One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 3, 2006 on OLTL
Jessica experienced some of Tess's feelings. Claudia killed her father as he struggled with Nash. Kelly learned that she was pregnant. Viki and Clint shared a kiss. David disappeared, while Paige headed to Atlantic City to face punishment. Todd arranged for Jack and Starr to live with him. Adriana and Rex made love.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 3, 2006 on OLTL
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Monday, July 3, 2006

A drunken Kevin shows up at Dorian's demanding to see Kelly who is upstairs awaiting the results of her pregnancy test. When she comes down to see what Kevin wants, he hands her a box saying that it was the last of her things at the cabin. Kelly opens the box and discovers that it is a box of Ace's clothes that she was saving for her and Kevin's baby. She tells Kevin that she is going to donate the clothes to the church since it reminds her of everything that they have lost. Kevin insists she keep the clothes since he is certain that she will try to have a baby soon even though it won't be a Buchanan. At that moment, Kevin spies the pregnancy test box. He asks Kelly who it belongs to. She lies and tells him that the test belongs to Adriana and that thankfully she wasn't pregnant. Kelly asks Kevin not to tell Adriana that he knows about her false alarm since she told Kelly in confidence. Kevin tells her that it is her business but does reveal that he thought that the test was hers and that there was a possibility that she could be pregnant with Duke's child. After Kevin leaves, Kelly goes back upstairs to see the results of her test.

Clint wakes Jessica up after he discovers her asleep on his couch. Jessica tells him that she brought Brennan over when Antonio got called into Capricorn since she did not want to be alone. When Clint apologizes for waking her up, Jessica tells him that she had a dream involving herself, Antonio, Brennan, and Nash. Jessica feels that her dream was telling her that Nash will always be in hers and Brennan's lives. Clint informs Jessica that Antonio is more than willing to raise Brennan as his own but Jessica insists that Antonio hates Nash. Clint agrees but assures her that when he looks at Brennan all he sees is his little girl and Clint knows from experience since neither Kevin, Joey, or Jessica are his biological children but he loves them as his own. Jessica tells Clint that Antonio wants to cut Nash out all together and that she hopes that once she is integrated, Nash will give up on Tess and Brennan. Clint feels that Nash will never give up and he asks her if she really thinks that Nash shouldn't be allowed to be apart of his daughter's life. Jessica decides to phone Nash to update him on Brennan but she loses her nerve and instead sends him a picture of Brennan to his cell phone.

Nash catches Claudia doing research on DID and becomes furious with her. Claudia tries to explain to him how she just wants to understand the disease and why Nash insists on waiting for Tess when there is a chance that he will never see her again. Nash tells Claudia that he loves Tess and knows that she is real even though no one else chooses to believe it. He also tells her that what he and Claudia had is over and that she should concentrate on helping him take her father down so that he can get back to Tess and his baby. Nash asks her if she has decided not to help him and she tells him that she is still in on their plan. Their argument regarding Tess, Jessica, and DID is interrupted by the download of the picture of Brennan that Jessica sent to Nash.

Lindsay catches R.J. and Nora kissing and reaches out to Hugh who was just on his way to visit Nora. Hugh tells Lindsay that R.J. and Nora are old friends and that they go way back but Lindsay wonders how she can compete with a medical miracle. Hugh tries to convince her that she misinterpreted the kiss but when she goes back to get R.J., she witnesses another tender moment between the two old friends. After trying unsuccessfully to get Hugh to go and interrupt R.J. and Nora's visit, Lindsay walks up to them and tells R.J. that it's time to go since they are meeting someone. She exchanges phony pleasantries with Nora before she and R.J. take their leave. Nora thanks R.J. for being supportive and then vows to walk again soon so that she can get home to Matthew.

Paige is grateful that Bo has decided to forgive her and give her a second chance. Bo tells her that he will try to leave what has happened behind so that they can try to work out their problems for theirs and Matthew's sake since Matthew still doesn't understand why they broke up in the first place. Bo apologizes for the mistakes that he has made and tells Paige that he is going to try to be the man that she can trust with her secrets without fear that he will walk away. Paige thanks Bo for giving her hope again even though she now knows that their relationship will never work. When Bo asks her why, Paige tells him that the only reason she hasn't been arrested for what happened in Atlantic City is because she is in the hospital so it's only a matter of time before she will have to answer for her part in Tom McBain's death. Paige insists that Matthew has been through too much already and that she couldn't bear to put him through anymore pain. When Hugh stops by to tell her that there are policeman from Atlantic City at the hospital for Paige, Bo informs her that he is going to get her an attorney. Hugh informs Paige that depending on how the death is looked at she is looking at either probation or a long stint in prison.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Kelly is horrified when the results of the pregnancy test confirm her worst fears that she is indeed pregnant with Duke's child. She hysterically runs into the courtyard where she bumps into Hugh. When he inquires as to why she is out at night alone, Kelly reveals to him that she is pregnant. Kelly tells Hugh about the events leading up to her indiscretion with Duke. She explains to Hugh how she and Duke had the pain of losing Kevin in common and how Duke foolishly believed that he was in love with her. Hugh asks Kelly if there is any way possible that the baby is actually Kevin's. Kelly tells Hugh that Kevin's condition is irreversible and she has no idea what her pregnancy will do to Kevin. Kelly is grateful for Hugh listening without judgment. Hugh programs his number into Kelly's phone and tells her that she can call him anytime she needs a friend.

