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Monday, August 17, 1998

Entering the room where he thinks Caitlin is donating blood plasma for their son, Cole is surprised to find Olivia giving blood and not his wife. When he asks her why the nurse told him that Trey's mother was inside, Olivia decides to keep her secret and suggests that the nurse is overworked and made a mistake. She insists that she told the nurse that she was Caitlin's mother, not Trey's. The doctor removes the last of the blood plasma and rushes off to give it to the ill infant. Told that Trey is already showing signs of improvement, Caitlin, Cole, Olivia and especially Annie are relieved. Dana arrives at the door and knocks but before Ben can answer, Bette also arrives. When Ben finally does answer the door, Dana has disappeared. Offering to help her get her place in shape after the earthquake, Ben went to Bette's place. Meanwhile, Meg returns home and finds Dana there. Hearing Ben approaching later, Meg suggests that it's time he met Dana who is here. Tim stops by the Richards' house on orders from Gregory and finds Annie's scrapbook. As he picks it up, a photo flutters out. He's shocked to see it features Annie and Dana together. He then turns the photo over and is shocked by what he reads.

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

As they wait for rescue, Casey sadly told Sara he can't stop thinking about all the friends he couldn't save when the Neptune capsized. Standing at the edge of the beach, "Dana" wonders why she's so afraid of going near the ocean. Meanwhile, Tim discovers proof that his friend from Cedar Oaks is actually Maria Torres Evans. At Surf Central, Jimmy stares at Vanessa's blistered face until Virginia finally reminds her son to be more polite. Ben decides to take up a helicopter himself to expedite the search for Sara and Casey. Tim realizes he can use "Dana's" secret to his own advantage to separate Meg from Ben for good. Michael elects not to tell Jimmy that he now suffers from Martin's Syndrome, while Tyus admits to a dejected Vanessa that his notes for the cure were all lost in the quake. Sara manages to pull Casey out of his doldrums with a badly needed pep talk. As they fly over the waves, Ben confides to Meg that he and the chopper's pilot conducted a similar search when Maria disappeared. After Michael collapses, Tyus warns Virginia and Vanessa that even if their friend survives he may never be the same.

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Maria dreams of walking down Ben's staircase and wandering around Ben's living area. Then Meg enters through the patio door and says "Welcome home." Maria awakens to say "Oh, my god! I remember."

As they fly toward their search destination in the helicopter, Meg told Ben that she is curious about what Maria looked like. "All I have seen of her is a portrait she did of herself on a swing, and her face wasn't clear." The helicopter pilot spots something.

On a nearby island, Casey and Sara hear the whir of a helicopter. They rush out of the hut. Casey is hoping that the sound means that they will soon be out of there.

At South Bay General, Francesca observes Caitlin and Cole viewing Trey through the nursery window. Caitlin wants to hold him. Cole told her that the doctor told him it would be okay for them to visit him inside the nursery as long as they go one at a time. Nearby, Francesca remembers a time when she and Cole were in bed together. Cole told Caitlin that everything that has happened is behind them now. Everything will be okay. As they hug, Cole looks up and spots Francesca.

Sean sees Emily walking along the beach. He inquires about her sling. She tells him that the doctor took it off and said that it was as good as new. She told him how she feels about her meeting with her mother, Bette. She thinks that Bette is attempting to exert too much control over her.

At home, Annie and Bette hug each other. This is the first time they have seen each other since the earthquake. They talk about hunting for each other at the hospital. Annie expresses how much she loves Bette. Bette told her about her cousin, Emily's presence in Sunset Beach. Bette makes light of the fact that Emily has chosen not to live with her now.

Francesca recalls more hot memories of her time with Cole. After Caitlin leaves to have her turn at visiting Trey, Cole walks up to Francesca, grabs her wrist, and says "What the hell are you doing here?" Francesca pulls her arm free and rushes away. In the process, her bracelet falls to the floor.

Casey and Sara try unsuccessfully to get the attention of the helicopter. Casey went to start a signal fire while Sara wonders what would be so bad about being stuck on the island alone with Casey for a few more weeks.

