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Monday, Septembert7, 1998

Ricardo bristles when Antonio agrees to perform the wedding ceremony for Ben and Meg in the same mission where Maria was married. Desperate to prevent Cole from taking Trey out of reach, Olivia appeals to A.J. not to let his son leave town. At Cedar Oaks, Annie is stunned to see her "late" friend Maria, alive and well and happily chatting with Tim. Francesca warns Cole that he'll go to prison if he tries to leave Sunset Beach. Displaying a police report from Germany, Francesca threatens to turn her former partner in crime over to Interpol if he doesn't play things her way. Antonio urges his angry brother not to dishonor their sister's memory by refusing to allow Ben to move on with his life. Annie faints dead away when a curious "Dana" approaches her trembling visitor. Later, Tim tries to buy Annie's silence by offering her his lucrative shares of the Liberty Corporation. Caitlin explains to an irked Gregory why her husband wants them to relocate to San Diego. After consenting to become Meg's bridesmaid, Gabi asks Ricardo if he can see his way clear to attending the ceremony for her sake. Cole told Caitlin she and Trey must go to Elaine's without him.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jane Johnson

Gregory accuses Cole of having an affair with Francesca.

At Surf Central, Francesca searches Antonio's room and finds pictures from Rosario. "Perfect. Exactly what I need." Antonio has his dream again while she is in the room. He hollers out "Who are you?" Gabby is in the hall and hears him. "Antonio? Antonio, are you okay?" Francesca hears her and hides as Gabby enters the room. Antonio's dream continues. He hollers "No, don't!" He wakes up, startled to see her there. She asks him what the dream was about. He stares.

At his party, Berney flirts with Bette and offers her some gossip. Bette sees a picture of Amy on display and asks Berney if Amy is his daughter. She is. Berney describes Amy as "beautiful" and Bette agrees, with a laugh, "She is a beaut, all right."

Also, at the party, A.J. asks Olivia about Gregory and Cole, who are in the other room. "Is this about Francesca Vargas, by any chance?"

Gregory confronts Cole about an affair with Francesca Vargas. "You'll do what? Hire a hitman? Try to have me killed again?" "You have just given me enough ammunition tonight to split up this travesty of a marriage. All I have to do is call Caitlin." Cole calls his bluff "Call her. Do it."

Congressman Blythe told Sara that he has come to save her from Melinda. "She is just another cheap, self-serving wench who is attracted to powerful men in positions like mine." "But, she's worked for you forever." "And admittedly she had her talents once, but she has let ambition get the best of her like so many before. And now this pathetic attempt to make a fortune by exploiting and distorting the nature of the moments we shared, moments I will never forget, and never regret." He wants her to continue to lie. When she questions how she could do that now, since Melinda has the tape. His answer "Tapes disappear." He wants her to do this because he feels responsible for what has happened to Sara. He reminises about times he remembers her in Washington. "Sara, we meant so much to each other. We can again." Sara says "No. There can't be anything between us. There just can't be, never again." "what's going on here? This is all about that lifeguard, isn't it?"

At Ricardo's place, Casey asks Ricardo to help him find useful information on Melinda to help him pin down the lie about him and Sara deliberately trying to kill her. Antonio says that he can access the police files from his place now and heads to his computer. He finds out that the police computer is down now. Ricardo thinks that Casey is serious about Sara. He told him that they are just friends, Sara is not ready for more. Casey plans to see Sara now and bring her up to date. Casey says it appears that thing are going all right for Ricardo and Gabby. "Yeah, pretty all right."

At Surf Central, Gabby gets Antonio a drink of water. She notices that he is sweating. He agrees to talk, but dowstairs, after he gets dressed. He goes to the closet, without turning on the light, and pulls out a piece of clothing within inches of Francesca.

Olivia told Cole that she has no idea whether there is anything going on between Cole and Francesca. A.J. asks Bette to take Olivia home. He needs to talk to his son now.

