One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 3, 2011 on OLTL

Cord and Tina grew closer. Bo managed to save the Manning family from Irene's bomb. Todd shot and killed his mother after she made a cruel remark. Blair sent Tomás to help Todd. Tomás grabbed the gun and ordered Todd to run. John arrested Tomás, even though he didn't believe Tomás had committed the murder. An injured Todd made his way to Viki's cabin, where Blair found him and nursed him back to health.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 3, 2011 on OLTL
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Bo brushed himself off as he staggered into the Manning house. "All clear," he announced. Blair walked out of the study and hugged him as he tried to catch his breath. He explained that he'd tossed the bomb into the pond. Tomas arrived as Téa and Starr also emerged from the next room and thanked Bo for saving their lives.

Everyone took turns informing Tomas of Irene's release from jail, and Bo clarified that Irene had worked out some kind of deal with the Feds. Bo was satisfied that he would be able to have a new cause for which to arrest Irene, as everyone was certain she had planted the bomb. Tomas was concerned about the possibility of another bomb on the property, and Bo assured him that he'd checked around the estate. Bo had also contacted the bomb squad, and they were on the way.

Blair begged Bo not to arrest Starr, and Téa pointed out that Starr had aided her father due to an imminent threat to the family. Bo suggested that Téa discuss motives in court, because he couldn't look the other way regarding Starr's action. Blair assured her daughter she'd be okay, and she leaned over to give Starr a hug.

Starr began to whisper in Blair's ear. She advised her mother that the note Todd had read had ordered him to meet Irene at the docks, and he was probably there. Starr was worried about her father's safety. Bo led Starr out of the house, and Téa followed them. After the others were gone, Tomas asked Blair what Starr had said.

Blair filled Tomas in quickly, and she urged him to hurry to the docks to save Todd from Irene. Tomas wondered why Blair hadn't told Bo about it. Blair didn't think that Bo would believe her, and besides, Bo had her daughter in handcuffs, among other things. Tomas reminded her that Bo was the police.

Frantically, Blair stated that Tomas knew Irene, and he would be the best one to help Todd. Tomas maintained that Blair had changed since Todd's return, and he believed that Blair still had feelings for her ex-husband. He kissed her slowly, and then he headed for the door. Blair begged him to hurry.

Viki visited Natalie. She wondered if Natalie were doing the right thing by marrying Brody. Natalie stressed that she had no hope of getting back together with John, and they had been over ever since John had learned he wasn't Liam's father. "What if he were Liam's father?" Viki asked. She wondered if John would forgive the one night that Natalie had spent with Brody. Natalie reminded her that she'd also made a fool of John at their wedding.

Viki inquired whether John and Natalie would be able to trust each other again. Natalie thought they could, as they'd been through a lot together and they'd always understood each other. Natalie noted that John had always been quiet and private, but he had changed after Natalie's pregnancy.

John had even carried around a stuffed animal from Seattle to Llanview, and she had even caught him smiling, Natalie reminisced. She hadn't wanted to ruin things. It no longer mattered, because John wasn't interested, and the baby was Brody's, Natalie added. Viki thought it was obvious that Natalie still loved John, and she didn't see the same kind of love between Natalie and Brody.

Viki inquired whether Natalie would still marry Brody if he weren't Liam's father. Natalie mentioned that she'd told Rex about a dream she'd had, and Viki was interested in hearing about it. Natalie tried to avoid telling her, but she finally gave in as Viki continued to pursue it. Natalie described how she'd dreamt that she'd woken up and had gone through her mail. There had been something important from the hospital, and it had turned out to be Liam's DNA test. She'd opened up the envelope.

"Except this time, John was Liam's father. Not Brody," Natalie concluded. It had just been a dream, she said. She tried to brush all thoughts of it aside, and she confessed that she should have told the truth when she'd first heard it. Viki thought it was a good idea to always tell the truth as early as possible, in order to avoid pain in the future.

Viki was sorry for Natalie who hadn't had any peace since the wedding. Natalie disagreed. She felt happy and had good times whenever she was with her son. She wasn't too certain she'd ever be able to fix things with Jessica though. Viki stated that she loved Natalie, but she still wondered if Brody made Natalie happy.

Natalie felt that John had had his chance, and her son was the most important thing to her. Viki understood that Liam needed a father, and Natalie concurred that she only wanted to do what was best for her son. Viki agreed that Brody and Natalie had Liam in common, but she wanted more romance for her daughter.

Natalie admitted that she would always love John, but he was just a memory. She and Brody were real, and she needed to focus on that. Viki thought it was a good idea for everyone to accept Brody and Natalie, though Natalie declared that she didn't want to force anyone into it.

Viki agreed that she would try to talk to Jessica. Natalie confessed that she was sorry about the things she'd said about Jessica's father, and Viki believed that Jessica also regretted some of the things she'd said to Natalie.

Later, Natalie looked at a family photo of herself, Brody and Liam. She recalled the first time she'd read the DNA test results.

At Llanfair, Jessica picked up Tina's dog carrier and found a piece of paper protruding from it. She opened it up and began to read Liam's paternity test results. She was shocked to find that John was a match, not Brody. Before she was able to contemplate it any further, Brody walked into the kitchen and called out her name.

Brody picked up on a jumpy Jessica, but she declared that she'd been startled when he'd arrived. Brody informed her that Todd had escaped from jail, and he wanted to check the premises for Todd's presence. Jessica gave him the okay even though he admitted that he didn't have a search warrant. Jessica didn't think that Todd would return to Llanfair.

Brody headed upstairs, and Jessica returned to her perusal of the DNA test. She was confused. She thought it looked official, and she wondered why it was in Tina's dog carrier. Before she could think about it any further, Brody returned. He announced that he hadn't located Todd in the house, but he'd had the opportunity to look in on Ryder. The couple talked about the little boy briefly.

Jessica wanted to talk to Brody about something, but he advised her that he was busy with the hunt for Todd. He defended Natalie, and he ordered Jessica to grow up and move on. He stormed out of the house.

"Have you tracked down our fugitive, Todd Manning?" the mayor asked John at the police station. He admitted that he hadn't had a chance to brief his unit, and the mayor noted that she was concerned about the approaching elections. She didn't want to have a murderer on the loose.

