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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 30, 2011 on AMC
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Due to the observance of Memorial Day, ABC aired encore episodes of its daytime lineup. No new episodes of All My Children, One Life to Live, or General Hospital were broadcast.

This was an anticipated scheduling change and there will be no lost episodes as a result of the pre-emption.

Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, May 31, and pick up where the Friday, May 27 episodes concluded.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the hospital, Cara scolded Griffin for not telling her about his plan to help Kendall. He explained that he had been worried that Cara would have gotten into trouble if she'd known the details, and she commented that trouble was tough to avoid. He wondered what she meant, and he asked if she'd tell him if it were important. Tad entered and noticed their serious demeanors.

Tad thought they should be celebrating, but Cara bemoaned that Griffin was still under arrest. Tad expressed optimism that new evidence would clear Griffin of Diana's murder. Cara wondered about the drug charges, and Tad hoped they'd also be dropped. Tad marveled that Kendall had successfully carried out her plan. Griffin credited Tad with his rescue and told Cara she'd married the right Martin the second time around.

Tad regretted not telling Cara that Griffin had been in Pine Valley all along. She understood, but Tad maintained that he had taken his wedding vows seriously. Cara looked guilty when Tad wished he had been straight with her. Griffin took responsibility for Tad's lack of full disclosure. Cara left to grab some food from ConFusion to celebrate. Tad told Griffin that Cara had been inconsolable on Griffin's birthday. Griffin said Tad was good for Cara, and Tad admitted that she was good for him, too. Griffin questioned what Tad was going to do about it.

Tad vowed to be a good husband to Cara and to ensure she wasn't deported, and Griffin asked if that would be enough. Tad admitted that if something were to happen between himself and Cara, he wouldn't mind. Griffin assured Tad that Cara realized that what she'd had with Jake was over. Frankie entered and asked for a moment alone to examine Griffin, and Tad left. Griffin said he was doing fine, but Frankie suspected otherwise. Griffin mentioned that he had some trouble flexing his hand and complained that the antibiotics hadn't done their job yet.

At ConFusion, Jake flashed back to his passionate kiss with Cara at the clinic. Amanda found him and commented about his long shift. She said she hadn't been able to sleep, and she'd considered calling him, and he wished she had. Jake informed Amanda about Ricky, Bianca, and Griffin being in the hospital. Amanda imagined the relief Cara had felt upon Griffin's return home. Amanda confessed that there had been a reason she had almost called Jake. Jake blurted that he already knew that she wasn't pregnant.

Jake revealed to Amanda that a nurse had innocently told him about the pregnancy test results. Amanda defended that she'd believed a pregnancy would help their marriage, but he insisted he wasn't angry. She was surprised by his reaction, and he insisted that their relationship wasn't in trouble. A guilty Jake apologized if he had made her feel insecure, but she blamed herself for not telling him the truth. He declared that she meant everything to him.

Amanda cried that Jake's minor mistakes couldn't compare to hers. Jake sat next to a teary-eyed Amanda and urged her to stop beating herself up. Cara arrived, and when she spotted Jake consoling Amanda, she assumed that Jake had told Amanda about their kiss. Cara briefly locked eyes with Jake, but she stepped out of sight near the entrance.

Tad entered and suggested they stay for dinner. She proposed that she cook at home instead, but Tad saw Jake and Amanda and headed for their table. Jake, Amanda, and Cara awkwardly made small talk about Griffin. Tad stated that soon it would be like the ordeal had never happened. Cara glanced knowingly at Jake.

Tad explained what had happened on the boat and how Griffin had been shot. Amanda wondered how Cara was coping, but a frazzled Cara left to check on her takeout order. Jake left the table to get the check. Tad counseled Amanda to stop trying so hard. Meanwhile, Jake approached Cara at the bar. Cara refused to talk about the kiss, and she suggested that they pretend it never happened to prevent hurting the people they cared about. Cara paid for her food, and she and Tad left. Amanda noticed that Jake's shirt was missing a button, but he claimed not to know how it had happened.

Kendall hugged Bianca at the hospital. Kendall apologized and wished she could have protected her sister. Bianca gently reprimanded Kendall for going on the boat alone with Ricky. Kendall announced that she'd gotten Ricky to confess to killing Zach. Bianca fretted that Ricky could have killed Kendall, too. Bianca expressed relief that it was all over, but Kendall declared that she wasn't done with Ricky.

Kendall swore to Bianca that everyone Ricky had hurt would get justice. Bianca implored Kendall to let it go, but Kendall insisted there was more to be done. Bianca said it was in the hands of the court, but Kendall worried that Ricky would be set free. Bianca disagreed and warned Kendall that getting involved so personally would eat her alive. Bianca urged Kendall to walk away immediately, but Kendall said she couldn't, because it would be like leaving Zach behind.

Kendall and Bianca reflected back upon how difficult it had been to disguise their true feelings from Ricky. Bianca insisted that Kendall had gotten what she wanted, and she urged Kendall to move on with her life with her kids. Kendall felt like she'd kept Zach's memory alive by continuing to fight. Bianca said they had wonderful memories, but Kendall wasn't ready to consider Zach a memory. Bianca advised that Zach would have wanted Kendall to move on and to have a happy life with their boys. Bianca said that the road to justice could be dark and lonely, and she told Kendall not to let Ricky win.

