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It was recommended that Tess have ECT therapy to force Jessica to return. Gigi agreed to meet Rex at the courthouse to be married, but she learned that Jack was still bullying Shane online and pretending to be a girl, so Gigi pretended to be Shane to set up a meeting. Nora refused to entertain the idea of removing Matthew from life support in order to donate Matthew's heart because he had the same rare blood type as Clint. Destiny was sick to her stomach.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of June 6, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, June 6, 2011

At the diner, Blair was surprised to see Jack. She remembered telling Jack to go straight to Todd's after school. Jack replied that there had been cops all over the house, so he'd decided to stay away. Blair wondered what had happened. Jack related that he would never go into a house full of cops. Blair picked up her phone to find out what was going on.

At Todd's, Brody was on the phone with Natalie. He told her to get some rest, as Téa walked in. Livid, she asked if the cops were performing another illegal search. Brody showed Téa the search warrant. Téa's phone rang, and she answered it to Blair. Blair wondered what was going on at Todd's. Téa told Blair that the police thought Marty and Liam were at the house, even though Téa knew they wouldn't find anything.

John kicked open the door of the pool house, and found Tomas holding Liam. Tomas gave the baby to John, who demanded to know where Marty and Todd were. Tomas claimed he had gone outside for air, and heard a baby crying. He had gone into the pool house and found Liam alone. He didn't know the whereabouts of Todd or Marty. John left an officer with Tomas, and instructed the officer to shoot Tomas if Tomas moved. John left the pool house with Liam. Tomas wondered if he could get a phone call.

In the house, Téa wondered how long it would take for the police to admit that they were wrong. Brody found a baby toy, and asked her to explain it. Just then, John entered the house with Liam, to Téa's surprise. John announced where he'd found Liam, and handed the baby to Brody. Happy to see his child, Brody wanted details, but John claimed to have things under control. John suggested that Brody take Liam to the hospital. Brody thanked John for finding Liam, and left.

Téa asked John if Marty had been found along with Liam. John responded that Tomas could tell them, since he had been found holding Liam. Stunned, Téa followed John out to the pool house. She was horrified to see that an officer had been holding a gun on her brother. John shot question after question at Tomas. Tomas claimed not to know where Marty was. He was annoyed to be treated like a criminal, even though he'd been the one to find Liam.

Tomas explained his story again, and repeated that he didn't know where Marty or Todd were. John suggested that Tomas tell the truth before Marty could hurt someone else. John received a phone call, and had a quick conversation. He announced that he had gotten a lead on Marty, and instructed the officers to bag everything in the pool house as evidence. He informed Tomas that he would be back to question Tomas, and left.

Téa told Tomas that, since they were alone, she wanted the truth from him. Tomas stood by his story. Téa wondered how Marty could have hid in the pool house without anyone knowing. Tomas wanted to survey the damage that the cops had done to the house, so he walked away. As the cops left the pool house, Téa walked in. Suddenly, she remembered the night before, when she had wanted to go swimming, but Todd hadn't let her.

Tomas called Claude, and updated him on what had happened. He told Claude that Marty was gone for good.

At the gym, Cristian looked at the intense workout routine that Ford had written up for Shane. Gigi hoped it wasn't too intense, and reminded Cristian that Shane had asthma. Cristian gave Shane directions on how to start, so the boy walked away. Gigi thanked Cristian for helping, because it was the first thing she'd seen Shane excited about in a long time. She told Cristian that she owed him, and left for work.

Shane returned to Cristian, awaiting his next task. Cristian handed Shane an exercise ball, and demonstrated the movements that he wanted Shane to do. Cristian lauded Shane for wanting to start working out. Cristian wished he had done it when he was a kid, because he had grown up in a tough neighborhood. However, he informed Shane that all of the guys that had made him feel small were dead, or in jail.

Cristian noticed a crying Rama enter, so he excused himself. Cristian wondered how Vimal had taken the news about the baby. She admitted that she hadn't told Vimal, because her marriage would have ended if she had. She called herself a coward, but Cristian disagreed. He reminded her that the longer she took to tell Vimal, the harder it would be to tell him.

Cristian assured Rama that Vimal wouldn't reject her. He thought that Vimal would know that she'd had "pure motives." She disagreed, and said that if Vimal left her, both of their families would be disgraced. Cristian thought that Vimal would be grateful to be out of prison. Vimal wouldn't be able to be angry once he looked at Rama's "beautiful face." Cristian's compliment clearly pleased Rama.

As Jack was served a piece of cake at the diner, Blair expressed her concern that Jack didn't care about anyone but himself. Just then, Gigi walked over and took Jack's cake. "We don't serve bullies here," she said. Blair argued that Gigi couldn't deny Jack service. Jack mentioned that he hadn't even gone anywhere near Shane. Gigi shot back that it was only because they had taken Shane out of school, and off of MyFace.

Jack got a phone call, and answered it to Brad. Brad told Jack to get to the gym, because Shane was there, working out. Jack lied to Blair that some of his friends were studying at the library. Although Blair was suspicious, she let him go. Blair wondered if Gigi was happy that she had run Jack out of the diner. Blair understood that Gigi was upset about what had happened between Jack and Shane, but Gigi couldn't humiliate Jack in public. Gigi knew that no one liked to see the worst in their own children, but she believed that Jack was a problem.

Shane was working out at the gym when Jack entered. Jack taunted Shane about using light weights, because Shane was "a lightweight." He continued and made fun of Rex and Gigi. Shane became angry when Jack refused to stop talking about Rex and Gigi. Interrupting Jack, Shane told Jack that Jack had been right about the weights. Shane said that he couldn't hold the heavy weights anymore, and dropped one on Jack's foot.

Hearing the loud noise, Cristian ran back to Shane. He called Blair, and told her to get to the gym. A short while later, Cristian got a tearful Jack some ice. Shane taunted Jack about crying, and Brad laughed. Blair and Gigi entered the gym. Jack accused Shane of throwing a weight onto Jack's toe. Blair wondered why Jack was at the gym, and not at the library like he'd said. Jack lied that Brad had needed a ride to the library.

Gigi knew that Jack had gone to the gym to harass Shane. Gigi told Cristian that they'd work out another time for him to help Shane, and the two left. Blair recognized that Jack had gone to the gym to make trouble. She told her son that he'd be grounded for a long time. When he whined about being the victim, Blair told him that he would live. Jack told his mother that Shane was "a violent psycho like his dad." Ignoring the comment, Blair told Jack that the driver was there, so Jack was to go home and stay there.

