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JR kissed Kendall. Maria rejected Zach again, but she later admitted that she still had feelings for him. Lily told Maggie and Reggie that she had heard JR plotting against Babe. Anita and Bobby got back together. Edmund grew suspicious of Maria and Zach.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of July 26, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, July 26, 2004

Zach ran into Maria again in the park and she demanded to know what he wants from her. He said he had a proposal and she was not interested, but they were interrupted by Edmund who told her about a joint proposal for the Miranda Montgomery Center. Edmund got a phone call and Maria resumed her argument with Zach, questioning his true motives. All he did was tell her it reminded him of their first fight. He remembered that she hadn't been angry then, just unable to tell him she was leaving. He left the proposal, saying he'll give her space. Edmund rolled up to tell Zach that Bobby and Anita were in the stables and he left. Edmund asked Maria to tell him everything she knows about Zach because the intercepted cell phone call about murder could have been from Zach and his behavior seems suspicious. He asked Maria to keep her ears open around him, but she refused to spy on Zach. Edmund wondered why not and she said he was reaching too far with his suspicions.

Kendall interrupted JR's studying of divorce law to ask his help in making Ryan and Greenlee's worst nightmare come true because he is so good at revenge. JR guessed she already had a plan and she outlined her failed attempts to date to seduce Ryan, his brother, or get Bobby to seduce Greenlee. He reminded her that she tried to snatch Bess, but Kendall insisted she's always been a friend to him and that she supports his plans to get even with Babe. Babe rushed in just then, crying over a nightmare about Jamie and JR both being in jail. Babe felt bad for interrupting them, but JR told her it was alright and asked her to think of something he could do to make her happy. Kendall was impressed, but didn't believe JR's act. She offered to help him get Babe out of his hair, if he helps her. JR agreed it was a match made in heaven and they shook hands and then he kissed her. She was stunned but they vowed to stay focused. He asked her to help him get Chandler Enterprises back. She refused to go as far as Ryan's professional downfall and asked him to seduce Greenlee. He said they'd discuss the next phase after he gets Chandler back. She left, unwilling to wait to get back at Ryan and Greenlee. JR continued to scheme on the phone to regain control of Chandler Enterprises. Babe returned, telling JR that what she wants is another baby.

Bobby went to Anita in the stables to tell her he had signed the consent papers so she could get a divorce. He told her about his investment and expectations of making $1 million and that most of it would be hers. She wondered why and he explained she always believed in him and supported him and he stole her investment in their marriage by lying and cheating. He just wanted to give her security because he loves her. He was about to leave when she stopped him. She asked what he would say if she tore up the papers. He could barely speak, but said he would be the happiest man on earth and do everything to make her happy, buy a house, a minivan, plan a family, and never hurt or betray her again. She tore up the papers and said she loved him and had realized she was wrong to expect perfection and no risks when they got married. Anita admitted she'd had impossible expectations and been too rigid and was now ready to take risks with him. They decided to celebrate by going to dinner and a hotel and then she remembered she was working the next shift. She left to find someone to cover for her and Zach entered, accusing Bobby of stealing from him. Bobby said he had to borrow $200K to repay a personal debt until his San Diego investment pays off. Zach furiously gave him until the end of the day to pay him back, or else. Zach was still in the stable when Maria entered and asked him who he came there to kill.

Ryan woke Greenlee, telling her he was ready to make her secret fantasy come true. He brought her breakfast in bed, but the trays only had a bag of nuts, a box of chalk, a hairnet and the phrase "butterflies are free." Greenlee could only surmise he doesn't know her as well as he thinks, but he insisted she play along to find the fantasy. Greenlee guessed he thinks her fantasy is to coach a women's basketball team called the Pennsylvania Butterflies. He led her to look for another clue hanging from a light fixture...a tiara. He then handed her a stick and a red bandana and told her to not look down, but start packing. He pinned a butterfly on her shirt and she finally guessed the fantasy is going to the circus to live out her childhood fantasy was to be a trapeze artist. He donned a top hat and announced "The Green Butterfly" and she jumped on the sofa to act like a circus performer. She was tickled and even more so to find out he had arranged private lessons for her from a trapeze artist. She was so excited she told him she loves him. He told her he loves her too.