Ricky insisted that he was a man of the cloth as a cop handcuffed him to a hospital bed. Ryan arrived and said it was time to chat. Greenlee appeared in the doorway and proclaimed that she wanted a piece of Ricky, too. Greenlee blasted Ricky for pretending to be a minister and for killing Zach. Ryan threatened to investigate all of Ricky's associates, though Ricky scoffed at the idea that Ryan would uncover anything. Ryan speculated that Ricky's partners would talk once they learned that Ricky had killed Zach and Diana.

Greenlee called Ricky twisted for using Kendall's grief to his advantage. Ricky insisted that he still loved Kendall. Greenlee said she had a message to deliver from Kendall, and she slapped him across the face. Greenlee started to speak about how great a man Zach had been, but Ricky spat that Kendall had told him that Zach was hardly a prince. Greenlee retorted that Kendall had only said that to get Ricky's confession. Greenlee blasted Ricky for taking Zach's life away for money.

Ricky vowed to fight for Kendall. Greenlee barked that Kendall and Ricky's relationship hadn't been real, and Ricky countered that neither was Greenlee's marriage. He taunted Greenlee and Ryan with the fact that their union wasn't valid because he wasn't a real minister. Ryan led a seething Greenlee to the hallway. Greenlee lamented that their wedding rings meant nothing. Greenlee said that Ricky had taken too much already and that she and Ryan couldn't let him ruin their marriage.

Kendall arrived, and Greenlee embraced her. Kendall recalled the surreal moment when Ricky had confessed to killing Zach and had bragged about pulling it off. Kendall wished they could go back to when Zach was still alive. Greenlee blamed herself for Zach's plane crash, but Kendall explained that Ricky would have found a way to get to Zach no matter what. Ryan was relieved that Kendall hadn't suffered the same fate. Kendall thanked them and called them family. Ryan knowingly asked if Kendall had forgotten someone.

Frankie warned Griffin that movement was irritating the nerve, and Griffin remarked that he couldn't operate in his condition. Kendall overheard as she entered, and she became concerned. Griffin said there was a remote possibility that he'd be permanently affected. Frankie reminded Griffin that Frankie was the doctor, and he advised Griffin to rest and allow himself time to heal. Frankie recounted how he'd been in Griffin's shoes and instructed Griffin to let the medicine do its job. Frankie exited, and Kendall lamented that Griffin had been hurt while saving her and that he might never operate again.

Griffin explained that his white blood count was high and insisted that the swelling would go down in time. Kendall blamed herself for his condition, and he jokingly said that not everything was about her. She asked for a straight answer, and he admitted that there was a slight chance of nerve damage, but he had no regrets. He urged her to go home, and she asked in mock surprise whether he was sick of her. "Never," he said affectionately. He implored her to have some quality time with her boys. She agreed, but she swore that she'd visit him whether he wanted her to or not. She noticed that he had made his hand into a fist, and he announced that the doctor was back.

Greenlee apologized to Ryan for what she had said about her wedding ring, because their relationship was real. She said they'd handle the legality of their marriage eventually. He told her to cancel all of her appointments so they could make it official at city hall that afternoon, but she didn't want to be married in a rushed ceremony. She explained that the timing wasn't right, because he was mourning the loss of his baby. She also pointed out that Emma would be devastated when she learned she wouldn't have the baby sister she had expected. Ryan agreed to wait, and they embraced.

Greenlee and Ryan arrived at the penthouse, where Emma rushed into Ryan's arms. Ryan sat her on his lap and said he understood how much she had been looking forward to being a big sister. He murmured that sometimes things happened that were difficult to understand. Greenlee explained that Sara had been born too early, and Ryan gently broke the news that Sara hadn't survived. Greenlee said that Sara was in heaven, smiling down on them. Emma began to cry, and they shared a family hug.

David tried to call Erica. He rang Erica's doorbell and yelled that he wanted to speak with her. Meanwhile, Erica's cell phone rang in the control room, and Erica realized that Jane had returned. Erica asked if the call was from one of her daughters or Jackson. Erica asserted that she didn't just plan to wallow in her captivity. Erica admitted that she needed Jane.

Erica said that Jane owed her information about Jackson and her family. Jane half-heartedly acknowledged that Kendall and Bianca were okay. Jane cryptically asked Erica what she'd do for her daughters if there had been a crisis. Erica demanded to know what was going on. Jane informed a stunned Erica that Ricky had killed Zach. Jane revealed that Bianca was in the hospital, and Kendall had been pretending that she loved Ricky. Erica wailed that her daughters needed her, but Jane said that she herself intended to be there for them. Erica pointed out that Jane needed her, too.

Jane insisted that she knew how to take care of Kendall and Bianca. Erica argued that they needed their real mother, and she declared that Jane was empty inside. Jane took her phone and left. Later, Jane vowed to get in and out of the hospital quickly, so she could return to "living the classy life." Jane stood outside Bianca's room and overheard Bianca on the phone with her kids. Jane turned to find David behind her.