Viki walks up on Kevin as he is visiting Duke's grave. Kevin wonders how he can still be mad at his dead son for his betrayal. Viki tells Kevin that he was betrayed in the worst possible way by the two people he cared for the most and before he had a chance to deal with that he ended up having to make a horrible choice between the two and now he has been left all alone with no answers. Kevin thought that he and Duke had gotten past Kevin not being there when Duke was growing up so he can't understand why Duke betrayed him the way he did. Viki spies the bottle of booze in Kevin's hand and informs him that he needs to find a way to keep living so that Duke can also live on. Kevin pours out the remaining booze but still wonders why Duke betrayed him.

David stops his confession when Natalie appears but John tells him that anything he has to say he can say it in front of Natalie. David informs Natalie that he has just told John that he was the one who shot his father. Natalie wonders if that means that David is going to change his plea but David evades the question. John wants to know every detail of the night his father died and David agrees to answer his questions but not in a public place where everyone knows them. John tells David to meet him at his place in one hour. David agrees but as he is leaving, he is stopped by a furious Spencer who warns him that he better not say anything to John or Michael about their father.

After Cris cuts in on his dance with Evangeline, Todd walks over to Blair who is sitting with Spencer and asks her for one last dance. Despite Spencer's protests, Blair agrees to Todd's request. While dancing, Todd asks Blair how she could have done this to them. Blair tries to tell Todd that she is doing everything she can to make things right for everyone but Todd doesn't believe her. Todd warns her that no matter how long it takes, he will hurt her for everything that she has done to him and Blair informs him that he already has. Blair once again tells Todd that she is doing everything she can to help him. Todd tells her that he will only believe her if she tells Spencer that she is trying to help Todd. When Spencer walks over, Todd prods Blair to confess but Blair doesn't tell Spencer that she is helping Todd. Instead, she tells him that she was telling Todd that she was sorry for ever thinking that Todd was capable of murder but Todd just laughs her off. Spencer asks to speak with Todd alone and warns him to stay away from Blair or he will be sorry. Todd counters with it is Spencer who should be careful since his time is winding down.

Cris confesses to Evangeline that the boxer and the painter in him were jealous while she was dancing cheek to cheek with Todd. Evangeline apologizes to Cris for interrupting their evening when Todd paged her. She confesses that with all that was going on between them, she hadn't planned for their evening to end the way it did but Cris informs her that it doesn't have to end at that moment. With the party winding down, they prepare to take their leave and continue their party elsewhere.

As Adriana and Rex are making out, the stalker phones the hotel they are staying in and finds out that they are in room 16. Rex vows to do everything in his power to make sure that Adriana always feels safe. Adriana assures him that she is safe now as they begin to undress. They are blissfully unaware when the door to their room starts to open until Adriana looks up and warns Rex that there is someone in their room. He runs to the desk and pulls out his gun only to discover that is a group of party people who thought that the room would be empty. Meanwhile Adriana's stalker is shocked to find a security guard waiting in the room he has entered. The security guard grabs him but he manages to get away. Adriana is concerned that Rex now has a gun but he tells her that it's for protection only. Rex clears the room and gets a call from the guard letting him know that the stalker showed up but got away to Rex's dismay. Rex becomes frantic when he can't find Adriana after ending his call but is relieved when Adriana saunters out of the bathroom in a negligee ready for action.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Adriana surprises Rex by wearing a skimpy outfit and asks him to make love to her. Though he's reluctant at first (because he wanted their first time to be special and their being at the location is really due to a plot to catch the stalker), he gives in when she says that none of that matters. They each declare their love for the other. Rex learns that the stalker remains at large, his trail grown cold.

Kelly visits Duke's grave and tells him how she misses him and that he's given her what she's always wanted. She is worried about what Kevin's reaction will be and she doesn't know how to behave. She jumps when Kevin suddenly appears, but apparently he hasn't heard all that she's said. He was trying to find comfort in the church but it didn't work, he laments. He wishes Kelly hadn't slept with Duke. He relates Viki's promise that he would find a meaning in Duke's death along with the fact that he would live on. He won't have any grandchildren or any legacy from Duke. Kelly tries to give him her news but he meanders off without letting her speak.

