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Passions Recaps: The week of June 12, 2000 on PS
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Monday, June 12, 2000

Julian is in Bermuda at the hotel to meet with some woman. He tells the bartender that he had many happy nights in the honeymoon suite at the hotel. He talks about Ethan and says that he doesn't understand why Ethan won't sleep with the delicious Theresa. Julian is supposed to meet Suzanne there, and the clerk tells him that a woman is staying in the honeymoon suite and that it was being paid for by Crane Industries. He gives Julian the key.

Theresa is dreaming yet again about Ethan telling her that she brings out feelings in him that he has never experienced with Gwen and that he loves her. She wakes up and realizes that she is alone. She sees Ethan standing outside alone and goes out to talk with him. Ethan starts talking about Chuck and tells her that he knows that Chuck dumped her because of their social differences, but said that it shouldn't matter because love was the only thing that did. Ethan goes back to his room, but can't concentrate on work. Julian goes into Theresa's room dressed as a pirate. Theresa is dreaming about Ethan and thinks that he has joined her. Julian realizes that he is with Theresa, but she tells him not to stop.

Simone and Kay are at the Book Cafe discussing the prom. Simone tells her that they are no closer to going than they were before. Simone says that she should be with Chad because she did not intend to lose Chad to anyone, not even her sister. Meanwhile Chad has left the police station. Whitney is walking thinking about the kiss. Chad calls after her. She turns around to look as a load of debris to starting to fall. Chad pushes her out of the way and he is buried under the rubble. Eve and Ivy are still inside, when Ivy gets a feeling about Whitney and she rushes outside. Whitney comes to and says that Chad saved her life. No one can find him. Suddenly they hear a phone ring and see that Chad is buried. A man rushes into the Book Cafe to call an ambulance and says that someone is hurt. Simone rushes outside thinking that it may be Chad. They are attempting to dig Chad out from under the rubble. Simone accuses Whitney of being responsible for Chad's accident.

Sam and Luis are in the helicopter, but they can't land. Luis decides to parachute down. Sam mutters that Luis claims that he doesn't love Sheridan. AT the cabin, Antoine has thrown Sheridan down on the bed and is attempting to rape her before he kills her. She manages to get away, but he catches up with her. They struggle over his gun and a shot is fired. Luis enters and sees her lying on the floor with blood on her chest. He begs her not to die. She tells him that she is not hurt, but that she had shot Antoine. He tries to escape, but Luis handcuffs him to the chair. Luis then blasts Sheridan for ditching her bodyguard and putting her life in danger. As usual, they start to argue.

Tuesday, June 13, 2000

by NBC

At the Crane cabin, Luis admits to Sheridan she gets to him, but the two end up fighting. The local sheriff interrupts their bickering and later asks Luis if he is in love with Sheridan. As the police wheel Antoine away on a stretcher, Antoine suddenly grabs a gun and aims it at Sheridan.

Eve works fervently to save Chad. A horrified Simone lashes out at Whitney and asserts Whitney is at fault for Chad getting hurt. Whitney is consumed by guilt. Ivy continues to wonder if Chad's parents are Eve and Julian. At the hospital, Chad is taken to the emergency room, where he flatlines.

Ethan feels guilty as he updates Gwen on his and Theresa's time at the resort. Confused about his feelings for Theresa, Ethan squirms as Gwen praises Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald. Meanwhile, thinking it is Ethan who is in bed with her, Theresa tells Julian she needs him. Julian happily obliges Theresa's apparent come-on. Theresa lets out a bloodcurdling scream when she finally gets a clear view of Julian. Ethan races into Theresa's room and is about to punch Julian, but stops when he recognizes his father. A shocked Ethan demands to know what his father was doing in Theresa's bed.

Wednesday, June 14, 2000

by NBC

Luis and Sheridan drive back to town in stony silence. Theresa records her most intimate feelings in a journal entry on her laptop computer. At the hospital, Charity tries to calm Simone but she continues to blame her sister for possibly costing Chad his life. As Timmy searches for a charm to make Charity fall in love with him, Tabitha reminds the despondent doll that real live girls don't give their hearts to inanimate objects. Sheridan and Luis stop at a roadside diner for a bite to eat but their constant snarling leads the waitress to assume that they're in the middle of a love spat. A drooling Julian returns to Theresa's room and plays on the girl's naivete to draw her into a conversation dripping with double entendres. Tabitha and Timmy receive a sign that something major is about to shake the good citizens of Harmony. Sheridan makes the mistake of encouraging the attentions of a group of rowdy cowboys. Theresa innocently agrees to let Julian give her a massage but Ethan interrupts his father before things get completely out of hand. Julian finally hooks up with the equally lustful Suzanne. Charity tells Simone she's certain Chad will come through the surgery with flying colors.

Thursday, June 15, 2000

Still haunted by premonitions about a disaster at the prom, Charity tells a concerned Grace she doesn't have much appetite. Eve tells her worried daughters that Chad is in serious but stable condition. Luis demands some answers from his kid sister when he finds her in possession of an expensive evening gown. Under questioning from Sheridan, Ethan insists his future is with Gwen and claims he's had no further fantasies about Theresa. With help from Pilar, Theresa finally convinces Luis the dress is just a hand-me-down from one of Ethan's sisters. Meanwhile, Julian returns from Bermuda with Theresa's laptop in his hot little hands. Grace asks Eve to look in on her kids while she and Sam are off sailing. Whitney tearfully tells Theresa how Chad risked his own life to save hers. Charity confides to Jessica her fear that the prom will spell doom for the teens of Harmony. Simone and Kay are ecstatic when their parents agree to let them attend the prom after all. Ivy forces Eve to reveal the Bennetts' vacation plans.

Friday, June 16, 2000

Ivy blackmails Eve into disclosing the Bennetts' vacation plans. Theresa is distraught when Ethan tells her that no one at the resort could find the laptop computer she accidentally left behind. Meanwhile, Julian eagerly opens the file containing Theresa's private diary. At the precinct house, Luis and Sheridan snarl at each other yet again until Sam interrupts to inform the combatants that FBI agent Hal Freeman has come on board to take over the case. Determined to seduce Sam, Ivy orders Eve to delay Grace's arrival at the pier. Theresa manages to retrieve her laptop from Julian's study before he has a chance to read her innermost secrets. Sheridan stamps her feet in frustration when Hal announces that she'll now be under 24 hour guard by federal agents. Later, Ethan admits to his aunt how difficult it is for him to dismiss Theresa from his thoughts. Back at the mansion, Pilar warns her daughter that her reckless behavior is endangering both their jobs. Eve surreptitiously sets the Bennetts' clock back an hour as Grace packs for her romantic sailing trip. Luis and Sheridan are both taken aback to hear who has been assigned to Ms. Crane's bodyguard detail.

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