One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on OLTL
Jen blamed herself for her parents' divorce. Roseanne asked R.J. to get rid of Colin. Will blamed Cristian for Jen's drinking. Melanie had a bad feeling about Nora. The entire police force searched for Colin after Nora's drugging.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on OLTL
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Monday, March 12, 2001

Cristian gently reminds Jen that running away won't solve anything but she continues to blame herself for her parents' divorce. Lindsay hints to R.J. that a good dose of the amnesia drug will eliminate Colin as a threat once and for all. Melanie feigns ignorance when Bo wonders what secret her ex could be holding over her head. Meanwhile, Colin eavesdrops from his hiding place as Sam tells Nora how outraged he is by the fact that a sicko like Dr. McGiver has gotten off scot free. Certain Nora is still in danger, Sam urges her to let him stay but she assures him she's perfectly safe at home alone. Roseanne nervously covers as Antonio questions her about her connection to Colin. Sam misreads the situation when he returns home to find Jen struggling with Cristian. Colin sneaks up on Nora and jabs her with the loaded syringe. Sophia clams up when Antonio muses about why Roseanne was invited to the weird gathering at the Cherryvale Inn. Across town, Roseanne begs R.J. to get rid of Colin before he ruins her life.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Sam tries to ease Jen's worries that she caused her parents divorce. He is furious with Colin for manipulating his daughter. Jen apologizes for causing her parents break-up, and for making Lindsay go crazy. When Sam questions what she is talking about, Jen rambles on about how she doesn't think her mother could intentionally hurt Nora. Sam demands to know what Colin told Jen, but she insists there was nothing more to tell. Later, Jen quietly slips out of the house unnoticed.

Will confronts Cristian, and blames him for serving Jen alcohol. Cris responds by saying that Will doesn't know a thing about what is really going on in Jen's life. Will demands Cris tell him what he knows about Jen. Cris finally explains how upset Jen is about the divorce and how Colin blamed her and gave her a serious guilt trip. Will exclaims that he could kill Colin and goes after him. Jessica is left behind and yells at Cris for getting Will so worked up. He tell her it's her problem, not his!

Lindsay arrives at R.J.'s wanting to know where the amnesia drug is. R.J. replies that it takes time, but she responds that they don't have anymore time. R.J. decides that he is going to deal with Colin and calls on his buddies to create a "disturbance" that will distract the law enforcement. Lindsay pleads with R.J. not to kill Colin because the letters he wrote would expose them both. R.J., however, is not worried because there is no proof that connects him with the drug that was given to Nora. Lindsay leaves, determined to deal with Colin on her own. Meanwhile, R.J. packs a gun, and leaves his apartment.

Antonio questions Roseanne at her motel room. He wants to know what Colin is holding over her head. Reluctantly, Roseanne fibs that Colin tried to hit on her at a bar one night, and then followed her back to her motel. She said she let him in to try to get rid of him, which is when Sophia arrived and found them together. Antonio wants to know why she was hiding that from him is she didn't do anything wrong. Roseanne claims she is afraid of Colin because of what he did to Nora. Antonio gets called to duty, but before he leaves, he assures Roseanne that it isn't over with Colin, and that he will see to it personally that Colin leaves Llanview. Worried about Antonio confronting Colin, Roseanne grabs her coat and quickly leaves...

Bo gently wakes Lanie from a nightmare about Colin. He is worried about what Colin is doing to her. Lanie claims she can handle him, but is concerned about Nora. Bo insists that Sam is with Nora, and that she is fine. As Bo is called away on official police business, Lanie can't shake the feeling she has about Nora. When she tries Nora's house, there is no answer. Soon after, Lanie shows up at Nora's and finds the door wide open, with Nora's purse laying on the ground. She grabs the purse and hurries out.

