One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 30, 2011 on OLTL

Matthew was put on life support. The man with Todd's old face escaped from his prison. Marty was surprised to hear that Natalie had survived the rooftop fall. Clint had emergency surgery after another heart attack. Cutter took possession of the Buchanan mansion and tossed out all the family members. Tomás learned that Patrick Thornheart was still alive. Marty needed to tell John the truth before she met up with Patrick.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 30, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Due to the observance of Memorial Day, ABC aired encore episodes of its daytime lineup. No new episodes of All My Children, One Life to Live, or General Hospital were broadcast.

This was an anticipated scheduling change and there will be no lost episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, May 31, and pick up where the Friday, May 27 episodes concluded.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the hospital, Bo and Nora learned that while Matthew was out of surgery, it hadn't gone as well as the doctor had hoped. The doctor pulled the Buchanans into Matthew's room and out of Destiny's earshot in order to have some privacy. Destiny tried to eavesdrop, without success. The doctor advised Matthew's parents that there had been complications during the procedure, and the bleeding had been worse than expected. She was not able to give a prognosis.

The doctor added that the trauma to the brain might cause the brain to swell, and Matthew was receiving drugs to control it. Nora questioned whether there would be a treatment in case things didn't go well, and the doctor stated that there were no treatments available.

Just then, Matthew was wheeled back towards his room, and Destiny stopped the orderlies to see her friend. "Oh, my God," Destiny could only manage to mutter through sobs. "What happened?" she cried to an unconscious Matthew. Bo and Nora followed behind their son as he was wheeled into his room. The doctor stressed that Matthew was stable. Nora pleaded with her son to get well, while Bo wished that he could trade places with Matthew.

Clint expressed his desire for Jessica to return before he died, while Joey spent some time in his father's hospital room. "Tess is finally at St. Ann's," Clint revealed. He had paid a hefty price for Tess's commitment, and he suggested that Joey tell Aubrey to "take a hike." Joey admitted that he had already confronted his wife, because "life is too short." Aubrey had confessed to all she'd done, claimed to love Joey, and sworn she had changed, Joey disclosed. Clint hoped that Joey had thrown Aubrey out of the mansion and hadn't believed what Aubrey had said.

Joey revealed that he was only worried about Ryder and didn't want the baby to go to a foster home. He agreed that he would "kick Aubrey to the curb" after Jessica returned. Joey wanted to be free, and he wanted to go back to Kelly. He asked about Clint's confessions, but Clint ordered Joey to just allow Clint to deal with it. It was time to settle "all my accounts," Clint declared. He just wanted Joey to take care of Ryder, and he repeated that Cutter had driven a hard bargain.

Clint revealed that he'd had to give Cutter the mansion, and Joey reacted violently. He was unhappy that his father had been blackmailed, especially when his sister had needed the treatment at St. Ann's for months. Joey wished that he were more like Clint, because he would shoot Cutter. Clint assured Joey that Joey didn't want to be like his father. Clint grabbed his chest and urged Joey to find a new home. Joey hoped that his father would stay out of jail.

At Nate's apartment, Nate whispered to Deanna that he was certain that he was responsible for Matthew's head injury. Deanna thought that it was purely coincidental. Dani disclosed that she had been unable to obtain any information while on the phone with Destiny, and she clarified that Matthew had experienced a headache prior to being admitted to the hospital. That was the only thing that anyone knew. Nate was anxious to learn about Matthew's condition, and he assured Dani that he felt bad about Matthew, even though he wasn't a friend. Dani was suspicious.

Nate insisted that he wouldn't wish brain surgery even on an enemy, and he suggested that Dani go to the hospital to give Destiny some support. Dani agreed, and after she left, Nate was worried. "Oh, my God. I did this," he said to Deanna. Matthew had fallen and hit his head after Nate had punched him. Deanna insisted that it couldn't be Nate's fault, ever after Nate pointed out that the same thing had happened to Natasha Richardson. Deanna was sure that it wasn't the same at all, and that Natasha had been skiing at a high speed.

Nate thanked Deanna for her "voice of reason," as he grew anxious waiting for Dani's phone call. When he didn't hear, he phoned Dani, but he only listened to the ringing phone. He recalled that reception was bad at the hospital, but he couldn't wait. He had to get to the hospital to find out what was happening with Matthew.

Rex stopped at the diner to pick up some food for Natalie and spent some time with Gigi while he waited. He wondered why Clint had confessed to all of his crimes, but assumed that Clint had merely done it for himself. Shane arrived after an appointment with his new doctor and admitted that he liked Dr. Buhari more. The new doctor was confidant that Shane would be able to return to school in September, and Shane thought he might be okay by then. He gave Rex a card that he'd made for Natalie, and Rex left to visit his sister at the hospital.

Ford sat at a nearby table and looked longingly at a photo of Tess and Ryder. He found a pacifier hidden among his things and thought back to one of his encounters with Tess.

Gigi asked her son if he liked his new doctor. "Whatever," Shane responded. He assumed he'd still be a loser when September arrived. Things were still the same, even if his parents had banned him from MyFace. Gigi assured him that he wouldn't have to return to school until he was ready. Just then, there was a crash in the kitchen, and Shane suggested that his mother investigate. Shane explained that he had been told to speak whatever was on his mind, and that was what he had done.