Cristian returned to Rama. She apologized to him for possibly giving him the wrong idea earlier. She only thought of him as a good friend. She kissed him on the cheek, but both leaned in further to share a passionate kiss on the lips.

Back at the diner, Gigi gave Shane the piece of cake that was supposed to have been Jack's. Gigi was glad that Shane was standing up for himself, but she advised him to be careful. She left, and Shane received a text message from Jack that said, "You're gonna regret that, Wheezy!" Shane replied to Jack and dared him to "Bring it."

Roxy picked up the recorder to play some music for Natalie, but the doctor entered. The doctor said that Natalie was lucky not to have re-broken anything. Natalie would only consider herself lucky if she had her son. The doctor warned her to stay put if she wanted to recover. Natalie didn't care what happened to her, as long her son was all right.

Natalie wondered how Marty could take care of Liam. Roxy tried to comfort Natalie, and urged her to be optimistic. Just then, Brody entered with Liam. He wanted a doctor to check Liam out, but everyone agreed that Liam looked great. He handed Liam to a tearful Natalie. She wanted details, but Brody admitted that he didn't have any, because John had everything under control. "John found him?" a surprised Natalie asked.

Roxy wanted to give Natalie and Brody privacy with Liam, so she left. Natalie and Brody agreed that Marty seemed to have taken good care of Liam. Brody didn't know what he would have done if he'd lost Liam or Natalie. Natalie promised that she and Liam weren't going anywhere, and Brody kissed her.

Roxy entered the diner and found Gigi. She excitedly informed Gigi that Liam was back with Natalie, and was in good condition. Roxy sat down and took the recorder out of her purse. She realized that it had been running while in her purse, so the batteries were dead.

On the plane, the guard told Patrick that he would go get Patrick's wife. The guard left, and Patrick got up to walk around. The man with Todd's original face peeked out from the back of the plane.

Todd thought that Marty was crazy, but she insisted that John was Liam's father. Todd said that the plane had arrived, so he needed to get her to Patrick. Marty needed to tell John the truth herself. The guard entered to take Marty to the plane, but Todd asked for another minute. The guard reminded Todd that the plane was flying "under the radar," so he couldn't stay all day.

Todd reminded Marty that Vimal had only switched Jessica's paternity test. Marty replied that she'd been the one to switch Natalie's paternity test, and she'd even seen Vimal in the lab. She continued that Natalie had found out after listening to Marty's therapy session tape, so Marty had been forced to push Natalie off of the roof. However, she admitted that she'd lost track of the tape.

Marty had recognized that she could never be with John while Natalie was alive, and Todd thought Marty would never get back together with John at all. Todd showed Marty the picture of Patrick, and urged her to get on the plane. Marty countered that, after all the terrible things she'd done, she had to try to make one thing right.

Since Todd still didn't believe Marty about Liam's paternity, Marty handed him a piece of paper. She told him that Natalie had ripped up a copy, but Marty had kept the original copy of Natalie's paternity results. She asked who would care if she didn't get on the plane, because Todd would have the disc that he wanted anyway. She wanted to go to John, but Todd informed her that John would put her in jail immediately.

Todd told her to forget about John and think about Patrick. She didn't know how to face Patrick after everything she'd done, but Todd assured her that Patrick would love her no matter what. The guard returned, but Todd wanted five more minutes. The guard reminded him that, if the guard got caught, Todd would be in trouble too.

On the plane, the guard told Patrick that Marty would be a few more minutes, because she was saying goodbye to Todd Manning. The man with Todd's original face looked confused. The guard assured Patrick that Todd and Marty would never see each other again, because he knew how Patrick felt about Todd.

Marty told Todd that the woman Patrick had loved was long gone. Todd advised her not to blow her second chance with Patrick. She still wanted to tell John the truth. Todd told her that she couldn't turn herself in. She informed Todd that she didn't know what was on the disc, so he was safe. He promised that he wasn't being selfish. He didn't think that Marty turning herself in would make anything right.

Todd told her that she deserved happiness. She had hurt a lot of people, but she'd also been hurt a lot. Todd recognized his part in her mental issues, and remembered the night that he had raped her. He told her to go be with the love of her life, as the guard returned. He said that Marty could either get on the plane, or he would leave. Marty agreed to go.

Marty demanded that Todd promise to tell Cole that she and Patrick would return, and to tell John the truth about Liam. Todd promised, so Marty left with the guard. Marty caught sight of Patrick, and ran toward the plane. Todd watched her go. "So long, Marty Saybrooke. Out of my life at last," Todd said. The man with Todd's original face peeked out from around a corner at Todd.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At the airport hangar, Todd watched as the airplane containing both Patrick and Marty took off. Just then, John arrived. "Where's Marty?" he asked Todd. John noted that he wasn't surprised to find Todd in the middle of things, and John made a phone call in an attempt to find out about a flight plan and destination of the airplane. The man with Todd's original face continued to hide as he listened to the exchange between John and Todd.

John tried to question Todd about Marty's whereabouts, but Todd denied that he knew about anything concerning Marty. Todd recalled the promise he'd made to Marty about disclosing the truth to John regarding Liam. John accused Todd of hiding Marty and helping her to escape, and Todd wondered why John was so keen on locating Marty. "Let her go, and I'll make it worth your while," Todd offered. John accused Todd with trying to pay him off.

John only wanted to know where Marty had gone, and he dangled a pair of handcuffs. Todd declared that he had seen Marty leave his pool house, and he had run after her. He had only watched as the plane had taken off. John thought that the CIA might be able to help him in his search, but Todd suggested that John forget about Marty. She would no longer be a problem. John related the murder, assault, and kidnapping charges that Marty faced, but Todd blamed John for driving Marty crazy.

John grew angry and reminded Todd that Todd had started things off when he'd raped Marty in college and had never helped her. Todd still thought it was better that Marty had gotten away. John's anger increased as he yelled that Marty was "over the edge." She would still have problems, and whoever would be with Marty would be the one having to pay for it. John wondered how Todd would feel if it were Todd's child that Marty kidnapped the next time. Todd replied that he had something to tell John.

"I really like your hair," Todd maintained. "You're a funny guy," John replied. John had heard enough, and he announced that he was arresting Todd for aiding and abetting a fugitive. He read Todd his rights as he placed the cuffs on Todd's wrists. The man with Todd's original face lurked nearby and listened to the exchange. After John and Todd left, the man was confused. "What the hell is going on?" he muttered. "If that guy is Todd Manning, then who the hell am I?"