Meanwhile, Colin has set up his bedroom for a night of pleasure with his beloved Nora. Nora is drugged and tries to fight off Colin in vain. He lays her on the bed and unbuttons her blouse. He insists that she loves him too, and that Bo and Sam are just filling her head with ideas otherwise. He tells her that he didn't hold her captive because she wanted to be with him. Nora's memory begins to flashback and she remembers the horrors of being held against her will. As Colin begins to kiss and grope Nora, the doorbell rings. He tries to ignore it, but the person begins to bang on the door. As Colin opens the front door, it is obvious he recognizes who it is...

March 14, 2001

One hour after Colin answers his door....

Cris arrives at Sam's place, in search of Jen. The door is wide open and the house is dark and silent. Soon after, Jess arrives looking for Will. Llanview Hospital is busy as Will walks in, his face bruised and bleeding. His hands are bruised and he appears to be in shock as a nurse tends to his wounds. He tells her he's been in a fight. Roseanne returns to her motel room, upset. At the police station there is talk of alarms going off everywhere. Lanie runs in, distraught, searching for Bo. He strides in with John; she tells him that he needs to get to Colin's house because Nora is there. He dashes off before she can finish. At Colin's, Nora is lying on the floor, unconscious.

At Sam's house, Jess and Cris are nervous and think something strange is going on - neither Will nor Jen can be found. As they discuss the situation, Jen suddenly appears wondering why the duo is in her house. When Jess inquires about Will, she insists she does not know where he is and appears to become agitated. After Jess leaves, Cris questions Jen further on her whereabouts of the evening. She denies going to Colin's house and says she just went for a walk and that she doesn't know where Sam is either. Colin doesn't believe her but she insists so he goes. Jen begins to cry.

R.J. leaves a message for Lindsay at the studio, sounding upset and telling her he needs to speak with her. She returns home looking disheveled and breathing heavily. Lanie is waiting in the dark for her return and looks like she's seen a ghost. She mentions that Nora is in trouble at Colin's house and blames herself for everyone's problems with him. She tells Lindsay she had to stop him and now knows why Lindsay has done certain things. If you're backed into a corner, you do what you have to do. She accuses Lindsay of ignoring her cries for help and runs off to find Bo again. Conscience Nora pays Lindsay a visit and tells her she should be ashamed for her treatment of her sister but Lindsay does not feel guilty and she has nothing to say. The Nora vision fades and Lindsay grabs a drink. She plays R.J.'s message and says that they will have nothing to talk about in the future.

The police arrive at Colin's house with flashlights and guns drawn. R.J. is hiding in the bushes but leaves upon their arrival. After finding nothing downstairs they begin to head upstairs when Sam begins down the stairway with Nora in his arms. He's called an ambulance and indicates to Bo that she's been drugged. Bo wonders why Sam thinks this and also wants to know about Colin but the ambulance approaches and Sam dodges the questions. John calls for Bo to come upstairs where the bedroom is a mess and they find the syringe. Bo wants an immediate all out search for Colin as he heads for the hospital.

R.J. pays Roseanne a visit and warns her not to go to Colin's house because it's full of cops and tells her he'll handle everything. He refuses to divulge any information to her and soon Antonio is knocking on the door. R.J. hides as Antonio strides in, looking around for Colin. Roseanne denies seeing him and agrees to call the police if she does. Antonio will only confirm that something has happened. After he leaves, R.J. notes that Colin may never be found.

Nora is wheeled in while Will slips out and heads for home before Sam can see him. Bo arrives with the bagged needle that was found and turns it in for analysis. Sam is extremely upset since he didn't stay with Nora when he thought he should have. Bo again wonders why Sam thought that she was drugged and Sam replies that he could just tell by looking at her. He admits going to Colin's house to speak with him but the door was open and he was gone. He found Nora lying on the landing. He goes to sit by Nora's bedside and apologizes for leaving her. He tells her they will never have to worry about Colin again. Bo tells the doctor he wants Nora checked for sexual assault. Lanie finds Bo.

