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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on GL
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Monday, July 26, 2004

At Gus and Harley's engagement party, she is stunned to hear Darci thank "Mrs. Godfrey" for all of her help with the wedding. Harley makes the connection when Darci explains that Alex was known as Mrs. Godfrey during their time in Europe. A livid Harley ushers Alex outside where she orders her to spill her guts. Harley explains she was with Brad Green when he died and heard him say "Godfrey." Alex denies any connection to Brad's drug dealings. Harley tells her this will break Gus' heart. Harley asks Alex if she was the one who planted evidence in Frank's briefcase. Alex continues lying and reminds Harley they are almost family. Harley says she suspected she was involved all along, but didn't want to believe it for Gus' sake. Harley doesn't know what's worse - the fact Alex lied to Gus or that she's continuing to lie to him when he's trying so hard to be loyal and protect the Spauldings. Meanwhile, Alan tells Gus about Darci's toast. Gus wants to tell Harley everything, but Alan convinces his son Alex will protect him, just as he protected her. As Harley and Alex continue to argue, Gus interrupts and tells Harley to stop.

Jeffrey is on the phone telling someone "Princess Cassie" is going to be out of commission for good. Later, he meets with Ross to discuss Frank's case. Jeffrey promises he will try his best to help Frank.

At the auction in Italy, Dinah catches a glimpse of Cassie and hides behind her cape. As she rushes out, her cape gets stuck in the door. When Cassie and Edmund follow, they find the torn cape and a hotel key. They head to the hotel to search "Princess Cassie's" room. They smell Cassie's favorite perfume in the air. As they continue searching for clues, they hear Dinah trying to open her door. Cassie and Edmund hide. Surrounded by flowers and perfume, Cassie sneezes. This scares Dinah into going downstairs for a drink instead of entering her room. As Cassie and Edmund rush out, Dinah hides in a hallway closet. She overhears the pair discuss hiring a private investigator to find the imposter. As they leave, Dinah calls Ross and asks if he, as mayor, could work a deal with the D.A. so she can come home. He tells Dinah that Jeffrey will throw the book at her. Shocked to learn Jeffrey is Springfield's D.A., she promises Ross she won't put herself in danger anymore. She then calls a travel agent and arranges a trip to Springfield.

At Towers, Reva, Josh, Sandy and Shayne are attempting to have a family dinner while Sandy types on his laptop. Reva mentions his birthday is coming up, and he will be entitled to his inheritance from his father's estate. When Sandy goes to check his email, Josh questions why he is so secretive. Josh and Reva thank Shayne for always being supportive of their crazy family. Marina arrives and lets it slip that Shayne has been practicing his pitching in order to go to the Pros. Shayne admits to his parents he's thinking about baseball again. Later, Reva complains that she misses being needed by her kids. Josh suggests they get a puppy. When she tells Josh she's thinking bigger than a puppy, he worries she is considering a baby. Reva says no, but she does miss the excitement from their past. Josh tells her he likes their life now. Reva asks why they can't have both the normal life and the excitement of their younger days.

Sandy tells Marina he has been using his laptop to find out exactly what is included in his inheritance.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

At the Beacon, Danny runs into Reva. She tells him Michelle's newfound attitude and sense of adventure has inspired her to sign up for salsa lessons.

Gus temporarily stops the heated fireworks between Harley and Alexandra, and tells Harley he wants to talk to her. He takes her off to talk alone. Gus tells Harley he can see how she feels about the Spauldings. He advises her that if she cannot trust the Spauldings, then she cannot trust him. Harley agrees to tackle everything after the wedding. Gus begs Harley to marry him tonight. She convinces him to have the wedding tomorrow as scheduled. When Rick arrives with Frank, Frank begins ranting about how Harley's marriage to Gus will be a big mistake and a joke. On the other side of the foliage are Gus and Harley, who step out in front of Frank in disbelief. As Rick drags Frank away, Frank tries to apologize for his remarks. Gus corners Alan, and tells him he feels terrible about what he is doing to Harley regarding keeping Alex's secret. Later, Frank apologizes to Gus. Outside Company, Harley and Alexandra resume their heated fireworks. Harley assures her the wedding will go on as planned tomorrow. But afterwards, Harley announces she is going to tell. Alex becomes frightened as Harley continues she may tell Ross, Jeffrey or anyone who will listen. Harley demands Alex break it off with Buzz. Alex counters by advising Harley that the more digging she does, the deeper the hole gets for everyone.

