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Monday, April 6, 1998

Alarmed to learn from Hank that Meg and Casey are on their way back to the warehouse, Derek races out of Surf Central. Meanwhile, Ben frantically rattles his chains in an effort to draw Meg's attention to the locked room. Eddie drowns his sorrows at The Deep after losing a bundle at the track. Hoping to keep Michael in the dark about her condition, Vanessa suggests that they make love on the beach instead of going home to bed. At Cedar Oaks, Virginia eavesdrops on Tyus as he discusses testing a new patient for Martin's Syndrome. Derek arrives at the warehouse just in time to prevent Casey and Meg from gaining entrance to the back room, then feeds his twin's gullible lover a story about converting the old building into their dream home. Eddie's bookie warns him to pay his gambling debts before the end of the week or else. Tyus speculates about the identity of Dr. Estrada's anonymous patient. Derek attempts to trick Meg into revealing Ben's password.

Tuesday,April 7, 1998

At Annie's Place, Annie is desperate to find a prospective birth mother and after talking to Father Antonio on the phone and telling him she just didn't click with anyone. He told her someone new came into day, she's nineteen, her name is Stephanie and he can send her over there in 20 minutes. Annie tells Father Antonio that would be perfect and hangs up. She thinks to herself that all she has to do is find out if Stephanie will go along with her plan. Just then, Sean calls and told her he is on his way over. She asked him why is he coming now? He told her she had stalled him long enough and if his mom isn't Trey's birth-mother than Annie had better have proof. Annie covered and told Sean that it's really a coincidence that he called, because she was just about to call him and tell him all his questions are about to be answered. Sean told her he only had one question for her. Annie told him he would be able to find out what that is, because the birth-mother just called and said she would be here in an hour, you can come over and meet her then. Sean said he would be there. They hang up, Annie told herself to calm down, she has only 15 minutes until Stephanie gets there, and for the right price she would pretend to be the mother if she had to. Annie then went over to herself just what it is she's going to say to Stephanie. There is a knock on the door. Annie says great, she's hear. This is my last hope, a blond would be nice but at this point I don't really care. Unfortunately when she opens the door, Stephanie turns out to be African American. Annie says to herself, she is a goner.

Over at The Royal Arms Apartment, Gregory is up to his old tricks again, concerning Cole and Caitlin. He meets with the apartment manager and finds out that Cole put down a deposit on the apartment he has for rent. Gregory gives the apartment manager some money and ask him if they are in agreement. The man told him it is just as they agreed, and Gregory told him he hopes so and then hands the man the phone.........At Cole and Caitlin's, Cole is looking for diapers so that Caitlin can change Trey. He told her they have too much stuff in their apartment and he can't wait until they move. Just then the phone rings, it is the apartment manager. Cole asks him if he was calling to tell them their apartment is ready, but the manager told him he called to tell him the apartment was no longer available. Cole asked what he meant by that. The manager told him there was a mix up with the number of apartments to be rented out and since Cole was the last person to fill out a application, he was the sacrifice. Cole told him there is no where else around renting in his price range. The apartment manager told him then he shouldn't be living in Sunset Beach and hangs up. Caitlin asked if they had lost their apartment? Cole told her it was taken. Caitlin asked him by whom? Cole told her why don't you ask your father........Back at the apartment building, the manager asks Gregory how did he do. Gregory told him perfect and then leaves. Back at Cole and Caitlin's, Caitlin asked what her father had to do with it. Cole said he did offer us to move in, do you think he would give up? Caitlin told him Gregory wouldn't do that, at least I don't think he would. Cole told her that he has done worse. Caitlin said she knew, but her dad promised her that he has changed and she needs to believe that. Cole told her okay, he'll give Gregory the benefit of the doubt, but told her he was going to go over and talk to the apartment manager and find out what is really going on and then leaves. Caitlin told herself, she is right but she has to make sure.

