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Passions Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on PS
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Monday, July 26, 2004

Miguel tells Kay that he is going after Charity. Kay begs Miguel not to leave and he confesses that he is going and if need be, he is going to stay with Charity where ever she is. Kay then confesses she loves Miguel and that she always thought she'd get married. Simone begs Kay to let Miguel go, but Kay is relentless. Miguel apologizes to Kay and tells her Charity has his heart and she always will. Kay grasps at straws and throws Maria in Miguel's face. Miguel promises to find a job in another town with Charity and send Kay money. Kay compares Miguel to Martin. Miguel angrily leaves and Kay limps out after him screaming for him not to leave her.

Whitney tells Chad that she wants to spend her life with him in front of Fox. The pair become engaged. Chad is excited and asks Fox to be his best man. Once alone, Fox questions Whitney's choice. She tells Fox that she agreed to marry Chad so he would know she is a one man woman. Whitney asks Fox what he was thinking when he was spending all that time alone with her? Fox turns the tables and asks her the same thing, but Chad returns before she can answer. Whitney is obviously affected by Fox's question.

Julian begs Eve to leave with him. Eve goes back inside to face the music, and T.C. berates her. Liz heads outside and tells Julian she is enjoying every minute of Eve's misery. Eve goes upstairs to pack her things so she can leave. When she comes back down, T.C. asks Eve not to go. Julian and Liz are spying on T.C. and Eve and Liz fumes when T.C. begs Eve not to go. Julian is sad that Eve is staying, but is happy that T.C. has forgiven Eve and now she is happy. T.C. asks Eve if she has any more secrets and Eve dreams of confessing that she and Julian were lovers and they had a child together. T.C. turns against Eve and attacks Julian when Liz spots him outside. Eve tells T.C. there are no more secrets and the two decide to work out their problems. Liz smiles as she realizes Eve still has secrets to be exposed.

Sheridan can't shake her recognition of Katherine, who confesses she is her mother. Martin confesses to Luis that he is his father. Luis and Martin embrace. Katherine imagines the entire scenario and she and Martin fear their children will hate them when they learn the truth. Martin and Katherine drive Luis and Sheridan to the inn and question them about the goings-on in Harmony. Luis talks about Pilar and how she is waiting for Martin to come home. Luis tells Katherine how Sheridan and he lost their baby, and how they plan to marry and start a new family soon. Katherine turns on the radio and starts to sing the song she used to sing to Sheridan as a child. In a sleepy state, Sheridan sings along. Sheridan wakes up and calls Katherine "mother."

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Kay cries over losing Miguel. Kay keeps trying to think up schemes to keep Miguel in Harmony. Simone tries to talk some sense into Kay. Kay compares her love for Miguel to Simone's love for Chad. The two spar when Simone refuses to believe that she won't end up with Chad. She ends up storming out of Kay's room.

Fox tries to be happy for Chad and Whitney, but it's hard for him. He fakes it for Whitney's sake. Chad encourages Fox to give Whitney a congratulatory kiss, which irks them both. Fox kisses her on the cheek, and he, Whitney, and Chad head off to tell Theresa the good news. Theresa is shocked by the news. Whitney and Chad leave, and Theresa grills Fox. She tells Fox she thinks Whitney is in love with him. In private, Whitney tells Chad she doesn't want to rush into anything when Simone overhears them.

T.C. forgives Eve for her past. Liz tries to figure out a way to let T.C. find out about the baby Eve had with Julian. T.C. asks Eve to talk to the girls and he reassures her that they will forgive her. Liz rouses Aunt Irma who tells T.C. that Eve had a rich white man's baby. T.C. has a hard time believing it at first, but Eve confirms it. T.C. then asks who the father is. Aunt Irma ends up spilling the beans about Julian being the father. T.C. refuses to believe it, but blows his lid when Eve can't deny it.

Katherine sings the song she used to sing to Sheridan when she was a child. Sheridan sings along in her sleep. She wakes up and calls Katherine "mother." Luis convinces Sheridan she was dreaming, but Sheridan recognizes Katherine's profile. Luis calms Sheridan and explains to Katherine how Sheridan's mom died when she was young and how Alistair blamed Sheridan for her death. Katherine almost lets it slip she's Sheridan's mother, but Martin stops her. Once the foursome is at the inn, Katherine confesses to Martin that she doesn't know if she can keep quiet. Alistair's henchmen is still following them and reporting to Alistair what's going on in Mexico. Sheridan hugs Katherine who calls her "my baby girl."

