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My last couple of columns, which you can find in this site's archives, have expressed the outrage and disappointment related to Dixie's demise and Cady McClain's firing. However, I've continued to receive an enormous amount of mail on this issue and would like to discuss it a little more.

My last couple of columns, which you can find in this site's archives, have expressed the outrage and disappointment related to Dixie's demise and Cady McClain's firing. However, I've continued to receive an enormous amount of mail on this issue and would like to discuss it a little more. As most everyone knows by now, Cady has written about the issue on her blog and after reading this I am appalled by the way Cady was treated. Now I know that Cady herself was extremely professional and has nothing negative to say about Brian Frons, Megan McTavish and Julie Carruthers even though those are the 3 responsible for Cady being fired. The reasoning behind all of this was because "everything that has been written for Dixie has been written". In other words the writers don't seem to have any creativity to come up with a storyline for this character. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but that is their jobs - to be creative. Considering I could come up with countless creative plots for Dixie, so why can't AMC's writers oblige all the Tad and Dixie fans? I don't believe this reasoning, but have a different theory. When Cady decided to leave AMC the last time, she took a position with ATWT (subsequently winning an Emmy) and I believe Brian Frons really hated and couldn't get over that fact. Immediately Dixie was killed off-screen along with Kate which left Tad and others to grieve, but since the body was never found and the deaths was "off screen" then it gave fans hope that Dixie could return. That hope materialized when Cady was convinced AMC had a great re-entry storyline for her. Unfortunately there was no GREAT storyline only a convoluted one that left core Tad and Dixie fans wondering what happened to the love of Tad's life. Next thing we know Cady is being fired and Dixie is killed off. I think Brian Frons had this planned from Day One to ensure Cady would NEVER again leave AMC by killing Dixie onscreen for all to see. I know some will disagree with my opinion, but it's amazing how petty, shallow and spiteful people can be.

So now the writers have a lack of creativity which has brought the fans reaction to the forefront. This week's AMC Fan Spotlights of the week comes from several fans, such as Sandy who writes "I cannot believe that they are not going to kill Babe off, but they did kill off Dixie. I am so disappointed in AMC that I think I'm ready to say no more. They could get rid of Babe, Krystal, Colby, Sean, Jeff and Josh and bring back Dixie, Brooke and David. I really don't like where this show is going." L Anderson who shares "I have been watching for 30 years. Not only has the last rash of "killings" been unimaginative, but they have been baseless and written with total disregard for the AMC fans. How many characters have been killed off or have left Pine Valley (like Brooke) over the last couple of years. I can think of at least 15! There are probably more that I am forgetting. The cast turn-over is appalling. There seems to be no purpose for this. Although I admire the actors that remain, I am no longer watching AMC. They would have to pull a huge surprise return of a favorite old-timer (and not Barbara) to make it watchable again." Carolyn's opinion is "So glad that you are getting our anger and disgust with the Tad and Dixie/Cady situation out there. I sure hope it helps. I have been a viewer of AMC for over 20 years. Although I have tuned out because of the total destruction of together forever, it would be sad for AMC to be cancelled, but it totally sucks right now. I too am so tired of the Babe hour!!!! Frons, Carruthers, McTavish and the writing team of this show should have been the ones fired! Not Cady. If this show is to survive, they need a whole new executive staff and writing team." More from Chris "I, for one, will never watch AMC again. I'm finished with all soaps in general. I will no longer serve as their "puppet". It is clear to me that no one there (at ABC) cares for their fans. They have also lost all creativity if Megan McTavish truly believes there was no more story to tell for T&D. What about the baby girl we have waited 18 long years for? What about the fallout from finding out Tad killed Greg? What about Krystal's baby? If a total idiot like me can think of these storylines, you'd think that someone who gets paid to write them could think of them as well as even better ones. If Julie Carruthers believes that killing Dixie "heightens the stakes" of another ridiculous story that I won't even mention, then it shows me neither of them really truly care. If they don't care, then why should I?"


