Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on SB
Caitlin was disturbed by message from her mother. Olivia announced that she was leaving Sunset Beach. Tyus recognized Vanessa's perfume. Derek told Ben that he's kill Meg unless Ben gave him a password to a bank account.
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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on SB
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Monday, March 30, 1998

Caitlin was upset to hear a disturbing message from her mother on the answering machine. Meanwhile, Cole rushed to the Grotto, praying he wasn't too late. The Cummingses moved Tim to Cedar Oaks for long-term care. Gregory eagerly responded to Annie's passionate kisses, and they began to make love on his desk. At the warehouse, Ben and Derek grappled for control of the gun.

Cole arrived just in time to prevent Olivia from downing the lethal concoction of sleeping pills and wine. A frantic call from Caitlin interrupted Annie's seduction scene and sent Gregory racing out to search for his wife. A flyer found in Tim's jacket pocket made Meg wonder if her friend's fall from the scaffolding had really been an accident. Ben managed to subdue his twin and release himself from the leg irons, but Derek again got the drop on him.

Cole tried to convince a depressed Olivia that despite her recent tragedy, life was still worth living. Later, Annie smirked in triumph when Olivia announced to her family that she was leaving Sunset Beach. Derek headed to Cedar Oaks and was irked to learn that Tim had been trying to talk.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

At Surf Central, Virginia overheard Casey on the phone, talking to a prospective roommate . She tried to guess who was moving out, but when Casey told her it was Michael, she had a hard time, trying to cover her disappointment. Nevertheless, she did for Casey's sake and told him that was great news, saying, "It's about time Michael and Vanessa got serious with their relationship."

Casey apologized to Virginia, telling her he knew she had hoped something would happen between her and Michael. Virginia told Casey that had been a long time before, and she was over that. Just then, Father Antonio arrived, ready to move into Mark's old room. Casey went to show him where his room was, and once alone, Virginia vowed to get rid of Vanessa once and for all. Virginia left to put her plan into action.

At Vanessa's Place, Vanessa got up and found that Michael had gone jogging. She then nervously wondered how long she could continue to hide her skin condition from him. Michael returned from his morning jog and told Vanessa he couldn't wait to move in. Vanessa told Michael he should give Casey a little more time to find another roommate.

Michael told her that Casey knew and admitted that he had blabbed about their living arrangements to Casey at Meg's bridal shower. He then told her that Meg's party was over, and there was no need to keep their living arrangements a secret anymore. Vanessa tried to think of other ways to stall Michael, but he asked her if she thought it had felt good to have him there the night before, talking, kissing, and holding her. Vanessa told him of course it had, but when Michael told her that he could be packed up and moved in by the end of the day and asked Vanessa how that sounded to her. Vanessa told him no, which surprised Michael, who asked her if she had changed her mind about him.

Vanessa told Michael that it was a big change, and she'd had a lot on her mind lately. Michael asked her if she was still thinking about the patient at Cedar Oaks. Vanessa asked Michael why he had mentioned her. Michael told Vanessa that he knew how much she cared about people and wished she would open up to him more.

Michael told Vanessa that what was important to her was important to him. Vanessa asked him if he meant that no matter what it was. Michael told her it was true no matter what. He then told Vanessa that he had to go to work, and he loved her very much. Once Michael was gone, Vanessa asked herself why Michael had to be so understanding and then said that it would make it harder for her to leave him.

At Cole and Caitlin's Place, Caitlin thanked Cole for helping out her mother but still wondered why her mom had decided to leave Sunset Beach. Cole told her that Olivia had just needed to get away, and the important thing was that Olivia would take steps to pull herself back together and get her life back on track. Caitlin still wondered how Cole knew where to find Olivia because the last thing Olivia had said was that she was going back to the place where it had all begun. She then asked him how he knew he would find Olivia at the Grotto. Cole lied, telling Caitlin it had just been by accident.

When Caitlin continued to speculate about why the Grotto seemed to hold a special significance for Olivia. Cole played dumb. Caitlin then told Cole that she believed part of the reason her mother had left was because of her father's lack of support. Cole agreed with that theory and told Caitlin that Gregory had played a big part in Olivia's decision to leave. Caitlin then told her husband that she wished her mom and dad's marriage could be more like theirs was, adding that they had total trust in one another.

Feeling a twinge of guilt, Cole held Caitlin and told her that they could have lost it all, but they had fought for their love for one another. Caitlin agreed and told Cole that when Trey was old enough to have a sitter, she would like for them to return to the Grotto and have the honeymoon they had never had there. Cole told Caitlin that was one promise he intended to keep, and as they reminisced on the night when they had first made love, Cole told Caitlin they would take better precautions the next time because he didn't think Trey needed a little brother or sister yet. Caitlin agreed but then felt guilty when Cole told her that he would love to have another baby sometime in the future.

