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January 2008
The 2008 Dankies
With the turning of the calendar to a brand new year comes what has become a yearly tradition on our year-end review of all things soap. Our special coverage includes commentary columns, looks back at the biggest news stories of the year and, of course, The Dankies.
January 2008
39th Annual NAACP Image Awards Nomination
There are some new faces among this year's nominees for the NAACP's Image Awards. Also included is former Passions star Tracey Ross, nominated for a ninth consecutive award. The Image Awards will air on FOX on Valentine's Day.
January 2008
As strike winds on, soaps are a hot commodity
With the members of the Writers Guild of America on strike, nearly all primetime television shows have grinded to a halt and acting gigs are scarce. Daytime, however, continues to produce hours of scripted drama every day. And now some actors are turning to soaps, a genre at which they might otherwise have snubbed.
February 2008
WGA members vote to end strike
The strike by the Writers Guild of America is over. Members voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to head back to work. Though a new contract has not yet been approved, it is already beginning to look like business as usual in Hollywood.
February 2008
Putting a little drama into baseball
One would not ordinarily think that avid sports fans and soap opera stars would travel in the same circles. Thanks to a new advertising campaign, these two worlds will collide. ESPN has tapped several soap stars to promote its Fantasy Baseball league.
February 2008
Emmy pre-screening nominations announced
The pre-nominations for this year's Daytime Emmys have now been announced. From this list will come this year's winners. In a rule change, shows may now have up to three nominees in any given category.
April 2008
WGA blasts members who took fi-core status
The strike by the Writers Guild of America is over, but the fallout from the strike continues. The Guild issued a statement praising its members for walking the picket lines during its recent work stoppage. However, those members who took "fi-core" status were subjected to public ridicule.
May 2008
It's all Relative for "SOC" founder Dan J Kroll
Combine Britney Spears, Erica Kane, The Sopranos and toss in a bit of Soap Central founder Dan J Kroll and you're bound to get some madness -- Relative Madness, to be exact. Kroll appears alongside comedians and a variety of other celebrity talent in a brand new SOAPnet series.
June 2008
Where soap fans go to lather up
That's right, a Web site with more than 1.25 million unique visitors per month is the handiwork of a sole soap fanatic, toiling away in his townhouse in Philadelphia.
June 2008
35th Annual Daytime Emmys coverage
As the mercury climbed towards triple digits, the stars hopscotched their way down the gauntlet that is the Red Carpet. Along the way, the stars posed for photographers or graciously granted interviews. In the end, most invariably sought out the coolest place on the Red Carpet - the shade under the Soap Central umbrella. Poised halfway down the carpet and sandwiched between a gaggle of chattering paparazzi, the Soap Central pit stop was a welcome oasis on the way into the Kodak Theater..
November 2008
Inside The Bubble with Dan J Kroll: Is there a doctor in the house?
Each week, Soap Central founder Dan J Kroll, offers up his thoughts on various soap topics in a special column called In the Bubble. The column may focus on trends in soaps, past storylines, the latest news, or offer general commentary on the state of the soaps. This week's topic: the demise of the Daytime Emmys.
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