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March 2000
ABC Conquers SOD Awards
Winning a Soap Opera Digest award is apparently as easy as ABC. All four ABC soaps --- Port Charles, All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital --- won at least one award at the 2000 SOD Awards. Combined, the network won thirteen awards. Five of those were General Hospital wins.

March 2000
Y&R Leads CBS to 45 Daytime Emmy Nominations
If The Young and the Restless was slighted at this year's Soap Opera Digest Awards, it more than compensated for it in Daytime Emmy nominations.

Nominations were announced Wednesday for the 27th Daytime Emmy Awards. The awards, which honor achievement in the 1999 calendar year, will be handed out on Friday, May 19th.

April 2000
Good Idea or Shameless Stunt?
With the exception of NBC, both CBS and ABC broadcast four daytime drama per day; three full-hour soaps and one half-hour program. As with any network lineup, some shows get more viewers than others. For CBS, The Young and the Restless is --- and has been for the past ten years --- the top daytime serial on the network. ABC's shows are a bit closer in the ratings, with General Hospital usually leading the way for the network. So if you're a network executive looking for a way to increase the ratings all across the board, what do you do? If you're the folks at ABC, you take some of your fan-favorite characters from one show and transplant them on another.

May 2000
The 27th Annual Daytime Emmys: Complete Coverage
It was a night of firsts. Like last year's memorable Emmy win by Susan Lucci (Erica Kane, All My Children), this year some new faces got to walk home with Emmy gold.

August 2000
Wagner Will Join Titans
Jack Wagner has been added to the ever-growing list of daytime television refugees signed to Aaron Spelling's new primetime soap, Titans. Jack Wagner (ex-Frisco Jones on General Hospital) has joined Titans. Wagner was seen most recently as Dr. Peter Burns on one of Spelling's other night gigs, Melrose Place.

August 2000
Have Soap Operas Lost Their Credibility?
In the real world, there's very little opportunity to rewrite history and correct mistakes that are made. For most people, the best that they can hope for it to right their wrongs. The world of soap operas, however, is markedly different; the writers are rewriting history all the time.

November 2000
The ABCs of Soap Opera Changes
In the past several months, there have been major behind-the-scenes changes at ABC, moves that have many critics wondering exactly what the alphabet network has planned.

November 2000
The ABCs of Soap Opera Change: Part Two
In the latest of the batches of changes, General Hospital executive producer Wendy Riche has decided to step down after nine years on the job. Her departure comes only several weeks after the departures of co-head writers Robert Guza, Jr. and Meg Bennett. Earlier this year, the show lost two of its top-billed male stars, Ingo Rademacher (Jax) and Steve Burton (Jason).

December 2000
British Soap Turns 40
Britain's longest running drama series, the soap opera Coronation Street, marks its 40th anniversary on December 9th.

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