Cole told Caitlin that he had to get to work, and after kissing her and his son goodbye, he left. Once he was gone, Caitlin told Trey that she would do everything in her power to keep her and Cole's happiness together, and he could never know that Trey was not his son.

At the Richards home, Sean cornered Annie once again about the baby coincidence. Annie told Sean that he needed to let it go; everyone knew that Olivia's baby had been stillborn. Sean said that he thought Annie was involved in it all the way up to her eyebrows. Annie told Sean that she was not covering anything up and that she thought they were friends after everything she had done for Caitlin. Sean said that he wanted to trust her, but after seeing how she was always around when something went wrong, he was having a hard time.

Annie asked Sean if it was some conspiracy and then told him that both Olivia and Dr. Brock had signed the cremation papers. Sean observed it was the same Dr. Brock that she had been having a private conversation with that morning. Annie cleverly covered again by telling Sean that she had been trying to find out from Dr. Brock why Olivia had gotten her baby cremated. Sean didn't buy it and told Annie he was beginning to wonder if his father was right -- that baby had disappeared because somebody had had something to hide.

Annie blurted out that Olivia had been plastered when she had given birth, and that was why she'd had her baby cremated, so that no one would find out about it if they had done an autopsy. Sean defended his mother by telling Annie he'd never believe Olivia had been drunk the night that she had given birth because he knew she had wanted that baby more than anything. Annie told him that she had only been speaking hypothetically, but Sean said, "Hypothetically, Annie, I think you are the one who has something to hide."

Virginia showed up at Mrs. Moreau's, wanting more help with Vanessa. Mrs. Moreau asked Virginia if she was there to complain about the potion again. Virginia told her the potion was working, but she needed something to get rid of Vanessa for good. Mrs. Moreau told her that she wouldn't give her any poison, and she didn't deal in death. Virginia told Mrs. Moreau that she didn't want to kill Vanessa; she just wanted her to leave town for good.

Virginia asked Mrs. Moreau for a potion that would make Michael and Vanessa fall out of love, but the woman refused. She told Virginia that her potion could not stand in the way of true love, and love was like a waterfall -- a person either went with it or against it. Virginia said she had gone there for some advice, and all Mrs. Moreau could give her was a greeting card message. Mrs. Moreau stated that when she opened her mouth to speak, all she gave was good advice. Catching on, Virginia got ready to leave and told Mrs. Moreau that she knew exactly what she was going to do to Vanessa. After Virginia left, Mrs. Moreau shook her head and said that Virginia was no good -- bad to the bone.

Back at the Richardses', Sean told Annie the same day she had delivered a baby to Caitlin, his mom had had her baby out in the middle of nowhere and had then mysteriously forgotten the whole thing. Annie told him there was a hole in his logic, because Olivia hadn't had the baby out in the middle of nowhere; she'd had the baby in San Francisco, and Annie had delivered Caitlin's baby about 2000 miles from there. Sean then asked Annie why she was so interested in Olivia's medical condition when she had been pregnant. Annie told him she was just showing Olivia some support for Caitlin's sake. Sean said she might be plotting out the due date so she could figure out a way to get Olivia out of town.

Annie told Sean again that Olivia had been drunk, and she was not a psychiatrist. She couldn't explain Olivia's erratic behavior. Sean told her to explain her own erratic behavior, like why she was so afraid for Olivia to get her memory back. Annie said nothing, and Sean flat-out accused her of stealing Olivia's baby in order to give the baby boy to Caitlin. Though Annie nervously denied it, Sean threatened to squeal to Caitlin unless Trey's birth mother was produced.

Still trying to stall, Annie told Sean that she didn't want any contact with the people who had adopted her baby. Sean told her either he met the birth mother or he was calling -- Caitlin could choose. Annie agreed and then left. Once outside, she decided to find a girl to pose as the birth mother and headed over to Father Antonio's church, since he had always taken in homeless people.

Over at the Church, Father Antonio was outside, playing hoops, when Cole showed up. Cole told him that his job had just donated a lot of stuff to the church, and he had volunteered to take it over. Antonio told him that was nice of him, but he could see that Cole had something on his mind. Cole admitted it and then asked Father Antonio if they could talk privately.