Bobby was in the park, on the phone trying unsuccessfully to arrange an advance on the investment when Kendall overheard and approached him about rethinking her offer.

Tuesday, July 27

At Zach's office, Maria questions him to find out why he is really in Pine Valley. He tells her the truth is that he lied to her, he's there because of her. Maria asks if he's trying to end her marriage. Zach tells her she's the only one with the power to do that. She says she won't end her marriage, not for him, not for anyone. Maria continues asking why he's there. He tells her he's not sure what he wants. He just had to see her. At first it was to say "bye" but seeing her again brought all the old feelings back. "If I don't leave now, I don't think I ever will," Zach says. Maria doesn't understand how him sticking around can help him get over her. Zach tells her he has to make real in his mind that she's made a life without him. Maria tells Zach she doesn't want to go back to that time. Zach admits he's being selfish. He says he will give his part of the Miranda Montgomery Center project to Bobby and stay out of her way as much as possible. "Wait," Maria tells him. "You didn't answer my question. Did you come here to kill someone?" Maria asks. Zach can't believe she'd ask that question after their 24 perfect weeks together then promises her there is no need to worry. He's there for her and on business. Zach repeats that he will hand the board-meeting stuff to Bobby. Maria again tells him to wait. She thinks that might be too many balls for Bobby to juggle. She admits she lied to Zach too. Maria tells Zach she never got over him either and says she'd enjoy working with him.

Anita bursts into the office looking for Maria. Seeing Zach she grabs him and says, "Thank you, thank you, thank you." Seems Zach convinced Anita to give Bobby another chance. Anita is gambling all she has on her marriage and her man.

Kendall continues trying to get Bobby to bed Greenlee. She tells him all of his money worries are over if he does. Bobby needs 200 grand by tonight and Kendall knows it but Anita doesn't. Kendall uses this information as leverage to try to get Bobby to say "yes" to her plan. Bobby doesn't want to cheat on Anita though. He leaves Kendall alone in the park. Later, as he mulls over a drink at the Valley Inn restaurant, Bobby hears Zach warning him if he doesn't repay the money by tonight, his job is not all he'll lose. Palmer finds Bobby having a drink and joins him long enough to tell him how proud he is of him. Kendall walks in and tells Palmer he has the wrong man. Palmer disagrees. He tells Kendall about Bobby paying back the money he owed him and tells Kendall how proud he is of Bobby. Palmer orders three glasses of single malt Scotch to toast his grandson. As Palmer toasts Bobby's future, Anita comes in and says she hopes that includes her. Palmer is glad to see Anita and tells her it looks like she's finally realized the value of more than a dollar. Palmer praises Bobby to Anita. She is ready to take her husband to his room. Kendall encourages all the praise because she knows the pressure it's putting on Bobby to repay Zach by tonight. When Palmer and Anita are out of earshot, Kendall asks again if Bobby is ready to accept her offer. Bobby tells her to leave the 200 thousand at the front desk tonight. Kendall takes his terms and tells him to take Greenlee.

Jamie comes home from jail. Livia wants immediately to start building strategy to prove Jamie's innocence. Jamie wants to go after JR and protect Babe. Livia resigns if they insist on going after JR to build reasonable doubt. Tad suspects Livia knows something on JR and that's why she won't let them go after him. Livia insists she just wants vigorously to defend Jamie but it has to be her way or not at all. Tad, Brooke, and Jamie all agree to let Livia do it her way.

Babe rushes downstairs to tell JR she's fertile and wants to make another baby. JR is somewhat surprised by Babe's request. She tells him he promised whatever would make her happy and another baby is what she wants. "JR, please tell me that you want the same thing," Babe pleads. JR goes along with Babe, who says she's going to flush her birth control pills down the toilet. Adam and Krystal are surprised to hear they're going to be grandparents again. Both seem a bit relieved when they learn Babe is not already pregnant but that the couple is only going to try for another baby. Krystal pulls Babe out of the library to go swimming. An incredulous Adam asks JR if he's really going to have another baby "with that tramp." "Not if my life depends on it," JR responds. He explains he's just trying to make Babe think he still loves her. JR tells his dad he'll take care of it the same way he took care of Jamie then vows he will crush birth control pills and put them in Babe's orange juice every morning if he has to write the prescription himself. No way is she going to get pregnant by him.