Ford showed up at St. Ann's with Ryder in tow. He requested permission to see Tess, though he nervously eyed a flyer that contained a photo of himself with a note that he was banned from the premises. The nun sitting behind the desk thought that Ford looked familiar, but Ford assured her that he was Tess's husband, Cutter Wentworth. The nun allowed him to visit Tess, who was in the sitting room.

Tess was annoyed and rude to Ford when she saw him, but she changed her tone after Ford admitted that he didn't want to see her in pain after all she'd been through. Tess wondered why Ford was there with the baby, and he revealed that Aubrey had given him some time to be with his son. Ford hadn't gone to the judge for custody, and he wasn't there to break Tess out. Tess ordered him to leave. Ford had something to say first. Tess did, too, and they argued over who should start.

Out at the desk, the nun found her glasses and picked up the flyer with Ford's photo. She hurriedly made a phone call.

Joey showed up at the police station, anxious to file a report against Ford for kidnapping Ryder. Aubrey rushed alongside her husband, doing her best to try to convince him that the charge wasn't necessary. She was certain that Ford wouldn't just take off. "His life is here," Aubrey insisted. Joey was determined to press charges against Ford, but the couple stopped in their tracks as the cop on the phone motioned to them to wait. The cop mentioned Ford's name to the person on the other end.

As Cutter pranced through the Buchanan mansion in a wet Speedo, Nigel suggested that his new employer wear a towel. Cutter declared that he preferred to "air dry," but Nigel thought he might have to end his employment. Cutter urged him to stay, proclaiming that it would be fun. Just then, the doorbell rang, and it was Vimal. He held a huge bouquet of flowers for his wife, and he was there to see Rama. He was confused to hear that Cutter was the new "master of the house," and Vimal's head spun after hearing about the latest goings-on in the Buchanan family, and the fact that Cutter and Aubrey weren't siblings.

Cutter pointed out that Rama had been busy, hence the lack of communication, though Vimal angrily stated that he had been the one to ask Rama to cut back on her prison visits. Vimal added that Rama and he would be moving on to their own place. Cutter made a sarcastic comment about Rama paying rent through her belly dancing moves, and Vimal was livid.

At the gym, Cristian and Rama shared a kiss, and finally, they separated awkwardly. Rama thought that it was inappropriate, while Cristian called it amazing. Rama declared that she was married, and it was wrong, though Cristian assured her that it would never have happened if Vimal had been around. Rama assured him that while she and Cristian liked each other, she loved her husband.

Cristian wasn't happy with his behavior. He recalled making a promise to Vimal to look after Rama, and he thought that he and Rama should have a talk. Rama wanted to leave, though she kissed Cristian again before she headed out the door. Blair had been watching from across the room, and she gently chided Cristian on his public affair. She told him that everyone had seen him kissing Rama, and Blair thought it was kind of tasteless.

Cristian assured her that he wasn't having an affair, and it had just been a kiss. Blair stated that while she wasn't one to judge Cristian, she had to advise him that Vimal's attorney was Téa. Blair was certain that Vimal would be released from prison soon, and she ordered Cristian to take it easy. Cristian maintained that it had just been a "weird moment."

Blair was sorry that Rama was married, as it appeared that Rama had helped to revive Cristian after his breakup with Layla. Blair didn't want to see Cristian get hurt. The television played in the background, and Blair stopped to listen. She learned that Tomas had found baby Liam on the Manning property.

At Todd's house, Tomas tried to track Todd down without success. Téa wondered what Tomas was up to, and she had lots of questions for Tomas. She wondered why her brother was so anxious to speak to Todd, and she inquired about what had been going on in the pool house. Tomas claimed that he'd walked by the building and had heard the baby crying.

Téa asked if her husband was with Marty, but Tomas advised her that he had no clue as to where Todd might be. Téa had been unable to locate her husband, and she was worried that he might be in trouble if he were with Marty, because Marty had a gun. Tomas reminded her that the gun had been found in the pool house when the police had arrived, and there was no need for Téa to worry.

Téa announced that while she'd defended Tomas to the cops, that didn't mean that she believed what he said. Téa recalled that she'd wanted to go for a swim the previous evening, but Todd had gone out of his way to prevent her from doing so. She added that Tomas and Todd had grown into "buds," and she assumed that if Todd knew something, then so did Tomas. Téa believed both men were lying.

As Natalie held her newly found son in her arms, Brody leaned over to kiss Natalie as she lay in her hospital bed. Afterwards, Brody suggested that they talk about it, because it hadn't been the first time that a kiss had occurred between them. Natalie preferred to forget about it, but Brody couldn't. "It's time for the truth. How I feel about you," he stated.

Brody admitted that he didn't know how it had happened, but things had changed between them. Natalie agreed that she cared about Brody too. Brody wondered what the next step would be, and if that meant things had to change. Natalie replied, "Right now, it works. We work, don't we?" Brody agreed that they did. "Why mess things up?" Natalie asked. She was aware that Brody loved Jessica, and her sister was at St. Ann's getting better. Brody declared that he wasn't certain that he had a life with Jessica in the future.

Brody explained that Jessica hadn't been around for a while, and it didn't seem as though she were fighting to get back. Bess had told them that Jessica had nothing to say to them, and perhaps they had hurt Jessica too much. Natalie didn't believe that her sister would want revenge, and Jessica had to get well. Brody consented to not give up on Jessica as long as Natalie didn't give up on John.

Natalie clarified that John had given up on her, and if she believed in a chance with John, she wouldn't have to act on her feelings for Brody. She declared that she and John had finally figured out how to be civil to each other. Brody felt that he owed John a lot for returning the baby, and Brody just wanted Natalie to be happy. The couple agreed to take shifts on watching Liam, and Brody headed to the station.

Vimal announced that his wife was pregnant and could hardly be belly dancing. Cutter had offended Vimal with the remark, Vimal stated. Cutter denied that Rama was pregnant, but just then Rama arrived home. She was thrilled to see her husband, and they wrapped their arms around each other. She thought it was a miracle that Vimal was home. Vimal revealed that he had been released and the charges dropped.

Cutter wasn't finished, and he noted that while Rama had sadly whiled away the hours in her room during Vimal's absence, she'd also managed to have a little fun. Vimal assured his wife that she no longer had to live in the mansion. He also noted that Cutter had stated that Rama wasn't pregnant. "As if you could lie to me about something like that," Vimal proclaimed. He believed that Cutter had "no idea what life is like with an honest woman like you," Vimal informed Rama. Cutter and Rama exchanged looks behind Vimal's back.