Once inside Father Antonio's private chamber, Cole said that the lies were eating him up inside and explained to Father Antonio about the last few days he'd been having since his son had been born. He said the guilt over sleeping with Olivia and losing a child that could have been his was beginning to tear him apart. He then told Antonio that he wanted to tell Caitlin, but if he did, he'd lose Caitlin and Trey forever. He wondered if there was any justice. Antonio said that he couldn't make those decisions for Cole but told Cole that everyone needed to live with their decisions one day or another.

Annie showed up to speak to Father Antonio and heard Cole's voice on the other side of the door. As Cole told Father Antonio that he had made up his mind, and he had to tell Caitlin the truth about him and Olivia, Annie overheard it all on the other side of the door.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Still bitter about the loss of his infant son, Gregory wondered who he could pass his legacy on to since both of his older children wanted nothing to do with the Richards empire. Upset when Sean began speculating aloud about where Annie had procured the baby, Caitlin sternly reminded her brother that she was Trey's only mother. As Annie eavesdropped from the door of the rectory, Cole confided to Father Antonio a fear that he'd finally have to tell Caitlin the truth about him and Olivia.

Certain Martin's syndrome would eventually take over her entire body and her mind, Vanessa penned a letter of farewell to Michael. Meanwhile, at Cedar Oaks, Michael inquired about a certain patient to whom his girlfriend seemed to have become attached. After catching Annie listening in on his private conversation with his priest, Cole covered his tracks by convincing her that he had been discussing Olivia's suicide attempt.

Later, anxious to locate a young woman who could portray Trey's birth mother, Annie volunteered to join a church mentoring program. Dr. Estrada told Vanessa a new test had just been developed that could identify Martin's syndrome in its earliest stages.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

At Sunset Beach, Casey, Michael, and the rest of the lifeguard crew were busy cleaning up the beach due to another El Ni˝o storm. Casey tried to encourage Michael to let him throw a farewell party to celebrate Michael's decision to move in with Vanessa. Michael said it sounded like a good idea, but Vanessa and he hadn't gone public with their news yet. He then suggested that they make it a welcome party for Father Antonio. Casey said that was a good idea and told him to go see Vanessa.

Michael called Vanessa's and got the answering machine. He left a message for her to call him on his cell phone or at Surf Central. Casey asked Michael if anything was wrong. Michael said no, he was just having a hard time tracking down Vanessa. Casey kidded Michael about his anticipation of moving in with Vanessa. As the two of them strolled back to Surf Central, Michael said he was excited.

At Cedar Oaks, Vanessa was in Dr. Estrada's office in a panicked state because she had found out that the other doctor that Dr. Estrada was referring to was Dr. Tyus Robbins from Sunset Beach. As Dr. Estrada started to enter her room with Tyus, Vanessa hid in her closet. Tyus asked where she was, but Dr. Estrada was wondering the very same thing and told Tyus she had just been in there. Tyus then asked Dr. Estrada to tell him more about the patient's case. Dr. Estrada said everything he needed to know about the patient was in the files.

As she was about to hand the files to Tyus, Vanessa emerged from the closet, where only Dr. Estrada could see her, and signaled her not to let Dr. Robbins see her medical file. Dr. Estrada then made up an excuse and told Tyus that it would be unethical if she showed the patient's files to him, when the patient hadn't really agreed to the testing yet. Tyus understood and prepared to leave. Dr. Robbins apologized to him for driving all the way out to Cedar Oaks. Tyus told her it was all right and to just keep him informed on the situation.

Once Tyus was gone, Vanessa emerged from hiding and told Dr. Estrada that Dr. Robbins was an acquaintance of hers, and she didn't want him to know she was the patient. Dr. Estrada agreed to keep Vanessa's identity a secret but said that she was going to need Dr. Robbins to help her conduct the test. She then told Vanessa to call her the next day to schedule a test. Vanessa said not to worry and that she would call because it would be the most important call of her life.

Meanwhile, Virginia was also at Cedar Oaks under her alias, Selida Jones. She was in Lena's room, and as Lena lay there, hardly noticing her, Virginia started telling her how sorry she was that Vanessa hadn't cared enough to send her very best goodbyes. It was awful especially when she was afraid that she would look like her. She should be crossing the state line already, and she would never look back. As Virginia started to leave, Lena grabbed her arm and said, "Vanessa, please don't leave me. It's been a long time since I've had the chance to talk with my little girl. Stay with me." Virginia replied, "All right, mom."

Lena asked if Virginia was okay. Virginia said, "Yes, I have never been better." Lena asked Virginia to say if she was happy. Virginia said yes, she was in love with a man that was everything she had ever wanted. Lena said it sounded wonderful. Virginia told her he was, and she would never let anyone or anything get between them. Lena told her, "That's my girl."

