms. A sudden thought occurs to Jessie and she asks Will the all important question: "You did use a condom, didn't you?"

Lindsay and Hank-the Park

Lindsay and Hank are both dressed for running and almost run into each other. He recognizes her as Lindsay Rappaport. She corrects him and says that she is now Lindsay Buchanan, also known as the 'Llanview Pariah'. Hank doesn't believe that. Lindsay says she married Clint and Viki is the town's icon. Hank replies that Viki is a decent lady. Lindsay wants to know if Nora gave him an earful about her. Hank assures her that her being married to Clint is no business of his. Lindsay should just give the Buchanans time and they will come around. Lindsay prattles on about feeling displaced and how she is about to lose Will when he goes to college. Hank says he understands. Lindsay apologizes for not considering his position with Rachel, after all Will is only down the street and his daughter is in prison. Hank tells her not to worry about it. He is waiting for Bo, who is his running partner. He tells her that Bo is his best friend. While Hank warms up and runs in place, Lindsay invites him to her art gallery opening. She is counting on him being there because she is afraid no one will show up. Hank says he will be there. Lindsay comments on the fabulous 90's relationship Hank has with his ex wife's husband. How does he do that? Hank replies he had to be good friends with Nora first. Lindsay says that whatever Nora has she would like to buy it by the case. Bo shows up and Lindsay remarks that she trusts he and Nora had a productive reunion. Hank and Bo ask her to join them but Lindsay says she has her own routine.

The Lodge-Will, Jessica and Viki

Will never answers the question about the condom because Viki arrives asking Jessica if she is alright and wanting to know what has happened there. She tells her Mom that Cris called her a spoiled brat and then Will and she saw Cristian and Roseanne together and they came to the lodge. Will admits they were drinking and that it was his fault. Jessica says she is sorry to Viki. Viki replies that drinking is not the answer and she cannot think of anything stupider Jessica could have done. But at least they weren't driving. Will says he learned his lesson there. His father drummed it into his head. Viki asks if either of them got any sleep and Jessica says that Will slept in the guest room. Viki tells Will she needs some time alone with Jessica. He says he is sober enough to drive. Viki warns him that she has a lot to say to him, but she expects him to talk to his father about this and if he doesn't, then she (Viki) will.

After he leaves, Jessica tells her mom just how ashamed she is. Viki holds her and call her her baby. She says she thought Jessie was with Cris and that he and Jessica might have done something she regretted. She is so sorry to hear about how Cris treated her maybe she should not go to China. Jessica tells her mom she is so proud of her presidential appointment and she must go. Viki assures her that her daughter is more important than any symposium in China could be. But Jessica says she will be alright and Viki agrees to go to China.

Law Office- Nora and Sam

Nora drops by and asks if he is having trouble keeping his mind on his work. He looks like he stayed up all night and is having trouble staying awake. She finds Blair's scarf and asks if he was "putting briefs together" with some young attorney. Sam replies he is not going to touch that. Nora notes a half sappy, half sexy look on his face and Sam counters that she has the same look on her face. Nora continues to wonder who Sam is seeing.

Nora is shocked to learn that Sam's new love is Blair. Sam says she is wrong about her. Nora may see an opportunistic wheeler dealer, but he sees more than that. Blair is a beautiful, sexy and intelligent woman and she is also at times a little girl who needed to do all she could to survive. Nora replies that Blair is a species to herself. Sam reminds Nora that he has his PHD in broken hearts and that Nora was his graduate school. He can take care of himself. Nora loosens up and says that if he is happy, she is happy for him. She then shares her news about starting a family with Bo.

Penthouse- Max and Blair

Max is waiting for Blair when she gets to the Penthouse. He asks her if she lost something last night and shows her the tape she unraveled and the ring he gave her. "So you succumbed to the dubious charms of Mr. good two shoes! Did you tell him Todd is faking?" She admits she didn't. Max says that they will proceed with the blackmailing of Todd as agreed. Blair protests. Max shows her the copy of the tape he made. He says he is flattered to think she thought he gave her the only copy. Just shows what a bad influence Sam is on her.