After Gigi got up, Ford wandered over to speak to Shane. He admitted that he'd been in the same spot as Shane when he'd been in school. He showed Shane an old photo of himself and explained a little about what his home life had been like. Shane couldn't believe that he was looking at the same person. Ford revealed that kids had drawn pictures of him, put awful things in his backpack and had even forced him to eat garbage. He'd been skinny and had worn clothing that hadn't been very nice.

Ford continued that after he ate more, thanks to the men on the job that his father had obtained for him, and had begun to work out, things had changed. The guys at school had grown scared of him, and the girls had begun to like him. Ford offered to give Shane some workout tips.

Gigi summoned Shane to dinner. She thanked Ford for giving Shane some advice, and she declared Ryder a lucky boy to have Ford as a father. She also admitted that while she still didn't care for what Ford had done to Jessica, she hoped that Ford would receive custody of his son. "Hoping isn't enough," Ford pronounced.

Later, Shane asked his mother if it were possible for him to have a gym membership. Gigi was certain she could work something out. Shane thought that it might help him. Gigi also noted how happy she was to see Shane eat so much at dinner.

Viki hoped to visit with Tess at St. Ann's and muttered how relieved she would be when Jessica returned. Two orderlies struggled to drag a screaming, kicking, and straitjacketed Tess into a padded cell. Tess called Viki a bitch when she saw her mother observing nearby, and one of the orderlies suggested that Viki refrain from a visit with the violent patient. Viki insisted that she be allowed into the cell, and the orderly reluctantly agreed.

Viki entered the room, and Tess advised Viki that she was either "brave or dumb." Viki explained that it was for Tess's own good, but Tess declared that she was ready to hurt Viki. Viki assured Tess that Tess was out of control, especially after ending up with a husband who had only wanted to sell her out. Tess had never known and had made a mistake, Viki declared. It was time for Jessica to return, Viki said. Tess declared that she was still there, she didn't lose, and Jessica would not be around.

Tess was insistent that she be able to live her own life, and she had plans to get out of St. Ann's. Viki pointed out that no one even cared about Tess, she had no money, and more men would only use her, like Cutter and Ford. Tess jumped in quickly, noting that Ford hadn't used her; he had wanted his son, and he wouldn't have gotten to his baby otherwise. Viki noted that it seemed as though Tess had feelings for Ford. Tess quickly denied it, adding that she hated Ford. "Clearly," Viki said.

Tess explained that she'd been having fun, especially after she'd sent the photo of Echo and Charlie to Viki. She began to taunt Viki, in the hopes that Niki would emerge. She added that no one cared about Viki, either, because if they did, she and Viki would be roommates at St. Ann's. Viki pointed out that Tess lashed out at Viki whenever Tess was afraid that Jessica might return, but Tess denied it. Instead, she mentioned their past, and how Niki had allowed Jessica to be accosted, thus pushing Tess to the forefront.

Viki apologized again, and she pointed out that Niki had been the one guilty of that crime. Viki loved Tess, because Tess was part of Jessica. "You love me?" Tess inquired incredulously, as tears began to spill down her cheeks. Suddenly, Jessica appeared and began to ask where she was. "Nice try," Viki stated. Tess told her to go to hell and suggested that Viki plan Jessica's funeral. Tess would rather die than allow Jessica to return. Viki was certain that Jessica would never permit that to happen.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rama confessed that she was unable to tell Vimal the truth about her pregnancy, and she was shocked to learn that Aubrey had done her own confessing to Joey. Aubrey was adamant that she and Joey needed to stay together because of Ryder, and she was upset that she had hurt Joey with her scheming. The women were both surprised to see Cutter in the house, and he announced that he had some good news.

Cutter was bothered that Aubrey was still playing house with Joey, and he urged her to stop pretending. He showed the women that he had funds from Clint, and Rama was ecstatic, deeming them all "set for life." Aubrey assured Cutter that she wasn't pretending, but Cutter declared that he wanted his girlfriend back. Aubrey insisted that she loved Joey, but Cutter replied that her love wasn't real. He proclaimed that he was finished with Tess and had arranged for Tess to go to St. Ann's.

Cutter added that once Jessica returned, she would take Ryder, and Aubrey would be kicked aside. Cutter was ready to give Aubrey everything she ever wanted. Rama announced that Joey knew everything there was to know about Aubrey, and she thought that Aubrey should take Cutter's deal, because Cutter was all that Aubrey would have left. Rama pointed out that Aubrey would be out on the street if it hadn't been for Ryder.

Rama wanted her share of Cutter's wealth. Cutter declared again that he loved Aubrey, and they were "good to go." Aubrey replied that she loved Joey and wanted to make it up to him. Joey returned home and walked inside to hear Aubrey declaring her love for him. Aubrey swore that she loved Joey, not just Ryder. Rama believed that Aubrey was telling the truth.

Cutter recalled that he'd heard it all before. He saw Joey and laughed about how he and Aubrey had humiliated Joey. Cutter rubbed it in, relishing the ability to tell Joey how Aubrey had gone to bed with Cutter as they made fun of Joey. Cutter continued to mock Joey, as Aubrey tried to get Cutter to be quiet. Joey walked over and slugged Cutter instead, and the men began to fight. Rama managed to pull the men apart. Aubrey ordered Cutter to leave, but Cutter declared that it was his house. "Get the hell out," Cutter shouted.

Rex looked in on Clint after he arrived at the hospital and admitted that he had been hoping to find Clint in handcuffs. Clint asked about his grandson, and Rex grew angry. Clint was not allowed to call Shane that, Rex proclaimed. Rex was irritated that Clint had confessed to everything except being Rex's father, but Clint insisted that hadn't been the point of his announcement. Rex thought that Clint really hated him, and he wondered why.

