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Clint agreed to give Cutter the Buchanan mansion and lots of money so that Cutter would have Tess committed. The man with Todd's old face was unable to provide the information that Agent Baker looked for. The man remembered that he was Todd. Marty blackmailed Todd to help her hide out. Matthew collapsed and needed brain surgery.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 23, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Todd finally returned home from the hospital with Shaun. Dani was thrilled to see her father and informed him that Téa was at the jail in order to get Tomas released. Dani gave Todd a kiss and advised him that while she was happy to see that he'd made amends with Tomas, Todd was still a "pain in the butt." Shaun was suspicious of Todd's clearing of Tomas in the shooting, and he wondered whether Todd was "mistaken about being mistaken."

Todd stressed that Tomas was innocent, but Shaun wasn't buying it. There was a lot that they didn't know about Tomas, and Shaun mentioned the exceptional martial arts moves that Tomas had used on Shaun in an earlier encounter. Todd wanted Shaun to just forget about it, because Tomas hadn't done anything wrong. "Whatever you say," Shaun replied.

Todd went off to take a shower, and Shaun confronted Dani. He asked who the girl was that Matthew was having sex with. Dani choked on her drink, and advised him that she didn't know. Shaun advised her that Matthew, as well as the rest of the group, were too young, and he was only glad that it wasn't Destiny. He believed that Destiny still "has something for Matthew." Todd returned and ranted that he had seen Tomas' belongings upstairs.

"So much for you and Uncle Tomas getting past your animosity," Dani said dryly. "Yeah, what she said," Shaun added. He couldn't help but noticing that Todd wasn't as "cool" with Tomas as he had claimed. Todd apologized, and he chalked it up to having been in a coma. He reminded the pair that Tomas had tried to get Téa to leave Todd, and Todd had tried to get Tomas deported. Dani noted that her uncle was from New York. In order to release his anger, Todd looked at Shaun and fired him.

Shaun declared that Téa had been the one to hire him, and she was the only person who could fire him. He pointed out that if Todd had cleared Tomas, then the shooter was still around somewhere. Todd insisted that he would be dead if that had been what the shooter had planned, but Shaun could stay on for Dani.

At the jail, Téa informed Tomas that she didn't necessarily believe that he was innocent, however it was her job to defend her clients. Téa confessed that she actually had no idea what to think, especially after Todd had changed his story. Tomas suggested that Todd had wanted to "do the right thing," but Téa chuckled sarcastically. There was no way that Todd would think of doing something like that, she said. Tomas advised her that it was possible that Todd had changed more than Téa might be aware of.

Upstairs in Bo's office, Nora couldn't get over the fact that Clint had confessed to killing Eddie Ford. While he hadn't actually done it, Nora felt that Clint was to blame for so much else leading up to the murder, that it was okay with her if he took the blame. Bo wondered if Matthew would be able to live with Clint's admission of guilt. Nora suggested that Matthew would learn to live with it, but Bo thought that Matthew might want to own up to the crime. Nora gave him a resounding thumbs-down on that idea.

Tomas and Téa walked into Bo's office, and Téa pointed to Todd's new statement that was in Bo's possession. Téa wanted the charges against Tomas to be dropped, she announced. "Like hell," Bo retorted. He reminded Téa that they still had evidence, such as the syringe found in Todd's hospital room with Tomas' fingerprints, and the encrypted CIA file on Tomas. Téa advised him that none of the evidence was related to the shooting charge, and the evidence of the Euro found at the scene was circumstantial.

Reluctantly, Nora had to agree with Téa and agreed to drop the charges. "This case is still open," Bo proclaimed, and if any evidence were discovered in the future, the shooter would be arrested and put behind bars. "I wish you well," Tomas told the commissioner. Bo continued that it was his town, and he didn't like problems there. Tomas stated he felt the same way, because he lived there too. Téa and Tomas left. Nora understood how Téa felt as she represented her own brother. Bo believed that Tomas knew far more than what he was letting on, and Bo hated to let anyone get away with a crime.

As Matthew held ice to his throbbing head, an excited Destiny paid him a visit. With Clint confessing to the crime, Matthew no longer had to confess that he was the killer, and no one would have to know, Destiny exclaimed. She even thought it possible that Eddie had been alive when Matthew had left him, and Clint had been the one to "finish him off," she said. Matthew doubted that scenario, and he added that other people were already aware that Matthew had killed Eddie.

Destiny stressed that Matthew's parents didn't want Matthew in jail, and she knew that Dani would never say anything. Matthew couldn't believe that Dani was aware of the truth, and Destiny had to explain that Dani had been around when Destiny had been talking to Blanca Morales about the story that Blanca had promised to report about Matthew's crime. Suddenly, Matthew grabbed his head; he was in a lot of pain.

Destiny offered to search for something for Matthew to take for the headache, and she returned with some pills and a glass of water. She was certain the pain would go away, because Matthew wouldn't be going to prison. Matthew revealed that he had something to tell her, but Destiny wouldn't give him the chance to talk. She wanted Matthew to be able to tell her anything, because "hooking up" had bonded them. She would keep his secret, because Clint had given Matthew a gift. She warned Matthew not to do anything stupid.

Matthew kept trying to talk, but Destiny rattled on non-stop. Finally, she said goodbye. She was off to locate Dani, to make certain that their friend didn't talk.

Nate arrived home to Deanna, who was eager to give him some news. She'd been watching television and had seen Clint as he confessed to killing Nate's father. Nate informed her that he knew who the real murderer was, because he'd overheard Dani and Destiny talking about it. Matthew was the one who had killed Eddie, and Nate had even confronted Matthew, who had admitted the wrongdoing. Nate couldn't believe that Matthew's uncle was taking the blame for it.

Nate added that he'd "decked" Matthew, though Deanna was confused as to why Matthew would want to kill Eddie. Nate enlightened Deanna about the "bad stuff" that Matthew believed Eddie had done to Nora, though Deanna reminded him that Eddie had done awful things to Deanna also. Nate admitted that his father had been "scum," but Nate had been arrested for Eddie's murder, and Matthew had never said anything.

After Nate had been let go, Nate continued, Nate's mother had been arrested, and still, Matthew had stood by silently. He wanted Matthew to pay, and he wanted to turn Matthew in. Nate needed to talk to Dani.

At the Buchanan mansion, Aubrey told Joey that she wanted to "come clean." "Come clean about what?" Joey asked his wife. Aubrey began to tell him that the police still hadn't located Wes, but she stopped herself. That wasn't really what she'd wanted to say, Aubrey admitted. She loved Joey, she started, but Joey interrupted her. Aubrey had humiliated him from the time they'd first met, and she was a "lying, scheming, gold-digging bitch," he shouted.