"Erica" said it was a surprise to see David, who remarked that she appeared to be avoiding Bianca. "Erica" explained that she was giving Bianca privacy, but David noted that her behavior was out of character. He observed that "Erica" looked like she just didn't want to be there. "Erica" insisted that she loved her daughters. David inquired why she hadn't answered his calls, and she asked what he wanted. He asked for her to testify on his behalf to the medical board in an effort to reinstate his license. She asked why she should help him, and he reminded her that he had been shot in the back. She declared that the charges against her had been dropped, but he clarified that he was talking about the real shooter.

David warned "Erica" not to play games with him and to knock off the act. She attributed her demeanor to the recent traumatic events she'd been through, and he vaguely asked if she didn't care whether the real culprit got away. She became flustered and claimed she had no time for him or their discussion. Later, Jane arrived at a Yacht Club room with a paper bag. She pulled out a six-pack of beer and put the "do not disturb" sign on the door. She inspected the room service menu and called to order junk food. As she sipped a beer, she mused aloud that she didn't know how Erica lived her life without drinking.

During a musical montage, Jake kissed Amanda, and they headed home. Cara and Tad returned to the hospital, where they shared food with Griffin. Griffin noticed the playful interaction between Tad and Cara. Bianca hugged her daughters, while Kendall gazed at a Slater family photo. Spike and Ian entered and excitedly ran into Kendall's arms. Erica forlornly looked at photos of herself with Jackson and her daughters. Jane guzzled beer, and there was a knock at the door followed by a male voice announcing room service. She was surprised when she opened the door to David.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

At the Yacht Club, Jane ordered to David to leave that instant. Instead, he closed the door and claimed that he was onto her. Referring to the room service he'd wheeled in, he noted that Erica Kane wouldn't eat onion rings and fried chicken, and she certainly didn't drink alcohol. Jane tried to offer her six-pack to him, but he wondered what she was up to.

Jane claimed that she was overwhelmed with the tragedies that had befallen her family, including her own kidnapping, and she'd sought solace from the reporters outside her house. David stated that she was exerting the typical behavior of an addict, and he wondered how her family would feel about her falling off the wagon. She said they wouldn't find out unless he told them. "I help you; you help me," David said, and his eyes glittered.

Jane considered it blackmail when David asked her to speak to the hospital board on his behalf. David said he was helping her keep her secrets, including the shooting incident. She permitted him to identify the shooter, because it had nothing to do with her. A confused David decided that "Erica" was playing dumb, or she actually didn't know what he was talking about.

David guessed the alcohol had affected "Erica's" brain, but one call from the police would send Kendall to prison for the shooting. Jane readily acquiesced to writing him a letter. "You're giving it away too easily," David replied. Jane said she'd do what it took to help Kendall, so they needed to get it over with.

Jane offered to include the spiked punch incident in the letter, and David reminded "Erica" that she'd almost wound up in his bed that night. Jane noted that he should be in prison, not at the top of his game. Though she didn't condone anything he'd done, she admitted to finding him brilliant and passionate. David guessed she liked the bad boy in him. Claiming not to like him at all, Jane decided he could write his own letter, which she'd sign later.

At Krystal's restaurant, Jesse told Jackson that Ricky was behind bars; however, Erica's kidnappers had seemingly disappeared into thin air. Jesse wished he had even a small lead. Jackson asked about the castle keychain he'd instructed Erica to take to the police station. Jesse said he'd try anything, and he hoped he could talk to Erica again.

Jesse left, and Jackson called Opal to the restaurant to discuss Erica, who wasn't answering his calls or returning his text messages. Jackson was worried that Erica was running on fumes. Opal said Erica was putting on a Kane front, but needed to take a breather before she wound up back on the bottle. He said they could never let Erica take a fall like that again.

Later, Jesse and Angie took Lucy to the park and joked about how soon it would be that Lucy would hit the playground. Angie said she was glad to have Jesse back to being the man she loved. In his mind, he recalled the painful death of Ellie, but to Angie, he said he'd always be that man because of her and the amazing Lucy.

At the hospital, Scott gave Madison clothes for the baby's funeral. Empathizing with her need for space, he offered to move out of the apartment. After Madison dressed, she said she appreciated the offer, and he told her that he'd do anything for her. Greenlee and Ryan arrived, and Madison asked if she and Ryan could go to the funeral alone.

Ryan and Madison left, and in the park, it suddenly hit Madison that she'd have to watch while someone put dirt on top of her daughter. Horrified by the thought, Madison ran away, but bumped into Jesse and Angie. Catching up to Madison, Ryan explained that they'd been headed to Sara's funeral. Angie asked to speak to Madison alone, and Ryan and Jesse complied.

Madison cried that she just wanted her baby back. Angie stated there was no way to escape grief, and crying was a part of the process. Madison said it wasn't a process; her baby was dead. She remembered that Sara had been strong in the womb, and she'd been confident that Sara would survive. Madison couldn't imagine putting Sara in the ground, and Angie said she understood. Madison snapped that Angie couldn't understand because Angie's baby hadn't died.