The mayor also questioned John about Todd's assistance from Starr, and she noted how happy she was to hear that Jack had called the station to report that Starr and Todd were at the Manning house. She was pleased that there was at least one law-abiding family member. She ordered John to be careful about which cops he chose to aid him in Todd's pursuit. "Only use people that you trust with your life," she told him.

Irene held a gun on a prone Todd as he bled from the shoulder wound she'd already given him. Suddenly, she heard an explosion, and she smiled. "That was the sound of your family dying," she told her son. Victor's house had blown up. "They're all dead Todd. Just like mother promised," she advised him.

Irene further explained that she had inherited Todd's fortune through Victor's will, and she was certain that the family would have attempted to steal it from her. She couldn't have that, so she'd placed a bomb at the house. "Bye-bye, Blair," Irene said. She continued to name all of the family members one by one. Todd was upset and accused her of lying. He cried out that it wasn't possible, but Irene advised him that he would get to join them.

Irene said goodbye to Todd and apologized for her impending action. She'd always thought that Todd had potential. Todd had one question for her, and he inquired how she'd been able to give him away to Peter Manning. Irene admitted that she'd thought it would be good for her cousin to have some responsibility. She confessed that she'd made a mistake.

Todd was outraged that she'd treated him like no more than a dog, and he managed to push her and knock her down. The pair wrestled on the ground and struggled over the gun. Todd emerged the victor, and he trained the gun on Irene as she remained on the ground. His shoulder wound was bleeding profusely. "I hate your guts," Todd proclaimed. "Now, now. I am your mother," Irene chided.

"What kind of mother tortures her own kid?" Todd inquired. Irene taunted him, and she declared that Todd would never shoot her. Todd fooled her, and he shot her in the stomach. Irene was stunned. "I underestimated you, Todd," Irene confessed. "Not for the first time," she added. She compared Todd to his father, and she called him ruthless.

"Keep it up. I'll just shoot you again," Todd threatened. Irene advised him that he'd be locked up for killing both Victor and herself. Todd swore that he hadn't killed Victor, but he thought that Irene's death would be a public service. Irene advised him that he wouldn't be rid of her, but then she looked down at all of the blood. She fell over. She appeared to be dead. Todd kicked her foot, and then he fell to the ground too.

Bo and Starr arrived at the station, and the mayor praised Bo for saving lives. John and Bo agreed that Irene had been the one responsible for the bomb, but the mayor indicated that she believed Todd had been the one to set it up. Starr took exception to the mayor's accusation, and the mayor asked Starr about Todd's whereabouts. Téa walked in and accused the mayor of questioning Starr without her lawyer present.

Bo and John stepped aside and again agreed that Irene would be the person they were searching for regarding the bomb. Blair arrived, and the mayor suggested that Blair might be a co-conspirator in the case. Téa requested that the mayor be kept away from her clients, and Bo proposed that the mayor might want to keep politics out of the way.

Blair announced that Starr had saved the family, and the mayor grabbed onto the statement. She pointed out that Blair had indicated that Starr was guilty of helping her father to escape. Téa thanked her lucky stars that there was a jury system in place, while once again, the mayor thought that things should be focused on the man responsible for almost blowing everyone up.

Bo repeated that Irene was the suspect. Quickly, the mayor changed the subject and wondered why Starr hadn't been booked yet. Brody returned to the station and saw John, and he began to say something about his engagement. Cutting him off, John announced that he already knew, and he congratulated Brody. John was more concerned with police business, and he'd received a phone call that shots had been fired at the docks. He asked Brody to accompany him there.

Téa and Blair stepped out of earshot of the mayor. Téa figured the mayor would probably brag about jailing a college student, but Starr had nothing to worry about, because Starr had the best attorney in town. Blair voiced her concern about Todd, and she told Téa what Starr had whispered to her at the house. Blair confessed that she'd sent Tomas to the docks.

"You sent my brother after that maniac?" Téa asked angrily. Blair thought that Tomas had been the perfect person for the mission. "You have a better idea? He's a trained operative. He used to work for Irene. Who's better to stop her than him?" Blair insisted. "You've got a point," Téa agreed. "Why have an agent in the family if he can't step up when you need him?" Blair added. She thought that Dani needed to have the opportunity to get to know her father.

A handcuffed Starr returned to the office. Blair was angry that she had been fingerprinted, but Bo explained that it was standard procedure. Téa wondered if they would be able to move the case along quickly, and Bo replied that he was doing the best that he could. The mayor checked back with Bo, and she ordered him to escort Starr to her jail cell. The mayor didn't want the family to receive any special treatment.

Blair lost her temper, but the mayor responded that Starr was a flight risk and an accused felon. "Todd Manning's daughter stays locked up until further notice," the mayor commanded. Starr's only concern was for her father.

Jessica didn't know what to do with the information she had found. Viki returned to Llanfair, and she asked how Jessica felt. Jessica hoped that she felt better than Natalie. Viki announced that Natalie had been sorry, and Viki had something to say too. Viki had done some thinking, and she'd realized that she'd never proven to Victor how much she'd loved him.

Viki had lost her chance, but she'd decided she would try to make things right with Tina. Viki was aware that it was difficult to forgive, but one could lose the chance if they didn't try. "I'll think about it," Jessica retorted. Viki decided to check on Ryder, and once she was gone, Jessica looked at the test results again. Shortly after, Viki returned to the kitchen and called out to Jessica, but Jessica was gone.

Tomas arrived at the docks and found Todd with the gun. "What happened?" he asked Todd. "I murdered my mother," Todd replied. Tomas walked over to Irene and leaned over her. "She's definitely dead," Tomas announced. "Told you," Todd retorted. Tomas wished that Todd would have picked a less conspicuous time to kill Irene, but he didn't blame him. "She murdered my family," Todd declared. He mentioned the bomb.

Tomas assured Todd that everyone was fine, and that Bo had tossed the bomb into the pond. Todd couldn't believe it. He groaned loudly, obviously in lots of pain. "I'm going to fry for this, aren't I?" Todd asked. Tomas promised that he wouldn't let that happen, and he thought it had been self-defense. Todd proclaimed that everyone had thought he'd killed his brother, but Irene had gotten rid of the evidence. Suddenly, they heard sirens.

Todd couldn't believe that he was about to be locked up again after eight years. His freedom had been short-lived. Tomas grabbed the gun, and pushed Todd's hand up to the injured shoulder, advising him to apply pressure. "Maybe there's another way out of this," Tomas stated.