Rex didn't wait for Clint's answer, because he didn't think Clint was worth it. He recalled how Clint had shown up at the carriage house and had blamed Rex for all that had happened to Shane. If Rex was an awful father, then Clint was to blame, Rex declared. Clint maintained that he'd been concerned for his grandson, but Rex didn't want to hear it. Clint contended that Rex had done a good job with Shane, but Rex admitted that he was no better than Clint. He'd taken a page out of Clint's book and had hired thugs to beat up Jack Manning. Rex didn't want to be like Clint.

Dani arrived at the hospital and found Destiny. The girls hugged. Destiny disclosed that Matthew was in Intensive Care, and he'd looked awful when she'd seen him. She hadn't been allowed into the room, so she didn't know anything else. The girls couldn't imagine what was wrong, and all they knew was that Matthew had suffered from a headache.

As Bo and Nora visited with their son, the alarm on one of the machines that Matthew was hooked up to went off. The staff rushed into the room, sending Bo and Nora out to the hallway. Bo and Nora encountered Dani and Destiny and updated them on Matthew's condition. Everyone grew fearful as they waited for news. Finally, Bo and Nora saw the doctor and heard the news that Matthew was not doing well.

Matthew's brain had swelled, the doctor advised the Buchanans. "I'm sorry. We're not seeing brain activity," she informed them.

Dani and Destiny waited in the hallway. Dani tried to peer through the window of Matthew's room. She didn't think that things looked very good. Nate arrived as the girls were hugging again and consoling each other.

After Viki had gone, Tess sat on the floor and screamed. She vowed to cut Cutter up into tiny pieces. Suddenly, she looked up. Ford was standing there in an orderly's garb.

Rex continued to berate his father, noting that he would do whatever it took to keep Clint away. He never wanted to be like Clint. Clint grabbed his chest again. Rex announced that the only father worse than Clint was the father that Clint had killed. Maybe Clint would die in jail, and that would be lucky, Rex went on. Just as Clint's monitor went off, Viki walked in. Rex looked back and forth, from Clint to the monitor and back again. "Oh, my God," Viki gasped.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tess yelled about how badly she was going to hurt Cutter. An orderly entered, and she looked up to see that it was Ford. She couldn't believe that he was there. Ford was there because Tess had said that she had information that could get the judge to reconsider the custody decision. "I should have known you weren't here for me," she said glumly.

Tess thought that Ford was just going to "sell me out like Cutter." She said that he'd get his "dirt" after he helped her get out of St. Anne's. Ford reminded her that she had once knocked him out and taken off. She promised not to do it again. Ford tried to convince Tess to trust him, as Tess did the same. However, when Tess wouldn't talk, Ford got up to leave. Suddenly, Tess blurted out "Joey and Aubrey's marriage is a fraud!"

Tess explained to Ford all about Cutter and Aubrey. Ford wondered why Tess hadn't said anything about it at the custody hearing. She confessed that she'd made a deal to keep quiet in return for a cut of the Buchanan fortune. Tess demanded that Ford untie her. Ford replied that he would never get custody of Ryder if he got Tess out of St. Anne's. As Ford walked out of her room, she screamed that Ford had promised to let her out, and that he would miss her. He stood outside her room, and contemplated her words.

A short while later, Tess tried to figure another way out of the room. However, Ford entered, and said that he would help her. Ford got the straitjacket off of Tess, and the two walked toward the door. Another orderly entered, and asked what Ford was doing.

Ford claimed that he was new at St. Anne's, and that his name was James. He explained that he had been told to remove the straitjacket, and to take Tess for a walk around the grounds to try to calm her down. The orderly asked if Sister Sheila had told Ford to do so. Ford confirmed it, but the orderly informed him that there was no Sister Sheila. The orderly kicked Ford out of the room, as Ford yelled apologies to Tess. The orderly dragged Ford out of the building.

Aubrey told Cutter to take his money and leave. Cutter retorted that he wasn't leaving -- she was. He informed Aubrey and Rama that Clint had given him the house in exchange for having Tess committed. A disgusted Aubrey pointed out that Cutter could have bought ten houses with the money Clint had given him. However, Cutter only wanted the Buchanan mansion, because he could throw Joey, Aubrey, and Rama out of the house.

Cutter gave the three an hour to pack their things. Joey said that he would take Ryder to Llanfair. Aubrey reminded him that they needed to stay together in order to keep custody of the baby. Joey reluctantly agreed, and left the room. Cutter wished he could be there to see Viki's face when Aubrey walked through the door of Llanfair. Rama wondered what would happen to her, and then got angry. She yelled at Aubrey that soon, Jessica would be back, and she would take Ryder from Aubrey. Then, Aubrey would have no Joey, which she deserved for betraying Cutter.

Going on, Rama told Aubrey that Rama had done everything that Aubrey and Cutter had asked her to do. She had ended up with a husband in jail, whom no one cared about. Aubrey reminded Rama that Rama was happy to be without Vimal, so she could sleep with Cristian. Rama slapped Aubrey, livid that Aubrey would suggest that Rama would betray Vimal. She accused Aubrey of having sex in order to make money, which earned her a slap back from Aubrey.

Rama and Aubrey rolled around the room, fighting and tearing at each other's hair. Cutter watched gleefully, as Rama pulled out a clump of Aubrey's hair. "Enough!" Joey yelled as he saw what was going on. Aubrey left the room. Rama told Cutter that he wasn't going to kick her out of the house if he wanted her to keep the secret that "not even Aubrey knows."

