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Passions Recaps: The week of August 29, 2005 on PS
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Monday, August 29, 2005

Fancy showed up late for her date with Noah. Noah guided Fancy to their lobster picnic dinner by the beach. Noah had to talk Fancy into appreciating the locale. Noah put on a moustache and French accent and acted as their waiter. He took the lobster out of the cooler and made up a story about them. Sans moustache, Noah and Fancy smooched. Fancy said she couldn't eat them because they have names and a life story. Noah put them back into the ocean. The two ate fruit and drank wine by the fire. Noah told Fancy they were going to go dancing. When Noah told Fancy she's beautiful, she replied, "I wasn't sure you've noticed." When they ended up only feet away, in a candlelit area, Fancy questioned Noah. But she was back to smiling when he turned on the radio and danced with her. They kissed.

By the Crane pool, a shirtless Ethan scoffed at Theresa for "dating" Alistair. Al walked up and informed his date that Julian hit him. They head out. Gwen and Ethan discussed Theresa teaming up with Alistair; Ethan was concerned for her, while Gwen didn't care if Theresa gets hurt.

At the Seascape, Alistair romanced Theresa, and suggested making love in the restaurant. Theresa continuously pushed Crane off of her. A disgusted Theresa tried to put off Al's advances. Fed up with his relentless behavior, she slapped him. The two went around in circles about Theresa's belief that she is fated to be with Ethan. Theresa left the restaurant, and Alistair lit a cigar, claiming to himself, "I know much more than you think I do, Theresa." Theresa showed up at the Crane pool, where Ethan comforted her. He admitted he loves her and wants to be with her. Oh, wait. That was just a fantasy of Theresa's. She arrived poolside, only to see Ethan making love to Gwen.

While sleeping next to James, Sheridan has a nightmare about the boy being taken away from her. Sheridan was frightened when she heard someone at her door. It turned out to be Chris, who was checking on his son. Sheridan tried to stop Chris from taking James to his room. She explained the boy feels safe with her, and barely knows Chris. He picked up his sleeping boy and left Sheridan's room.

Tabitha fretted about Kay and Fox's blooming romance. The witch thanked Fox for spending the day with Endora, and tried to push him out the door. However, Kay and Fox had other plans; Fox wanted to take Kay to dinner, but they don't have any money. Kay admitted she eats fish every night because she takes it from the cannery. Fox realized how "rough" Kay has it. Endora used her magic to have a Seascape manager call Fox and tell him he won a free dinner for two. Kay was thrilled by the news. Fox left to get ready for their date. Kay thanked Tabby, assuming she was behind the magical contest plot. A dressed up Fox returned to pick up Kay for their date. The beaming duo headed out. Tab told Endora they live to destroy love, not encourage it. Tabitha questioned if she gave birth to a good witch.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

At the beach, Noah and Fancy danced to his boom box under the stars. She was very appreciative of his romantic plans and Noah took her to the next part of their evening. He got them dressed up in yellow rubberized fishing overalls, jackets and sou'wester hats so they could go night fishing. She'd had something else in mind. They fished and she insisted that they not name the fish like the lobsters so they could eat them. She admitted that she'd never been fishing before and never sat still so long without getting a manicure. He said he liked having all the quiet time to think. Just as he reached in for a kiss, a fish took her line. They struggled with it mightily and then the fish got away with her pole as she fell back on the deck with Noah. They laughed at losing the fish and kissed. He asked her if she was ready to fish again and she realized that the jeweled bracelet that her grandfather gave her was gone. They looked through tackle and nets and then she realized it was hopeless to keep searching and went back to fishing. She admitted that even though she'd been around the world, she'd never had so much fun. He told her that meant a lot, smiled, put down his fishing equipment, and grabbed her face for a long kiss.

