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Tabitha received a message from Timmy, via a doll, that she should be a good witch in order to win Endora and Miguel back. Alistair interrupted Luis' enchanted affair with Pretty and then ordered Spike to kill Luis and Pretty. Gwen was still in denial about Jonathan's condition, so Theresa decided to take matters into her own hands and talked Little Ethan into donating a portion of his liver to Jonathan, and he agreed. Theresa had a lot of explaining to do after the nurse sent Ethan to meet the mother of Jonathan's liver donor. Noah disguised himself as Santa Claus and tried to talk Paloma into staying with him, but he was found out after removing his beard.
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Passions Recaps: The week of December 10, 2007 on PS
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Monday, December 10, 2007

After scaring half the kids of Harmony, Tabitha sees a bright light, and she thinks that it's Endora returning to her. It turns out to be Timmy, the doll. He hands her a martimmy to prove to her that he is really Timmy. They begin to talk, and Tabitha touches him and states that he is not the real Timmy and demands an explanation. He tells her that Timmy could not come in true form because it was short notice. He further tells Tabitha that doing evil will not result in the return of Endora and Miguel. He urges her to do good instead of evil. Tabitha thinks that Timmy doesn't understand the ways of the dark side. He tells her that he understands perfectly and tells her to do good instead of evil because that's the only way to get Endora back to her. Timmy then vanishes.

Luis continues his romp with Pretty while hoping that Fancy and Pretty will understand. He just wants to be able to find Marty and bring him back to Sheridan. Pretty, however, cannot believe that a man like Luis is being intimate with her, and it's also her very first time being intimate with a man. Alistair walks in on Luis and Pretty and pretends to be shocked at what he is seeing. He tells Luis that he lacks scruples and has no morals and that he is in dismay at how he is treating Fancy. Luis explains to Alistair that he was only doing it because he told Pretty that that was the only way out of the locked room. Alistair does not deny it and tells Luis that he didn't expect him to go through with it and actually become intimate with Pretty. Alistair continues to play games and tells Pretty that Luis only wants to string all three women along: Sheridan, her and Fancy. Pretty defends Luis to Alistair since he was doing what Alistair instructed him to do. Alistair tells Pretty that she is stupid, gullible, and ugly and has fallen for Luis. He also tells her that no one wants her. Pretty tells Alistair that Luis loved her when he was with her, but Alistair tells her that she is not worthy of anyone and that she will have to pay for sex in the future. Alistair then tells Luis that if Pretty gets pregnant, he will have her child as a playmate for Marty. He also insinuates that Marty is abused. Luis then attacks Alistair, and Pretty screams and tells Luis to stop.

Gwen is still under the impression that she can cure Jonathan with the holistic medicine she is administering to him. She refuses to listen to Ethan. Ethan gets word from the doctor that if Jonathan does not get a liver transplant, he will die. In addition, the doctor tells Ethan that it's not uncommon for Gwen to be in denial given her history with Sarah. Moreover, the doctor tells Ethan that Gwen will face reality on her own terms since she still has a lot to bear. Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa will have nothing to do with Jonathan's recovery since he will pull through on his own. Ethan adheres to the doctor's advice and leaves Gwen in denial. Theresa has a talk with Little Ethan. She tells him that Jonathan is very ill and he needs a liver transplant, and he is the only one that can help. She further explains that Jane is a match but she has taken ill, and he is now the likely candidate. She also tells him that it's up to him whether he wants to do it or not. Little Ethan wants to help but is afraid of having the procedure done. He doesn't like the idea of being cut open. He is further confused because he heard someone states that only a brother or sister can give Jonathan a liver donor. Theresa wonders why Little Ethan would ask her such a question, and Little Ethan tells her that he wants her to tell him the truth since she promises to always be honest with him. Theresa tells herself that if she doesn't tell him the truth, he will find out on his own and will tell the wrong people and get them all killed. Before telling him, she tells Little Ethan not to tell anyone. She then tells him that Julian is not his father but Ethan is, and she tells him that she will further explain it to him one day since it's such a long story. Little Ethan is excited but cannot understand why Theresa never told him sooner. Theresa tells him that he has to keep it a secret from Ethan for now, and Little Ethan promises to do so. Ethan suddenly shows up, and Little Ethan runs to him calling him "daddy."

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Reality finally catches up to Gwen and she accepts that her baby Jonathan is going to die unless they find a compatible liver donor right away. She realizes she has been so caught up in the battle with Theresa for Ethan that she almost let her own child die. Gwen is driven to get to Ethan and tell him that Little Ethan is his child and that he could save Jonathan's life. Rebecca panics, knowing that if Gwen tells Ethan the truth, regardless of Little Ethan being a good donor, Theresa will have a hold on him forever and Gwen will lose any chance of ever being with Ethan.

Meanwhile, Ethan is stunned at Little Ethan calling him "daddy". Theresa inwardly panics, trying to remind Little Ethan that his paternity is a secret. Ethan questions Theresa, wondering what the boy is talking about. Little Ethan innocently says his mother told him. Ethan misunderstands and erupts at Theresa, thinking she is telling Little Ethan that when Jonathan dies he can be Ethan's son. Ethan wonders if he even knows Theresa anymore!

In the warehouse basement, Luis attacks Alistair, ready to tear him apart. Alistair uses a device on his watch to knock Luis out cold. Pretty loses it, thinking her wicked grandfather has killed Luis. Alistair more cruel than ever, lashes out at his scarred granddaughter, making her feel ugly and revolting. After Alistair leaves, Luis wakes and shows Pretty that he managed to steal the key to the basement from Alistair while he was attacking him.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ethan presses Gwen to tell him who the liver donor is and how she got the news before the doctor. As Little Ethan bravely goes under the knife to give his liver and save Jonathan's life, Theresa proudly watches, wishing Ethan could be there to see him through the procedure.

Pretty is reluctant to leave the warehouse basement, not wanting to give up on her alone time with Luis. Outside the basement, Spike awaits their escape, with orders from Alistair to kill them both!

Noah, disguised as Santa, urges Paloma to stick with him and guarantees that he'll never disappoint her again. But when Santa's identity is revealed, Paloma questions whether anything Noah said can be believed.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

The nurse has brought Ethan to meet the woman of the child who is donating to Jonathan and he finds Theresa! Theresa fears she is caught but quickly lies, tells Ethan a woman was with her earlier and left just before Ethan came in. Ethan is frustrated, anxious to meet this wonderful woman. Meanwhile, Gwen, still affected by the sedative Rebecca gave her, has horrible nightmares of Ethan learning of her lies and leaving her for Theresa. Back in the waiting room, Theresa watches a bereft Ethan, again begs her mother to tell her the horrible secret that is keeping her from being with man she loves.

In the warehouse basement, Luis is fearful that Pretty is going to die from her gunshot wound but then is relieved she looks to be alright. An emotional Pretty tells Luis to go, to leave her behind, but of course Luis would never. As Luis comforts a weakened Pretty, Pretty laments what life is like for her in a society that celebrates beauty, how she doesn't fit in. Luis tells Pretty how he admires her, that she is beautiful inside and out. Pretty shocks Luis by asking if he could ever love someone like her...

As Fancy laments Luis making love to her sister, Sheridan arrives and their old argument renews, but this time Fancy tells her Aunt she can have Luis, Fancy is done. Sheridan still fears that Luis' life is in danger and first they must find him. They soon find Spike on the wharf and force him to help. Spike takes them on a wild goose chase until Sheridan finally has had enough, points a gun in Spike's face and tells him if he doesn't come clean, she will kill him!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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