With Gregory nearby, Cole calls Caitlin. He hands the phone to Gregory. Gregory told her that there is something that he has to tell her.

After Antonio leaves the room, Francesca comes out and looks at a picture of the Madonna of Rosario. "At least one of us gets to sleep well tonight, Father."

Antonio comes downstairs and Gabby questions him about his dream. She knows from her experience with nightmares that he should talk to someone about it. "Dreams mean something and you can't run away from what they are trying to tell you, not forever. No one can."

Caitlin asks "Daddy, what did you want to tell me?" "Just that I miss you and Trey, sweetheart. Don't stay away too long." She told him "Until Cole gets down here, we can't even think of coming home." Cole told her that he hopes to see her tomorrow morning. Cole taunts Gregory with the fact that now that she is married to him, she is not Gregory's little girl any longer. Gregory says "I beat your father. I'll beat you." as A.J. stands in the doorway.

Sara questions Congressman Blythe "What does Casey have to do with this?" "Sara, I saw the pictures of you together." "Those were fake. Melinda drugged us and posed us like that. There is nothing going on between me and Casey." "Sara, you have no idea how badly I needed to hear you say that. The last thing you need is to get mixed up with some beach bum." He refers to him as a "mindless muscle man" and Sara gets her back up. Blythe refers to "what we have together" and Sara told him that they have nothing together. He grabs her and kisses her just as Casey walks in.

A.J. asks "What the hell is going on here?" "Nothing that doesn't go on every time that we are alone" replies Cole. A.J. wants to have a chat alone with Cole, but Cole excuses himself. "Someone you have to see, Cole?" asks Gregory. After Cole leaves, A.J. questions Gregory about what that was all about. Gregory refers him to Francesca for answers.

Francesca gets back to her room at the mission. She looks at the picture she got at Antonio's. She counts, while pointing to the picture, "One little, two little, three little emeralds, four, five, six, seven. There were seven perfect emeralds in the crown of the statue of the Blessed Virgin of Rosario, which means there should be seven perfect emeralds right here in my bag." She opens her bag. "They are gone! But how? This isn't my bag. It looks just like it, but how...?" She flashes back to Bette having her put down her purse so she can take her picture. "Bette, she's got my bag. She has the jewels."

Bette asks Olivia what is wrong and Olivia says "My problem is that it has been an endless night and my best friend in the world is making things a whole lot worse." As Bette heads for the kitchen to find something to drink, Olivia asks her for some aspirin. Bette refers her to her purse.

A.J. asks Gregory "What does Francesca Vargas have to do with Cole?" "That fine, upstanding son of yours is sleeping with that tramp behind my daughter's back." A.J. doesn't believe him. Gregory says that he will make sure that Caitlin finds out one way or another.

Francesca frets about getting her purse back before Bette finds the emeralds. Then Cole walks in. She says "We've got a problem." He agrees, but is thinking of a different problem than hers. "I'm sick and tired of every problem I've got having to do with you and your lies." He is angry that she didn't tell him that A.J., Gregory and Olivia would be at the party. Instead, she just left. She told him about the mix-up with the emeralds.

Olivia is still trying to open Bette's purse when Caitlin calls her. Olivia gets mushy when Caitlin told her that Trey hasn't slept nearly as well since they left because he misses Olivia. Olivia's belief that she is doing the right thing leaving Trey with Caitlin even though he is really her child is reinforced by their conversation, while her sadness over the situation is increased. As they hang up, Bette returns and asks if the caller was Emily.

Sara struggles with the Congressman. Casey stops him. After Blythe swings and Casey, Casey lands one on the Congressman and floors him.

At Surf Central, Gabby told Antonio "Something's happened to you ever since you came back from the cruise." She thinks maybe the problem comes from what happened on the ship, or from Francesca Vargas. Ricardo comes in to see Casey about some research that he did for him. Gabby told him that Casey is still out. Ricardo wants to know why Antonio is up so late when he has to be up early. Gabby answers for him that they both had trouble sleeping.