Jess returns home to find Will who refuses to face her. She finally grabs him and turns him around and shrieks when she sees his face. He claims to have been in a bar fight and refuses to discuss it further as he's tired and wants to go to bed. Jess is doubtful of Will's story.

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Asa's house

Asa tries to throw Max out, but Max convinces Asa to let him stay by threatening to tell Bo about the hit on Ben. Max also reminds Asa how it would look to Bo for Asa to kick Max out after defending him. Max tells Asa he still cares for him, then Asa leaves. Starr arrives, screaming at Max for tricking her parents. However, as Nigel tries to throw her out, she pretends to be sorry. As Max consoles her, she steals his credit card, then asks Nigel to take her home. Later, Asa is alone and Ben barges in to confront him about the bodyguards.

Kelly's house

After bailing Blair out, Kelly and Blair go to Kelly's house. Kelly tries to persuade Blair to relax and lay low, but Blair insists that they need a plan, that they have to prove to the world that Blair is crazy. Todd bursts in and tries to convince Blair that he can fix everything. Blair is upset that Todd decided to believe her story because of Max and she tells him to leave her alone. Kelly and Blair then team up and decide for Blair to crash Max's luncheon and throw herself at him. Kelly puts the plan into action by calling Max to warn him that Blair is coming.

Todd's house

Starr screams at Todd, telling him to fix everything. Todd tells Starr that Max wrecked everything, and he may not be able to fix it. Starr then says she's going to take care of Max, and we later see her on the phone using Max's credit card.

Viki's house Ben and an overly tense Viki discuss the latest troubling events, and Ben tries to convince her to relax. Jessica arrives, a little upset that nobody told her Ben's true identity. Viki explains that Ben didn't want her to tell, and that there may be a medical explanation for Asa's behavior. She also tells Jess the story of how she learned the truth. As the three prepare for breakfast, two men of unknown identity barge in looking for Ben. We later learn they are bodyguards hired by Asa. Though Ben is appalled and sends them packing, they hang around and drag in Gina saying she was "snooping." Ben leaves to discuss the situation with Asa. As Viki has already left , this leaves Jess and Gina alone in the house. Gina tries to make nice with Jess and helps her move boxes from the attic, all the while questioning Jess about Ben and Viki. Viki calls from the office and is upset that Gina is alone with Jess. She says she is coming home, but first begins an Internet search about Gina.

Police Station

Todd tells Hank that he might recant his testimony about Blair, and Hank threatens to take away Todd's immunity. Hank also says he can get Blair without Todd, due to having Blair's clothes. Todd then sneaks into the police locker room and puts on a uniform.

Friday, March 16, 2001

Llanview Hospital ľ Nora's Room

Sam is sitting next to Nora's bed when Bo comes into the room and hears Sam say "The nightmare is over, Nora. Colin is gone. It's over, for good." Bo leans over and asks how Nora is. Startled, Sam tells Bo that Nora has been restless and that he thinks the drugs still have a grip on her. Bo is surprised by the plural utilization of the term drugs, and Sam explains that Dr. Larry Woleck said that Colin had given Nora a combination of drugs. After Sam asks if there is any word on Colin's whereabouts, Bo says the flight Colin was booked on had left without him, but the entire police force was looking for him. Sam tells Bo that he wouldn't be surprised if Colin had completely vanished. Bo replies "Sam, I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet. Are you?" Sam doesn't reply.

Lindsay and Lanie are outside Nora's room when Lanie expresses concern for Nora. Lindsay replies not to worry about "poor Nora", "She's got so many cops watching over her, she might as well be the first lady." Lanie says that Nora is where she is because of them, but Lindsay disagrees. "This is Colin's work. The fastest syringe in the west." Lindsay proclaims. Lanie says that they should have stopped him before it went this far. "We should have seen it coming." "Well at least we can see it going, because Colin's gone for good." Lindsay replies. "How do you know, Mom? How do you know that Colin's gone?" Will says as he walks up behind Lindsay.