Brody and John arrived and found Tomas alone and with the gun. Brody held his gun pointed at Tomas. "Again, Delgado?" John asked. "All right, tell me what happened," he said to Tomas. "I finally killed Irene Manning," Tomas replied.

Natalie decided that she should occupy her time with what was real. "John will never be Liam's father," she said to herself. Jessica approached the apartment with the DNA test in hand.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Brody arrived at the docks and told Tomas to drop his gun, which he did. John entered, and caught sight of Irene. John asked Tomas what had happened. "I finally killed Irene," Tomas replied. John felt Irene's pulse, and determined that she was dead. Tomas revealed that he was ready to make a full confession, but John demanded to know where Todd was. Tomas hadn't seen Todd, and related that if Todd had been there, he'd been there before Tomas had arrived.

John wondered if Tomas had stumbled upon Irene's body during a walk. Tomas claimed that he'd been looking for Irene. He continued that he'd found Irene, wrestled the gun away from her, and shot her. John warned Tomas that if Tomas was lying, he'd just be making things worse for Todd instead of better. John told Brody to widen the perimeter of the search for Todd while John escorted Tomas to the station.

Téa hung up the phone, and told Blair that she couldn't get Starr out of jail because of the mayor. Blair was so furious about Todd involving Starr in his plan to get out of jail that Blair swiped piles of papers off the desk in front of her. Téa forced Blair to help clean up the papers, and advised her to behave until Téa could get Starr out of jail.

Blair confided that she was afraid Irene would finish Todd off, "before I get a crack at him." She related that it was "classic Todd" to make everyone feel sorry for him, and then do something stupid. Téa wondered why she and Blair kept going back to Todd. Blair swore it was because of the kids, but Téa knew that the kids weren't the explanation.

Téa confessed that Tomas thought Blair still had feelings for Todd. She informed Blair that Tomas liked Blair, and Blair confirmed that she liked him as well. Téa again wondered why she and Blair kept running to Todd's rescue. Blair answered that they did because no one else would. John entered with a handcuffed Tomas, and Blair and Téa demanded to know why. John told them that Tomas had claimed to be a murderer, but Téa advised her brother not to say anything else. Tomas told her it was too late, because he'd already confessed to killing Irene.

Téa asked for a minute with her client. John hoped she could handle the large caseload she'd taken on. John told an officer to start Tomas' booking process, and left. Téa demanded to know what had happened. Blair asked about Todd, so Tomas told her that Todd had been shot in the shoulder. He advised one of the women to get to Todd before he bled out. Blair wondered where Todd had gone, but Tomas had no idea.

Téa pulled Blair aside, and told her that Blair needed to find Todd. Blair thought that Todd should get himself out of trouble, because he was the one who'd gotten himself into trouble. Blair wondered what would happen if she couldn't find him. Téa needed to be at the station on behalf of Tomas and Starr. Blair was worried that John would find Todd before she could. As Tomas listened in, Téa told Blair that she needed to step up, because she knew Todd better than anyone.

Téa returned to her brother. She needed to prepare Tomas for John's interrogation. Téa wondered why Todd would have run away if Tomas had been the one to shoot Irene. Suddenly, it dawned on her that "you didn't shoot Irene. Todd did."

Jessica held Natalie's paternity test results behind her back as Natalie answered the door. Natalie told her sister that she didn't have the energy "to go another round." Jessica told Natalie that they needed to talk, and that it was "now or never." Just then, Liam started to cry, so Natalie invited Jessica in. Jessica put the results into her purse as Natalie returned to the room with Liam.

Jessica apologized for what she'd said to Natalie, and admitted that she'd crossed the line. Natalie agreed that she'd crossed the line too. She knew that blood didn't make family. "Except it does," Jessica replied to a confused Natalie. Jessica went on about how DNA could also make a family, until Natalie got a phone call. It was the police station, so she took it. She told the caller that she'd be right there.

Natalie regretfully informed Jessica that their talk would have to wait. There had been a body found at the docks, and Natalie had to go because the station was shorthanded. Natalie was about to call Roxy to watch Liam, but Jessica offered to watch Liam for Natalie. She assured a concerned Natalie that Viki, Clint, Tina, and Cord were with her own sleeping children. Jessica promised that she had been as surprised as Natalie was about Tina and Cord being back. Jessica went on that she would love to spend time with her nephew.

Natalie gave Jessica a few basic instructions, and promised she'd only be gone a couple hours. She thanked Jessica very sincerely, and left. Jessica picked up Liam, and looked at the test results. Jessica told Liam that she didn't know what to do, and tried to reason it out. She wondered who would want to fake the results. If the results were real, she knew that Brody would lose both Natalie and Liam. She knew that Natalie and John would get back together, and that Natalie would have everything, "and I'll have nothing."

Jessica knew that Liam didn't care what happened, as long as he had parents. She realized that if she kept the secret, she would be no better than Clint. She knew that, no matter what she decided, someone would get hurt. She wished that Natalie had left Brody alone so Natalie would be with John, and Jessica would be with Brody, so things would be "how they're supposed to be."

Natalie arrived at the scene, and Brody was surprised to see her on her night off. She saw Irene's body, and wondered if the family knew. Brody didn't know, but wondered who was watching Liam. Natalie assured him that Jessica, who had stopped by to apologize, was watching Liam. He was surprised, because Jessica hadn't been nice to him when he'd stopped by Llanfair, looking for Todd.

Natalie started to examine Irene. She determined that she'd been shot at close range, so she had most likely known the shooter. Brody replied that Tomas had confessed, but John didn't believe him. She realized that there was only one bullet in Irene, but that there were two bullet casings. Brody replied that Tomas hadn't been shot. She noticed blood on the dumpster, and didn't think it was Irene's because of the angle of the blood.

John arrived, and asked about what had been found. Natalie explained all of her findings to him, and said that the blood on the dumpster probably belonged to the shooter. John was sure that the blood was Todd's.

In her jail cell, Starr realized that Todd had been in the cell the last time she'd been there. James entered, and told her about a news report he'd heard on the radio about her breaking Todd out of jail. Starr answered that she'd do it all over again. He knew that she'd be in a lot of trouble, but she informed him that Irene had threatened her entire family. He wondered why she hadn't gone to him for help, but she hadn't wanted to involve him.