Aside with Jesse and Lucy, Ryan said he didn't know how to help Madison, because he couldn't cope himself. He asked Jesse how one accepted the death of a newborn. Jesse said there was no making sense of it, but living life and loving family was the only way to get through it. Ryan blamed himself, but Jesse said the child hadn't died by Ryan's choices. Jesse believed that Ryan would learn to live with it and move forward.

Sitting on a bench, Angie continued to reassure Madison that she'd be okay. Madison cried on Angie's shoulder as Jesse and Ryan returned. Over dinner with Jesse later, Angie felt guilty that she'd received a miracle, but Madison's child had died. She wondered how God had chosen which child should survive.

Scott went home to pack, but found himself surrounded by baby paraphernalia. Greenlee arrived because she'd noticed how upset he'd been by Madison's request earlier. Greenlee assumed that the baby stuff needed to be removed. Scott said he'd have to clear out, too, but he wasn't going away. He rationalized that once Madison sorted things out, they'd be back together.

As they packed things, Scott reminisced about Madison's pregnancy. He knew that he hadn't been the father, and they hadn't been a real family; however, he felt as if he'd lost a child. Greenlee called him a good man, but he doubted it after he'd accepted her deal. He couldn't believe how Madison and Sara had changed his life. He said he'd fallen in love with both of them. Suddenly, Scott grabbed his keys and left.

Later, Jane spotted Greenlee at ConFusion. Greenlee was readily defensive when Jane asked if she were alone. Greenlee went off on a tangent about how she should be with Ryan because she knew the pain of losing a baby, and she quipped that she wasn't celebrating as if losing Sara were one less complication in her life. Jane told Greenlee to just fix it, but Greenlee said she didn't know how. Jane offered her advice, if Greenlee sprang for dinner.

Over dinner, Jane ate off Greenlee's plate. A scowling Greenlee said it was a first, so she had apparently gotten desperate. "Or pathetic, maybe," Jane murmured, adding that Greenlee was supposed to "kick butt" to get what she wanted. "Did you just say 'butt?'" Greenlee asked. Jane decided that babbling about the problem over risotto wouldn't help. Greenlee got up and thanked "Erica" for knocking some sense into her.

In the park later, Scott found Ryan and Madison hugging on a bench. Scott said he'd watched the service from the hillside, because he hadn't been able to stay away. "I loved Sara, too," he stated. Madison offered to take Scott to pay his respects to the baby. After they walked away, Greenlee approached Ryan, and he embraced her.

At home, Jackson left more messages for Erica. David arrived to see her, but Jackson tried to slam the door on him. David claimed he'd already seen Erica once, and he needed her to sign something. Jackson snatched the letter and said he'd make sure she never signed it.

When "Erica" arrived home later, Jackson said he'd been worried about where she'd been. He said David had dropped off a letter, but Jackson had handled it. He assured her that David wouldn't bother her ever again.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

At the Slater home, Bianca arrived and presented Kendall with a box and an envelope that had been left at the front door. Kendall mentioned that the envelope contained bids on Zach's casinos, and she mused that she was honoring her husband's wishes by selling the properties. Kendall opened the box and found a Redwings jersey with the name "Torres" on the back, and she realized that Ricky had ordered shirts for Spike and Ian. Spike entered and asked if it was from Ricky.

Spike noted that it wasn't his name on the jersey. Kendall explained to Spike that Ricky would never be his and Ian's father, because Ricky was a very bad man. Bianca flashed back to her struggle with Ricky. Spike ran off to play, and Kendall noticed Bianca's distant gaze. Bianca said her experience with Ricky had been nothing as harrowing as Kendall's. Kendall proclaimed that they were Kane women who would protect the people they loved. Kendall wanted to show the casino bids to Griffin, since the proceeds from the sale would allow him to pay back the hospital for the drugs he'd taken. Kendall murmured that she owed Griffin "so much."

At the Chandler mansion, Marissa left a message for Scott to inquire whether he and Madison needed anything. JR overheard and claimed that he was worried about Scott, too. Marissa was skeptical, but JR pointed out that Scott was a Chandler. She demanded to know what JR really wanted. JR said that Marissa had always done a lot for everyone, like how she had stood by his side when he was sick, and he was willing to try to be the same way. Marissa agreed to give him a chance.

Later, Bianca arrived at the Chandler mansion and looked at a picture of Marissa. JR entered and proclaimed how wonderful Marissa was. JR asked Bianca to convince Marissa to let other people help her. JR conveyed his belief that Marissa was ready to let him back in. JR left, and Marissa greeted Bianca, who reported that JR had said he had been taking care of her. Marissa said she'd set limits and asked how Bianca was doing.

Bianca was embarrassed by her moments of panic, but Marissa reminded her friend that they'd been through a trauma. Bianca admitted that she was still reminded of Michael Cambias. Marissa recounted her own fear when she'd seen Ricky carrying an unconscious Bianca. Bianca felt guilty, but Marissa explained that Bianca had reminded her of how strong she could be. Bianca said that they made a good team, and Marissa joked that it happened because they had been locked in a closet together. Bianca said it was more than that.