The Banner

Viki has entered Gina Russo's name into a search engine on the Internet and comes up with a picture of Gina and a newspaper article with the headline that reads "Crime Boss Daughter To Marry Mob Lieutenant. Viki prints the article and leaves.

Buchanan Mansion

Asa tells Ben "Get out of my house. Get out of my damned life." Ben replies that he was just about to ask Asa to do the same thing. Ben opens the doors to show Asa the bodyguards and says that the bodyguards told him that Asa had hired them to "babysit" him to which Asa replies "So?" Ben then tells the two guards to go get a cup of coffee or chew nails or "something", but the guards don't move until they get a nod of the head from Asa. Ben tells Asa "I don't get it. You go around threatening to kill me, then you hired armed guards to protect me. It doesn't make sense." Asa asks Ben if he is saying that he doesn't need backup. "You've been dodging bullets since your wedding day!" Asa yells. "That has nothing to do with you." Ben shouts back. "The hell it doesn't!" Asa yells at Ben.

Palace Hotel

Max is talking to the mayor at the Chamber of Commerce "Business Man of the Year" Luncheon. Kelly comes in, grabs Max by the arm and asks him if Blair has shown up yet. Max says he is beginning to have doubts about Kelly's story, but Kelly insists that the story is true, although she wishes it weren't true because Blair has been hurt enough and that Blair is in a terrible state of mind. Kelly is surprised that they didn't cancel the luncheon since everyone knows what Max did. Max says that Asa didn't charge him with fraud nor throw him out of the mansion, so Max Buchanan is still somebody in Llanview. In fact, next to Asa Buchanan, he is the most important somebody in Llanview. Max feels his continued power is why Blair has had a change of heart. Kelly assures him that he almost succeeded winning Blair back before he drugged her and that her obligation to Todd was all that stopped her and now that Todd was out of the picture, Blair apparently still has feelings for Max. Max says that if Blair shows up and ruins his day, he will have her thrown out. About that time, the Mayor asks everyone to be seated. The mayor says that maybe they can start off with a real Llanview "Hello!" and at just that minute, Blair come running into the room with her arms outstretched screaming hello to Max, throws her arms around him and kisses him passionately while everyone in the room applauds and cheers.

Llanview Police Station

Todd, who is dressed up in a police uniform and has on sun glasses has the keys to unlock the Evidence Room when John Sykes comes in and asks "Hey, officer have you got clearance for that?"


Jessie and Gina are having a cup of coffee together in the kitchen discussing the danger that Ben is in. Gina mentions that Viki is in danger too, along with her family. Jessie tells Gina that Viki loves Ben and that people take chances for love. Gina tells Jessie that Ben and Viki are lucky that they realized they were in love because people sometimes make mistakes and it's too late to put it right again. Jessie says she believes that everyone makes mistakes, but that eventually everyone ends up with who they are supposed to be with. Gina says she certainly hopes so. Viki comes in and Jessie says she has to leave. As she is hugging Viki, Jessie says "Watch out for her." referring to Gina. After discussing how much Jessie and Ben mean to her, Viki says that she finds it strange that Gina would be going after Tim Rourke since Gina was, at one time, engaged to marry Tim Rourke. She tells Gina about the photograph and article she found. Viki inquires "Who is it you are actually trying to help? My husband or your ex-fiancÚ?"

Buchanan Mansion

Ben asks Asa if he had something to do with the attempted hit on him. "Renee claims you are my son and if you are and there is a hit on you, it sure as hell has a lot to do with me." Ben reminds Asa that he doesn't believe that Ben is his son. Asa says that everyone knows how he feels about Ben and that he would be the number one suspect. Ben admits that is more like the Asa he knows. Asa asks Ben who is after him and Ben tells him it is someone even more ruthless than Asa "Some scum named Rourke." Asa responds "Rourke? Rourke is after you?" "You know Rourke? How's that?" Ben asks.