James wondered what Starr wanted him to do. He offered to go out looking for Todd, and to spend time with Hope. She asked him to stay safe, and not to take any risks. She also wanted to know if there had been any developments in finding Todd. He told her that he'd be right back, and walked out. He returned a short while later, and told her that there was no news. Starr felt that something bad had happened. James told her to focus on the positives, like that facts that she was smart, and James wasn't in jail. Between the two of them, he knew they could get something done. Starr wanted James to help her clear Todd's name.

Todd stumbled up the front steps of Viki's cabin, and was frustrated to find that it was locked. He found a key in a flowerpot, and entered the cabin. He sat on the floor, and figured that there were worse places to die. He realized that if he didn't die there, Viki would kill him for bleeding all over her cabin. He tried to stand up, but couldn't. He heard someone walk down the stairs, and was shocked to see Irene.

"I killed you," Todd said. "Yet here I am," Irene replied. He yelled that she couldn't hurt him anymore, but she proceeded to poke Todd's gunshot wound, and he cried out in pain. Irene assured Todd that she and Victor "are saving you a seat." She thought that people would be relieved to find out that Todd was dead, but she promised Todd that he would be with Irene and Victor for eternity.

Todd replied that he wasn't going anywhere, and that he only had a scratch. However, Irene knew it "won't be long. A mother knows these things." She told Todd that no one was on their way to help him. He told her that she was wrong, and that his family loved him. She thought that his family would be more than happy to replace him, like they had with Victor. As Todd made his way over to Viki's phone, Irene estimated that he had twenty minutes left to live.

Todd crawled across the floor towards the phone as Irene instructed him to give up. Irene held out her hand to him, and advised him to take it in order to make all of his troubles go away. Todd laid his head on her hand, but grabbed the phone, and fell on the floor. Todd told her to go to hell. "I'll see you there," Irene said, and she disappeared. Todd looked at the phone and whimpered. "I don't know the number!" he wailed.

A short while later, Blair burst into the cabin. She was grief-stricken to find an unconscious Todd bleeding on the floor.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jessica strolled around Natalie's apartment, carrying Liam, and wondered if the boy really were John's son. She thought that John deserved to know the truth, and she had to do what she thought was right for everyone. She was aware that the truth would always emerge at some point.

Brody returned home from work, and he divulged, off the record, that Tomas had confessed to killing Irene Manning. He took his son from Jessica's arms, and thanked her for watching the boy. He had been surprised to hear from Natalie that Jessica was babysitting. Jessica asserted that she and Ryder were Liam's flesh and blood.

Brody sighed. He noted that in a perfect world, they would all be able to forget the past. Jessica eyed the DNA test in her purse and told Brody it wasn't possible. Brody asked her to try to make peace with Natalie, though he didn't have a right to ask her that. "You seem really happy," Jessica said. "I am," Brody replied.

Family was really important to him, Brody explained. Jessica recalled how Brody couldn't be a father to Shane, and how devastated he'd been. Brody acknowledged that he'd grown to accept that, and he was stronger than he had been in the past. Besides, Liam was his son, Brody pointed out. He knew that things were painful for Jessica, and he hoped that she could be happy for him one day.

Jessica admitted that she already was happy for Brody, and she was aware of what it felt like to feel broken. She was glad that Liam had helped Brody to heal, and she would never want to make him feel broken again.

Sam was sitting at the kitchen counter, having a late snack, when John paid a visit to La Boulaie. "Am I in trouble?" the little boy asked when he saw the detective. John assured him that he wasn't, and in fact, Sam was his best deputy. He was hoping that Sam might help him to find the man with the line on his face.

Sam asked if the man had really killed his father. He fiddled with some silly band bracelets on the counter, and he picked one up that was in the shape of a shark. He had planned to give the bracelet to his father. "My dad can't use it," the boy said matter-of-factly. He offered it to John instead.

Jack found the pair in the kitchen and asked whether the police had located Todd yet. John confessed that they hadn't. "What is wrong with you people?" Jack asked. He sent his little brother to bed and advised Sam that he shouldn't be talking to the cops. John announced that Irene was dead, and he was looking for Todd.

"I told you that guy's a maniac," Jack proclaimed. Jack didn't have a clue on Todd's whereabouts. John headed for the door and urged Jack to call the police if he heard anything from Todd.

James agreed to honor Starr's request to help clear Todd's name while she was in jail. He was reluctant, as he had no idea of where to start. Starr explained that Todd shouldn't have been arrested for Victor's murder, and Irene had taken the evidence that proved otherwise. Todd was hiding, and he needed the murder charge to be dropped.

Starr noted that her brother was a witness, but she was certain that Jack had made the story up. She wanted James to get Jack to tell the truth, and she had a plan. James promised to do his best, though he hated to leave Starr in jail. Starr declared that she was scared for her father, and she would be fine. She thanked James for helping her dad, but James clarified that he was doing everything for Starr, because he loved her.

Téa insisted that her brother tell her the truth, while she and Tomas sat in the police station. Tomas continued to maintain that he had been the one to kill Irene, but Téa was positive that he was lying. She wondered why he hadn't even told the cops that Todd had been present at the scene, and she wanted to know why Tomas was covering for Todd. As they sat and waited for the next step in the arrest process, Natalie walked into the room.

Téa wondered if there were any news on the case, and Natalie advised her there wasn't. Téa reminded Natalie that as Tomas' attorney, Téa had the right to be aware of the latest case developments. Natalie assured her that forensics was still analyzing the blood found at the scene, though they were aware that it probably didn't belong to either Irene or Tomas. Natalie wondered how the blood might have gotten on the trash bin, with Irene lying a distance away.

Tomas maintained that he'd struggled with Irene, and the blood had gotten on the bin at that time. Irene had staggered and then fallen a short distance away. Natalie feigned surprise and noted that if that were the case, there would have been a trail of blood. She wondered if Tomas had something to say. Téa jumped in and challenged Natalie's questioning of Tomas without his attorney.

Natalie backed off and stated that they would just wait for John. She suggested that Tomas tell John about Todd, although they would know about Todd once the blood testing was completed. She walked away, and an incensed Téa got into her brother's face. It was obvious that Natalie didn't believe Tomas, and neither would the detectives. They both knew it was Todd's blood that had been found. Tomas replied that the blood could belong to anyone.

Again, Téa disputed her brother's story. They knew that Todd had shot Irene, and the blood would prove that Todd had been at the scene. She demanded to understand why Tomas was protecting Todd and taking the fall for Irene's murder. "I know what I'm doing," he replied. Todd would face yet another murder charge, and his life would be over, Tomas explained. "Why is this your problem?" Téa inquired roughly.