Wednesday, August 28, 2004

Alistair's henchman watches as Luis and Sheridan get settled at Aunt Maria's inn. Luis is upset to hear of Paloma's resentment towards her family.

Theresa tries to help a confused Fox understand that Whitney does love him. The two friends discuss their messy love lives. Meanwhile, Chad and Whitney tell a less-than-pleased Simone about their wedding plans.

TC lashes out angrily at Eve over the truth about her and Julian. Julian offers to help Eve, but she implores him to leave before TC sees him -- and kills him!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Martin tells Maria that he decided not to go out of town at the last minute. He and Katherine talk about how glad they are that their children ended up together. Katherine recalls trying to stand up to Alistair for her children. Martin and Katherine remember how Alistair encouraged Julian to be more like him and how he used to berate him to do be better. Martin tells Katherine that running from their families was their only option. Martin is sure his family will forgive them once they learn his life was in danger.

Sheridan and Luis enjoy the sights of Mexico. Luis takes Sheridan to the church where his mother was baptized. The hitman follows them in and prepares to kill them. Luis and Sheridan escape and head to a club where they spot Paloma dancing scantily.

Whitney, Simone, and Chad come home and see Julian and T.C. fighting. Chad tries to stop it, but is knocked out the way. Sam is called to the scene. Whitney thinks the fight is because the truth about Eve and Julian's affair is out. Whitney tells Simone about the affair and she slaps Whitney. Sam breaks up the fight. T.C. tells Sam about Eve's past. Fox happens upon the scene and hears T.C. say Eve and Julian had a baby together. Simone can't believe what she's hearing and cries on Liz's shoulder. Eve exposes Liz as her sister.

Ivy welcomes Sam home with a steamy kiss. Sam realizes something is bothering Ivy. Jessica interrupts and tells her dad that Charity left town. Sam is livid that Miguel left Kay and Maria, but Ivy points out Miguel can get work elsewhere and send Kay money. Sam and Ivy head to the Russell's to break up the fight between T.C. and Julian. Sam can't believe the truth about Eve, and Ivy begs her not to spill the beans on her.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Ethan tries to calm an upset Gwen. Gwen feels Ethan really wants to be with Theresa. Ethan tries to convince Gwen otherwise and sets up a "pregnant" night. Gwen cries that Theresa isn't going to give them their baby. Gwen talks about how much it hurt to lose her daughter Sarah, and how scared she is that Theresa is going to put her through more pain. Ethan tells Gwen that is they give Theresa little Ethan back, she'll give them their baby. Ethan convinces Gwen to give little Ethan back once Theresa gives them their baby. Gwen agrees and they head to the hospital to tell Theresa the good news. Ethan and Gwen overhear Theresa say she will never give Ethan and Gwen her baby.

Theresa talks to Pilar about Whitney marrying Chad while she's really in love with Fox. Theresa tells Pilar she isn't giving her baby up to Ethan and Gwen. Pilar asks Theresa how she plans to scheme her way out of it, but Theresa doesn't have a plan yet. Pilar talks about the pain it caused her to send Paloma away. Theresa thinks it is fair because Gwen and Rebecca declared war on her first. Theresa vows to never give up either of her children.

The Russell's have a hard time believing Eve when she outs Liz as her sister. Eve tells everyone how Liz has been planning for a while to bust Eve and take her place in her life. At first, Liz denies being Eve's sister. But Liz weasels her way out of it, by saying she never intended to hurt Eve or her family. Liz tells how she didn't want Eve to be hurt and how she wanted to be a part of Eve's family. The Russell's rally around Liz and defend her to Eve. Whitney finds out Eve had Julian's baby. Whitney and Simone lay into Eve about trying to raise them as proper ladies when she never was a proper lady. Eve tries to defend herself, and Whitney slaps her. Julian comforts Eve, and angers T.C.

Alistair checks in with his hitman who is tailing Luis and Sheridan. Luis and Sheridan are shocked to see Paloma dirty dancing at the club. Luis grabs Paloma off the floor and gets into a fight with a guy. Paloma is upset that Luis has interrupted her good time. Luis is shocked that Paloma is upset with her family. Luis tries to convince Paloma her family loves her, and spills the news that Antonio is dead. Luis tells Paloma that he wants to take her back to Harmony. Paloma tells Luis she is doing fine on her own and she doesn't want to go back to Harmony. She runs away from the club, and the hitman follows her. Luis worries that if Paloma doesn't come home, Pilar will die. Paloma runs away again and the hitman grabs her.

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