Llanview Police Station

Todd pulls his hat down over his eyes and replies to John that he has clearance from the commissioner. John asks what case Todd is on, but before he can get an answer, his prisoner tries to break away and another officer comes in and distracts John by telling him that there is some kind of disturbance at the Palace Hotel. The officer informs John that he hasn't gotten a partner yet and John tells "Officer Todd" to go to the Palace with the officer. Todd asks the officer what is going on and the officer replies "Some crazy woman crashed the mayor's luncheon at the Palace." Todd looks puzzled and leaves with the other officer.

Palace Hotel

Blair is all over Max, who is trying to push her away, shouting that Max saved her life by stopping her from marrying Todd. Max yells at Kelly to get Blair out of there immediately. Blair tells Kelly that she wants Max to take her home. She sees the mayor and starts saying that the mayor can marry she and Max. Max continues to avoid Blair and finally shouts "Get your hands off of me! Do you think I'm going anywhere with you? You shot me in the back." The crowd gasps and Blair starts saying that everything is red the she shouts "No! No, Max. You can't destroy me and get away with it. Do you hear me? No, I'm going to stop you." Then she starts digging in her purse.

Llanview Hospital

Lindsay tells Will that she thinks it is safe to assume that Colin is gone or he would be in Nora's room "holding vigil with the rest of her worshipers". Will and Lanie both tell Lindsay to give it a rest that she knows what Nora has been through. Will says, "In fact you probably know more than Nora does..." when Lindsay interrupts (timing is everything) Will and asks what happened to his face. Will tells Lindsay that as far as she is concerned he walked into a door. Jessie comes in and Will starts to tell her what he knows about Nora. Lanie asks Lindsay why she is so sure that Colin is gone. Lindsay says she was just being optimistic. Lanie looks as if she is uncertain whether she believes Lindsay (imagine that!). Lindsay wonders if Nora wakes up if she will be able to tell anyone what happened. Lanie says, "I wonder."

Sam tells Bo that he hopes Colin does come back, but that he doesn't believe he will after having kidnapped Nora for a second time. Nora moans and Sam tells her that she is safe and she can come back. Nora wakes up suddenly and yells "Get away! Get away!" while Bo and Sam both tell her that she is Ok and that Colin is gone. "Where is he?" Nora asks Bo. "We don't know, but I'm going to find him. I swear he's never going to come near you again. I think you can help me. Tell me everything that you remember about last night. Do you remember anything at all?" Sam gazes at Nora with a questioning expression.


Gina tells Viki that she and Tim Rourke were over years ago. Viki asks if they were so over that Gina would like to put him in prison and Gina replies "For Ben? Yes. Absolutely." She and Viki discuss the kind of person Rourke was and is. Gina reminds Viki that at the time she was engaged to Rourke, she was part of the mob and that she was expected to marry Rourke for various reasons, none of which had anything to do with love. She says that she didn't marry Rourke because she could not get over her feelings for Ben. Gina tells Viki that she had told Ben all about her engagement and near marriage to Rourke and she is surprised that Ben didn't tell Viki about it. She says that Ben might not want her involved in their hunt for Rourke, but Viki says she is involved and will be in Ben's life forever. Gina tells Viki to stay out it or she could get hurt. Viki asks, "Are you threatening me?"

