One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 21, 1998 on OLTL
Clint filed for divorce after learning that Lindsay had given Jessica money to run away. Bo had proof that Barbara was Drew's killer. Téa received annulment papers. Max and Blair were indicted. Cassie held Barbara at gunpoint.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 21, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, December 21, 1998


Jessica returns home with Viki. She's glad to be home, but refuses to forgive Clint for accusing Cris of kidnapping. During an extended chat with her mom, she lets it slip that she had cash while on the run, and Viki pounces all over it. Eventually, Jess relents and tells Viki that it was Lindsay who provided the means. Viki does a pretty good job of hiding how angry this tidbit of news makes her, and settles Jessica down for a nap. While she's sleeping, Viki scoots to scold Lindsay (see below), but returns in time to be there when her daughter awakens. Jess is worried that she won't be able to love her child the way Viki loves her.


While dining in Renee's restaurant, Bo makes Asa's eyes boggle when he tells of being waylaid by Nora's doctor for a blood test to see if he carries the same worrisome gene Nora possesses. He isn't tremendously worried, since both parents must have the gene for the baby to be in danger. What bothers him is that Nora didn't tell him. Asa takes a deep breath. He's been around more pregnant women than Bo has and knows how irrational they are, but for the pain of labor, they're entitled to such whims. He suggests that Bo give Nora some space. Bo is ok with that. He simply doesn't want to be shut out.

Meanwhile in Sam's office, Nora's flipped out about the whole gene thing. Sam is going to take the test, and will make sure no one will know he fathered the baby. She feels downright crappy for lying to Bo, but Sam tries to pep her up by reminding her of how independent and strong she used to be, and still is. (heh) He recommends she keep her eyes on the goal of a happy and healthy baby, and is quite loving and tender with her.

Later in the day, we see Sam in a clinic for the test, and he asks the nurse that the results be sent to Chicago. The nurse knows who he is, but complies with his request. Nora comes home to Bo, acting extremely enthusiastically happy. Bo calls her on it, and tells her that he knows there may be a problem with the baby. He wants to know why she's not sharing. She fumbles that she just didn't want to make it real by telling him, but Bo continues pressing. He lists the ways she's been avoiding informing him of rather large decisions about their child. He knows she's not the denying type. Nora writhes with guilt. She admits she's anxious, and promises not to lie about the baby anymore. He assures her that though he wants the baby, she's his life, heart and soul. They cuddle, and he leaves to get some chili dogs.


In Clint's office, he and Lindsay have an agitated discussion, and he's damned if he knows if they have anything to salvage from their marriage. Their talk meanders around what went wrong between them during their children's crises, then takes a turn for the good when he lists the ways he likes her. She wants to build something out of the ashes of their marriage, but he's still resisting. She thinks the two of them simply reacted badly when they couldn't get their way, and Clint is suddenly charmed. At this point he's willing to try again with the typical ground rules..... no more lies or secrets.

He leaves the office momentarily, and Lindsay basks in the glow of a battle won, but not for long. Viki arrives, infuriated. Clint returns with a bottle of champagne before Viki can let Lindsay have it, so Viki tries her best to encourage Clint to leave them to their talk. He refuses. Eventually, Viki shrugs and starts, but first she makes it clear to Lindsay that in trying to make Clint leave, she was protecting *him*, not her. Then, she lets both barrels fly, laying into Lindsay for giving Jessica the money. As Lin tries to make excuses, Viki hears the real truth behind her actions.... that Lindsay knew way back then that Will was the father, and the reason she gave Jessica the money was so that her dream of Will's life would not be stunted by having to care for a baby. With a final glare to Clint, Viki leaves.

Asa arrives in time to witness the nasty beginning of the forthcoming nasty end of Clint and Lindsay's marriage. She vows to tear the Buchanans apart in the divorce. After she stomps off, Asa tries to calm Clint down, but Clint is in a rage.

A bit later, Nora (at home, awaiting the chili dogs) calls Sam (back in his office) and discovers he took the test and all. He promises that the next time they talk, he'll tell her that the test results are negative. Before he can be more reassuring, Lindsay arrives in his office. He hangs up. She asks him to handle her divorce. At Nora and Bo's, Clint arrives, asking her to represent him in his divorce. Nora blatantly wobbles and tries to look strong all at the same time.