Congressman Blythe picks himself up off the floor and he and Casey exchange threats. Sara told him that she never wants to see him again. After he leaves, Sara cries on Casey's shoulder "How could I be so stupid?"

Francesca says "I made a mistake. Let's just take care of business." Cole says that he'll take care of it. "Why were you so distracted? What were you thinking about?" After he leaves, she says "What was I thinking about? You."

Sara and Casey are still embracing. She says that she is glad that she met the Congressman because it is going to make it easier to put it all behind her. And she feels really, really lucky that Casey was there. Casey brought up the latest problem with Melinda. He hopes to beat her at her own game.

Ricardo urges Antonio to go to bed. Antonio takes the hint that Ricardo wants to be alone with Gabby.

Antonio prays for strength.

A.J. visits Francesca. She doesn't want to talk. He says "This can't wait. I need to know the exact nature of your relationship with my son, Cole, and I need to know it now."

Cole breaks into Bette's house. He searches for her bag. Olivia turns on the light, stands on the stairway, and asks "Are you looking for these?" as she holds the emeralds in her hand.

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

Cole is at Bette's place looking for Bette's purse, which Francesca told him contains the emeralds that they just stole from Berney's wall safe. Olivia stands on the staircase holding the gems. "Your accomplice obviously picked up the wrong purse. I let it go when I caught you with your hands in that safe, but damn it, Cole, how could you do this to Cait?" "This has nothing to do with Caitlin." "Whoring and thieving with that Francesca Vargas, that has everything to do with my daughter, and I'm not going to let you get away with it."

Standing in the doorway of Francesca's room at the mission, A.J. says "I think that you should invite me in." Francesca says "I think that you should stop telling me what to do." "If you value your future, Miss Vargas, you'll let me in. I can provide references, if you doubt my sincerity." She stands back and lets him enter. "We can keep this brief. Tell me your relationship to my son, Cole. And please be honest. I will not leave without the truth."

Annie says "You have a lovely signature, Tim." "Don't rub it in Annie. You got what you want. You don't have to gloat." "Oh, yes I do. That's why God created gloating." If your best friend finds out who she is before Ben and Meg's wedding, I'm gonna ruin you." "Well, you better make sure that Maria doesn't get hurt." "You just don't get it Annie. Everybody is a winner if Ben and Meg don't get married."

As she descends the staircase at Ben's place, Meg finds white roses scattered on it. On one of them is tied a small case with a pearl inside. As she opens it, she says "What have you done?" "I promised you a pearl a week until we were married. Remember?" They kiss. "I try to keep my promises." "Well, the only one I want you to keep is the one that you make to me on our wedding day." "That I'll love you forever?" "And no one else." They kiss again.

Maria is dreaming of drowning. She wakes up saying "Oh, my God. I wasn't alone. Who tried to save me?"

Olivia says "The very day that Caitlin left town you went back to your old ways and you have the audacity to say...You sent her away, to San Diego, alone, so that you could have these and that tramp, instead!" "Do you actually think that I would do something to jeopardize my marriage, my family, if I had any choice?" "Are you telling me that someone forced you into stealing the...You were blackmailed? Is Francesca using your affair as leverage?" "I did not have an affair with Francesca Vargas" "Let's assume for one moment that you are not lying, why did you not go to the police. If you care as much as you say you do about Trey and Caitlin, why did you commit a felony?" Cole counters "Have you been able to completely walk away from your past? If you had to do something desperate to hold onto what you love, would you do it?" Olivia's expression shows that she is thinking that the answer is yes. Cole continues "Haven't you ever done the wrong thing for the right reason?" "It's not about me" "I have not been able to get away from my past any more than you. What I can do is, I can fix it so that I get a shot at a new life, unless you are ready to take that away from me."

