One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 29, 2007 on OLTL
Viki met a man named Charlie. Marcie remained on the run. Blair and Todd bailed out John, and Todd and insisted on helping with the search for Marcie. Dorian stepped up and offered to be Langston's foster mother because Blair was out of town. Sarah invited Jared to Texas for the reading of Asa's will. Alex turned up looking for David. Cole and Marty were stalked; the person was dressed as Death.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 29, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, October 29, 2007

At the Capricorn, Rex and Adriana walk up to Blair and start asking if she has heard anything about Tommy. Blair says his name isn't Tommy and she wouldn't tell them if she had heard anything. Blair is angry with the help Adriana and Rex gave to Michael and Marcie. Adriana thinks her and Blair should get past it especially now that Todd won custody. Adriana defends what she and Rex did and tries to get Blair to understand. Adriana tells a surprised Blair about Michael being arrested. Blair realizes Todd and John are alone on the road trip to find Marcie. Blair walks away to call Todd. Rex tells Adriana not to worry about Blair, that what they did was the right thing to do. Adriana feels bad about what has happened to everyone involved. The two are also concerned with how Blair would react if she knew Rex and Adriana have known about Tommy's parentage all along. Rex walks away, but when he returns, he overhears Adriana on the phone asking how far along during a pregnancy before she would show. Rex is obviously stunned.

In the car, John tells Todd they are on the way to Decateur because that is where his source Warren said the feds were going. Todd tries to call his people but John stops him saying he could cause their source to get caught. John and Todd annoy one another relentlessly. Todd's phone rings and it is Blair. They discuss how he and John are getting along being alone. Todd tells Blair to tell the kids he loves them. The phone gets disconnected. Todd starts taunting John about his relationship with Marty. John turns the tables and questions Todd about his fake marriage to Marty. Todd defends his relationship. The two men are a half hour away from Decatur.

In Decatur, Marcie is in a night club telling Tommy she wouldn't normally bring him to a place like this but the people are nice. Several feet away, a FBI agent is questioning the bartender about seeing the woman in the picture, who happens to be Marcie. The bartender says it is hard to say. The agent starts looking around. A drag queen comes up to the FBI agent offering him a drink, and tells him to sit and watch the show. It is a distraction. Another guy named Clarence sneaks an unsuspecting Marcie away to hide. Marcie is upset but Clarence convinces her to stay hidden in the dressing room and things would be okay. The agent questions the drag queen about Marcie's brother. Harvey is actually the drag queen and insists he doesn't know anything about Marcie. The agent walks away and Harvey looks worried. The agent walks in the dressing room where Clarence and Marcie are dressed as drag queens.

At the Palace, Natalie and Cristian are kissing just as Renee walks up. Renee says she is happy that Nat and Cristian are trying to work things out but the two should get a room. Jared looks on with a pleased smirk. Natalie tells Renee her and Chris are only friends. Natalie claims Jared and Sarah started it and Renee says Jared would act nothing less than like a gentleman. Renee walks over to Jared to see what he and Sarah are up to. The two act innocent and Renee gives Jared a key to the mansion. Renee goes back to Natalie and insists she give Jared his job back in Asa's memory. Natalie thinks Jared is playing Renee. Renee gets upset and insists she is in morning for her deceased husband, but is no one's fool. Natalie is upset about Jared moving in the mansion, but Renee angrily demands Natalie leave Jared alone. Later, Jared's card was declined for dinner, and Renee insists it is on the house and walks away. Natalie sees this. Upset, she confronts Jared and says he may think he's won. Jared says he knows he won this round.

In Paris, TX, Charlie gives Viki a nice tip for good service and pleasing conversation. Gigi sees the two and starts trying to persuade Viki into going after the guy. Gigi thinks Viki is afraid of going after a man. Viki turns the tables and asks Gigi why she doesn't go after anyone. Gigi explains she has a young son named Shane to take care of. A little later, Shane comes in with a black eye. Shane explains to Gigi that another kid called him a bastard. Gigi tells her son that he had a great father that died and Shane is not that name. Viki looks on seemingly pleased with the way Gigi is handling things. Charlie, who had also been watching this, goes up to Shane and offers advice on fighting. Viki thinks Charlie is nice. Viki's shift ends and she shows Charlie to the hotel across the street.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Roxy and Miles are in Angel Square attending a fall festival. Miles is dressed as 'The Fonz". Blair walked up to Miles saying he deserves a worse punishment than that for almost killing Todd. Roxy defends him and said he is only convicted for stealing Marty's psychiatrist's tape. Roxy and Miles share some small talk and then she leaves. Blair goes looking for Jack who had snuck off without her. Jack tells Blair he feels unloved and threatened by Blair and Todd's attention always being on the new baby. Miles stayed to finish his community service with the kids.