Tuesday, December 22, 1998

Clint, Bo, Nora, Asa, Lindsay, Sam and Will

Clint goes over to Nora's house to try to convince her to be his divorce attorney. Nora tries every excuse she can come up with to discourage him, that she's too personally involved in the case, that it would be too dificult on her because of her pregnancy. Bo arrives home and helps Clint shoot down every excuse. Nora knows that her taking the case will anger Lindsay, possibly enough to reveal her secret, but Bo and Clint give her no choice. Meanwhile, Will is helping Lindsay convince Sam to represent her in the divorce.

At the Country Club, Asa is very upset with Nora when he learns that she took the case. She knows what it could mean, Nora tells him, but they gave her no choice. Asa goes off to settle the matter the way he usually does, with money. He offers Lindsay a large sum of money to quietly and quickly divorce Clint. She seems about to agree, but then goes ballistic when she learns Nora will be Clint's attorney. She wouldn't dare, would she?, Lindsay says in disbelief. But one look at Nora's face tells her that it's true. She goes back to her table, where she was sitting with Will and Sam and informs Sam who his opponent in the divorce trial will be. Nora and Sam exchange unhappy looks from across the room.

Jessica, Viki, Joey, Kevin and Clint

At Llanfair, Jessica and Viki are discussing the pregnancy. Jessica doesn't think she's cut out to be a mother, she's still a child herself. Jessica's a young woman now, Viki tells her, and once she has the baby, she will instinctively know what to do. But Viki will not tell Jessica what she should do about the pregnancy, this is one decision she has to make on her own. Kevin and Joey burst into the room, full of holiday cheer. They drag Jessica off to go pick out a Christmas tree. While they are looking at the trees, Jessica encounters a young mother with her baby and helps her by holding the baby for a while. Even though Kevin comes over to help her out, Jessica is still very spooked by the experience. They head back to Llanfair and get ready to put up the tree. What Jess doesn't know is that Clint is there, he came over to tell Viki about his divorcing Lindsay. Jessica is furious with Clint, insisting that she will never forgive him for posting that "wanted" poster of Cristian. Jessica storms out, leaving Clint very sad and upset.

Carlotta and Cristian

Meanwhile, over at the diner, Cristian takes out his anger on a diner customer and then on Carlotta. Carlotta tries to reason with him, that the baby is Will's too and Cris can't just make all the decisions and cut Will out. Cristian doesn't see it that way and is very hurt that Jessica called off the ceremony at the last second.

Wednesday, December 23, 1998

Written by: Marina Lawson

Kevin & Cassie's House

It is morning and Cassie is looking sadly out the window as Kevin comes downstairs. He wishes her good morning and she asks him how he slept. Kevin tells her not as good as when he sleeps with her. He tells her she looks beautiful. They engage in idle chit chat about Christmas cards when Kevin tells her he has to leave. Cassie says she was hoping they might spend some time together. He tells her that Bo wants him to come by the house because Bo still has Drew on his mind. When Cassie asks if it's about the killer, Kevin explains that Bo still does not believe that Munk was the shooter. Cassie selfishly says it won't bring Drew back or get her out of her chair. Kevin says those facts are important to remember; the bullets were meant for him and he has a personal stake in all of it, then abruptly changes the subject. Kevin says they'll decorate the Christmas tree when he gets home and wants Cassie to invite Andrew and River. He then asks Cassie if Barbara will be there and she tells him "any minute". Kevin then leaves telling her he'll see her later.

Bo & Nora's

Bo is studying pictures of the crime scene and of Barbara. He looks at two pictures and makes a connection.

Andrew's Church

Andrew comes in to talk to Barbara. He asks if she wants to go to his office and she says she wants to stay there. Andrew says God is everywhere. She asks if God was there when she shot Drew and why didn't he stop her? Andrew tells her it was free will and how sometimes it's not used responsibly. Barbara asks Andrew if he saw her father the other night and if he threatened him. He says it was a warning. Barbara tells him she wishes he hadn't done it. Andrew says he intends to see River grow up and said he had told the Congressman that he wasn't the only one who knew her secret. Frightened, Barbara asks Andrew if he told her father Cassie knew, and he says no. She says she doesn't want anyone else to get hurt and it has to stop.