John returned to the station and announced that he hadn't been able to locate Todd. He ordered Tomas to tell him what had really happened, but Tomas replied that he had. Natalie had the forensics results, and she made it known that the blood found at the scene had been Todd's. Tomas still had nothing to say. "Book him," John commanded his staff.

Downstairs in her cell, Starr asked the guard if he'd had any word about Todd. The guard was one of the men that Starr had held at gunpoint. He was sarcastic and brief, and he advised her that he had no plans of helping her out. He added that Starr and her father were both "bad news" and they were "going down."

It was time for Tomas to be escorted to a cell. John praised Natalie for the work she'd done, especially returning to the station on short notice. She looked at John's watch and conceded that it was time for her to get home to Brody and Liam. Natalie admired John's shark bracelet, and he revealed that he'd received it from Sam.

"How'd you rate that?" Natalie asked. John thought it was because he'd paid attention to the little boy. "I always knew you'd be good with kids," Natalie replied. After Natalie was gone, John remained in place quietly and thoughtfully. He played with the shark bracelet around his wrist.

Starr was astonished when Tomas was placed into the cell across from her own. She was confused, and Téa explained that he'd been arrested for Irene's murder. Starr couldn't believe that her grandmother was dead, but she wondered where her father was. Téa leaned over and spoke softly. She advised Starr not to worry, because Blair was looking out for Todd.

Téa apologized for Starr having to remain behind bars overnight, but she promised to see to the young woman's release the next day. Starr admitted that all she cared about was her father.

Téa wandered over to Tomas' cell, and she advised him that she wanted to help him, but he would have to be willing to help himself first. She admitted that she hadn't told Starr about Todd being shot, and Téa only hoped that Blair had found Todd and been able to help him.

Blair found Todd lying on the floor of Viki's cabin. Hysterically, she leaned over his bloodied body and began to cry. She was sure he was dead. Suddenly, Todd opened his eyes. "Don't go burying me yet," he ordered weakly. Blair shrieked. "Quit your screaming. You're gonna give me a heart attack," Todd begged. Blair shouted that he'd given her one, as she had thought he was dead. She asked what had happened.

"My bitch mother shot me," Todd explained briefly. Blair was aware that she would have to staunch the profuse flow of blood, and she began to look around for something to use. She grabbed some of Viki's decorative pillows and began to apply pressure to Todd's shoulder wound. Grimacing in pain, Todd advised Blair that Viki would never send Blair a Christmas card again. He asked how Blair had located him.

Blair explained that she'd had a missed call on her cell phone from Viki's landline phone. Blair wondered why Todd hadn't called Téa or Viki instead. Todd explained that he knew that Blair cared about him. Blair was still annoyed over everything that Todd had gotten the family involved with, especially with Starr landing in jail.

Todd acknowledged that he would have to fix that, but he'd had to escape from jail. Irene had planned to kill everyone he loved. Blair leaned over him and picked up her phone. She thought it best if she call someone to take care of Todd, but he grabbed the phone away. He disagreed, but Blair still felt she should call an ambulance. Todd insisted that he only had a flesh wound, and he thought that Blair could clean and wrap it.

Blair advised Todd that it would be his own fault if he died. She gathered up some towels, found a first aid kit, and managed to help Todd to get his shirt off. He attempted to joke with her while she took care of him, and he noted that he hadn't expected their reunion to turn out the way that it had.

Blair cleaned the wound. She was covered in Todd's blood. Suddenly, Todd passed out, and Blair continued to talk to him. She didn't want him to die. "Am I dead?" Todd asked as he woke up again. He ordered her not to use the "d" word. He went on about his death that had been eight years in the past, and how he'd thought he would be able to make a fresh start. "I'm so tired," Todd said. He thought that hell would be great.

Blair yelled at him for saying such things, and she advised him that he couldn't die. Todd owed it to Starr to stay alive, and especially after he'd caused everyone so much trouble, Blair insisted. She slapped Todd's face, and he yelled at her. She still wanted to call a doctor, as the bleeding hadn't slowed down. She wondered who she could call who wouldn't turn Todd in.

The thought occurred to Blair almost instantly. She would call Dorian. When she reached her aunt on the phone, Blair asked her how to fix a gunshot wound. "How'd you know it was Todd?" Blair asked her aunt. "I want a real doctor," Todd shouted. Blair urged him to keep quiet, and she described the situation to Dorian. After listening to some instructions, Blair advised Todd that she had to look at something.

Turning Todd onto his side gently, Blair advised her aunt that there wasn't an exit wound, and she took note of Dorian's further instructions. Blair announced that she would have to remove the bullet, and Dorian would talk her through it over the phone. "You gonna dig it out with one of Viki's melon ballers?" Todd questioned her. Blair promised that she would, if it was still his choice not to go to a hospital.

Blair collected the necessary items for the surgery. She'd located a sharp knife and boiled some water. She sterilized her equipment in the boiling water. She didn't have any alcohol though, she told her aunt. "She says this might hurt a little," Blair warned Todd. She handed him an expensive pen and told him to bite down on it. She advised him that he would have to replace it if he broke it.

Blair admitted she was scared, but Todd indicated that he trusted her. Blair thought that proved that Todd was crazier than she thought. She put down the phone.

James arrived at La Boulaie and advised Jack that he was there to warn Jack. Todd had been taken into custody, and the gun that would prove Todd's innocence in Victor's murder had been retrieved. The police were running tests, and it was only a matter of time before it was proven that Jack had lied about Todd.

Jack wondered why he should be afraid of that. James chuckled at Jack's naiveté. James advised Jack that both Starr and James were aware that Jack had lied, and it made sense for Jack to confess to the cops first, before they showed up at his door. James offered to accompany Jack to the station. Suddenly, Jack looked over at the television and turned up the sound. The newscaster was saying that Todd was still at large.

"You bastard!" Jack shouted at James. Jack realized that James and Starr had tricked him, and he demanded that James leave the house. James promised that the scenario he'd stated could still happen, and the gun would prove that Todd hadn't killed Victor. Jack vowed to take his chances. James assured Jack that he wasn't telling Jack to stop hating his father.

