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Passions Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on PS
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Miguel complains to Pilar about Kay's strange behavior. She tells Miguel she loves him and yet she is with Fox. Kay is staying with Fox because of the bargain she made with Julian. She promises to be faithful to Fox and to stay away from Miguel. The Witches Committee pays a visit to Tabitha to see if she is a good or bad witch. They are aware that her powers are returning, and they have been monitoring her, so they want to know if she is still on the dark side. They don't want a hint of "good witch" in their category. They challenge Tabitha to prove to them that she is an evil witch, so Tabitha cast a spell that conjures up a swift wind to boot the committee out of her house. She proves her point, but she is not convincing enough. She hesitates before casting the spell. The committee will perform a test on Tabitha to see if she is a good or bad witch. Whatever their conclusions, Tabitha will remain classified as such for the next one hundred thousand years. Tabitha's test is to destroy an amusement park and shatter many children's dreams. If she can cause pain to innocent little children, she will be deemed as a bad witch. Tabitha expresses her concern over the parents of those children, and the good witches think that means Tabitha is a good witch. Tabitha sends Endora upstairs so that she can do her evil spell to prove to the committee that she is a bad witch. Tabitha destroys the amusement park and regrets it afterwards. Meanwhile, Kay and Fox are upstairs in their bedroom. The wind pushes the door ajar, and Kay thinks it‘s a storm. Fox notes that the wind is coming from inside the house, and he thinks it's just too many weird happenings in that house. Kay senses that it's witchcraft and pretends as if it's a storm. Fox suggests that they get their own place since he can afford it, and Kay goes along with Fox's decision. Miguel thinks there is something creeping going on in Tabitha's house, so he walks towards the house to peer inside. He sees Tabitha performs a spell and concludes that she is a witch.

Julian is ecstatic that Little Ethan (LE) is not his son. History is repeating itself. Just a few years ago, Ivy told him that Ethan was his son, and it turned out that Sam Bennett is really his father. Julian is surprised at himself for not putting two and two together all along. He is very sure that Ethan is LE father, and that Theresa must have known the truth. Julian cannot wait to blow Theresa out of the water, but Eve is preventing him from doing so. She begs Julian not to tell Ethan and to give Theresa a chance to come clean with Ethan. Julian promises Eve that he will not tell Ethan, but he won't keep her promise.

Ivy is badgering Ethan about staying with Theresa when she is keeping such a huge secret from him. Sam walks in and reminds Ivy that she has done the same to him in the past. Ethan questions Sam about the he/she person, and he has nothing on him/her. Ivy points out that even the Governor is afraid of the he/she. Sam wants to help Ethan get back with Theresa, but Ivy is against it. She does not trust Theresa because she is a liar. Sam thinks Ivy has issues because she is just as bad as Theresa. Ivy begs Sam to give her one more chance, and he ignores her pleas. Ethan tells Ivy that keeping a son from his father is the worst thing a woman can do to a man.

Whitney and Theresa walk in on Chad having sex with Vincent, and Whitney is devastated. She is dumbfounded. Words just cannot express how she feels at the moment. Theresa lashes out at Chad and Vincent while Chad is begging Whitney to give him a chance to explain. Whitney tells him not to come near her or touch her. Vincent blasts Whitney for being so hard on Chad because her own sister is gay, and Whitney tells Vincent that she is upset because Chad is cheating on her with someone that is not his wife, and she accuses Chad of being gay. Chad tells her that he is not gay and that it‘s meaningless. Whitney's trust in Chad has been broken, and she wants nothing to do with him. She tells Chad that he is not allowed around her or her son. Theresa tells Vincent that what he has done to Whitney is evil and karma will make sure that he pays for what he has done. Vincent laughs at Theresa because she thinks that he is evil. Vincent tells her that she is the evil one, and she will get what's coming to her. Theresa asks Vincent to explain, but he walks out of the storage room without responding. Chad chases after Whitney trying to explain further. Whitney slaps him and tells him to leave her alone because she hates him.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Julian plots to use the secret of little Ethan's paternity against Theresa in order to reclaim his place as Alistair's heir and head of the Crane Empire.

Chad tries to convince Whitney that he's not gay, despite being caught having sex with another man. Whitney says his secret life and betrayal are unforgivable.

As Pilar promises Luis that he'll soon be freed from jail, the half-man/half-woman pays judge Reilly a visit, and demands Luis's execution date be moved up.

Tabitha is forced to decide whether she's a good witch or a bad witch when she catches Miguel spying on her doing magic. Will she let Miguel go, or stop him from revealing her secret by killing him?

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Pilar rushes into the Crane mansion to tell Fancy and Sheridan, who are squabbling over Luis, that Judge Riley has ordered Luis be taken from the infirmary to a holding cell for immediate execution, apparently in a prison where all the employees are completely willing to ignore the laws of due process, or exists in a continuum where miscarriages of justice are easily accomplished without fear of consequence. After failing to locate either Ethan or Theresa, they all rush to the judge's chambers, where he admits that he has acted at the behest of the blackmailer. He declines to help Luis, and tells the three to go home and get out their black dresses.

Eve arrives at Whitney's apartment and finds her in tears. Whitney is devastated because she has learned that Chad has been sneaking around to have sex with Vincent. She tells Eve that she feels totally betrayed and she will never be with Chad again. She tells her mother that she might have tried to work it out if it had been another woman, but she felt unable to compete with a man.