The Palace Dining Room

Téa and Hank are having breakfast and she shows him The Sun's headline. She tells him it's a simple case of perjury. As Hank starts to give Téa advice, across the room Max is wishing Renee a good morning by giving her a kiss. Renee tells Max to save his good stuff for someone else and points to Téa and Hank. Max notes that Hank is not smiling.

As Téa reads Hank his quotes from The Sun, Hank tells Téa that his comments were taken out of context. Téa again tells Hank that it's perjury and Max sneaks up on them. Téa rolls her eyes.

The Courthouse

Sam and Nora bump into each other and drop their papers. Nora picks up Sam's papers. They both realize that they are representing Lindsay and Clint. Nora says that Lindsay is watching her like a hawk. Sam tells her there is a simple solution, she could refuse to represent Clint. Nora tells him he could do the same. He smiles and nods.

The Palace Restaurant

Max makes himself at home at Hank and Téa's table and immediately begins to bait them. Téa tells Max that she has Hank's full support. Max asks if it's personally as well as professionally? Téa falls for the bait and begins to tell Max what the facts are for her case (and Hank said she was a smart attorney?). Max tells her it will be hard to prove since Todd will not be back to testify and no one knows where he is. Téa says she won't need Todd. Max asks her what her strategy is and Hank interrupts. As Renee approaches the table to ask if they need anything, Max again baits her and asks Téa if she wants to do her "I am woman, hear me roar speech". When Hank begins to ask what it was about, Téa looks uncomfortable. Max then climbs on a chair and does his imitation of Téa's speech at Club Indigo. Téa tries to dismiss Max, but he continues to antagonize Téa with Hank looking on. Téa tries to push back by asking Max if he is ready to confess to perjury. When Max asks if she wants to cut a deal, Téa says she doesn't deal when it's open and shut case. Max turns to Hank and asks if that's how he wants to handle it. Hank says that it's between him and his ADA and gets up to leave the table, telling Téa he will see her in the office. Max says, "Delgado is in the dog house" and she asks Max to stop saying it, it's "Ms. Delgado". Hank then tells Max that he is 100% behind Téa. She starts to sputter something and Hank tells her they'll discuss it back at the office. Téa tells Max she won't be intimated by the likes of him.

Andrew's Church

Andrew asks Barbara if her decision is influenced by her father. She says she was influenced, but not by anything he said. Barbara tells him she can't deal with the lies anymore, and doesn't know how anyone can love her, but Joey does. She asks Andrew if love can still save a person. Andrew says that's what Christ taught and Barbara says she'll confess. He says that Joey is compassionate and he will forgive her. She cries as Andrew tells her that he wishes she had met Joey sooner. He encourages her to go to the authorities after she tells Joey. She and Andrew pray together and he embraces her. Barbara then says Cassie worries her--what will happen to Cassie's marriage when Kevin finds out how sick she is?

Kevin & Cassie's

Cassie the psycho is drinking coffee. She rolls her wheelchair over and shuts off the Christmas music. She anchors her chair and puts both feet on the ground and stands up.

Nora & Bo's

Bo and Kevin are looking over the photos Bo was looking at earlier. They discuss the evidence in the case: the shoes, the "B" or "R" that Drew "drew" in the ground, when Kevin adds that Cassie has the description of the killer's eyes. Kevin says he thinks Andrew knows the killer, the Grahams have been long time parishioners, and that Barbara has something to hide, he can feel it. Bo asks if he thinks Graham is behind the killing. Kevin answers that Graham might want him killed for hurting Barbara. Bo tells him that he thinks the first part of his theory is wrong and proceeds to tell him his theory--the color of the eyes was wrong (it was too dark for Cassie to see), Sykes did not check out one of the alibis--the shooter was Barbara. Kevin is stunned and Bo shakes his head yes.