Maria told Dr. Estrada about her dream and her interpretation of it. Maria has the feeling that she belongs at the place in her dream, Ben's house. Dr Estrada say that perhaps she does.

Ben and Meg land on a beach. They don't see anyone. When they spot a heart with the letter "B" in it carved on a tree, Ben told her that he has been on the island before.

Sean has trouble understanding the problem with Bette that Emily describes. What is wrong with Bette wanting Emily to live with her? Emily says that it is complicated by their history.

Bette tries to explain Emily's point of view regarding herself to Annie. With a catch in her voice Bette says "I am handling this just right. You are going to see."

After Bette went upstairs, Annie answers the door. It is Emily. "Look what the cat dragged in."

Tim talks to himself about what to do about the picture of Maria and Annie. He would like to be nearby to pick up the pieces when Meg finds out that Ben's "dead" wife not only is alive, but is her friend, Dana."

Maria questions Dr. Estrada about what she meant. Does she really mean that she belongs at the house in her dream? Dr. Estrada clarifies that she meant that the dream evoked her feelings of belonging. And, she really does belong somewhere. She promises that they won't give up until they find out where that is. In the meantime, she thinks it would be a good idea for her to see more of Meg. Then, Maria says that there is something else.

Ben told Meg that Maria put the carving on the tree. After they decide that they could search more effectively if they split up, Meg went to the beach area to search. Ben remains by the tree, recalling his memory of the day that Maria showed him the carving that she had put on the tree.

Emily has just told Annie about her experiences aboard the doomed ship. Annie says "I heard that if you share life-threatening experiences with someone, it creates a bond." Emily agrees and Annie adds "Why else would you be here now? Why would you be in Sunset Beach at all?" "Not to see my mom, if that is what you are wondering." After Emily gives her take on Bette's lack of parenting skills, Annie told her that Bette was always a better parent to her than her own parents were.

Casey works on setting up the signal fire. Sara told him how important he is to her. She could not have survived this far without him. Casey wishes that Sara saw herself the way others see her.

Cole asks Francesca if she is spying on him and Caitlin. She says that she is there because the hospital wants to keep her for observation. She told him that she took a bullet that was meant for him. She hits him with how the world doesn't revolve around him. He follows her after she walks away.

Ben walks to the beach, still remembering his time on the island with Maria. In the flashback, Maria told him that she loves him in Spanish.

Maria relates to Dr. Estrada how, right in the middle of the earthquake, she started speaking Spanish. She asks Dr. Estrada to give her some Spanish phrases to try to see if they feel natural. Dr. Estrada asks her if there is anything in particular that she would like to try. Maria wants the words for "I love you."

Meg runs up to Ben, asking if he has had any luck, yet. She sees how distracted he is and says "I know what you are thinking, Ben."

Cole apologizes to Francesca. "It's just that, when I saw you watching me with Caitlin, I...." "....thought I couldn't stay away? You thought I was envious of your little picture-perfect family life?" "You tell me." "It's not my style. It never has been and it never will be. I am not the one that you need to be worried about." "What is that supposed to mean?" Francesca tells him that she is referring to Gregory and relates how Gregory grilled her about Cole and their relationship. Cole grabs her, saying "What did you tell him?" She cries out in pain as her knees start to buckle.

Annie lays into Emily. Just as she is building up steam, Bette comes down the stairs. She overhears Annie saying "It is not enough to be loved by someone. You have to love them back. You have to respect their feelings just as much as they respect your feelings. And, if you get that wrong, get it wrong with a guy. Don't you dare get it wrong with Aunt Bette, or you will have to answer to me." After telling Bette that Emily has something to say to her, Annie leaves. Bette asks Emily to forgive Annie. Emily says "She is right. I do have something to say to you."

Dr. Estrada told Maria to help herself get in touch with her old feeling by putting them down on paper. Maria asks if she means a journal. Dr. Estrada tells her to use whatever works for her.