Bianca said Marissa had saved her life, but Marissa clarified that they'd saved one another. Marissa thanked Bianca for giving her the push she had needed. Marissa hugged Bianca, but after a moment Bianca looked uncomfortable and pulled away. Bianca urged Marissa to get rest, and Marissa made Bianca promise to call her. Bianca stopped for a moment on her way out, noticeably affected by the embrace.

Scott escorted Madison back to their apartment, where she sadly looked around. He thanked her for allowing him to say goodbye to Sara. She noticed that all the baby things were gone, and Scott said he'd packed them up to make things easier on her. She appreciated his offer to move out, and he stated that he'd do whatever she wanted. She declared that she couldn't stay there.

Scott offered to put everything back in place, but Madison said she couldn't move the memories. He pointed out that some of them were good, but she murmured that the good ones hurt more. Madison looked at the refrigerator, where Sara's sonogram photo had been, and she remembered her late-night cravings. She recalled trying to fathom how they'd fit all the baby furniture in the apartment and how she'd expected it to be crowded, but instead, there was only empty space.

Scott revealed that on the day Sara had been born, he'd secured a nicer apartment in a building Madison liked, and he handed her the key. He said he'd gotten it for her and Sara, and he'd wanted to be part of the package. She recalled the location of the building, near the hospital and the cemetery. Madison stated that she wanted to be near Sara. Scott suggested that she use the place while she figured things out. Madison's cell phone rang, and she answered it to Ryan.

Madison reported to Scott that Ryan had offered to find her a place and to pay the rent, but she'd refused to accept because she had made a habit of not doing things on her own. Scott asserted that his own offer of assistance had no strings attached. She realized Scott's intentions were good, but she turned him down. Scott tried to stop Madison from leaving, but JR interrupted them. Madison rushed off, and Scott angrily questioned why JR was there.

JR said it was obvious that Madison didn't want to be near Scott. JR explained that Marissa had been worried about Scott, and JR in turn was concerned about Marissa, so he'd stopped by on her behalf. Scott suspected that JR wanted to see where things stood between Scott and Madison, because JR was afraid that Scott and Marissa might end up together.

JR insisted that he was sorry for Madison's loss. Scott said he'd cared about the baby as if it had been his own. JR asked what he could do, and Scott yelled that he couldn't stop grieving to teach JR how to be a decent person. JR said Marissa was going through a tough time and dared Scott to admit that he had feelings for Marissa. Scott pounded on the desk and bellowed that the situation had nothing to do with JR. Scott vowed to keep Marissa away from JR.

At the hospital, Cara and Jake made polite conversation, and he regretted the awkwardness between them. She preferred to cover their indiscretion with idle chitchat rather than hurt the people they cared about. She wished Griffin had told her the truth, so she wouldn't have been in the emotional state that had led her to kiss Jake. He accepted his share of responsibility and fretted that he could have ruined his marriage. She said that Tad didn't deserve to be betrayed. Amanda appeared in the doorway.

Amanda blurted that she was surprised to see Cara at the hospital, since Cara had been suspended. Cara explained she was there to see Griffin, and she quickly left to see her brother. Amanda apologized for her reaction to Cara's presence, and she presented Jake with a drawing from Trevor. She called him the best father and husband ever. Amanda expressed regret for her lies and promised to be the wife that Jake deserved. She kissed him, and a guilty look crossed his face.

Tad informed Griffin that the charges for murder and narcotics possession were being dropped. Brot popped in and told Griffin he was free to go, but ordered Griffin to stay in town to answer any additional questions. Griffin thanked Tad, who said he had one more good deed to do, and he departed. Frankie entered and offered to get Griffin a wheelchair, but Griffin insisted on walking out on his own. In the hallway, Griffin ran into a wheelchair-bound Ricky, who offered Griffin advice about Kendall.

Griffin sarcastically offered to break Ricky's leg again. Ricky taunted Griffin by mentioning Ricky's intimate encounters with Kendall. Griffin warned Ricky not to talk about Kendall that way. Ricky swore he loved Kendall, but Griffin berated Ricky for killing Zach. Griffin called Ricky a coward, but Ricky accused Griffin of not having the guts to admit his feelings for Kendall. Ricky said Kendall would never love anyone but Zach.

Ricky snidely asked Griffin to tell Kendall he'd be in touch. Griffin approached Cara and called Ricky a homicidal maniac, and he recalled his promise to keep Kendall safe. Cara wondered about Griffin's feelings for Kendall, but Griffin claimed that Kendall was just a good friend. Griffin said that Zach had been the love of Kendall's life and that Kendall might never be with anyone again. He commented that Kendall's place was at home with her sons. Cara asked where Griffin's place was, and he replied that he needed to be with people who required a good heart surgeon. He declared his intent to leave town as soon as all of the charges against him were dropped. "Even if it means leaving your good friend Kendall behind?" Cara asked incredulously.

Griffin said that there was nothing left for him in Pine Valley. Cara sarcastically reminded him that she was unable to leave town. Griffin was confident that Tad would take care of her, and he thought she was spending a lot of energy worrying about him and Kendall when she should focus on herself. Griffin promised he'd always return to Cara. Later, Cara ran into Kendall, who wanted to show Griffin the casino bids. The women walked together to his room, but he was gone.

