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Passions Recaps: The week of December 2, 2002 on PS
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Monday, November 2, 2002

The Bennett clan is preparing to host a Thanksgiving celebration for family and friends. They are expecting the Russells and also David and John. Tabitha is invited to share the day as well. Sam goes about his usual Thanksgiving duties and buys the ingredients for the feast. Grace ignores Sam and did the shopping with David's help. She gives David all of Sam's duties which outrages Sam. Grace questions Sam as to who is his top priority. Grace decides that she will spend as much time with David and John as Sam does with Ivy and Ethan.

Ivy calls David and urges him to get moving with their plan to break up Sam and Grace once and for all. Grace fusses about over John, ignoring Kay. Kay sees how miserable her father is and fleetingly considers telling him the truth about David working for Ivy.

Gwen takes great pleasure in telling Theresa not only will she and Ethan be married in a few days but they are moving out of the mansion as well. Theresa looks forlorn. Pilar can tell that her daughter is up to something. She knows that Theresa has not given up all hope of getting Ethan. Theresa tries to talk the couple out of their decision but Ivy agrees that moving would be best. Theresa goes about her duties as hostess. She asks everyone to name what they are thankful for. Maria Celeste flirts with Julian. She gets a lot of "dirt" to use in her expose'. She loves hearing that Theresa ate the divorce agreement Julian had her sign. Ethan loves the story too. He laughs and hugs Theresa telling her that she never ceases to amaze him. Gwen gets green as the chilies Theresa is serving watching the two of them embrace.

Kay watches as Jessica and Reese flirt with each other. Miguel and Charity make a stunning announcement that not only hurts Kay but upsets Tabby and company. Charity and Miguel plan on getting married on Christmas Eve. Kay vows not to let it happen. Cracked Connie, Cecil and Tabitha know that it will be the end once Charity and Miguel marry. They need to come up with a plan to finish off Charity so she will no longer be a threat. Jessica feels sorry for Tabitha when she sees her lug around two dolls now instead of just one. Reese has no pity because he is sure he recognizes the girl doll as the one who stole his dad's sports car.

Beth comes to Sheridan and Luis' aide. Antonio goes off on Luis when he over hears Luis profess his love to Sheridan. Beth intervenes more for her own sake than for any other reason. She silently shoos Sheridan out of the room and pretends to Antonio that Luis was talking to her not Sheridan. Antonio buys the ruse and apologizes to everyone for thinking so badly of them.

At the mansion, Antonio asks Father Lonigan to help him arrange a wedding to bind the Lopez- Fitzgerald family to the Crane family. Father Lonigan lets it slip that he knows about the great love match. He explains that he had the church papers for the marriage drawn up some time ago. Antonio can't figure out how the priest would have known about the marriage since he and Sheridan haven't been in Harmony for very long. Father Lonigan says everyone knows about the impending marriage of Sheridan and Luis.

Tuesday, December 3, 2002

Father Lonigan lets it slip that Luis and Sheridan are to be married. Sheridan tries to cover up the slip while Beth takes the priest aside and begs him to say that it is Antonio and Sheridan who are to be married. Beth reminds the priest that Antonio is gravely ill and the lie could very possibly save his life. She explains everything and Father Lonigan is only too happy to go along with the plan. He asks to speak privately with Sheridan and Luis. Antonio questions why but Father Lonigan is silent about his reasons. He tells Luis and Sheridan that there is no way he can perform a marriage ceremony uniting Antonio and Sheridan. He explains that it would be wrong since it is Luis and Sheridan who should be married. This gives Theresa an idea. She tells Father Lonigan about Ethan and Gwen's impending marriage. She also tells him that Ethan is in love with her and wanted to ask her to marry him only a day ago. After hearing this Father Lonigan asks to speak to the couple.

The family rally around Miguel and Charity after they announce their marriage plans. Grace is on her guard and threatens Kay not to spoil Charity's important day. Kay and her mother go a few rounds when Kay once again points out that Grace cares about everyone but her. Kay calls Grace a poor excuse for a mother. David comes to Grace's aide. When Grace leaves the room after confronting Kay, David goes after Kay. He tells her she better stop hurting her mother. Kay laughs in David's face and insinuates that she knows the truth. That he is working for Ivy. David tells Kay to stop hinting and come out with what she wants to say. The doorbell rings. Kay tells David that he was saved by the bell but not to worry, this is one conversation she plans on finishing. David says under his breath, "Ivy, I know that Kay knows the truth."

TC shows up with both Eve and Liz in tow. He is still furious at Whitney for blowing the tennis match. Liz comes to Whitney's defense. TC worries that maybe there is a boy in his daughter's life. Liz once again comes to Whitney's rescue. She tells TC that he is being silly even though she knows better. Kay is happy that the plan to sabotage Whitney's relationship with Chad is working even though Simone feels guilty.