Meg tries to be understanding about all that Ben has been through in the last few days. The constant reminders of Maria must be difficult. She knows that Maria is a part of him. He says "I'm trying very hard to put that behind me, for you, for us. But, I cannot pretend that it never happened." "I'm not asking you to pretend that it never happened. Who you were, what happened to you, that is what makes you who you are today, the man I love, the man I will always love." " I love you, too, Meg And past or no past, I am very sure of what our future is." They decide it is time to continue their search for Sara and Casey.

Meanwhile Sara and Casey return to the hut after getting the signal fire started. They decide to share the bed. Sara told him that there is a part of her that doesn't want to leave. "Be careful what you wish for." Casey tells her that when they get back to Sunset Beach the press will be after someone new. They will leave her alone.

A fisherman throws down a fish and cuts it open. He told someone nearby that he found a roll of film in the fish.

Francesca is back in her hospital bed. The doctor leaves to get her something for the pain. Cole told her that he didn't mean to hurt her. She says that she is accustomed to being hurt.

Emily told Bette that both Sean and Emily have given her a lot to think about. "What, exactly?" "About you and me and about everything that I said to you on the ship." Bette told her that she has nothing to be sorry for. Emily told her that she does want to move in with her. Bette is very happy.

Tim opens the door at Ben's house and Annie is there. She is surprised to see him there. He told her that he was just waiting for Meg. Annie says that she came by to see how Ben made out in the quake. Perhaps some of Maria's sculptures were broken. They discuss what a creative person Maria was. Annie adds lying to Maria's list of talents, telling Tim that Maria taught her everything that she knows on the subject.

Back in the helicopter, Meg told Ben that now she knows how Ben must have felt when searching for Maria. Ben reminds her that there is a big difference this time. Sara and Casey are alive and they will find them. Meg spots something below.

At the hospital, Caitlin asks Sean "When you got here, did you see Cole? It is so weird because he said that he was going to wait here so that he could see Trey next." A nurse walks up to Caitlin with a bracelet that she found on the floor, asking Caitlin if it is hers. "No, but I know who it belongs to. Do you know, is Francesca Vargas still a patient here?"

Cole questions Francesca about what she meant about being used to being hurt. "I was talking about Phillip." "Phillip used to...." "No, Phillip never laid a hand on me. He just had a way of making my life miserable." Cole reminds her of the perks. They reminisce about their time as jewel thieves.

Casey and Sara lie very close. Is it because the bed is so narrow? The closeness gets to them and they kiss.

Tim questions Annie about her reference to Maria being a liar. "She was very good at making up things, at pretending." "Why would she do that?" Annie gives an example. "....that angelic face of hers. How could someone not trust her?" Annie leaves as Tim thinks about what Annie just said. "So what, are you pretending now, Maria? Do you really have amnesia, or are you just faking it?"

Maria sits with a pad of paper in front of her, lost in whatever she is putting on the paper.

Cole told Francesca that he should be leaving. Francesca told him that when Gregory questioned her, she didn't tell him anything. "I would never do that to you." "Thanks". She puts her hand on his hand as Caitlin enters the room.

Thursday, August 20, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson with help from Evonne

Sara and Casey are completely engrossed in kissing when they hear voices. Suddenly Meg and Ben enter the hut.

Virginia opens the door to let Tyus in. Michael needs his help. "I am working as fast as I can on the cure, Virginia. I am back to the beginning, if I can't duplicate that formula that I had before the quakes destroyed everything." Virginia asks "You might not be able to make a new batch of the cure in time to save Michael?" as Vanessa looks concerned.

As Olivia looks at Trey through the glass window in the hospital nursery, A.J. walks up. He lets her know the good news about Trey. His blood is clotting normally now.

"Caitlin arrived in time," A.J. says. He thinks that it is now time for Olivia to turn her attention toward finding out what happened to her own son.

Cole and Francesca are talking in Francesca's hospital room. She told Cole that she did not give Gregory any information, when he questioned her. He thanks her. She puts her hand on his hand. Caitlin walks in and then quickly leaves before either of them sees her.

Meg and Sara greet each other, as do Ben and Casey. Casey says that they are lucky that they spotted the signal fire. Sara adds that they are luckier than so many other people. Casey is still feeling guilty and thinks that he needs to make excuses for not saving the people on the ship. Ben told him that most of the people from the ship are in better shape than the people in Sunset Beach.

