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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on ATWT
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Monday, July 26, 2004

When Doc spots Jessica's prenatal vitamins, she is forced to tell him that she is pregnant. Although he immediately guesses that she suspects him to be the baby's father, he assures Jessica that he will make no claims on the baby. Unfortunately Jessica must warn him that Margo knows that they slept together. Just then, Ben arrives and is so rude to Doc that Doc leaves hastily. Ben rants and raves about how Doc has ruined Margo and Jessica's friendship. Margo returns to her home to find Jill, the blackmailer, telling Tom all about Margo's multiple clandestine meetings with Doc. When Tom shouts at Margo, she admits that she kissed Doc more than once. Margo cries and begs Tom, "Don't throw this away." Tom rolls his eyes and answers, "I didn't." He leaves for the hotel with a packed suitcase. When Margo tells Casey that Tom has left, Casey calls Ben and Jessica and asks them to come over. When Margo sees them, she leaves to room momentarily and overhears Ben telling Jessica that he doesn't blame Tom for leaving because Margo slept with another man. Margo returns to the room with fire in her eyes, and says, "That's not exactly what happened."

While Jordan has Cabot, Rosanna leaves Paul in the penthouse to go see Barbara secretly. Rosanna asks Barbara to help her get Jordan away from Jennifer, arguing that Barbara would be saving both her children from James Stenbeck. Just then, Paul arrives at Barbara's door and Rosanna hides in the next room. As Rosanna listens with her ear to the door, Paul confides to Barbara that he loves Rosanna, and as he leaves he asks Barbara not to interfere. Barbara begs Rosanna not to go through with her plan, but Rosanna tells Barbara that James Stenbeck always gets his way and , "If I want to keep Cabot, I have to stay married to Jordan."

Jack's car plunges into the river with Starziak inside and Jack hanging on to the door frame. The license plate of the car is left on the bridge. Back at the station, Hal calls Carly to tell her that Jack did not make it to the hospital, where he was heading with his prisoner. Holden leaves to retrace Jack's route from their house to the hospital, while Carly explains to Parker that Jack has gone to take a bad man to the hospital. Next, Hal receives a call reporting an accident on Route 17, and he leaves Nikki at the station while he goes to see if it is Jack's car. Emma comes over and agrees to stay with Parker while Carly goes to the police station. Molly, knowing that Jack took Starziak without backup only because she begged him to, follows Carly. When Carly and Molly arrive at the police station, they find Nikki taking a call from Hal to trace the license plate, and Carly immediately knows that it is Jack's because of the letters PKRSGE (Parker and Sage). Carly asks a policeman to take her to the crash site, but when Molly tries to come along, Carly gives her a cold stare and leaves without her. When Nikki asks Molly, "Why didn't Jack wait for backup - why did he leave to bring Starziak in on his own?" Molly miserably answers, "Because I asked him to." Carly arrives at the crash scene and is told that two witnesses saw the car plunge off the bridge. She screams, "Jack! Jack! Jack!"

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Molly is remembering everything that happened to her with Starziak. She especially remembers that she wanted Jack to get him out of her sight, because she was so afraid. She is with Nikki and Nikki is telling her that everything will be okay. Carly blames Molly for what has happened to Jack. She tells her if she had not dumped all her problems on everyone else, and brought them into her little dramas as she always does, that Jack would be safe now and they would know where he is. Holden wants Molly to go home with him. When Carly arrives home, after being at the scene of Jack's disappearance, she is greeted by Emma, who tells her that she will stay the night, so she can be there also when Jack returns. Parker comes downstairs and has a question for Carly. He wants to know why she is not answering Jack.

Emily, sitting at home, is trying to tell Alison how lucky she was that Chris happened by and was able to get her hand fixed. Alison is beginning to find so many strange goings on between Chris and Emily. First, one thing and then another. She doesn't quite know what to make of it. When Chris comes in, Emily suggests that she have some iced tea, and Alison leaves for the kitchen. Emily tells Chris that Alison thinks Chris has been distracted lately. Again, Emily suggests they tell Alison all about their being partners in the contest. Chris talks her out of it and so the deception will continue.

Margo, Ben and Jessica are together. Margo is trying to say more to Ben about the incident that she feels wrecked her friendship with Jessica. Before she is able, she receives a phone call from the police station. They need her down there for an emergency. Margo tells Jessica and Ben, she has to go but, the conversation is not over and they will talk again. Before Margo leaves, Casey comes down and questions Margo also. She says she cannot explain it now, but she promises that tomorrow, she will. Ben quizzes Jessica. He says that Margo is hiding something. She has not said all that she wants to say yet. Ben gets a call and has to leave for the hospital. He tells Jessica that he wishes she could trust him and she tells him what it is that is tearing both her and Margo up.

