One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 5, 2011 on OLTL
Cristian tried but failed to start up a new relationship with Jessica. Instead, he moved to Barcelona to teach. Cutter was stunned to see the real Aubrey, who had gotten plastic surgery. Everyone in Llanview knew her as Kim. Téa accused Todd of murdering Victor, while Natalie found out that Brody had threatened Victor. Echo and Roxy got rid of Rex's gun and stashed it in a porcupine that Cutter later bought at a flea market.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 5, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Due to the Labor Day holiday, One Life to Live did not air today. This was a planned pre-emption and there will no be "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 6, and pick up where the Friday, September 2 episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jessica let Cristian into Llanfair, and he expressed his sympathy for her loss of Victor. She thought it was nice of him to stop by, but he confessed that there was another reason he had visited. They sat down, and Jessica waited for Cristian to begin speaking. However, Cristian admitted that he felt awkward talking about the other reason for his presence at Llanfair. Jessica insisted that she needed to talk about something that wasn't sad.

Relenting, Cristian explained to Jessica about Rama's love life advice for him. He started that Rama had talked about how sometimes the wrong people ended up together. Jessica interrupted Cristian, and said that she and Ford weren't seeing each other anymore. She explained to a confused Cristian that she'd thought that Ford had sent Cristian to pick Ryder up as a favor. He told her that he and Ford were no longer friends, and that he was actually there to talk about "you and me."

Cristian continued that Rama's mission was to help Cristian find happiness. Jessica's name had been mentioned in their conversation. Rama had believed that Cristian should reconnect with his first love, and see if something was still between them. He related that it was the first time in years that they were both single, so there was nothing to lose. Jessica embarrassingly mentioned how she had strained things between Cristian and Layla when Jessica had thought that she was a teenager. Cristian reminded her that she no longer thought she was a teenager, and he was no longer with Layla. "Are you saying you want us to try again?" Jessica questioned.

Cristian knew that it was that last thing Jessica had been expecting, because they'd been friends for so long. He also knew he'd regret it if he didn't talk to her. She was happy that he could be honest with her. He suggested that too much time had passed, but she reminded him that things had worked out between Kelly and Joey in the same kind of situation. Jessica continued that it might not work out the same for her and Cristian, but Cristian thought it was worth finding out. She wondered how, and he said that there was only one way, "if it's all right with you." She nodded, and he kissed her.

Aubrey told Rama that she'd thought about taking her old name, but she'd decided not to. Rama replied that she liked the name Kristine. Aubrey continued that she and Cutter were going to try to be a real couple, with no more conning. Rama was reminded of "the real Aubrey, and what she did." The real Aubrey had wanted to reinvent herself with a new name. Aubrey remembered that Rama and the real Aubrey had been roommates at boarding school, and asked about the woman.

Rama started that she and Aubrey had been "thrown together" as roommates, because they'd both been to the school on scholarship. They'd also initially gotten along because Rama had been "the token minority," and Aubrey had been "an ugly duckling." Aubrey thought back to the picture of the real Aubrey in the boarding school's yearbook. Rama continued that Aubrey had wanted to get plastic surgery to make her beautiful. The girls had been best friends until Aubrey had disappeared with all of Rama's hard-earned money. She'd vowed to find Aubrey, and eventually did at a place in Kentucky called the Spotted Pony.

Aubrey was stunned, and Rama wondered if she knew the place. Aubrey clarified that Rex had been talking about the place, and Cutter had recognized the name. However, Cutter had gotten "weird," and refused to talk about it. Aubrey wondered what Rama had found at the Spotted Pony, but Rama didn't want to talk about it. Clearly lying, she said that it had been a dead end, because Cutter and Aubrey had already left. When Rama had found Cutter in Llanview, he'd claimed not to know where Aubrey was.

After hearing Rama's story, Aubrey was glad to be done with "that life." Rama reminded her friend that changing her name wouldn't change who she was on the inside. Aubrey hoped to get in touch with "the old me." Rama assured Aubrey that Rama had lost herself, but had gotten back to where she belonged. Rama wondered if the real Aubrey had ever used Rama's money to get the plastic surgery that she'd wanted.

Cutter couldn't believe that his sister was there. She reminded him to call her Kim, but he assured her that she'd always be Aubrey to him. She wondered what he was doing in Llanview, and related that she'd heard he was after the Buchanans. He replied that he'd gotten everything from them, but he'd eventually gotten kicked out. He thought that he and his sister had a lot of catching up to do. She agreed that a lot had changed "since the Spotted Pony."

Kim admitted that she'd gone back to the Spotted Pony, and Cutter demanded to know why. Kim assured him that "no one remembered anything," but he wasn't convinced. Cutter told Kim about Rex asking about the Spotted Pony, and she revealed that Rex had shown up at the club. "You didn't tell him, did you?" Cutter yelled. Kim reassured Cutter that she didn't want to go to jail any more than he did. He said that no one could ever know about what they'd done.

Cutter opened the door, and told Kim to go back to the Spotted Pony before Rama saw her. Kim knew that Rama wouldn't recognize her after the plastic surgery. Cutter reminded Kim that she'd stolen the money for the surgery from Rama, who would want the money back once she figured out who Kim was. Kim vowed to pay Rama back in full once she remarried Clint. Cutter admitted that he'd heard about Kim's marriage to Clint in the paper, which was how he and Aubrey had started their plan to con Clint's son.

A short while later, Kim had Cutter in a headlock, and yelled at him for scamming Clint. She released Cutter, and warned him to stay away from Clint "from now on." He reminded her that Clint was broke, but she thought that the Buchanan name still carried weight. Cutter wondered what her plan was, but she didn't want to tell him. He wondered who she was working with. She replied that she was working alone, but she did say that it wasn't only her happiness at stake. After much convincing, Kim decided that it would be nice to have someone to talk to. She handed Cutter a picture of her and Stacy.