A short while later, Joey asked Rama if she wanted a ride somewhere. Rama thanked Joey, but assured him that she was staying put at the mansion. Cutter said that anyone who could "take a piece" out of Aubrey was all right with him. Aubrey apologized to Joey for introducing Cutter into Joey's life. She promised to make it up to him. The two left with Ryder, and their suitcases.

Rex told Clint that he didn't want to be acknowledged as Clint's son. He continued that, if everyone were lucky, Clint would die in Statesville. Suddenly, Clint passed out, and the machines beeped urgently. Viki entered the room, and immediately started calling for the doctor. Three doctors ran in and attempted to revive Clint, as Rex and Viki watched in horror. Viki ushered Rex out of the room, and the two sat down. Viki expressed her surprise to see Rex with Clint. Rex admitted that Clint's condition was his fault.

The doctor walked out of Clint's room, and informed Viki and Rex that Clint was alive. However, Clint's heart was very damaged, so he would have to go into surgery. The surgery would buy time to find a heart donor. The doctor left, and Rex asked Viki about Clint needing a transplant. Viki filled Rex in on Clint's condition, as Clint was wheeled out of his room.

Rex explained that he wouldn't have argued with Clint if he'd known about Clint's condition. Viki understood that Rex hadn't meant any real harm to Clint. She also recognized that what Clint had done to Rex was horrible. She told Rex that somewhere deep inside, Clint was a good man. She hoped that Rex would see the good side of Clint before it was too late. Viki excused herself to call Joey, and walked away.

Bo and Nora asked the doctor how Matthew was doing after his surgery. The doctor revealed that Matthew had made it through the surgery, but there was no detected brain activity. Nora explained to the doctor about the accident Matthew had been in two years before. She said that Matthew was a survivor, and that she wanted more tests done. Even though the doctor believed in the accuracy of the tests performed, she agreed to run more tests.

Destiny and Dani tried to hear what the doctor was saying, but Dani could only tell that things probably weren't good. Nate arrived and asked about Matthew. Destiny cried about how awful Matthew had looked all bandaged up, with tubes and wires all around him. Destiny excused herself to call Shaun, but quickly returned. She beckoned Dani and Nate to see Matthew being wheeled out of his room for more tests.

The doctor turned to a nurse, and revealed that she would demand more tests as well if it were her child in Matthew's place. She didn't know how any parent could accept that their child would never return. Matthew was wheeled into the elevator, as Dani and Nate discussed how bad Matthew had looked. Suddenly, Destiny ran past. Dani told Nate to find a nurse, and pretend to be a cousin in order to get information.

Dani walked away to find Destiny, and ran into Viki. She asked if Viki had seen Destiny. She informed her aunt that something had happened to Matthew.

Nate found a crying Destiny. She explained how she had overheard the doctor saying that Matthew probably wouldn't get better. Dani found them, and Destiny explained to Dani what she'd heard. Nate said he'd call out of work, because he didn't feel right leaving the girls. However, Dani told him to go to work, and promised to call him with any updates. He left as Dani tried to comfort Destiny.

Dani assured Destiny that the doctor had only been talking about the worst-case scenario. However, Destiny was sure that the doctor had meant what she'd said. Just then, Matthew was wheeled past. Destiny asked the doctor how he was, but the doctor would only discuss Matthew's condition with his family. Dani thought Destiny was family because of how much Matthew loved Destiny.

Bo and Nora stood solemnly in Matthew's room. Bo had to call the police station, so he kissed his wife, and left the room. Nora called Rachel and left a message. She went through her purse, and found some old pictures of Matthew. She taped one of them to the wall as Viki entered the room. Viki hugged Nora, and admitted that Dani had told her that something had happened to Matthew. Nora had no idea how Matthew had gotten hurt, and Matthew couldn't tell them until he woke up. Despite the doctor's prognosis, Nora knew that Matthew would be all right.

Rex ran into Bo, and quickly informed him about Clint's condition. Noticing the look on Bo's face, Rex wondered what was wrong. Bo updated Rex on Matthew's condition. Rex could relate to the situation, because he'd felt helpless when Shane had been sick. A nurse returned to Matthew's room. Bo wondered how the tests had gone. The nurse didn't know, but informed him that the doctor would be back shortly. Rex offered to stay, but Bo didn't need him to.

A short while later, Bo and Nora asked the doctor how the tests had gone. The doctor revealed that Matthew had more brain activity than she'd originally thought. Outside the room, Dani and Destiny struggled to hear what the doctor was saying. The doctor said that there was a minimal chance that Matthew would recover. Bo and Nora sat with Matthew, as the doctor left.

Viki returned to Clint's room thanks to a text message from Rex. The doctor informed Viki and Rex that the operation had gone smoothly. However, Clint's damaged heart wouldn't last as long as the doctor had originally thought. The doctor gave good news, informing them that the operation had bumped Clint up to the top of the transplant list.

Rick sat in the diner alone. He spotted Deanna outside. She walked into the diner, and left Nate a message to call her. Rick walked up to her to say hello. He asked her to keep him company at his table. She sat down with him, and he asked about James. She informed him that things hadn't worked out between her and James. He asked if James had helped her out with money, but she replied that she wasn't a charity case. He offered that she'd always have a place in his movies, if she wanted it.