Doc and Tom are hurling words at each other. Doc tells Tom that he is a fool if he is planning on destroying his marriage to Margo. Tom replies that he certainly doesn't need any advice from the great Doc Reese, and, one day, he hopes that he can repay him for destroying everything he loved. Later, Doc is sitting at the bar and Tom happens to walk in. He hears Doc talking about his glory days and he has had enough. He walks over and decks Doc. A fight ensues and the police are called in. Both, Tom and Doc are arrested.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Margo is at the Police Station telling the policemen that they need to go out and find Starziak and Jack. He says that Jack is tough and is still out there somewhere. She dismisses them and goes for a cup of coffee. Another officer tells her about the incident that happened last night between her husband and Doc Reese. He tells her that they are both in jail. Margo rushes down to see Tom. Curtis comes into his living room to tell Jessica that there was a call from her office that Doc Reese and Tom are both in jail. At the jail, a guard asks Tom if there's a message for his wife. Tom says, "nothing thanks." Doc starts a conversation off with a smart remark to Tom. He says, "oh, you can talk, I thought you might have broken your jaw when you pounced on me after that sucker punch." Tom tells him that he is lucky that was all he did. Being locked up for something I didn't do is not exactly what I call luck, Doc tells him back. Tom infers that none of this would have happened, if you would have kept your hands off my wife. Doc tells him again that he needs to get another song and dance, 'cause that one is getting old. Margo arrives and asks what has happened. Tom points to Doc, and Margo once again tells Tom that nothing happened. I'm not the one who made love to Doc Reese. Tom says, "You're not the one, what does that mean?" Margo starts to say something as Jessica walks in interrupting Margo. Doc tries to tell Tom again, Margo and him were not together the way that he thinks. Margo also says that it never happened and all she needs is her husband. Jessica tries to tell Tom also and Margo tells her to stay out of it, she needs Tom. He tells her that he doesn't need her. At the jail, Margo says to Tom, that there is something he needs to know. "What," says Tom, and Jessica says not here. Tom tells her not anywhere, because he's not interested in hearing it, and unlike her he means what he says. The guard calls out Tom's name and tells him that he is free on his own recognizance by order of the judge. He prepares to leave and Margo tells him that they need to talk. He agrees and says that when he calms down, he will tell her where to send his things and what they should tell Casey, 'cause his life will never be the same again. He leaves and Jessica follows after him. She wants to talk with him privately. Meanwhile, Doc tells Margo, not to do anything. He knows she thinks she is paying for Jessica's sins but it's not her secret to tell and if she wants to do the right thing, don't ever tell anyone what really happened. He tells Margo he never forced her into anything. He is trying to protect Margo, Jessica and her baby. Whether or not it is his baby or Ben's, but either way the child's future is in her hands. In the meantime, Jessica is telling Tom that his anger doesn't have to last forever. "If Margo loved me," says Tom, "she should have protected me by telling the truth." Instead, she didn't and he certainly can't trust her. He had to learn it from a stranger. He tells Jessica that the thought of being in the same room with Margo, makes him sick. He then wants to know what the hate is that Margo has for Jessica. He intends to tell Margo himself that she doesn't deserve a friend like her, and Jessica agrees. She tells Tom not to do that however. Doc says to Margo that he does care, even if she doesn't think so. He cares about her, about Jessica and her unborn baby. He and Jessica made a mistake and he hopes no one else will have to pay the price. He tells her that she knows what will happen if Ben finds out about Jessica and him. She agrees, and tells him that Ben will walk out on her (Jessica) just like Tom did on her. Doc says that even if the baby is Ben's, it will be born into a broken home, is that what she wants? Margo tells him that she just wants her life back. He tells her that you can't get it back by destroying someone else's. He reminds her how long Ben and Jessica have tried to have a baby, and that Ben will be a great Father. The guard tells Doc that his bail hearing is in a half hour. Doc says that he and Tom can make the incident at the LakeView go away by dropping the charges against each other, she can make the rest disappear but only her, so please do the right thing, and don't say anything. Jessica tells Tom to go home and talk with Margo. Tom wants to know what's up; Margo has her lover and her best friend lying for her. She tells Tom that Margo is not the guilty party. Tom realizes that it was Jessica.