Cole leaves Francesca to go check on his son. Antonio calls out for him to slow down. Caitlin overhears Cole tell Antonio that he has just made sure that Francesca knows that he is married to Caitlin.

Caitlin walks into Francesca's room and told her that she is not going to "let this happen."

A.J. told Olivia that the private detective that he hired has tracked down Dr. Brock. He will be able to tell them what really happened to her baby. Annie walks up and overhears.

Casey and Sara find out that there were two earthquakes. All of their friends and families are okay, Meg assures them. (What about her father?) Sara says that she can always count on Meg coming to the rescue. Ben and Casey go to put out the signal fire. Sara says that she is afraid to see what is waiting for her when she gets back to Sunset Beach. She is referring to the ruble, but, as we are about to see, she has more to be concerned with than that.

A guy is developing film. He calls in his friend to see what developed from the film he found in the fish. "It looks like pictures of that girl who got mixed up with that Congressman."

Tyus told how he has had to beg, borrow and steal equipment and supplies to get his lab up to running speed again. Vanessa says that Michael has been unconsious for hours. Tyus explains that it is probably just the results of the sedative that Tyus gave him. Vanessa wishes that there was more that she could do. Tyus reminds her that they are all doing all they can. Tyus wants Virginia and Vanessa to call him if there is any change in Michael's condition. He will be in touch with them.

As soon as Tyus leaves, Virginia leaves too. She is in a hurry. She cannot sit there and do nothing.

Olivia told A.J. that there is no need to keep searching for her baby. A.J. reminds her that they both know that her son is alive. A.J. leaves to call the detective. In half an hour he will be on his way to Portugal.

Annie hurries up to Olivia and says "Why are you just standing here? Why don't you go stop A.J.?" If she doesn't manage to get him off the track now, Caitlin's happy marriage will be over and Gregory will find out about the affair. "You do what I say, or else.?" "Or else what?......A.J., How long have you been standing there?" "Long enough, long enough."

At Surf Central Vanessa talks to Michael even though he cannot hear her. She recalls their good times together and her hopes for their future.

Francesca told Caitlin that her affair with Cole is over. She admits that it was one of the great experiences of her life. They were once as close as Caitlin and Cole now are. Caitlin says that she has nothing to feel threatened about and Francesca asks her why she is there, then. As Antonio overhears, Caitlin told Francesca that Cole has never given her reason to doubt his love and she is not about to start doubting him now.

Meg told Sara about how, for a time, she did not know whether Sara had survived. Meg told her how badly she felt about the way they had parted. Meg wanted Sara to know how much she admired her. Sara was always willing to take risks, and have adventures. Sara reminds her how badly the last one turned out. Meg says that they have both fallen in love with "the wrong man". Meg admits that when she left Tim at the altar it was because she asked herself what Sara would do in a situation like that (finding Tim with Connie). Sara refers to Casey as Meg's friend and Meg comments on how it looks like Casey is Sara's friend.

Casey reenters the hut and says that they can now leave the island. When Meg comments on how she knew Sara was in good hands with Casey, Casey says "of course I took care of her. She is your little sister. Right?" Sara looks sickened, believing that Casey's concern for her was really a manifestation of his concern for Meg.

Annie says "Why don't you go stop A.J.?" "Give me one good reason why I should." "If he has found Dr. Brock, it is only a matter of time until he talks." Annie twists the screws with reminders about how Caitlin would lose Cole. "He would understand." Then she reminds her about how Gregory would find out about her little affair with Cole. "That is enough. That is enough." "Start listening to everything I say and do everything I say, or else." Suddenly, A.J. is standing near them. "A.J., how long have you been standing there?" "Long enough, Olivia., long enough."

Vanessa talks to Michael even though he cannot hear her.. She talks about how she never wanted a disease to tie them together. They had so many hopes and dreams. Their dreams are gone.

Mr. Moreau lets Virginia into her apartment and complains to her parrot that Virginia had not learned her lesson yet. She asks Virginia what she wants. Virginia replies, "Michael's life."

