Will the real shooter please stand up?

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Will the real shooter please stand up?
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When a shooting victim is as hated as Alan Spaulding, pretty much any one can be a suspect. The Springfield Police keep eliminating suspects, but are they sure they have the whole story?

When your shooting victim is as hated as Alan Spaulding, pretty much any one can be a suspect. The Springfield Police keep eliminating suspects - but are they sure they have the whole story?

I felt a little bad for Ron Raines this week. Everyone fighting over him (literally) and Buzz slapping him around. I know Bradley Cole (when he was Richard) said he fell asleep doing those scenes, which I can well imagine. I guess GL wanted to make sure Ron didn't get a nap or two!

But who shot Alan? This week it looks like we have an answer, but I really think it's Alan-Michael, Beth or Alex. Lillian certainly looked like a viable suspect this week (and I always love to see her on-screen). I know we have weeks to find out the truth, but it's fun to guess to see if we're right.

Josh and Cassie's engagement wasn't really a shock to me - I thought he would have done it sooner if Tammy hadn't died. And I LOVED Reva's real reaction - you knew she wouldn't take it as calmly as she let Joshua believe. And if he thought that was her reaction after all of their years together, shame on him! But will the engagement lead to a wedding? Only time will tell.

And we finally see Olivia (who seems to have been missing a lot lately) and Buzz talking about their own wedding. But will Olivia allow herself to be happy or blow it again? My money is on more unhappiness for 'Liv - who never can seem to stop herself when things are going good.

What can I say about the way they've made A-M such a baddie. I remember way back when, Harley and A-M were married (yes, folks, her first husband) and he was a good guy. Now I wouldn't mind pushing his wheelchair off of Towers myself. Seeing what a snake your father is (Alan) how can you idolize the person who caused you so much anguish? I could see him with Olivia one day - neither of them seem to know when to stop and enjoy life.

Daisy certainly knows how to push her mother's buttons - just like she did with Frank many years ago. But when are we going to see this girl, who used to be so warm and loving, go too far? I know many of you see this crush on Gus as bad - but at least she finds herself fantasizing about someone who is good to her and has her best interest at heart. I remember when I was her age I had a little crush on a teacher (a married man, but who really was very kind and generous with ALL of his students) so I can see where this story is ok. At least she can see that not all men are "G", using girls for whatever he wants, and breaking the law at will. But will the show introduce her to someone available who can love her flaws and all?

The one plus I see to Daisy's troubles is that hopefully she isn't as na´ve as Ava. (he's afraid of needles but has a body full of tattoos? Come ON, Ava - are you that blind?) Who can't see through A-M's scheming to see what a rotten guy he is? I just want to shake her for allowing herself to be sucked into his world. Yes, you can get ahead by working for a big company like Spaulding - but do it without spending so much time with this loser. I felt somewhat sorry for the character when he returned to Springfield, newly divorced and an outcast in his own family. But now I see very little to like about the man that Alan forgot about. Surely GL can give him one redeeming quality?

It looks like some of Dinah's past will come to the forefront this week. Let's hope that her past doesn't ruin her future - I miss seeing her with Mallet as it is. Can we have one happy couple, please?

Until next week...

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