At Ben and Meg's Place, Derek gives Meg some cock n' bull story about naming her as his sole beneficiary when they are married and told her that she needs to know how to get inside his accounts in case of an emergency. Meg told him that none of that is important to her and after finding out about him already building her a house (The Warehouse), she can't think of anything more that she needs other than to have him put his arms around her. Derek told her this is important and he wants to give her a run through so that if anything ever happens to him, she'll know what to do. He then escort's her over to the desk where the laptop is and told her to put his account number in. Meg does so and Derek thinks to himself if Meg doesn't know the password, she is no good to him anymore. On the other hand he thinks even if she does, there is no use in keeping her and brother Ben alive any longer. Derek then instructs Meg to put the password in, but before she can, there is someone pounding real loud at the front door. Anxious, Derek told Meg to ignore it, but Meg tells him that it might be important. Derek told her okay, he'll get the door and she can sit there and concentrate on learning how to access his account. Derek opens the door to find Eddie standing there. Derek told him not now Eddie, but Eddie says yes now and lets himself in. Derek told him he knew they had a few unresolved issues but it is not the time nor place. Meg walks over and asked what he wanted. Eddie said the three of them have something very important to discuss and it can't wait. Meg told him she can't speak for Ben but she has no interest in what he has to say. Eddie told her it wasn't a social chat, it was business. Meg asked what business did they have with him. Eddie told her he is head security with the Liberty Corporation and he heard that there was a break in at their place a few weeks ago and that documents were stolen. Meg asked, him what business is that of his or the Liberty Corporation. As Derek stands there looking agitated by the smirk on Eddie's face, Eddie told her, who's to say that the papers weren't company secrets and he wanted to check it out. Meg told him it wasn't necessary, but Eddie told her for her own safety they should find out what the break in is all about and who is behind it.

At The Richard's, Gregory returns home, but before he can get settled, Bette arrives to find out why Olivia left town. Gregory told Bette he knew she was always on Olivia's side. Bette told him she was on the side of both of them. Gregory told her Olivia killed the two of them when she killed his son. Bette asked him why does he constantly hurt and push away the one that loves him the most. Gregory said his son was dead. Bette asked and you blame Olivia. He asked her who should he blame. Bette told him no one was to blame. Gregory told her his son was gone. Bette told him and now his wife is gone too. Gregory said maybe it is for the best, think about it. At the very least we know that Olivia was careless and at the worst, we know where she turns to when life gets rough. Bette told Gregory that Olivia was not drinking. Gregory asked Bette to explain why did Olivia go to the liquor store the same day she gave birth. Bette told him maybe she went for him. Gregory told her their conversation on Olivia was over. Before leaving, Bette told him she thought he had changed. Gregory told her that God wouldn't let him change. Bette told him there is no one to blame but himself. As he opens the door to escort Bette out, Caitlin is there. She asked if she interrupted something. Gregory told her that Bette was just leaving. Alone, Caitlin told her dad they need to talk. He asked her if everything was alright. Caitlin said no, they lost their apartment. Gregory plays dumb and ask her how. Caitlin told him to just look her in the eye and tell her he didn't have anything to do with it. Gregory pretends to be hurt by Caitlin's lack of faith in her dear old dad. Meanwhile, Cole conducts his own investigation into the reason why his family suddenly has no place to live. He enters the office of the apartment just as he is on the phone with Gregory. As Caitlin is sitting next to Gregory told him he really didn't think he would get away with breaking his daughters lease that easily did you? The apartment manager says, but you, and then turns around to see Cole standing there. The apartment manager tells Gregory he didn't promise Mr. or Mrs. Deschanel anything, if you like you can contact the legal department. Gregory said he sure will first thing in the morning. They hang up. He then asks Caitlin if she and Cole signed a lease. Caitlin said no, they filled out an application and made a deposit. He said there might be nothing he can do. Gregory then asked his daughter if she thought he had anything to do with it. Caitlin told him she had to get Trey home, thanks for trying to help. Gregory told her he would do anything for her. Once alone Gregory told the housekeeper to get turn one of the spare rooms into a nursery for Trey.