Just then, Laverne yelled into the room, "Selida, get out here." Virginia told Lena she had to go. Laverne said she should have known that was where Virginia would be. She then told Virginia that there was a nice mess waiting for her in another patient's room; she pushed a bed pan at Virginia and told her to clean it up. Virginia pushed the bedpan back at Laverne and told her to clean it herself; Virginia walked off.

Laverne caught up to Virginia and told her that Nurse Baker was right about her and then said it gave her great pleasure to tell Virginia she was fired. Virginia said Laverne couldn't fire her because she quit. Virginia said she was also glad that she didn't have to deal with Laverne one more day, with her "file this, file that, clean this up" attitude. Laverne asked for her keys. Virginia told her gladly and then said, "Goodbye, Selida Jones, and hello, Michael Bourne," and threw the nametag in the garbage on her way out.

At Ben and Meg's Place, Meg arrived home and called out to see if anyone else was there. When she got no response, she started reading her mail, unaware that she was being recorded. After Meg was done reading the mail, she put it down on the coffee table, turned, and almost ran into the camera. Startled, she said, "Ben, you scared me to death." Derek told her he was sorry, he had been hoping to surprise her.

Meg asked if the video camera was for her. He said it was for both of them -- it was for Venice. Meg told him it was nice, but it was too high tech for her. She then asked about the first thing he wanted to tape. Derek told her he had thought of something special. Meg asked, "What are you going to shoot first?" Derek said her. Meg asked why he wanted to film her. Derek asked why not.

Meg said she felt kind of silly. Derek told her not to because she was the star attraction. Derek began to look aggravated with the camera. Meg asked him what was wrong. He said it wasn't working right. He then told her to go and hold up the paper so he could focus in on the date. As she held it up, Derek zoomed in on the date. He told her he was going to ask her a few questions.

Derek asked Meg who she loved. She said, "You." He asked how much. She said more than anything. He said to himself that it was perfect, and it might be all it took to kill Ben. He then asked her to describe how they had met. She said he was her knight in shining armor and had saved her from a man at the Java Web. He asked about the first time they had kissed. She told him it was there, out on the deck, and it had been very romantic.

Derek asked Meg to tell about other romantic things they had done. Meg asked him if he really wanted her to discuss that on videotape, and she asked what would happen if others saw it. He told her it was just for them. She then told him there were so many, but her favorite had to be when they had first made love when she had returned to Sunset Beach from Kansas. He asked what day she was looking forward to the most. She told him their wedding day then told him the interview was over and to "come here." He asked her what for. Meg said he would see.

As Derek went over there to her, Meg kissed him. While they were kissing, they were still being recorded, and Derek did a little wave at the camera, meant for Ben. Meg didn't notice it.

At Surf Central, Casey and Michael arrived, and Michael asked how many flyers could be put on a person's car in one day. Casey was thinking about the flyer that Tim had had. He said it was odd that he'd had it in his suit at Cole and Caitlin's wedding. Michael said maybe someone had put it on his windshield. Casey said he was probably right. Michael told him they still had a party to plan and hoped he heard from Vanessa soon. If it was going to be a goodbye party for him, he had to clear it with her first.

Jimmy walked in and asked him where Michael was going. Casey said he would give them privacy. Michael told Jimmy to go sit on the couch. Casey ran into Virginia at the door. Michael said he was glad they were both there because he had something to say. He reported that he was moving in with Vanessa. Virginia said she already knew because she had overheard Casey. Michael said he knew.

Jimmy asked if Michael was still going to be his friend. Michael said always, but he would make an even bigger effort to be around him. He said it would mean a lot if Jimmy would be happy for him. Jimmy said he was for both of them. Michael asked Virginia if she was okay with it. Virginia said she wasn't going to lie; she was jealous, and anybody would be because they had a great relationship. They were not going anywhere -- they were family.

Michael said Virginia was right and that she would find a good man soon too. Virginia told him she knew she would. Michael wondered why he hadn't heard from Vanessa. Virginia told him to give her another call. Vanessa walked in and said not to bother because she was right there. Michael said he had started to worry. She told him she was safe in his arms, and there was no place she would rather be. Virginia looked upset.

At the warehouse, Ben said there had to be a way to get to Meg. He saw a metal piece attached to the pipes he was chained to and thought to himself that if he could reach that sharp edge, he might be able to sever them. He stood up and started scraping the chain on it. As Ben worked feverishly on the chains, he told himself that he'd save Meg if it was the last thing he did.