Marty was leaving the Angel Square Diner when a person dressed in a scary costume wouldn't let her pass. Just then, Blair walked in with Jack and the masked person leaves. Blair and Marty have a short exchange about Todd and John being alone and the progress the two men made so far. Marty leaves. Blair sits at a booth with Jack and reassures him that she and Todd love him. She explains no other child would or could take her place and she apologizes for not being there for her son.

Marty shows up at Angel Square where the Fall Festival was going on and confronts Miles. She accuses him of being the masked person. He defends himself claiming innocence and Marty apologizes.

At La Boulaie, Starr and Langston are watching a horror movie. The doorbell rang. The girls thought it would be trick-or-treaters. It was actually Cole and Marco teasing the girls. Marco admits to Langston he is scared of horror movies. Starr and Cole went into the living room and were making out and telling each other how much they liked each other. Starr hears her mom come home and the four act innocent as if they had been watching a movie the entire time. Blair walked in the living room where the teens were and said Langston needed to go back to the group home by midnight and Marco said he would drive her. Blair reluctantly agreed. The four teens start watching the movie again. Out the window, the same person dressed in costume that had scared Marty earlier, is watching them.

At Capricorn, Rex was listening to Adriana discuss pregnancy with her ob-gyn on the phone. After Adriana hangs up, Rex sits down with her at the table hoping for information from her. Adriana doesn't say anything about the conversation. Rex tells Adriana he'd be open to moving the relationship to new levels. Adriana seems confused by Rex's attitude. Adriana leaves and Rex is left feeling confused by Adriana's secrecy. Roxy came and Rex reveals she is going to be a Grandmother. Roxy and Rex both had shocked expressions on their faces.

Vincent and Layla were at her apartment when the doorbell rang. It was Antonio, Jamie, and Talia Trick or Treating. Talia assures Layla her and Antonio are just their as friends. Antonio and Vincent discuss how it is never to late to start over. Vincent was trying to get Antonio to see what was right in front of him in an evasive way. Antonio, Talia, and Jamie leave. Antonio offers to walk Talia home. She declines. The two exchange how they enjoyed their night and go their separate ways.

Later that night, Adriana showed up at Layla's apartment. Layla tells Adriana Vincent fell asleep and the two can talk freely. They discus how Adriana conceived a baby and Adriana should be proud. The baby being a new maternity line called Hot Mama.

In Decatur Georgia, at the nightclub, the FBI agent questioned Clarence and Harvey about Marcie. Marcie was standing right their but in disguise wearing the drag queen outfits. The agent leaves hearing John and Todd showed up. Marcie is upset and discusses with Harvey and Clarence the close call and what she should do next. Harvey told Marcie she should hide out in the open. The three go up on stage and begin to perform.

John and Todd walk into the nightclub where Marcie is hiding. The FBI agent confronted Todd and John and warned them to back off. John discussed with Todd what they should do since they were seen by the agent. John looks up and sees Marcie on stage.

Wednesday, November 31, 2007

Lee demands to know where Marcie and Tommy are while, in the other room, Todd and John make a plan at the club. Marcie appears onstage as part of a drag queen revue. Marcie spots John and John figures out that it's really Marcie in drag. John sends Todd off to check out the bar next door. Two of the FBI agents with Lee follow Todd out the door. Drag-queen Cher performs next. John starts sneaking around, looking for Marcie. The FBI guys bring Todd back and John wants to leave; Lee tells him he's not going anywhere. Marcie, now backstage, starts to panic because the only way out of the building is to go past John. Clarence and Harvey try to get her calmed down. Todd makes fun of Lee, and Lee asks John how he figured out the lead. Then Lee says it's a good thing he's running the op, otherwise it could turn into the bloody fiasco that cost Caitlin her life. Harvey tries to figure out a way to get Marcie out of the club. Todd asks who Caitlin is. Lee tells how John goaded a serial killer into going after him and got his fiancée killed instead. Lee tells the other FBI agents to cuff Todd and John and put them in the back of their car, then they will toss the place looking for Marcie. Meanwhile, John wraps a bar towel around his hand. John throws a punch at Lee, Todd hits one of the other FBI agent, and Harvey starts yelling "fight, fight, fight" until the whole place is involved. The local cops show up and hauled everyone out of the bar, which is trashed. Brandon and Clarence fixed up Marcie's car so the FBI wouldn't find it, and Marcie can leave without getting caught. They give her the blonde drag-queen wig to take with her. Harvey calls Clarence from jail to find out if Marcie got away okay, and John overhears that Marcie will be heading to New Orleans.