Father Lonigan tells Sheridan he will marry her to the man she truly loves. Sheridan envisions telling Antonio the truth, that she loves Luis. She sees him grab his head and fall to the floor dead. This vision frightens her so much that she lies and says she loves Antonio more than Luis and wants to marry him. Luis is heartbroken. Sheridan tries to apologize. Luis tells her to forget it. He is glad to know the truth and that she made her choice. He tells her goodbye. Beth overhears and smiles. She goes to Luis and tells him she is sorry that he is so hurt. She reminds him that she will always be there for him.

Connie and Cecil ruin Grace's Thanksgiving feast. Tabitha is furious with the pair.

Father Lonigan tells Ethan and Gwen he can't marry them.

Wednesday, December 4, 2002

Grace has a meltdown over her ruined Thanksgiving dinner. She says that her life is falling apart and her marriage is in shambles. Sam explains it is probably what he is going through. They both miss their spouses. Grace asks if he misses her. He admits it and they hug. Sam insists that they can find a way back to each other. He says if they are together they can help everyone else. Grace questions Sam's admission of wanting to marry Ivy. He said that was in the past and if he knew she was pregnant. He tells Grace once again that she is his world and that he only loves her. David wants to go to check on Grace. Eve stops him by telling David that Sam is with Grace and he is all she needs right now.

Kay goes off on how she means so little to Grace. She reminds everyone that Grace gave her room to Charity and how John and everyone else comes before her. Kay even offers John her new room and says she can sleep in the attic with the rest of the junk no one wants. David tells Kay to back off. Kay makes a few more veiled threats to David about knowing the truth.

Charity finds Kay's wedding magazine. She is sure Kay got it for her. Charity asks Grace to make the gown that is marked. Kay objects saying that the dress is hers. Everyone talks Kay into giving Charity her dress. Kay has no choice but to give in again. Miguel thanks her for giving Charity the dress. Kay tells Miguel she loves him. She then tries to get John to go after Charity.

Chad wants to be with Whitney again. TC orders Whitney to go home early and get some rest. He also says she will now be pulling double practices. Whitney looks heartbroken. She thanks Liz for covering for her and Chad. Liz promises Whitney that she will continue to cover for her and help her get Chad. She also promises to help Simone deal with the truth when the time comes. Whitney is so grateful that she is speechless.

Ivy and Rebecca are steaming over Theresa's latest stunt to pull Ethan and Gwen apart. They can't believe that she told Father Lonigan that Ethan doesn't love Gwen enough to marry her. The priest asks to see everyone privately in the library.

Ethan professes his love for Gwen. He tells the priest that he loves both Theresa and Gwen but it is not so cut and dried as Theresa seems to believe. Theresa begs Ethan to tell Father Lonigan he loves her more than Gwen. Ethan says it is not true. At least not true anymore.

Rebecca overhears and dances in the hallway.

Theresa calls Ethan a liar. She insists that Ethan is lying so their child will not be a bastard. After hearing Ethan's plea, Father Lonigan believes him and agrees to marry Ethan and Gwen. When Theresa is finally alone with Ethan, she insists he tell the truth. Ethan says she feels sorry for Theresa. He says he has feelings for her but he can't live at the same fever pitch she does. He says that someday she will be hurt really badly. He warns her not to put herself thrigh that. She blocks the door to the library and stares at Ethan with tears in her eyes.

David warns Ivy that Kay may be a problem. He is sure she knows what is going on. David tells Ivy that Sam and Grace are reconciling.

Liz salvages Grace's Thanksgiving dinner. She makes turkey salad that Tc says tastes just like Eve's. He can't explain it.

Ivy crashes the Bennett's party. She comes to return Sam's watch. She lets it slip that Sam dropped it when they met last night. Grace gets jealous and walks away from Sam. Grace tells Eve she can take all the new members of the family. She even loves Ethan but it is just too much to ask for her to put up with Ivy. Sam gets angry with Ivy and wants to show her the door. Grace intervenes and tells Ivy she did nothing wrong but be honest, unlike Sam. She invites Ivy to stay and have dessert.

Cracked Connie and Cecil dressed liked an Indian and Pilgrim, take sledge hammers and begin pounding away at the wooden braces in the basement that are holding up the house. The house seems to begin to shake a part. David tries to protect Grace. Sam helps Ivy. Charity has a terrible vision that everyone's marriage is in danger.

Ethan tells Theresa that seeing how she is acting, he loves Gwen a hell of a lot more right now than he could ever love her.

He walks out of the library. Theresa mindlessly vows to herself that she will do whatever she has to do to win Ethan back. She says "Do you hear that Ethan? You are mine. Mine!"

Thursday, December 5, 2002

Antonio and Sheridan share breakfast together. He again pressures her into getting married as soon as possible. He says he can die happy knowing that she is his wife.

