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Luis is the biggest idiot on the show. He knows that Alistair is trying to kill both him and Sheridan, and he just keeps volunteering information to strangers that he meets. Where is the cop instinct that supposedly runs his life?

In the immortal words of Aunt Irma, "Well lightning done struck the outhouse." Yes the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH is out. And I'm beginning to believe Jack Nicholson was speaking about T.C. when he screamed, "You can't handle the TRUTH." By the way, the word TRUTH was uttered more times this week than FATE has ever been uttered on this show.

At first Eve is off the hook. That was my favorite part of the week. After watching the frog (Liz) croak with delight over Eve's impending downfall, T.C. forgives Eve and asks her to stay. The look on the frog's face when she heard T.C. tell Eve he loves her and he wants to work out their problems was priceless. Then he learns she had Julian's love child, and that was all she wrote. And of course, the frog had to spill the beans that Julian is lurking right outside the Russell door and the fight of the century began. How funny was it that Chad tried to help and got thrown half way across the room?

And why is it that T.C. couldn't believe anything? Everything had to be repeated two and three times before he'd accept it. Even after he's learned the dirt on Eve, he had to have Eve repeat it in order to believe it. Same thing when he couldn't believe the frog is Eve's sister. Then the dummy defends the frog. I loved Eve spilling the beans to T.C. about the frog's plans. Then T.C. turns to the frog and asks her to repeat the TRUTH. For one shining moment, it looked as though the whole Russell clan will turn on the frog, but the frog manages to make everyone feel sorry for her.

Now that the TRUTH is out, and T.C. refuses to forgive Eve, maybe he and the frog will leave the show. I hate T.C. At first, he was forgiving and wanted to work out their problems. But once Julian's name was brought into the picture that was it. Now my question is this. If T.C. was so willing to forgive and forget everything else, why can't he forget this? This all happened before he met Eve, and Eve has been nothing but supportive and loving for him. On the flip side of this, could someone please clue Aunt Irma in on all Beth's (where ever she may be) schemes. Aunt Irma spilled more beans in one night than the writers have spilled in five years. And why isn't Tabitha watching all this. She loves pain and misery and has been waiting for years for this secret to come out. Why isn't she tuning into her bowl and jumping for joy?

In order to avoid having to face her feelings for Fox, Whitney pops the question to Chad. Poor Fox. He lays it all on the line, and he still gets the royal shaft. For once, and I know what a shock this may be to some of you, Theresa didn't get on my nerves. I loved that scene between her and Fox when she admitted that she felt Whitney hasn't given her entire heart to Chad since he's been back. However, if I ever hear Chad call her "T-Lo" again, I'll personally start the petition to murder his character.

Miguel leaves Harmony to go search for Charity. I hate the fact that Miguel and Charity left town (and the show) and didn't get the happily ever after send off. If Miguel was so willing to walk away from his daughter for Charity, why didn't he do it a year ago? Kay pulls every trick in the book to keep Miguel with her, but it's no use. She compares him to Martin, and in a way he is. He left his family to pursue another woman. Can't blame him though. Luis has left Beth and baby Martin time and again for Sheridan. Like father, like son.

Speaking of Marty, please kill him, Kathy, Sheridan, and Luis. Luis is the biggest idiot on the show (next to T.C.) He knows that Alistair is trying to kill both him and Sheridan and he just keeps volunteering information to this strange couple they just met. He and Sheridan share recognition of "the Wheelers" (Marty and Kathy), but he can't place it. Where is this cop instinct that supposedly runs his life? This is why he is no longer a cop. A hit man follows him around, and he has no clue. Of course, I've been screaming for a while Luis doesn't have a clue.

But boy does he get a clue where his baby sister is concerned. He and Sheridan walk in and see Paloma is trying out for a starring role in Dirty Dancing III. The funny thing is, he is shocked! Why? After all, Paloma is a Lopez-Fitzgerald. Three of the Lo-Fitz children have had out of wedlock babies. And who is Luis to judge her? He's the worst of the bunch. He chased his brother's wife for two years, and even had "two" women pregnant at the same time. Maybe Mr. Morals needs to climb down off his soapbox.

Highest point of the week: Aunt Irma. She is too funny. "Beyonce without makeup." Kudos to Tracey Ross. She shined all week.

Lowest point of the week: Luis the idiot. Where do all the storylines that are built on Eve's secret go from here?

Until next week friends,

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