Cristian and Natalie went trick-or-treating dressed as ghosts, which cheered Natalie up. They talk about Jared and Sarah's date. Natalie says she fell victim to Halloween insanity, wanting to follow Jared and Sarah. They joke with each other about having kissed. Natalie starts having a fantasy where Jared is dressed as the devil. Natalie tells Cristian she can't stop thinking about Jared, while Fantasy Jared keeps whispering in her ear. Cristian and Natalie agree that they're not interested in each other, that what they had is over and their kiss meant nothing. Cristian asks her how she really feels about Jared; Fantasy Jared wants to know, too. Natalie says she has everything under control. Cristian says it's okay to be jealous once in a while. With Fantasy Jared egging her on, Natalie screams that he's a lying egotistical jerk, and he says, yeah but you still want to go to bed with me. Cristian walks Natalie to her car, telling her she needs sleep.

Sarah thanks Jared for the date. They talk about trying to make Natalie and Cristian jealous. She invites him in for a drink, but he hesitates. Jared starts having a fantasy where Natalie is dressed like a sexy witch. Jared comes inside, but Fantasy Natalie keeps talking to him. Sarah wonders why he's so jumpy and tells him to lie down on the sofa. Sarah gives Jared a drink of water and jokes that he's a cheap date. Sarah says his prison time doesn't bother her. Sarah starts acting like Jared is playing her. He says he doesn't want her to be suspicious of him. They kiss. When he steps back, it's Fantasy Natalie he was kissing. Sarah notices that Jared is distracted while they were kissing, and asks what about. They get past it, plan a second date. They talk about Asa and Jared leaves. Fantasy Natalie leaves, too.

Langston and Markko and Cole and Starr watch a horror movie on television. They all seem a little creeped out. Starr hears something scary outside and the other kids ignore her. Turns out Starr's right: the masked death guy is outside the French doors. The power goes out. Start wants to call the police. They all go outside to see if someone is there. The Death man is hiding behind the bushes. They find nothing, and Starr is upset because she thinks they don't believe her. Then they all see the Death guy. It turns out to be the power guy, who restored their power. Starr feels like an idiot. Starr and Cole decide to watch the rest of the horror movie. Death is still watching them from outside the house.

Marty confronts Blair at Capricorn. She says they both want John and Todd home safely. She and Blair argue. Marty is worried the two men will kill each other and wants to keep them from doing that. Blair thinks it's stupid to get between Todd and John. Marty calls Blair a chicken. Blair blows her off and Marty says she'll go herself. Todd calls Blair to get her to wire her $25,000 for bail. John is also in jail with him. Todd tells her he punched an FBI agent and got in a tussle with a drag queen. Blair argues with him and Todd tells her to just send the money and she can spank him later. Harvey points out that usually you get the money after the spanking. Marty asks if John is all right, and Blair asks where John is. Todd says he's in the cell, and John started the whole thing. Marty and Blair agree to go get Todd and John together. Marty books a flight and they agree to meet at the airport in the morning.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

As soon as Viki arrives at the diner, she's subject to teasing from all of her co-workers, even though she's quick to assure them that nothing happened. She only took Charlie to the motel, he got his own room, and they went their separate ways, she insists. When Charlie arrives for breakfast, he ends up hearing some of the jokes at her expense and offers to set everyone straight, in order to save her reputation. They tease because they care, he promises her, and she just needs to get back at them. Viki ponders whether to make an attempt to get closer to Charlie and asks him about his work. He doesn't get to answer but they both agree that everyone has secrets.

Nat stops by to see Sarah, who is packing for the trip to Texas. She informs her that she really needs to stop seeing Jared but Sarah becomes angry and the women have words. Nat is just jealous, Sarah fumes, and she'd just better leave her alone. She's only gone on one date. Nat tries to make her see that now he's getting back at the Buchanans through Sarah, while Sarah is disgusted over Nat's high school behavior with Cristian at the Palace. Nat vows to stop Jared herself.

Langston arrives to see Starr with some great news; Blair has been ok'd as her foster mother! Starr isn't as excited as Langston expected her to be though. She thought for sure the whole procedure would take longer and now Blair is out of town to bail her dad out of jail again. They wonder if they can make up some kind of story, but finally decide to get in touch with Dorian.

