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Passions Recaps: The week of July 12, 2004 on PS
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Monday, July 12, 2004

Kay informs Tabitha that Miguel has convinced Charity to stay in town. Kay chastises Miguel for choosing Charity over her and in the midst of the argument, Kay starts bleeding and passes out. Tabitha shows Charity all the horrible things that have happened since she came to Harmony and pushes her to leave.

Sheridan is plagued by her childhood nightmares. Luis tries to console her to no avail. Sheridan accuses Luis of blaming her for Antonio's death.

Katherine and Martin flashback to why they left Harmony. Alistair wanted Katherine to be more like her sister, Alistair's first love. When Katherine wouldn't conform, Alistair started being abusive. Martin tried to save Katherine from being raped and Alistair stabbed him in the back.

Eve fears for Pilar upon learning about Antonio. She goes to the hospital to check on Pilar leaving T.C. alone with Liz and Aunt Irma. Liz introduces Aunt Irma to T.C., but she doesn't confess Eve's past. Instead T.C. tells Liz about Antonio's death and Liz blames Eve. Julian shows up at the hospital and comforts Eve over the loss of her family.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Luis tells Sheridan he doesn't blame her for Antonio's death. Sheridan continues to be plagued by memories from her childhood and begs Luis to help her forget. Luis convinces Sheridan to sleep. Sheridan dreams of her mother singing her to sleep. Luis vows to destroy Alistair for hurting his family and Sheridan.

Martin and Katherine continue to flash back to why they left Harmony. Martin wishes he had killed Alistair years ago so Antonio would still be alive. Katherine remembers Sheridan apologizing and a coffin in the Crane living room, then singing Sheridan to sleep afterwards. Katherine remembers saving Martin from being buried alive when she notices he is breathing in the coffin.

Whitney is having a hard time sleeping because she can't stop thinking about Fox. She gets up and looks out the window and spies Fox walking around. Fox is worried that things will change between him and Whitney now that she knows about his feelings for her. Whitney joins Fox outside and asks if it's true that he's in love with her. Fox tells her that he is madly and hopelessly in love with her.

Tabitha continues to show Charity all the horrible things that have happened in Harmony since she's arrived. Tabitha claims she never saw the visions and tells Charity it's her guilty conscious that is pushing her to leave Harmony. Charity agrees to leave and Tabitha agrees to help her.

Kay regains consciousness and starts to chastise Miguel again. Miguel tries to persuade Kay that he'll never leave her but it's no use. Kay is adamant that Miguel doesn't want her. Charity comes to tell Kay goodbye and Kay lashes out at her thinking it's another of Charity's schemes to get Miguel. Charity leaves the letter she wrote Miguel with Kay and leaves town. Tabitha and Kay rejoice. Miguel brings flowers to Kay and apologizes. Kay apologizes too, and later is overjoyed to realize Charity really is gone for good.

T.C. shows up at the hospital, angry with Eve for her lies and deceit. Eve is only imagining the scenario, but fears it will come true any moment. Eve worries about losing her family and her job. T.C. calls Eve on her cell phone and tells her they need to talk about Liz and Aunt Irma. Eve freaks, but he only wants to talk about how Liz took the news of Antonio's death. T.C. puts Liz on the phone and walks away, then proceeds to torture Eve.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Fox confesses to Whitney that he's been in love with her since the first time he heard her sing. Whitney slaps Fox for lying to her for so long. Fox tries to explain, and Whitney imagines the scenario. Fox tells Whitney it tortured him to see her waiting for Chad after he broke her heart. Fox tells Whitney the hardest thing was knowing how much he cared for her and knowing she would never know. Fox prods Whitney until she admits she loves him too and they kiss.

Sheridan tells Luis she hasn't had anymore nightmares. Alistair spies on them and Julian attacks him. Julian tells Alistair to leave Sheridan alone and the two spar. Sheridan admits to Luis she is scared that he will leave her when he realizes she tore his family apart. Sheridan heads to the cafeteria to get Miguel and Luis some food and Alistair follows her. Sheridan and Alistair get into an argument in the cafeteria. Alistair reminds Sheridan that she is the reason the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are hurting.

Eve feels guilty for worrying about herself when Pilar is going through so much. Pilar's heart stops beating, but Eve revives her. Ivy and Sam go over to the Russell's to offer their condolences to Liz. Ivy threatens Liz when they are alone, but Liz enjoys torturing Ivy with the fact that all her secrets will come out with Eve's. Ivy grow furious with Liz, which makes Liz happier. Ivy vows to bring Liz down.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Alistair tries to lay a guilt trip on Sheridan by reminding her she killed her mother. Alistair then tells Sheridan that she will kill Luis just as she killed Antonio. Sheridan overhears Luis talk to Pilar about the curse on their family and Sheridan thinks she is the curse. Julian warns Luis that Alistair still wants to kill Sheridan and a nurse confirms Sheridan left the hospital. Luis rushes off to find Sheridan. He finds her at the cottage and she tells him she is leaving him and Harmony.

T.C. can't wait for Eve to get home, so he pulls out the photo album and begins to show Aunt Irma. Aunt Irma is asleep much to Liz's chagrin. Ivy pleads with Liz to leave Eve alone but Liz won't relent. Ivy calls Eve and begs her to help her keep Sam, but Eve tells Ivy no. Julian tries to protect Eve, but Eve knows he can't.

Jessica and Charity fight until Charity tells Jessica she's leaving Harmony for good. Jessica lays into Charity for all the horrible things that have happened in Harmony and tells her good riddance. Charity vows to leave and never come back. Ivy tells Charity that love never works out and she should just leave.

Whitney admits she loves Fox. She grows furious with him when she realizes he told Julian about her feelings for her. Whitney slaps Fox and accuses him and Julian of using her and her mother. Fox tries to explain to Whitney that he is in love with her and not just trying to sleep with her. Their argument is interrupted by Theresa screaming out in pain.

Luis and Miguel hold a bedside vigil over Pilar and commiserate on their love lives. Both men beg their mother to live and hold their family together. Theresa is awake listening to the radio when she learns of Antonio's death. She starts to have pains.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Gwen gets upset when Ethan mentions Theresa's grief over Antonio's death. He tries to play it off as if he's worried about the baby, but Gwen doesn't buy it. Gwen then worries something may happen to the baby Theresa is carrrying for her and Ethan. Ethan tries to cheer her up by bringing her to the hospital nursery. A new dad comments on how happy his new baby has made him and Gwen becomes worried that she will never be a mother.

Luis tries to convince Sheridan to stay in Harmony while someone plants a bomb in her car. Sheridan is determined to leave. Luis realizes Alistair is eavesdropping on their conversation and calls him out. Sheridan thinks Luis is being ridiculous and tries to leave. Luis refuses to let Sheridan go. Sheridan starts the car and it explodes with Luis right there.

Martin and Katherine notice Paloma has been acting out lately. Miguel calls asking to speak to Paloma and unknowingly speaks to Martin. Katherine begs Martin to tell Miguel who he really is. Paloma talks to Miguel, but hangs up on him. Miguel calls back and tells Martin that Pilar is very ill.

Theresa is beside herself with grief and worry over her mother. Fox and Whitney go and check on her and then argue. Whitney blames the Crane's for Antonio's death. A doctor comes to see Theresa and he tells Fox and Whitney that Theresa's pregnancy is in danger and she needs to remain calm. Miguel calls and tells Fox about Pilar. Theresa overhears Fox telling Whitney about Pilar, becomes upset again, and starts having pains.

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