Blair, Starr, and Jack entered La Boulaie. Blair told Jack to get some rest, but he was too angry about Todd walking around free after Todd had killed Victor. Blair reminded him that the investigation was still going on, and Starr reminded him that Todd was their father whether Jack liked it or not. Starr told Jack not to accuse Todd of murder just because Jack wanted it to be true. Jack thought that Blair believed that Todd had shot Victor. Starr wondered if that was true, because Blair kept avoiding the question.

Instead of answering, Blair promised that the police would find the murderer, and punish the person accordingly. Blair wanted her family to stop fighting, and start helping each other through the tragedy. Starr didn't know what to tell Hope, and Blair didn't know how to tell Sam. Starr believed that it would be the hardest on Sam, because Victor was his real father. Jack yelled that Victor was his father as well. Starr told him that their real father had fought his way back to them.

Starr knew that it wasn't Jack's fault that he didn't know Todd the way she did. She admitted that something had been missing when Todd had been gone, but it meant a lot to her that he'd returned. Jack related that the father he'd loved, that had loved him, was gone, and it was Todd's fault. Blair told her kids that they'd have answers soon, and Starr left. Blair wanted to get Jack a pain pill, but he insisted that he was fine. Blair wondered what she could do for him. He told her to go back in time, and save Victor from Todd. In shock, she left to get Jack a pill.

When Blair returned, Jack stood in front of the open back door. She wondered where he was going. He didn't want to wait to hear news -- he wanted to find it out for himself. Blair told him to rest, but Jack yelled that he was "doing it for Dad, because no one else will." Sam entered, and wondered why everyone was yelling about his father. Blair told him to go back to his room, because they needed to talk. Jack yelled that Sam needed to know the truth. As Sam started to walk up the stairs, Jack grabbed him and yelled, "Dad is dead, and your friend Scarface killed him!"

Téa and Dani entered their house. Téa spotted the bloodstain in the living room, and tried to stop Dani from going into the room. Dani saw the stain anyway, and the two embraced sadly. Dani wondered why the police had left the stain, but Téa suggested that they go back to the Palace. Dani refused the suggestion, because she wanted to be at the house "with his things." She lamented her choice to go out the night before, but Téa was glad that Dani hadn't gotten caught in the crossfire.

Dani wondered if Victor had said anything when Téa had found him. Téa admitted that she'd asked Victor who had shot him, and she swore that he'd tried to say something starting with the letter "T." Dani wondered if Victor had been trying to say "Todd," but Téa reasoned that it also could have just been a random sound. She remembered saying all she could to get Victor to hold on, but she'd ended up telling him that she loved him over and over. Dani smiled and thought that Victor had been trying to say "Téa."

A short while later, Téa was smelling a jacket of Victor's when Dani entered with tea for Téa. Starr entered the house, and hugged her sister and stepmother. Téa wanted to go to the station to check on the investigation. She hadn't wanted to leave Dani alone, but thought Dani would be fine with Starr there. Téa left, and both girls expressed their disbelief in what had happened.

Starr assured Dani that she'd loved Victor, even when they'd found out that he wasn't Todd. She knew that the situation had been different for Dani and Jack, because Victor had been the only father they'd known. Starr continued that Jack thought she was a traitor, and said that she wasn't his sister anymore. She wanted to know if Dani still considered her a sister.

Dani started that she'd loved Victor even though she hadn't meant to. She'd spent so much time fighting, and hating Victor, but he'd never given up trying to be her father. "One day, I loved him back, and you helped do that," Dani said. She thought that Starr had helped her see the good in Victor, and she was happy about it. Dani understood Starr's feelings, and Starr thanked her for understanding. Dani concluded that it didn't matter which man they were closer to -- Starr was still her sister, and always would be. "Good, because I really need my sister right now," Starr said, and hugged Dani.

John ushered Todd into an interrogation room, and told him that he'd done the right thing. John asked if Todd had killed his brother. "He's not my brother," Todd replied. John wondered if Todd had stolen the gun, but Todd only admitted to borrowing it. John questioned whether or not Todd had intended to use the gun on Victor. "Yes. No. Maybe," Todd replied. Todd clarified that he'd wanted his life back, and had known that Victor wouldn't give it back. He'd intended to take it back.

John created the scenario of the murder. He imagined that Todd had knocked Jack out, taken Jack's keys to let himself into the house, and shot Victor. However, Todd said that it wasn't true. John tried again, this time including an argument, and a struggle over the gun. Todd denied the story again, so John asked for the truth.

Todd admitted to thinking about killing Victor, but not to killing him. He'd thought of Blair's words about missing out on more time with his family. He'd also known that Jack would have hated him for killing Victor, and he hadn't wanted to do that to his son. John wondered where the gun was. Todd told him about bumping into Louie on the docks, and giving him the gun for the Guns for Cash program. He told John that the gun that had been registered under Dorian's name had never been fired. John left to check for it.

A short while later, Todd was pacing around the room when John returned. John told Todd that there had been no gun turned in. Todd was angry because Louie had promised to turn it in to John. Todd wanted to talk to Louie, but John said he would. He told Todd to stay in the room and to ask the officer outside the door if he needed anything. John left.

A short while later, Téa arrived in front of the interrogation room, and asked if Todd was there. The officer replied that Todd wasn't allowed to have any visitors outside of a lawyer. Téa claimed to be Todd's lawyer, so the officer let her in.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Téa managed to visit with Todd at the police station under the guise of being his attorney. Todd expressed his sympathy for Victor's death and acknowledged that while Victor had been a fraud, he had been Téa's fraud. Téa's response was to slap Todd's face, and she accused him of being the one who had killed Victor.

