One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on OLTL
Nigel almost told Clint the truth about Asa's son. Jared stole a hair sample, and a DNA test confirmed that he was a Buchanan. Jared comforted a distraught Natalie with a kiss. Cole hid at Langston's old house while John took the blame for shooting Miles. Viki learned that Charlie had begun to drink again, and she returned to Paris. Rex planned on proposing marriage to Adriana.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, December 10, 2007

Outside of La Boulaie, Todd and Blair are talking on the patio. Stunned by Blair's revelation that she still loves him, Todd refuses to believe her. Blair insists that she has never stopped loving him and is surprised he has not been able to realize her true feelings. Out of frustration, Blair tells Todd if he is unwilling to consider her argument, then he should leave. Todd is at a loss of words. Just as Blair is ready to give up on him, Todd stops her and gives her a passionate kiss. After responding to Todd's kiss, Blair pulls away and brings up the fact that they continue to make a mess of their lives. She suggests that maybe they would be better off not talking and just holding each other; they embrace lovingly.

As John and Ramsey watch in horror, Cole fires the weapon and shoots Miles in the chest. After being struck, Miles falls into the river and Cole runs away. John appeals to Ramsey to help him retrieve Miles from the water. Ramsey refuses by stating Miles is dead; he runs after Cole instead. An unconscious Miles is seen floating deep in the river. Frantically, John jumps into the river and searches for Miles body. After several moments underwater, John must come up for air. He says to himself that we will not let Miles die and jumps back into the river to search for him. John recovers Miles' body from the river. While attempting to revive him, he places an emergency call. John states that he is getting no pulse.

Upon entering Starr's bedroom, she finds her friend distraught over Cole. Starr is afraid to contact Cole because she fears what state of mind he may be in after losing his mother. As Langston attempts to comfort her, Starr admits to Langston that she is afraid to talk about Cole's situation out of fear of reminding Langston of her parents. Langston tells Starr that Cole needs his friends at this time, just as she did. Langston reveals she would have never accepted her situation without the help of Dorian, Starr, Cole and Markko. Langston believes Cole is strong and will get through this tragedy. Langston discourages Starr from contacting Cole; she tells her to give him more time. Moments after Langston leaves Starr's room, Cole appears at the bedroom window. After helping him inside, Starr is excited to see him but soon realizes Cole is in a bad place emotionally. Cole confides in Starr that he is in big trouble. He begins to relive the incident in which he held Ramsey at gunpoint and shot Miles. Cole tells Starr he believes he may have killed Miles.

Inside La Boulaie, Dorian is telling David that she misses their relationship; she compares his attributes to those of Clint's. David tells Dorian that Clint didn't appreciate what he had - but he (David) does. Dorian claims Marty's sudden passing has allowed her to reexamine her own life; she says her thoughts are filled with the good times she and David shared. David has trouble believing Dorian's newfound revelation; he questions whether or not she suffered memory loss as a result of her recent accident. However, David succumbs to Dorian's charms and kisses her; she reciprocates. Dorian tells David she would like to throw a party, announcing the two of them have bounced back from adversity. David questions whether Clint would get the wrong impression - that they have reunited as a couple. David believes Dorian still loves Clint but is willing to settle for him; he suggests that they remain just friends. Dorian would like a sexual relationship with David. Just as David responds with a passionate kiss, Blair, Todd and Langston interrupt the reunion. David reminds Dorian that their relationship would never work because her home is now overcrowded. Dorian introduces David to her newly adopted daughter. As Dorian leaves the room with Blair and Langston to prepare a snack for David, she asks David to promise and wait for her to return. David gives her his word that he would never leave without saying goodbye and is left in the company of Todd. Blair and Langston want to know exactly what is going on with Dorian and David.

At Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven, Roxy is doing a client's hair and expressing concern for her friend Miles. Rex enters the shop and mentions the terrible dye job Roxy has performed on Roxy's client, Angela. After realizing her hair contains pink and blue streaks, Angela bolts from the Hair Haven. Roxy explains to Rex that she made such a mistake because she is worried about Mile's state of mind due to Marty's death. Rex is curious about his mother being consumed with thoughts of Miles. Roxy tells Rex she admires what a sensitive and loyal person Miles is; she also refers to him as sexy. Roxy explains how he treats her like a real person, much different than other Llanview residents. Immediately, Rex realizes his mother has a serious interest in Miles and informs her of his observations. Roxy attempts to deny it, but soon admits she is very much interested in Miles Lawrence.

Inside Marcie's motel room, Marcie and Gigi hear a knock at the door. Marcie panics when she hears Michael's voice at the door; she informs Gigi that her husband is on the other side of the door. As Marcie prepares to hide in the bathroom, Tommy begins to speak. Michael recognizes his son's voice and demands that Marcie opens the door; he tells her he is alone and refuses to leave until he sees her and their son. While Marcie gathers Tommy and hides in the bathroom, Gigi opens the door halfway. Michael tells her he is looking for Noelle's friend. Gigi pretends to be that friend. She tells Michael she has never seen Marcie or Tommy. As Gigi continues the pretense, Michael observes Tommy's shirt on a chair and barges into the apartment. He advises Gigi that he is positive that the shirt belongs to Tommy because of an irremovable stain. As Gigi begins to convince Michael that she doesn't know Marcie, she begins to feel sorry for him. Knowing that Marcie hears every word, Gigi begins asking Michael his side of the story and wonders what he would say to Marcie if she were there. Michael tells Gigi his only concern is for Marcie and Tommy's safety; he says he would be willing to never see them again as long as he knew they were safe.

Todd begins to question David about his recent marriage to Alex. Todd belittles David about living off of wealthy women and suggests he now goes after the recent widowed Renee. Fed up with Todd's bashing, David begins to hit a nerve with Todd by discussing Marcie and Tommy. David tells him how amazing it is that Marcie was able to evade so many people for so long. David goes on to tell Todd if anyone ever planned to turn her in, they would soon change their mind after meeting him. Todd is obviously annoyed by David's statements. As Todd walks off to answer the doorbell, he tells David to stay away from him. Todd finds Ramsey at the door and is informed that he has come for Cole. Meanwhile, David is glad to be rid of Todd. He pulls the lottery ticket given by Viki, from his pocket. As David begins to scratch the numbers from the ticket, he snickers at the thought of keeping Todd in the dark. Suddenly, a smile comes across David's face. As Michael tells Gigi his regrets, Marcie is touched. She places her hand on the doorknob and prepares to reveal herself to Michael; she draws back as she hears a loud knock on the door. A loud voice bellows, "open up, it's the police!" As John continues to revive Miles, he tells him that he has no plans to let him die because he will not allow him to cause Cole anymore hurt.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cole shocks Starr and Langston, saying he thinks he may have killed Miles. Against Blair and Todd's wishes, Dorian allows Ramsey to search the house for Cole. Meanwhile, Starr and Langston risk the consequences and help Cole hide from Ramsey. Then, a torn Cole doesn't answer John's call.

Longing for Natalie, Jared is conflicted over his actions. After learning about her ordeal with Jared, Viki's heart goes out to Natalie. When John calls with the news that Miles is barely clinging to life, Natalie races to the hospital. Remembering Jared's rejection of him, Charlie continues to drink alone in his motel room.

