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The fight for power on the hill will be an interesting one for the ladies of the mansion. Doris is so uptight, and Ashlee just wants to give a group hug to a group of vultures. No wonder Lizzie, Alan-Michael, and Phillip turned out like they did.

Obviously GL is only skimming their fans comments, mine included. To clarify, GL:

I love a good murder/shooting mystery (check).

But, I love to see more than one story going on at a time (hmmm, better get busy, then).

Technically, if you count the 5 minutes devoted to Dinah's identity theft (a serious crime - one I have been a victim of myself) and the 5 minutes for Daisy's antics, we have some other stories going. But since the show is on 5 days a week for 47 minutes, that leaves an awful lot of time devoted to one story.

Let's get crazy. Suppose I didn't care WHO shot Alan? Then what do I do? I turn off the show. (Bad idea, here writers). We want to avoid fans doing that. I do care, but there are a lot of other characters and stories that seem to disappear for long periods of time. Balance is the key to happy fans. Happy fans = higher ratings = employment.

I realize the show has budget issues, and guarantees, etc. But try not to focus all of your efforts on one story. You did this with other stories, and my mailbox certainly can back this up. Fans want to see their favorites at least once a week. Is this too much to ask? I finally saw Billy again this week - shocker. He and Olivia must have been vacationing the same place as Jeffrey and Lillian and Rick and Mel. It's like the "Land of Misfit Toys" from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, only with soap characters sent off to who knows where for eons.

I look at the spoilers this week, and it's more of the same. Sure, we see the different characters but they are all reacting to Alan's shooting. And from what I've heard, this will continue though at least a good deal of March. Hopefully with other stories developing from this one event. Please?

OK, my list of suspects is still pretty much the same. A-M really is moving to the head of the pack, but Cassie's antics do make a girl stop and think. And who's gun shot Alan? My Tivo's memory can attest to the fact that I love to solve puzzles and crimes, and this one is just coming together. I'm sure I'll change my mind several times before we find out who really did the deed. And will Alan live or die? I haven't heard any rumors of Ron Raines leaving, so I think his fans are safe for now.

Beth's little announcement this week was an eye opener. And one I sort of saw coming. But I doubt there is another Spaulding on the way. Still, the fight for power on the hill will be an interesting one for the ladies of the mansion. Doris is so uptight, and Ashlee just wants to give a group hug to a group of vultures. It's hysterical, and a little sad, too. No wonder Lizzie and A-M and Phillip turned out like they did.

So buckle your seatbelts for a long, bumpy ride to find out who shot Alan. Hopefully the time will pass quickly, and some other stories can develop along the way.

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!


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