One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 14, 2004 on OLTL
Todd and Blair made love, and Blair agreed to move back to the penthouse. Todd was arrested for stealing files from Buchanan Enterprises. Kevin left Kelly and moved to Llanfair. Natalie agreed to go on the run with Paul. Nigel proposed marriage to Roxy. Marcie was hurt when Michael had some suggestions on her manuscript.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 14, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, June 14, 2004

An unconscious Todd is trapped in the blazing community center. Starr and Travis are rescued by firefighters. Blair runs in to find Todd. Nigel overhears Roxy talking to Barry about the arson. Rex arrives in time to stop her but not for long. Blair gets to Todd and helps him escape the fire. Roxy tells the truth about Barry. Natalie walks in just in time to hear her confession but wants no part of it. Bo asks Roxy and Nigel a few questions. Bo tells Nigel and Roxy he doesn't believe the Community Center was the real target. Blair and Todd get out of the fire alive.

Evangeline and John have drink and a little flirting. John suggests to Evangeline that she takes Antonio off the case and let the police handle it. John goads Evangeline into another drink. After a few drinks Evangeline begins to feel the effects. John taunts her about her lack of spontaneity. To prove John wrong Evangeline kisses him. John warns Kathryn to be careful and to tell him if she is over her head. Evangeline calls John when she finds Kathryn dead in her office.

Kathryn looks for Paul. Kathryn threatens Natalie with jail if she knows where Paul is hiding. Jessica figures out that Natalie likes Paul because he's bad. Paul sneaks into Natalie's house and waits for her to get home. He asks her to come to Puerto Rico with him.

David has a talk with a Santi family employee name Tomas. Tomas wants to know Dorian's whereabouts. David lies to him and tells him she is in Mendora. Kelly mentions to David that Dorian called her from Mendora. David panics and leaves a message for Dorian to be on the lookout for Tomas and keep her gun close by.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Jessica doesn't want to get married over fears that she could become a widow. Jessica later gives Antonio a strip tease.

Todd asks Blair why she rescued him. Todd thinks it was instinct to save her husband. Blair and Todd Kiss. Todd leaves Dorian's to wait for Blair at the penthouse.

John identifies Kathryn's body in Evangeline's office. John wants Evangeline to give him all the information she has gathered on the Santi family. Evangeline tells John maybe Kathryn was on the take. John doesn't believe it. The bookkeeper who might have witnessed Kathryn's death turns up dead in the river.

Adriana wants her cross back from Carlotta. Carlotta refuses to give it to her. Adriana promises not to wear the necklace. Adriana accepts a ride from Rex because the bus line was cancelled due to the fire. River was not happy to see Adriana with Rex. Adriana puts on the necklace.

Viki stops by Natalie's. Natalie hides Paul in the back. Natalie wants to make a change in her life. John questions Sara the bar manager at the hook up about Paul and Kathryn. She denies knowing or even seeing them. The phone rings at the hook up. It was Paul asking Sara for a bonus. John grabs the phone from Sara. He hears Paul's voice on the other line. John threatens Paul to turn himself in. John asks Natalie if she has seen Paul. Natalie lies about seeing Paul. Rex asks Natalie to forget about knowing anything about the arson plan.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Grateful that he made it out of the fire alive, Blair goes to Todd and they make love, then agree that it's time for her and the kids to move back in with him.

A change of residence is also in store for Kevin, who announces to a crushed Kelly that he's moving back into Llanfair until their marital problems are ironed out. After getting incriminating evidence against Todd from Margaret, Kevin vows to put Todd behind bars.

Natalie and Paul plan to drive to Florida, then make their way to Puerto Rico. Natalie is unsettled when she sees Paul pack his gun, but he explains why he has to bring it with him. They later watch the news on TV, where Paul learns that he's the prime suspect in Kathryn's murder.

Rex is unable to make his loan payment to R.J., which forces the club into foreclosure. When Roxy learns of the pickle Rex is in, she confronts R.J. about destroying the only dream Rex ever had. A detective who is loaded with questions about the fire later approaches both her and Rex.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

After Nora tells Kevin that Todd was behind the problems at Buchanan Enterprises, she warns him that it will not be easy to prove. Kevin calls on Margaret to try once again to convince her to testify against Todd in court, but she declines. Todd gets a call about McKenzie's confession, but brushes it off. When the doorbell rings, he is surprised to see Margaret standing there. She asks him if they have a future, but Todd tells her that he is back together with Blair. Margaret runs out in tears and returns to the mansion to tell Kevin that she will get proof that Todd was out to sabotage his company.

Marcie's feelings are hurt when Michael makes suggestions about her manuscript. Jen and Riley prepare to spend their break in summer school. Riley is happily surprised when his father offers to come and see his band play.

Jessica asks to see Carlotta's bracelet, not realizing that it is a sore spot with the woman. When Carlotta lays into Antonio about using Jessica to get his hands on her bracelet, Jessica tries to apologize. Finding Carlotta on the docks, Antonio and Jessica are shocked when she throws the bracelet into the river. After his mother storms off, Antonio dives in for the jewelry. Once found, he realizes there is an inscription on the inside.

Roxy confesses to setting the fire in Angel Square to prevent Rex from getting into trouble before she realizes that he hasn't incriminated himself. Bo and Daniel listen to her story about hiring an arsonist to burn down Foxy Roxy's. Nora and Bo are surprised when Daniel states he is going to recommend hefty fines and community service for the two. Matthew is not happy when Nora accepts Daniel's invitation to lunch.

Friday, June 18, 2004

David wants to know who Ace's father is. At the police station, Bo and John realize that Paul is using Kelly's credit cards. John questions Kelly, but she denies that Paul is blackmailing her. While John is still talking to her, Paul calls.

Viki shares some memories with Jessica as they prepare for Ben's service. Natalie calls her mother, but denies being with Paul. As people start arriving for the service, Viki is thrilled to see Kevin and Todd shake hands in an apparent truce. Ben's ashes are laid to rest.

Kevin tells Nora he has proof that Todd stole documents from Buchanan Enterprises and he wants to press charges. Nora warns Kevin that this will upset Viki, but he is determined to follow through. During the service, Nora gets a call telling her that the papers from BE were found in Todd's office. She issues an arrest warrant. Todd and Blair's romantic evening is ruined when he is arrested.

Asa tells Roxy that he understands her motives for the planned arson and agrees to pay off her and Rex's fines. Lindsay agrees not to tell Jen that Rex lost his club. Lindsay and Jen take steps toward reconciliation. When Roxy lets it slip to Jen that Rex lost Ultraviolet, she rushes to see him, not knowing that he and Lindsay are on the verge of making love.

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