A hidden Marcie is stunned when Michael is arrested and hauled off by the cops. Later, Dorian and David share another good-bye. Armed with the winnings from the lottery ticket Viki gave him, David takes off for parts unknown.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Langston and Starr try to sneak off to see Cole but Dorian catches them. Dorian asks if they've heard from Cole. The girls promise Dorian they won't get involved if they do hear from him. Viki arrives at the door, and Dorian invites her in. The ladies catch up briefly, then Viki asks where Todd is. Dorian informs Viki that Todd and Blair are remarried. Starr gives her Aunt Viki a big hug. Viki asks how Cole is and where he is. Starr tells Viki that Cole shot Miles. Viki is horrified and comforts Starr, who is oddly together about the whole thing. The girls leave to go to a pretend assembly at school. Viki and Dorian sit down, and Dorian snottily brings Viki up to date on everything she missed while she was on her extended vacation. Viki says she's going to go back to Paris as soon as she can, and that Dorian's the one who put her on her new path. Viki says Dorian's words at Asa's funeral were a wake-up call. Dorian mentions she was in Paris, Texas, and Viki suppresses a grin. Viki tells Dorian that David filled her in on all of Dorian's recent adventures, including her embarrassing breakup with Clint. Dorian mentions a very handsome and charming man came to her rescue after being hit by the car. Dorian says that her cheating on Clint was actually Viki's fault, because when Viki cheated on Clint way back when, it meant that Clint now thinks all women are unstable and fickle. They toss French proverbs at each other. Dorian gets irritated and leaves, with Viki saying she'll just stay and wait for Todd. Gigi calls Viki on her cell phone, saying Charlie's in a bad way and he really needs her.

Marcie, in a new wig and glasses and the waitress uniform, talks to Gigi as she prepares for her first shift at the Bon-Jour Café. Marcie's nearly hysterical about Michael having been arrested. Gigi tries to comfort her. They head over to the diner. They establish that Marcie is replacing Viki, who just quit, and that Moe is paying Marcie under the table. Marcie tries to call the babysitter to make sure Tommy's okay, but Gigi promises her they're fine. Marcie really starts to freak out over the fact that she's waitressing tables in the middle of Texas. Later, at the Café, Moe lectures Marcie on how to do her job. Marcie is going by the name of Sally Ann. Noelle and Gigi give her some support. Charlie shows up, clearly bombed, with a bottle of vodka in his hand. Gigi and Noelle deal with Charlie. When "Sally Ann" arrives with a cup of coffee, Charlie thinks he recognizes her. Marcie deflects him and Gigi helps. He tearfully shouts about sons and fathers and is grateful that Viki's not there to see him. Gigi helps him across the street to his room. Moe and Noelle agree that it's a good thing Viki wasn't there to see Charlie in his condition. Marcie and Noelle crash into each other and a bunch of food spills.

Talia brings a handcuffed Michael to Bo's office. Michael doesn't want a lawyer; he wants to see John. Bo lets Michael call John, then gets a report about the arrest from Talia. Michael can't reach John. Lee shows up to see Bo, and immediately starts chewing Bo out about not having arrested Cole. Bo snaps that it isn't Lee's jurisdiction. John arrives at the station to see Michael in handcuffs. Lee confronts John and orders him to tell Bo who shot Miles. John says he needs to talk to Michael. Bo crankily invites Lee into his office. Michael says he's sorry for what John is going through, and John says it's hardest for Cole. Michael asks if it's true Cole shot Miles, and John carefully doesn't answer. John tells him to call the lawyer. Lee tells his version of Miles' shooting, and Bo asks John for corroboration. John says Lee's telling lies. Lee busts a gasket, yelling at John. John tells Bo that he shot Miles.

Talia runs into Antonio in the hallway and they compare cases. Antonio doesn't want to talk shop. He says they're not the way they used to be with each other. Talia says "things change". Antonio says then from now on, it will just be two cops on the job, and Talia says that works for her, and walks away.

John is still trying to contact Cole. Natalie arrives and asks John who shot Miles. He tells her it was an accident and Natalie questions his story. She asks him directly if he shot Miles. John tries to deny it. Miles' doctor shows up and tells them that Miles pulled through with a collapsed lung. John gets a call from Michael. Natalie asks John again why all of a sudden Miles is so important to John, but again, he says nothing. He tells her to take care of herself and heads to the police station. Natalie gets permission to visit with Miles for a moment. Starr shows up outside Miles' room. Natalie leaves, and Starr sneaks in and asks Miles if he knows who did this to him, and he says that Cole shot him.