Rick told Deanna that she could audition privately, and with anyone she wanted. She contemplated the offer, but quickly got up when Nate ran in. He ran straight to the back of the diner. Nate was throwing up into a trashcan when Deanna reached him. As a shocked Rick listened in, Nate told Deanna that Matthew was dying, and that it was his fault.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joey entered Kelly's hospital room with flowers. He handed them to her, but scolded her for working. She explained that it was therapeutic to write an article for the Sun about Marty attacking her. Changing the subject, Joey revealed that he'd told Aubrey that he knew all about her schemes. He continued that Aubrey had begged him for a clean slate, but all Joey wanted was another chance with Kelly. Kelly admitted that Joey's apology had been huge to her, but she needed time to figure things out. He promised to give her all the time she needed.

Kelly asked if Joey had thrown Aubrey out. Joey related that he'd wanted to, but Aubrey had reminded him that they would lose custody of Ryder if they weren't married. He assured Kelly that the marriage was "in name only." He added that it wasn't a marriage if he and Aubrey slept in different rooms at Llanfair. Kelly was confused, so Joey explained the deal Cutter had made with Clint. Despite losing the house, Joey was happy that Jessica was getting the help she needed. Jessica would soon return to get Ryder back, and then Joey would be free of Aubrey. He added that he would "be yours, if you'll have me."

Joey confessed that he had been scared to have another chance with Kelly, because he hadn't wanted to mess things up. However, he'd felt real fear, seeing Kelly in the emergency room. He wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Kelly confided that she'd been waiting to hear him say that. At her hesitation to say anything else, Joey asked if she was thinking about John. Kelly told Joey that she didn't want to be his rebound. Joey apologized again, and promised to make her believe in him. He kissed her, and stated that he wouldn't give up until they were back together.

Ford stormed into the diner and marched over to Aubrey. He yelled that she wasn't allowed to change Ryder's address without telling him. Aubrey claimed that they'd moved to Llanfair in order to be closer to Viki. Ford said that Tess had told him everything about Aubrey. He was convinced that, when Joey found out, Joey would kick Aubrey out, and Ford would get Ryder back. However, Aubrey informed him that Joey already knew everything, but didn't care, because he and Aubrey were in love.

Ford thought that Joey was dumb, but recognized that the marriage was still a fraud. He knew the judge would reconsider the custody decision with the new information. When he got up to leave, Aubrey stopped him. She pleaded that, if she didn't have Ryder, she would lose Joey. Ford refused to sacrifice his son for Aubrey's selfishness. Aubrey promised to make a deal with Ford for regular visitation rights. Ford wanted to start right then, but Aubrey needed to talk to Joey first.

Ford was convinced that Joey would say no, so he took out his phone. He got a hold of his lawyer, and told the lawyer to petition the court. However, Aubrey decided to let Ford take Ryder, so Ford told his lawyer to hold off. He took Ryder, and left. Aubrey wondered what she would tell Joey, who entered a short while later. Noticing that Ryder was gone, Joey demanded to know where he was.

In Angel Square, Ford was happy to be with his son. He promised Ryder that he would figure out a way that they could be together all the time.

Shaun arrived at Todd's, calling for Todd and Tomas. When no one answered him, he wondered where everyone was.

Sneaking past Shaun, Tomas walked out of the house with a gun. Todd asked what had happened between Tomas and Marty. Tomas had made sure that Marty wouldn't leave, and would keep the information on the disc to herself. Tomas was concerned that Liam wasn't with his mother, but Todd didn't "have time to babysit." Todd reminded Tomas that, if the information got out, both of their lives would be over.

Blair entered the diner, and was surprised to see Claude. She remarked that he looked better than Tomas had made him sound the previous night. Going along with it, Claude claimed that his problem the night before hadn't been as serious as he'd thought. He apologized for taking Tomas away from Blair. Blair wondered if it had been on purpose, but Claude was happy that Blair made Tomas happy. They shook hands, as friends. "As a friend," Blair started, "why is there a CIA file on Tomas?"

Claude acted surprised. Blair wondered how Claude didn't know about the file, since he was such a good friend of Tomas. She said that Tomas had only told her to trust him. Realizing her order was ready, Blair said goodbye to Claude. As soon as Blair left, Claude took out his phone.

Todd told Tomas that, if the police got a search warrant, he and Tomas would be in trouble. Tomas' phone rang, and he answered it to Claude. He promised to call Claude back later, and hung up. Todd thought that it was his turn to deal with Marty, so Tomas gave him the gun.

Tomas went back into the house and called Claude back. Claude updated Tomas on Claude's encounter with Blair. Claude warned Tomas that "some secrets can't stay buried." Just then, Blair entered the house. Tomas lied that he had been trying to call her to apologize for the night before. Blair thought it had been a blessing in disguise for keeping her from making a mistake.

Tomas thought that Blair trusted him. She did, but wanted to slow things down between them. She wanted them to get to know each other better, because she wanted the relationship to work. She realized that it would also take time for him to trust her.

Noticing the headline on the newspaper, "Psycho Psych Still on the Lam," Blair expressed her sorrow for Natalie. She admitted that both she and Todd had a "hate/hate relationship" with Marty. She had briefly gotten along with Marty after Starr had given birth to a baby with "Marty's son, Cole Thornhart." Tomas was taken aback to hear the surname. Blair explained about Patrick Thornhart's death, and speculated that Marty hadn't been the same since Patrick had died.