Rama insisted that she was pregnant, and she was very tired. She asked Vimal to fetch her a cold drink with ice. Once Vimal left the room, Rama turned on Cutter. "You slimy little mongoose," she shouted at him. She berated Cutter for opening his mouth, and she threatened to tell everyone what she knew. Cutter's life would "come crashing down over his head" if he wasn't able to keep up with all of the facts. Nigel was pursuing his work and overheard Rama's threats.

"I have your back, kid," Cutter replied. He had found it difficult to keep up with all of Rama's lies. Vimal returned to Rama, and Cutter left to find Nigel. The butler announced that he planned to stay on to work for Cutter, and he advised Cutter that a masseuse was ready and waiting. Cutter was happy; he didn't know what he'd do without Nigel. Once Cutter left, Nigel promised that Cutter would find out once Nigel put information together for the Buchanans' use.

Vimal had crackers and water for his wife. He wondered why her belly hadn't grown. Rama assured him that it would "pop" out eventually. Vimal vowed to be by her side every minute, even during the scheduled amniocentesis. Rama began to choke.

Ford admitted to Tess that he wanted to talk about the two of them. He began to say that he'd finally realized something. He was interrupted when Joey and Aubrey stormed in with the nun. Ford indignantly announced that he'd had a deal with Aubrey, but Joey retorted that it hadn't been a deal with him. Suddenly, Tess assured Joey that it was all okay. "It's me," Tess announced. She was Jessica.

The nun raced off to get the doctor. Tess explained that she'd seen Ryder, and that had helped Jessica to return. She was grateful to Aubrey and Joey for looking after her son, but she was ready to go home. Joey thought that was wonderful, and he offered to make Jessica a "Joey special" after they got home. He asked her to remind him of the ingredients.

Tess bluffed, but Joey asked for a reminder. Tess finally maintained that a little pineapple juice was needed, but Joey had caught her. He announced that his special was a sandwich. "Nice try, Tess," Joey said. He took the baby, and Ford stated that he was leaving. Tess yelled at him to tell her what he'd started to say, but he promised to return.

Todd and John arrived at the police station, and Todd announced that he had his phone call to make. John learned that no one had seen a plane or knew anything about a flight plan of any plane. It appeared as though the plane hadn't even existed. "Book him anyway," Todd advised the police officer who had delivered the news. Todd called his wife and advised Téa that he'd been arrested.

Téa arrived and angrily advised Todd that the district attorney was charging him as an accessory to Marty's crimes. "You mean like a scarf?" Todd asked. He claimed that he was being railroaded. Téa reminded Todd that Marty had been on their property, though Todd insisted that he hadn't seen Marty prior to that day. Téa frowned. She informed Todd that John had evidence, but Todd assured her that John had nothing, and he never would.

At the gym, Cristian lifted weights and continued to think about Rama.

Blair showed up at Todd's house and gave Tomas a passionate kiss.

Natalie held her son and spoke softly to him. She had missed him, and so had his daddy. "Daddy will be here any minute," she assured him. John walked in and smiled timidly.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

At the carriage house, Gigi told Rex about the incident at the gym, involving Shane and Jack. Shane admitted that he had started it, after he'd dropped a weight on Jack's foot. Rex gave his son a sign of approval behind Gigi's back, because she wasn't happy that the situation had occurred. Rex thought that maybe it would be the end of the Jack and Shane feud, but Gigi doubted it. Shane knew that Jack wouldn't forget what had happened at the gym, but Shane wasn't worried about it.

"It's not like before," Shane admitted. There was no need to worry, because he had changed, and he would be able to handle Jack, Shane told his parents. He'd been undergoing counseling, and he'd started at the gym. Shane headed upstairs to download some music on his computer, courtesy of a gift card that his grandmother had given him. Gigi reminded him that he wasn't to access MyFace.

Once Shane was gone, Gigi expressed her concern that Shane could be involved with a dangerous sociopath, and she didn't want Shane to turn into a bully either. She was also worried that her son's bravado was an act. Rex assured her that there was nothing to worry about, and he was certain that Shane wouldn't be a bully, because Shane had lots of heart. Gigi was also worried about Rex, because she could tell that something wasn't quite right.

Rex told her about his run-in with Clint at the hospital, and the fact that the monitors had gone off after he'd told Clint to die. The staff had saved Clint, but his heart was giving out. Rex also informed Gigi about Matthew's condition. The teen had a brain injury and was alive only because of the machines. Rex felt that when he looked into Bo's eyes, he saw the hollow look of a soldier, and he hadn't known what to say to Bo. Gigi tearfully exclaimed how lucky their family was, and Rex promised to never take them for granted.

Gigi suggested that they change their wedding plans, but Rex refused. He thought it was too important, and he wanted something special to happen. Gigi knew that Shane would be proud to stand up for Rex, though Rex announced that he was proud of Shane for standing up for himself.

Brad showed up at Llanfair with his laptop, and Jack filled him in on Jack's latest plan to get back at Shane. Jack thought he had an evil plan that would leave no fingerprints, and he couldn't wait to put it into effect. He updated Brad on the plan, and Brad agreed that it was a good one.

Upstairs at the carriage house and on the computer, Shane received a notification that he had a new email on MyFace. He decided that he wasn't technically on the social network, so he opened the email. It was from a girl named Comicgirl15, and she told him that she'd seen his comic books at a convention, and she wanted to be friends. Shane decided to reply to her.

At Llanfair, Brad and Jack were excited to see that Shane "took the bait." Brad was concerned that his computer might be traced, but Jack assured him that it wasn't possible. Jack was proud of himself for downloading a girl's photo from a magazine. They continued to have a chat with Shane about comic books, though Brad had to research information quickly. Jack, as the girl, chatted with Shane about the Y-Girls comics. Shane stated they were his favorite. Jack couldn't wait to put "phase two" into action.

Starr visited James and explained that she needed to see him before dealing with her father's latest escapade. Also, Starr had just returned from a visit to Statesville with Hope in tow, but she would have to return to inform Cole about his mother's departure. Starr remarked how happy Cole and Hope had been to see each other, but Starr was concerned. Starr had realized that Hope had been calling for her father after a recent nightmare, and Hope had thrown a tantrum when she'd had to say goodbye to Cole at the prison. With Marty gone, Starr would be the one responsible to take Hope to see Cole.

James blamed himself for Hope's behavior, because he was the new factor in Starr's life, and he took Starr's time away from Hope. He suggested that the three of them do things together, like go to the zoo or the park or even a show. Starr thought that was a great idea, and she was pleased that Hope would still be able to visit Cole, even as she saw her mom with another guy. James promised to always make Hope feel safe around him, because he wanted a long relationship with both Hope and Starr.