Krystal questions Babe's motives for getting pregnant. Babe thinks if she has another baby to hand JR, telling him the truth about Bess won't hurt so much. Krystal tells Babe she doesn't have to do this because David will keep their secret. Babe explains she's not going to tell Bianca out of fear that someone else will tell her. Babe says she is eventually going to tell Bianca the truth because it kills her to think of Bianca with no baby to hold. Babe says it was all she could do at the ground-breaking ceremony not to run up and give Bess to Bianca and tell her the truth. The only thing that kept her from it was not having the heart to break JR's. If she has another baby, she thinks it will help JR through the heartache. Babe breaks down at the thought of losing Bess. Even though Bess is not her baby, she says she couldn't love her more if she were. Still talking to her mom, Babe imagines taking JR to the woods where their baby died and showing him the window and how it will help him get over losing Bess. JR hears the last part as he comes into the room and wants to know why he will be losing Bess. Babe tells JR she was just thinking about Bess as she grows up and how it won't be long before she won't be a baby any more. JR appears to accept this explanation.

As soon as Livia is gone, Jamie tries to leave the house. Tad won't let Jamie go because he knows where he is headed. Brooke promises to use her investigative skills to help Jamie if he'll stay put. Brooke tells them she is already secretly recording Adam. Though the tape's contents can't be used in court, they can end up in the next issue of Tempo and thus be used in the court of public opinion. Brooke and Tad go to Chandler mansion to make sure her tape recorder hasn't been discovered. As they arrive at Adam's, Brooke and Tad enter faking an argument. Brooke apologizes for Tad's behavior. She tells them he insisted on coming there because he believes Jamie is innocent. While Tad distracts everyone with arguments for Jamie's exoneration, Brooke slips away to check her bug. As Brooke removes her tape recorder from the shelf in Adam's library, Babe walks in and catches her. Babe asks Brooke what she is doing. Brooke tells Babe that Jamie did not drug her and this may be the proof. She asks Babe if she wants to hear what's on the tape. Someone catches Jamie listening in from the other side of the door.

Wednesday, July 28

Lily sat on the sofa reading as Reggie and Maggie discussed Jamie's situation. When Lily heard Maggie say she didn't want to lose a friend she asked who was going to die. Reggie sat down and explained that sometime the expression is used to mean someone died and other times it means the person is going away. Lily didn't understand how Jamie would be lost if he knew where he was going. She went back to reading while Maggie and Reggie tried to come up with a plan. Lily joined them and asked what a man at the ground breaking ceremony mean when he said Babe was going to lose her baby. Reggie asked what man she was talking about and Lily described a man completely, down to his red tie (that made her brain hurt). Reggie gently questioned her and she told them she heard the man with the red tie talking to a man with silver hair. She said she heard Red Tie Man say "Whatever I have to do to get rid of Babe I will." Reggie and Maggie got excited and asked Lily to tell some other people what she heard. They explained that it would be like one of her beloved mystery stories and that this was a clue that was needed to solve the mystery. She agreed.

Maria and Zach continued their conversation in the barn. She said she couldn't lie and that yes she still has feelings for Zach. He started to kiss her but she stopped him, saying she won't act on those feelings because she loves her husband. Maria said that Edmund was the love of her life but Maureen fell in love with Zach. They talked about their time together at the casino. Zach asked how they would deal with the present. Maria said she was sorry she hurt him when she left but they would have to find a new place for them now. Zach was a bit surprised to realize she wanted them to be "just friends." Maria explained that old lovers could become friends when the love left. Zach reminded her that she just admitted the love wasn't gone. Maria said it had to end now. Zach asked her to explain why she left without saying goodbye. Maria said it was all because of David and told him the story David made up to keep her hidden. She said David concocted the murder story to keep her from letting the world know he had used her as his lab rat. Maria said that David convinced her that someone was after her and that it would be safer for Zach if she left. Zach realized she left to save him. He stood up and Maria joined him, telling him "Whatever you're planning now just stop! I've made peace with David and want no revenge." Zach said David still needed to be dealt with. Maria begged him to leave it in the past. She said they stay at arms length and have a truce. Zach asked if that's what she wanted him to do. Maria tried to make him promise not to try to bring the past back to life. Zach replied "You can trust my word." Maria walked out of the barn. Zach remembered telling Maureen as he held her in his arms "I'm never going to leave you, you can trust my word."

