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Passions Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on PS
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Monday, March 3, 2003

Grace watches as Sam puts Ivy in her bed. Grace is still unhappy about Ivy having to stay with them but is trying to make the best of the situation. Sam pledges his love to Grace once again. He tells both her and Ivy that nothing is as important to him than Grace and his marriage. Ivy asks Grace to "fetch" the silk sheets she brought from the Crane mansion and put them on her bed. Grace smiles and agrees. After Grace is alone with Ivy she lays down some ground rules. She tells Ivy that she is permitted to have her meals either in her room or with the family. She again reminds Ivy that Sam is off limits. Ivy nods as if she understands and is willing to cooperate.

Chad tells Ethan that Whitney wants to take a break but he is not willing to go along with her on this. Ethan begs Chad to save his relationship with Whitney. Chad corners Whitney and tells her some shocking news. He got offered a great job in L.A. He says he will leave as soon as he can pack his bags unless Whitney will give him a reason to stay.

Theresa has a field day spending the Crane fortune. She plans on donating over one hundred million dollars to various charities. Julian begs Rebecca to contact her mystery man. He seems to be the only way to stop Theresa's tyranny.

In a seedy looking motel room, a man named Tom Joyner smiles as he looks at photos of both Theresa and Rebecca. He says to himself that it is about time to call Rebecca. He places a much anticipated call to Rebecca. She takes the call as she says to herself, "Finally, we will be rid of Theresa once and for all."

Beth watches as the cottage quickly goes up in flames. Beth goes on a tirade about how Luis was going to marry her and then wasn't. He was then he wasn't. She seems to keep losing it more and more as she talks. Beth then throws what is left of the gasoline can at the cottage and we hear a loud noise as the flames get brighter.

This gets the attention of Luis and Sheridan. Luis tries to open the kitchen door and but the flames are too high. Before he and Sheridan can try another way out, a beam catcher fire. The beam falls, trapping Sheridan's leg. Sheridan screams. Luis tries to free her but the beam is too heavy. Beth looks into the cottage window and smiles as she sees Sheridan is trapped.

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Chad gives Whitney an ultimatum if she doesn't tell everyone about their relationship, he's taking the job in LA. Whitney reluctantly tells him to take the job. A tearful Whitney runs into Julian, who lends a sympathetic ear.

Theresa continues to contribute millions to charity. Ethan is pleased, but Gwen is suspicious of her motives. Rebecca agrees to meet with her mysterious informant to get the goods on Theresa.

Grace lays down the law with Ivy. Ivy stands firm as she and Grace face off.

As the cottage continues to burn down, Luis frantically tries to free Sheridan, who is trapped under a beam. Beth prays they both die. Luis refuses to leave without Sheridan. Chad, Gwen, Ethan, Theresa and Fox race down to the cottage and try to put out the fire. They spot the gasoline can and realize someone set the fire on purpose. A surprising hero comes to Luis and Sheridan's rescue.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Eve needs to stay at the hospital to look after both Antonio and Sheridan. Eve is worried about Sheridan's condition. She tells Luis to stay out while she runs some tests on Sheridan. Eve has to call TC and tell him yet again that she will be late and they have to put off another romantic evening. Eve asks TC where Liz is. TC tells Eve that he hasn't seen Liz and suspects she is in bed. Liz waits for TC to hang up the phone and begins to cry. She uses TC for a shoulder to cry on successfully gaining his sympathy. Eve walks in before Liz can go much further with her plan. Eve accuses Liz of lying about the incest story to gain TC's sympathy. Liz tells her that it was true. Eve explains that it is cruel to make her pay for something she did not do and had no control over. Eve tells Liz that her plan to steal TC away is going to blow up in her face. Liz is willing to take the risk.

Luis can't wait to see Sheridan and defies Eve's order to stay out. He rushes to Sheridan's side and tells her he loves her. Antonio walks in and asks what is going on. He then takes his place by his wife's side. Antonio thanks his brother for saving his wife's life.

Chad and Whitney reconcile. They want to be alone and Chad has just the place in mind. They make love at the recording studio.