Jess and Nash are taken aback when they find Jared at the mansion. He gloats while they suspect that he's making a stab at another scam. Jess doesn't feel that she's warranted in telling Renee all of the sordid details regarding Jared and besides, Renee is sick of everyone warning her about the guy. Nash warns Jared that he will hurt him if he's pulling a con on the widow. Clint and Nora are in the midst of joking around when Dorian arrives and is jealous to learn that they're going to Texas together. Clint quickly invites her but she feels unable to, with Blair being out of town. She feels much better when she hears that almost the entire family is going and then reconsiders Clint's offer, thinking that she can work something out. Suddenly, she receives a phone call and it's Starr, sharing Langston's news and the fact that a visit from home services is imminent. She can't go to Texas after all and rushes home. Nigel informs Clint that Jess and Nash have just learned of Jared's residence. Clint is perturbed, knowing that there's more to the story that he hasn't heard and wishes Viki were around. Nora offers her ear to the girls, thinking that they may disclose everything to her. Hell breaks loose when everyone meets up; Clint demands answers from Jess and Sarah and Nat continue their bickering over Jared, who just looks on. Sarah suddenly invites him to accompany them to Texas and a just arriving Renee agrees that it's a wonderful idea. She mentions that Asa changed his will right before his death and this could all prove interesting. She invites Jared for a walk and he in turn asks Sarah to come along. Clint warns the others to just leave it all alone but to "....keep your enemies closer." Alone in the study, Nigel wonders what he should do with his knowledge of David Vickers and the fact that he's Asa's son. Did Asa mention David in his will? he speculates. He's so happy that he confided in Max Holden at the funeral.

Dorian gets home and learns that Ms. Woodrow pushed to have the foster care issue resolved as soon as possible. She'll just say that Blair had a family emergency and will speak for her.

Marty and Blair arrive in Georgia to save the day for John and Todd, but the arguing between couples and men versus women threatens to shut it all down. The women don't want the guys pursuing Marcie and Tommy any longer but when Todd tells Blair that she HAS to bail them out, she's ready with an answer. Todd has to come home or he can stay in jail and rot. This doesn't sit well with Todd and the husband and wife continue to differ in opinion. The FBI should handle the case and the guys are no closer to finding Marcie then they were before, she insists. When the women go off to discuss, Todd teases John about Marty. Finally, the guys are sprung but the women have news for them. They will be tagging along.

Alex Olanov is looking for David Vickers.

Friday, November 2, 2007

As Viki is preparing to end her shift, she changes her mind when she notices Charlie enter the diner. Noelle suggests to Viki that Charlie is very much interested in her. Viki explains to Noelle that she and Charlie's relationship is casual and begs her not to turn it into anything more. Noelle reminds Viki that she admitted to coming to Paris looking for "something"; she suggests that maybe Charlie is just that "something" she was looking for. Viki tells Noelle that a man is not exactly what she's looking for; Noelle doesn't understand what more one could want in life, than someone to love. Viki explains how great it is to earn your own way in life and work a job you truly enjoy. After being questioned by Viki about the project he has been working on, Charlie acts peculiar. Viki apologizes and states she wasn't aware that his project was such a mystery. Charlie tells her that his work is no mystery just boring.

As Dorian attempts to prepare Langston and Starr for the upcoming interview with Ms. Woodrow, "Death" peers through a nearby window. Seconds later, Cole and Markko arrive at La Boulaie to offer Langston their support. Dorian tells the boys that this is not a good time for their visit. Ms. Woodrow arrives at La Boulaie with her supervisor, Mr. Preston. As Dorian attempts to divert the case worker's attention to the fact that Blair is not present, Mr. Preston is anxious to begin the interview with Blair. When Dorian informs Mr. Preston that Blair had to leave town due to an emergency, he is willing to speak with Todd in her place. After learning that Todd is also out of town, Mr. Preston questions whether or not Todd is even aware of Blair's plans to become Langston's foster parent and informs Dorian that Blair's petition is now rejected. As Starr and Langston begin to adamantly protest Mr. Preston's decision, Dorian declares that she will take on the responsibility of becoming Langston's foster parent. Langston is unsure of whether Dorian really wants to be a foster parent to her and Mr. Preston urges Dorian to take some time to think about it. Dorian says there is nothing to think about and is sure this is what she wants. Once Ms. Woodrow mentions Clint, Dorian realizes that Social Services have already investigated her background. She questions their findings and is told by Mr. Preston that it was noted that she put forth a great effort to help Langston. Upon hearing the news, Dorian requests an application to become Langston's foster parent. Dorian completes the paperwork and is told Langston may be in her custody as early as next week. The children all rejoice.