Babe isn't dead! I know I'm not surprised. I do wonder how Babe could be saved but Dixie couldn't. Guess Josh didn't care about Dixie but worships Babe. Lots of people out there don't like Babe or the Babe/Josh pairing but I heard from Tammy who has a different slant as she writes: "I just want to say I love the romance scenes with Josh and Babe. I don't understand why so many viewers find Josh annoying. I think he's HOT, HOT, HOT!!!" Thanks Tammy. I find Josh annoying because he knows everything about medicine even though he's never been a real doctor. Josh is Mr. Super Doctor now! I don't want to think about this. Babe is very much alive and being protected courtesy of Josh, Zach, Kendall, Dr. Joe and Jeff. However no one else is trustworthy enough to be clued in on the deception. Dr. Joe has been changed now into having no problem sanctioning unethical behavior as he signed off on the death certificate and also had knowledge of the baby switch way back when. It could be Jackson also is involved and let me just say this is way out there. I know one thing Erica is going to go off on everyone as she was kept in the dark. This could be the end of the ill paired Erica and Jeff but considering she slept with Jeff I don't see Jackson welcoming Erica back into their marriage once he finds that out. Their marriage has been made a sham of and truly ruined a great long-term relationship. Of course, Erica has always fooled around so we shouldn't be surprised. Speaking of Erica what is this with her remembering growing up with Tad???? Do the writers not know Tad was dumped on the bench at age 8 and Erica was already running around with men at that time?????

Alex Cambias is ALIVE and is the Satin Slayer!!! How can this be as Alex was cremated???? I remember Ryan said Alex's ashes were spread all over the desert. Also, Zach and "his men" can just dig up a grave? Aren't there laws? Where is the digging equipment? After all this time of waiting to have the slayer unveiled we find the writers truly are uncreative as Alex is the murderer. This is the same Alex we saw die several years back, the same Alex that was appalled his son Michael was a rapist, the same Alex that had mellowed with time and was kind to Ryan. Alex as the slayer makes NO sense whatsoever. First off I feel sure all the Ryan haters are just wanting to say I told you so because this makes Ryan wrong about Alex and Zach correct that his old man was evil. Well, the writers have decided to re-write the history here. Back when Ryan and Alex had screen time, Alex still mourned the death of Zach a.k.a Alex Jr. Alex treated Ryan as a son, gave Ryan his fortune and then Ryan even gave the fortune to Miranda and Ethan to abide by Alex's wishes. It doesn't matter that Ryan received some of that fortune back when Ethan died.

Now why would Alex want to kill the girls of Fusion to get back at Zach? I can understand Kendall, but the others? Also, Simone recognized the killer but she never saw Alex and if she had known who he was wouldn't she have been shocked to see someone back from the dead? Well, maybe not in PV as we all know everyone comes back from the dead. Alex faked his death to torture Zach 3+ years later? When last we saw Alex he was a frail old man that could not have beaten Zarf up, if indeed it was Alex. After all, Zarf had no problem containing JR recently in defense of Babe. And why would he have wanted to beat up Zarf? If Alex thought Zarf knew who the slayer was why didn't Alex kill Zarf? Alex's had no problem killing everyone else including a security guard.

This & That!

Bianca jumped on Erica's case about sleeping with Jeff but since Erica has certainly committed adultery before why would this even surprise Bianca? Also, Bianca had no problem picking up Leslie a while back at the bar and go on to a one-night stand and. some disagree with the idea of one-night stands. Zarf was truly out of place at the funeral to jump all over JR. At least Bianca did tell Zarf to hush during the funeral when he was yelling at JR. JR didn't need to hear from Zarf on all his shortcomings and then JR was again made the villain as he ignored that Zarf had been beat up. JR didn't notice that fact and thought Zarf was inebriated. Once Bianca found Zarf she at once cried "hate crime." Why would she immediately thing that? It's not common knowledge that Zarf is transgender. Zarf is a man that looks like a man and is attracted to women. Even when Zarf wears makeup he still looks like a man. A man that Bianca is attracted to which definitely makes Bianca bisexual!

Zach and Kendall showing up in Vegas and acting like the mob, threatening, etc. was not only totally unbelievable but also unnecessary. I know there are lots of Kendall and Zach fans, but Zach is too brooding, moody and unresponsive for me to get into this pairing.

Thanks for the emails as always I enjoy them all and I'll see you back here in two weeks!!


Mary Page
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