Langston and Starr arrive at Langston's old house, where Cole has been hiding out. He had a rough night and couldn't sleep. No one's heard about Miles yet. Starr leaves but won't tell them where she's going. Cole and Langston bond over having both lost a parent. Cole tells Langston more about how Marty died, and how he remembers his mom. Langston says he's just like her, and this upsets him. He misses his mom. Langston tells him how her grief has subsided a bit. Cole says Marty would be so ashamed of him right now. Langston says he's a good person. There are voices outside the door and someone turns the knob. Langston and Cole are afraid.

Today's episode featured the song "A Little More" by Skillet.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cris and Blair talk about their relationships while at Capricorn. She thinks he's just feeling guilty for not tying up loose ends with Evangeline while Sarah complains to Layla that she can't go after Cris because he's still hung up on Evangeline plus he's her boss. "He's just feeling guilty, " Layla insists. They were broken up and so there was nothing between them any longer. As for him, he's unable to make a decision, Cris complains. Blair suggests he visit Evangeline and see how he feels. Responding to his protest that her mother won't allow him in, Blair reminds him that he doesn't usually play by the rules so he needs to find a way. He asks Layla to check her mother for permission. Vincent admits to thinking about the future and his work with Lindsay's gallery. Blair confesses that Todd is under her skin (like ringworm, Cris notes) and she always ends up back with him.

Viki finally gets to see her brother; she learns that he married Blair just to get his son back though she got something out of it too. She attempts to give him advice but he calls her a know it all. She comes home, doesn't know what's going on, and tries to give advice when she doesn't follow it herself, he complains. He admits that now he can't imagine his life without Blair but he's afraid of screwing things up. Viki confides that she's thinking of returning to Paris as her friend is having a problem. The world went on without her and things would still be the same whether she were there or not, Todd advises her. If her friend, who he assumes is a guy, needs her, then she should go. They both proclaim their love for each other. Blair returns, thrilled to see Viki. Todd really needs you, she tells her sister-in-law. Viki disagrees; he has Blair and she can see that Todd is doing well. Later, Todd orders a flower arrangement for Marty, but he wants it sent anonymously.

At the police station, John denies Lee's interpretation of Miles' shooting and instead confesses to the crime himself! It was an accident, he claims. Lee can hardly believe it and the two men almost come to blows. He will be in big trouble for lying in yet another investigation, the FBI agent threatens. He heads to the hospital and Bo asks John to level with him. He's already lost everything, the former cop replies. Talia is short with Antonio when he wants to address their now awkward meetings. Talia finally loses her temper and calls him an arrogant, insensitive bastard, to which Antonio can only say "now we're getting somewhere." She doesn't want to be his friend, he doesn't have feelings for her, he knew how she felt and still he led her on, she begins to yell. She looked like a jackass. Antonio claims to not have realized any of it, just feeling ill at ease himself and not knowing what to say. She thinks he could have thrown out a few hints as to what he was thinking after her ridiculous boyfriend story, she admonishes. He just needs to figure it all out, she orders, leaving. Antonio receives a call from his daughter about dinner; the little girl asks if Talia can come too. He tells her no. Talia fills out a request for reassignment form.

Starr learns from a sedated Miles that Cole shot him. She tries to apologize but Miles says he "meant to kill me." Quickly, Starr attempts to contradict and make amends for Cole's behavior but they are interrupted by a highly suspicious Natalie, who wonders what Starr is doing there. They take their discussion to the hallway when the doctor arrives, noting that Miles came within one inch of losing his life. Starr is able to answer all of Nat's questions. "I'm applying to be a candystriper" is her answer to why she's there. Nat vows to get justice for Miles. The three lawmen arrive. Nat apologizes for accusing John of the shooting but he surprises her by saying she was right all along. A shocked Starr overhears. Nat thinks John is lying and tells him so when the other men go into Miles' room. He's protecting someone, isn't he? she asks. What would his motive have been? She doesn't buy it for a minute, even if it's to vindicate all of the awful things that Miles did. He and Marty must have really been in love. A heavily sedated Miles awakens enough to respond to Bo's questions.