Francesca told Caitlin that she appreciates the warning and Father Antonio enters the room, commenting on the bad timing. Francesca invites him in. He just came to see how Francesca was doing. Caitlin says "I was just here to return something." She hands Francesca a bracelet. Francesca accepts it eagerly and puts it on her wrist. Caitlin says that a nurse picked it up and she told her that she knew who it belonged to. Caitlin then says that she should get back to her baby and her husband. She wishes her good luck.

After Caitlin leaves, Antonio asks "If you are not looking to hurt Cole and Caitlin, what are your intentions here, Francesca?"

Annie tries to cover to A.J. She cannot understand why he always thinks that she is up to something. Then she leaves. A.J. told Olivia that his detective has spoken to Dr. Brock. Annie is listening.

On the island, Casey asks "Sara, what is wrong?" "Maybe I am not ready to go back to Sunset Beach yet." "Melinda cannot hurt you anymore.......That film is at the bottom of the ocean."

Olivia told A.J. that her baby is dead. She tries to cover like Annie wants her to do. A.J. has difficulty believing her. Annie is pleased.

Vanessa asks why she and Michael can't just have a chance to be happy. Michael wakes up. He tries to comfort her.

Mrs. Moreau says "Your devil's bargain has come due." Virginia tries to blame Mrs. Moreau for the evil she has caused. Mrs. Moreau will have none of it. It is time for Virginia to take responsibility.

Ben, Meg, Sara and Casey return to land. Immediately Sara and Casey are confronted with the latest pictures, the ones showing Sara and Casey in compromising positions.

Olivia asks "How can you stand to even look at me?" "You are a woman for whom I would do anything."

Annie claps for Olivia's performance when A.J. leaves. Olivia says that she would do anything for Caitlin. "You just enjoy your evil little victories. One day it will all come crashing down on you."

Annie walks up to Charles and calls him "The pesky executor of my father's will" and "ambulance chaser."

Antonio told Francesca that "Knowing you, you have some plan in mind." "The woman that I used to be would have. I honestly don't know what is coming." "There is no better teacher than our own mistakes.......I hope you make peace with what you have done, who you are....Francesca, you have been given another chance here. It is a real opportunity to start again."

After Antonio leaves, Francesca says to herself "There is one mistake that I regret and always will."

Cole walks by the door to her room and looks at Francesca. He pauses.

Casey/Sara/Ben/Meg arrive at Ben's house only to find reporters camped out on the doorstep. It seems the fisherman turned the pictures of Sara and Casey over to the reporters. Ben told the reporters to leave quietly or he will call the police. Casey made a statement to the press that he and Sara had never been a couple in the past and weren't a couple now. Sara was visibly disappointed with the statement.

Madame Moreau was shocked to learn that Vanessa's spots were still there. She told Virginia she needed to go confess to both Michael and Vanessa.

Cole saw Francesca through her open hospital room door. He decided to drop in and say goodbye. Caitlin arrived with Trey. As they were leaving Caitlin told Francesca goodbye; her meaning was I hope I never see you again. Cole, Trey, and Caitlin left. Francesca said no matter how much it was being denied this was not over.

Annie was berating Charles about being a tacky divorce lawyer. Charles said she should be lucky he had been Olivia's lawyer. (Cut away to Olivia quietly pulling up a chair and hiding behind a post to listen.) Annie continues her debate with Charles and told him that she had cut her June deadline close but she had made it. Charles asked wasn't she at least a little ashamed that she had destroyed a family; Annie answered NO. Charles told Annie that she still needed to come by his office. Annie said why should she she has everything; Olivia is miserable, she is happily married to Gregory, and she has full control over her stock. (Cut away to Olivia. You can see her mind working on how to use this information to her advantage.)

Friday, August 21, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

At South Bay General, A.J. tries to persuade a nurse to have someone check out Olivia. He told her that Olivia is now on the pediatric floor.