Téa went off on Todd. While she understood Todd's feelings towards Victor, nothing had been Victor's fault, she said. Todd's stolen life could be blamed on Irene. Téa was irate that Todd could have killed Victor without considering his children's feelings. "I didn't," Todd said. Téa continued to shout. She wondered how Todd thought that Dani might have felt as she'd watched Victor's body zipped into a body bag.

Todd began to shout back, and he insisted that he hadn't killed Victor because he'd thought about his kids. "Liar," Téa yelled. Todd continued to deny Téa's charge. She pointed out that he was innocent, yet oddly, he had been detained at the police station. Everyone had been searching for Todd, because he had been the prime suspect. Todd explained that he had turned himself in for that reason. He was innocent and he could prove it.

Todd agreed that he had taken the gun out of Dorian's safe and had planned to confront Victor. If the gun had accidentally gone off, he wouldn't have been upset, though it would have been Karma who had shot the gun, Todd declared. He had realized that it hadn't been his children's fault that they hadn't known that Victor hadn't been their father. "Prove it," Téa ordered him.

Todd explained that the gun would be located at the station, and everyone would see that it had not been fired. Téa began to shout again, and Todd proclaimed that Téa hadn't changed. She'd never listened when he tried to talk. Téa continued to rant, but Todd demanded to know why Téa hadn't seen through Victor. Todd hollered that she had married an imposter, and therefore, she was an idiot.

Téa maintained that she wasn't at fault as she'd even had a DNA test run to prove that the man with the new face had been who he'd said he was. Todd couldn't believe that the thought hadn't occurred to Téa that it really hadn't been him. He pointed out that Starr had known, especially after the man claiming to be her father had pushed her down the stairs when she'd been pregnant. Also, when the man had locked up Marty in his house.

Todd wondered how people could have believed that Victor had been Todd after some of the things that Victor had done. Téa maintained that Victor had been trying to make up for some of the things he'd done, and she ordered Todd not to say anything bad about Victor. He had been just like Todd and had made some mistakes, Téa asserted.

Victor had had all of Todd's bad qualities, but he'd had good qualities as well, Téa insisted. They were good qualities that Todd had never had. Victor had loved her "in a way you never could," Téa declared. Victor had been passionate, giving, and gentle while Todd had abandoned her on an island. "He gave me back my life," and was a great lover, Téa continued. "I really don't want to hear this," Todd proclaimed.

Todd repeated that Victor hadn't been a kidnapper or bully. "He wasn't a sex offender. Never raped anyone, unlike you," Téa snapped.

Elsewhere in the station, Natalie informed Brody and John that she had learned what kind of gun had been used to kill Victor. It had been a nine-millimeter. Brody pointed out that it was the same type of gun that was missing from Dorian's safe. John noted that it was a common gun and standard issue for police officers. He revealed that Todd had turned himself in.

The gun that Todd had claimed he had given to Louie to turn in for cash was not to be found. John requested that Brody look for Louie in order to prove Todd's claims. Natalie confirmed that forensics was still analyzing items for fingerprints, though the killer might not have touched anything in Victor's house. Awkwardly, Natalie noticed that John continued to stare at her, and out of the blue, he told her he was sorry.

Natalie was confused. "Sorry?" she asked. John responded that while he knew that Natalie's relationship with her uncle had been complicated, he was sorry for Victor's death. Natalie agreed that no one ever deserved to die the way that Victor had, and there were plenty of people suffering due to Victor's death. She noted that Rex had been happy.

John wondered if Rex might have been motivated to seek justice, but Natalie hurriedly assured him that Rex would never consider killing someone. John was surprised when Brody returned, and he again asked Brody to check on Todd's story. Brody announced that he'd already been to the docks, and there had been no signs of Louie. All of the man's belongings were gone.

Téa wondered if she'd touched a nerve with Todd, but he replied that he didn't want to talk about the past. Tearfully, Téa stated that was all she had left thanks to Todd. He swore that he wasn't the one who had killed Victor, and he grabbed Téa's wrists. He wanted her to believe him. Téa struggled to break free and demanded that Todd let her go. John walked into the room and ordered Todd to take his hands off of Téa.

John wondered how Téa had managed to get into the room, and she assured him she was leaving. Todd asked whether John had located Louie and checked out the gun, but John revealed that Louie had disappeared. They didn't have the gun. Téa wondered if Todd still wanted to insist that he hadn't killed Victor.

John suggested that Todd hire a lawyer, and he wondered whether Todd wanted to change his story. "Delgado's gonna represent me," Todd announced.

Echo greeted Rex and Shane when they returned home. She asked to speak to Rex alone, and she showed him the gun she had found. She wondered if Rex had been the one to shoot Victor. Rex was indignant. He admitted that while he'd thought about committing the crime, he hadn't done it. Echo reminded him that he'd made an attempt at the movie premiere, but Rex declared that he'd lost his nerve that time. "Did you get it back?" Echo wondered.

Rex maintained that he hadn't changed his mind, and he hadn't killed Victor. Echo revealed that she was aware that Rex had gone out late at night in a thunderstorm, and she'd seen his muddy shoes. Rex asked if Echo had turned into a private investigator, but he confessed that he'd gone to visit Gigi's grave. He had been there earlier in the day, and he'd wanted to check to see that things were okay. He told her about the exhumation.