In Adam's office Brooke tried to convince Babe that JR was out to hurt her, not Jamie. But Babe stubbornly refused to consider anything Brooke told her. Brooke told her that her own marriage to Adam had been an education "Sneaky Tricks 101." She began rewinding the tape to hear the latest trick. As it was rewinding Babe again said Jamie was the one who drugged her and swore to Brooke that she didn't lead Jamie on. Brooke was very sympathetic and said she knew this was breaking Babe's heart. Brooke said the Chandler family had alot of dark secrets and Babe got nervous. She told the younger woman that in this house truth and lies blur together. Babe said not anymore but Brooke kept up, saying the longer one lives here, the more half truths you accept and the more lies you learn to ignore. Babe tried to defend JR but Brooke said "One of us is wrong and it's time to see who." Babe said she was sorry for how Adam treated Brooke while they were married but that JR loves her and wouldn't treat her like that. Brooke described Babe's relationship with Bess, how she knows her better than anyone else. Babe said "I know what you're getting at, that you believe Jamie." Brooke said that every instinct she has screams that Jamie didn't drug Babe. Babe said "I guess we have to listen to the tape."

In the living room Adam told Tad to leave. Tad told Adam he was afraid of the truth. Adam said he felt sorry for Jamie and would ask the judge to give him psychiatric care. JR pretended to care about what happened to Jamie. In the tunnel David ordered Jamie to leave and let him take care of Babe. Jamie refused and David insinuated that Jamie was trying to get Babe for himself. Jamie said he was more concerned with his life as a free man, not his next date. They exchanged nasty barbs for awhile and Jamie finally told David he wasn't going to sit at home waiting for someone else to clear his name. David said he wasn't trying to help Jamie but that if JR is the one who hurt Babe his name would be clear. Jamie refused to agree to back off. David grabbed him and shoved him out of the tunnel into the living room, where he was greeted by shocked looks. Adam demanded to know what he was doing there and Jamie said he was doing PVPD's job and getting proof that JR set him up. Adam and JR began insulting Jamie and then Adam said he was going to call the cops. Tad said that was always Adam's m.o. , to get someone arrested or thrown in a rubber room. JR said Tad wasn't going to push his buttons by brining up what Adam did to his mother. They began to argue when Adam ordered Tad to get Brooke and leave. They realized that Brooke was missing. The whole group went looking for Brooke and found her and Babe together, ready to listen to the tape. Brooke was shocked to see Jamie and tried to get him out of the room. Babe said not until they all heard the tape. Adam pretended surprised, "You bugged my house??." Brooke replied "Save your indignation for someone who doesn't know your history!" Adam tried to grab the tape recorder but Tad got it first and turned it on. They all listened as Adam and JR discussed getting help for Jamie and how much JR loves Babe. Brooke turned off the tape and told Adam he was a sneaky SOB because he found the tape. Tad laughed and said they really had him going at first. Babe ran to JR and hugged him. Adam and JR pretended that the conversation was a real one. Krystal took Babe away and Tad told Adam all this proved was that he knew the walls had ears and was on top of his game. Brooke begged Adam to lay off Jamie but he refused. Tad turned to JR and asked "Not a whisper of regret?" JR just glared at Tad, who then said "I'm going to find out the truth and I will bring both of you down."

Krystal and Babe talked about how the tape proved that JR still loved her and that everything would be fine. Krystal sent Babe up to see Bess and started to go through the hallway. David grabbed her from the tunnel and dragged her in. Krystal told him that Tad and Brooke failed. David said it was just that Adam was one step ahead. Krystal thought this proved that JR truly loved Babe and would never hurt her. David said he heard the tape and it was nothing but "open mike night." He said that JR was one gigantic chip off Adam's shoulder and not the same person he used to be. Krystal said she trusted Babe's judgment. David said he was keeping his eye on JR. Krystal told him that JR and Babe are planning on another baby and that it proved they loved each other. David asked "If I get proof of JR hurting Babe, would you want our daughter with him?" Krystal asked what his plan was. He said to listen and watch every move JR made and he wanted her help.