At the Waffle Shop, which they are helping to rebuild, Sean told Leo "I can't believe how much that phone rang. I hardly got anything done around here." Leo says "Everyone wants to know when this place is going to reopen....You got a call earlier, from a girl." It was Amy Nielsen. Sean says that, if she comes by, he doesn't want to see her. "Maybe you should turn the radio on really loud so that I know not to come out here until the coast is clear." Emily comes into the shop. Leo mistakes her for Amy and told her that Sean is not there. "He left." "Why are you lying to me? His car is right out front." "He walked home." Leo tries, unsuccessfully to get the radio on. "Everything out of your mouth so far has been a lie." Sean walks in. Emily asks "Who is this guy." Sean replies "That is my new friend, Leo." as Leo smiles sheepishly.

At Ben's place, Ben and Meg are kissing on the sofa, when the phone rings. It is Maria, who looks like her memory is being tickled as she listens to his voice. "Hang up if I'm not the man you want." She hangs up saying to herself "What was I thinking calling Meg this late? I was thinking that I need to talk to somebody about this dream."

Returning to the sofa, Ben told Meg "I guess I was the wrong guy." "Well, not for me" she replies as she moves on top of him for a kiss.

Annie says "Maria is my best friend, Tim." "Do you want your best friend with Ben, or do you want Ben marrying Meg?" "Why are you so sure that if Ben and Meg find out the truth, that they won't go ahead and get married anyway?" "Because Meg doesn't like love triangles. I know this first-hand. Trust me." "I don't give a rat's tail about Meg. Maria's been through hell and I am not going to sit back and watch you watch her decompose just so you can get what you want." "Fine. You go ahead and tell Maria who she is right now, and she may retreat back into herself again. Now, do you want to be responsible for that?" "It's better me than you. At least I was going to do it gently. You just want to scare the memory out of her." Tim says "I've done some research on this. I know what I'm talking about. It takes something big and emotional to trigger someone's memory and to make it stay like that. Now, if you were to go to her and tell her that she is Maria Torres, well that is as good as saying to her that she is Maria Callas." Annie says "So, you are going to throw her husband's face at her, while her new pal marries him in the same church where she..." "That's it, right there, the mission, that is as good a trigger as any. Because she went there yesterday and she got scared as hell. She went running out of there. She swore she would never go back there again until she had to, until the day of Meg's wedding." "She was scared because that is where she married Ben and it's not right, Tim." "Annie, you were willing to do this the other day. You got my Liberty Corporation stock and I got Maria's best interest at heart." "Are, you willing to look beyond your sick plan here to see how mad Meg is going to be with you?" "I'll cross that bridge when I get there." Annie worries "And what about Maria. What if she remembers everything? She is not going to be so thrilled with me for keeping it from her." "Stop it. She is gonna forgive you. Don't worry about that." The phone rings. "Dana?" "I had another one of those awful nightmares. I'm remembering more." "Don't do anything. Stay right there. I'm on my way over." Turning to Annie after he hangs up, he says "Annie, We have a deal. You keep your mouth shut." After he leaves she says "Not quite, Timmy."

Olivia told Cole "Only a man who cheats on his wife can find a reason to try to justify it." "You're not above making mistakes, Olivia." No I'm not. And I am looking at the biggest mistake that I ever made. Close second was not warning Caitlin away from you." "I care about my family. Everything I do, I do for them." She holds up the handful of emeralds. "Including this?" "I don't expect you to understand." "Awfully big of you, Cole." "I do expect you to believe me when I tell you how much I love Caitlin. I would never do anything to hurt her," "You already have." "Only if you tell her. Olivia, if I go to jail, Caitlin and Trey will suffer a whole lot more than I will. So, just hand me the emeralds and walk away. If you love your daughter like you say you do, you will listen to me. It's your call."