Blair is angry that he double crossed her. Max restates it as their having double crossed each other and says it proves they were made for each other. Blair says she is not going along with his plans this time. This time, every time, Max tells her. She thinks like he does. She needs to get over Sammy. Todd blinked when he confronted him and her ex will be serving up the Sun. That is going to make Blair very happy. Blair says he does not even have a clue. He holds out the ring and replies that this threw him off momentarily but he figures that a night at the opera, Blair got snagged, but now the fat lady has sung and the curtain has come down. This is a new day and he loves her and he doesn't think his heart could take it if she doesn't love him. Blair says she is sorry but she loves Sam. Max refuses to believe that Sam loves her like he does (Nobody can love anyone as selfishly as Max does). Blair just loves the fantasy she has created about Sam. Max admits he is no saint. He wishes he was. Blair will learn to live with it because they are meant to be together. She can't turn her back on that. Blair insists that she loves Sam.

The Park- Hank, Bo and Lindsay

Hank notices how pumped up Bo is. Bo is proud of Drew and disagrees with Hank that he had anything to do with straightening him out. He regrets missing all the firsts with Drew, but the wonder of it all is that Drew is not bitter and that he is a good cop. Last night Drew gave his blessing on a plan Nora and Bo have to have a baby. Now Bo will have a chance to experience all he missed out on. Hank recognizes baby fever when he sees it. Pretty soon Bo will get handy around the house, stop ladies with baby carriages, telling them how cute their little ones are, imagining putting up train sets and walking around with a goofy smile on his face. Hank will help him with the diaper changing. But he has to warn Bo that Nora drove him crazy when she was pregnant with Rachel. She has to have what she wants all the time (Surprise!). Bo says he would go to the ends of the earth to bring Nora whatever she wanted. Unbeknownst to Bo and Hank, Lindsay has overheard their whole conversation.

Sam and Nora

Sam is a little shocked to hear that Nora wants a baby. Is she sure it is not something she is doing to save her marriage. Nora asks if he is giving her a hard time because she gave him one about Blair. They both make amends with Sam saying he is happy for her and Nora saying he should tell Blair she is happy for them. Sam says it is new beginning for both of them. They agree it is about time, but there is a look in both of their eyes reflecting what used to be and what might have been between them.

Sam's House- Will Alone

Will shouts for his dad, but Sam is not home. He closes his eyes and Jessica's words come back to him, "You did use a condom, didn't you?" The words echo in his ears and terrify him.

Penthouse- Max and Blair

Max tells Blair she made her choice. She says that she threw away the tape and Max lied about not having a copy. Max replies that he doesn't want to do this but if he has to, he will tell Sam that she knew Todd was faking it all along and then they will see how warm and fuzzy Sam is. Blair tells him he does not know the meaning of love and she did not know herself until last night. Max says that she can beg and plead and lash out at him, but he is never letting her go.

Thursday, September 10, 1998

**Warning today's show was a real snoozer

Buchanan-Lord Gallery (Dorian & Lindsay)

Dorian peruses over the art that they'll be showcasing at the opening and she comes across a sculpture with a 'not for sale' tag called the "artist and the lawyer". Dorian asks Lindsay if it is autobiographical and accuses her of not being over Sam. After some thought Dorian corrects the statement and tells Lindsay that maybe it's Nora that she's not over. Lindsay admits to being petty by wanting Nora to see the sculpture of she and Sam.

Sam's Office (Sam & Will)

Sam asks Will about his night out and Will tells him that he spent the night at the lodge with Jessica.

Nora's Office (Nora & Jess)

Nora barges in proclaiming what a wonderful day it is. A distracted Jess fumbles around the office and tells Nora to fire her and that she wants to die.

Diner (Carlotta, Cris & Rosie)

Cris slams dishes around while that obnoxious Roseanne pokes pins in a voodoo doll. Cris walks up unnoticed behind her, grabs the doll and asks what she's doing and demands to know who the doll is supposed to be.

Lodge (Bo& Drew)

Bo gives Drew a fishing pole and they have a most excellent father and son moment. They talk about maximizing moments and second chances yada yada and you just know that some calamity is about to befall one of them. Drew goes on to tell Bo that he is going to ask Kelly to marry him.

Gallery (Dorian, Kelly, Lindsay & Asa)

Kelly stops by and brings flowers for the opening. Dorian hurls insults re: Drew. Asa stops in and inquires about some paintings. He asks which one will increase in value, so Lindsay shows him one and asks if it's for his office. Asa says the painting is for Nora. Since she's giving him his next grandchild, he wants to give her something in return. Lindsay hotly replies "assuming she can get pregnant". Asa then advises Lindsay to put the bad blood between she and Nora behind her.