"He's not my dad," Jack yelled. "Yeah, he is," James replied. "And you can't change that no matter how much you want to," James added. He thought that Jack should tell the truth for himself, or he'd wind up in jail. Jack reminded James that Starr was behind bars, and she should be more concerned with taking care of her own problems.

Blair successfully removed the bullet from Todd's shoulder. She replaced the dressing, and she advised Dorian that Todd was barely alive. Blair ordered her aunt not to tell anyone about Todd, and she ended the phone call. Leaning over, Blair gently stroked Todd's face. She wondered if he were okay.

"Peachy," Todd responded. He noticed that she hadn't totally screwed things up, and he planned to thank her in the morning if he were still alive. He grabbed her hand to his chest. Blair advised him that she had to leave, but Todd begged her to stay. He claimed that he wasn't scared. "I just don't want you to leave," he admitted. After he continued to plead with her, Blair agreed to stay.

Jessica advised Brody that she had to get back home. He thanked her again for staying. Natalie returned before Jessica left and advised Jessica that she hoped to return the favor some day. Once Jessica was gone, Natalie made it known that she thought things had looked cozy between Jessica and Brody.

Brody explained that he and Jessica had been talking. Jessica had made it clear that things wouldn't be perfect, but he was glad that the horrible chapter of their lives appeared to be over.

Jessica stopped outside and thought to herself. She couldn't break Brody's heart.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Téa was asleep when she muttered, "Victor," and woke up. Tina entered, and immediately apologized for waking Téa up. She explained that Dani had let her into the house, and that she was there about her missing dog. She continued that David Vickers had found her way into Téa's room the day before, and Tina had thought that the dog could have returned. Téa revealed that she hadn't seen the dog. Tina promised that, as soon as she found David Vickers, she would return the paper the dog had taken.

Tina continued that it had looked like a legal paper, but Téa realized that it had probably been one of Victor's papers. Tina was proud of her dog for warning everyone about the bomb, and wondered how Irene could have planted the bomb. Tina admitted that she was glad that Irene was dead, "again," and wanted to thank Tomas for it. Téa said that she had to get ready for Tomas' arraignment, and Tina offered to testify that Tomas was a hero for his actions. Téa replied that Starr was the one she was worried about. Tina observed that Téa had a lot of clients all at once.

A short while later, Téa left Blair a message that she should call Téa back with news of Todd. Tina returned to the room, and said that she couldn't find David Vickers anywhere in the house. Tina wondered how Téa could function at work after losing Victor, and not being able to find Todd, because Tina could barely function after losing her dog. Téa informed Tina that work saved her life, because it helped her to focus on things other than Victor.

Tina admired Téa for being so strong, but Téa insisted that she wasn't as strong as she looked. Tina expressed her sympathy for Téa, and reminded her that they were sisters-in-law. She told Téa to ask for anything she needed from Tina, and the women embraced. Téa thanked her, and Tina left.

Todd stirred in his sleep. Blair touched his face, and Todd suddenly awoke, and grabbed her arm. "What are you doing?" he demanded to know. Todd muttered on about how Irene had the gun that could clear him, and that she was going to kill his family. Blair assured him that everyone was fine, and that Irene was dead. "She dead, 'cause I killed her," he stated. A confused Blair told him that Tomas had confessed, but Todd insisted that he'd done it. He related that it didn't matter anyway, because everyone thought he'd killed Victor, and Irene had gotten rid of the gun that could clear him.

Todd told Blair to close the windows, because he was freezing. She saw that no windows were open, and felt his head as he pulled the blankets tighter around himself. She told him that he was burning up. A short while later, she explained that Dorian had called in an antibiotic for Todd, and she had to go pick it up. He grabbed her hand, and wanted to know how long she was going to be gone. Todd wondered if he was going to die. Todd didn't want her to go, because, "If I die, I don't want to die alone." She told him not to talk like that.

On the phone, Téa wondered why Tomas' arraignment had been set, but Starr's hadn't. She angrily promised to take it up with the judge, and hung up. Just then, her phone rang, and she answered it to Blair. She told Téa that she'd found Todd, who wasn't doing very well, at Viki's cabin. She asked Téa to pick up Todd's antibiotic, because he was too sick for Blair to leave him alone.

Téa promised to get the prescription as soon as she was done in court. Blair informed Téa that Todd had confessed to shooting Irene. Téa wanted to figure out why Tomas was taking the blame for Todd's crime. Téa promised to be at the cabin within an hour, and expressed the faith she had in Blair to keep Todd alive. Blair hung up the phone, and wiped her eyes. Todd called her a crybaby, and wondered if she was crying because Todd was going to die, or because he was going to live.

Blair claimed that she was scared for Starr because of the situation that Todd had put her in. She told Todd that Téa was getting the prescription, so he had to hang on. "Piece of cake," he replied weakly. She told him that he had eight years of tormenting her to make up for. He agreed, and she went to get him a cold compress. She talked to Todd as she prepared it, but received no answer. She found Todd unconscious on the couch, and begged him to open his eyes.

Jessica looked at Natalie's paternity test results, and picked up some matches. Cord entered, and she stuffed both into her purse. She hugged Cord, and expressed how happy she was that he was home. He told her that she didn't look very happy, but she was just exhausted because of Ryder. She wondered where Tina was, and he told her that Tina was out looking for her dog. He related how much better off everyone would be if Tina cared about people half as much as she cared about her dog.

Cord related that Tina always had secrets that she used for blackmailing purposes. Jessica wondered if Cord thought that Tina was still capable of blackmail. He didn't think it mattered, because he sensed that something was wrong with Jessica. She explained about her fight with Natalie. Cord reminded her that he was staying right upstairs if she ever needed to talk. She thanked him, and left the room.

Cord saw one of Tina's "missing dog" flyers on the table and smiled, as Tina entered the room. She asked if David Vickers had returned, but Cord hadn't seen the dog. Tina whined that David Vickers going missing was the worst thing to happen to her. Cord angrily reminded her that their daughter had once been presumed dead. Tina remembered, and insisted that she'd only exaggerated because she was upset.

Tina never wanted to relive when Carlo Hesser had tied Sarah up, and sent her over the waterfall, like he'd done to Tina. Cord related that everyone had thought Tina was dead. She angrily recalled that she'd fought her way back just to find that Cord had married Kate Sanders. She reminisced about the kind Indians that had nursed her back to health, and related that she'd only been thinking of Cord the whole time. He mentioned that she'd given him a child that hadn't been his, but she reasoned that they'd gotten married anyway, because they'd loved each other.