Tomas apologized for being rude, but he had to get to a meeting with Claude. He wondered if she would be free later. Realizing she'd left her planner at the diner, she said she'd let him know. She kissed him and left. Tomas immediately called Claude, and asked if Claude remembered Patrick Thornhart. Tomas related that he was going to have to "call in a favor."

In the pool house, Marty told Liam that no one would find out that Marty had been the one to change Liam's DNA test. She thought that John would be so happy to have a son that he would want to start a family with Marty and Liam. The three of them would live "happily ever after."

As Marty sang to Liam, Todd entered. Todd told her that Liam needed his mother. Marty thought she was a good mother, and reminded Todd that he had once wanted to raise a baby with her. Todd acknowledged his past wrongs. Marty said the difference was that Starr was alive, but Natalie was dead. Todd informed a livid Marty that Natalie had survived the accident. As she got upset, Todd assured her that Natalie didn't remember much.

Marty wanted proof of Natalie's survival. Todd promised to get a newspaper to show her the article about Natalie. Todd offered to take the baby off Marty's hands. Marty pulled her gun on Todd, and told him that she would keep the baby. Todd left, and Marty hoped that Natalie really was dead. "If not," she said, "I'll make it the truth."

Claude arrived at Todd's, and handed a file to Tomas. Todd entered, so an uncomfortable Claude left. Todd told Tomas that Marty was "losing it," so they needed to make her leave. Tomas had thought up a plan to reunite Marty with her husband. Todd had thought that Tomas didn't want to kill Marty. Tomas informed a confused Todd that Patrick was alive.

Natalie was asleep in her hospital room. She had a dream that she was on the roof with Marty, and the recorder. She saw herself being pushed off of the roof. She woke up, and knew that she needed to find the tape.

On the phone, John told Brody that he'd gotten a false lead on Marty. He had to get back to the police station, but he asked Brody to let Natalie know what was going on. Brody entered Natalie's hospital room, and she immediately asked for news. Although Brody had none, Natalie believed that Madame Delphina had been right when the psychic had said that Liam was all right.

Natalie told Brody about her dream, and wondered what it had meant. Natalie believed that she had listened to the tape. Natalie thought that, if the recorder weren't on the roof, Marty probably had it. Brody told her that he and John hadn't found any sign of Marty at Todd's. Natalie tried to get out of bed so she could question Todd herself, but Brody wouldn't let her.

Roxy walked up to John and asked about Liam. She babbled on to a surprised John about how the last thing Natalie remembered was kissing Brody. Realizing what she'd said, Roxy claimed that it was only something that Madame Delphina had thought up. Roxy assured John that, although Brody was Liam's father, Natalie loved John. John had to get back to work, so he left.

Roxy chided herself for mentioning the kiss, and thought it would be a miracle if John and Natalie ever got back together. Roxy caught sight of a heads-up penny on the sidewalk. Underneath the bench, she found the recorder. As she was about to press play, Brody called, and told her that he needed Roxy's help.

A short while later, Roxy arrived at the hospital. Brody promised to be back soon, and left. Roxy thought that Natalie could use some music, so she took out the recorder. However, Natalie wasn't in the mood for music. She wanted food that wasn't "soup or green gelatin." Roxy didn't want to leave Natalie alone, but Natalie assured her that Brody had just been overprotective. Roxy left, and Natalie attempted to stand up.

A short while later, Brody saw Roxy in the hallway with a tray of food. Frustrated with Roxy, Brody went into Natalie's hospital room and found it empty.

With the help of a crutch, Natalie managed to stagger all the way to Todd's house.

Shaun arrived at the diner and found John. Shaun informed John that Todd had him searching the streets for the shooter. John asked Shaun to keep an eye out for signs of Marty. Shaun still thought Tomas was strange. He still believed that Tomas had been the one to drop the syringe.

Blair arrived at the diner and found her planner. She saw John, who immediately asked her about Todd and Tomas. Blair defended Tomas, but John wanted an example of Tomas' apparent good character. Blair informed John that Tomas didn't know Natalie, but had asked a lot of questions about Natalie's situation, and about Marty and Patrick. John found it interesting that Tomas had wanted to know about Patrick.

The man with Todd's original face repeated over and over again that his name was Todd, and that he had a daughter named Starr, a wife named Blair, and another wife named Téa. He also remembered that he had raped a woman named Marty. The agent entered with the guard, and told the guard to "take him downstairs and get rid of him."

The agent left, and the guard took the restraints off of the man. He attempted to drag the man out, but the man claimed to remember what the agent wanted from him, and who he had given it to. The guard demanded to know if it was John McBain, but the man head-butted the guard. The guard fell to the floor, unconscious.

A short while later, the man had switched clothes with the guard. He dragged the guard over to the palm scanner so he could leave the room. Through a set of double doors, he saw two other guards. He pulled his gun and pointed it at the door as the door opened. However, the agent stopped the guard who was opening the door, and told the guard that he needed help elsewhere. The man walked cautiously through the hallway. He stopped when he heard the agent's voice in another room say, "You're getting out of here, Thornhart."

Friday, June 3, 2011

At the Buenos Dias Café, when Joey demanded to know where Ryder was, Aubrey announced that she had given Ryder to Ford. Joey then yelled that he would need to find Ryder, before Ford took Ryder away. Aubrey insisted that she had been given no choice but to hand Ryder to Ford. Aubrey explained that Ford had found out that Joey and Aubrey were not the perfect couple, and she feared that Ford would inform the judge. However, Aubrey believed that Bobby had just missed his son, and that he would return him.