When Danny receives a call about Michelle buying a chair, the focus travels to the light house. Michelle is there, and has the place decked out to her liking, complete with strobe lights and upbeat, loud music. Danny calls her cell phone, but she does not hear it. Danny arranges to meet with Rick and Mel at Towers. He voices his frustration over Michelle and even how she got a tattoo. When Felecia arrives to join them for dinner, Danny arranges for her to help him get through to Michelle. Back at the light house, the loud music is interrupted when Michelle receives a call from Danny. He asks her to join them for dinner. Mysterious Michelle agrees. Rick goes to Frank's rescue when he overhears him shout at the bartender after being cut off. Rick takes Frank back to Company. Michelle arrives. When she finds out Felecia is a shrink, she freaks out and accuses Danny of setting her up.

Buzz tells Alan that Frank believes he set him up. Alan flatly denies it. Buzz agrees to start over with Alan and the Spauldings for Harley. Alex and Buzz talk alone. He tells her the reason she lent a hand in helping Harley with the wedding is because Nadine could not be there. Because of what she's done to Frank, Alex knows she doesn't deserve Buzz's kind words.

Tammy prepares for her car wash, when confronted by Lizzie. The two duke it out with words over Joey. Tammy tells her they are no longer friends. Reva gets mixed in with Joey, Lizzie and Tammy when she talks to Joey alone. She advises him to be careful when it comes to wanting things he might not really want to begin with. Tammy and Lizzie walk in and clash directly in the presence of Joey and Reva. After Lizzie takes Joey away, Tammy vents her frustration about them to Reva. She aids Tammy by empowering her to practice good business savvy in getting dirty cars to visit her car wash. Living well is the best revenge, according to Reva. Later, she finds Tammy has made a fortune at the car wash by dressing in a bikini top and shorts. Lizzie presents Joey with a CD cover design. Later, Lizzie phones in the fact that Tammy is conducting a car wash without a permit.

Fearing Joey still loves Tammy, Lizzie tries to convince Beth he is completely over her. Beth doubts Lizzie's confidence, but assures her that if they do break up, she could go after him again. Fearing Lizzie has taken her advice the wrong way, Beth worries when she thanks her for agreeing.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Harley forces Alexandra to break up with Buzz. Gus and Harley establish that they will spend the night before their wedding separately, per tradition. Gus says he will spend the night at the Spaulding mansion, and also admits he is scared to do so. Back at the mansion, Gus and Alan suggest to Alex that she think of someone besides herself. At Company, after all the guests have left, Buzz and Harley discuss Alexandra in length over drinks. Harley asks Buzz how she makes him feel. He replies Alex makes him feel like the best years of his life may be in front of him. Gus tries to write his marriage vows, but messes up every time. Unknown to Buzz, Alex interrupts them. Jude and Zach are happy when Harley tells them they are going to marry Gus tomorrow. Alexandra proceeds to tell Buzz they are over. Alan reassures Gus that he will be a good husband to Harley. Buzz refuses to let Alex break up with him, and she gives in. Buzz pronounces them back together. Gus talks to Harley on the phone, as they prepare to get through the night before the wedding - just one more night. Meanwhile, someone watches the surveillance tape featuring Alex and Gus in the basement of the Beacon, from the night Brad Green died.