Langston and Cole are quick to hide when they hear voices. It's a realtor and a prospective buyer, come to look at her parents' house. The house is sterile looking, the realtor proclaims, but it's a steal. They note the love that must have been there. Cole realizes he will have to find someplace else to hide due to an open house the realty company will be having. Langston assures him that she and Starr and Markko will be there to help him. Langston is sad to think of all of her things, her only connections to her family, her memories, that will be gone soon. Cole can relate and they comfort each other. Cole thinks Langston's parents would be proud of her, as opposed to his own non-violent parents who would feel disrespected for his having killed someone. Starr returns with amazing news. Miles is alive and John confessed.

Friday, December 14, 2007

At Capricorn, Sarah gives Cris the good news that she has booked two more popular acts for the club, reminding him of the great job she has been doing. After accepting his compliments, Sarah notices that Cris has other things on his mind and asks him about his conversation with Blair. Sarah wants to know if it was regarding Evangeline; she believes they should discuss such matters if they are going to be friends. Cris tells her he is not so sure if he is ready to become friends with her; he has too much to work out concerning his feelings for Evangeline. He tells Sarah about breaking up with Evangeline because he could not handle her close relationship with Todd; he further blames himself for Evangeline being in his apartment the night of the fire. Cris admits to Sarah that Blair asked him if Evangeline was the woman of his life and he is not certain. He further stated that Blair suggests he find out so that he can move on with his life; the only way he can do that is if he sees her. Cris tells Sarah that it is impossible for him to see Evangeline because her mother will not allow him to visit. Sarah suggests that he finds a way to see Evangeline at all costs so that he can either wait for Evangeline's condition to improve or move on with his life.

At La Boulaie, Adriana visits Dorian and is surprised to find her mother walking with a cane and learning that she and Clint are no longer seeing each other. Dorian evades all questioning concerning both matters and wants to know what is going on with her daughter. Adriana tells her mother she has come seeking advice concerning Rex. Adriana is infuriated when Dorian assumes she and Rex are having problems. When told that Adriana wants help picking out a watch for Rex's Christmas gift, Dorian offers to purchase an expensive one for her; Adriana does not accept her offer because she is not interested in purchasing such an expensive gift. Next, Dorian offers to purchase an expensive condo for she and Rex as a Christmas gift; Adriana becomes livid at this request. She cannot understand why Dorian believes money is the answer to solving life's problems and reminds her mother that she and Clint are both millionaires and could not make their relationship work. Dorian does not back down and tells her daughter that being poor does not help a relationship either. Fed up with her mother's continuous criticizing of Rex and her life in general, Adriana lashes out at Dorian. Before leaving La Boulaie, she warns her mother that if she keeps interfering in her relationship with Rex that she will lose her for good this time. Adriana asks her mother if this is what she wants; a hurt Dorian replies it is not.

Meanwhile, Nash observes Rex fighting off creditors at an empty Ultraviolet. Rex is not pleased when Nash suggests that he hire Antonio's new booker, who is bringing in a packed house with all the new acts she is booking. Rex wants advice from Nash; how does he buy a Christmas gift worthy of Adriana. Because she comes from a rich family, Rex is concerned about what Adriana, as well as Dorian may expect him to give her. Due to the lack of business at Ultraviolet and very few clients in his P.I. business, Rex has very little money to spend for Christmas this year. Jessica overhears the conversation and advises Rex that he should not consider money when presenting Adriana with her gift; he should give more of himself. Nash listens on and as Jessica tells Rex what she admires about Nash is the fact that he loves her unconditionally. She tells him how Nash proposed to her while she was sick in the hospital; it was the greatest gift he could have given her. Rex immediately wonders if he should consider marriage. Jessica tells him that she is not suggesting that he proposes to Adriana, just that he thinks more from the heart rather a financial aspect. Both Nash and Jessica tell him it is important to let Adriana know just how much he cares about her because he may never get another chance.