Tina smiled as she thought about having Sarah, but Cord remembered that Tina hadn't even been sure that Sarah was Cord's. She said that they always got back together, but he countered that it never lasted. Cord told her that she always had a way of getting through to him. The two pulled each other closer.

As James moved things around in the kitchen, Ford sleepily told James to quiet down. James said that he was putting together a care package for Starr, even though he knew that the only thing she needed was her dad. He told Ford about the one thing Starr had asked him to do, but he'd messed it up. Ford thought that all Starr needed was to see James.

A short while later, James was gone, and Jessica arrived with Ryder. Ford noticed Jessica's black eye, so she told him about her fight with Natalie. Jessica remarked on how much Ryder was starting to look like Ford. Ford related that, even when everyone had believed that Ryder was Brody's, Ford had felt a pull towards Ryder that he hadn't been able to ignore. He continued that finding out Ryder was his had been the best day of his life, but Jessica asked him to stop talking.

Ford apologized for saying the wrong thing, and he expressed how happy he was that Ryder had made him and Jessica friends. He related that Natalie and Brody had already been friends, so it probably hadn't taken much for them to get to the next level. He instantly apologized for the statement, but Jessica informed him that she'd watched Liam the night before. She was confused about how she'd felt about it, and Ford wondered why. "Because of this," Jessica said, and handed him Natalie's paternity test results.

A guard gave Starr breakfast and told her that she would be there for a while. She asked for news about Todd and demanded to talk to John or Bo. Tomas said that the guard should tell her what he knew or leave her alone, but the guard walked away. Tomas assured Starr that Todd had survived eight years of torture, so he was sure that Todd had "more reasons than ever to stay alive."

Starr remembered that Tomas had been at the docks the night before, and wondered if he'd seen Todd. He replied that he'd only found Irene, and had taken his shot at her. Starr feared that Irene had killed Todd and dumped his body in the river. He assured Starr that Blair was looking for Todd, and if she found him, Todd would be in good hands. Starr realized that Todd had been hurt. She was yelling that she had a right to know what had happened when James entered.

James wondered what was wrong, but Starr said she was fine. James regretfully told her that his plan to get Jack to confess his lies hadn't worked. She wasn't concerned about Jack, and only cared about whether or not Todd was all right. She related that Tomas knew something but refused to talk. James walked over to Tomas' cell, and demanded that Tomas tell Starr what he knew about Todd.

Starr knew that Tomas was trying to protect her, but she knew she could take the truth. Téa entered, and Starr asked about Todd. Lowering her voice, Téa confided that Todd was alive, but he'd been shot. She continued that things were bad, but that Blair was taking care of him. The guard warned Téa that the judge was waiting for her, so she assured Starr that Todd had too much to live for, and left. James attempted to comfort Starr through the bars.

Friday, October 7, 2011

At the Fords' apartment, Jessica handed Bobby the paternity test results that indicated that Liam was John's son. Jessica stated that David Vickers had given it to her, and when she saw that Ford was confused, Jessica stated that she had meant David Vickers, Tina's dog. After Jessica expressed that David Vickers was gorgeous, Bobby wondered how the dog and Tina had ended up with Liam's paternity test results. Jessica declared that she did not know.

When Ford speculated that the document was a fake, Jessica felt that the test might be legitimate and pondered that John McBain might be Liam's father. Jessica revealed that she had almost told Brody but had changed her mind. Jessica explained that Liam appeared to make Brody whole, and that she could not take that away from Brody. However, Bobby felt that if the truth were revealed, Natalie would return to John and have her happy ending, which Jessica did not want. Ford admitted that if it were up to him, he would show the paper to John, but that it was Jessica's decision to make.

At Llanfair, as Tina and Cord started to kiss, Clint walked in and interrupted. Cord denied that there was anything to interrupt. When Tina claimed that she had lost an eyelash, Clint wondered if Cord had been trying to remove it with his lips. Tina insisted that Cord had been trying to comfort her over the loss of her dog, David Vickers, and asked Cord if they could continue their conversation at a later date. Tina said that she had to continue her search for David Vickers, because the last time the dog had disappeared, she had been in a very delicate condition. Tina remarked that she was not birthing any more babies and left.

When Clint demanded to know if Cord was sleeping with Tina, Cord yelled that it was none of Clint's business but then denied that he was. Clint feared that Cord was falling for Tina again, and Cord admitted that he had never been able to "let go" of Tina. While Clint appreciated that Tina had given him two grandchildren, he believed that Cord needed to wash his hands of Tina. Cord maintained that he and Tina had a bond, much like the connection between Clint and Viki.

Cord reminded Clint that they had both had a complicated history with two very unforgettable sisters. When Clint refused to discuss his and Viki's relationship, Cord maintained that he and Clint were dealing with the same situations, although Clint denied dealing in any situation with Viki. Clint exclaimed that he and Viki managed along very well, but that Cord had a blind spot, when it involved Tina.

Cord thanked Clint for his advice but admitted that he did not know what would happen between Cord and Tina. However, Cord promised that if he were faced with anything that involved Tina, he would do it with his eyes wide open. However, Clint still insisted that Tina would blindside Cord, as Clint walked up the stairs.

In the library at Llanfair, Viki talked to Natalie on the phone, and Natalie stated that she thought Bo and John would find Todd. However, Viki feared that Todd had been injured, after she had heard about the blood at the docks. Natalie picked up the edition of the Sun with the headline, "Scarface Kills Again" and noticed that Jack had written it. When Natalie worried that Viki was stressed also because of Tina, Viki indicated that she was more concerned about Natalie and her sister.

Natalie revealed that Jessica had watched Liam, when Natalie had suddenly been called in to work. David Vickers ran into Natalie's apartment, unnoticed. When Viki hoped that the sisters' relationship was on the mend, Natalie joked that had to mean that Viki and Tina would work it out as well. After she got off the phone, Natalie told Liam that she had to take a shower and left the room. David Vickers walked into the room and said to Liam, "Afternoon, Chubby Cheeks." Liam responded, "Back at you, Fleabag."

David Vickers introduced herself as the princess, David Vickers, and when Liam noted that she had a lot of name for a little dog, David Vickers admitted that she was really a bitch. Liam remembered that was what his mom always called his aunt and wondered what it meant. David Vickers announced that she had news, and that it was not good. Liam threw out his pacifier.