Barbara has called Jennifer and Paul to meet her. She has something to tell them and she hopes they will be understanding. (Barbara remembers her conversation with Rosanna. Rosanna wants her to create a distraction so that she can consummate her marriage to Jordan.) Barbara tells Paul and Jennifer that she must go to New York. She has her symptoms back. It could be something simple that will go away on its own or it could be a tumor, maybe something they didn't get when they operated. Jennifer and Paul want to know what Walker thinks. She tells them that he doesn't know, because their relationship has changed. She has a specialist in New York to see. She wanted them to know about since she didn't tell them about her blindness. She would like them to come to New York with her. Jordan comes up to the table and tells them, that whatever she wants, just say no. Jennifer asks Jordan why he is there and Barbara announces that she called him because she didn't want any secrets. Jennifer walks away with Jordan to tell him about the conversation. Paul asks when she is leaving and then decides that he should make some arrangements also. Barbara makes a phone call to Rosanna, but passes it off as a distributor. Jordan and Jennifer arrive at the table and he apologizes for saying what he did. He wishes her well. Jennifer will also accompany her Mother on the trip. As they all leave, Barbara tells Rosanna that she has some wonderful news for her. She will be leaving and taking Jennifer and Paul with her on her trip to New York, leaving her alone with Jordan, so she better make the most of her time with him.

Aaron arrives at Alison's house. She has called him because she needs the opinion of her best friend. Alison is preparing to see the Minister that will marry her and Chris. She wants to make a good impression and wants to know if she is dressed properly and is saying the right things. She shows him pamphlets that she got that will help her prepare for marriage. Aaron is mystified by it all. It is sounding like she might have some doubts and so he tells her not to marry him then.

Nikki and her Father, Hal, are talking. He tells her that he doesn't know what he would have done, if she hadn't been there. He has enjoyed her being there. She has been a life support for him in this time of crisis -- first losing Officer Cain and now the disappearance of Jack. Emily has come down to the police station to see Hal and offer moral support. She wants to know if there is anything that she can do. Hal passes on her help and tells her to go on home and pray for Jack and Carly. He walks away. After he is rude to Emily, Nikki comes up to her and tells her that her Father is just tired and frustrated and the fact that he has been up all night. That's how he gets when he's on a job. Emily looks at her and thanks her for explaining the workings of her husband. Nikki says that she is just trying to help. Emily asks her when she is leaving town. Before she can reply, Hal calls out to her for help, he needs her. Emily arrives at the Minister's office. She sees Chris there and wonders if she has arrived early. Chris tells her that the Minister had to see some other people but he would be there shortly. Alison is, of course, late. Chris and Emily talk and are nervously talking because they are not comfortable in the same way with each other. It seems they have grown closer and although neither mentions it, it is obvious. Emily tells Chris that Alison wanted her to be there. The Minister walks in and mistakes Emily for Alison. He apologizes but says that they looked very much in love. Alison comes in and they all talk. The Minister is listening to Alison talk about what marriage means to her. The meeting is over and he agrees to marry them.

Carly dreams that Jack is standing in front of her. Jack's vision is telling her that he died. At this point, she wakes up. Rosanna rushes over to where Carly is. Carly tells her that Jack was there. Rosanna tells her that she was just dreaming and Carly says no, it was Jack and he's dead. Rosanna says that her brain is over loaded with so much right now, that she just imagined it all. Carly wants to go on down to the police station again. She wants Rosanna to stay with Sage and Parker. She wants to be alone right now. Carly leaves and Parker comes downstairs looking for Mommy. He tells Aunt Rosanna that Jack was there, and was calling for Carly all night, then it just stopped. Nikki brings in report of Jack's car. It had blood on it. It is at the lab and they are trying to determine whose blood it is, Jack's or Starziak's. Hal asks Nikki to stay. He tells her he called DC and the IRS and worked out a leave of absence for her. They are short handed and he really could use her help. She accepts his offer and tells him that they will find Jack. Carly bursts into the office and asks what they are doing. They need to be out there looking for her husband now!! Hal tells her that everyone available is doing just that, they all want to find him. He tells Carly that losing her temper won't help anything. She needs to remain calm. Carly tells him it's not up to him to tell her how to feel and how to react and where to go. An Officer comes into the room and says they found a body; they are pulling him out right now. At the scene of where the body is being hoisted, Hal and Carly arrive. They bring up the body. Is it Jack?