Cara reported that the murder charges against Griffin would be dropped, but the fact that he'd stolen antibiotics was still an issue. Kendall lamented that she'd caused Griffin's nightmare, but Cara countered that Kendall was making Griffin's dream become a reality by giving him money to provide care for desperate people. Kendall said she just gave money, but Griffin had passion for his cause. Cara bemoaned that she could never get accustomed to Griffin not being around, even if he was a pain sometimes. Cara hinted that Kendall could keep him in town.

Griffin returned to the abandoned cabin to retrieve his belongings. He smiled when he looked at some candy in a plastic bag. There was a knock at the door, and he was surprised to see Kendall in the doorway. Kendall said that Cara had told her where to find him. He showed her that he'd kept Spike's jelly beans and offered to share them with her. She handed him the bids on the casinos. He reviewed them and was amazed by the generous amounts. She indicated that he'd be able to pay the hospital back, but he insisted that the funds would be deducted from his salary.

Kendall marveled that Griffin was like Zach in that he was willing put himself at risk to help others. Griffin called her words the biggest compliment she could have given him. She found it nice to be in the same room together, rather than communicating via a wire. They agreed that they had both been stubborn. He said neither of them would give in and asked if she wanted the last jelly bean, but she let him have it. He said he'd miss the place, and she said she would, too. Griffin told Kendall that he and Cara had spent a lot of time apart, and he'd learned that he didn't need to be near someone to keep them in his heart.

Tad encountered Mr. Winslow in the hospital chapel. Tad congratulated him on Mackenzie's successful transplant. Tad explained that he had two young daughters and, as a parent, he knew what it was like to worry, but he couldn't imagine what the Winslows had been through. Tad wondered if Mackenzie would want to be a doctor one day, but Mr. Winslow didn't think that was possible. Tad said that, with her leukemia in remission, Mackenzie could do anything, and she might want to be able to help others the way her doctors had helped her.

Tad admitted that he was married to Cara. Mr. Winslow commented that Cara had passionate views about Mackenzie's care. Tad agreed, and he asked whether it would be better to have doctors who thought any less of their patients than the patients' parents did. Mr. Winslow said that given Cara's history and Mackenzie's attachment to her, he'd withdraw his complaint. Tad shook Mr. Winslow's hand and wished him better days. As Mr. Winslow exited, a frazzled Jake entered and blamed his demeanor on the hospital being short-staffed. Tad announced that Mr. Winslow planned to drop the complaint against Cara, and he asked whether Jake was willing to take Cara back.

Jake told Tad that it wasn't his decision to rehire Cara, but Tad argued that Jake's recommendation would mean a lot. Jake speculated that Cara didn't want to return to work at the hospital, but Tad pointed out that she loved being a doctor and that the hospital needed her. Tad noted that Cara did things with her whole heart, but Jake snapped that he knew who Cara was. Tad said she'd single-handedly changed Jake's life, and she was in the process of changing Tad's.

Tad said others considered him a saint for marrying Cara, but he didn't feel that way, because his life was better with Cara in it. Jake asked what Tad wanted to do, and Tad said he wanted to be a part of getting Cara's job back, though he didn't want Cara to know of his involvement.

Later, at Krystal's restaurant, Tad noticed Amanda had picked up a lot of food and inquired if she was eating for two. She became woozy, and he helped her to a table. She admitted that she wasn't pregnant, and he asked why she seemed upset. Tad noted that Jake had appeared burdened, and Amanda explained that Jake didn't want to have another baby, but she did. She confessed that she'd stopped taking her birth control pills and had allowed Jake to think that she might be pregnant. Tad agreed that she was her own worst enemy.

Tad said that since Jake had met Amanda, Jake had maintained that she was a beautiful person and that he was the luckiest guy in the world. Tad assured Amanda that no one could ever take her place in Jake's life, and that the only thing that could cause problems between them was Amanda's insecurity. Amanda wondered what would happen if Tad was wrong.

Cara flashed back to kissing Jake, but Jake interrupted her thoughts by calling her name. Jake told Cara that he had scheduled a board meeting, because Tad had convinced the Winslows to drop the complaint against her. Jake wanted to suggest to the board that she should be reinstated. She pondered the idea that she and Jake would be working together every day, and he inquired whether she'd be okay with that. She said she didn't know, and she asked him the same question.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Jake told Cara that he had no problem working with her, because their jobs were all about the patients. She wasn't sure that having constant contact with Jake was a good idea. Jake pointed out that they'd worked well together before, but she stammered that their recent intimate encounter had changed things. Jake asserted that their kiss had occurred under unique circumstances. Cara blamed herself for returning to town even though she'd known he was married with a family. Jake said he loved Amanda and would protect his marriage, but he thought he and Cara could be friends. Cara requested some time to think about the job opportunity.

Jesse met Tad at Krystal's restaurant, where Tad had summoned him to discuss dropping the charges against Griffin. Jesse said that while Griffin wasn't a murderer, he was guilty of theft. Tad pointed out that Griffin had actually done a good deed and that Griffin had planned to pay the hospital back. Jesse noticed that Tad was a staunch defender of the Castillos, and Tad matter-of-factly stated that Cara was his wife. Jesse looked at Tad skeptically, and Tad scoffed at the idea that Jesse believed that Tad was in love with Cara.