Joey knew all about the fact that Cutter and Aubrey had been searching for an "easy mark," and he had "taken the bait." He was aware that the couple had switched the video. Aubrey kept trying to interrupt in order to explain, but Joey wanted no part of her explanation. He asked if he had the story incorrect, but Aubrey admitted it was all true. That's what she had wanted to discuss. "How convenient," Joey said sarcastically.

Aubrey began to sob, and she told him that things had been different, and their time together had meant a lot to her. It had changed her, she swore. "You made a fool out of me," Joey accused. He had fallen in love with Aubrey and had married her, while she had continued to sleep with Cutter. Clint had been aware of everything, and Joey had treated Kelly poorly when she'd tried to tell Joey the truth, Joey continued to shout. After all of that, Cutter had married Tess, because he and Aubrey still had to find a way to get to the Buchanan money, Joey added.

Aubrey denied the charge and insisted that Cutter had been trying to get back at Aubrey, because she loved Joey, and Joey loved Aubrey. Joey clarified that he had loved Aubrey when he thought he had known who she was. Aubrey begged him to believe that she didn't want anything from him as she had in the past, and she really loved him. "Don't touch me," Joey yelled as Aubrey tried to hug him.

Joey ordered Aubrey to leave the house. He planned on filing for divorce on the grounds of adultery and fraud, and he planned on begging Kelly to take him back. He removed his wedding band.

John stopped to see Kelly at the hospital, and he was thrilled to see that she was doing well. He refused to accept her thanks for saving her, and he revealed that the police were still looking for Marty. He wanted Kelly's help, and he wondered if there were anything that Kelly might remember about her stabbing. Kelly noted that Marty had already been at John's place when she'd arrived. Marty had made it known that John belonged to her, and she had proclaimed that she knew more about John than anyone else. Marty had been "clearly unbalanced," Kelly noted, and she'd been afraid that Marty would go after Natalie.

Kelly noticed the strange look on John's face, and he was forced to tell her what had happened to Natalie. He concluded with the fact that Marty had kidnapped Liam. Kelly was sure that nothing would happen to Liam, but she also noticed that John still cared about the little boy. John made it clear that he was a cop, but Kelly thought it was more personal than that. John maintained that it was personal due to the fact that both women in his life had been attacked, and the baby had been taken from his apartment.

Kelly revealed that Joey had visited with her, and he had apologized about Aubrey while never leaving Kelly's side. John was happy to hear it. Kelly contended that John had "seen things clearly, too," since the entire incident with Marty had occurred. Kelly thought that she and John could be honest with each other, because they'd had their relationship together.

Kelly thought that she and John had turned to each other when she'd had issues with Joey, and John had his falling out with Natalie. Kelly believed that each of them had never gotten over the others. John presumed that Kelly and Joey would be getting back together. Kelly wasn't certain, and she reminded John that Joey was still married. John reiterated that he just wanted Kelly to be happy.

Kelly believed that all of the people praying for her had saved her. "Love and good will make miracles," she said. She hoped that Liam would be returned to John. "I hope you find what you're looking for, John," Kelly said as John prepared to leave. "You too," John replied.

The man who looked like Todd Manning, pre-plastic surgery, advised Agent Baker that he had forgotten anything that he'd known after being unconscious for eight years. "You took it. We know that. We need it back," Baker replied. The old Todd look-alike insisted that he had no clue as to what Baker was talking about, but the agent was persistent. He wondered if the man had given it to John McBain, and he wondered if that were the reason that the detective had been asking about the encrypted file.

The man with the scar maintained that he knew nothing about a file, and he hadn't given anything to anyone. Agent Baker held up a photograph of Tomas. "Is it him?" Baker asked. The man repeated that he didn't give "it" to the man in the photo, and he didn't know what "it" was. He grew angry. Agent Baker declared that in that case, there was no reason for the man to remain alive.

Téa returned home with Tomas. She announced that the charges against Tomas had been dropped, due to Todd's change in story. The guys greeted each other like old buddies. Dani left to find Nate. "Give me a break," Téa griped. "What the hell is going on?" she asked. Todd claimed that he and Tomas were being civil, but Téa maintained that she was being "played like a fool." She ordered Tomas to move out. She would help him pack. She didn't want to see his friendship with Todd turn to hatred.

Téa received a phone call and excused herself. She returned shortly and announced that she had to see Clint. She said goodbye to Tomas and welcomed Todd home with a kiss. After Téa was gone, Tomas turned to Todd. He ordered Todd to convince Téa to allow Tomas to stay. Todd knew why, Tomas said threateningly. Furthermore, he wanted Todd to be a "gracious host." Todd pulled out a gun and pointed it at Tomas. "Or I could just kill you," Todd said coolly.

Joey began to pack some things up, but Aubrey had some news for him. They couldn't split up or it would affect Ryder. The baby would be turned over to foster care if they didn't show the happy marriage that they'd claimed they'd had in court. Joey accused Aubrey of threatening him, but Aubrey declared that she wanted another chance. Joey announced that he had changed the codes for all of his accounts, but Aubrey insisted that she didn't want to stay with him for the money. She wanted to prove that she loved him, and she wanted him to give her a chance for Ryder.

Dani and Destiny ran into each other outside of Nate's apartment. Dani announced that she was able to keep secrets and hadn't told anyone about Matthew. Destiny revealed that Clint had confessed to the crime. Dani was confused about what she should do, but Destiny implored her friend to keep her mouth shut, because lives would be ruined.

Nate emerged from his apartment and found Destiny and Dani standing there. He invited the girls in, and Deanna introduced herself to Destiny. "I know who you are," Destiny said as she ignored Deanna's outstretched hand. Nate announced that Clint had confessed to shooting Eddie, and Dani revealed that Destiny had given her the news. "I guess that's it. Clint killed your dad," Dani advised her boyfriend. "Yeah, I guess so," Nate said gruffly as he turned to look at Deanna.

Bo and Nora returned home. Matthew advised them that he had heard about Clint. Bo declared that Clint loved Matthew, and he didn't want to see his nephew's life ruined. Matthew didn't want his uncle to be in jail for life. Bo revealed that Clint was dying and wanted to make amends. Matthew was insistent. Clint hadn't killed Eddie, and he wouldn't allow his uncle to take the heat for it. Besides, someone else knew about it, Matthew added. He grabbed his head and fell to the floor.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Matthew tried to convince his parents to allow him to surrender for the murder of Eddie Ford, but Bo and Nora argued with him. Before Matthew could plead his case, he suddenly fell to the floor, losing consciousness. Unable to awaken him, Bo gently picked his son up to take him to the hospital, unwilling to wait for an ambulance to arrive.