Tom Joyner pulls a gun on Rebecca and Julian. Rebecca then gets afraid that maybe Tom Joyner lied and does not have any dirt on Theresa. Tom assures her that he does. He says he wants something else. He wants Julian dead. Rebecca uses her whiles on Tom to try to talk him out of killing Julian and just taking the money. Tom hates Julian because he ruined so many lives. Rebecca suggests that Tom use the money to help all the people he was talking about. Julian tells him that he needs to see the information before Tom gats any money. Tom refuses and points his gun at Julian explaining he is calling the shots. Rebecca then jumps in and tries to convince Tom that Julian has changed because he just gave to so many charities. Rebecca insists that Tom call and find out that she is telling the truth. They finally make the switch. Julian looks at the contents of the envelope and says, "Oh my God! Is this for real?" As he looks up, Tom Joyner is gone.

Theresa and Ethan are hell-bent on finding who caused the fire. Theresa alerts Crane security. Julian and Rebecca walk in. Theresa gets smart with them but they just smile. Rebecca tells her "Pookey" to make "than very important phone call." Rebecca does look like the cat the swallowed the canary. Rebecca whispers what she knows to Gwen. Gwen smiles and says life will be easier since Theresa is not going to be around.

Sheridan needs an injection. When the nurse is not looking , Beth switches Sheridan's medication for her mother's deadly dose. Sheridan is saved from Beth's second deadly plan because she needs to be taken immediately for bloodwork.

Tom walks up to Liz and says, "Hello, baby!" Liz smiles as they kiss.

Sheridan walks alone into the dark lab room. She is sure someone is stalking her.

Thursday, March 6, 2003

Tom Joyner surprises Liz. He said he found out from Doc that she came to Harmony. He explains that he was fired from one of the Crane hotels because he found out about some of their dirty business dealings. They ousted him before he could blow the whistle. Tom tells Liz that he is killing two birds with one stone coming to Harmony. He can see Liz and get even with the Cranes at the same time.

Tom confesses that he still cares for Liz. Liz looks away from Tom. He guesses that it is "Brian" a.k.a. Antonio. Liz tells Tom that she will always love "Brian" who is now going by Antonio. She says that the man she wants is TC Russell. Liz explains that he is her evil sister's husband. Tom remembers all that Liz told him about her sister. He can't believe that Liz is going to try to get her sister's husband for herself. Liz explains the whole plan. She is going to expose her sister's past. She is going to take her husband, her home and make her nieces her stepdaughters. Liz tells Tom that is all she is living for these days. She wants Eve to go back to pimping herself for drug money because she doesn't deserve the life she has. Liz insists that Eve's life should be hers. Liz is sure that TC is already in love with her and she could get him with very little effort.

Meanwhile, the Russell's are in bed making love. They spend a romantic and passionate night together. Eve tells TC that she is so lucky and that he and the girls mean everything to her. After spending the night with TC, Eve is sure Liz will never be able to come between them.

Tabitha makes some soup and insists that Simone take a bowl to Chad at the recording studio. Tabby suggests that it would be a nice way for the young couple to spend some quality time together. Simone loves the idea. Kay is suspicious of Tabitha's kindly gesture. After Simone leaves for the recording studio, Kay questions Tabitha. Tabby shows Kay the magic spell bowl. In the bowl, she sees Chad and Whitney making love. Kay screams "NO!" knowing that Simone is about to walk in on the horrible scene. It is too late for Kay to stop Simone. Simone ends up at the recording studio. She walks in and finds her sister making love to Chad. Simone goes off on Whitney and calls her a backstabbing slut. She accuses Whitney of stealing her boyfriend on purpose. She asks Whitney if she put out to get Chad away from her. Simone goes on about how she is the nobody in the family and Whitney is the special daughter. All she had was Chad and Whitney couldn't stand it so she went after him. Whitney and Chad try to tell her that it is not true. Simone tells Chad that she was his first and only true friend when he came to Harmony. She befriended him when no one else would not even Whitney. Chad tells Simone the truth, he always loved Whitney. Whitney never played any tricks to get him. He loved Whitney from the start. He never thought of Simone as anything other than a friend. He explains to Simone that he and Whitney were together since before her hit and run over a year ago. Simone turns on Whitney and tells her that she is not her sister. Simone slaps Whitney and calls her a low life whore.

The silly baby that torments Tabitha begins to run loose again. Tabby warns the baby not to be seen. She does not want to try to explain her pregnancy to Kay or anyone else.