Tad told Jesse that Cara had entered his life at an important time, just after Damon had left town and Tad and Liza's relationship had imploded. Tad said that Cara had helped him to put his feet back on the ground and that it was hard to be down around her. Jesse asked if Tad wanted more, but Tad remarked that his relationship with Cara worked, and he didn't want to ruin it. Tad thought of his marriage as real, because he and Cara cared about one another. Jesse questioned what would happen in three years, and Tad claimed he didn't know and didn't care, because he was happy in the present.

Jesse tracked down Jake at the hospital and requested they chat privately. Jesse requested documentation regarding the pending drug charges against Griffin. Jake sensed there was another reason for Jesse's visit, and Jesse expressed concern that Tad was falling for Cara. Jesse wanted Jake to assure him that Cara wouldn't break Tad's heart.

Jake pointed out that Tad had made his own decision to marry Cara, but Jesse didn't think Tad looked at the marriage as fake anymore. Jake wondered if Tad had confessed to having feelings for Cara, and Jesse admitted that Tad had danced around the issue, but Jesse knew Tad well, and he believed Tad's feelings were genuine. Jake declared that his own relationship with Cara was history and that he didn't want to see Tad or Cara hurt.

Later, Amanda found Jake working at the hospital and announced that she was there to whisk him away, but he said he was swamped beyond belief. She revealed that she'd had his assistant reschedule all of his appointments, and she playfully led him away from his paperwork. Amanda escorted Jake to the park, where she poured them champagne at an elegantly decorated table. She announced that she wanted to celebrate the anniversary of the day he'd first proposed to her. She requested that he recite his proposal again, and he simply but passionately asked her to marry him. He became choked up, and he explained that sometimes he was amazed by the love he felt for her. He knelt next to her, and they kissed.

Kendall and Griffin shared an awkward moment of silence, and she started to leave, but he stopped her to tell her that she amazed him. Griffin marveled that she had refused to back down and had convinced a trained hit man to confess everything. He wanted her to know that he was impressed, and she thanked him. He said he had something for her, but it wasn't a gift. He handed her a briefcase containing the surveillance equipment to return to Tad.

Kendall mused that it would be strange not having Griffin's voice in her ear all the time, because it sounded good when he wasn't yelling. He replied that he'd only yelled to keep her safe. She refused to take all the credit, because she wouldn't be there if it hadn't been for him. Griffin's teen friend arrived to have Griffin inspect his arm injury. Griffin told the teen that in Griffin's absence, the teen and his family could go to the free clinic, where other doctors would take care of them. "Not the way you did," the boy said admiringly.

At Krystal's, Kendall returned the briefcase to Tad. She asked about the charges against Griffin, and Tad informed her that he was working on it. Kendall stated that it would be strange for Griffin to be gone after everything he'd done for the Miranda Center and for her personally. Tad commented that the Castillos had a way of getting under people's skin. Kendall inquired whether it had been difficult for him to remarry after Dixie's death.

Tad said that even though there had been feelings in his marriage to Krystal, it had primarily been a union of convenience. Kendall asked if he had a similar relationship with Cara. He said it had started out that way, but it had become more complicated. Kendall admitted that she was scared of feeling something as powerful as she had felt for Zach, because it would be like betraying her late husband. Tad commended her for making it through her loss. He said that she was beautiful and that she deserved to be happy.

Kendall admitted to Tad that she liked Griffin and that she'd learned to depend on Griffin as both her doctor and her friend. Tad said Cara was similar to her brother in that they were always up for a good fight. Kendall pointed out that the Castillos had a rough family history, and she was impressed by their loyalty. Tad realized that Kendall hoped Griffin would stick around Pine Valley. Kendall asked if Tad wanted Cara to do the same. Tad thought that Cara deserved more than settling down. Kendall asked what Tad would do if Cara were able to leave, and Tad swore he'd do everything he could to convince Cara to stay.

Kendall asked Tad how she could ever move on, when Zach was in her heart and she didn't want to let him go. Tad suggested that she move forward but not forget the past, and he murmured that Dixie would always be one of the better parts of his soul. Kendall couldn't imagine loving someone like she'd loved Zach. Tad said he'd sometimes thought others couldn't love him the same way Dixie had, but he'd realized that it wasn't wrong to give and accept love however you could. Kendall thanked him for being a friend who could relate to her situation.

Griffin arrived to see Cara, and she realized he had spoken with Kendall. He called Cara out on sending Kendall to convince him to stay in town. Cara declared that she loved him, and she thought he could be happy with a life in Pine Valley. She accused him of denying his feelings for Kendall and urged him to take care of himself, since he'd spent his whole life taking care of others. Cara said Griffin was not at all like their father, who hadn't been able to commit. She implored him to let himself love.