At Capricorn, Blair practiced singing the theme song from One Life to Live, but she stopped short. "This is too sad," she declared. Starr arrived to chat with her mom about Todd's changed story regarding Tomas. Blair admitted that she was confused, and Starr thought it was all weird. Blair still felt that something "wasn't quite right" with Tomas.

At Todd's house, Tomas ordered Todd to allow him to stay with the Mannings, but Todd pulled a gun and threatened to shoot Tomas instead. Tomas reminded Todd of their understanding, but Todd felt that if he shot Tomas, their secret would be safe. Tomas assured Todd that Todd's own life would be destroyed, because Tomas' backup plan would go into effect. Everything he knew would go to Téa, Tomas added. "You know what will happen," Tomas threatened.

Todd felt fairly certain that Tomas had no plan, but Tomas handed him a CD. As the men conversed, someone was watching them through the window. Todd slipped the disc into his laptop and looked over the file. He agreed that they could both be hurt. Tomas stressed that the information should remain hidden.

At the hospital, Ford encountered one of the nurses when he was dressed in his hotdog costume to entertain the children. Emma thought that Ford was great with the kids, but she noted that most people who helped out with the children had suffered through the loss of a child. Ford admitted that while he had lost his son, it had been through a custody battle. Emma wanted to buy Ford a drink to thank him for his help with the children, and the couple agreed to meet up at Capricorn.

Viki visited with Clint in his hospital room and advised him that there was still no word on Marty and Liam. She had seen Clint on television as he had confessed to several transgressions. She was aware that several of the declarations of guilt that he had made were true, but she couldn't believe that he had confessed to killing Eddie Ford. She didn't believe that Clint was capable of murder. "Well think again," Clint replied. Viki demanded that Clint look her in the eye, and tell her it was true. "Did you kill Eddie Ford?" Viki asked.

Just then, Téa walked into the room. Viki mentioned the complaint against Tomas that Todd had dropped, and Téa acknowledged that she was glad that her brother was free. Téa wondered why Clint had called her, as he had already confessed his guilt to all of his misdeeds. Clint agreed that he had taken responsibility for all of them, but he wanted Téa to save Jessica, whose husband wanted money from Clint.

Clint was hopeful that Cutter and Jessica were not legally wed, and he wanted Téa to check out the documents that Cutter had given him. Viki was hopeful that the marriage wasn't legal, so that she and Clint would be able to have Jessica committed for some help. Téa left with the documents. Viki was aware that Clint wanted to see that Jessica was all right. Clint agreed that he needed to know that before he died. He had to make things up to his daughter.

A doctor looked Matt over in the emergency ward and announced that she would have to run some tests. She did notice that there was a bump on the back of Matthew's head. Later, after the various tests had been completed, Matthew awakened. He didn't remember hitting his head when his mother asked him about it. Instead, he apologized for riding in the car with Cole and hurting his legs. He cried that he wanted to walk again. His speech was slurred.

Bo ran to get the doctor, as Nora reassured her son. The doctor arrived and revealed that Matthew's symptoms were indicative of a serious brain injury, and he had suffered a head trauma within the past day or two. Bo asked whether Matthew would be okay. The doctor explained that it was a "grave" situation, and they couldn't waste any time. Matthew needed surgery.

As Brody dragged Tess into the police station in cuffs, Tess complained loudly that she hadn't been given time to fix her makeup. She insisted that she had no idea where Marty might have taken Liam. Cutter arrived with Tess's makeup and change of clothes, and he ordered Brody to get away from Tess. Cutter announced that he had called his attorney, and he assured Tess that he had "big plans" for the two of them. The lawyer arrived and advised Brody to release Tess, as the real witness, Wes, had disappeared.

Brody argued that he was able to hold a potential witness for 48 hours, and he threatened to lock up Cutter as well. Tess pleaded that she would do anything to avoid spending time in prison, and Brody suggested that Tess allow Wes to emerge. Brody was positive that he could get through to Wes, because they were old friends. He promised to release Tess if she agreed to it. Cutter tried to dissuade Tess from going along with Brody's proposal, and he promised Tess that he would take her away once they got some money.

Tess didn't like the idea of Cutter telling her what to do, so she agreed to help Brody out, rather than run the risk of sitting in a jail cell. As Brody unlocked the handcuffs, he begged Wes to show up. All of the men were taken by surprise when Bess put in an appearance instead. Brody again asked for Wes to show up, but Bess explained that Wes was being faithful to Marty. She only knew one thing about the kidnapping, and that was Todd Manning, Bess said.

Cutter asked for his wife to reappear, and Brody pleaded that Jessica be the one to show up. Bess advised Brody that Jessica was still too upset with Brody, and she wouldn't be able to return. "Let Jessica be happy again," Brody begged. He thought that Jessica's kids deserved it. Cutter was ecstatic when Tess reappeared. The lawyer reminded Brody to release Tess. Brody vowed to get Jessica back.

Cutter advised Tess that he had her makeup, and he wanted Tess to get ready while he went off to "seal the deal" to get their money. He suggested that she meet him at Capricorn. Tess reminded him that she wanted to say goodbye to Llanview after that. Cutter added that she could also say goodbye to everyone who might be able to take them down, including Ford. Tess looked thoughtful after Cutter left.

At the undisclosed location, Agent Baker advised the Todd look-alike that there was no sense in keeping him alive if he was unwilling to give the agent the information the agent was looking for. He had a large hypodermic needle, and if he gave the man a shot, the man would be dead within 30 seconds, Baker proclaimed. "Go ahead. Kill me," the man said. The man reminded Baker that there would be no information at all if Baker went ahead with his threat.

"You know where it is," Baker replied. "Maybe I do," the man retorted. He wanted assurance that nothing would happen to him if he told the truth. He wanted the agent's promise that he wouldn't be killed. Baker agreed, but the man chuckled. He wasn't convinced. "Fine, don't tell me. Your funeral," Baker growled. The man was doubtful that the agent would kill him, if there might be some information that the man had.

Baker explained that the man's chair was wired to a switch outside the door. There was a high amount of voltage that would hit the man, and the man would beg to be killed. "It's your choice. Where is it?" Baker asked again. As he was met with silence, Baker walked outside and hit the switch. Back inside of the room, the man began to scream.