Rex was certain that he hadn't imagined seeing Gigi, and he'd wanted to make sure. "Now I know Gigi really is dead," Rex said sadly. Echo understood that grief and anger made people do desperate things. Rex wondered if she were referring to the grave, and Echo replied that she was aware that Rex had wanted justice. She wanted him to trust her, and he could tell her if he'd done something drastic.

At the café, Ford imagined that he saw and heard Tess, but he told himself that he was only having hallucinations. He admitted that he probably needed some caffeine, and he shrugged it off. Suddenly, Tess appeared again. She accused him of trying to get rid of her. Ford denied the accusation and informed her that he missed her and wanted her back.

Tess pointed out that he had been avoiding Jessica, and he would have to "get in her face," in order to force Tess to reappear. "Jessica's integrated now," Ford declared. "So disintegrate her," Tess demanded. Ford stressed that he would not interfere with Jessica's sanity. Jessica had been trying to rebuild her life, Ford explained. He loved Tess, but it was Jessica's body and life. Tess accused him of loving Jessica more than her.

Tess insisted that they would get back together, or Ford would lose her forever. She wanted him to fight for her "hard and dirty the way I like it." She disappeared, and Ford began to shout. The waitress hurried over and asked if he were calling for her. Ford asked for his check.

Cristian paid a visit to Llanfair. He and Jessica shared a long kiss in order to find out if there might still be something between them. They both agreed that the "spark" was still there. "What do we do about it?" Cristian wanted to know. Jessica didn't think they should "read too much into it," and she pointed out that she had too much to deal with in her life with all of her family members. She suggested that the kiss had been more of a confusion than a spark.

Cristian contended that he knew the difference between excitement and confusion, and he thought that there might be a connection of some kind that would change their lives. "If we let it," he added. Jessica insisted that her life was crazy, and she'd hurt lots of people. She'd abandoned her children, among other things. She also acknowledged that she couldn't be with Ford because she reminded him of Tess.

Suddenly, Jessica recalled that Cristian had been married to Natalie at one time, and she could "stick it to Natalie." Cristian didn't want Natalie to be a reason for anything. He would always care for Jessica, but he agreed that maybe it wasn't a good idea to turn back the clock. Jessica thought that he was sweet, and Cristian recalled how comfortable and safe he'd felt when he'd dated Jessica in high school.

Jessica agreed that she would love to have an uncomplicated life, but they were different people from who they'd been in high school. Cristian showed her an old letter he'd found. He agreed that their lives were complicated, but still good. He thought it was great that they were still in each other's lives, and he loved her just as so many other people did. Jessica kissed him. "I'll always love you, too, Cristian," she said.

Cristian excused himself, citing the need to get ready for a new school year after they looked up and saw Ford walk in. "So, what's going on?" Ford asked. Jessica had the same question for Ford. She recalled agreeing not to see each other due to reminders of Tess. Ford wondered what was going on between Jessica and Cristian.

At La Boulaie, Sam walked down the stairs and found Jack and Blair talking together. Against Blair's advice, Jack grabbed the little boy and told him that his father was dead. Scarface had been the one who had killed Victor. "You're lying," Sam replied. Blair was livid, and she ordered Jack to go upstairs. She had planned to talk to Sam herself. Sam insisted that none of it was true.

Jack had a habit of telling lies, Sam reminded Blair. She agreed that Jack did lie at times, but for once he had been telling the truth. "Daddy's gone," Blair told Sam. "Where did he go?" Sam asked. Blair did her best to explain that Sam's daddy had been hurt badly, couldn't get better, and had died. The man had loved his children very much, and they would be able to feel his love shining down on them, Blair asserted.

Blair advised the boy that his family would stick by him, and memories of Sam's father would keep the man alive. "It's not the same," Sam replied. Blair assured him it was okay to be sad and brave, and she told him to keep his chin up so that his father could see Sam smile.

Jack was surprised when Shane showed up, and he wondered if Shane were gloating over Victor's death. Shane expressed his sympathy and noted that he knew how it felt to lose a parent. Jack promised that the killer wouldn't get away with it, and Scarface would be going to jail. Shane noted that someone had been held in jail for killing Gigi, but the real killer was still walking around. "For now," Shane added.

Sam decided that he wanted to get his things ready for school. He didn't want his father to be dead, and he asked about his father's killer. Blair explained that John would find out who'd committed the crime.

Jack found his mother crying, and he apologized for telling Sam the news. He'd been angry. Blair informed him that she was angry, as well, but she didn't want Jack to accuse Todd of shooting Victor without all of the facts, because Todd was his father. Jack agreed that he wouldn't upset Sam again, but he was certain that Todd had been the one who'd killed Victor. He believed that Blair felt the same way.

Echo didn't want Shane to lose his father after losing his mother. Rex assured her that wouldn't happen. Rex hadn't killed Victor, though he was grateful that it had happened. Echo insisted that she'd feel better if the gun weren't in the house, but Rex clarified that the gun was always kept in the safe. Echo declared that she didn't want it around at all.

Rex reiterated that he hadn't shot Victor, and the gun had never been fired. The pair didn't hear Shane walk in, and Rex wondered how long his son had been standing there. Shane replied that he had just walked in from the kitchen, and he asked what Rex and Echo had been talking about. Rex made up something about a moat, and he suggested that he and Shane go upstairs to check out Shane's new computer.

After the guys were gone, Echo emptied the gun and counted the bullets. One of the bullets was missing. "This gun's been fired. Rex was lying," Echo proclaimed.

Cristian returned to the café, and the waitress handed him a note from Carlotta. It stated that Cristian should call the dean at the university as soon as possible. Cristian placed the call. "You want me to what?" Cristian asked incredulously.