Nora tries to walk but falls. She refuses Michael's aid in getting back to the chair but he lends her a helping hand. He promises to "step up" her physical therapy in the morning. He receives a call from John and heads for his place. Paige watches from the doorway. She and Nora wish each other well. Paige discloses that she and Bo are going to try to make a go of it again. Nora admits that her previous behavior was due to the aneurysm and thanks Paige for being so good to Matthew. She holds no grudges.

The events of the tragic evening in question are recounted to John, Michael and Nat. David mentions his own father and how he was carrying on his inherited illegal activities. He was making collections when McBain tried to stop him. David emphatically denies remembering anything after the shooting and has been on the run ever since. John asks him to change his plea to guilty but David states in no uncertain terms that he will deny their entire conversation, regardless of the fact that three people heard it. He will not go back to jail. John tries to persuade him to ease his soul and suggests he meet him at the courthouse. Michael is upset and wants to be with Marcie. John knows the admission is inadmissible but at least he now knows exactly what happened. He has a feeling though, that there's more.

Marcie has her hands full, as she is unable to quiet down a fussing and crying Tommy. Having heard the ruckus, Roxy stops by and manages to show Marcie a trick of quieting the baby by running the vacuum. She also corrects Marcie when she calls Tommy "my baby." She has a feeling that Marcie is too attached and won't be returning the baby when it's time. She also doesn't think it's a good time for the newlyweds to start a family. Michael arrives home and is confused over the vacuum cleaner running so late at night. The baby is quiet though. He reminds his wife of the appointment in the morning with child services, which she claims to have conveniently forgotten was the following day. He informs her of David's confession also and divulges that he feels able to get past it now. He doesn't think that John feels the same.

David packs his belongings though he seems to have second thoughts about it. Nora takes some steps alone. Nat and John put their thoughts on John's dad aside for the night.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Blair sees red when Todd arranges for Jack and Starr to return to the penthouse. Antonio looks forward to spending some quality time alone with Jessica but she pulls back in alarm when sensual thoughts of Nash intrude. In Napa, Claudia treats a suspicious Nash to breakfast in bed. Ann gives Evangeline another lesson in using a white cane to maneuver around her apartment. Disclosing that he's fleeing Llanview, David advises Paige to also take it on the lam. Blair reminds her ex how frightened Jack still is of him, then strikes a nerve when she dares to badmouth Todd's loyal lawyer. At the gym, Cristian prepares for his next bout but winces in pain as his wrist injury flares up. After catching his daughter in a lie, Reston secretly moves to thwart Nash's scheme to reclaim the winery. Cris confides to Antonio his concerns about Evangeline. Meanwhile, Evangeline tells a pleased Bo she's decided to be his lead counsel after all. Paige explains to David why she's going to turn herself in and take whatever punishment is meted out. Despite Todd's denials, Blair remains certain that he still has feelings for her. Paige assures Bo she's ready to pay for her mistakes. Later, Bo and Paige share a tender farewell kiss before she leaves with two officers from the Atlantic City police department. Jessica turns to her uncle for help and is grateful for Todd's expression of support. David has second thoughts about leaving town.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Daryl reports to an irked Dorian how her daughter spent the night with Rex. Jessica tells Dr. Jamison she remembers her alter making love with Nash. In Napa, Claudia reminds Nash she'll still be there for him when Tess fails to reappear. At the courthouse, John wonders if David is really going to show up and face the music. Adriana happily assures Rex she's loved every minute of their time together. Clint tries to assuage Viki's guilt over Jessica's childhood trauma and Kevin's self-destructive behavior. Later, Viki and Clint share a kiss. Marcie delays taking Tommy to meet his new foster parents. David stops by the Craze office to bid Dorian a final farewell. Determined to become fully integrated as soon as possible, Jessica asks Dr. Jamison to hypnotize her again. Claudia pressures Nash to have sex with her. Reston arrives, armed with a gun, and orders Nash to get away from his daughter. Kissing Dorian goodbye, David expresses a sincere hope that she finds a man worthy of her. Claudia informs her startled father she was part of Nash's plan to steal back the vineyard. Under hypnosis, Jessica recalls Norman Leeds and his video camera. Adriana squeals in alarm when a room service dish proves to be full of live butterflies. David has a change of heart and heads to the courthouse, where he pleads guilty to Tom McBain's murder. As Reston and Nash struggle, Claudia picks up a wine bottle and smashes her father over the head. Tess emerges from Jessica's hypnotic trance. Claudia and Nash are horrified to discover that Reston is dead.

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