In her room at the mission, Francesca says to A.J. "There is one thing I can't quite figure out. Since you seem to have all the answers, I can't quite figure out what you are doing here tonight, unless you think this show of muscle is going to intimidate me and broaden your already vast knowledge of my inner life." A.J. chuckles "Francesca, you have no inner life. That's what makes this whole exercise so simple." "Now that we have sunk to the level of insult, perhaps it's time for you to go, A.J." she says as she opens the door for him to leave. As he stands up, in preparation for leaving, he says "I must know, are we clear?" "About?" "You stay out of my son's marriage. He is happy there, in case you haven't noticed." "I've noticed that his eye is wandering all over the place all on its own." "Stay away from Cole, Francesca." "It's never going to last with Caitlin, and you know it. They are too different. He is no more a lawn-mowing, little league coach than I am. He's going to figure it out with or without my help. I know Cole. You, his wife, his father-in-law, none of you know who that man really is. But, I do. I know all about that kind of man." He says "Well, then, perhaps it's time I showed you what kind of man I am. Just so there is no misunderstanding, Miss Vargas."

Sean told Emily "Look, this is all my fault. I told Leo to get rid of Amy." After they get the confusion straightened out, Sean inquires why she came by. "Would it be so bad if I just wanted to see you?"

Olivia drops the emeralds into Cole's outstretched palm. "You are never to lie to me again about anything." "I am not sleeping with Francesca. I swear to you, Olivia." "If I find out that you are lying, I will have your head on a platter. Do you understand?" In answer to her questioning, he says "Francesca was the first woman I ever loved." "Do you still love her?" Evading the question,he says "I love Caitlin. That's all that matters."

Annie and Tim are squabbling over the stock shares in the hall at Cedar Oaks, when Maria comes out of her room. She thinks that they are fighting over her. She assumes that they have been out together. Forgetting for the moment that Maria doesn't recognize her, Annie says "You know he's not my type." "I do?" "I mean, no, he's not my type."

At Ben's place, Ben and Meg are on the sofa, kissing. Ben says "You know that big, expensive, bed upstairs? It's much more comfortable." "We might just be up all night, then. I have to get up early in the morning." She has to work on planning the wedding. He suggests that they elope. She replies "Do you know how many people have been here, rooting for us? I want them all to be here. I want memories of our wedding to be forever. You never know when they can all be taken away." Meg has been affected by seeing Dana/Maria with her lack of memories. "Can you imagine anything more lonely than that?"

At Cedar Oaks, Annie told Maria "It's very important that you know the truth about my relationship with Tim. He's my husband's chauffeur." Tim adds that when Annie heard that the phone call he received was from Maria, she wanted to come along. They discuss the dream that she had. "This time it ended differently. This time I had a really strong sense that I wasn't alone. It clearly felt like someone tried to save me." Annie says "Someone did try to save you. I mean that, you know, they must have tried to save you." Maria responds "I don't know. It could just be a wish-fulfillment type of dream." Tim says "Probably" Annie adds "Or it was a real memory. I mean, it could have been." Tim suggests that Maria should take a sedative. He leaves to find a nurse. He want Annie to go with him. She wants to stay. "We'll be fine, like old friends." After he leaves, Maria says "Do you mind if I ask you a personal question?"

At Francesca's room in the mission, A.J. says "I'm the kind of man you don't want as an enemy." "Well, I didn't think I'd made one until you came here to visit me tonight." "I've been around long enough to recognize an operator when I see one. And you, delectable Ms. Vargas, are an operator of the first order." "What do you want from me?" "I have already told you. Stay away from my son." "And, if I don't?" "A good operator is smarter than that, my dear, and you are good." "You don't know anything about me." With a laugh, he says "I know a great deal about you. You and your late husband led an incredibly, how shall I put this, adventurous life, highly successful, I believe." "Where are you going with this?" "Straight to the authorities, if I don't get my way." "A threat." "A promise. I will see you in prison before I allow you to succeed in harming my son's way of life. Is that clear?" As he went to the door, "One more thing, if Cole or anybody else learns about this meeting, you'll regret it." After he leaves, she looks at the picture of the Madonna of Rosario, and says "I can't walk away, not until I get all of these jewels back." There is a knock at the door. Cole has the emeralds and a strong suggestion that she leave town now.