Brody advised Natalie that he was heading home, and she promised to follow after she finished checking on the fingerprints from Victor's house. She mentioned dinner, but Brody said he wasn't hungry. Natalie asked him if something were wrong. He assured her that all was fine.

A young woman walked into the station and stated that she had been Victor's secretary. She wanted to speak with John about Victor's murder. Natalie explained that John was busy, and she offered to hear what the woman had to say. The secretary insisted on privacy, and Natalie took her into John's office. "It involves a police officer named Brody Lovett," the woman said.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

At the Buenos Dias Café, Cristian couldn't believe the offer that the college dean had extended to him over the phone. He didn't think that he should do it. He advised Carlotta that a fellow teacher was sick and unable to accept a teaching position in Barcelona, Spain. The position had been offered to Cristian, and he would have to leave in a couple of hours. He thought it was crazy.

Carlotta thought that Cristian should take advantage of the opportunity that had been offered to him, because she felt that something was missing for her son in Llanview. He was single and without children, and he had the freedom to go, Carlotta said. Those kinds of offers didn't happen every day, she told him. The kids needed a teacher, and he needed an adventure. Cristian agreed that it would be an amazing experience to be able to paint and teach full-time in Spain, though he worried that there would be no one around for his mother.

Carlotta was excited at the thought of being able to visit, and she didn't want Cristian to worry about her. Cristian agreed to accept, and mother and son hugged each other. An excited Rama smiled when she saw them. "I knew it! You and Jessica are back together," Rama exclaimed. Cristian informed Rama that wasn't the case, and he and Jessica had decided that it wasn't to be. He was celebrating his new dream job instead.

Blair advised Starr that she was on her way to the police station. Unfortunately, Jack had informed Sam about Victor's death and the fact that Todd was the killer. Blair needed to "light a fire" under John in order to found out who had really killed Victor. Starr thought that Blair would need some luck, because Téa was also at the station. Blair and Starr went back into La Boulaie, and Baz and Tomas showed up right behind them.

Tomas announced that Todd was at the police station, answering questions, and Baz was curious as to how his father knew that. Tomas stated that he'd made a phone call. Tomas asked Blair about her sons, and Blair revealed that they weren't doing well. She decided that it would cheer Sam up if she bought him something at the Buenos Dias Café, and Tomas offered to accompany her.

Starr said that she would keep watch over her brothers, and Baz remained behind with her. She told him that she prayed it wasn't true that Todd had killed Victor, because she had just gotten her father back. Baz revealed that his own father had lied about his whereabouts the night of Victor's murder. Baz didn't know if Tomas had been involved in Victor's death.

Baz explained that on the night of Victor's death, Tomas had been late in showing up for a meeting with his son, and he'd never called. Tomas had related a fake story about a flat tire and a dead phone. After he'd read about the time of Victor's death, Baz had realized that Tomas had been missing during the same hours. Tomas had looked guilty when he'd finally arrived for their meeting, Baz added.

Baz recalled that Tomas had hated Victor, and Tomas had been angry that Téa hadn't left her husband. Tomas had also been involved with the CIA, and he'd called the police for information. Baz wondered how anyone could just make a phone call like that. He didn't trust Tomas. Starr didn't believe that Tomas had anything to do with the murder, and she while she didn't believe that Todd was involved, she was preparing herself for the worst.

John asked Todd if he wanted to change his story, since Louie and the gun hadn't been found. He suggested that Todd hire a lawyer. Todd announced that Delgado would represent him, because she'd be able to prove his innocence. "Are you kidding?" Téa asked.

Todd begged Téa to represent him, and Téa almost found it amusing. She wondered how it would look if the dead guy's wife represented the killer. Todd thought it would show that he was innocent, but Téa found the idea to be insane. Todd reiterated that he wouldn't have been stupid and killed Victor.

Todd also couldn't believe that the police had been unable to locate Louie and the gun that Todd had given him to turn in for cash. Louie didn't have money to go somewhere else, Todd insisted. Todd knew that the gun would prove Todd was innocent or perhaps John should locate the real killer, Todd pointed out. Todd thought he was being railroaded.

John was adamant that he was conducting the investigation "by the book," and he was looking into other suspects. He noted that Todd had had the motive, means, and opportunity to kill Victor. Todd stressed that the most important thing to him was his kids, and he would never have done anything to lose them. If he had killed Victor, then Starr's heart would have been broken, and Dani and Jack would have hated him.

Todd wanted to get to know Dani. He added that he had a granddaughter, and Jack was in a bad way. His family needed him. He turned to Téa and again pleaded that she take his case. He offered to give her five million dollars. "Is that supposed to be funny?" Téa asked. "Kind of," Todd replied. He suggested that Téa represent him for their daughter.

Todd's suggestion angered Téa, and she ordered him to never use their daughter to manipulate her. Téa would never defend Todd in order to get him off for killing her husband. Téa advised John that quite the contrary, she would do everything in her power to help convict Todd, and she wanted John to be certain to contact her if he needed anything. She hoped to see Todd rot.

Amused, John suggested that Todd might want to find himself another lawyer. Todd asked if John were charging him with a crime. John acknowledged that he wasn't arresting Todd. He warned Todd not to leave town. "Everything I have is here," Todd replied.

Victor's secretary had news on Victor's murder, but it was sensitive news, and she wanted privacy. Heading into John's office, Natalie was shocked to hear Victor's secretary state that Brody had threatened Victor. She attempted to clarify what the woman had said, and she wondered if it really had anything to do with Victor's murder. The secretary tried to leave. The young woman noted that she knew how it was with cops, and they would stick together.

Natalie begged the secretary to stay, and she assured the woman that whatever she had to say would be taken seriously. She wanted the woman to provide some details. The woman, who identified herself as Tracey, reported that Brody had burst into the office, so she had decided she would eavesdrop by the door. When Tracey had heard Brody and Victor arguing, she had actually walked into the office, sight unseen.