Joey suspected that Aubrey only wanted to retain custody of Ryder to hang on to Joey, and to force Joey to stay married to her. However, Aubrey insisted that she just wanted to show Joey that she loved him. Joey remarked that Aubrey had shown him how much she loved him by sleeping with Cutter behind his back. Joey wondered how he would ever be able to trust Aubrey again.

Joey pleaded with Aubrey to just give it up, because he wanted to be with Kelly, once Jessica returned to take care of Ryder. When Joey claimed that Kelly knew how much she meant to Joey, Aubrey asked why Joey was not with Kelly. Aubrey guessed, "Because Kelly didn't welcome you back with open arms, did she?" Aubrey realized that Kelly knew that she was second choice, and that no girl wanted to be that.

Aubrey then questioned Kelly's feelings for John and reflected that it had been why Marty had wanted to kill Kelly. Joey maintained that he would prove his love to Kelly. Joey then revealed that he would rather be alone than to waste one more second with Aubrey. Joey insisted that the minute Jessica returned, Aubrey would be history. Joey also warned that if Ford had not returned Ryder by 5:00, Joey would hold Aubrey personally responsible.

At the Fords' apartment, Bobby carried in Ryder and told the child to say hi to his Uncle James. Ford revealed that Tess had helped him to get Ryder back by giving him information about Joey and Aubrey. Bobby claimed that Aubrey had let him borrow Ryder for the afternoon. After James doubted Tess's generosity, Ford admitted that he had agreed to release Tess from St. Ann's.

Ford explained that he had intended to leave Tess in St. Ann's, until he had heard Tess scream. He admitted that he had felt sorry enough for her to return, and that he had tried to release her. James pointed out that Bobby had already obtained the information to get custody of Ryder back, but that Ford had still returned to get Tess out. James stated, "Dude, you're totally falling in love with Tess."

At St. Ann's, Bess visited Tess in her isolation room and demanded that Tess let Jessica back out. Bess pointed out that Tess's fun had landed Tess back in St. Ann's again. Bess informed Tess that she would receive electric shock therapy in the hospital. After Tess yelled that Ford still cared about her and would return to release her, Bess remarked that Ford only cared about Ryder, not Tess, and that he was "merely a desperate father trying to reclaim his son."

When Tess maintained that Bobby would return to spring her from the mental hospital, Bess observed that Tess was still there. Then Bess commented that she was afraid it would happen and explained, "You're falling in love with Robert Ford." Tess insisted that she hated Ford. Bess then remembered that Tess had fallen in love with Nash, and that later, Jessica had also fallen in love with Nash, once she had returned. Bess claimed that she did not want Tess's heart to be broken again, once they were integrated.

Bess reminded Tess that only Jessica could have relationships. "I strongly urge you to stop thinking about Robert Ford. To do otherwise is futile." Tess yelled again that she hated Robert Ford, and that the only thing she needed from Ford was his disgusting brute force to get her out of there. Tess blared, "As soon as he springs me, I'm gonna run as far away from that vain, shallow, womanizing, slobbering, preening, iron-pumping jerk, as I can get."

Back at the Ford apartment, Bobby denied that he was in love with Tess. James reminded Ford that he had already held all of the dirt on Joey and Aubrey and asked why Bobby would risk being arrested and losing the chance to regain custody of Ryder, if Ford was not into Tess. Ford responded, "Okay, how about this? Tess is a nasty, miserable, selfish, vile lowlife. All she ever did is insult me, laugh at me, and...and tell me I was bad in bed every chance she got. I wanted to kill her every day."

James reminded Bobby that there was a thin line between love and hate. James feared that Ford was falling for someone who was not real, and that once Jessica returned, Tess would vanish. Ford again denied having feelings for Tess. Bobby then thought back on his past with Tess and exclaimed, "Oh, my God, is James right? It's impossible. Could I really be falling for that skanky bitch?"

Back at St. Ann's, Bess claimed that Tess could hide her feelings from herself, but that she could not hide them from the gatekeeper. When Tess denied again that she had feelings for Ford, Bess reminded Tess that she had run to Cutter to deny her feelings for Robert Ford. Bess declared that Tess had put herself in the position to be at St. Ann's, where she was waiting for her prince to rescue her. Tess reflected on her past with Ford and cried out, "Oh, my God, is Bess right? This can't be happening. Could I really be falling for that sleazy bastard?"

Also at the Buenos Dias Café, John and Blair discussed Patrick Thornhart, and John wondered how Tomas had known Patrick. When he reflected that Patrick had been mixed up with Irish terrorists, John questioned if that was relevant. Blair asked if John was just trying to dig up dirt on Tomas and thought that John was blowing her information out of proportion. John's phone rang, and he left to answer it.

Starr carried Hope into the café and joined Blair. Starr asked why Blair and John had been talking about Patrick Thornhart and wondered if it had anything to do with Cole. Blair insisted that everything was fine and then asked about Starr's date with James. Blair admitted that she had known what was happening when she had discovered James in the elevator, and Starr indicated that she had found Tomas in her elevator. They both laughed, when they realized that they had been totally busted.

Starr revealed that nothing had happened between her and James that night, and Blair admitted that there had been nothing romantic between her and Tomas, either. Blair believed that Tomas was one of the good guys, but she still had lots of questions about him. Starr announced that James had told her that he loved her. Starr then stated that she was glad that she and James had not slept together the previous night.