The Palace Restaurant

Max tells Téa that since Todd is not around to punish, Téa is punishing him and Blair. As Téa tells him that he and Blair ended up with The Sun, he tells her she ended up with a lot of money. She narrows her eyes and says it's not about her. Max says no amount of money will make up for the tricks Todd has played, and starts to tick off all of Todd's bad deeds (has Max ever heard the term, "people who live in glass houses...") who he has hurt, etc. Max then reminds Téa how Todd hurt her at her own wedding as Téa starts to look uncomfortable again (Téa needs to get her backbone back). Max tries to sweet talk her about what The Sun can do for her by numbering her accomplishments. Téa says if she cooperates and drops the charges, would Max make it worth her while? Max says exactly, and she FINALLY gets up to leave! Max thanks her for breakfast and tells her he'll reciprocate by taking her to lunch later. Téa shakes her head and leaves. Renee asks Max if Téa has torn up the subpoena. Max says not yet.

The Courthouse

Sam tells Nora that if he represents Lindsay he can control her, but if Nora represents Clint, Lindsay will retaliate. When Nora asks if the retaliation entails revealing the father of her baby, Sam tells her that the baby is hers and Bo's, but all Lindsay has to do is sow the seeds of doubt; the suspicion alone will damage her marriage. Nora shakes her head and starts to list all of her problems--the possible genetic defect, the divorce and how Asa offered Lindsay a blank check. Sam is surprised that Lindsay refused the check, but Nora says Lindsay does not want money, but her head on a pike to display on the Buchanan castle wall (great imagery) or to serve her heart up on a platter to Bo.

Bo & Nora's

Kevin can't believe that Barbara killed Drew. Bo says she was aiming at him. He says he didn't have proof until now and shows Kevin the picture he's been studying. Kevin realizes that they are the pictures Joey took the night of the shooting. Bo tells him to look closely. Kevin can't see Barbara in the picture until Bo points out the flower in Barbara's hair. Barbara has a flower in her hair in the picture Joey took of her at the hospital; and there is flower in the background of a picture of people at the gallery party. Kevin realizes that Barbara would only have one reason to be at the party, to shoot him. Kevin says he has to call Cassie; Barbara was due at the house to give Cassie physical therapy. Bo tells Kevin not to alarm Cassie. Kevin calls Cassie and asks if Barbara is there yet. As she asks why, Barbara comes in the door.

Cassie asks Kevin if everything is all right. He tells her Bo's theory about who shot Drew and put her in the wheelchair--Bo has proof. Cassie tells Kevin she doesn't need to hear it and Kevin presses on, telling her it's Barbara. Kevin tells her he knows it's a shock and for her to lock all the doors and not to let anybody in, not realizing that Barbara is already there. He tells her he's on his way home and she tells him she'll be fine. Cassie hangs up the phone. Barbara asks her if it was Kevin and is he coming home. Cassie starts to bark orders at her and Barbara tells her she's not going to be her slave any more. She tells Cassie that she thought if she didn't say anything, no one else would have to suffer, but that her actions are hurting Andrew, River and Joey; she was going to confess. When Cassie sarcastically tells her she already confessed to Andrew and God, Barbara says after she tells Joey, she's going to the police. Cassie says no, she's not going to let her, Barbara is not doing to destroy her marriage.

The Courthouse

Téa sees Hank at the Courthouse and tells him that she realizes that she didn't handle the situation with Max well. Hank tells her she let it get personal (what an understatement). When Téa asks if he wants her to back off on the perjury case, he asks her if she has the goods to indict, to go for the case, but not to be afraid to drop the charges.

Téa is about to go into court when an assistant bring her annulment papers for her to sign. Téa looks down at the papers sadly.

Inside the Courtroom

Nora and Sam are still discussing the Lindsay situation ad nauseum. Sam tells her that Will blames himself for the problems that Clint and Lindsay are having. He tells her Will begged him to take the case. Sam is looking downcast and he tells her he meant to stay away from her, but this case has thrown them together and when it's all over, they'll go their separate ways. Nora starts to lose it again (those pregnancy hormones are on overload) and Sam holds her hands and embraces her. Hank walks in on the moment.

