One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on OLTL

John suspected R.J. of being behind his beating. Starr admitted her computer hacking. Kevin disrupted the shareholder's meeting. Tico bought Lion's Heart and moved in. Todd told Kevin the truth about Ace. Kevin temporarily received custody, but Kelly had fled with the baby.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, July 26, 2004

After realizing she left something, Evangeline returns to John's place. John gets beaten up by R.J.'s thugs for hire. The thugs pretend they were after John's wallet. Evangeline wonders if John knew the guys. John vows to find out their identity. John thinks the motive behind his attack was not robbery. The police find one of John's assailants. Evangeline visits R.J. and asks for the truth about John's attack. R.J. denies any involvement. Evangeline tells him that she did not break up with him to be with John; she broke up with him because of who he is. John tells Antonio his suspicions that R.J. is behind his attack. He also tells Antonio that the only reason why he has not done anything to R.J. before is because of Evangeline but he won't be so nice next time.

Jessica shows Tico Lion's Heart. Tico promises to create new fond memories in the house so Jessica won't be afraid to visit him. He tells her that it is his way of coping with the shame his father has caused him. They realize they have their infamous fathers in common. Jessica stops by to see Antonio. Sonia is at the station with Antonio. Jessica was not very nice to her. Antonio was not happy that Tico was there to help Jessica overcome her fear of Lion's Heart.

Blair accepts Todd's proposal. Starr is thrilled and so is Viki. Todd makes Starr and Travis admit to Viki that they were responsible for the article about Kevin that was almost published in the Banner/sun. Viki urge the kids to tell Kevin. Todd brings Travis and Starr to Kevin's house to apologize but Kevin thought Todd put them up to it and called Star a liar. Todd pins Kevin to the front door and warns him not to talk to Starr that way. Blair meets Tico and Jessica and expressed interest in Lion's Heart. Jessica told her that Tico has just met the asking price. Blair offers twenty thousand over his offer but Tico made it clear her efforts were useless since he will match any price. A disappointed Blair tells Todd of her plans to buy the house. Todd was not impressed with Lion's Heart.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Evangeline confides in John about her suspicions that R.J. is responsible for his attack. John agrees. R.J. visits John at the station. R.J. subtly threatens Evangeline safety to John. John loses his temper and promises to hurt R.J. if anything happens to Evangeline R.J. looks affected by the threat. John suggest to Evangeline that they not see each other because she might be in danger. Evangeline questions his motive. She thinks it's because he wants their affair to end. John denies it. Kelly retains Evangeline as her lawyer. Evangeline asks Kelly if she is holding back anything that might hurt her case in the future. Kelly says no.

Viki tells Kevin that she doesn't want to see him until he is himself again. Kevin changes the board meeting to that night instead of the following day. Natalie won't take back her proxy from Kevin because she also wants Todd removed from the Banner/Sun. Kevin gets Todd voted off. Todd, Viki and Blair get to the meeting too late. Blair is aching to tell Kevin the truth.

The Cramers and the Santi/Vega families gathered at La Boule. Kelly and Blair get in a pushing fight. River shows up un-invited to talk to an unwilling Adriana. Tico escorted River out and warns him to stay away from Adriana or else.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Kevin kicks Todd out of his job at the Banner-Sun. Viki and Jessica have had just about enough of his childish vendetta and voice their feelings

Todd decides to come out swinging and starts by putting a plan in motion to steal Craze from under Kevin's feet.

Starr wigs out when she overhears gossip about Todd and Kelly, prompting Blair to decide to tell Kevin the truth about Ace. Todd stops Blair before she spills the truth and instead tells Kevin himself. Meanwhile, Tico turns on the charm with Jessica and Viki.

The eclectic mix of personalities and temperaments of those living at the Love Shack start to clash in explosive ways. Marcie gets the rather kinky idea of having the guys at the house strip at the Hook Up to raise funds for the Love Center. Meanwhile, Daniel asks Nora to go away with him for the weekend -- and she accepts!

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Paul is confronted by Kevin and is forced to confess that Ace isn't Kelly's baby. He further claims that Ace is actually an infant abandoned by a homeless mother. When Kevin threatens to take Ace from her and gain full custody, Kelly arranges to go on the lamb with her baby.

Blair worries for Kelly, fearing that she is slowly losing her mind. She later becomes privy to Todd plan to pilfer Asa's mansion from him. Matthew makes a touching videotape for Bo, filling him in on the years that they weren't together.

A group of outsiders set on annoying the kids at the Love Center result in genuine friendships forming out of defending each other. Jen reaches out to Julie, whom she worries is a bulimic. After doing some research, Michael and Marcie learn that the bones she found at the construction site belong to a woman buried there 50 years earlier.

Friday, July 30, 2004

Dorian and David catch Kelly before she can disappear with Ace. Kelly confesses all to David and begs him for help. Kevin tells Evangeline that he is having Ace removed from Kelly's care. Just as Dorian convinces Kelly to stay and fight, Evangeline tells them the bad news. Even though Van assures them that Ace will be back by the next morning, Dorian worries about Kelly's sanity should she lose the baby. David and Dorian quickly realize that Kelly disappeared with Ace. When Kevin knocks on the door with the police, David stalls while Dorian searches for her niece.

Sonia continues to taunt Jessica when she shows up at Lion's Heart to visit Tico. Being as subtle as possible, Jessica tries to learn where Tico spent the last year of his life. Dropping a mirror, Jessica finds a picture of two boys tucked behind the glass along with a letter from Tico's mother. Antonio and John attempt to figure out Sonia's connection to the FBI. Antonio questions Sonia, but she refuses to answer his questions.

Todd and Blair make plans to steal Asa's mansion. When Starr storms in and tells them that she is an outcast because of her parents, Todd promises her that he will make them a respectable family. When Todd realizes that Asa doesn't know the truth about Ace, he and Blair decide to use it against him. Staging an argument, the two are pleased when Asa looks on.

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