Maria asks Annie if she has been married a long time. They launch into a conversation, probably similar to the ones they had in the past, about her relationship with Gregory. Maria says "You would be a blast to hang out with." "My best friend used to always say that." Maria asks "Where's your best friend now?" as Tim returns.

As she picks up the emeralds off the floor, where Cole threw them, she asks "Are you really that anxious to get rid of me, Cole?" Cole told her that Olivia was waiting for him when he went to get them.

A man told A.J. that they just bought themselves six more months. "That means we won't need Cole anytime soon." The man emphasizes that A.J. should try to keep Cole in town and healthy. "I'm way ahead of you."

At the Waffle Shop, Emily compliments the job being done on the renovation. Sean says that his father would not approve of how he has been spending his evenings helping with the renovation. Emily suggests that he could tell his father that he is recording his own rap music. Leo walks up to them as they kiss. This viewer gets the feeling that a Leo/Emily connection may develop.

Francesca tries to convince Cole not to worry about Olivia. Cole lets her know that Olivia is aware of their connection. She wonders "How long before sweet little Caitlin finds out about it?"

A.J. told Olivia "I just stopped by to make sure that you got home all right." He compliments her. They kiss and kiss and kiss again. Somewhere in between kisses, he told her that he has to go away for a week. After he leaves, she says that she has waited so long for a man to treat her like that again.

In response to Tim's question "Is everyone okay?", Annie says "We were just getting reacquainted." "I feel like I've known Annie forever" Maria adds. Annie asks "How about that, Tim?" The phone rings. It's Meg. Meg questions whether someone is there. She told her that Tim is there, and as she starts to say "and so is Annie," Tim waves to her not to mention Annie. Maria covers, changing "and so is" to "and so it's been nice." When they hang up, Maria questions Tim about why he stopped her from mentioning Annie.

Leo tries to move away without disturbing Emily and Sean, but makes a noise. "I thought Emily had left." Leo says that he is going to leave now. Emily and Sean resume kissing.

Cole says "The only thing that I'm afraid of is hurting Caitlin. And that is why no one will tell her what happened tonight, not me, not Olivia, and definitely not you, Francesca. As far as I'm concerned, tonight never happened." After urging her to sell the jewels, and get out of town, he says "It's over, Francesca. It was over when you walked out on me five years ago. Nothing that has happened since seeing you here in Sunset Beach has changed that fact for me. Nothing, and it never will." He leaves.

Maria asks "Tim, why didn't you want me to tell Meg that Annie was here?" "Meg works with Annie's husband, like I do. And we didn't tell Gregory where Annie was going to be tonight." "And Meg is a very loyal person and I don't necessarily want Gregory knowing everything I am doing" Annie says, adding "I am very loyal in my own way, too." A nurse enters with a sedative. Maria tells Annie "You really made me forget my troubles tonight." "Ditto. I'll come and see you again." "I'll hold you to it." After they leave the room, Annie questions Tim about the closeness between Meg and Maria. "Maria's my best friend. She can't have her, too." "When Maria finds out who she is, the last person she is gonna want to keep for a friend is..." "Is you?" " Meg. You're gonna be her shoulder. Okay, Annie? But, you've gotta stop driving me crazy in the meantime. You've gotta promise me something and you've gotta mean it, that no one knows who Maria is before the wedding." Annie takes out the stock certificates to countersign, as her way of agreeing.

At Ben's place, Meg asks Ben why he is looking at her like that. "Nothing. I was just thinking." "About what?" "What would you think, if I told you I think I know how to find out Dana's true identity?" He may be able to find out by tomorrow. Meg is thrilled.