At the Seascape restaurant, T.C. and Eve arrived for dinner. She was still upset about losing Julian and T.C. understood her needs. He thought she was having second thoughts, but she wanted to put their family back together even though she still loved Julian. T.C. was very cool about it instead of getting angry. They went in to sit at their table. Julian was drinking in the bar and Alistair walked in and chided him from drowning his sorrows. Julian told him to back off and Alistair told him that he was going to get revenge on everybody who had turned against him like Julian. Julian told him that Alistair couldn't hurt him any more than he already was. Alistair told him that he knew what would hurt him and pointed to Eve with T.C. in the doorway. Alistair got digs in about Eve acting like nothing had happened to her marriage and then made cutting remarks about Eve being in prison soon. Julian made a move for him and Alistair spit out a warning not to ever do it again. After Alistair left, Julian watched T.C. and Eve from the bar. They talked about ordering lobster like she always did when suddenly one of T.C.'s basketball players called from the police station. He'd been in a car accident and the police were harassing him. After T.C. left, Eve joined Julian at the bar and asked him not to be sad. He told her it would take awhile then ruminated on all the changes he'd made at Timmy's and Eve's instigation and how he planned to go back to being his old mean bad self. She asked him not to change and he said he wouldn't make any promises he couldn't keep. He asked her if she was back in her marriage because of her girls and she said it was a way to make up for things before she goes to prison. Julian asked her if she loved him even half as much as he loved her... She said she did love him, but she had to think of her girls. The emotions overtook them and they kissed. T.C. walked back in to see them.

At the Crane mansion, Theresa had run away from Alistair's groping advances and hoped to find Ethan to comfort her. She found him making love to Gwen by the pool and Gwen was distraught that Theresa had been spying on them. Theresa apologized quickly went inside while Gwen ranted about Theresa being obsessed with Ethan. Ethan thought Alistair had probably hurt Theresa and Gwen insisted that she's a big girl and can take care of herself. Just then Jane's cries came over the baby monitor so Gwen went to tend to her while Ethan stayed there at the pool. Theresa stood in the foyer and cried as she realized that Ethan really does love Gwen and as she dithered about it, Ethan cam in and confronted her wearing only a towel. Ethan was upset about Alistair and that was enough encouragement for Theresa to throw herself at Ethan and his bare arms. Ethan told her that they'd figure something out to fix her problem with Alistair's perversion. Theresa was sure that that meant they had a future as her emotions once again turned on a dime and she was giddy. Ethan sobered her up when he again told her that they did not have a future together because he loved his wife. She told him that they needed to follow their hearts instead of doing the "right" thing. Ethan told her to cut ties with Alistair and leave the house. She insisted that they would go get the children and leave together and he said that he couldn't ever do that. Tearfully, Theresa ran upstairs. Ethan joined Gwen in their bedroom and she cooed about being with Jane. He told her that he thought that she'd be leaving now that Alistair had hurt her and Gwen pouted about Theresa crying big crocodile tears all over Ethan's bare chest. Ethan comforted her saying that he'd told Theresa there was no way they'd get together because he loves his wife. He told her that everything would be all right and Theresa had come to her senses and as leaving. Gwen told him she wished she could be so positive. He insisted that Theresa wasn't going to take Jane away from them and Gwen asked if she was going to take Ethan from her. He reminded her they were in the middle of a little something and started kissing Gwen. She asked if they could lock their door and he told Gwen to trust him; Theresa was probably on her way out of the mansion. Theresa ran blindly down a hall and Katherine stopped her to comfort and counsel her to take little Ethan and leave Alistair while she still could. Theresa didn't want anything to do with the woman who had ruined her family, but Katherine told her to get away from Alistair because he was a user and abuser of women and delighted in degrading them. Theresa asked her why she stayed. She told Theresa that she had reasons and implored her to leave. Theresa said she couldn't leave without Jane and Alistair promised her that she'd get Jane back. Katherine set her straight and told her that Alistair would not only not give her Jane, but would take more from her. She asked Theresa what it was that Alistair really wanted from her since it wasn't really sex that he wanted. As she begged her to think, Alistair entered the hallway and demanded Katherine leave Theresa alone. He ordered her back to her room, reminding her of their agreement. Theresa asked her what Alistair had on her. As Katherine ran off, Theresa opened the door to her room and Alistair asked where she was going. She told him that she was going back home and he wrenched her arm as she struggled into her room. He told her to stop resisting and the two of them struggled to her bed where he ripped her dress from her. He told her she'll have to pay for his overwhelming generosity.

