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Antonio's memorial service last week was absurd. Luis hated Antonio for taking Sheridan, Sheridan was cheating on him with Luis, Paloma didn't know him, and Marty didn't care enough about him to stick around and raise him. Yet they were all there, mourning him.

You almost have to feel sorry for Beth. I said almost. I still think she needs to pay for her crimes, but you gotta give props to someone who has gone to the lengths she's gone to just to hang onto Luis. I mean if "having" his child won't keep him by her side, nothing will. And now she's been roped into helping Sheridan plan her wedding, when just two Christmases ago, Beth was at the altar with Luis. No wonder the poor girl is batty. I loved her jumping up on top of Alistair and trying to pump the magic word out of him. And that poor pharmacy clerk she hoodwinked never stood a chance. Kelli is a true comedienne.

Okay so the truth is out. Theresa has admitted that she thought she had a miscarriage so she got preggers right away. Only she didn't have a miscarriage, so Gwen and Ethan's baby was nesting in her womb right along either Theresa and Fox's baby or Theresa and Ethan's baby. Ethan tells the truth as he knows it, and Gwen doesn't believe him. I can't blame her, he's cheated on her with Theresa before. I was waiting for Rebecca to claw Theresa's eyes out. And I was waiting for Theresa to utter FATE when talking about the true mother of the baby. If she had, I probably would've turned my TV off.

I hope baby girl X (since she's yet to be named) is Gwen's. Theresa has a child, let Gwen have one. And for the love of Pete, let Ethan get fed up with both of them and leave town. I have a feeling once the truth about the tabloid comes out, Ethan will walk away from Gwen. But I don't think he needs to go back to Theresa. She has done too much to him for them to ever be a true couple. And Ivy will never stand for it. I don't care if Gwen and Rebecca sent the truth to tabloids or not, Ivy hates Theresa. Even when Ivy had Ethan's best interests in mind and encouraged him to follow his heart, she still wanted him with Gwen.

I loved Gwen handing Theresa the court order and demanding she get away from the baby. Why the writers try to make Woody look like Johnny Cochran I have no idea. It is very annoying. If Ethan didn't think what Theresa was doing is wrong, he never would've caved into Gwen. And who thought Luis was going to read Theresa the riot act for sleeping with Ethan, when he's guilty of adultery too? He's just like Pilar. Theresa does something wrong, they all slap their foreheads and say "I can't believe you did that", and that's it. No punishment or anything. Obviously that will be all Marty's fault too, because apparently he should've been the disciplinarian.

Julian officially makes me sick. Alistair is a better father than he is. He jumped at Alistair's misfortune to give Chad his job back, but had to be cajoled by Eve to give Fox his job back. And Fox isn't stupid. He knows Julian only caved to him because of Eve. I loved Fox threatening to take Whitney and never come back if Julian screwed him over. I'd hate for Justin to leave the show, but I'd love to see him stick it to Julian.

Fox takes Whitney to lunch and finds Chad with his very beautiful assistant. Earlier, Whitney and Chad shared a close moment when he lets her know that he has a lot of free time and he spends it reading pregnancy books. They seemed like they'd become friends, until Whit freaks and realizes her baby will be a mutant. Well, I'm sure grandma Eve will love the baby no matter what. T.C. on the other hand, may give up on pushing the tennis career on his relatives.

Antonio's memorial service was absurd. Yes Pilar cried, and she should have. She lost her oldest son. Luis hated Antonio for taking Sheridan, Sheridan was cheating on him with Luis, Paloma didn't know him, and Marty didn't care enough about him to stick around and raise him. Yet there they all were, mourning him. Sad too, because I promise y'all Antonio isn't dead.

Some Random Thoughts:

You still have until December 31 to get in on the Best and Worst edition. I've gotten a ton of emails on this subject, and boy are y'all opinionated. I have some great stuff for the column so far, but I can always use more. The categories will be: Best Actor/Actress; Best Reason to watch/fast forward; Best/Worst Villain; Best/Worst Story; and Most Useful/Useless Character.

I received a ton of email this week. Probably the most I've ever received. Thanks to all who wrote in. Of course the hot topic is Theresa/Ethan/Gwen. Half of you want Ethan with Theresa and half wanted Ethan with Gwen. The presidential elections weren't this close.

Susan thinks Eve should know who the mother of baby girl X is because she did a maternity test. The only thing that test showed was that the babies had two different mothers, and we don't know which baby was lost in the operation. A maternity test on baby girl X will have to be done before we know who the mother is.

"It was so hilarious watching everyone stand around while Alistair choked! I was dying laughing!" I agree Regina. I also laughed when Eve worried about her being a good doctor because she didn't call 911 fast enough. She's a bad doctor for so many more reasons than that.

"I think Ethan should be with Theresa because it is obvious that's where he wants to be whether he admits it or not. Then maybe Gwen will finally move on with her life and find a man that will love her completely." I doubt it Tonya. Gwen's had chance after chance to be with someone else. She's just as obsessed with Ethan as Theresa is.

Quote of the week: "The writers on this show must be all men because I feel the women on this show are so weak and measly." I totally agree with you Emily.

Happy Holidays,

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