Starr reminded Blair of the time Starr first met James, and how things weren't right with him either. Granted, things still weren't right, Starr admitted, but she was thrilled to be with James. She wanted her mother to be happy, and she wondered if Blair would try again with Tomas. Blair looked over at Ford when he arrived and decided Ford missed Tess.

Getting back to her conversation with Starr, Blair admitted that she didn't want another situation like she'd had with Eli. Starr was certain that her mother had learned something from that experience and wouldn't make the same mistakes. She thought that Blair had been "practically glowing" when she'd been waiting for Tomas on their first date.

Ford met Emma at Capricorn, and the two settled down at a table. Ford told her about the sad state of his marriage, and Emma advised him that he wasn't doing a good job of selling himself to her. Ford agreed that he had never treated women properly in the past, but he had been trying to change. Emma realized that Ford didn't remember meeting her at another time, and Ford was astonished to learn they'd met.

Emma had been on duty when Ford was a patient, and he'd hit on her when she'd given him a sponge bath, she recalled. She agreed that Ford seemed like a different man from the one he had been at that time, and Ford admitted that a lot had happened since then. He confessed that he hadn't been with a woman in a very long time, and that was when his son had been conceived. Emma wondered if he cared about the woman.

Téa returned to the hospital with the documents a short time later. They were legal, and Clint was upset. He had wanted Jessica to live "happily ever after" with Brody, and Clint had only made things worse. Téa suggested that Clint hire her for his own case, and she'd see to it that he received a lighter sentence, so he wouldn't have to spend the rest of his life in prison. Clint promised to think about it. Téa wanted to get home to see what Todd and Tomas were up to.

Again, Viki asked Clint if he had killed Eddie Ford. Clint wondered why he would have said such a thing, if he hadn't done it. Viki advised him that wasn't an answer. He didn't understand why Viki wouldn't just believe him. He had wanted to prevent Eddie from blackmailing him and from talking about what Clint had done to hire Eddie. Just then, Cutter arrived with a big grin on his face. He was willing to put Tess into St. Ann's as soon as they agreed on the money.

Téa arrived home and found Todd holding his gun on Tomas. She demanded that they tell her what was going on, because it was obvious that they were up to something. Todd claimed that he had been showing Tomas something. He had decided that Tomas should stay and live with them, in order to provide extra security with the shooter still lurking around. Téa wasn't buying it, and she advised them that she wanted the truth. Tomas announced that he was going out.

Téa ordered her husband to tell her the truth, but they were interrupted when someone knocked at the door. It was Brody, and he had a new suspect in Liam's kidnapping. It was Todd.

Ford preferred not to talk about his past any longer, and Emma agreed that he had paid his dues. Ford missed his son, and he wished that his old self was there enjoying the drink with Emma.

Blair looked over at Ford again and remarked that it looked as though he was "back in the game." Starr received a phone call from James, and Starr decided to leave to see him.

Tess walked into Capricorn just as Emma leaned over to kiss Ford. Tomas arrived, and he and Blair shared tentative smiles.

Bo advised his son that he needed to have an operation. Matthew declared that he only wanted to walk again. Shortly after, Matthew was wheeled to surgery. He promised he'd be okay, and Nora told him how much they loved him. "I'll see you on the other side," Matthew declared. Bo and Nora consoled each other sorrowfully.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brody demanded to know where his son was, and got in Todd's face. Téa told Brody to calm down, and wondered why he was questioning Todd. Brody informed the two about the emergences of Wes and Bess. Brody reminded Todd and Téa that Todd had hidden Marty at his house before. Through all of Todd's smart comments, Téa promised Brody that Marty hadn't called or been around the house. Téa suggested that Marty had been trying to throw the police off of her trail, because Marty had probably seen the news reports about herself.

Brody suggested that if Marty wasn't there, the Mannings wouldn't mind Brody searching the house. Téa wondered if he had a warrant. As Todd argued with Brody, Brody put a handcuff on one of Todd's wrists for interfering. Téa began to argue with Brody as well, so Brody cuffed both Todd and Téa to the railing of the stairs. Brody went up the stairs and crashed around through the rooms. Todd yelled that Brody would pay if he broke anything.

Todd wanted to press charges against Brody and the department. However, Téa blamed herself and Todd for not treating Brody with compassion. Todd didn't like the idea of Brody going through their things, but Téa was sure that Brody wouldn't find anything. Seeing the look on Todd's face, she wanted to make sure that Brody wouldn't find anything. Todd claimed that he just didn't like thinking of Brody going through Téa's underwear. Téa still believed that Todd was hiding something.

Brody returned downstairs empty-handed. Todd sarcastically asked Brody where Marty and Liam were, and if Brody had checked the dungeon. "As your lawyer," Téa said, "shut-up, Todd." Brody took the handcuffs off the couple, and apologized to Téa. In turn, she apologized for not being more compassionate. Brody admitted that he was surprised not to find Marty or Liam, because Bess was usually truthful. He was disappointed because he had no more leads. Téa promised to let Brody know if Marty contacted them, and Brody left.

A short while later, Téa received a phone call. She was needed at Statesville. Todd offered to drive her, but Téa declined. He told her to be careful, and promised to call her if Brody returned. Téa left, and Todd stood in the doorway. A minute later, Marty walked up to Todd's front door.

Brody arrived at the police station. Another officer asked how Brody had made out at Todd's. Brody informed the officer that he hadn't found any sign of Marty or Liam. He continued that Todd claimed to not know anything about their whereabouts. The officer wondered if Brody believed Todd.

Blair saw Tomas across the room at Capricorn, and walked over to him. She was happy that the charges against him had been dropped, and asked if he wanted a table. He related that he wasn't there for food or drinks. Blair replied that she had to work because one of her bartenders had called in sick. Tomas continued that he wanted a life with her, and thought that she wanted the same thing.

Tomas wondered what would have happened if Blair hadn't gotten the call about Todd during their date. She replied that she had gotten the call, which had caused everything to change. As Tomas talked about why they were attracted to each other, Blair interrupted him. "Shut-up and kiss me before I change my mind," she said, and the two shared a kiss.

Blair wanted Tomas all to herself, so she proposed they leave Capricorn. Tomas suggested going to Blair's, but Blair didn't want all of Dorian's questions. They couldn't go to Tomas' because he was still living with Todd and Téa. Blair wondered how that living arrangement would work out. Tomas said he was only there at least until Todd's shooter was caught. Tomas pulled Blair out of Capricorn and said that they'd figure out somewhere to go.

