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Sofia Dupre
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Actor History

Birthday celebrated on March 29


"Right hand" to Tucker McCall at Tucker McCall Unlimited

Graduate of Seton Hall University School of Business


New York City

Marital Status


Past Marriages

Malcolm Winters [Married: Apr 13, 2011; divorced: Oct 24, 2011]

Neil Winters (deceased) [Married: Dec 15, 2011; divorced: June 2012]


Mother's name unknown

Moses Dupre (father; deceased)


Moses Winters (son with Neil, born Oct 11, 2011)

Flings & Affairs

Malcolm Winters

Neil Winters

Crimes Committed

Aided Cane Ashby in embezzlement of funds from Tucker McCall Unlimited

Brief Character History

In July 2010, Sofia Dupre arrived in Genoa City from Europe and revealed that she was Tucker McCall's "right hand." Neil Winters took an instant dislike to her, only to find out that she was his brother Malcolm's mystery fiancée. Sofia also mentioned that she and Malcolm's ex-wife, Olivia Barber, had been sorority sisters at Seton Hall. Tucker wanted Sofia to remain in Genoa City and handle the deal that he and Ashley were working on with Jack, a deal in which Jack could return to Jabot and run it with Ashley if Jack helped them acquire Newman's Beauty of Nature Line. Malcolm helped Sofia decide to take Tucker up on his offer, and Jack talked Tucker into giving him the job right away.

Sofia did her best to be part of the Winters family, always there at special occasions, and willing to help out when needed. Neil finally came around to respecting her and even liking her personally.

Malcolm's biological daughter, Lily, was married to an Australian named Cane Ashby who worked for a McCall subsidiary, Chancellor Industries. Deportation loomed closer for Cane, but Sofia saved the day by convincing Tucker to approve Cane as a liaison with their corporate partner located where Cane grew up in Canberra, Australia. Because Cane was uniquely qualified, he was granted an eight-month work visa.

Needing money to pay off Blake Joseph, one of the cattle rustlers who had been after Cane in Australia, Cane checked the Internet for how to take on a new identity. Cane located the name of a dead person named James Collier and ordered a copy of his birth certificate. Cane presented Sofia with a résumé for James Collier and convinced her to hire him sight unseen, intending to do Collier's work himself, and using Collier's paycheck to pay the blackmail.

Malcolm and Sofia set a wedding date for Valentine's Day 2011, and Neil agreed to be his brother's best man.

The time came when Blake was assigned a project that Cane was not expert enough to handle, and Sofia and Neil were ready to fire Blake. But Sofia got Cane to admit that Blake was a fraud, and after hearing the story behind it, she agreed to help him get the blackmailers paid off to protect his family from harm. Colin put more pressure on Cane by asking Jill to marry him, and she accepted. Tucker discovered that Blake was a fraud. He called in Sofia, and when she tried to explain, he fired her and Cane. Sofia confessed her part in the hoax to Malcolm, then Neil, saying that she only wanted to help Cane, who was a good man in a rough place. Both men were mad at Sofia, and left her behind while they went to help Lily pick up the pieces.

Sofia went to Tucker again and got him to listen to her explanation. She reminded Tucker how he had saved her father's job as an economics professor, and said that she felt that she had been "paying it forward" by helping Cane. Sofia told how her father and Tucker had been close friends who argued economics over the dinner table, back when her father was raising Sofia alone, and she was a cheerleader who read financial magazines. Sofia's father had started a business with his university class, and Tucker had been a guest lecturer. Her father had been about to be fired because he didn't let the university share the profits, which was against their rules. Tucker had interceded and claimed that the business was his own. As a result, Sofia had gotten a college scholarship and supported herself by delivering pizzas and tutoring athletes. After Sofia graduated, she called Tucker for a job, where she worked her way up from a file clerk. Tucker relented and told Sofia that he expected her to cooperate with the police or face embezzlement charges with the rest of them.

Sofia had it out with Blake at Jimmie's Bar, and he later tried to run her down with his motorcycle as she left. The mob boss, Colin, ordered Blake to go home to Brisbane, but asked him for one last favor before he left: to keep Cane from interrupting Colin's wedding to Jill. Before Blake left for the church, he got a text message from someone called "Rippley" tipping him that Colin was not to be trusted and was setting him up if he returned to Australia.