Luis tries to comfort Theresa. He knows how heartbroken she is over losing the love of her life like he lost Sheridan. He tells his sister that they both need to get on with their lives. Since she is so beautiful and intelligent she should have no trouble finding another man to love. Theresa tells Luis that is good advice and he should take it himself.

Grace, Jessica and Simone help Charity plan her wedding. Kay watches in the shadows. She is miserable over everyone going on and on about the upcoming wedding. Charity is staring out the window preoccupied about the premonition she had. She tells Grace that she sees her marriage to Miguel causing so much unhappiness. She says that she saw her and Miguel drift apart along with Grace's marriage to Sam and Eve and TC's. She is so upset, that she plans on calling off the wedding. Kay perks up when she hears this. Everyone jumps on Charity and tells her "NO!" They talk her into not calling off the wedding. Miguel sends Charity a red rose. He plans on sending her a rose everyday until they are married. Kay gets sick at hearing this and tries not to breakdown and cry in front of Simone. Grace offers Charity her wedding dress as a place to start making the dress design of Kay's.

Kay thanks Grace for giving away the wedding dress she promised her.She then reminds Grace that she also took the dress she designed for herself and gave it to Charity. Kay tells Grace to stop pretending to be her mother because she stopped being her mother a long time ago. Grace tells Kay that she is being selfish. Kay tells her mother that she does resent Charity for stealing her boyfriend but she resents that Charity stole her mother more.

Theresa and Whitney have a heart to heart. Whitney tells Theresa that her plan to win matches so she can be with Chad blew up in her face yesterday. She played like an amateur and TC is making her pay for it. She then congratulates Theresa on her engagement to Ethan. Theresa tells Whitney that she is not engaged to Ethan and explains what happened.

Luis arrives at the cottage. Antonio once again tries to get Luis to agree to a double wedding. Antonio knows Beth would be eager to have the double wedding. She is outside the cottage listening and finds renewed hope of getting Luis back. Once Beth enters the cottage, Antonio starts on her to have the double wedding. Beth wants to answer yes but hesitates. Antonio won't take no for an answer. Luis breaks down and agrees to the double wedding. As Antonio hugs Beth, Sheridan takes Luis aside. She asks why he agreed to the double wedding. He says that since she chose Antonio he should go a head and marry Beth. Luis tells Sheridan he can't put his life on hold. He won't count the days until his brother dies so he can have her. He tells Sheridan that he was happily engaged to Beth until she came back. He only broke it off because he was sure they would be together. Sheridan tells Luis that is a poor excuse for marrying someone. He asks her to take a good look at her reasons for marrying Antonio. He says pity is a poorr eason as well.

Beth and Luis go to the park. Beth asks Luis is he is mad at her for going along with Antonio's idea. He says not to worry, he'll think of a way to get them out of the wedding. Beth admits her love for Luis. She asks Luis to marry her. Luis accepts and tells Beth he would be honored. They share a kiss.

Theresa tells Whitney that she will end up with Ethan no matter what.

Friday, December 6, 2002

Chad goes to visit Ethan. He wants to congratulate Ethan on his engagement to Theresa. Ethan tells Chad that he is not engaged to Theresa. He explains about Gwen's pregnancy and how he wants to be there for both Gwen and the baby. Chad tells Ethan he doesn't have to marry Gwen for that, not when he loves Theresa so much. Ethan won't hear of it. He tells Chad that he loves Gwen too or she would not be pregnant right now. He explains that he has to do the right thing.

Antonio makes Sheridan promise to get married to someone else after he passes away. Sheridan doesn't want to think about such a thing but Antonio insists. He asks Sheridan if there could be a possible man out there for her right now. Sheridan thinks back to her almost marriage to Luis and looks guilty.

Luis accepts Beth's marriage proposal. She is thrilled and unbelieving that he accepted. She tells Luis that she knows he loves Sheridan and if it weren't for Antonio he and Sheridan would be married. She accepts all that. She needs to ask Luis that if Antonio dies will he leave her for Sheridan. Luis says they will stay married once they get married. He says once he takes his vows, he will be committed to her for life.

Sheridan sees Luis and Beth hug through the window. She walks outside and asks what is going on. Beth happily explains that they are getting married in the double wedding. Beth tries to explain that she loved Luis for years and she tries being supportive. Luis needs to move on. Beth makes Sheridan realize that they would have been married already if she had never come home. Beth leaves and Sheridan just stands there glaring at Luis. She begs Luis to tell her what she heard was not true. Luis says it is true, he is marrying Beth.

Miguel gets confronted by Kay. She tells Miguel that he truly loves her and only feels sorry for Charity. Miguel explains that he thought she was Charity. Kay tells Miguel that he took her virginity and then threw her away like trash. She goes for Miguel's throat and tells him he took advantage of her and ruined her for life. Kay says she can't even tell anyone what happened because she is so ashamed. She calls him and all men pigs. Charity walks in on that last statement. She says she heard everything and can't believe it.

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