Griffin said the timing wasn't right for either himself or for Kendall. Cara wondered if he thought Kendall was incapable of loving again, and he suspected that might be the case. Cara said that at one point, she'd thought she'd never be able to love again after Jake, but she had been wrong. Griffin questioned whether Cara had real feelings for Tad, and she gushed that Tad had been a wonderful husband. Griffin encouraged Cara to go for it. She realized that Griffin was attempting to change the subject, and she again implored him to listen to his heart. His phone rang, and he answered it to Kendall, who asked to see him right away.

Griffin arrived to see Kendall, and she told him that the casino sales would take a bit longer than expected. He suspected that wasn't why she had summoned him. She informed him that she'd spoken with Tad, who had expected the charges to be dropped, but in return Griffin would have to stick around for a while. She said that was a good thing, and Griffin asked why. "Because ... I want you," she blurted.

Tad arrived to see Cara and asked if she wanted good or bad news. She cheerfully asked for the bad news first, and he informed her that one of the two recliners in the "man cave" was broken. They lightheartedly bickered over whether the broken one was his or her chair, and she was victorious when she determined it was his. Tad announced the good news that Liza was working on a deal for Griffin. Cara sighed in relief at the idea that Griffin would get probation and community service, but no jail time. Cara flew into Tad's arms, and he planted a kiss on her.

In a darkened room, Dixie turned over in bed. She flashed back to a fond memory of when she had been stuck in a bathroom, and a young Jamie and JR had rescued her, followed by an affectionate reunion with Tad and the boys. Later, Dixie remembered screaming Tad's name when she was trapped in a raging river.

In the park, Jane reprimanded her henchman for leaving Erica alone. The henchman reported that Erica was fine, but he had a feeling Erica would find out what had really happened. Jane warned her minion to do his job, or "things [would] start coming out." David observed the exchange from behind a tree.

Caleb arrived at the penthouse to see Jackson, who was glad to see him. Caleb noticed Erica's shopping bags and commented that they explained why she hadn't shown up at the office. Jackson was baffled, because Erica had told him earlier that she had been working. "Erica" arrived home and was surprised to see Caleb, who said he had been looking for her. Jackson wondered where she had been, and she apologized that she hadn't been honest.

"Erica" explained that it had taken longer than she had expected to get back into a normal routine. She proclaimed that she felt free because her daughters were safe, and she was in the mood to celebrate. She declared that she wanted to enjoy her life and her money, and she had purchased gifts for everyone. The men looked at her oddly, and she insisted that she wasn't suffering from posttraumatic stress. "Erica" said she was just being happy, and Caleb countered that he just needed his partner. Caleb presented her with contracts that required her signature. She glanced through the paperwork, clearly in over her head.

Caleb asked for "Erica's" opinion, and she said she'd just sign. He was shocked that she had no questions or comments. She signed the documents and handed them back to him, but he said there were many other work-related things to do. Jackson intervened to suggest that she needed time to relax, but Caleb said there were more things to address unless she wanted to turn over everything to Caleb. Jackson chuckled at the idea.

"Erica" instructed Caleb to get a table at ConFusion, so they could share a late working lunch. Caleb left, and "Erica" apologized to Jackson for not checking her messages. He asked if she'd heard anything from David, and when she remained silent, he realized that she was considering signing David's letter of recommendation. She explained that everyone deserved a second chance, but Jackson berated David for causing damage to their family. "Erica" said she knew how to handle David and urged Jackson to trust her. She ignored a call from David.

"Erica" met Caleb at ConFusion, where he wanted to get to work immediately, but she handed him a present. He opened it to find a tie, and she chattered about how it would look wonderful on him at business meetings. He asked if she was flirting, but she said she simply wanted to share her sense of happiness and freedom with everyone. He wanted to be clear about where they stood, and she said they were. He reminded her that they had a press conference soon, but he became irritated when she focused on what she should wear. He got up to leave and told her to join him at work when she felt less like celebrating.

After Caleb departed, "Erica" pulled a flask from her purse and spiked her drink. She sipped it and grinned in enjoyment. David approached and remarked that she had ordered a serious soda. David grabbed "Erica's" drink, and she protested as he took a sip. He commented that she'd fallen off the wagon with a vengeance and inquired about his recommendation letter. David revealed that Jackson had told him that there was no way she would help David. She said David shouldn't be surprised, and he said he wasn't anywhere near as shocked as her family would be when they learned that Kendall had shot him in the back and that "Erica" was drinking again.

A waiter presented "Erica" with a dish, and David said he'd ordered one of her favorites. As "Erica" sampled the meal, she informed him that in good conscience, she couldn't step up to help him. David called Jackson and said he had some information about Erica. "Erica" grabbed the phone from David and dumped it into her drink. David retrieved his wet phone and warned "Erica" that her reprieve was temporary and that she'd be sorry if she messed with him. Suddenly, she clutched her throat and cried that it was swelling. She asked if there had been fennel in the dish she'd eaten and gasped that she was allergic. "Since when?" David asked incredulously.

Struggling for breath, "Erica" staggered up to her Yacht Club room, and David followed her. She refused to go to the hospital, but David said she needed adrenaline or she could die. She pulled some medication out of her purse. He prepared to administer it, but upon glancing at the prescription label, he asked, "Who in the hell is Jane Campbell?"



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