As Hank enters the room, Sam and Nora break apart. Hank realizes he has walked in on an emotional moment and Nora attributes it to hormones, and explains that she and Sam are on opposite ends of a divorce case. Hank is looking at both of them and doesn't seem to be buying their story. Sam says he has to leave, asks if she is okay, and then goes on his merry way.

Nora tries to cover with more of the hormone story as Hank tries to comfort her. She reminds him she was this way with Rachel; he remembers that she was the Rock of Gibraltar. Hank tells her maybe she needs some rest and Nora very sternly tells him she's fine and to leave it alone. Hank tells her he cares about her and asks if there is anything he can do. She says there is nothing he can do and to drop it. She turns away as Hank looks at her suspiciously.

Sam is standing outside the courtroom looking pensive and worried.

The Palace Restaurant

Max (who obviously has no life) is critiquing The Sun as Renee asks him, "don't you have an office"? and that 2% didn't get him as much as he thought. Max tells her he definitely has control. They commiserate about Max's perception about women (how they eat out of the palm of his hand) and Renee reminds Max that in spite of Téa's blind spot for Todd, she is one smart cookie. Max doesn't feel he has anything to worry about; he has a lunch date with the ADA and by dessert, the charges will be dismissed. Renee says she will keep a lot of money her in checking account for bail just in case.

Kevin & Cassie's

Barbara tells Cassie she is confessing for Cassie's sake. Cassie tells her she is sick and Barbara counters, no, you're the one who is sick. Cassie sarcastically says it takes one to know one. Barbara tells her that at least she feels guilty for what she's done, that Cassie's heart is getting harder and harder and that it's affecting Kevin. Cassie then sarcastically laments that Kevin is married to a cripple, but who made her that way? Barbara says she's willing to accept responsibility and Cassie continues to snipe at her. Barbara tells her to stop, just let the law punish her. Cassie tells her that Kevin and Bo are on their way to the house with the proof that she shot Drew and her. Barbara is resigned to this, hoping she will be able to tell Joey; Cassie tells her she's not going to tell anyone anything. As Barbara tries to reason with Cassie, Cassie laughs her maniacal laugh again. Barbara finally says she will do it Cassie's way, she owes her that. "Yes, you do" Cassie says.

The Courthouse

Téa is sitting on the bench outside the courtroom. Max sits down and begins to tell her about a little inn outside of town where they can have lunch. Téa says she will have to take a raincheck and Max tries to make it dinner. Téa says it would be awkward. Max asks if it's because she's investigating him. She responds that she's not investigating him anymore. Max says he knew it wouldn't happen because Téa is so smart. Téa says she's not investigating him any longer because the grand jury was assembling in the courtroom and he was first on her list of witnesses.

Cassie & Kevin's

Bo and Kevin arrive and find no one at home--both Barbara and Cassie are gone. Kevin says that he told Cassie to lock everything and Bo asks if Barbara has a key. They begin to talk about what could have happened and can only surmise that Barbara "must have gotten to her".

Andrew's Church

Barbara asks Cassie why she had the cab bring them to the church. Cassie tells her it's because it's where she confessed. Barbara regrets having involved Andrew. Cassie, her voice dripping with sarcasm, tells her the only reason she confessed was to ease her conscience (why Barbara doesn't just leave is beyond me). Barbara tells her that in order to begin healing, she had to confess to heal others, including Cassie, she just wants to end it all. Cassie tells her to say her prayers and looks at her with a crazed expression.

Thursday, December 24, 1998

Cassie held Barbara at gunpoint and forced her up to the bell tower of St. James Church. Cassie then insisted Barbara must die. Under pressure from Bo, Sykes admitted that he was the anonymous caller that gave Kevin clues about the murder. Sykes also said that Senator Graham had prevented Barbara from confessing. An APB was put out on Barbara and Cassie. Andrew admitted to Kevin that Barbara had confessed to him. Bo later told Kevin that he suspected Cassie had known about Barbara's guilt for some time. Meanwhile, Max and Blair's perjury case was heard by the grand jury with Nora representing Max and Sam representing Blair. After Max and Blair testified, they were indicted and sent to jail. Téa was then faced with the decision of whether or not to prosecute them.

Friday, December 25, 1998

One Life to Live will not be shown today.

Merry Christmas!!

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