Wednesday, September 31, 2005

An enraged TC catches Julian and Eve kissing again, despite their vows to part ways. Eve explains that it was a kiss good-bye. Upon hearing this, Julian has an epiphany about their relationship -- true love should never be abandoned!

Alistair rapes Theresa; Gwen overhears but does nothing to help.

Simone rants to her friend Rae about being an afterthought to her family.

Chad and Miles visit Whitney at the convent. Whitney does not want to see them and insists that she is ready to take her final vows, cutting herself off from the outside world forever. When the Mother Superior insists that Whitney see them, Chad tells her that Miles needs her.

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Back in their dinner clothes and out of their fishing gear, Noah carried Fancy to their blanket on the beach when someone yelled out demanded to know what they were doing there. It was a policeman warning them about vagrants in the area,. He warned them to pack up their picnic and go back to town. As Fancy kissed him, she begged him to take her someplace quickly where they could make love.

Kay and Fox danced at the Seascape and he told her that he wanted to spend time with her than anybody else. Kay started to get twitchy about one of his former loves, that had been reported in the tabloids, which turned out to be Whitney. He said he that she lied to him and he was moving on. Kay admitted that she was moving on from her first love too. As Fox poured champagne, Kay told him that their dinner was even better than what her mom cooked. He said that his mom couldn't even boil water until recently. She asked him if he'd felt unloved as a child. He said he finally felt loved being with her. She questioned him about all the models and heiresses that he used to date and how he could be with her. She wondered why he'd turn that life down to be with her. He wanted to change the subject, but Kay wanted to know what he had talked about with past girlfriends, how many he'd made love to, etc. Fox was uncomfortable being quizzed and asked Kay if she'd get upset if she heard about all the women. She asked who was most memorable and he said it was a model named Tatiana. Kay grilled him about details and then got huffy. Kay kept asking and Fox said it didn't matter. She insisted and he started naming names. He got tired of it and asked her what fun thing they would do the next day. She said she had to work at the cannery and then pestered him for even more details about the girls he'd dated. She wanted to know if they were all models and he said that a lot of them were, but he didn't want to talk about it anymore. He asked her what they could do for fun tomorrow and she said she didn't want to go out with him the next day. He was baffled and she said she didn't want to go out with somebody who spent his whole date talking about his old girlfriends, then she got up and left.

At the convent, Chad pled with Whitney to come home. He said that Whitney needed her and her breast milk. She said she wanted everything to be okay with Miles and Chad asked if that meant she would go home with them. She said she'd express her breast milk and he could pick it up every day, but it would be sinful for them to ever be together again. Chad told her that she didn't really mean they were going to hell and Whitney said that now that they knew they were siblings and she still wanted to be with him, that it would destroy her soul. She said she was weak and not normal because she still wanted to be with him. The Mother Superior came in and wanted to know why their voices were raised. Whitney demanded that she make Chad take her baby and go away. Chad said that they needed her and she said that was why she was there. The Mother Superior told him that it was best that he go and as he left, he told Whitney he loved her. The Mother Superior told him that Whitney needed to make her own decisions. Chad said he'd be praying that she'd come home. He asked her if this was the last time he'd ever get to see Whitney and the Mother Superior told him that God had a plan. Chad mused that he didn't think God's plan would include a mother abandoning her son. Whitney knelt and prayed in front of the altar in the chapel. She told the Virgin Mary that she'd had to give up her son Jesus and now she, Whitney, had to give up her own son or Chad will be eternally damned and it will be her fault.

Noah took Fancy to the Bennett house and when they looked in the window, saw Ivy with Sam. They decided to go to the Bed and Breakfast because there were always rooms there.