Thursday, July 29, 2004

The rescuers looking for Jack brought in a body in a body bag. Hal didn't want Carly to see it in case it was Jack but she insisted. She was horrified to see Starziak in the bag. She insisted that Jack was still out there somehow waiting to be found. Carly told Hal that they could borrow Rosanna's helicopter to look for Jack but Hal said they already had one out. Carly said she didn't care how long it took to find Jack he was coming home to her. Carly suggested that Hal call all of the local fisherman to come out and look for Jack but Hal said they a had a lot of man power. Every cop in town was looking for Jack. The inspector told Hal that Starziak fell on the rocks and died instantly. He thought that was what happened to Jack and wanted to call off the search. Hal said his men were not going anywhere. Carly had a vision that Jack was walking towards her with his arms outstretched. Then a cop arrived with a piece of red cloth. Carly confirmed that it was a part of Jack's shirt. The cop said it was found on the rocks. Hal told Carly that they were no longer trying to rescue Jack; they were trying to recover his body. Carly refused to believe that her husband was dead. Hal tried to convince Carly but she told Hal he was a hateful man and how could he give up on Jack. She called out to Jack - "where are you?" Hal said he was so sorry but that Jack was gone. Carly screamed that it wasn't true and fell into Hal's waiting arms.

Meanwhile, across town people were beginning to learn that Jack was not coming home. Margo called Holden and told him that they had found Starziak's body and it didn't look like he was coming home. Molly smiled when she found out that Starziak was dead. Holden and Molly hugged and Lily came back to the house to find them in each other's arms. Holden relayed Margo's message to Lily and they embraced in an attempt to comfort each other.

Across town, Jessica and Tom were talking. Jessica admitted to having slept with Doc. Tom wondered how she and Margo could put their marriages on the line because of a man like that. Jessica defended Margo by saying that she did not sleep with Doc. Jessica said that she knew Tom felt betrayed but he should not give up on his marriage. Tom told Jessica to worry about her own marriage. Tom left and Jessica set up a romantic dinner for Ben. When Ben came home, he found the room lit with a bunch of candles. They Harrises embraced and Ben asked how he could be so lucky to find a woman like Jessica. Ben told Jessica about Jack's accident and the fact that they had not found his body. Ben said he never wanted to let go of Jessica because in one minute everything could be ruined. He said that if anything happened to her he would be devastated. Jessica ran away in tears.

Later on, Jessica and Ben were sitting on the couch and Ben tried to calm Jessica. Jessica said Ben was the best man she had ever met and that she loved him very much. She said she didn't deserve Ben. He guessed that it was just her hormones talking. He said that her and their baby meant the world to him.

Meanwhile, Tom showed up at the station to see Margo. Margo was upset that the rescue crew had not found Jack yet. Tom told Margo that Jessica admitted to sleeping with Doc and also told him that Margo had not, but" Tom said that does not change anything between them. Margo asked if Tom was coming home and he told her they need to get a separation. Margo begged him not to go. She said that he shouldn't turn his back on her because at any time they could lose each other like Jack and Carly. Tom told her not to compare them to The Snyder's - what happened to them was an accident; Margo had thrown away their marriage.

Gilligan told Craig that Dusty had told him that Creel said "Lucy's father" was the one that killed him. Craig said that Dusty made that up so he could continue playing Lucy's white knight. Craig told Gilligan that the police did not believe Dusty's story about Lucy's kidnapping and Creel's murder. When Gilligan asked if he should tell Sierra and Lucy what Dusty was saying, Craig told him not to - it might upset the women. Gilligan said that Dusty was determined to find proof of Craig's guilt and Craig said that there is not anything to find. Craig broke into Sierra and Gilligan's place and planted evidence to frame Gilligan for the Lucy's kidnapping and the murder of Creel. When Sierra and Gilligan returned, Craig hid from them.

Nikki called Lucy and Dusty to look at pictures of suspects in the hopes that they would identify Wade, the other kidnapper. Nikki left to make a phone call and Lucy pulled her chair next to Dusty. They touched hands as they went through the books. Dusty told Lucy to go home where she would be safe. Lucy mentioned the kiss they shared last week and the fact that Dusty had not wanted her gone then. Dusty got news that Wade was a gambler. He used the information to find out where Wade was staying from his credit card statement. Wade was in Reno, Nevada. Lucy wanted to come with Dusty when he decided to go and see Wade himself. Dusty said that she could not come. When Dusty left, Lucy ditched her bodyguard and went off to find Dusty.