James suggested a picnic, and the couple recalled the last time they'd attempted to have one, without food. Starr felt lucky that James understood what she was going through, and even wanted to do something about it. Any other guy would have run off, Starr declared. She was looking forward to having her special night with James.

"You're a hero," Blair told Tomas after she'd kissed him passionately at Todd's house. He had found Natalie's baby. Tomas denied that he was a hero, though Blair advised him, "Every girl needs a hero." She didn't want Tomas to spoil things for her. Tomas emphasized that Marty had already been gone when he'd found the baby, though privately, he recalled the actual chain of events.

Blair noted that she'd heard that Todd might have been involved with the baby's kidnapping, and she couldn't understand why. She wondered what Tomas thought, and she asked if Marty had been at the pool house all along. Tomas didn't think that Todd had planned anything, but Blair explained that she was concerned with Jack and his reaction to it all. Things had grown worse with her son's attitude, Blair added.

Blair enlightened Tomas on Jack's latest lie, which consisted of lying about going to the library, so that he might find Shane at the gym. Surprisingly, Jack had been the one to get hurt when Shane had "accidentally on purpose" dropped a weight on Jack's foot. Blair confessed that she was glad that Jack had been hurt, and she wondered what kind of mother that made her. She wasn't able to trust Jack with all of his lies.

Blair was hopeful that Todd would be able to spend more time talking to Jack, but she was afraid that Todd would end up in prison. Blair suddenly felt tired and tearful, and while Tomas was sorry, Blair decided to stop trying to look for pity over her son. She could handle him, she declared. Tomas promised to help her in any way that he could. Blair assured him that she usually didn't cry in front of anyone, and Tomas was happy to hear that he wasn't just anyone.

When Blair went off to freshen up, Tomas received a phone call. "What do you want?" he asked the caller. Blair returned and curiously asked about the call. Tomas announced that he had a last-minute appointment in New York with a gallery owner, and he had to leave. He owed her a date. Blair thanked him for allowing her to cry on his shoulder, and she vowed not to make it a habit. She looked thoughtful as she left.

At the police station, Todd complained that his wrists were hurting from the handcuffs, but Téa preferred that he tell her what he was hiding from her instead. Todd mentioned that it had to do with Liam, but just then, Brody walked in and wondered what they were talking about. Todd stated that they'd been referring to Liam's being back with his mother. Brody declared that he and Natalie were happy, and he couldn't stop to think about what could have happened to his son. "A lot can happen that you don't expect," Todd stated ominously.

"Thank god Liam is back with his parents," Téa stated. "Except he's not," Todd proclaimed. Téa was confused, but Brody explained that Todd meant that John and Natalie were supposed to have been the boy's parents. "Oh, is that what you meant?" Téa asked her husband. Téa was suspicious of Todd's show of compassion for John, because Todd hated John. Todd agreed that he did hate John, but John shouldn't have lost his son.

Brody agreed with Todd, because he knew exactly how John felt, having been in the same situation as John. Brody had lost Ryder, but he had been able to welcome his second chance with Liam. The boy meant everything to him, and if Liam had been lost, he didn't know what he would have done. Téa was just happy that it had all ended well. Brody wanted to leave for the hospital, and Todd asked him to remove the cuffs.

Brody confessed that he couldn't help out, and it was all up to John. Brody revealed that if he had met with Marty in person, he wasn't sure what he would have done, and she was lucky that he hadn't seen her.

Natalie wasn't sure how to thank John for returning her son, when John paid her a visit at the hospital. John noted that it was his job, and he was only sorry that it had taken so long. Natalie ordered John to stop apologizing, because she and Brody owed John a lot. John divulged that Marty had gotten away, and they'd found the baby with Tomas. Marty had flown off on a private jet, but the police didn't have any details.

John added that he had found Todd at the airstrip, and John wondered if that had been a mere coincidence. Natalie was curious as to why Todd might have helped Marty, and John reported that he'd taken Todd to the police station for questioning. Natalie didn't feel safe, knowing that Marty was still out and about, but John promised that Marty would only return in handcuffs. He believed that Marty was across the Atlantic without a return trip even planned, and he had the international authorities on the lookout for her.

"Because it's your job," Natalie commented. John nodded and added, "I owe it to you." John clarified that Brody had blamed him for all that Marty had done, but Natalie denied that was true. John believed that he should have seen the signs, but his judgment had been clouded due to circumstances. John admitted that he hadn't been himself, but he had thought he could learn why Marty had taken credit for breaking up Natalie and John.

Natalie wondered if that could be true, and she asked if that might have made a difference in their relationship. She wondered if she and John might have been able to start over. Natalie recalled that she'd been the one to lie to John about being Liam's father. "It's done now. Let it go," John urged her. Natalie cited the tape that she'd had, and the confrontation she'd had with Marty about the tape. Natalie couldn't remember what was on it, but she'd hoped. Suddenly, she stopped short.

"What?" John asked. "Forget it," Natalie replied. She figured they had different reasons for what they hoped for, and John asked what Natalie's desire was. Natalie confessed that she'd wanted the truth to "bring us back together." John wanted to return to the station, and Natalie insisted on thanking him one more time. Liam began to fuss, and Natalie looked around for his pacifier. John located it, and as he handed it to her, their hands touched. "In a different world this would just be another moment in our day of us taking care of our son," Natalie stated tearfully.

As Natalie wiped her tears, Brody arrived. It was obvious to him that he had interrupted something, and he inquired about it. Natalie turned away. "No, it was nothing," she said. John left, but slowed down to look through the window of Natalie's room. Brody informed Natalie that Todd was being held in connection with Marty's disappearance. Natalie mentioned the missing tape and the fact that she couldn't remember anything. "Maybe it doesn't matter," Brody said.

After playing along on the chat, Shane paused. He was aware of who he was dealing with. There was no such thing as Y-Girls, Shane declared. He'd made it up, just as he knew that Jack had made up the girl who was chatting with him. Shane vowed to have the last laugh.

Téa wanted to plan a strategy with Todd, but she could tell that something was still bothering him. She was distracted when John arrived and announced that Todd would be spending the night. Téa opposed, citing that Todd had not been charged with anything. John reminded her that he was able to hold Todd for 48 hours. He thought that Todd might be more inclined to talk after that. "Maybe I'll be more inclined to talk. Maybe not," Todd proclaimed as a police officer led him away.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dr. Levin told Viki that, in order to get Jessica back, they'd have to resort to "drastic measures." Wanting clarification, Viki wondered what the doctor had in mind. He informed Viki that they had no other choice but to use electroconvulsive therapy. Viki was nervous, since Mitch Lawrence had used ECT, and made Jessica revert back to her teenage years. Dr. Levin assured Viki that the therapy would loosen the hold that Tess had on Jessica.