Buchanan Mansion

"I'm a business man, Benji," says Asa "Rourke came to me with a proposition a few months ago." Ben asks what kind of proposition, but Asa says it doesn't matter that he didn't like his terms and he passed. "So Rourke is on your tail. Hell, wait a minute, you're one of Rourke's kind. He wouldn't tangle with you unless you did something to give him a damned good reason." Asa continues. Ben asks Asa if he would have a better opinion of him if he had sliced up one of Rourke's soldiers and sent him back in a body bag. Asa responds that he would know that Ben could take care of himself and save him some trouble. Ben asks Asa "You want to help me out? You're a few decades too late. Where were you when Renee got pregnant and she knew she couldn't raise your kid on her own." Asa proclaims that he didn't know about that and Ben says that was because Renee was smart enough not to tell Asa because she knew how her rich oil man boyfriend would react to a bastard son. "But she did something really good for me. She got me adopted so I got the family that I never would have gotten with you." Asa says "Oh yeah, what a family", but Ben defends his "old man" by saying that he loved him, which is more than Asa would have ever done and that he taught Ben how to fight the mob if he ever had to and he didn't need Asa's bodyguards. Asa asks Ben what if someone took a shot at him and Ben tells him to let him worry about that. "No!" shouts Asa "You're not dying on me."

Palace Hotel

Max tells Blair not to make things worse than they already were. Blair pulls out what appears to be a can of red spray paint and starts spraying Max's suit. She starts ranting about how the last time Max fell. Kelly tries to calm a "distraught" Blair down and take her home. Max accuses Blair and Kelly of setting him up to the entire crowd. "Officer Todd" and the other policeman come into the room. Todd tells everyone to stop in the name of the law. Blair and Kelly look shocked when they recognize Todd. Blair grabs Max around the neck and points the spray can at him saying, "He's going to get it." Todd tells the other policeman to get Blair. Max tries to tell everyone that Todd is not a cop, but Todd distracts the crowd. Max asks Todd "Do you know what you are going to get for impersonating an officer?" Todd replies "Do you know what you are going to get for impersonating a Buchanan?" Max tells the other officer that Todd is not a police officer but is Todd Manning. The officer replies that he knows who the officer is "He's Sgt. Starr." Max asks Kelly to please tell the officer who he is taking orders from and Kelly responds "Sgt. Starr." Blair salutes and says "Hello, Sgt. Starr." Todd tells Max that he has been out voted. Blair slips out of the room and after an exchange with the younger officer, Todd says he is in pursuit and leaves. Max pulls Kelly to his side and asks, "What the hell is going on?" Kelly tells Max that Blair is completely detached from reality because of him. Max says he doesn't believe the act and tells Kelly that Blair and Todd are going to prison and she should get used to it then he walks off. Kelly looks very smug.

Todd chases Blair to the roof of the hotel and asks her what was going on. Blair tells Todd that she is trying to save her butt from going to jail and asks him what he is up to. Todd tells Blair that he was trying to steal the evidence from LPD so that he could save her. Blair asks him why and Todd replies "Well, why do you think?"

Llanview Hospital

Lanie says she hopes Nora doesn't remember a single thing and Lindsay asks why. Lanie says she doesn't want Nora to relive whatever it was that Colin did to her. Will says, "You don't have to convince Mom of that. If it were up to her, Nora would forget she ever knew Colin." Jessie expresses concern that if Nora doesn't remember; no one would ever be able to say what had really happened to her. Lindsay and Lanie give each other concerned looks.

Bo tells Nora "You may be the last person to see Colin before he disappeared. What is the last thing you remember about last night?" "Sam. Leaving my house." Nora replies "Then Colin was there and he had a needle. A hypodermic needle. Then I was in his bed. His red bed. I was in that bed remembering things from the time before when I was held captive. I could see..." Nora looks out the window into the hallway and sees Lindsay's back. "What?" Bo asks, "What did you see?" Nora continues to stare at Lindsay's back and looks as if she remembers seeing Lindsay in Colin's bedroom during the previous kidnapping.

Buchanan Mansion

"So you don't want me to die?" Ben asks. "Well this is a red letter day, Asa. We finally agree on something." Right then the bodyguards drag Max into the room. The bodyguards apologize to Asa for bothering him and explain that Max told them he lived there. Asa replies "I never saw that man before in my life." Max points out a picture of himself with Asa and Renee. Asa tells the bodyguards that he "forgot" Max had a room there. Ben turns to Asa and says, "So you're saying that Max lives here. You know, you almost had me. For a second there I thought...No, you've got the family you want and I've got mine." Ben leaves, but on his way out he tells the bodyguards they are fired and if they come near him again he will run them down with his car. Max and Asa glare at each other.