Starr walked through the hall in front of James's apartment to find luminaries in the shape of an "S" on the floor. James walked out of his apartment and told Starr that she was early. She offered to return later, but he led her into the apartment anyway. Starr was stunned to walk through the apartment to see food on the table, posters hanging, and Italian music playing. James reasoned that "I wanted to take you to Rome."

James told Starr that Ford was gone for the night, so it was just them. She wondered what the occasion was. He told her that it was the anniversary of the very first time they'd met. They reminisced about the day they'd met in the park. James told her that before they had met, he hadn't trusted anyone, and he hadn't had anyone at all. Meeting Starr, and her family and friends, had made him feel that he was a part of something. He said that she had changed his life.

James had to get dressed, so he turned to go to his room. Starr stopped him, and assured him that he had changed her life as well. They shared a kiss, and James left to get dressed. A short while later, the two finished their Italian dinner. After James offered her gelato and a cappuccino, Starr said that he was making her feel bad. He told her that she needed to let someone do something for her for once. She was used to worrying about everyone else.

Starr wanted to do something for James. She told him that the evening had been perfect, and reminded him that they were alone. Looking uncomfortable, James asked if she wanted to go for a walk. He walked her in front of one of the posters, and told her that it was the Spanish Steps. They slow-danced to the music. She told him that things were perfect, and kissed him. However, he pulled away and said that things weren't perfect.

A short while later, James rang the bell at the front desk of the Palace. He asked the clerk for a room. Starr told him that they could have stayed at James's place. James reasoned that, with their track record, something major would have happened, like a pipe bursting. Starr continued that the Palace was expensive. James revealed that Starr wasn't the only one with "connections."

James told Starr that he had worked on the owner's car, so she had given James a discount. "You mean Renee?" Starr asked. James felt strange knowing that Starr knew the owner, and suggested they go to Cherryvale. Starr confessed that she knew people there as well. Starr reasoned that it was late, so they probably wouldn't run into anyone they knew. If they did, Starr said that they had nothing to be ashamed of. Satisfied, James took the room key from the front desk, and the two walked away. Before they could get very far, they were shocked to run into Blair and Tomas.

Cutter walked into Clint's hospital room. Clint asked if Cutter was ready to have Tess committed. Viki was horrified when Cutter asked how much money he would get if he did. Cutter told Viki that some people had to work for their money. Viki wondered what kind of work Cutter did, but he only said that he was willing to "work things out" about Tess.

Clint wondered what would happen if he refused to give Cutter money for Tess. Cutter warned that she would probably make "a whole army" of new alters. Cutter informed Clint and Viki that Tess thought Cutter was taking her away from Llanview. She had no idea that Cutter was meeting with Clint. He related that it would be Clint's only chance to get his daughter back from Cutter.

Clint handed Cutter a piece of paper, and told Cutter it was his offer. Clint assured Cutter that the money would be transferred to Cutter's account as soon as Tess was committed. Cutter was satisfied, but wanted one more thing. Viki and Clint were shocked that Cutter wanted Clint's house. Cutter reasoned that he needed a place to live. Viki thought that whatever Clint had offered would be enough for Cutter to buy any house in the county.

Viki said that the house wasn't on the market. She told Clint that it had been Asa's home, so it was Clint's home. "Don't let this leech bleed you dry," she continued. Cutter thought that Clint wasn't agreeing to Cutter's terms. "You bet!" Viki exclaimed. Clint told Viki to stop. Cutter reminded Clint that, if Clint kept his house, Cutter would keep Tess.

Ford kissed Emma as Tess walked into Capricorn. Emma remarked on Ford's "technique," as Tess made a disgusted sound. Tess thought back to the time when Ford had kissed her the same way he had kissed Emma. She hit the table he was sitting at, and he told her that he was busy. He told Tess to leave, because he was on a date. Tess reminded Ford how disgusting she thought he was, and she warned Emma about Ford as well. Emma was surprised that Tess would keep talking about the past, and suggested that Tess was jealous.

Tess stated that she had "traded up" from Ford. Tess and Ford began to argue about Ryder, and the money. Ford yelled that Cutter was just using Tess. "You do care?" Tess asked. As he explained that she was the mother of his son, he noticed that Emma was gone. Cutter entered, and Tess told Ford that she and Cutter were going to celebrate in style. She turned around to find Viki.

Tess hoped to never see Viki again. Viki related that, the sooner Tess was gone, the happier Viki would be. Ford didn't want Viki to let Tess go, but Viki reassured Ford when two men from St. Anne's walked into Capricorn. Tess laughed at Viki, and asked Cutter to tell Viki that she didn't have the right to commit Tess. Cutter admitted that Tess was going to go with the men. Cutter asked Viki for the paperwork, and signed it.

The two men grabbed Tess, and she screamed for them to let her go. Viki warned her to stop struggling, or she would be sedated. Tess was stunned to learn that the whole thing had been Cutter's idea. Viki called Clint to let him know what was happening. Clint, with a computer on his lap, said to tell Cutter to check his e-mail. Cutter got a message on his phone that said "Wire Transfer Complete."

Cutter was happy to be a millionaire. He asked Viki for the other part of the deal. Viki handed the deed to Clint's house to Cutter. "Pleasure doing business with you," Cutter said smugly. Suddenly, Tess stomped on the feet of the men holding her and hugged Ford. In his ear, she told him that, if he didn't help her, she would make sure that Ford never saw Ryder again.

The men picked Tess up and carried her out, as she screamed for help. "Next round's on me!" Cutter yelled, as a sympathetic Ford observed a crying Viki.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

At Statesville, Vimal hope that Téa could help him get out of prison in light of Clint's confession. Téa informed Vimal that it wouldn't be that easy. She would have to make a case for coercion. Vimal said that he had to get out, especially since Rama was pregnant. Téa was surprised to learn of Rama's pregnancy. Vimal continued that the baby had been the only thing that had helped Rama convince Vimal to plead guilty. Rama had thought that pleading guilty would put the Patels on Clint's generous side.

Téa was also surprised to learn that Rama had been the once to convince Vimal to plead guilty. Vimal related that Rama was very persuasive, and that he understood that it was for the sake of providing for the baby. Vimal wondered if Clint would really repay Vimal for taking the blame. Téa thought that Clint was difficult to figure out. She promised to try to help Vimal get out of prison, and left.