Just as Tad, Brooke and Jamie were about to leave Reggie, Maggie and Lily walked in. Brooke told them it was not a good time but Reggie disagreed. He said they had something everyone should hear. He explained that Lily was at the ground breaking ceremony and had heard a conversation. Reggie turned to Lily and said "Go ahead Lily, tell them what you heard."

Thursday, July 29

At the Chandler mansion, Reggie and Maggie tell everyone (Adam, JR, Brooke, Tad and Jamie) that Lily overheard Adam and JR talking at the groundbreaking ceremony. Lily heard something incriminating, according to Reggie, and everyone needs to hear it. Jamie insists that Babe be present, moments before she walks back into the living room, wearing a red sweater.

Fearing what Lily could say, Adam becomes overly argumentative and JR follows his lead. They bait all the other "trespassers" into heated arguments. Between the red sweater and the noise being created, Lily starts to get anxious and counts down to try to alleviate her panic. Babe tries to help by telling Lily that she remembers them talking and reminding her that the baby was fine. She also takes off the sweater. Knowing that they have set in motion a diversionary tactic, Adam and JR continue to make the situation escalate.

Finally, Lily sinks to the floor and screams for everyone to stop talking. Instead of abiding by her wishes, JR puts the sweater back around Babe's shoulders and Adam exacerbates her anxiety by continuing to talk in close proximity. Then, Adam tries to touch her. Lily loses what control she has left and she screams and runs out of the house. Reggie and Maggie start to go after her, but before they leave, Reggie turns around and repeats what Lily heard: "Whatever else I have to do, I'm getting Babe out of my life. She's lost that baby." Asking if that sounds familiar, Reggie shoots an angry parting glance and he and Maggie take off. Babe turns a wary eye towards her "devoted" husband.

Adam and JR try to sound as if they are really worried about Lily, and make out the confrontation fiasco as another desperate ploy by Jamie to prove that he didn't drug Babe. Brooke and Tad aren't having any of it, because they know that Lily can't lie, and Reggie wouldn't. Jamie begs Babe to believe that what she heard was the truth. Instead of complying, she orders Jamie and his parents out. She warns them that if they don't stop harassing her, she will call the police and get a restraining order.

Once they leave (with Adam trailing to make sure they do leave instead of lurking around and spying), Babe confirms to JR that she will do anything to keep them away from her because they won't stop trying to split them up. JR ignores her pledges to stay by his side because he really wants to know why Lily would think there was something wrong with the baby.

Babe brushes the question aside and offers to give JR a massage to relieve his tension over what had just happened. Before she can make a romantic thing out of it, JR tells her that he has a headache.

Meanwhile, in the walls, David and Krystal face off. David is hell bent on saving Babe from JR but Krystal is reluctant to believe that JR is anything but loving and devoted. David tells her that he plans on hiding in the secret tunnels until he has something that can prove JR's position one way or another. He can't do it without Krystal's help but she is initially unwilling. She accuses David of trying to make everyone as miserable as he is, and she threatens to tell everyone his plan. David warns her that if she does, he will tell everyone the truth about MiraBess.

Krystal flips out and goes through her regular spiel about David not being a good father because he would rip Babe's heart out and tear her to shreds if he took the baby away from her. David responds that he is trying to save her life - not destroy it. He is certain that if JR is following in Adam's footsteps, he will take everything that matters to Babe away from her - and then he will shut her out of the life he has created for he and the baby. He goes on to say that if he revealed the truth about the baby, he would tell everyone that he alone knew the truth and opted to hide it. Krystal tells him everyone would hate him for that, but David notes that it's nothing new. Krystal tells him that Bianca still loves him and stands by him - and that he should not put himself in a position where he would single-handedly save one daughter, while decimating the "other."