Brody had been furious, and he had threatened to kill Victor. Natalie wondered exactly what Tracey had heard Brody say. "You're a dead man if you destroy what I have," Tracey replied. Tracey assumed that had been a death threat. Natalie promised that someone would look into it.

Once she was alone, Natalie muttered to herself. "Why? What could Victor destroy of yours?" she wondered. "Natalie. Something wrong?" John asked as he walked into his office. Natalie was startled, and she asked John if Todd had been arrested. John replied that he hadn't had enough to hold Todd, but he felt that Todd would have been stupid to kill Victor. He was aware that Todd had been stupid in the past, but Victor had had many enemies.

John asked Natalie again if something were going on. He could tell that something was bothering her. Natalie assured him that it wasn't a big deal, and she believed that her uncle's murder had affected her more than originally realized. John urged her to finish up and get home to her son. Natalie was distracted as she walked out.

At Llanfair, Ford wondered what was going on between Jessica and Cristian. Emphatically, Jessica advised him that it wasn't any of his business, and the only reason for his presence should have been regarding Ryder. "Tell Tess to leave me alone," Ford demanded. Jessica was anxious, and inquired where Ford had seen Tess. He admitted that he'd seen her at the diner, though not actually, he added. It had seemed as though Tess were trying to get out.

Jessica assured him that it wasn't happening, and Tess hadn't been out. Ford agreed that it had probably just been him, though it had felt real. Ford swore that he wasn't there to force Tess to return. He advised Jessica that he'd made arrangements for his mother to pick up and return Ryder for all visits. Jessica would never have to see him again. He turned to leave.

"Ford, wait, I changed my mind" Jessica called out. He asked what she'd changed her mind about, and Jessica declared that there were several things.

First of all, she was not involved with Cristian, and they'd only been talking about high school and how intense things had been. She wasn't planning on getting together with Cristian. Secondly, she assured Ford, he wouldn't have to worry about showing up. Ford could pick up their son himself, unless he was uncomfortable with that.

Ford was thrilled, and he assured Jessica that he would love it. He promised to keep his hands to himself, and Jessica declared that she believed him. Ford wanted to be friends, especially because of their son. They began to discuss future scenarios involving Ryder, like his first day at school and his first love. Ford admitted that he'd never had a first love in high school, because he'd been a "scrawny, underfed runt."

Ford explained that he'd begun to work out in college. "So you never had a first love," Jessica declared. "I didn't say that," Ford replied hastily. He confessed that he was a dog who just liked to score, but Langston had been the person to change him. He pointed out that he'd done something horrid to Jessica, but she reminded him that they had their son.

Ford had believed that he'd loved Langston, but he really hadn't. His first love had been Tess. Jessica was sorry to hear that, and she couldn't believe that Tess would have taught Ford anything. Ford disagreed, but proclaimed that as a dad, he had real love.

Jessica showed him the high school letter that Cristian had written. She was sorry that Ford didn't have similar memories and feelings. Ford hoped that they could have it as adults, and they each assured the other that it would happen again, once the heartbreak was over.

The moment was awkward. "Thanks for being a friend," Ford said as he headed to the door. "You too," Jessica said quietly. She began to read out loud from her letter. "I ne'er was struck before that hour..."

Blair and Tomas arrived at the café, but Blair was hesitant to go inside. She wanted to collect herself. She blamed herself for Victor's death, because she'd been the one to mention Dorian's gun to Todd. Tomas was certain that it all had nothing to do with Blair.

Before the couple could go into the café, Téa walked up. She informed them, "That son of a bitch tried to hire me to defend him." She seemed flustered and ran into the café. The first person she saw was Cristian.

Everyone gathered around Cristian to wish him luck in his new venture. Téa was weepy, and Cristian was sorry that he wouldn't be there for her. Blair promised to look after Téa, who hugged Cristian and walked away quickly. Blair advised Cristian that she'd replace him at the club, but she couldn't replace his friendship. She hoped he found happiness in his new life, and he wished the same for Blair.

Blair advised Tomas that she and Cristian had been close, and she would miss him. Tomas assured her that they all felt the same. Cristian made several phone calls to tie up loose ends, but Carlotta urged him to get going. She was teary, too, as she hugged her son. Rama was sorry that she'd been wrong about Jessica, but she knew she was right about love. She assured Cristian that he'd find it, because the right person was waiting for him.

Cristian left the diner and looked at the Buenos Dias Café sign as if to commit it to memory.

Sitting in a booth, Blair advised Téa that she owed her for the stupid fight they'd had over Blair kissing Victor. Téa figured they'd been nice to each other for a year, and they'd been due for a fight. Blair knew that Victor had loved Téa very much. Téa confided that Dani had spent the night with her, and Dani had been shaking the entire time.

Téa asked about the boys, but Blair didn't want her to worry about anything. She offered to take Téa home and assured her she'd help her through it all, even if she fell. "I'll catch you," Blair promised a crying Téa.

Tomas made a phone call to an unknown person and asked that he be kept posted on the investigation.

Baz received a phone call and spoke to someone excitedly. He advised Starr that a producer had loved their demo and thought it could be a hit. Just then, the doorbell rang, and Starr ran to answer it. It was Todd, and he was obviously happy to see his daughter.

Todd explained that he'd tried to clear his name, though John hadn't been able to prove Todd's innocence. Lots of people hated Victor, Todd clarified. Baz introduced himself, but Todd was anxious for the young man to leave. The man obliged, and Todd announced that he had something to say to Starr.