Michelle blasts Danny for having Felicia, a psychiatrist, at dinner. Michelle is dressed for bed in a bra and panties. Meanwhile, Tony has a dream where he is beginning to have sex with Michelle. Bill interrupts the dream. Michelle demands from Danny her freedom to do what she feels like doing and to figure out what it is she wants. She declares she likes who she is becoming, and then walks out on Danny. He searches for Michelle, and runs into Bill. He tells Danny Michelle finally decided to wake up and smell the coffee. Michelle arrives at Tony's place. She tells him all about what happened at dinner. Tony tries to avoid Michelle, telling her he has to get some work done. Michelle's coat falls open, revealing the bra and panties she is wearing underneath it. Tony pushes Michelle away, and she leaves.

Cassie and Edmund return from Europe. Outside the back of the Beacon by the trash dumpsters, Dinah appears. Fugitive, and after years on the run for shooting Hart, Dinah has returned to Springfield! Then she runs into Ross. Cassie professes to Edmund that she is not afraid of "Princess Cassandra." Ross asks Dinah where she has been all this time. Dinah says she left the convent after she miscarried, and then went around from country to country. She tells her father she spent some time in prison due to carelessness. Their reunion is interrupted by Jeffrey. Dinah runs behind the dumpsters to hide. Ross tells Jeffrey he is meeting a friend. Jeffrey leaves, and does not see Dinah. Ross advises Dinah to be careful; she is indeed wanted for murder. Cassie questions why someone would want to be her. A hotel clerk asks Cassie what to do with a box of old tapes. Edmund offers to take them. Jeffrey runs into Edmund and Cassie. Cassie tells Jeffrey about finding the imposter in Europe, and how the imposter was able to ditch them. Jeffrey makes a call on his cell phone, and then flashes back to a time when he was preparing Dinah to impersonate Cassie. In the flash back, Dinah declares how well she will be able to play Cassie. Back in the present, Cassie and Edmund swear they heard something, but brush it off as nothing. As they walk away, Dinah emerges.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

From Company, Harley phones Gus at the mansion on the morning of their wedding. They made it through the night. Gus tells Harley to hurry up and get over to the mansion, so they can get the wedding under way. After hanging up with Gus, Harley is greeted by the arrival of Blake and Marina. They came to help Harley get ready. Blake picks up on the fact that Harley has more than pre wedding jitters. She tells Blake it's due to the Brad Green scenario. When Gus can't find his cuff links, Phillip lends him some which had belonged to their grandfather. Alex and Alan enter, offering to help Gus get ready. Gus asks them what they know about trust.

Bearing gifts for the bride and groom, Olivia and Bill bump into each other. After talking with Buzz, Harley figures out Alexandra and he did not break up after all. Reva and Cassie also arrive to help Harley get ready. After Marina brings the wedding dress in, it's time for something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. Cassie provides something new, a pin from Venice, so she and Gus will have smooth sailing the rest of their lives. Marina provides something blue, a garter. Frank and Darci arrive at Company. Frank hasn't slept all night. He vows one more day, and he is going after the Spauldings. At the mansion, Alex tells Gus he is in this as deeply as she. Gus wonders if there's a way to protect Frank and them at the same time. Blake provides something old, some jewelry which belonged to Holly. Marina re-iterates that Frank was set up. She further announces Frank would never commit a crime, not even to protect Darci. All eyes fall on Marina.

Dinah arrives at the Beacon in disguise. A hotel clerk greets her, asking if she needs assistance. Dinah goes on to say how much she admires the hotel. The clerk points out the owners of the Beacon to Dinah, Olivia and Bill. Dinah lights up when she sees her brother. Meanwhile, Olivia touches Bill's face. She gets a call from Phillip at that moment. She pretends to have a bad connection on her cell phone. Phillip vows their truce will end if Olivia doesn't cooperate. As Bill goes to get his car from the valet, Olivia tells him to save her a dance. Dinah approaches Olivia, and asks why do all the good ones get away? Olivia asks if they have met. Dinah introduces herself to Olivia as Dee. Dinah says she knows Olivia's name as being in partnership with Princess Cassie Winslow. Olivia summons Bill over to meet Dee, but to their surprise, Dee has vanished.