Krystal still wants to believe in JR, but backs down a bit when she realizes how much David is willing to sacrifice for Babe. She tells him that if he is right about JR, and JR is really pretending, there is no way that he can save Babe. David reminds her that even though Krystal kept the secret about the baby, when Babe found out, she survived. Working together, they can help her get through anything.

Krystal agrees to help him, and heads out into the main house to get a pillow and blanket. She runs into Babe, fresh from the confrontation, and tries to comfort her. Babe says that she is fine - and that she lets JR's insults and hateful words just roll off of her. She tells Krystal that love doesn't come close to describing what she feels for JR - and that she would die for him.

Visibly concerned (especially armed with the knowledge she got from David), Krystal suggests they have a heart to heart, but Babe is en route to get medication for JR's headache. She goes back into the living room and tells JR that she really meant "till death do us part" when she married him. To solidify that promise, Babe suggests they go work on making a new baby. Stoically, JR agrees.

At the Valley Inn, Bobby and Anita reconnect in their hotel room. Moments later, Bobby's cell phone rings, and fearing that it's Zach on the other end, takes the call. It's actually Kendall, and she informs him that she has the $200,000 and she is sitting in the hotel restaurant. Bobby starts to blow her off, but Kendall threatens to tell Anita what he's considering and why. Bobby agrees to meet with her.

He gets off the phone and apologizes for being called away, but tells her that it's a client. Guilt written all over his face, Bobby appears to want to do anything BUT meet with Kendall. Reluctantly he goes, but with promises of something sweet when he returns.

He meets Kendall, and she tells him that the job of bedding Greenlee should be easy. According to Kendall, Greenlee's been living like a nun, and is ripe for some action. Bobby thinks that there is genuine love involved (Greenlee's for Ryan) and that the "job" might not be as easy as it looks. Kendall continues to taunt him about needing the money, and Bobby gets irritated at her insinuations. He calls off the deal, saying that he could probably get the money from Greenlee (with the knowledge he has about Kendall's scheme) with much less grief that he is getting from Kendall.

At first, Kendall stalls, but then, believing she knows Greenlee's mind, offers her cell phone to Bobby. Instead of taking the phone and placing the call, Bobby says he is considering his options. Disbelieving, Kendall just urges him to just take the deal. Just then, Anita walks in, and Bobby thinks he is caught.

Kendall jumps in and says that they are silent business partners, but she doesn't do a great job of being quiet. She invites Anita to join them in their celebration of their business deal, but Anita has been called to the hospital for help in the ER. As a show of complete trust, Anita is fine leaving Bobby to meet with Kendall after she is gone.

Before she leaves, a note is delivered to Bobby which says, "Time's running out. Replace the money tonight or lose everything. He plays it off as nothing to Anita and sends her on her way. After she is gone, Kendall reminds him that she will blow the cover off their "agreement", so he confirms the deal.

Back at his apartment, Jamie is frustrated and wants to know what their next move is. Brooke tries to talk him out of it, but both Jamie and Tad remind her that when doing what she believes, nothing stops Brooke from getting what she wants. Recognizing that same trait in her son, Brooke agrees that it would be best to support Jamie rather than go against him.

Jamie confesses that David is hiding out in the tunnels of the Chandler mansion (and he is responsible for Jamie being discovered). Although the alliance is pretty close to unholy, Tad and Brooke agree that it would be good for David to be the eyes and ears, as it would keep Jamie out of trouble. They also agree that it seems JR really has become Adam Jr. They note that they know have to play the game the Chandler way - no rules at all.

Reggie and Maggie arrive at the park, still looking for Lily. As they run off to a different part of the park to find her, Lily emerges from behind some bushes. The voices are still loud and conflicting in her head, but they are slowly fading away. Just when she has herself convinced that everything is okay, she needn't be scared, and she should call out to Reggie, a red light starts flashing. She gets anxious and scared again, just as headlights flash on her face and car breaks squeal to avoid hitting her.