At the diner, Cristian offered Rama a refill on coffee, which she accepted. She related that she didn't normally drink coffee at night, but she couldn't sleep anyway, with Vimal in prison. Cristian thought it was good news that Clint had confessed to changing the DNA tests. He suggested that maybe Vimal had served enough time, so he would be let out. Looking melancholy, Rama hoped Cristian was right. Cristian wondered why she didn't look happy. She confessed that, even if Vimal got released from prison, she still had another problem.

Cristian was surprised to learn that Rama still hadn't told Vimal that she wasn't really pregnant. He urged her to do so. Cristian believed that Vimal would be so happy to be out of prison, he wouldn't be angry at Rama for lying. He continued that Vimal was lucky, because not every guy had a woman like Rama to go home to. Cristian thought that Rama would feel better once she talked to Vimal, so he advised her to go to Statesville.

A short while later, Téa sat in the diner, reviewing Vimal's file. Cristian walked over to Téa and noticed whose file she was looking at. He related that Rama had been at the diner, wondering if Clint's confession would set Vimal free. Téa revealed that she was hoping to have the case reopened, because she'd hate to see Vimal behind bars while his wife was pregnant. Noticing Cristian's strange reaction to the statement, a suspicious Téa asked what was wrong. Cristian stated that it was between Rama and Vimal.

Vimal was thrilled to see Rama at Statesville. He told his wife that Téa was going to do everything she could to get Vimal out of prison. He carried on that it was torture to be in prison while he should be with his pregnant wife. Suddenly, Rama interrupted Vimal. She motioned for him to sit down, so he did. "I have something to tell you," she confessed.

Brody was instructing a fellow officer on how to question witnesses in the Marty case, when John entered. John told Brody that Clint's million-dollar offer had "every crackpot in town" calling. Brody updated John on Brody's trip to Todd's house. John related that, if Bess had been telling the truth, it wouldn't be the first time that Todd had hidden Marty in his house.

Brody wondered why Todd would want to help Marty, because Todd and Marty couldn't stand each other. John wanted to "have a conversation" with Todd. Brody had to see Natalie, but he didn't know how to tell her that he hadn't yet found Liam. John was confident that they would find Liam, but until then, he knew that Natalie was strong enough to deal with it.

Brody knew that it wasn't easy for John to look for Liam. Brody couldn't believe that he'd blamed Liam's kidnapping on John. John understood, and brushed it off. Brody appreciated all of John's hard work. John claimed that he was only doing his job, just like Brody was.

Todd stood in his doorway as Marty walked up to him. He informed her that the cops had just been there looking for her. He wondered what she wanted. She walked away to get Liam, and said that she was looking for Todd's hospitality. Todd suggested that Marty get a cell at Statesville instead. He called her crazy, and went into his house. Marty followed him in.

Todd picked up the phone, but Marty stated that he wasn't going to turn her in. She pulled out her gun, and Todd put the phone down. Todd dared Marty to shoot him, because it was what she'd always wanted to do. He reminded her that he'd recently survived a gunshot. He also said it would be "unsportsmanlike" to shoot him from such a close range. She gripped the gun tighter, but refused to shoot him. She claimed to have "better ways" than violence to keep him from calling the cops.

Marty said that, if Todd called the police, she would reveal to everyone what she knew about Todd and Tomas. He suggested that she get better information if she intended to blackmail him. Marty confessed that she'd been staying in Todd's pool house. She had seen Todd and Tomas arguing about the disc earlier. She wondered how important the disc was to Todd. Todd immediately went to his computer to get the disc, but it wasn't there.

Todd demanded that Marty give him the disc, but she promised that it was somewhere safe. There was a pounding on the door, and John called out for Todd to open the door. As Marty hid in the living room with a sleeping Liam, Todd opened the door. John claimed to be there on behalf of the police department to apologize to Todd for Brody's conduct . Todd knew that John was only there to check up on Todd. Todd said that he'd been harassed enough that day, so he would sue the department if the police didn't "back off."

Todd closed the door on John, and returned to Marty. Marty urged Todd to keep quiet, or everyone would know his secrets. She said that Todd would wish he was dead, and she left for the pool house.

Roxy entered Natalie's hospital room, saying that she'd taken the first available flight back to Llanview. Roxy hugged Natalie, and told her about the "hot streak" Roxy had been having in Las Vegas. Natalie related that Rex shouldn't have called Roxy. Roxy cried that she would rather be with Natalie in the hospital. Roxy stated that Marty was crazy, but wouldn't have Liam for long. Roxy confided that she knew how to find out where Liam was.

To Natalie's surprise, Madame Delphina entered. Natalie said she needed law enforcement, not a psychic. She related that John and Brody were on the case. Roxy thought that the men could use help. Natalie asked Delphina if she could find Liam. Delphina promised to try, and asked for something that belonged to Liam. Natalie handed Liam's sock to Delphina. Delphina smelled the sock, and said, "Uh-oh."

Madame Delphina saw that Liam was all right, but that there was a gun in the same room as Liam. Natalie wondered where Liam was, and who he was with. Delphina couldn't see where Liam was, but saw that he was with a woman who had "static coming out of her head." She continued that there was another person, but the person was "wearing a mask."

Madame Delphina could see that Liam's father was doing all he could to find the baby. The father wouldn't give up easily, but the search wasn't easy on him. Roxy related that Brody loved his son. Confused at the mention of Brody, Delphina said there was something "screwy," but she couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Madame Delphina assured Natalie that Liam hadn't been hurt. Roxy chimed in that Marty had hurt Natalie, but Natalie didn't remember it. Natalie wondered if Delphina could help her remember. Delphina placed her hands on the sides on Natalie's head. She saw Natalie and Marty arguing about the baby, and something to do with the baby's father.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, and Brody entered. Natalie urgently asked if he had found Liam, but Brody told her not to lose hope. Madame Delphina introduced herself, and wondered why Brody was there. She maintained that Liam's father should be there. Brody replied that Delphina needed a "tune-up" if she couldn't see that he was Liam's father. Natalie let Brody know about Delphina's visions regarding Liam's safety.

Natalie asked if Madame Delphina could continue helping her remember what had happened with Marty. However, Delphina said that Brody's entrance had thrown her off. Brody called her a fake. "If you know so much," Delphina started, "why were you kissing your fiancée's sister?" Roxy laughed, but was surprised to learn the truth from Natalie and Brody's solemn expressions.