Ethan finds Chad on the docks. Chad keeps saying that he loves Whitney, but he also admits that he wants Vincent also. He denies that he is gay. He tells Ethan that his relationship is all about sex. No matter how hard Ethan tries to explain it to him, Chad does not get that having unprotected sex with another person is a serious betrayal of the trust between committed partners.

The blackmailing half-man, half-woman corners Spike on the docks and convinces Spike to be his minion. Amazingly, despite his bizarre clothes and make-up, no one ever notices him as he harangues Spike. He knows that Spike killed the "Johns" and made Jessica think she did it. Now he wants Spike to dig up the bodies so that the crimes will come to light and be blamed on Jessica, and Simone and Paloma will be implicated for covering up the crimes. He also tells Spike that he wants all three women to suffer because of the connection that He/She shares with them.

Jessica has a nightmare about He/She, while staying at Simone's apartment. She insists on going back to Spike, despite the degradation and humiliation that she has suffered at his hands. She is so lacking in spine and backbone, so insecure and illogical, that one must really wonder about the parenting skills at the Bennett home when Jessica was growing up. Jessica persists in her delusion that following Spike is a better alternative than taking control of her own life, telling the truth, and finding the answers, despite the consequences, because, frankly, if she's killing people, she should want to be locked up.

Julian is in a fury with Theresa. He knows that Little Ethan is not his son. He demands that Theresa leave Crane Industries immediately and renounce all claim to her power and wealth. Julian has a storehouse of petty insults dealt him by Theresa and relishes the chance to humiliate her. Theresa pleads with him and gives all her excuses for not telling the truth, but Julian is unmoved. He tells her with no uncertainty that he intends to destroy her and enjoy it.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

As Paloma reveals to Noah that Jessica has committed murder, Spike and the half-man/half-woman dig up the remains of Jessica's old johns. The half-man/half-woman becomes enraged when Spike mentions its family!

Rebecca pleads with Gwen to return to Harmony and help her look for JT's memory stick with everyone's secrets on it.

Sam is overwhelmed with emotion as he reads Grace's diary.

Ethan overhears an argument between Theresa and Julian about little Ethan's paternity, and demands to know what's going on.

Friday, June 1, 2007

The blackmailer pays Spike off to dig up the dead johns and other dead bodies in order for him to frame Jessica for the murders. Spike can't help but to feel sorry for Jessica. The blackmailer calls in a tip to the police to report the multiple murders. Noah and Paloma try to break the bad news to Sam about Jessica and the dead johns. Before they could tell Sam, he is interrupted by a phone call in regards to multiple murders. Meanwhile, Simone is trying to convince Jessica to stay home with Sam and not to return to Spike. She even offers Jessica a place to stay so that she can keep an eye on Jessica. Simone is unsuccessful, but Noah thinks he might be able to convince Jessica otherwise. He tells Jessica that he is aware of the dead johns, and Jessica pretends as if she knows nothing about it. Instead, she tells Noah that if she goes back to Spike, he will protect her. The real reason Jessica refuses to come clean is because she thinks that she will be implicated. Noah tries to convince her that if she tells the truth, and that she was under the influence of drugs, maybe things won't be that bad. Jessica refuses to believe Noah. Meanwhile, Sam and Paloma are getting an earful about multiple murders around Harmony. Sam thinks it's a serial killer, and the blackmailer, who is lurking behind a bush, states that the murders have just begun. There are tons of dead bodies, and Paloma wonders if Jessica killed all those men. She knows that Jessica's secret is out for sure.

Pilar is frantic about Luis' execution and thinks that there is nothing that she can do. Sheridan thinks there has to be a way. Fancy and Sheridan play the blame game, and Pilar shuts them up since that won't help get Luis out of prison and the predicament he is in. Luis asks Father Lonigan to visit him in jail for a final confession. Father Lonigan gives Luis his final penance. Since Luis has been set up, Father Lonigan thinks all hope is not lost if Luis has faith. Luis wants to think that Alistair is the one behind this, but he is sure that Alistair is dead. Father Lonigan tells Luis that he is blind because of Alistair. A long time ago, Alistair confessed some things to him that he regretted later. He had sworn Father Lonigan to secrecy; however, Alistair was paranoid and did not trust Father Lonigan, so he had someone set his church on fire with him in it. The intention was to kill Father Lonigan. In any event, Luis thinks that if it's not Alistair behind this entire goings on, it's someone linked to him. Father Lonigan thinks there is great evil around them, and he advises Luis to be hopeful because the fight is not over yet. Luis senses that Father Lonigan is bearing a heavy load, and he wants to get to the bottom of all that's happening. Father Lonigan prays for help so that he can discover the evil that has taken Harmony by storm. The blackmailer approaches Father Lonigan to let him know that he has come to kill him, and Father Lonigan is not in the least bit surprised. The blackmailer points a gun at Father Lonigan.

Ethan asks Theresa to tell him what has made her so upset. She makes believe that it's all about Crane business, but Ethan is not buying it. Julian wants to make Theresa squirm, so he pretends as if he wants to talk to Ethan about Little Ethan's custody with Ethan. He even goes as far as saying that it's despicable for a mother to keep a father away from his child. Even though Julian is playing a teaser game with Theresa, she still tries to exert her power by stating who is in charge. Ethan is tired of the cat and mouse game, so he demands that someone tells him the truth. Julian gives Theresa the opportunity to tell Ethan because if she doesn't he will.

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