At the Bed and Breakfast, Sheridan (played by substitute Shannon Sturgis) looked at the registration log and wondered about Chris. He came out to the lobby and told her he had something to confess. She accused him of not being James's father. He denied that and Sheridan apologized profusely. Then she started blathering about things never working out again with her and Luis. She asked him what he wanted to confess and he told her that he'd neglected to get James's nightlight. Sheridan agreed to get the one from her room and deliver it to him. Chris returned to his room and spied a piece of paper that he said he couldn't let Sheridan see. She heard him say that as she walked in and so asked him what she wasn't supposed to see. It was a newspaper photo of him, but it called him Greg Walton. Sheridan wanted to know why and he said that the paper had just printed the wrong name and had retracted it the next day. Noah and Fancy burst in kissing and she asked what they needed. They told her they wanted to "tour" the B and B. Sheridan told them that she'd just rented the last room undamaged by the tsunami to Eve. They looked bereft and Sheridan said that if they needed a place to be alone, they could use her cottage. They thanked Fancy's aunt profusely and skedaddled. As Sheridan stood outside the bathroom door, inside Chris tore up the newspaper photo and berated himself for being stupid enough to let Sheridan see it, then he flushed it down the toilet.

At the Crane mansion, Gwen and Rebecca met to discuss Theresa's potential rape by Alistair. Ethan was missing from bed when Gwen got up and Gwen was worried that he was off rescuing Theresa. In the hallway outside her room, Theresa was comforted by Ethan as she told him that Alistair raped her. As Ethan got angry, Alistair showed up. Ethan accused him of raping Theresa and Alistair said he never had to force women into his bed. Ethan told him he'd call the media and press charges with the D.A. Theresa cowered behind Ethan as Gwen and Rebecca came out to tell him that she was just crying wolf to get him to go back with her. Alistair said that he didn't rape her because they were in a relationship. Ethan decided that he'd ask Theresa again if Alistair raped her. Alistair told him that he and Theresa had just been having rough sex and if she cried rape, she was lying. Ethan asked her and Rebecca broke in saying that Alistair didn't need to resort to rape; he could have sex with whomever he wanted and besides, Theresa moved into the mansion to be with him. By the way, she'd been around the block a few timesóshe did have two illegitimate children didn't she? Theresa barely could talk but told Rebecca that she'd only been with two men before and she'd never known sex could be so cruel. Ethan pressed Theresa for an answer and Alistair swore she'd never have him charged. Gwen told Ethan that they shouldn't get in the middle of it, because they needed to stay safe themselves. Ethan told Alistair he couldn't wait to see him on trial in front of a jury from Harmony where everybody hates his guts. That is if Martin doesn't kill him first. He started dialing his cellphone and Gwen told him that her mother was right. This was probably one of Theresa's tricks. As he held Theresa, he assured Gwen that he loved her and would never leave her. He told her that he had to protect Theresa as much as he'd protect any of them. Alistair told Ethan that he was making a big mistake and Ethan refuted it saying it was time someone made him pay. Rebecca couldn't believe Ethan was going to have Alistair arrested and Gwen whispered to her that because of Theresa, Alistair will get even and retaliate against her and Ethan.

Noah and Fancy snuck onto the Crane grounds and then avoided the security cameras. He was amazed and she told him he'd really be amazed about all the underground tunnels and passages. They kissed passionately as they waited for the cameras to move. He said he couldn't wait and she agreed with the caveat that her grandfather couldn't find out what they were doing. In Sheridan's cottage, Fancy pulled out a bottle of bubbly and Noah poured. He toasted to being alone at last. Then they sank onto the loveseat kissing passionately.

Friday, September 2, 2005

Theresa tells Ethan that she will not press charges against Alistair for rape.

Fox responds to Kay's irrational jealousy over his past relationships by blurting out that he wishes he were back together with an ex-girlfriend.

Julian brings a romantic dinner to Eve and reiterates his love for her.

When Simone expresses her desire to be with Rae forever, Rae, not wanting a commitment, dismisses her youthful ideas of romance and tells her to leave.

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