Todd swore he hadn't killed Victor, and he needed Starr to believe him. He wanted to know that she was on his side. He would never hurt his children. Starr assured him that she was indeed on his side and she believed that he hadn't killed Victor. She gave her father a hug.

John made a call and ordered his staff to drag every body of water in order to find the gun that Todd had claimed to give to Louie. Natalie returned, and John joked that she couldn't get enough of him. Before Natalie could say anything, Baz walked in and obviously wanted privacy before he spoke to John. Natalie left, and Baz introduced himself.

Baz wanted John to check Tomas' alibi for the night of Victor's murder. Baz was certain that his father had lied.

Cristian arrived in Barcelona and tried to find his classroom. He encountered another teacher, and she turned around to face him. They introduced themselves. Her name was Erin, and she was the English teacher. Cristian stared at the poem that Erin had been writing on the blackboard. "I ne'er was struck before that hour..." Cristian recognized the poem by John Clare, and Erin was impressed. Cristian stared at her intently. He admitted that she reminded him of someone that he had once known.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Outside of Llanfair, Kim talked to a delinquency agency on the phone and promised to get the money for her girl's care. Nigel then admitted Kim inside Llanfair but refused to allow her to see Clint, who was reading a newspaper article about Victor Lord's murder. When Nigel refused to let Clint see Kim as a guest, Kim pointed out that she was family. Once Kim stressed that she and Clint had bonded, Nigel noted that they had bonded as a tapeworm does to its host.

Clint welcomed Kim into the living room, and Kim ordered Nigel to serve her breakfast. After Kim indicated that she would have her usual, Nigel quipped that Kim would want "fresh blood and babies' tears." Later, as Nigel carried in a tray, Kim raved over Nigel's scones. Nigel remarked that he was British, and that he also had a talent for beheadings. Clint requested that Nigel attend the flea market to add to Nigel's antique button collection. Kim insisted that she would take care of Clint. As Nigel left, he reminded Clint that he was only a phone call away.

Clint told Kim that Nigel was protective of the family, and then Clint wondered what Kim was after. Kim revealed that she had been working double shifts to pay for the medical expenses of a sick friend. Clint wished that he could write Kim a check, instead of Kim having to strip for the money. Kim then stated that she needed Clint's advice about how to invest money. Kim indicated that she had lied to the collection agency, and that she had actually saved for a rainy day. Kim said that she needed more money, before her friend just withered away.

Kim feared that her friend was fading away, and that the hospital would cut her friend loose, if Kim could not pay. Clint remembered how Kim had once wanted to help her friend, Stacy, when Stacy had still been alive. Clint told Kim that he would help her on the condition that Kim did not return to the Spotted Pony or any other strip club. Clint stressed that Kim was too good for that.

Kim got up to leave and informed Clint that she needed to find a place to stay. Kim also wanted to leave on her own, before Nigel threw her out. Clint said that he would get started on her investment portfolio, and that Kim would always be welcome at Llanfair. Kim acknowledged that Clint was the best -- at everything.

At the flea market, Echo held a bag containing Rex's gun and realized that a bullet was missing from the gun. Echo ran into Roxy, who held "a primo position" for a booth at flea market day. When Echo noticed that Roxy's front desk clerk, Morris, who was a large stuffed porcupine, was for sale, Roxy showed Morris's secret hiding place to Echo. Roxy saw that Echo was trying to hide something in the bag and stated that she would sell the thing in the bag, if Echo would buy Morris for 100 dollars. Roxy and Echo wrestled with the bag, and the gun fell out.

Roxy yelled that she had zero tolerance for weapons in her hood and then wondered why Echo had a nine-millimeter gun. Roxy also recollected that Victor Lord had been killed with a nine-millimeter. Echo remarked that she had not killed Victor, but that Rex had. Echo reflected that Rex had taken the gun to the movie premiere to kill Victor but had then changed his mind. Echo claimed that Rex had denied shooting Victor, and that Rex had said that he had been at Gigi's grave the night of the murder, but Echo had found that the gun had been fired.

Echo knew that Rex had been obsessed with wanting Victor dead. When Echo announced that she would find a better place to dispose of the gun, Roxy stated that she would get rid of it. Roxy said, "Just stay. Just watch my stuff. Don't discount any lower than 10%, okay? That's it." Nigel then arrived and asked what Roxy had for him. To distract Nigel, Echo showed him the collection of buttons, and Nigel asked Roxy where she had gotten her treasure. Roxy answered, "If I tell you, then you'll never come back. You know, some things have to remain a secret."

At the Minute Man Hotel, Cutter and Aubrey lay in bed, and Cutter jumped up to get ready for work. Cutter schemed to move up into the manager position, because he believed it would be available with the use of well-placed bed bugs. Cutter remarked that he and his sister, Aubrey, had done that scam in the past. Aubrey leafed through the yearbook to learn more about the original Aubrey. After Cutter claimed that he tried not to think about his sister, Aubrey remembered that Rama had found the original Aubrey at the Spotted Pony, after Aubrey had stolen Rama's money.

Aubrey wondered what Cutter was hiding and what he and his sister had done at the Spotted Pony. Aubrey felt that Cutter and Rama were keeping something from her. Cutter then admitted that he had done some things in the past that he was not proud of, and that some of those things had taken place at the Spotted Pony. Cutter informed Aubrey that his sister had used Rama's money to improve her looks, so she could score money off of men. Once the men caught on to her, Cutter and his sister had parted ways. Cutter envisioned in his mind that his sister had shown him a picture of her and Stacy.