Cane went home to tell Lily the truth about himself and that Colin was his father, but she was at the church, waiting for him and ready to forgive him. So Cane wrote a note for Lily and made a video for the kids, just in case he never saw them again. As Jill and Colin said their vows, Cane walked up the steps of the church, followed by Blake. Lily walked out the front door and saw them fighting. Blake turned the gun on Lily to stop Cane, but Cane jumped Blake to protect his family. The gun went off, shooting Cane in the chest, and Blake fell down the steps, where he died of a broken neck. Lily told Cane she forgave him and loved him, and Cane breathed his last breath, telling Lily that he loved her.

Malcolm and Sofia arrived at the church and took the babies home, and when they walked into the house, a gust of wind blew Cane's note between the furniture and the wall. Malcolm told Sofia that you don't lie to people you love and leave them out of important decisions, reminding her of the lies about Lily's paternity which caused him not to trust anyone. Then Malcolm and Sofia canceled their wedding. Sofia apologized to Neil for causing Cane's death, saying that Cane might still be alive if she had gone to Neil with what she had known. Neil told Sofia that she was not responsible, that what she did had been out of compassion for Cane and their family, and with the type of people who were after Cane, he could have died anyway, and Neil hugged her.

Tucker admitted to Malcolm how much he missed Sofia and that the bio-fuel project would probably end up being scrapped without her. Tucker and Malcolm agreed that maybe they had been a little rough on her. Yet when Neil repeated it to Malcolm, Malcolm replied that Sofia deserved to be fired. Neil and Sofia commiserated and ended up having sex on Neil's sofa. Malcolm showed up afterward, ready to forgive Sofia for lying to him. Neil went to Tucker and persuaded him to rehire Sofia. Meanwhile Malcolm and Sofia made up, and the engagement was back on.

Malcolm and Sofia were married in the same church where Cane was murdered, which was rough on Lily, Jill and Colin. Lily was matron of honor, Neil best man, and Tucker gave Sofia away. In attendance were Nate with his mother Olivia, Devon with Roxie, Ashley was there with Tucker, Leslie with Neil, Jill with Colin, and Daniel with Lily.

While on their honeymoon, Malcolm found a pregnancy test kit in Sofia's bag. He pushed her to take the test, the results were positive, and Malcolm phoned Neil to tell him the big news. Neil couldn't help but wonder if Sofia was pregnant by him, rather than by his brother. Seeing them together, hands touching and in deep discussion, Olivia guessed that Neil could be the father. Olivia confronted Sofia, who told her that as far as she was concerned the baby was Malcolm's. So they plotted to tell Neil an earlier due date to convince him that he could not be the father.

When Tucker went into a coma from injuries received in a car accident, Katherine was named to take over Tucker Industries. Sofia disagreed with how she was handling things, so was put on paid leave of absence by Katherine.

Sofia was discovered to be Rh-negative after a pregnancy incident put her in the hospital. Because Neil was Rh-positive and Malcolm Rh-negative, there was a fifty-percent risk for her baby. So Sofia told Malcolm the truth -- that the baby might be Neil's. Malcolm moved to a room at the athletic club. Sofia spoke to her doctor, Olivia, about methods of finding out the paternity of her baby without risk to its life. Testing for Rh-factor symptoms showed none, so with the paternity still in question, they decided to wait until after the baby was born to test. But a sonogram showed that the baby would be a boy.

At the family birthday party for Lily, she noticed that Malcolm and Sofia appeared not be getting along. Sofia admitted that they were separated, and Neil confirmed that he might be the father of her baby. Lily, Daniel, and Devon were shocked considering how Lily herself was conceived.

Sofia went into labor and Malcolm took her to the hospital where she delivered a baby boy whom she named Moses, after Sofia's father. The long-awaited paternity test revealed that Neil finally had a son of his own. Later Malcolm presented Sofia with divorce papers, which she regretfully signed. Malcolm said goodbye to only Phyllis, and boarded a plane for Guam. Neil brought Sophia and their son home to live with him the next morning.