Back at Ben and Meg's place, Joan and Hank arrived there, and Meg showed them the video camera. Derek told them he thought it was broken and would return it to where he had bought it. Meg asked her dad if he knew a lot about those things and asked him if he could fix it. Derek told her that he was afraid that would void the warranty. Meg told him that was all right; her father could fix it.

Derek yelled, "Meg, give me the damn camera, would you?" Catching himself, he apologized and told them he didn't know what had happened to him. Hank said he would sure liked to know. Meg asked if he was having his headaches again. Derek said yes, but that it was no excuse. He apologized to everyone and said it was unacceptable. Hank told him he had that right, and Joan got Hank to give Meg and Ben some space.

Derek asked if Meg was mad at him. Meg said no. Derek explained that he didn't want to lose the beautiful footage they had just shot. Meg asked if he had been taking his medication. Derek told her no. Meg told him he needed to and knew that the headaches weren't the only thing that was stressing him out. It was also because her parents were there. She said she knew what he was going through.

Derek asked how she could be so understanding. Meg said because she loved him and he loved her. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Casey, and he invited them to the party. Meg asked "Ben" if he wanted to go. Derek said sure, but he had to get the camera fixed first, and he would meet them there.

Meg asked if she could take her parents too. Casey said yes. They started talking about the flyer that Tim had had. Casey said he had enough time before the party to go to the warehouse district and check it out.

Back at Surf Central, Vanessa asked Michael what was so important. Michael told her they were having a party. Vanessa asked what it was for. He said a welcome for Antonio and goodbye for him. They didn't have to make the party that way, but it was a perfect opportunity to let the whole world know how he felt. He asked her if something was wrong. Vanessa said no. Michael said he didn't want to pressure her. Vanessa said she knew and said, "Let's do it." She wanted everyone to know.

Virginia was listening out on the deck. Michael walked in the room and told Father Antonio that he hoped Antonio didn't mind that he was going to have to share his party. Antonio asked him what for. Michael told him he was moving in with Vanessa. Gabi jumped up and hugged Vanessa and told them it was wonderful. Virginia said to herself that she didn't know why Vanessa was still there, but she intended to find out. Tyus dropped by, as well, and asked Vanessa if she was going to invite him in. She said of course.

Michael said, "Hey, Tyus, glad you could make it." Tyus asked what the party was for. Michael explained, and Tyus congratulated him. Michael went to answer the door; it was Meg and her parents. Michael asked where Ben was. Meg said he'd had a few errands to run and would be there soon. Tyus congratulated Vanessa. She said thanks. He said her perfume smelled familiar.

Virginia still pondered why Vanessa wasn't leaving town and thought that maybe there was a clue in her purse. She took Dr. Estrada's card out of Vanessa's purse and wondered what Vanessa was doing with it. She saw that it said to call the next day regarding a test. She wondered what test.

Gabi walked up to Meg and said hello. She had seen her pearl necklace and asked if Ben had given her another pearl. Meg said not for a while, but he had given her a video camera. Gabi looked upset. Meg asked what was wrong. Gabi said when Meg had said video camera, Gabi couldn't help thinking of the island and the maniac recording killing Elizabeth.

Back at the warehouse, Casey showed up to check out the warehouse and was shocked when he found Ben/Derek there unlocking a chained gate. Derek entered the warehouse, and Ben heard that someone was approaching and sat back down. Derek told Ben he had the proof Ben had been waiting for. Just then, Casey entered and yelled out, "Ben, are you in there?"

Friday, April 3, 1998

With the party in full swing, Tyus recognized a familiar perfume while chatting with Vanessa. As Casey pounded on the door of the warehouse, Derek gagged his twin to prevent Ben from calling out for help. Virginia learned that Vanessa had made another appointment with Dr. Estrada. Antonio made fast friends with Jimmy on his first night at Surf Central. Ricardo again warned Meg to stay away from Ben before she paid the ultimate price for her misguided love.

Virginia returned to Cedar Oaks and pestered an irritated Laverne to rehire her. Vanessa tried to throw Tyus off the scent by surreptitiously spraying her perfume on several other women at the party. Derek finally let Casey in but carefully steered him away from the room where Ben was imprisoned. After Casey left, a snickering Derek taunted his brother with a holographic image of Meg.

An offhand remark from Hank about the love fathers had for their daughters gave Gabi the shivers. Later, Gabi tearfully revealed to an appalled Antonio how her father had raped her when she had been a child. Derek warned Ben he'd kill Meg that very night if he didn't get the password that would open his twin's bank accounts. Casey convinced Meg to go back to the warehouse with him.

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