Viki and Dr. Levin heard Tess yelling in her room. Dr. Levin revealed that Tess had gotten worse, and he feared that she would try to hurt herself. Viki wondered why Tess's situation was so much worse than other times she'd resurfaced. The doctor didn't know, but he knew that the longer they waited to get Jessica back, the harder it would be.

Clad in a straitjacket, Tess yelled at Bess that Tess was there to stay. Bess recognized that Tess wanted to stay for Ford. "Fine. So what?" Tess yelled. She explained how Ford had changed. She knew that Ford cared about her, and knew that she was real. Bess reminded Tess that she was only a fragment of Jessica, and that she would inevitably have to give control to Jessica. Tess demanded that Bess leave her alone, so Bess disappeared.

Hearing the door open, Tess assumed it was Bess, and said to go away. Viki entered and told Tess that Tess could cooperate, or be given the ECT treatment. Tess didn't believe Viki, but Viki assured Tess that it was true. Viki urged Tess to let Jessica out. "What's in it for me?" Tess demanded. Viki explained that, while Jessica had a full life, Tess had no future. Tess insisted that she had a life, and said that people loved her.

Tess reminded Viki that Tess had been the one who'd created Ryder. Viki refused to lose her daughter. Viki vowed to get Jessica back "by force" if Tess wouldn't cooperate. Tess replied, "I choose life. My life. To hell with Jessica." Viki left the room, visibly upset.

As Viki cried outside the room, Dr. Levin asked if Viki was all right. Viki missed Jessica, and wanted the doctor to get Jessica back. She authorized the ECT treatment.

Tess told herself that there was no way Viki would authorize the ECT treatment. Just then, Dr. Levin entered with two orderlies. He told her that they were going to take her for treatment. The orderlies carried her out of the room as she kicked, and screamed for Ford.

James walked into the apartment and found Ford working out. Ford told James that James had been right -- Ford had made a big mistake. Ford had fallen in love with Tess, even though he hadn't wanted to. He admitted that he'd gone to see Tess at St. Anne's, and had told her that he had something to tell her. James was convinced that, once Ford told Tess about his feelings, Tess would take advantage of Ford. Ford wanted support, but James just didn't want to see his brother get hurt.

James reminded Ford that Tess wasn't a real person, and that she had a lot of problems. He also told Ford that Jessica was probably returning as they spoke. James's phone went off. He looked at the message, and left the apartment.

A short while later, there was a knock on the door. Ford answered it to Viki, who warned him to stay away from Tess. Viki revealed that Tess had suffered a setback, and that she was back in a straitjacket and a padded room. She confided that she'd been forced to decide in favor of getting ECT treatment for Tess. Viki had felt there was no choice, because it was the only way that Jessica could be reached. Ford wondered if Viki wanted to sacrifice Tess to get Jessica back. Viki said yes, and reminded him to stay away from Tess.

Dani offered to take Destiny home from the hospital, but Destiny wanted to stay. Destiny told Dani to go, because Shaun would be there soon anyway. Dani told Destiny to call with any changes, and left. Destiny saw the doctor walk past, and followed her to Matthew's room. Destiny listened outside the room.

The doctor entered Matthew's room, and Nora asked about Matthew's test results. The doctor revealed that Matthew's prognosis hadn't changed. Nora wondered what the doctor recommended. The doctor said that Bo and Nora could either look into long-term care, or they could take Matthew off of life support. Suddenly, Destiny burst into the room and said that they couldn't let Matthew die. Nora shooed Destiny out of the room, and closed the door.

The doctor urged Bo and Nora to think about what was best for Matthew. She suggested that they donate Matthew's organs, because Matthew's B negative type was needed. Nora refused to sacrifice her son. The doctor wondered how Bo felt. After a moment of silence, the doctor apologized, and walked away.

A short while later, Bo and Nora sat outside of Matthew's room. Nora wondered why Bo hadn't said anything when the doctor had asked him for an opinion about Matthew's situation. He explained that there were no words to describe his thoughts. Nora thought that Matthew just needed time to recover. She knew that her son would return.

Jack was on MyFace, posing as Comicgurl15. He laughed about how Shane would never figure out that the "girl" was Jack. Starr entered and wondered what Jack was doing, because Blair had taken Jack's computer away. Jack explained that he had borrowed Brad's computer for homework. "So you have nothing to hide?" she replied. There was a knock on the door, and Starr answered it to Dani. Dani told Starr all about Matthew's condition. Both girls reminisced about good times with Matthew.

Starr suggested that she and Dani start a MyFace page for Matthew, just like they had for Todd when he'd been in the hospital. Starr opened the computer and saw Comicgurl15's page up. "It's not what you think!" Jack swore. He made Starr promise not to say anything to Blair. She promised, as long as Jack hadn't been bullying Shane. Starr and Dani began setting up the page. Dani decided to go see Nate, because he'd been upset about Matthew as well.

Shane said that he was on to Jack, as he replied to another one of Comicgurl15's messages. Rex and Gigi entered, and demanded to know why he was on the computer. Shane lied that he was downloading tests for school. They accepted his answer, and wanted to talk to him about their wedding. They explained that, because of Matthew and Natalie being in the hospital, they didn't want a big wedding. Rex and Gigi had decided to get married that day at City Hall. Gigi was happy to see Shane smile at the news.

A short while later, Rex and Gigi changed clothes. Rex wanted to visit Bo before they went to the courthouse. Gigi was happy to finally be marrying Rex. He kissed her, and left the house.

Shane continued talking to Comicgurl15. Gigi saw that he was on the computer again, and grabbed the computer. She saw that he and Comicgurl15 were flirting, and asked if she was Shane's girlfriend. She wanted to make sure that Shane had met the girl before, but he hadn't. Gigi warned her son that the girl could be anyone. Shane assured his mother that he knew that Comicgurl15 was Jack Manning.

Jack called Brad and made fun of Shane. "Wait until he finds out it's me!" he said as he laughed.

Nate told Deanna that Matthew's condition was his fault. He informed her that Matthew wasn't any better. He knew that he had to fix things. Deanna wondered how Nate would do that.

A short while later, James arrived. He told Deanna that his work needed a cashier, and his boss had said that he'd give Deanna a shot. James offered to take Deanna there, so she walked away to get her bag. James wanted to make sure that Deanna's living arrangements were working out with Nate, which Nate confirmed. Noticing something was wrong, James wondered if his brother was all right. Nate claimed to be worried about Matthew. Deanna returned, and she and James left.