Phillip asks Frank to focus on what's important, which is Harley's wedding to Gus. Gus arrives and tells Frank he owes him. Gus asks Buzz to keep Frank out of trouble until tonight, as he has to go and take care of something.

The ladies attempt to apologize to Darci for Marina's remark. Darci provides something borrowed, a bracelet Frank gave her. Reva declares it's time to get into hair and make up. Darci unexpectedly announces she has to leave for a moment. Alone outside Company, she says she "did this to Frank."

Jeffrey arrives at Company, much to the ladies' displeasure. It turns out Harley called him. She asks him for a favor today, or there won't be a wedding. Harley declares she has information. Jeffrey gives Harley a wedding gift, tickets to the dog show. She officially invites him to join the wedding. Jeffrey tells Harley he is not going to deal with her problem until after the honeymoon. Harley pleads she is withholding evidence, but Jeffrey does not want to hear it. As Harley appears all ready in her wedding dress, Phillip asks for a moment with his ex wife. Reva, Cassie and Blake leave them alone for a minute. Phillip and Harley discuss old times. He fears that unless she forgives the Spauldings, she may not be able to go on trusting Gus.

During a toast proposed by Alan, it is discovered the champagne is bad. Alex, Buzz and Frank look on it as a bad omen. Meanwhile, Gus goes to the police station and arranges a private meeting with Vinnie Salerno! Gus tells Vinnie he has information which implicates him in the death of Eden. He tells Vinnie it could result in the death penalty. Vinnie asks what his alternative is. Gus tells him to confess to framing Frank Cooper. Vinnie tells Gus to go after the real culprits. Gus calls in the guard to have Vinnie taken back to his cell. His plan has backfired.

Darci tries to tell Frank something. They are interrupted by Alan, who announces all of the champagne has turned to vinegar. Frank volunteers to go to the Beacon wine cellar to get more champagne. When Frank arrives at the wine cellar he notices the surveillance camera. He views a surveillance tape from the night of the San Cristobel festival. Frank sees the meeting between Gus and Alexandra: she is the pipeline between Antimonius and the mob! Frank sees the entire show down between Alex, Gus and Alan that night.

As Alexandra and Alan await Gus and Frank's arrival, Alan implies to Phillip that perhaps he would like to marry Beth again. "Been there, done that," he replies. Phillip sees Olivia walk in. He begins to question her about Bill and demands a word with her. Olivia says she will talk to him after the wedding. Meanwhile, Gus arrives and tells Alan he cannot go on with this lie. Alan pulls Gus aside, and tells him this is what makes it all worthwhile. Gus gets ready to approach Harley.

Friday, July 30, 2004

It's Harley and Gus's wedding day.

Frank finds Buzz, hurries him into the Spaulding living room and shows him the surveillance tape. Buzz is deeply rattled by what he sees--namely Gus confronting Alexandra about her involvement in the Antimonious drug case--and tells Frank to shut it off. Frank tells his dad that he doesn't know what to do because this will destroy Harley.

Bill recognizes Dinah near the Beacon and approaches her. When he asks her what she's doing back since she's a fugitive, she states that she missed Springfield and got tired of running. She tells him that she wants her life back, the one she deserves. Finding out Dinah has nowhere to stay, Bill invites her to stay with him. He then warns her to stay away from the Beacon since it's owned by Cassie. He then rushes off telling her he has to go to Harley's wedding at the Spaulding mansion.

Michelle and Danny arrive at the Spauldings for the wedding. Michelle tells Danny that his mission is to keep people from hounding her about their wedding. Danny tries to explain that people are just being friendly but Michelle isn't appreciative. He thanks her for coming with him anyway. A little later, an unhappy Michelle calls Tony. Since he's with the nurse from Cedars, he doesn't answer. Michelle leaves a message though stating that she knows he doesn't want her bothering him but she needs him here.