Gregory asks about his grandson and is told that he has been released. Then he walks up to A.J. and starts talking about the resort project. A.J. asks "You mean the defunct project?" "No, I mean the resort project that is going to open right on time." "You were hit harder than I thought. The resort is a write-off, plain and simple." "You are such a quitter. I am not." "You haven't changed, have you? I say black. You say white." "This is not a game for me, A.J. This is business." "Like hell it is. It is about what it has always been about between you and me, Olivia."

Olivia overhears Annie talking with Charles. He says "You may have it all, Annie, but there are still some things that we have to go over." " I haven't seen my husband in a very long time and I do need to get to him. I will come by and see you later." "Make sure that you do it soon."

As Charles walks away, Olivia walks up behind Annie, knocking her as she does so. "Was that Charles I just saw leave?" "You scared me." "I haven't begun to scare you." "What with, that Hallowe'en mask that you call a face?" "I have had it with you. From now on, I'm calling the shots." Olivia walks away.

Vanessa leans over an unconsious Michael and says "Come one. You hang on, hang on, please." Then, to herself as she dials the phone, she says "This can't be happening." Tyus answers and she asks him to come over right away and help Michael.

Meg walks into Maria's studio telling herself that she must get over her fear of the room. She should find what she came for and then get out. She picks up the painting of Maria as Ben walks into the room. He says "Meg, it's all right. Maria cannot come between us anymore." as he takes her hand.

Tim looks at the picture of Annie and Maria and says to himself "Ben, your wife, she ain't so dead anymore." Maria walks up behind him, smiling, and asks "What's that?" "It is just a picture." "Can I see it?"

Tyus told Vanessa that Michael is probably just reacting to the sedative that he gave him, that he is all right, for now, but she needs to monitor him closely. Tyus would like to come over to where Michael and Vanessa are, but he must stay where he is and work on the cure. Vanessa understands. She tells Tyus that he must come through on this because Michael means everything in the world to her.

After she hangs up, Vanessa told the unconscious Michael that Tyus promises to do everything he can for him. Now Michael must do what he can for himself. "You have to fight, fight harder than you ever have in your entire life."

As Virginia approaches the room where Michael and Vanessa are, she reviews what Mrs. Moreau said, before she can help, she must tell Michael and Vanessa that Vanessa never had the disease. She says to herself that Mrs. Moreau is right. If she doesn't come clean and Michael dies, it will be all her fault.. She enters the room and sees Vanessa stressing out. "Oh,no! Has he gotten worse?"

Antonio is hesitating as he is about to knock on Ben's door. Ricardo and Gabby walk up to him. They discuss how amazing Meg is. Gabby says "Even with all that is going on with her sister, she still has time to help others." Antonio is surprised that they haven't heard. Sara and Casey have been found. Ricardo comments on how he noticed Antonio hesitating. Ricardo wonders if his hesitation was because of memories of Maria at the house. Antonio says that Maria loved the house. And, there was a lot of love in the house. Ricardo adds a clarification "Except for the night they went out on the boat." "You are just never going to stop blaming Ben for Maria's death, are you?" "Give me a reason why I should." Antonio told him that it might help him to move on with his life and reminds him that all the accusations are not going to bring her back. "Maria is gone, Ricardo. She's gone."

Meg told Ben that she went into the room to get a box of old clothes to donate to the mission. Ben says "No more sneaking around. No more feeling like you are intruding. You belong here, Meg, and I love you very much." " I know." "Do you?" "It's not like that any more. I am not afraid of what you had with Maria." "Good because she isn't a threat." "I finally believe that deep down." "I know that there is a part of you that will alway, always love her. You wouldn't be the man that I love if you didn't. But, there is a place for me, too." As they kiss, the doorbell rings. Meg says, "That must be Antonio." "You get it. I'll get that box of clothes." She leaves and his eyes fall on the picture of Maria.

Maria asks Tim what the picture is of. He stuffs the picture in his pocket and told her that it is a shot of some earthquake damage. "I would have thought that you would want to forget about that as much as the rest of us." "It is just that, now that the Cummings and I live out here, the folks in Ludlow, Kansas, are very interested in the earthquakes." Maria inquires about Sara and is pleased to hear the good news. "Now Meg can finally get on with her life with her fiancee." "I'm surprised that you even care about that."

