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Tabitha and Kay are still steadfast at keeping Charity and Miguel apart, but as usual, their latest scheme has blown up in their face.

I am so glad Whitney finally got a backbone and stood up to Theresa. Too many times Whitney either rolls her eyes or just tells Theresa that her latest scheme will never work. But this time she let her have it with both barrels and it was nothing Theresa didn't deserve. She called her a "scheming nutcase" and told her what I've been screaming for months; Theresa IS NOT good enough for Fox. Whitney also pointed out that not only what Theresa did was a crime, but that also she is now an accessory to it by knowing.

What I don't understand is how Theresa thinks she is going to be able to give this child away to get EM back. I mean this child is just as much hers and EM is. In fact, I'd be willing to bet EM and this new baby are full blood siblings. (Everyone knows EM is Ethan's child, it's just a matter of it coming out). I can only hope that all the bedpans in Harmony are locked up when Gwen finds out Theresa is carrying Ethan's child and not her embryos.

Meanwhile, Ethan is dreaming of a life with Theresa and trying to deny it to Fox who is not buying it. Theresa calls Paloma who is not interested in talking to her. It's amazing that the picture Paloma has of her family is so current, especially since Luis and Antonio haven't been on speaking terms since Antonio came back to Harmony.

It must be the whole family. Luis has kidnapped Sheridan and taken her away from Harmony. It's all perfectly logical in his mind, but technically Sheridan has reiterated over and over and over and over and over again how much she wants to be with Antonio. And most of it came BEFORE she was brainwashed. Also amazing how Luis just threw Sheridan in the car and took off, yet she has a bathing suit to go diving.

The mystery man and woman have been revealed to be Martin and Katherine. Apparently at the Founder's Day dance years before the two ran off together. And apparently big bad Al didn't know Katherine was really alive until now. Really, Alistair is not the all powerful villain the writers have made him out to be. What will this do to Sheridan and Luis? And who was the man young Sheridan found dead under a sheet in the mansion all those years ago that she thinks she killed?

Tabitha and Kay are still steadfast at keeping Charity and Miguel apart, but as usual, their latest scheme has blown up in their face. Ivy is telling Charity to never give up on Miguel, especially after she and Sam spend a romantic night together, but Charity realized Miguel would never love her as he loves Maria. Tabitha creates Evil Faith. Doesn't anyone realize "EVIL" comes to Harmony every summer.

T.C. finally reveals to Eve the contents of the shed. We waited five long years to see, and now it's going to be shoved in our face every other week apparently. Now we learn Julian wasn't driving the car that night, Eve was and she and Julian were both drunk. What will this do to those "That damn Julian Crane" or "Julian, you bastard" speeches T.C. is so fond of?

Highest point of the week: Evil Faith could be fun. Whitney called Theresa out.

Lowest point of the week: Martin and Katherine, how lame. And what exactly is Paloma so angry about?

Until next week friends,

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