Back at Annie's. Before Annie has a chance to act quickly on finding out that Stephanie wouldn't work in her plans at all, Sean shows up pounding on the door. Annie feeds the girl some story about having a jealous boyfriend who would get crazy mad if he found out she was devoting her time to helping out those less fortunate than her. She then asks Stephanie to hide out on the terrace and opens the door for Sean. Sean asked her where the birth-mother is. Annie told him she wasn't there yet. Sean told her that he heard her talking to someone. Annie told him it was probably his imagination, but Bette walks in with Stephanie and asks Annie who is she and what is she doing twiddling her thumbs out on our terrace deck. Annie gets tongued-tied trying to come up with a fast lie. She then told Bette she needs to be alone with her friends and could she excuse them. Bette leaves, and Sean wants to know just what is going on. Annie lies and told Sean that Stephanie is the birth- mother's friend and she chickened out and sent Stephanie instead. Sean asks Stephanie if this is true. The girl covers for Annie and then leaves. Sean tells Annie he is gonna give her one more day and if she doesn't produce the birth-mother he is going to Caitlin with his suspicions and leaves. Bette comes back down stairs and told Annie that scheming and manipulating all day takes a lot out of you doesn't it. She then told Annie its reminiscent of Annie's father and it scares her. Annie ask Bette if she thinks all she does is scheme and manipulate to get what she wants. Bette told her yes she does, because she wants so desperately to be cared for and loved and thinks Gregory is going to do it for you but he loves Olivia. She then told Annie that she may be able to seduce Gregory, but she won't make him love her. Annie tells her she is not in the mood for Bette's lectures right now. Bette asked her if she remembered Sly Dunbar. Annie said yeah he was one of your husbands. Bette tells her he is a casting director now and wants to put her in an awful "B" movie. Annie told Bette that Bette loves acting. Bette told her not anymore, the days when she pretended to be someone she's not are over and leaves. Annie goes on Bette's last words "pretend to be someone your not" and says it's perfect. I don't need a birth-mother to bring to Sean, I need someone to pretend to be one, I need an actress.

Back at Meg and Ben's, Meg told Eddie that she he has no interest in what happens to her and ask him again what is this all about? Eddie told her he would be happy to explain if she gets him a glass of water first. Meg asked if he was choking on all his lies? Derek told her to go ahead, he would watch him. She left the room. Derek asked what he thought he was doing opening up to Meg like that. Eddie said he thought it was time Meg knew what happened that night. He did the job but didn't see a dime and that is going to change tonight, he better pass over some major bucks or Meg is going to get an earful. Derek manages to get rid of Eddie and told him that he will phone him later on tonight. Eddie told him he had better or he will tell Meg everything about the bogus break-in. Once he is gone, Derek tries to get Meg to get back on the computer but Hank and Joan return. After some brief chit- chat they retire upstairs for the evening. Meg told Derek she is also tired and is going to bed. Derek comes down the stairs and makes a phone call to Eddie. He said Meg was asleep, let's get it over with. Eddie said what do you mean. Derek said he means that he will give him what he wants unaware that Meg is on the stairs listening.

Wednesday, April 8, 1998

Vanessa crumples up her letter of farewell before Michael can spot it. At Cedar Oaks, Virginia scrambles to find a way to prevent her rival from taking the test for Martin's Syndrome. Annie decides to hire an actress to play Trey's birth mother. Sean has another bitter quarrel with his father, who continues to blame Olivia for the death of their baby. When Sean accuses him of never loving the child, Gregory slaps his son across the face. Cole comes to on the sand below the pier. Meanwhile, Caitlin panics to discover that her husband never came home all night. As a nervous Annie looks on, Tess told Sean how much easier it was giving up her newborn son knowing the adoptive couple would provide such a good home. Gregory suggests to an appalled Caitlin that her husband may have left her. Cole arrives and explains how he got jumped on his way out of Davis' office, but Gregory expresses serious doubts about his son-in-law's story. Virginia decides to sabotage Vanessa's test by substituting a skin sample from Lena. A segment of the "Leeza Gibbons Show" unexpectedly becomes an obstacle in Annie's scheme to trick Sean.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