Moses Dupre Winters was christened with Tucker and Olivia as godparents. Afterward, Neil asked Sofia to marry him. She thought it was a bad idea since she knew it was for convenience, not love, but later after discussing it with Olivia, Sofia changed her mind since she loved Neil. Devon, Lily, and Cane with the twins spent Thanksgiving at Neil's, where he and Sofia announced their engagement.

A week before Christmas, Reverend Fulton called to say goodbye to Sofia and Neil because he was leaving their parish, which caused an impromptu wedding. Neil insisted that Devon attend his conflicting meeting with a big record executive. As Cane and Lily stood up for Neil and Sofia, they both wistfully reflected back to their own wedding. Afterward Neil strangely disappeared without a word, and showed up at Devon's studio, leaving Sofia alone to welcome Devon and Tucker who arrived late.

Tucker and Sofia staged a fight in Victoria's presence, and Sofia was fired. Sofia then asked Victoria for a job with Beauty of Nature but was turned down. When Neil offered Sofia a job at Chancellor, she admitted that it was all part of a plot to get inside information to help Tucker buy Beauty of Nature from Genevieve. Sofia still worked for Tucker, and deception and underhandedness had always been part of her job. Neil became disenchanted with Sofia's integrity, and spent the evening with Lily, Cane, and Harmony. Their fooling around together at Devon's recording studio and cheering him up caused Neil and Harmony to get even closer when they slow-danced and kissed. Neil and Harmony admitted that they were drawn to each other, but would try to avoid each other for everyone's sake. But later Neil admitted to Sofia that he had feelings for Harmony, and Sofia was heartbroken. After Harmony and Tucker were caught in bed together by his wife Ashley, Sofia told Harmony she hadn't changed a bit, and to stay away from Neil. It wasn't long before Sofia realized that Neil would never love her, so she filed for divorce. Neil tried to get her to buy a condo apartment in his building that was up for sale, but she moved to an apartment somewhere else in Genoa City instead.

The theme of the 2012 annual Chancellor 4th of July pool party/barbeque turned out to be forgiveness. While Murphy tended the grill, Devon forgave Katherine and Tucker, with Roxanne and Ana beaming their approval. Ashley had forgiven Tucker so they attended together, and Sofia told Neil that if he wanted Harmony he needed to pursue her. Harmony tried to reconcile with Ashley, but she refused to forgive her.

Sofia was offered her dream job in New York City, but after Neil warned her that she would not be taking their son or face a custody battle, she declined. But later he had a change of heart, and Sofia moved there and took Moses along. In September 2018, Sofia was said to have been involved in a serious car accident, and Neil went to see her.

On April 23, 2019, Lily was released from prison, and Neil was there to welcome her. They traveled to Genoa City to attend the grand opening of Society, a new restaurant venture by Devon and Abby Newman, featuring head chef Lola Rosales. Neil felt exhausted and laid down for a nap upstairs at Devon's penthouse, promising to meet them there later. When Neil failed to show up, Devon went home to check on him. Devon came down his stairway in tears, having discovered that Neil had died of a stroke in his sleep. Everyone in Genoa City Neil whose life Neil had touched was saddened and shocked by the news of the death of their friend. Family and friends gathered for Neil's funeral in tears. They shared remembrances and stories of how Neil had touched their lives and made them better. Sofia was there with their young son Moses. Everyone then gathered at Devon's penthouse to celebrate Neil's life, reminiscing, honoring, and playing his favorite jazz. Malcolm took a group photo. He ended it with a toast; "to Neil Ellis Winters, music lover, businessman, philanthropist, humanitarian, best friend, father, grandfather, best brother you could ask for." Neil's will was read a month later by Michael Baldwin. Moses was left a trust fund, a college fund, and there was a stipend for Sofia.

In April 2021, Sofia allowed Moses now 16, to finish high school at Walnut Grove in Genoa City to fast tract to med school with Dr. Nate Hastings as his mentor and live with Neil’s adopted son, Devon Hamilton. Months later Moses broke it to Sofia that he decided against med school and was more interested in an internship with his father’s company Hamilton-Winters. Sofia understood and allowed him to stay.

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