Frank tells an incredulous Buzz about how he went to the wine cellar at the Beacon yesterday, noticed the surveillance camera and thought to ask for the tape. Frank thinks they need to tell Harley about this now. But Buzz is still in shock and keeps asking Frank why he brought him the tape. He's angry about Alex's involvement while Frank continues to insist that Harley needs to know.

Outside, a nervous Gus is waiting for the wedding to start. He's approached by Phillip who gives him some advice. Phillip warns Gus not to blow it. He tells Gus that he doesn't want to see Harley hurt again the way he (Phillip) hurt her. He tells him that his marriage to Harley ended because he lied and he advises Gus to always be upfront with her. After their talk, Gus sees Alan and starts talking about his father, Joe August. He says that being Joe August's son always meant doing the right thing He then goes to find Harley.

Frank and Buzz are still in the living room, both conflicted about whether or not Harley should be told. Suddenly Buzz plays the tape again, believing that they missed something. Perhaps there's an explanation why Alex and Gus did what they did. Just as Frank is saying that it's all right there on the tape, Harley walks in and asks what tape? Buzz is able to stop the tape when Frank distracts Harley, but she's on to them and demands to know what's going on. How bad is it? Buzz tells her it's very bad.

Reva spots Michelle outside and tells her that she knows how she feels. She talks about Michelle's reluctance to hear others talk about her wedding. Reva tells Michelle that she's hurting the people who care about her, especially Danny since their wedding was the happiest day of his life. She tells Michelle that even though she got a raw deal, she should still remember how to treat people who love her.

Alan tries to dissuade Gus from talking to Harley, but Gus tells him that he owes it to her. If he doesn't do it now; he doesn't deserve to marry her.

Harley demands to know what's on the tape. Both Buzz and Frank try to convince her to just forget about it and marry Gus. But she says she can't do that and orders Frank to play the tape. As Buzz leaves the room, Frank plays the tape. What she sees brings Harley on the verge of tears.

At his place, Tony checks his voice mail and hears Michelle's message. He then blows off the lady he's with in order to meet Michelle.

Back at the Spauldings', Michelle approaches a sullen Danny commenting about how happy he looks. When he assures her that he won't mention their wedding, she tells him she wants to hear about it, about all of them.

Waiting for the wedding to start, Cassie comments to Jeffrey about how much she loves wedding, since being part of a couple just makes you better. As she walks away, he mutters to himself "Unless that one brings out the absolute worst in you." After he flashes back to his early days with Dinah, Cassie mentions that she keeps getting prank calls asking for Blondie. (which is how Dinah would refer to Cassie when she was with Jeffrey)

It's getting late and Alexandra asks Alan if they should ask the guests to sit down. Alan comments that nothings going to happen anytime soon and notes that it's ironic that they have to pay the price for others' righteous deeds.

Inside, Harley just about collapses when she sees that Alan was in the deception also and asks Frank to leave her alone in the room.

Danny is telling Michelle about their weddings. She asks what their vows were. He makes like he doesn't remember but she knows he does. He tells her how they proclaimed their love for one another. In a warm moment, Michelle thanks him for telling her about their wedding and he thanks her for wanting to know. As they kiss, Tony arrives and spots the pair and leaves.

Jeffrey looks like he's watching out for somebody as Cassie approaches him and asks what's wrong. He brushes her off by saying that he needs to find someone. When Cassie's gone, he sees a blonde server that he things is Dinah. Unbeknownst to him though, Dinah arrives immediately after.

Buzz laments to Frank that they should have stopped Harley and asks again why did he have to give him the tape, today of all days? As Frank is trying to defend himself, Marina comes and gives Frank a letter she found out the house. It's from Darci.

As Gus is going to talk to Harley, she puts the tape in to play again. Gus enters the room and tells her they need to talk. With this back turned, he has no idea what she's watching.

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