Casey runs into a wondering Meg at the beach and asks her what is going on with her. Meg told Casey that Ben has been acting strange lately. When Casey asks Meg if she wants to talk about it, Meg told him she didn't know if she should talk about it. As the two stroll over to Surf Central Headquarters, Meg finally decided to confide in Casey. She told him about Eddie coming over last night and then about over hearing Ben agreeing to meet Eddie somewhere tomorrow. Casey tries to convince Meg that maybe it's nothing and maybe Ben has a surprise for her that Eddie knows about. Meg told him that wouldn't make much since, because Ben hates Eddie. In order to give Meg a little peace of mind, Casey offers to see what he can find out about the situation between Ben and Eddie.

Meanwhile in some secluded place, Derek meets Eddie and gives him a briefcase and told Eddie to look in it. Eddie told Derek it was about time, as he greedily opened the briefcase to examine the money. After carefully looking it over, Eddie told Ben/Derek there was only $5,000 dollars inside. Derek told him that he didn't finish the whole job so he didn't get what he wanted. Eddie told him that he wanted more money to keep quite about the break-in. Derek pushed him up against a cement wall and said there are other ways besides money to keep him quiet. Eddie pushes Ben off him and said what are you going to do kill me, if so get in line. Eddie then told him he was a lousy gambler and that is why he needed the money to pay his bookie back, but they may both benefit from it, if Ben doesn't pay he will go tell Meg and his bookie will kill him. If he gives him the money, Meg won't find out. Derek cuts him off and told him or I could just kill you right now. Eddie told him he would like to see him try. Eddie decides that the $5,000 is fine for now as a down payment, but warns Ben/Derek that he'll want the rest of the money soon, paid in full. As Eddie rides off on his motorcycle, Derek says to himself, too bad Eddie won't be around long enough to share the other money with him.

At The Java Web, While Tess is talking to Sean for Annie and trying to convince him that she is the birth-mother; Annie's Alarmed to see Tess on an episode of "Leeza" entitled "Women Who Will Do Anything For Money." Annie hurries to block Sean's view of the Java Web's television set. The other folks at the restaurant become annoyed at Annie for turning the channel. Tess sees the TV, realizes what's going on and tries to turn Sean away from it. Annie asked the people why they wanted to watch it when Mr. Ed was on TV-land (LMAO). However, Sean sees the TV and said he didn't believe it, she is on TV. Annie told him she can explain. Sean ask her if she knew Amy was going to be on Leeza. They show the TV and Leeza is talking to Amy in the audience. He told Annie and Tess it was a girl he dated. Tess said, I guess you never know who will show up on TV. Annie asked Tess if she had a bus to catch. She tells them both that she has to leave, but before she can, Cole, Caitlin and Trey show up. Caitlin says hi to everyone and Tess told her the baby was gorgeous. Caitlin told her his name was Trey. Tess said what a great name for a great looking kid and starts crying. Cole asked if she was ok. Annie said she was fine, she just gets emotional around babies. Cole asked how they know each other. Annie said she was her friend, unfortunately she needed to go. Annie pulls Tess over and asked her what she was doing, she was suppose to keep the secret from Caitlin. Tess told her that if she is suppose to be the birth-mother then her performance was for Sean's sake. Annie pays her and send her on her way. Afterwards, she told herself thank god it is over now she can go after Gregory. The man who hit Cole over the head enters the Java Web and starts watching Cole.