At the Buchanan Mansion, Jared shows Nigel the gold cuff links that Rene has given him as an early Christmas present; Nigel informs him that they were once one of Asa's prized possessions. Jared smiles smugly and proclaims that Rene wishes him to have them, even if the DNA tests prove him not to be Asa's son. Nigel is appalled that Jared would accept such a gift; Jared reminds him that they both know the test results will come back in his favor. As Jared leaves the room, Nigel says to himself that he cannot allow this to continue. While Clint is speaking on the phone with Cord about the terrible possibility of Jared being Asa's son, Nigel walks into the room and overhears the conversation. He later reminds Clint that there could be worse possibilities, other than Jared being his brother. He tells him, David Vickers could be his brother. Clint immediately agrees that David Vickers being a Buchanan would be the absolute worse possibility; he then questions why Nigel would even suggest David being his brother. Meanwhile, Rene is admiring how wonderful the cuff links look on Jared; they look so great on him that now she knows exactly what to buy him for Christmas. Rene asks Jared to help her pick out Christmas gifts for the grandchildren; she informs him that Asa took great pleasure doing this every year. Jared is pleased to oblige but wants to check on Natalie at the hospital; he is worried about her because her friend Miles was shot. Rene advises him that he should allow Natalie to handle this on her own; she believes once the test results are revealed Natalie will not want much to do with him – at least not for a long while. Jared appears a bit bothered by Rene's revelation. Clint and Nigel continue to discuss how terrible life could be if David were a Buchanan heir. Clint will never get over the fact that David attempted to extort money while Jessica was near death and then slept with Dorian at the family ranch. As the discussion becomes more intensified, Rene and Jared enter the room. Rene questions how Nigel could believe that David Vickers could be Asa's son. She reminds him that Asa's relationship with David's mother was over long before David was born; she then asks Nigel if there is more information that he is not revealing to her. Immediately, Jared interrupts the conversation; he states that Nigel is simply pointing out that he (Jared) being Asa's son, would be the lesser of two evils. Clint agrees. Rene asks to speak with Clint alone; she wants to know what he will do with all this anger once he finds out that Jared is actually his brother. Clint tells Rene he is not ready to jump to conclusions but Rene believes Jared may be Asa's way of leaving her one last gift. Later, Jared questions why Nigel would involve himself in such a conversation with Clint since the two of them have already made a deal. Nigel tells Jared that he has agreed to let the family believe that Jared is the heir because he would be a better choice than David Vickers, but warns him that he will not allow Jared to hurt the family. Jared tells Nigel he has no plans of hurting the family. Nigel fears he will devastate Natalie and asks Jared if he is sure he really wants to deny his feelings towards her. Frustrated, Jared says he didn't plan for this to happen, it just did. Clint enters the room and informs Jared that Bo is on the way with the DNA results. As Clint leaves the room, Nigel tells Jared he supposes it is too late, or is it? Jared has no answer.

As Langston looks on, Cole tells Starr that he is going to turn himself in. Starr tries to convince Cole to let John take responsibility for shooting Miles. Cole tells Starr that Miles saw him fire the weapon and will inform the police, he has no other alternative than to tell the truth. Starr believes that she may have gotten through to Miles and he may not admit the truth. Cole does not like the idea of John taking the blame but Starr continues to protest. As Langston attempts to offer advice, Starr rudely snaps at her; Cole asks Starr not to take her frustration out on Langston, who abruptly leaves the room after stating she will keep her opinions to herself. Cole tells Starr that his mother always told him to take responsibility for his own actions and that he should have never picked up the gun in the first place. Starr tells Cole that her father was in prison and she doesn't believe Cole will be able to handle it; she asks him to promise her that he will not turn himself in.