Emma was taking care of Sage and Parker at Milltown. When Emma went into the kitchen, Parker grabbed his inner tube and went out looking for Jack himself.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Carly is sobbing in Hal's arms. Hal is trying to console her. He tells her that Jack will always be there for Sage and Parker, for her and even for him. Hal says that Jack is far, far away now. Hal says that good men however, never leave their families behind. Jack is one of those people, and he will not leave them, not even in death. Hal takes Carly home to help her explain to Parker what has happened.

Parker has his life boat and he is going to go and find Jack. Hal and Carly arrive back at the house and Emma comes running down the stairs to find Carly and Hal coming in the door. She tells them that Parker is missing. The neighbors do not know where he is as they have not seen him either. Carly discovers that his life boat is gone and so is his bicycle. Hal calls the station and lets them know that they need to look for Parker. Meanwhile, Hal calls around and finds that there have been no little boys that have been brought into the hospital Out on the water, Parker calls to Jack and tells him that he is coming. He stands in a rowboat and tosses his life boat out into the water and it causes him to fall over backwards, into the water himself. Later, Carly discovers his bike near the water and frantically starts to call for him.

Sierra and Alan are talking in their room as Craig hides in another, hoping not to be discovered by them. A knock comes to the door and it is the bodyguard for Lucy. She slipped by him and is now missing. Alan and Sierra start for the door immediately, wanting to check several places hoping that she is with someone and is safe. As they leave the premises, Craig slips out the door. Back at his place, Craig picks up the phone to find Wade on the other end. He tells Craig that he has seen Lucy with Dusty and they looked pretty chummy. He is coming back to Oakdale to get Craig.

Dusty finds Wade's room and bursts into it. He finds Wade and Wade is about to finally tell him who he was in business with, when, seeing Lucy, he knocks Wade out instead. Lucy wants to know why he did that to Wade when he was about to find out what he wanted to know. Dusty tells Lucy that she has to leave, he doesn't want her there, and he doesn't want her. Lucy leaves. Dusty enters the room once again, and as Wade comes to, he goes after Dusty, with a knife, wounding him and leaving him sprawling around on the floor. Wade leaves and makes yet, another getaway. When Dusty wakes up, Lucy is tending to his wounds. Dusty tells her that he had to knock Wade out, so she wouldn't be hurt. He tells her to leave again. She says that if she does, there will be no one to care for him. Lucy's phone rings and she doesn't want to answer it. Dusty picks it up and makes her talk to her Mother. Sierra is concerned about where she is. Lucy tells her that she is safe and will be home in a day or two.

Rosanna tells Phyllis (the maid) to care for Cabot that night upstairs. She does not want to be disturbed. She prepares for the evening ahead by setting the mood for her seduction of Jordan. While doing so, she receives a call from Paul and is tearful while talking with him. She puts him off because of what she is intending to do. Jordan comes in and mentions that he thought Paul was in New York. He thinks the mood is being set for her and Paul. She tells Jordan that the mood is set for the man that just came in. He is confused She makes her move toward him and then blurts out that she cannot do this. Jordan asks her to explain. She tells Jordan that this whole scenario was set up by James. She tells him that James will take Cabot if she doesn't seduce him. She tells him that James wants, no annulment, that she is to consummate the marriage or the next time he will take Cabot for good. Rosanna tells Jordan that Barbara is terrified of James and she is involved also. Rosanna and Jordan talk. He thanks her for being honest with him. She tells him that he is a good man. He asks her if she trusts him and she says yes. He admits to being naive perhaps, where James was concerned, but if she truly trusts him, they can beat James.

In New York, Barbara is telling her children that she is glad they came with her. She needs their moral support. She however, does not want them to go with her to the specialist. She leaves and asks them to wait for her return. Outside the door, her driver waits to take her not to the Doctor's office but to Central Park instead. In the room, Paul is calling Walker to make sure that Barbara is not up to her old tricks again. When he gets off the phone, Jennifer tells him that he had no right to go behind Barbara's back. Paul tells her that Walker knows nothing. Barbara's operation was a total success. There is nothing left inside of her that would cause anymore problems. She told Walker that she was in New York on business for BRO. Barbara comes back after her so called appointment. In order to keep them in New York for another day, Barbara tells them that she has to go back the next day for more tests. Paul asks if they can go with her then. Barbara says she will see in the morning.

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