Alex arrives at the Dreamland Rehab Center and bribes an employee for information on David Vickers. David, who is employed as a waiter at the rehab center, is pleasantly surprised to encounter Alex. Alex pretends to be surprised to find him there as well. Alex questions why David is working for a living and wants answers. David explains how he had received a large sum of money and gave it back, due to Viki's influence. He wanted to prove to her that he could become a changed man. David is now miserable; his original plan was to gain "contacts" at the rehab center, not become an employee. David is curious to learn of Alex's addiction; she tells him it is of a sexual nature. Alex tells David that she is a wealthy woman, as a result of her recent divorce. As David moans about being broke, Alex remembers the conversation she eavesdropped upon, in which she heard Nigel reveal to Max that David was actually Asa's son.

John, Todd, Blair and Marty are in Louisiana following a lead on Marcie that John has received. Todd is questioning how John expects to find Marcie in Louisiana. After John receives a phone call, Todd questions whether it was a lead on Marcie's whereabouts. John tells the group that Ramsey suspects his contact, Warren of leaking information to them. He is not willing to jeopardize Warren's job and tells everyone this will be the last tip they receive. John admits that he overheard some employees at Faces state that Marcie would be going to the "Big Easy" and a background check revealed that Clarence has family in New Orleans; he believes Marcie may have gone there. Todd is angry when learning John had a tip and never informed him; Todd wants to know what other information John is keeping from him. John has a memory of seeing Marcie on stage at Faces and never saying a word about it. Blair wonders if Ramsey may have obtained the same lead. John assures everyone that Ramsey would have no way of receiving the same info because he did not overhear the same conversation that John did. As Todd rejoices that Marcie has finally been cornered, John brings him back to reality. He states that Marcie will be found only if the family takes her in and are still located at the same residence on record. John is having a difficult time controlling his temper as Todd continuously argues with Blair and Marty. As an explosive argument develops among the three, John has an accident. As John examines the engine, Blair and Marty continue to argue. Blair defends Todd and Marty defends John. John informs everyone that the car is beyond repair: Todd ridicules him about being unable to repair the car.

Marcie and Tommy arrive in New Orleans at the home of Clarence's sister Celia. Marcie meets Celia, her husband Wendell and son Junior, who are all expecting her. As Marcie tries to explain her dilemma to the Freemans', Wendell explains to her the less they know of her situation, the better. As Marcie has dinner with the Freemans', she tells them that they appear to have done well surviving Katrina and compliments them on their home. The Freemans' all appear bothered by Marcie's comments about their home and reveal to her that they actually lost their home during Katrina; the place they are staying is not theirs. Marcie wants to know how the family has dealt with such a great loss. Wendell tells Marcie that New Orleans is referred to as the "Big Easy", but there is nothing easy about living there. As she listens to the Freemans' remarks of being a loving and loyal family, Marcie becomes somber. She sadly declares that the damage has been done and there is no looking back.

Charlie asks Viki on a date. David offers to help Alex with her addiction; he tells her she probably just needs a man to satisfy her. Alex tells David she doesn't want to be alone anymore and that all the money she has does not mean a thing to her without love. David is willing to help her with her problems; he offers to teach her all of his "meditation" techniques. He warns her to be careful with all that money. The children celebrate the news that Langston will soon be moving into La Boulaie. Langston warns Dorian that she can be a handful; Dorian replies that she can be as well. As Langston thanks Dorian, the two lovingly embrace. Cole realizes he has left his cell phone at home and tells Starr he will meet up with the group later. As Cole leaves La Boulaie, "Death" appears from the shadows and follows him. As John calls for a tow truck, Todd is convinced that they will never find Marcie; Blair feels that they are getting closer to locating her and Tommy. While Wendell is on the phone, Celia tells Marcie that Wendell will take her to the store to get a few things. Wendell hangs up and tells the women he has to go and tow a car stopped on the interstate. Celia asks him to take Marcie to the store so she can get supplies for the baby. Celia tells Wendell that Marcie can ride along with him, pick up the stranded motorists and on the way back they can stop at the store. Marcie is somewhat apprehensive about leaving the house. Celia tells her there is nothing to worry about because she will never run into anyone she knows.

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