As they stand outside of Miles' hospital room, an unconvinced Natalie questions John about his claim to have shot Miles. Meanwhile, as Ramsey looks on, Bo asks a half conscious Miles if he knows who shot him. Before Miles can answer, Roxy barges into the room and asks Miles who did this to him. Roxy refuses to leave the room; John enters and tells Bo he tried to stop Roxy. Ramsey suggests this was just an attempt for him to listen to Miles' statement. Ramsey tells John to leave the room but Miles wants to talk to John. Miles asks John how is Cole. John tells Miles he hasn't seen Cole in awhile and has no idea. Ramsey informs Miles that Cole shot him. John rebukes Ramsey and leaves the room. Meanwhile, Natalie has told Roxy about John's claims to have shot Miles. As John approaches them, Roxy slaps John for hurting Miles and walks away in anger. Natalie apologizes to John but remains unconvinced that John is the one who shot Miles; she tells him the story does not make sense. John tells Natalie that he is to blame for Marty's death and he is trying to do what is right. Natalie asks him is he confessing because he is trying to make things right. Bo and Ramsey continue to question Miles about the shooting. Bo tells Miles that Cole may be out of control as a result of losing his mother and may be in need of help; he asks Miles to tell him what really happened on the docks. Miles thinks back and has visions of Cole shooting him; he then tells Bo and Ramsey he doesn't remember who shot him. Both Bo and Ramsey stare at him unconvinced. Ramsey tells Miles that he shouted out Cole's name before being shot. Miles continues to state he has no memory of the shooting; he is surprised to learn that John confessed to shooting him. Ramsey tells John that all they have is John's confession so he insists that John is arrested. Bo and Ramsey approach John as Natalie listens on; Bo wants a statement from John. John tells Bo that he and Ramsey were on the docks discussing what happened in Ireland. John says Ramsey advised him to lie about the fact that he didn't follow procedure when he shot at the tires on the van, causing the accident that led to Marty's demise. John tells Bo that he refused to go along with Ramsey's story and he (Ramsey) pulled out a gun. As John attempted to fight Ramsey over the gun, Miles approached as the gun went off and was accidentally shot. Ramsey denies John's charges and demands that Bo arrest John; Bo refuses and Ramsey storms off. John thanks Bo. Bo tells John not to thank him and says that his story does not add up. Minutes later, Bo is handed a copy of the DNA results. As Bo looks at the results, Natalie asks is Jared her uncle. Bo tells Natalie that the results are a famly matter; he will call everyone and they will all meet at the mansion to discuss it. Natalie looks distraught as Bo leaves. Natalie goes into Miles room. As Miles sleeps, Natalie apologizes for wanting to talk to him about her problems after the hell he has just endured. She goes on to say that she has no idea how she will handle the fact that the man she has been fantasizing over may turn out to be her uncle.

Jessica informs Nash that they must leave and head over to the mansion to hear the results of Jared's DNA test. Before leaving, they remind Rex to put Adriana first because nothing else really matters; he must find a way to let her know he truly cares. As Cole leaves to turn himself in, Starr begs him not to. Cole kisses Starr passionately and tells her he loves her. He then leaves as Starr frantically yells for him not to go. Starr tells Langston that Cole is going to look like a killer when it was all an accident. She is hurt that he wouldn't let her help him. Langston tells Starr that Cole just needed to tell the truth. Again Starr lashes out at Langston; Starr tells Langston she (Langston) doesn't know what it means to tell the truth. Langston stares at her friend in disbelief. Cole arrives at the hospital and encounters John. John inquires about where Cole has been all this time; he tells Cole he has been looking for him. Cole says he has come to turn himself in. John tells Cole he doesn't want to do this but Cole says he will and tells John that he cannot stop him from doing so. Miles awakes to find Roxy in the room. Roxy tells him she could not let anything happen to him without telling him how she really feels. Rex visits Dorian and tells her that he wishes to propose to Adriana – he wants Dorian's blessing. Cris goes to visit Evangeline. As he approaches the door, he sees someone else's name on the wall. He opens the door to find the room empty. Cris asks a nurse where is Evangeline. The nurse replies, "She's gone". After everyone arrives at the mansion, Bo reveals that the test results are a match – Jared is a Buchanan. Rene is elated and hugs Jared as she exclaims she knew it all the time. Nigel looks disapproving at Jared. Natalie is devastated and runs off. Moments later, Jared approaches Natalie. She tells him she doesn't want to talk. Jared says he doesn't either. He grabs Natalie in an embrace and kisses her passionately.

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