Cutter showed Aubrey a box of the lost and found items from the hotel, and Aubrey regretted that they had lost all of the luxury items from their fancier way of life. However, Cutter stated that at least they had each other, and he kissed her. After Cutter left, Aubrey looked at the picture of the original Aubrey in the yearbook and wondered aloud what had ever happened to her. Aubrey heard a knock on the door and opened it to find Kim.

Back at Llanfair, Nigel returned from the flea market with his hands full of bags. Clint revealed that Kim had left, and Nigel was relieved. Then Clint added that Kim had left -- after she had agreed to marry him. Clint admitted that he was joking and said that Kim had returned to get help for a sick friend. Clint claimed that Kim knew that Clint had no money. After Clint insisted that Kim was being loyal to her sick friend, he said to Nigel, "You know, the two of you have more in common than you think."

In the Buenos Dias Café, as Brody and Natalie sat in a booth, Natalie declared that Victor's secretary had information that she had overheard Brody threaten Victor's life on the day of the murder. After Natalie asked if the secretary's story was true, Brody revealed that he had gone to see Victor about what was on Marty's tape. Brody indicated that he had wanted to know what Victor had known about the tape, but that Victor had denied knowing anything about it.

Brody felt that the secretary had been exaggerating, but he then noted that he had gotten into Victor's face, because Victor had gloated that he had once hidden Marty at his place. Brody admitted that he could have threatened Victor and said that Victor was a dead man, but that he had not meant it. Natalie guessed that John would have questions for Brody, and she wished that they had the murder weapon.

To settle the matter, Brody took out his gun and asked Natalie to test it. Brody told Natalie to send the gun to ballistics, but Natalie refused to do it. Natalie knew that Brody would not lie to her. Natalie then exclaimed that they needed to find Victor's killer. When Natalie said that she would be working the case that morning, Brody felt that the case would break open. Brody indicated that he would be glad when it was all over.

At the police station, when John questioned Tomas about his alibi for the night of Victor's murder, Tomas indicated that he had been with his son. John revealed that he had already talked to Baz, and that Baz's story had been quite different from what Tomas had indicated. Tomas was upset that John had questioned Baz without telling Tomas, but John indicated that Baz was not a suspect. John stated that, in fact, Baz had traveled to the police station to talk to John.

John again wondered about Tomas' story of blowing out a tire so badly that it had knocked out the service of his cell phone for several hours. John then asked Tomas if he wanted to revise his story, but Tomas chose to stick with it. John speculated that the blown tire must have messed up his alignment. Tomas then revealed that he had run into Sebastian at the diner, and that Baz was upset with Tomas, because Baz thought Tomas had been avoiding him. Tomas was supposed to have met Baz at Capricorn to listen to some new tracks.

John announced that a phone call from a fellow police officer, who had checked out Tomas' car, had revealed that it had no new tires. Tomas maintained that he had not killed Victor Lord, because his sister and his niece had love Victor, and Tomas did not want to lose his entire family. Tomas reminded John that Victor had a list of many enemies. As he handed John the associate's card, Tomas declared that he had spent time with an associate, and that they had been searching for a legitimate way to take out Victor. Tomas revealed that the associate's name was Calmar, and Tomas stressed that he did not own a nine-millimeter gun.

Starr answered the door at La Boulaie and found Baz. She informed him that she was getting pictures ready for the memorial. After Starr said that she hoped for an arrest, Baz indicated that he suspected his dad's story about a flat tire. Baz then stated that Victor's murderer could have either been his dad or Starr's.

When Starr stated that she needed to get ready, Baz announced that a producer wanted to talk to them about their new single. Starr asked that Baz meet with the producer and insisted that she knew that Baz would not give their song to some hack, as Rick flew through the door. Rick declared that Starr and Baz were pop stars, and that they looked hot together. When Starr asked how Rick had found them, Rick revealed that everyone knew about La Boulaie.

After Starr and Baz questioned how Rick was involved with the music industry, Rick exclaimed that he had worked with the scores of movies, that he knew music and marketing, and that the label trusted his instincts. Rick then mentioned that he needed to make a note to self about a music spin-off. When Starr stressed that she would never work with scum like Rick, he declared, "I'm it. But, hey, I am sure there are a lot of producers that will love to work with artists with no following and lots of attitude."

Starr insisted that she and Baz would take their chances, and Rick sent his private number to Baz's phone. After Rick flew out, Baz mentioned that they could write up a contract that would keep Rick away from them. However, Baz noted that Rick Powers was probably the only chance for their song. Starr then answered the door to Tomas, who wondered if Baz had expected him to be in jail. After Tomas and Baz left to have a talk, Starr looked at a picture of herself, Victor, and Hope and commented that there were things she still had to do. Starr sighed.

Rick arrived at the flea market, and Cutter held out money that he had received for the box of lost and found items. Cutter wanted to buy a gift for Aubrey at the flea market. When Echo demanded to know where Roxy had placed the gun, Roxy revealed that she had hidden it in Morris' "hidey-hole." An unseen buyer looked at Morris, as Roxy declared that she would take Morris down to the docks to get rid of the gun.

When Roxy and Echo returned to Roxy's booth to get Morris, they found he was gone. Echo yelled that they must have misplaced Morris, and Roxy cried, "Oh, put him someplace else. Like it's so easy to lose a big, stuffed porcupine." They then discovered that a Sacagawea had been left in Morris's place. Echo noted that whoever had Morris had the gun also. At the Buenos Dias Café, Cutter gazed at Morris and said, "Aww. Best Sacagawea I ever spent. Aubrey's gonna love you."

Meanwhile, back at the police station, Shaun walked into John's office and declared that he would help John solve Victor Lord's murder. John sat back and said, "You have my complete attention. What do you got?" Shaun replied, "Victor Lord's murder. I have the recording."

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