Dani arrived at Nate's, and noticed that he looked sick. "I feel sick all the time," he replied. Dani wondered what was wrong. He lied that he thought he was "coming down with something."

Nora told Bo that she would do whatever it took to help Matthew recover. Rex entered and hoped that he wasn't interrupting. "Talk to Rex. He knows all about fighting for his son," Nora said, and left. Bo asked why Rex was wearing a suit, but Rex wanted to know about Matthew. Bo updated Rex on everything the doctor had said about Matthew.

Rex wondered if there was anything he could do. Bo related that Rex was doing it. Bo said that it was hard to talk to Nora, and he couldn't unload on Clint either. Rex admitted that Clint had suffered a setback, and updated Bo on Clint's surgery. He continued that Clint was at the top of the transplant list for the first B negative heart that surfaced. Bo realized that Clint had the same blood type as Matthew.

Destiny sat with Matthew, and told him not to listen to the doctor. She knew that Matthew would return, because she couldn't lose him. She told him how their night together had meant something to her, too, and she felt connected to him. Starr entered the room, and Destiny begged her not to tell anyone about Destiny and Matthew. Starr promised, and thought that Matthew wouldn't mind Starr knowing.

Starr told Destiny that Matthew had had a crush on her when they were younger. She remembered telling him that he'd find the right girl, and Starr thought that he had. Destiny didn't know what to do if he didn't make it.

A short while later, Nora sat with Matthew as well. Starr offered to get breakfast with Destiny as a break from the hospital. Nora told them to go, because they were of no use to Matthew if they didn't take care of themselves. Destiny offered to get Nora something. Nora thanked Starr for setting up the MyFace page. She asked Starr to tell people to pray, because that was what she believed Matthew needed. Starr agreed, and left.

Nora promised Matthew that she would never take him off of life support, and "pass out" his organs.

Friday, June 10, 2011

In the lobby of Llanview Hospital, after Bo told Rex that Matthew's blood was B negative, Rex informed Bo that Clint also had B negative blood. Bo recognized that Clint and Matthew had the same blood type, as Nora walked in. Nora then asked what that had to do with anything.

Bo explained that Clint had taken a turn for the worse, and that he needed a heart transplant. Nora feared that Bo was suggesting that they give Matthew's heart to Clint. Nora screamed that Bo could not just take Matthew's heart, while Matthew still needed it, and for Bo to stop even thinking about it. Nora cried, "I'm not letting anyone take Matthew's heart. They'll have to cut mine out first. Our son is not dead. Dr. Pryor says there's some brain activity, and we're not killing him."

Bo denied that he wanted to give Matthew's heart to Clint, and Rex explained to Nora that he had been the one to state that Clint would get the next B negative heart available. Rex stressed that Clint could get his heart from someone else. Nora claimed that she felt sorry for Clint, but then she insisted that their thoughts needed to be for Matthew. Nora maintained that they had to fight for Matthew, until he woke up and could fight for himself.

Nora howled that she did not want to hear any more about how Matthew could not be saved. Nora then cried in Bo's arms and apologized to Rex, who claimed that Matthew would get his miracle. After Nora left to check on Matthew, Rex indicated that he needed to leave -- to get married. Bo congratulated Rex, who mentioned that the timing was lousy. However, Bo insisted that Rex leave to get married, and to celebrate. Bo claimed that he would be thinking of Rex and Gigi, and Rex insisted that he would say a prayer for Matthew.

In Matthew's room, Nora held Matthew's hand and declared that she would look out for him. Nora then reacted when she felt a movement in Matthew's hand. Nora screamed out to everyone that Matthew had squeezed her hand, and Dr. Pryor bent down to check on Matthew. Yet, the doctor could see no change in his condition, and she indicated that it had been an involuntary response.

After the doctor maintained that nothing could be done for Matthew, Nora shrieked that she could not understand, and that it was all meaningless. However, Dr. Pryor exclaimed that it was not all meaningless, because Matthew's heart could save someone in the hospital.

Also at the hospital, Joey greeted Natalie with a hug and asked about Clint. They then looked through the window at Clint, who was talking to his doctor. The doctor said that Clint needed a new heart immediately, and Clint noted that B negative blood was not common. When Clint asked if he had weeks left, the doctor claimed that it could be days. Clint's doctor insisted that Clint get his affairs in order and told Clint to tell his family about his condition, as Joey and Natalie walked into the room.

Clint started coughing, and Natalie asked if there was anything Clint could take to help him. Clint sadly admitted that there was no medication that could help his cough and then asked about Liam. Natalie claimed that Liam was fine and could not wait to see his grandfather. Natalie then added that Bree had made a card for Clint, and Clint declared that they would all need to stick together as a family.

When Joey insisted that Clint would be up and about in no time, Clint said that he would not, because he was dying. Natalie cried and asked why Clint had not told them before. After Joey wondered if Kevin and Cord should be at the hospital, Clint indicated that they were taking care of Buchanan Enterprises business. Natalie refused to give up, and Clint stated that only one thing could help him. In the hospital hall, Dr. Pryor asked Clint's doctor if he had a patient on the heart transplant list.

After Joey insisted that they would find Clint a heart, Clint declared that he had a mission. "Before I die, I want to see you both with the people who will make you happy for the rest of your lives." Clint maintained that he just wanted them to be happy like he had once been with Viki. Clint exclaimed that Natalie belonged with John, and that Joey belonged with Kelly. Clint begged them to try again, as Rex walked by and saw Joey and Natalie talking to Clint through the window.

In Kelly's room at the hospital, John greeted Kelly, who announced that the doctor had just released her. John asked if Kelly was ready for a fight, and Kelly noted that Natalie would probably be glad to give her one. When John noted that Natalie would not be ready for a fight, because she had other things on her plate, Kelly remarked that she had heard that John had found Liam.

John regretted that Marty had disappeared and felt that he still owed Kelly, because he believed that he was the reason that Marty had targeted Kelly. However, Kelly thought that she had been distracted, because she and John had been wrapped up in each other. Kelly suggested that she and John stop seeing each other.

Kelly felt that she and John were always reacting, though not to each other, and that they had been distractions to each other against their pain and hurt. Kelly realized that they both were in love with other people. Kelly noted that she did not know if she and Joey would be together, however, she wanted the time to figure it out, to put herself out there, and to let it all play out. John stated that he hoped that whatever Kelly wanted would happen.