Nora's Office (Jess & Nora)

Jess tells Nora that she ruined her life last night. Nora asks if she and Cris did the ...... you know. Jess says no and tells her that Cris is cheating on her with Rosie. Then she asks Nora for a sick day. They both leave for Llanfair.

Sam's (Sam & Will)

Sam asks Will if he and Jess did the...... you know? Will insists that nothing happened. Sam asks him if hypothetically, something did happen he would not have had unprotected sex would he? Sam then asks him if he still carries a condom in his wallet. Will says he wouldn't and yes he does still carry the condom. He gets dressed and they go have lunch.

Lodge (Bo & Drew)

Bo congratulates Drew on asking Kelly to marry him. They discuss Sykes (the acting Police Commish) and how he wants Drew to tone down his reports on the muggings. Drew seems puzzled by Sykes behavior. What puzzles me though is how did Drew go from being rookie cop guarding Todd's hospital room, to Detective Drew investigating muggings? LPD must have an exceptional promotion program.

Diner (Cris & Rose)

Rosie assures Cris that the voodoo doll is not Jessica. Cris tells her that New Orleans traditions are foolish. [ this whole scene is foolish if you ask me] Anyway, Rosie goes on about how Cris wants to marry some rich girl who didn't grow up with him and doesn't really know him like she does. [give me a pin and let me poke her] Chris tells her that he loves Jess and always will. Okay, I have bored you scene.

Lodge (Bo & Drew)

More father and son moments.

Gallery (Asa, Lindsay, Kelly & Dorian)

Lindsay tells Asa that she has nothing against Nora. Asa asks Kelly if she has talked Todd into selling the Sun. Dorian overhears and asks what they're talking about, but is told in so many words to butt out.

Diner (Will, Sam, Cris)

Will begins to tell Sam what happened between he and Jess, but before he can get to the good part, Cris walks up and interrupts by asking where he can find Jess. Sam excuses himself and the two boys talk. Cris tells Will that he had to make Jess understand that the kiss between he and Rosie meant nothing. Will reams him about treating Jess wrongly.

Gallery (Dorian & Kelly)

Kelly explains to Aunt Dorian how she and Asa plan to buy the Sun. Dorian tells her that she can't trust Asa or any Buchanan. She also implies that Kelly knows nothing about running a paper. (Neither did Todd) Kelly tells her she's not going to run it, only own it. Dorian fires off a few more comments about Drew and belittles he and Kelly's relationship to no more than a flirtation. Kelly replies that she loves Drew and if he asked her, she would marry him in a second.

Diner (Drew, Carlotta, Cris & Will)

Det. Drew continues his investigation and asks Carlotta to call him the moment Monk comes in. Will tell Cris that he and Jess saw he and Rosie going at it in his window.

Llanfair (Jess, Lindsay & Nora)

**Note, the women on OLTL are looking really great these days, has some exercise mandate been issued? Even Jess is looking trim.

Lindsay drops by looking for Will and runs into her nemesis, Nora. They exchange a few words, well actually Lindsay does most of the exchange, then they both leave. Later, Cris comes by, but Jess doesn't let him in. He stands on the wrong side of the door (outside) and proclaims his love for her.

Diner (Sam, Lindsay, Nora & Will)

Will tells Nora that he can no longer work for her due to a conflict of interest. When she asks the conflict is, it walks through the door. Yep, its Lindsay and she is none to pleased to find Will with Nora.

Lodge (Bo dreaming)

Bo dreams of Drew. In the dream, Drew is in uniform and behaving sort of trance like. He puts on his hat and places the fishing lure Bo gave him, inside his pocket. All the while Bo is asking him where he's going and what about the fishing trip. Do you see the calamity coming now? Bo wakes up puzzled.

Police Dept. (Drew & Sykes)

Drew is in the locker room when Sykes comes in. As Sykes takes off his shirt, Drew notices and comments on a cut on Sykes chest. He asks if it was a knife wound from an arrest. Sykes just looks away silently.

Friday, September 11, 1998

Due to breaking news events, One Life To Live did not air today. The episode that was scheduled to air on Friday, September 11th, will now air on Monday, September 14th.

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