Gina tells Viki she is worried about her. She says she knows that Viki can take care of herself in a situation that she is familiar with, but that they are talking about a very different world and that Gina is familiar with it because she grew up in it. Gina tells Viki she is just in the way and that she will cause Ben to get hurt. Viki says that her place is by Ben's side. Gina tries to assure Viki that she really is just trying to save Ben's life, but Viki is not convinced. Gina goes out the back door, and Viki rushes out of the kitchen toward the front of the house.

Llanview Hospital

"What, Nora? What do you remember seeing?" Bo asks. Nora says she thought she had it, but she had lost it. Bo starts to tell Nora what the police had found including champagne, roses, candles and "enough narcotics to knock out an elephant", Sam interjects. "He was telling me that I was going to go away with him someplace where no one could find us and then he gave me champagne and then there was banging at the door." Nora continues. "So you weren't alone." Says Bo. "No." answers Nora "There was banging at the door. Was that you, Sam? Was that you?" Bo turns to look at Sam.

"Colin was gone by the time I found you, Nora." Sam replies. Nora said she was hoping someone was there to fill in the blanks. "So, we don't know where he is?" she asks Bo. Sam replies that he is sorry, but they don't know where Colin is. Nora takes Bo's hand and says "Bo, please find him." She says that it doesn't matter what happened the night before, that she is fine. Then she says "Matthew and Rachel. I want Matthew and Rachel. I want my kids." and she dozes off.

Bo and Sam walk out into the hall together. Lindsay asks Bo how Nora is and if she was able to tell him anything. Bo says that Nora didn't say anything. "Not anything at all?" Lindsay asks. "Nothing that you need to know, Lindsay." Bo replies. Sam says that Nora is back with them and that is all that matters. Bo takes Sam to the side to talk to him and we see Lindsay slip into Nora's room. Bo asks Sam what happened when he got to Colin's house and Sam replies that not much happened. He said Colin was already gone when he got there. Bo says that someone scared Colin away before he could hurt Nora. Lanie walks up and says, "Maybe it was me. I went to Colin's last night. I saw him. I might have stopped him."

Lindsay walks up to the edge of Nora's bed and watches her. Nora has her eyes closed and has a memory of a woman holding a needle about to inject it into someone. She opens her eyes and sees Lindsay staring at her.


Ben walks into the kitchen and yells "Blondie? Blondie, you here?"

Underground Parking Lot

Viki is sitting in her car looking at the printout of the article about Gina. She remembers several things. Gina telling her that she was glad Viki made Ben happy but that she wanted Ben back more than ever. Gina saying that she had been invisible to the mob for years and that she wouldn't risk exposure for anyone except Ben. Gina saying she would kill whoever shot Ben. Being at the hospital and asking Gina if she was furious because Ben had been shot or because her plan didn't work. Gina telling her that she and Ben had grown up in a cruel and deadly world and that she had finally managed to get out. Viki slides down in her car seat when she sees Gina coming down the stairs to meet a man. The man leans over and kisses Gina on the cheek as Viki continues to watch.

Palace Hotel

Kelly goes to the mayor and "apologizes" for Blair's behavior. She tells the mayor that Blair is the only family she has and that she is afraid and puts her arms around the mayor and lays her head on his chest for comfort. The mayor tells Kelly that he is terribly sorry and that Blair is obviously a very disturbed young woman.

Blair and Todd are still on the roof. Blair tells Todd thank you...for nothing. She says that she can fix it herself. She tells Todd that what he saw downstairs was just a dress rehearsal and she climbs up on the ledge and scoots herself off with Todd grabbing to save her.

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