Realizing that Madame Delphina might not be a fake, Brody asked if she saw Todd anywhere near Liam. Roxy handed Delphina a copy of Todd's newspaper, despite Natalie's confusion. Madame Delphina didn't see Todd anywhere near Liam. Natalie thanked Delphina, and Delphina left the room. Roxy followed her out. Natalie told Brody that Madame Delphina had given her hope. She asked Brody why he had mentioned Todd. Brody admitted that Todd could be involved with Marty.

Outside the room, Roxy thanked Madame Delphina. Delphina told Roxy to let her know what happened with Liam, and walked away.

James took the room key from the desk, and walked away with Starr. The couple ran into Blair and Tomas. "What are you doing here?" Blair and Starr cried in unison. As James put the room key in his pocket, Starr stammered that they were going to eat since James had gotten a discount for working on Renee's car. Blair said that she and Tomas were there for the same thing, and the two couples went their separate ways. "So much for alone time," James said glumly.

A short while later, the waiter delivered an appetizer to James and Starr's table. Both agreed that they weren't hungry after eating a big dinner. James suggested that they make a break for it to the elevator, but Starr thought it would be awkward with Blair sitting a table away. James joked that Starr had a daughter, so Blair already knew that Starr wasn't a virgin. Starr wanted to wait to get up from the table until Blair and Tomas finished their drinks and left. James agreed, and kissed his girlfriend.

Blair told Tomas that they only needed to have one drink. Tomas wondered if Starr liked him. Blair admitted that Starr had basically told her to "go for it" with Tomas. He wanted to go upstairs, but Blair told him that they needed to wait until the kids finished their food. A short while later, Blair wondered if Starr and James were glued to their chairs. Tomas had a plan. He suggested that he would pretend to leave, but really go to the desk to get them a room. He would text Blair the room number, so Blair could meet him in the room.

A short while later, James and Starr wondered why Blair and Tomas were still at their table. James brainstormed that he would pretend to leave, but really get on the elevator. He said that she could meet him in room 601. Starr liked the idea, so James left.

Seeing James get up and leave, Blair and Tomas got up from their table, and kissed goodnight. Tomas left, and Starr walked over to her mother. Starr lied that James had gone to get the car. Blair lied that Tomas had to go home. Starr said goodnight, and walked away. When Blair was distracted looking at Tomas' text with the room number 431, Starr ran past Blair, toward the elevators.

Starr got in the elevator, and was shocked to see Tomas. She wondered what he was doing there, because Blair had said that Tomas had needed to go home. Both related that they knew why the other was there. Starr told Tomas that her mother had been through a lot, so she hoped that Tomas was "everything you say you are." Tomas promised not to hurt Blair. Tomas got off the elevator at his floor. "For the record," he told Starr, "I never saw you."

Blair got in the elevator, and was shocked to James. She had thought that James was getting the car. James lied that the parking attendant had told him about a great view on the roof of the hotel. Seeing right through him, Blair only hoped that James would be good to Starr. He promised. Blair got off the elevator and told him that she'd never seen him.

A short while later, Starr knocked on the door of room 601. James let her in, and the two were happy to finally be alone. Starr stated, "What my mom doesn't know won't hurt her." Both were nervous as Starr said, "This is it." James told her that it was just the beginning, and kissed her.

Blair entered room 431, and Tomas grabbed her from behind. Blair said that what Starr didn't know wouldn't hurt her. Tomas said that Blair was entitled to a few secrets, and kissed her. The two reminisced about what had almost happened during their date at Capricorn. Blair told Tomas she'd be right back, and walked toward the bathroom. Tomas sat on the bed, and took his phone out of his pocket, as it began to ring. He read that it was Todd calling.

Friday, May 27, 2011

At Statesville, when Rama told Vimal that she needed to tell him about the baby, Vimal asked if something was wrong with their child. Vimal stated that he loved Rama, and that she should be honest with him. After Rama insisted that nothing was wrong with the baby, Vimal expressed relief, because he had already told his parents about her pregnancy. When Rama asked why, since they had agreed to keep it a secret, Vimal explained, "I know, my poppy, but this news has lessened the blow of my unfortunate incarceration. I felt such shame in disappointing them, but now, even if I were to die in this miserable place, our name, our legacy, will live on, and it will be made even more magnificent, because the perfection that is you will be a part of it."

Vimal exclaimed that the news of the child had been a lifeline to both Vimal and his parents. Rama lied and said that the doctor had told her that she needed another amniocentesis. Vimal expressed relief and noted that it was a routine test. Vimal then suggested that Rama take Aubrey with her and then cheered that he might even be out of jail in time to hold her hand during the test.

At the hotel, Starr and James kissed, and James asked if Starr was ready. Starr was concerned, because she had only been with one man in her life but commented that it would feel like her first time all over again. James reminded Starr that he had only been with one other woman and insisted that he wanted it all to be perfect. James then told Starr that he loved her.

As James put on the only romantic music that he could find, Starr walked out of the bathroom in a bulky bathrobe. He took her hand, and they danced. James and Starr kissed, and James ripped off his shirt. Suddenly, Starr's phone rang. Starr took the call and discovered that Hope had been having nightmares. When Starr apologized, James recognized that Starr had a daughter who needed Starr. James kissed Starr.

Starr believed she was lucky to have a guy like James, who insisted that he had enjoyed every minute that they had spent together. James claimed that, after she left, he would watch some cable television and then take a shower. Once Starr walked out, James said, "It's going to be a cold one."

Later, Starr called James and informed him that Hope was sleeping peacefully. Starr then thanked James for being understanding, and for the dinner, the trip to Rome, the hotel, and their dance. James laughed and joked that he was sure that she especially appreciated the dance. James then told her that there would be other nights. James insisted that because they had told each other, "I love you," the night had been perfect.

Bo walked into the hospital lobby, and Nora asked why Matthew's surgery had been taking so long. Nora felt responsible for Matthew's injuries, because she had forced Matthew to hide what he had done to Eddie Ford. However, Bo reminded Nora that Matthew had suffered an impact injury. Nora realized that she had feared that Matthew would be sent to prison for the murder of Eddie Ford, but that Matthew's injury was an even bigger fear. Bo stressed that Matthew was tough and would pull through.

The nurse entered the lobby and revealed that the doctor needed to use more anesthesia. When the nurse asked if Matthew had any allergies, Nora gave a negative response. After the nurse left, Bo ran after the nurse and asked if there was anything else that the nurse could tell him. The nurse explained that Matthew's injuries were more complicated than the doctor had anticipated. When Bo returned to Nora, he did not tell her what the nurse had disclosed.