Annie rushes after Olivia. "Olivia, I think that donating blood has made you more lightheaded than usual." "Believe me, I am thinking clearly." "If you are thinking of telling Gregory that I stole your baby and gave him to Caitlin, you had better think again, unless, you are that selfish mother that I always thought you were." "I wouldn't be so smug if I were you, Annie." "Why not? I won." "I wouldn't be so sure." "I'd love to sit around and chat, but my hubby is waiting for me." She gloats about staying in the honeymoon suite with Gregory. "So, don't call unless it is an emergency." "You may be sleeping with Gregory, Annie, but there is no love between the two of you." "What do you mean by that?" "You stole my son....You destroyed my marriage......You did it all to keep your stock in the Liberty Corporation, you bitch" Olivia swings at Annie.

As Vanessa and Virginia return to Michael's side Vanessa says "He is already so weak. I don't know how much more his body can take." As Vanessa wipes his brow, he wakes up and says "I kinda like this, being treated like a king. I could get used to it." "Don't even think about it, buddy. I want you up and out of this bed. Do you hear me?" He turns to Virginia and says "Tell her not to worry. We have been through tougher things than this before. Right?" Virginia responds "That is right, Michael. But, just in case, there is something that you both need to know."

Ben hands a box to Antonio. "I think that this is yours." Ben turns to Meg and told her that he will be leaving to have a meeting with Gregory. She says that she was planning on helping her mother bring her father home from the hospital. And, maybe she will see Dana afterwards. Ben leaves and Gabby inquires about who Dana is. She explains about Dana's memory loss. Ricardo says that sometimes the police department comes across cases like that. Sometimes they are able to help them. Meg wonders if they could help Dana.

Gregory told A.J. "perhaps you haven't heard. Olivia and I are no longer married." "You expect me to believe that you are going to let her go just like that?" "I already have let her go, A.J." "Because you married Annie?" "Annie makes it easy to forget Olivia." "Annie is not fit to pour Olivia a cup of tea." "You underestimate Annie. She is every bit Olivia's match in a lot of ways. She even surpasses her in a few." "Annie owns stock in Liberty Corporation, doesn't she? And a lot of it. I'm sure that you are counting on her to side with you were we ever to have any disputes, such as should we rebuild or not." "There are advantages to being married to Annie." "They are nothing compared to being married to Olivia." "Olivia killed my son. That single act made it impossible for us to ever share anything again. You're welcome to her."

Annie says "Ouch, Olivia. I'm getting sick and tired of this." "Yes? Well, you deserve a lot worse. I wonder how long you would stay married to Gregory if he knew that the only reason that you went after him was for your inheritance." "That is a lie." "Annie, please. I overheard you talking to Charles." "I don't care what you heard. I love Gregory. I don't want to lose him, Olivia." "I didn't want to lose my baby, either." "If you use this information to get to Trey, I'm not the only one who will be hurt." "You have made it abundantly clear how taking Trey from Caitlin will hurt her, but I am not through with you, Annie. I am going to be watching. I am going to be waiting for the opportunity to destroy your marriage just like you destroyed mine."

Gregory walks into the disaster area that was his home. He picks up a picture of Olivia and himself. He sneezes. He looks down and there is the dog that his family took from Tiffany when he had Olivia force her to leave. He calls him a mangy mutt. Then, he compliments him on keeping prowlers away.

Annie walks into the area where Gregory is. He bemoans the property loss. She reminds him that they still have each other. She then told him of her plans for the evening, including the honeymoon suite. It was her, not Gregory, who booked the honeymoon suite. She plans to give Gregory a massage. First, they will have dinner at Grenadines. Gregory apologizes because there will be a delay. First, he and Ben have Liberty Corporation business to take care of. Ben enters. Gregory asks about Meg's sister. Annie chimes in with how she is happy that the search ended quickly, not like the search for Maria. The search must have brought back unpleasant memories for him. Ben says "To be honest, I cannot help thinking about Maria."