David Vickers revealed that Liam's parents were not who Liam thought that they were, and that Liam's father was really John McBain. Liam remembered that John was a cop and refused to believe the dog. Liam cried, "Hey, you come in here with your fleas and your ticks and your groundless accusations...." After David Vickers stated that she had proof, Liam yelled, "Yeah, where is it? Don't tell ate it." David Vickers declared that the proof was at home, and she ran off to get it.

Back at Llanfair, Tina burst in on Viki and announced that David Vickers was still missing. Tina exclaimed that David Vickers had a huge Twitter following and asked Viki to put her dog's picture on the front page of the Banner. When Viki refused, Tina pointed out that they were sisters, and Viki exclaimed that was only when it was convenient for Tina. Viki declared that Tina always put herself over those that she claimed to love, and that Viki would do everything to protect her children from Tina.

Tina reminded Viki that their brothers, Todd and Victor, had constantly put all of their children in danger, but that Viki had always welcomed them back with arms wide open and had always given them a free pass. Tina thought that she knew why. She cried, "Hold the presses! Oh, I have got your headline, you see. 'Llanview Mourns the Passing of the Town Know-It-All. City Safe for Idiots.'"

Viki insisted that she had never called Tina an idiot, but Tina felt that Viki believed that Tina was. Tina cried that Viki was wrong, and that Tina had not returned only for Victor's money. Tina claimed that she was there for Viki also. When Viki expressed surprise that Tina still needed her, Tina admitted that she had just arrived from an awkward encounter with Cord, and that they had almost kissed.

Tina explained that Clint had interrupted them and then added that she needed to strike while the iron was hot. Tina believed that she always made the right choices when she was with Cord, and that he had brought out the best in her. Tina hoped that if she could make it work with Cord, she could also make it work with Viki.

Tina begged Viki to tell her that it was not too late and then vowed that she would never leave their family in a lurch again. Viki agreed that it was not fair to give their brothers second chances, but to deny a second chance to Tina. However, Viki still refused to put David Vickers on the front page of the Banner. Viki cheerfully announced that David Vickers was not missing, as David Vickers barked. Tina picked up the dog and hugged and kissed her. Tina declared, "This day just keeps getting better and better."

At the Llanview jail, Starr prayed that her dad would be okay, when Jack handed her the edition of the Sun. Starr noticed the headline and the author and yelled that it was a lie. Jack exclaimed that if Starr wanted "some bedtime story about how you're innocent until proven guilty, go read Aunt Viki's rag."

When Starr pointed out that Tomas had already confessed to Irene's murder, Jack growled that Todd had killed Irene, and that Tomas was covering up for Todd. Jack called Todd a coward who only cared about himself, and Starr cried that their father had taken a bullet for them. However, Jack refused to believe Starr and insisted that she was just trying to make him feel guilty.

Starr declared that Todd had wanted to return something to Irene, so that she would leave them in peace. Starr added that if Todd died, it would be Jack's fault for putting their dad in jail for something that he had not done. Starr knew that Todd was wounded and feared that he would be returned to jail. Jack slipped and exclaimed that he knew that Todd had killed Victor, because he had heard it on Shaun's voicemail.

Starr then realized that Jack had overheard the tape, and that he had also overheard Shaun and Starr's discussion about it. Starr understood that Jack had known what was said that night, because he had overheard Starr and Shaun talk about it. When Starr demanded that Jack admit that he had overheard their conversation, Jack stated that even if he admitted that he had, Starr would still have no proof of it.

At Viki's cottage, Blair begged Todd not to die and slapped him. Todd yelped and asked Blair what was wrong with her. Todd told Blair that if she let Todd die, she could finally be rid of him. Blair laughed and reminisced about the night when they had first met. Blair insisted that Louis Armstrong had been playing on the jukebox, but Todd claimed that it had been Nat King Cole. As they thought back, Blair relented and agreed that it had been Nat King Cole.

When Blair mentioned that she had thought that Todd was not sentimental, Todd admitted that he was not, but that he was cursed with an infallible memory. Todd just wished that he could take an eraser and erase all of the bad stuff from his life. Todd then speculated that if Blair erased all of the bad stuff from her life, she would have no memories of him left. Blair expressed that it was the bad stuff that made her appreciate the good stuff.

Todd and Blair thought back again to the first night that they had met, when they discussed who was the biggest loser of the two of them. Todd then wondered if that had been a good memory. Blair said that it had been good, because before that night, she had been all alone in the world, and after that night, she no longer had been. Todd indicated that he had gotten a bad rap as the biggest loser that night, because Blair had been more pathetic, since she had drunken herself into a stupor over Max.

Todd then reminded Blair of the stables, where they had shared their first kiss. When Blair told Todd that he was a survivor, Todd stated, "You don't need to tell me. I was married to you and lived to tell the tale." Blair declared that Todd was no walk in the park, and that he had not exactly swept her off of her feet. Todd and Blair remembered when they had gotten married the first time. Todd reflected that he had married Blair because he had believed that she was pregnant, but that Tina had revealed to him that Blair was only after his money. Blair snarled and said, "Tina."

Todd related that the first time he had held Starr in his arms was the very first time that he had felt alive. Todd remembered that he had wanted so much for Starr. Todd reflected that he had declared back then, "I want my daughter to be alive. I want her to be healthy. I want her to play on the swings and get a dog and go to the Junior Prom. And I want her to graduate from college, meet some guy who's not even remotely good enough for her and be the president of the United States of America." Blair believed that Starr would surpass all of Todd's dreams.

Todd believed that he would never be able to make it up to Jack for giving him away as a baby, and Blair agreed that it had been the worst thing that Todd had ever done to her. After they remembered Blair's discovery of Jack's kidnapping and adoption, Todd indicated that the trip down memory lane had done wonders for his soul.

Todd wondered if Blair had told their kids bedtime stories while he was gone, and Blair said that after they had traveled to Paris, the children only liked to hear love stories. Todd said, "Speak for yourself. I like a fairy tale now and then." When Blair claimed that her stories did not sound authentic, Todd declared that was because Blair did not believe, but that he did.

Blair and Todd thought back to their wedding, when he had showered her with gold -- golden balloons. Blair looked at Todd and sadly said, "I thought fairy tales were supposed to have happy endings," and as he gazed at Blair, Todd replied, "Who says this one's over." Blair and Todd leaned in to kiss.

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