When Kelly mentioned that they could still be friends, John laughed and said that he was not sure about being friends, but that he would always be there for Kelly, whenever she needed him. John then offered to give Kelly a lift home, and he escorted her out of the room.

In the hospital hall, Starr told Destiny to return home to get some rest. Destiny then yelled that she was going to be sick and ran to the bathroom. After Destiny walked back out, she declared that she did not have time to be sick. When Starr handed her a glass of water, Destiny mentioned that it must have been the burrito. However, Starr had eaten a burrito, too, so she was not sure.

Starr then remembered what she had overheard Destiny saying to Matthew and suspected that Destiny and Matthew had slept together. Starr then asked Destiny if she was pregnant, and Destiny yelled, "No way!" Starr cautioned that Destiny might have morning sickness and then asked if they had used protection.

Destiny lied and claimed that they had and then pleaded with Starr to drop the subject. Destiny assessed that she was still a kid, so therefore, she could not be pregnant. Starr commented that Destiny was older than Starr had been when Starr had first learned that she had been pregnant with Hope.

By the pool at La Boulaie, the man with the original Todd's face hid in the bushes and watched Sam, who wore sunglasses and carried out a tray of food. Sam noticed that he had forgotten his soda and returned inside. The man walked out of the bushes and looked around.

In the kitchen at La Boulaie, Jack greeted his friend, Brad, and stated that the moron, Wheezy, did not know that he was lusting after Jack, who was ComicGirl15. When Brad stated that he needed to be more careful on the computer, Jack admitted that his mother was monitoring him also. Jack then cheered that Wheezy was "going down." Sam walked in and asked, "Who's Wheezy?"

Sam reminded Jack that he was not supposed to be on the computer but stated that it would cost Jack ten dollars for Sam to keep quiet. When Jack claimed that Sam would receive ten noogies if he said anything, Sam kicked Jack's bad toe and ran out. Brad laughed and said that Jack should keep Sam locked up. Jack indicated that Brad had given him an idea.

When Jack informed Brad of his idea for "total retaliation," Brad admitted that it was perfect. Kelly and John walked through the door, and John asked Jack if he would welcome Kelly home. Jack insincerely yelled out, "Hey, Kelly, welcome home," as he ran out of the room. Kelly then realized that she had forgotten her laptop in John's car, so John kissed her on the cheek and left to retrieve it.

At the Carriage House, Shane told Gigi that ComicGirl15 was Jack Manning and declared that he was onto Jack. Shane explained that he had discovered it, when ComicGirl15 claimed that her favorite Batman villain was Black Hat. Gigi realized that ComicGirl15 was an imposter, because Black Hat had actually dated Spiderman, and that Black Hat was Marvel Comics, not DC. Gigi told Shane that she was leaving to kick Jack's butt.

After Shane stopped Gigi from leaving, Gigi insisted that Shane leave Jack alone, but Shane insisted that he had to stand up for himself. Shane asked her if he was supposed to keep taking it, until he...Shane stopped talking. When Gigi realized what Shane had been about to say, she wondered if Shane should see his new doctor and asked if Shane was still upset about what had happened to Dr. Buhari. Shane noted that he had felt bad about that but then declared that it was not the problem.

When Gigi pleaded again for Shane to ignore Jack, Shane exclaimed that he could beat Jack at his own game. Gigi then asked for Shane to promise to leave Jack alone and reminded Shane that it was his mother and father's wedding day. Gigi asked if Shane was ready and suggested that he get dressed. Gigi then took Shane's computer from him, so he would not be tempted by it upstairs in his room.

Back at the hospital, Clint maintained that Joey's and Natalie's happiness was his dying wish, and that he wanted them to leave and to try again with the ones that they loved to make him happy. Once they left Clint's room, Natalie cried, as Joey held her in his arms to comfort her. Joey then insisted that he needed to leave. As Joey looked for Kelly around her hospital room, the nurse at the front desk informed him that Kelly had been discharged, and that her friend, the detective, had taken her home.

Rex greeted Natalie and indicated that he was sorry. Natalie replied, "Yeah, well, not as sorry as you're gonna be if you don't go in there right now and make peace with our father, before he dies." Rex then announced that he and Gigi were getting married. Natalie was thrilled, and she hugged him. Natalie then emphasized that Rex had to tell their dad, because he would not have years to decide when to tell him. Natalie cried, "If you don't go and make this right now, you're gonna regret it the rest of your life."

After Natalie walked off, Rex pondered what to do, as he watched Clint through the window. Rex walked away and then returned and flew into Clint's room. Rex declared that he had something to say to Clint. In the hall, Natalie looked at John's picture and phone number on her cell phone. John walked into the hospital hall and ran into Natalie, who was in tears.

Back at the Carriage House, Shane yelled that the limo had arrived, when Gigi walked downstairs in her robe. Gigi claimed that her makeup was not right and insisted that Shane travel in the limo without her. Gigi held out a tie for Shane to give to Rex and pointed out, "Next time we see each other, we'll both be Balsoms." After Shane had left, as Gigi opened up Shane's computer, she exclaimed that she would take care of Jack and still have time to make it to her wedding.

Meanwhile, at La Boulaie, Jack and Brad looked on the computer at the message from ComicGirl15, which invited Shane to a party. When Gigi as Shane asked where and when, Jack typed, "Here's the invite. Can't wait to see you." Jack then yelled out that Kelly had company, and Kelly found Joey at the door. When Joey hesitated and started to leave, Kelly stopped him and asked what was wrong. After Joey informed Kelly that his father was dying, Kelly hugged Joey and said that she was sorry.

At the pool, the man with Todd's original face opened up the potato chips and quietly thanked the kid. He picked up the copy of the Sun and read the headline, "McPain Martyrs Manning." The man asked himself who the guy was that kept saying that he was Todd Manning.

Sam returned to the pool and asked, "Who are you?" When Sam asked the man why he had eaten Sam's food, the man claimed that he had been hungry. Sam then questioned if the man was homeless and offered him his drink. Sam informed the man that his grandma was babysitting him. When the man held up the Sun and pointed to Todd's picture, Sam explained that the man in the picture was his dad, Todd Manning.

The man again pointed to the photo and asked Sam, "So this guy right here, this guy? His name is Todd Manning?" When Sam replied, "Yep," the man questioned, "And he's your dad?" Sam answered, "Yeah, he's my dad." The man continued, "Let me ask you something. Who's your mother?" When Starr called out Sam's name, the man hid in the bushes. Starr asked, "Sam what are you doing? Who are you talking to?" The man peered out through the trellis at Starr.

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