Starr admitted that she still cared about Cole but feared that he was all alone. Starr did not feel that she could help Cole deal with Marty, and she believed that she was letting Cole down as a friend. Blair told Starr to take Hope to visit Cole to remind him that he was not alone. Once Starr got off the phone, she informed Blair that she and Hope would be leaving to visit Cole in Statesville. Blair claimed that Cole was lucky to have a beautiful little girl and a friend like Starr.

At the hospital, Roxy carried in a huge tray of food and was shocked to find that Natalie was no longer in her bed. Roxy indicated to Brody that she had only been away from Natalie for a couple of minutes. Brody hollered that he knew where Natalie was heading and ran out of the room. Outside of the café, John received a call from Roxy, who said that Natalie was missing. Roxy feared that the lunatic Marty had her.

John ran into Natalie's hospital room, and Roxy informed him that Brody had claimed to know where Natalie was. John called in a hospital security guard, handed him a picture of Natalie, and asked him to review their security footage. When Roxy questioned why John carried a photo of Natalie in his wallet, John walked off.

Inside Todd's pool house, as she glanced at her gun, Marty expressed to Liam that she and John would be together, and that the three of them would be a family. Natalie hobbled up the walk on a crutch outside of the pool house. Natalie fell down and screamed. Marty looked out of her blinds, saw Natalie, and realized that Natalie was still alive. Marty opened up the door and found Natalie in pain. Marty pointed the gun at Natalie.

Outside of Todd's mansion, Brody held out his gun as he searched the property. Brody heard Natalie's scream and ran to her. Unseen, Marty saw Brody and slammed the door of the pool house. When Natalie begged Brody to look for Liam in the pool house, Brody claimed that he needed a search warrant.

As Roxy suspected to John that Natalie had set her up, Brody carried Natalie into the hospital. John gazed through the window as Brody and Roxy kept Natalie company in her room. Natalie yelled that Brody should be at Todd's pool house to search for their son. John walked in and announced that they had a warrant to search Todd's property. John and Brody left to find Liam.

Roxy revealed that John still carried a picture of Natalie in his wallet, but Natalie claimed that she could only think of Liam. Roxy reminded Natalie that both John and Brody were looking for Liam. Roxy cheered, "It's like he has double daddies."

The man with a scar, who resembled the original Todd, started to escape, when he overheard the guards talking to Patrick Thornhart. Baker informed Patrick that they would be taking him to Llanview, Pennsylvania. Baker then ordered Agent Jones to escort Patrick to the plane safely. The Todd-like man walked out.

The man who resembled the original Todd hid on the plane, as Baker told Patrick Thornhart not to deviate from the plan to pick up Patrick's wife. Baker insisted that the plane would take both Patrick and Marty to their destination. Baker announced, "All right, we touch down in Llanview any minute." The man with the scar peeked around the corner.

In Todd's mansion, Tomas informed Todd that Patrick Thornhart was not dead. Tomas then declared that they would offer to reunite Marty with Patrick in exchange for the disc. When Todd questioned if Patrick were still alive, Tomas claimed that he had proof of it. Todd still insisted that if Patrick had been alive, he would have returned to Marty and Cole. Tomas handed Todd the proof.

Todd asked Tomas where he had retrieved it, but Tomas refused to tell him. Tomas then indicated that once Marty had given them the disc, they would turn her in to the authorities. However, Todd feared that John would not believe them, so he felt that they should get Marty out of the country. Yet Tomas believed that Marty was still obsessed with John McBain, and he questioned if Marty would be willing to turn over the disc for the chance to reunite with her husband. Todd said, "It's worth a shot."

Inside the pool house, Marty yelled and asked how Natalie could have survived the fall from the roof. She told Liam to sleep, so that she could leave for the hospital to take care of Natalie. When she tried to leave, Todd and Tomas stopped her. Tomas announced that Patrick Thornhart was still alive. Marty whined that they were pathetic for lying to her about her dead husband.

Todd then handed her a picture of Patrick and told Marty to look at the digital date of the previous day that was imprinted on the photo. Todd showed Marty more pictures of Patrick and gave her his file. Marty believed that Todd and Tomas were trying to fool her to get the disc back. Tomas's phone rang, and he left to answer it.

Todd told Marty that they would put her and Patrick on a plane that would take them to Paris. When Marty expressed her fear that they would turn her in to rot in jail, Todd explained that it would be safer to have Marty out of the country than for her to be running around and telling cops what was on the disc.

Todd stressed that Marty would never have John, but that Patrick was the love of her life. Todd vowed that if Marty told him where the disc was, she could leave to be with Patrick. Todd also felt that Cole would want Marty to give Liam back to his mother. Tomas returned and told Marty that the plane was on its way.

John and Brody arrived on Todd's property and began the search. Brody called Natalie and informed her that they had not yet found Liam. Brody insisted that he would get their son back. John and Brody kicked in the front door of Todd's mansion, and the cops ran through the house, as they searched for Liam. John left to check the rest of the grounds. John kicked in the door of the pool house. John discovered Tomas, who was holding Liam.

After Todd and Marty traveled to the site to meet the plane, Todd stated that the plane would be there in a few minutes. Marty announced that she could not get on the plane. Todd remarked, "Marty, you have nothing left here, right? You've done the right thing giving the baby to Tomas and telling me where you hid the disc."

When Marty said, "No, there's something else I have to do," Todd declared, "No, there's no time. If you stay here, you're going to be arrested, and you're going to spend the rest of your life in prison. Wouldn't you rather be with Patrick?" Marty exclaimed, "That's not it. I have to tell John that Liam isn't Brody's son; he's his. John is Liam's father."

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