Bo insisted that he would find out how Matthew had received his head injury. Nora speculated that Matthew could have received it playing basketball, but Bo doubted it, because he felt that the coach would have called. When Nora cried that something had caused the injury, Bo voiced that it could have been someone. Bo just wanted to know why Matthew was having brain surgery and fighting for his life, when Nora suggested that they ask Destiny.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Destiny thanked Dani for not saying anything about Matthew killing Eddie Ford. Dani claimed that Destiny was her best friend, and that Dani knew that Destiny did not want Matthew to be sentenced to jail. Destiny then revealed that she and Matthew had slept together just one night, but that Matthew had stated that it had meant something. Destiny hoped that she and Matthew could be a real couple like Dani and Nate were.

Destiny explained that when Matthew had fallen for Dani, Destiny had put Destiny and Matthew's potential relationship right out of her head. However Destiny admitted that she had never totally gotten over Matthew. Destiny received a phone call from Nora, who asked if anything had happened to Matthew when Destiny had seen him earlier. Bo then grabbed the phone from Nora and explained that Matthew was in the hospital.

Destiny informed Dani that Matthew was in the hospital for brain surgery. Destiny then remembered that Matthew had complained of a headache earlier in the day. Destiny cried that she had to leave, and Dani begged Destiny to call once Destiny learned of any results.

At the Fords' apartment, Nate wondered why Dani had acted like she had believed that Clint was guilty of killing Eddie Ford, and why she had never mentioned that Matthew was the actual killer. When Nate questioned why Dani had kept a secret from him, Deanna suggested that maybe Dani had covered for a friend. Deanna insisted that Nate should not just sit around being mad, because life was too short.

Nate yelled that Matthew's time was up, and that Nate had already warned Matthew that if Matthew did not turn himself in, Nate would. When Deanna reminded Nate that Matthew's parents were the police commissioner and the district attorney, Nate agreed that the cops would not listen to him. However, Nate thought that he knew who would.

Nate wanted to tell Access Llanview, and Deanna told him to email his tip about Matthew through the computer. As Nate keyed in his tip, they heard a knock on the door. Deanna answered the door to Dani, who told them that Matthew was in the hospital. Dani explained that Matthew was bleeding in the brain due to a hit on the head. When Dani left to call Destiny, Nate whispered to Deanna, "I punched Matthew. He hit his head pretty hard when he went to the ground. I think what happened to Matthew is my fault."

Back at the hospital, Bo informed Nora that Matthew had claimed that someone else, besides Destiny, had known the truth about the murder of Eddie Ford. Nora wondered who else had known, as Destiny ran in. Destiny asked about Matthew and then explained that she had been praying to keep Matthew safe, and that she and Matthew had gotten as close as two people could get.

After Nora asked Destiny if Matthew had told her how he had received his injury, Destiny's phone rang. Destiny took the call from Dani and claimed that she had to leave the lobby, because the connection was bad. The nurse walked in, and Nora asked if Matthew was out of surgery. When the nurse said, "Yes," Bo asked, "Well?"

At Todd's mansion, Todd called Tomas and revealed that Marty could blow their whole deal, when Téa walked in and asked if something was wrong. Todd hung up the phone, and Téa saw the front page of the Sun. Téa exclaimed that she could not believe what Natalie had suffered though. Téa then questioned why Brody had thought that Todd had been hiding Marty. Todd saw movement outside and kissed Téa to cover it.

Téa expressed surprise that Todd had kissed her to show his love for her. Téa then stated that she was on her way to the pool house for a swim, when Todd stopped her. When Todd declared that they should make love, Téa stressed that she missed having Todd in bed next to her. However, Téa understood that Todd's body still needed to heal from his injuries. Todd insisted that Téa get ready upstairs and said that he would carry up the tequila. After Téa left, Todd looked at his phone and wondered why Tomas had not returned his call.

At the hotel, Blair made a grand entrance from the bathroom, scantily clad, and Tomas kissed Blair's neck. Blair sang, "A dream of my own" and asked if she was dreaming. When Tomas cried that he hoped not, Blair demanded that he prove it. As they kissed, Tomas received a message on his phone. Tomas checked it, and the message read, "Call me! Extremely urgent!"

When Tomas explained that he had to return the call, Blair kissed him and told him to make it. Tomas called Todd, who revealed that Marty was on Todd's property with someone else's baby and a gun. Todd then announced that Marty had the disc, and that if it got in the wrong hands, he and Tomas would lose everything.

Tomas hung up the phone and apologized to Blair, because he had to leave. Tomas lied and said that a friend was in the hospital. When Tomas insisted that he would make it up to her, Blair claimed that she would hold him to it. After Tomas asked Blair to stay and enjoy the room, Blair remarked that Tomas was sweet, and that she was glad that she had decided to trust him. Once Tomas left the room, Blair took a swig out of the wine bottle and asked, "Girl, is the universe trying to tell you something?"

Back at Todd's mansion, Todd yelled out at Téa that Briggs had called him in to work for an urgent matter but claimed that he would not be long. Todd ran into Tomas outside, handed him a gun, and told him to do what was necessary to take care of the matter. Later, Todd returned inside the mansion, and Téa hugged him. Téa reminded Todd that she had feared that she had lost Todd forever, when he was in the hospital, and pleaded with Todd not to ever do that to her again.

Still in the hotel room, Blair sat alone in the bed, watched television, and drank the wine. Tomas called Blair and stated that he would not be able to return to the hotel, because he needed to stick around and make sure that everything was under control.

In the security room, the man with Todd's original face was still restrained and was slumped over in the chair. Outside of the room, Baker informed Kent that the man was talking. The man struggled to regain consciousness and against the restraints. Trying hard to remember, the man yelled, "I have a daughter. Her name is Starr."

The man then noted that Starr's mother was named Blair, and that he had another wife named Téa. The man shook and screamed, "Starr is my daughter. I have a daughter. Her name is Starr. Starr has a mother. Her name is Blair." When Baker noted that the man should have revealed the information of the code after the interrogation and shock treatment, Kent remarked that it had all been too much for the man after eight years. Inside the security room, the man kept saying over and over that he had a daughter, and that her name was Starr.

The man howled, "I had a wife. Her name was Blair. I had another wife. Her name was Téa." Still outside the room, Kent asked, "What are you going to say?" Baker responded, "We did what we had to do. This was our last chance." Kent questioned, "And now what happens?" Baker answered, "We take it all apart. Get rid of any trace. Dispose of him."

The man with Todd's original face, scar included, laughed hysterically and hollered at the top of his lungs, "Starr has a father. Starr's father is Todd. I'm Todd. I am Todd!"

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