Ricardo asks Meg if Dana would be willing to cooperate. Meg assures him that she would. Ricardo is confident that there has to be someone out there for her. Antonio says "You have really got a lot invested in this woman, don't you?" Meg agrees that she does, calling Dana/Maria "a little angel". Ricardo agrees to help and Meg thanks him. Antonio offers to go to see her tonight, with the plan of offering a little spiritual intervention.

Maria asks Tim "Why wouldn't I care about Meg and Ben?" "I just meant that you hardly know Meg." "Oh, I get it. This is about you not liking Ben, isn't it? Tim, you are so sweet and you have been such a good friend to me. But, it is obvious that Meg is crazy about Ben." "Yeah, I know. And I don't trust the guy. I just don't want to see Meg get hurt." "Why are you so sure that Ben will hurt Meg?" "Do you know anything about Ben's first wife?"

Virginia says "Michael, when you walked into my life, you were the best thing that ever happened to me and to Jimmy.....You cannot love me the way that I need to be loved....You never will." "I'm sorry, Virginia." "I'm sorry that I didn't realize it sooner, because, if I had, things would have been so different. You would have never gotten sick, never gone through this, neither of you would." Vanessa asks "What are you talking about?"

Gregory told Ben "You can't blame yourself for not saving Maria. You would have given your life to save Maria." "Yeah, but I didn't. I let her drown. As much as I love Meg, sometimes I can't help wondering what my life would have been like if Maria had lived."

Maria is crying. Tim asks her what is wrong. She explains that she got a strange feeling when he told her that Ben's wife drowned. He apologizes because he knew how freaked out she got when he mentioned that Sara might have drowned. It was thoughtless of him to mention drowning to her again. "But, now, can you see why I am worried about Meg getting hurt by Ben? When you lose someone you love like that, I don't think that you ever get over it." "Yeah, I can understand your concern for Meg, especially if Ben loved his wife as much as you say he did."

Ricardo and Gabby leave to go on a date as Antonio told them to have a good time.

Annie and Gregory arrive at Grenadean's to find that A.J. and Olivia are also there, seated at a table. Gregory told her not to feel intimidated by them and calls her Mrs. Richards. Gregory walks up to the table and says "Seems that you took my advice, A.J." A.J. lets Gregory know that he considers his dinner with Olivia to be private. Gregory told him that he just wants to let him know that a meeting needs to be scheduled to resolve the resort situation. Olivia pushes Annie to say whether she will side with Gregory or A.J. in a vote on the future of the resort project.

Maria is painting. Meg comes to visit her. Maria told Meg that she is really pretty good at painting, although she doesn't know why. Meg wants to see the painting.

Ben is drawn back to Maria's studio and, once again, to the painting of Maria. Looking at it triggers his memory of Maria drowning.

Tim looks at the picture of Annie and Maria. He says, to himself, "If Maria can't remember her past, maybe it is time for someone from her past to remember her. Ben, get ready to find out that your wife is still alive." He knocks on Ben's front door, and then opens the door and enters.

In Maria's studio Ben is saying to himself "I can't change what happened to Maria. Meg is my wife now and she always will be."

Tim went upstairs to Maria's studio and finds Ben there. Ben asks him what he is doing there. Tim is standing in the doorway with the picture in his hand, behind his back.

Virginia is trying to talk Tyus into using skin samples from Michael. Tyus does not see any reason to do so. He explains that because Vanessa has an advanced case of Martin's syndrome and has given skin samples, that is good enough. Virginia is surprised to hear that Vanessa really does have Martin's syndrome. (Personally, I am waiting until Monday to see if this is really accurate. Perhaps Virginia gave what Tyus said the wrong interpretation.)

Olivia tries to goad Annie into saying whose side she would be on. Gregory is shocked and Olivia and A.J. are pleased to hear Annie say that she would side with A.J.

Maria told Meg that the painting is to be a surprise for her. She wants to wait until it is finished to show it to her. Meg says that she can't wait until it is finished. We see the picture. It is of Ben.

As the scene changes to Maria's studio, the first view we get of Ben looks exactly like the picture Maria is working on. Tim says "It is funny that I find you up here with Maria. (He is referring to Maria's portrait.) That is exactly what I wanted to talk to you about."

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