Thursday, September 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michele P

While Michael and Vanessa discuss their feelings about the possibility of Michael's infertility, and how it would be nice to have kids they'll stick together no matter what because of their love, Virginia is off to the sperm clinic to make a withdrawal. She's posing as another one of her aliases, a woman desperate to become pregnant. The nurse told her due to tests it could be weeks before she can get her hot little hands on the sperm. Not one to be deterred, she overhears that there is an office empty till a new doctors arrival. We see the wheels turning. She's not giving up on Tyus' sperm that easy.

Annie in the meantime has gotten her hands on Tim's stock. Tim tells her he doesn't want to loose his job with Gregory. They begin to discuss Maria when Dana overhears them asking them who Maria is. They cover by saying it's a good friend. Dana in the meantime has been working on a portrait of Meg to go with the one she did of Ben. She can't seem to get it right and asks the doctor why she could do Ben after just seeing one picture but can't do Meg who's a good friend that she sees all the time. The doctor wonders if maybe she feels some connection she's not aware of.

Meg comes upon the restored painting of Maria and intially blows up at Ben telling him he'll never stop loving Maria and does he intend to put this up in the livingroom just weeks before their wedding? Ben explains it's for Maria's mother and that those feelings are past. Meg calms down and realizes she wouldn't love Ben so much if he wasn't capable of such love.

Annie climbs into the shower with the idea of tempting Gregory. While in the shower she lets him know he no longer has the upper hand. With her stock he had 500 shares more than Ben and AJ combined but now that she has Tim's stock she's ahead 1000 shares. They work on who will break first on giving in for sex. Annie says she'll make a bet with him. If she gives in first he can have Tim's stock, if he gives in first she gets back her stock. He agrees. Annie, not one to makes bets without a plan finds the perfect one when she picks up an article about that wonderful new blue pill that will enhance even a healthy man's sex drive. The scene closes with a call to the doctors office asking for a prescription.

Friday, September 11, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michele P

Cole wakes up in his hotel bed to find Francesca in the bed with him. He demands to know what she's doing there and she reminds him what a good B&E artist she is. He wants to know what she wants and she says she's not done with his help yet and he'd be smart to give it to her. At this point there is a knock at the door , it's Olivia who is responding to a note she believes was sent by Cole but in reality was sent by Francesca. It's her leverage to keep Cole in line by threatening to let people think they're having an affair. He scoots her into bathroom and lets Olivia in. While they talk Francesca lurks within sight to scare Cole. There's a knock once again at the door and it's room service with a romantic lunch that Olivia mistakenly believes Cole set up to charm her. He told her he did not send note or set up lunch that a third party must be involved and for her to trust him. . Ben comes to see Dana having a plan to help her find out who she is. He opens the door to the room just seeing the back of her head before the doctor comes out and told him that he's interrupting a therapy session. He told the doctor his plan is to plaster her face over the internet and newspapers in effort to find someone who might know her. The doctor told Ben that it might be too much too soon and that Dana should recover her memory at her own pace. As all this is going on Tim is lurking in the hallway. After everyone leaves Dana feels she has to do something to help herself so she leaves the clinic for a walk on the beach. While there she has a flashback to her "drowning". Then she wanders over to the swings and gets on them.

Annie in the mean time sees Gregory in a bar and sends him over a drink spiked with the little blue pill. Gregory refuses the drink thinking she's just trying to get him drunk not drugged. He sends the drink away and the waiter not wanting to waste good liquor drinks it and comes on strong to Annie when the pill kicks in. Gregory sees this and just chalks it up as another one of Annie's plans to make him jealous.

Casey faces down the special prosecutor and Melinda with Ricardo's report that shows no evidence that they tried to make shark bait out of Melinda. He told the prosecutor that if he pursues the matter and loses he'll file a legal suit against him. He backs down and leaves Melinda to fend for herself. When they're alone Melinda told Casey she's not done with he and Sara yet. And she will get a book out of this yet. Casey gives the good news about the dropping of charges to the Cummings women and he is their hero. Knowing that Melinda is not done Casey and Sara decide to give Melinda a dose of her own medicine by using a tape recorder on her to trap her in her schemes.

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