At Cedar Oaks, Vanessa has shown up to take her test for Martin's Syndrome. Before the test begins, she asks Dr. Estrada again if anyone knows she is the patient who is there for the testing. Dr. Estrada confirms that no one is aware that she is the one who is taking this test. After Dr. Estrada gets the skin sample she needs from Vanessa she told her that once the test are completed she will get back to her. Vanessa leaves and as she does, Dr. Tyus Robbins spots her coming out of Dr. Estrada's office and wonders if she could be the mystery patient. He remembers from the files Dr. Estrada showed him that the patient was a African-American female of 26 years of age. Curious, he follows Vanessa down to the cafe........In another part of the hospital, Virginia is trying to up step her plan by getting a sample of Lena's skin to pass off as Vanessa's. Unfortunately, for Virginia just as she is about to get the skin sample, Laverne burst into Lena's hospital room and demands to know just what Selida/Virginia is up to. Virginia lies and told Laverne that Lena became hysterical and she had to sedate her. Laverne told her she should have called her and now she is going to see what Mr. Forbes has to say about this and leaves. Once she is gone, Virginia says to herself, go ahead get me fired there is only one last thing I need to do. She then gets the skin sample and heads back over to Dr. Estrada's office so she can switch it with Vanessa's. Foiled again Virginia, the sample has been taken to Dr. Tyus Robbins office back at Sunset Beach University Hospital.

At The Warehouse, Ben is there scrapping the chains and wishing Meg could hear his thoughts about being in danger. Suddenly, Derek shows up and hears Ben scraping the chains, he bursts into the back room and asked him what he was up to now. Ben just looked at him and said nothing. Derek hints to Ben that he may just stay in Sunset Beach and take over his twin's identity on a permanent basis. Ben told him that no one would ever believe he was him. Derek told him that Meg did and that it wouldn't be long before everyone else did as well. Ben told him it would never work and soon everyone would just learn to hate him like they always have. Derek told him that they wouldn't be hating him(Derek) they would be hating Ben. He then told Ben Mr. Ben Evans, meet Mr. Ben Evans and starts laughing. Ben told him to give it up and he won't be able to fool Meg for long. Derek told him oh yes he will because Meg will just think that Ben has gone into his Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde mood again. He laughs again and leaves Ben there is his misery.

Back at the Java Web, Sean told Annie he was afraid that Tess was going to give herself away to Caitlin. Annie was glad she didn't. Sean apologized for thinking Annie stole his mother's baby. Eddie arrives, he bet the money on a horse that is a sure thing. Then he will have enough to pay his bookie and his rent. Casey also arrives and asked if anyone had seen Ben. Cole, Caitlin, Annie and Sean said no. He sees that Eddie has bet on the Internet, but the horse didn't win. He said to himself that he would have to make another withdrawal from the Bank of Evans. Casey said not your lucky day. Eddie said it would be and got up and left. Cole asked Caitlin if she thought Annie's friend seemed weird. Caitlin told him some people get emotional over babies. Cole told her she was right, he then turns around and sees the man watching him.

Back at the Cafe, Tyus spies Vanessa and has a flashback of reading the file and wonders if Vanessa is the patient. He walks up and asked if she minded if he joined her. Vanessa told him she was just leaving. Tyus told her that he just wanted to congratulate her again on moving in with Michael. Vanessa tells him she never thought she would find someone like Michael and she knows he loves her unconditionally, but has a sad look on her face. Tyus asked her if it bothered her that Michael loved her like that. She said of course not, she does love him. Tyus' suspicions about the identity of the mystery patient are confirmed when he catches a glimpse of the blisters on Vanessa's arm. Vanessa finally admits to him that she is the mystery patient.

At Meg and Ben's, Casey drops by to tell Meg of his findings. Casey told Meg that Eddie gambled $5000 and it sounded like he got the money from Ben but he could have misunderstood, but the only way to find out is to ask Ben. Just then, Derek arrives and says, ask Ben what? Meg told Casey she can handle this, so Casey leaves them alone to talk. Derek asked what was going on? Meg told him she didn't know and asked him to tell her.

Friday, April 10, 1998

Derek explodes when Meg confronts him, he takes her to the warehouse and decides that it's time for her to know the truth. Vanessa, realizing that Tyus knows, admits everything to him about her and Michael. Ricardo asks Gabi on a date, she agrees and they both look forward to the evening.

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