Friday, July 30

Greenlee and Ryan return from the circus. They look at pictures of Greenlee flying through the air, recanting on how much fun she had. She thanks Ryan for making her childhood dream come true and then asks him what she can give him. Ryan simply tells her that all he is wants is her because the day is about her, not him. He adds that Greenlee really surprised him by going up against her fears. He realizes that their marriage is as spontaneous as the circus employees who spin and flip in the air. When he tells Greenlee how lucky he is to have her, they get caught up in the moment and almost kiss-until Ryan says he has to meet Jonathan and rushes out. Ryan goes to the Valley Inn restaurant, where he meets Jonathan. He tells him about the "no sex clause" and then admits that he falling hard for Greenlee.

When Reggie tells Jackson he took Lily to the Chandler mansion and then lost her, Jackson gets infuriated. Jackson immediately calls the police, tells them what happens, and adds not to touch Lily or have the color red near her. Jackson scolds and yells at Reggie for his behavior and then apologizes, saying he is just worried about Lily. Reggie is too and even offers to make a list of phone numbers for Lily to keep on her, should she ever need them.

Bianca knocks on Kendall's door, but gets no response. When she turns to head home, she hears a sound come from Michael Cambias' home. Zach opens the front door of the Cambias home and frightens Bianca. Zach apologizes for scaring her and when he goes to console her, she is shaking. Bianca asks him why is there and Zach tells her that he just purchased Michael's house. Bianca is surprised that he would want to live in a home where a man was killed and Zach realizes how much Michael still haunts her. Bianca tells Zach that she has learned through her therapy she shouldn't be afraid of a ghost, but it is hard to be strong all the time. Zach recalls how strong she was at the groundbreaking ceremony. When Bianca asks Zach who he lost that was so close to him, he avoids the question by using flattery, which she easily picks up. They talk more about Michael and Bianca says that if the devil does exist, he lived inside Michael.

Erica rushes out of her car as Lily screams at her to go away. Lily yells that the red makes her eyes hurt and asks Erica to make it stop. Erica goes on the other side of Lily, away from the car, and gets her to turn away as well. Erica takes off her blue shawl and puts it in Lily's hands. She tells her to focus on her and eventually she won't even see the red. Lily holds the shawl closely and begins to calm down, saying that the light makes the shawl seem purple. Lily begins to ask Erica about her alcoholism disease and Erica answers them honestly. They realize that they have a lot in common. Lily tells Erica about going to the Chandler's with Reggie and being scared of talking to strangers. Erica relates to Lily by saying she was scared of talking to strangers at her rehab center. Lily feels comfortable with Erica and lets her take her home. When they get home, Reggie opens the door. Jackson rushes to Lily, careful not to touch her, and when he sees Erica by her side, he smiles. Lily and Reggie go to Lily's room to go over her schedule and Jackson immediately cradles Erica in his arms, saying how much he loves her and missed her. Bianca comes in and sees them holding each other close.

Bobby visits Anita at the hospital, but their romance is cut short when she has to return to work. When Bobby turns to leave, he sees Edmund, who asks to speak to him about Zach. Edmund tells Bobby why he is suspicious of Zach and asks him to spy on him. Maria overhears and tells Edmund that it isn't fair for him to ask Bobby to spy on his boss. Bobby agrees with Maria-he says that Zach gave him a chance and he won't betray him by spying on him. When Bobby leaves, Maria harshly tells Edmund that Bobby and Anita are starting their marriage over and it is not right to drag him into Edmund's estranged theory. Edmund agrees, adding that Bobby is too close to Zach and he will find out the truth without Bobby. Seeing that Edmund won't change his mind, Maria offers to be the spy because she is going to be working with him. Edmund tells Maria he does not agree with that and then Maria tells him to let it go because it is getting in the way of their marriage. Edmund tells her that the case isn't pulling them apart, Zach is.

Bobby goes to visit Greenlee. When he gets inside he sees something is wrong and asks if she had a fight with Ryan. Greenlee doesn't tell him what's wrong and asks him why he is really there. Bobby informs her that he and Anita are not getting a divorce, but he has feelings for another woman. Greenlee is surprised, especially since Bobby has only been talking about how much he loves Anita and wants to stay with her. Bobby explains that he does love his wife, but can't get the other woman out of his head. Greenlee suggests that Bobby tell the other woman how he feels then. Bobby admits that the other woman is her.



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