Luis startles Sheridan when she walks into the dark lab alone. They kiss and steal a few more minutes together. Antonio searches the hospital for his wife but is chased back to his room by the nurse. He is promised that the staff will bring Sheridan's bed into his room for the night. Luis comes with Sheridan. He pulls the curtain between her bed and Antonio's so they will have some privacy. Since it seems Antonio is asleep. Luis lays beside Sheridan. Antonio looks at the shadows on the curtain.

Friday, March 7, 2003

Liz tells Tom Joyner that there is nothing he can do to change her mind about getting revenge on her sister. She still plans on stealing her sister's husband and she knows just how to go about it too. She tells Tom that she is going to get TC coach her in tennis. Tom says he will always be there for her. He cautions her to think it over because she is stealing a man away from his wife when she doesn't even love him. Tom is afraid that the whole thing will blow up in Liz's face.

Simone still rages at Whitney and Chad. Chad is very honest with Simone when he tells her that he never loved her and there was nothing between them, she made it all up in her mind. Simone keeps saying that Whitney was always daddy's girl. She then stops and questions Whitney. She asks her sister what "Daddy" is going to think when he hears she put her tennis game on hold to chase after a boy. Simone plans on telling TC all the sordid details. Whitney panics fearing that her father will hate her as much as Simone does. Simone accuses Whitney of using sex to get Chad. Simone attacks Whitney and calls her a bitch.

The spell bowl starts to act up. Something is violently splashing. It turns out to be a new baby. Tabitha says loud enough for Kay to hear, "Oh no! Don't tell me I'm having twins!" Kay weedles the truth out of her. That she is pregnant. Kay is sure it is by a spell because she says Tabby is too old to be having sex. Tabitha smirks and turns away. She is caught off guard by another pregnancy problem and turns completely bald. Tabitha tells Kay about all the strange things that happen when a witch is pregnant. She begs Kay to find the pregnancy spell book when her head comes off of her body. Tabby sees the new baby and asks it who it's mother is. The baby just makes a crude gesture at Tabitha and runs away.

As Kay searches for the book, she comes completely apart. Kay finds the book and uses a spell to put Tabitha back together again. Kay is thrilled that she used her powers.

Kay guesses that the baby she saw in the hospital was hers. Tabitha admits it was and worries over the identity of the new baby's mother. She says if the mother is who she thinks it is, her plans could be ruined.

Simone gets into a cat fight with Whitney. She begs her sister to answer one question. WHY she wouldn't let her have the one thing that she loved and made her feel special... Chad. Simone then violently spits out "I hate you Whitney! I..Hate..You!" Whitney stands there looking sick and hurt.

TC gets a call that Whitney is to be ranked lower because of blowing the match at Thanksgiving. TC is angry. Eve begs him to reconsider and realize that the tennis dream his more his than Whitney's. TC won't listen and insists that it is also Whitney's dream. TC is then the one to cut their romantic evening short so he can make plans for Whitney's next match. Eve goes to make coffee and finds Liz sneaking around their upstairs hallway. Eve warns Liz off again by telling her sister that TC loves her and Liz won't be able to come between them no matter what.

Beth is still prowling the hospital looking for a way to kill Sheridan. She takes out the deadly syringe she planned on using to kill her mother and tops it off with cleaning fluid she finds on a cart in the hospital corridor. She tries to get into Sheridan's room but it caught by nurse. She fakes being ill and confused. The nurse turns away for a moment and Beth disappears.

Mrs. Wallace manages to get partially loose and dials 911. She begs for help but Beth walks in on her and hangs up the phone. Mrs. Wallace is crying with happiness when she hears Sheridan and Luis are still alive. Beth gets the phone cord and tries to strangle her mother with it to stop her from praising the angels for saving Sheridan and Luis. She stops to go back to the hospital and tapes her mother up again. Beth plans on going back to the hospital wearing a nurse's uniform and a wig so she can sneak into Sheridan's room unnoticed.

Simone goes home and begins to trash Whitney's room and tennis trophies. TC, Eve and Liz walk in on the scene. TC restrains Simone as Chad and Whitney walk in. Simone looks at her sister and calls her a slut and a whore.

Tabitha looks into the spell bowl for the identity of the new mother and scowls, " Oh no...It can't be! It just can't be!"

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