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Why is the Peeper blackmailing Theresa? Apparently, the Peeper doesn't want money; he just wants to keep Theresa dangling. Could Gwen be the person who is stalking Theresa?

So now the Peeper is throwing acid on Fancy and setting Luis up. I want so badly to believe it is Sheridan, but I can't help but think it is someone else like Pretty or maybe even Chris. Chris sure isn't thrilled his wife is still in love with Luis, maybe framing him for murder is Chris' way of getting rid of his nemesis. No matter who the Peeper is, it has me tuning in for every little clue. Perhaps the Peeper is the guy Julian hired years ago to wear the fake Luis mask to split up him and Sheridan. Perhaps Chris could use that mask to make Sheridan love him.

I can see why Fancy is the cop she is if Luis trained her. He was "smart" enough not to fall for the Peeper's attempt to drug his coffee, but he wasn't smart enough to try to knock the Peeper out instead of struggling with him/her. And I know Fancy's leg was burning from the acid, but didn't she hear the door close when the attacker ran out? Had Luis just snuck up on the attacker and whacked him/her over the head, he'd be free right now. Instead, he is on the run, with the charges piling up.

How did Sheridan end up at the Police station so fast? How did she know Luis had been arrested? She was supposed to sleeping at the mansion; instead she is harassing Fancy at the station, and "helping" Luis escape. And I loved Sheridan laying all the blame at Fancy's feet. "If Luis gets killed, it'll be all your fault." As if she is not to blame as she sat there and watched Luis escape, and then played dumb to the whole thing. I don't think Sheridan is the one who threw the acid on Fancy; however, someone is making sure she looks guilty.

What I love most about this Peeper story is that no one has a clue who the Peeper is. I think the writer's might not even know. Jeannie (see Viewer's Voice below) thinks Alistair and Beth are working as a team. I would normally agree with that, except I can't see Alistair raping or hurting Fancy physically. And I don't want to go there if Beth is the one that raped her. A lot of message boards are buzzing that Vincent and Valerie are the Peeper team. While I agree that's possible, what interest Vincent and Valerie have in Luis, Fancy, and Sheridan is beyond me. And that is what has started off this whole storyline.

Why is the Peeper blackmailing Theresa? He/She doesn't want money; they just want to keep Theresa dangling apparently. And when that stupid box spit out "Little Ethan" I screamed at my television for Theresa to throw it in the water. I'm so glad she listened. The Peeper did say on the box, "Ethan is mine." Could the person stalking Theresa be Gwen? Gwen is possible, as is Rebecca, and the keeping Theresa dangling makes a lot of sense because Gwen and Rebecca's favorite past time is torturing Theresa. I also think Jared is not to be counted out, as the Peeper is pushing heavily for the two of them to be married. And he would have access to the toy box that was torturing Theresa. At this point, everyone is a suspect.

Ethan is the biggest jerk and why Theresa wants him is beyond me. For years all we've heard is how sacred his wedding vows are, and then he cheats on Gwen left, right, and sideways. Finally, when he is innocently led to Theresa, Gwen catches him and leaves. He half heartedly fights Gwen to keep her from leaving, and now he is nearly jumping for joy that she is sending him divorce papers. He couldn't get his clothes off and Theresa in bed fast enough. So much for his sacred vows.

I hope Julian lives up to the Crane worth and puts Miguel behind bars. He is the worst part of watching this show. Who does he think he is to hide in a closet and then call Kay and tell her to stop making love to Fox? And what is wrong with Kay? Fox is "dying" and was supposedly hit by a car Miguel was driving. Why is she jumping into and out of bed with him? If she believes Miguel is innocent, then obviously she believes Fox is lying, as Fox pointed to Miguel as the one driving the car that ran him down.

And why hasn't Fox asked to have a restraining order put against Miguel? If I were lying in a hospital bed and my supposed attacker kept coming around and accusing me of lying, I'd do something about it. Instead we have to sit through week after week of endless, "Kay, you know I didn't do this," and "Kay, Fox is lying to you." Miguel should not pass go, he should not collect $200, he should just go directly to jail.

Chad is in some serious denial as he maintains he enjoys a man's company in bed, but he isn't gay. I wont get into the debate of whether he is or whether he isn't, but anyone bed hopping the way he does, has no room to judge anyone's lifestyle. And poor dopey Whitney doesn't even have a clue. What happened to that private eye Theresa hired to follow Chad? Has he become the Peeper?

And why is Jessica hooking in nicer hotel rooms than the one Chad and Vincent hook up in? Both of them can afford better than that sleazy joint. Vincent being revealed as Chad's lover was absolutely no shock at all to me. It's no shock that he is Julian and Eve's son that phoned on Friday either. I knew all along that is who Chad was "seeing". It would've been better had it been Jared that Chad was hooking up with. And Whitney believing that cockamamie story about porn being sent as a commercial to his phone was awful. How na´ve is she?

Speaking of Jessica, first of all why hasn't she told her father that Spike has a ski mask? It might help to clear Luis? Secondly, how funny is it that she has seen the Peeper and he/she freaked her out with their cross-dressing ways. Paloma, Simone, and Noah all thought she was high, so they took her to the hospital. She could prove to be a better cop than Fancy if she'd lay off the drugs and alcohol.

Some Random Thoughts:

Could the Peeper be tied to what Grace wanted to tell Sam before she died? I sure hope that story hasn't been dropped.

Who does Sheridan think she is to prance around the police station and act like she owns it?

Why did Fancy have to ask Sam what the standard was for escaped criminals? Shouldn't she have learned that in basic training?

Why wasn't Paloma notified of what was going on with Luis?

When Theresa gave Luis money and a place to hide out, why didn't she give him a car or driver to get him there?

What a boring week without Tabby and Endora.

Viewer's Voice:

"I think you are sort of on the right track with your Peeper idea, but I have a bit of a different idea. I think the Peeper is Alistair and Beth working together. We all know that Al has always hated Luis, so wouldn't it make sense for him to frame him for those crimes? Fancy is his favorite, so of course he doesn't want her to be with Luis. Unfortunately, Fancy getting hurt is just a battle scar that she will have to endure. Al also know that it would drive Sher mad with jealousy and turn her evil if Luis were to keep protecting Fancy instead of her. With Theresa I think he is keeping her away from Ethan because he still wants her to be his sex slave. He knows she will never commit to Jared, so he is pushing them together. Framing Miguel is just an added bonus because he does not like the Lo-Fitz family. I think he has Beth doing some of his dirty work, because Jess was referring to the woman-man, man-woman when she was all drugged up, and Jared was referring to "Bess". Beth of course would not mind helping Al because she is crazy and she loves her daddy. It makes sense, right? Hmm...maybe we need to start writing for the show since we have it all worked out! Side note-the way Miguel acted was really creepy when Kay and Fox were making love. Fox is her husband. How dare he demand that she not make love to him. He is a pig and a stalker. Nobody wants him around so why doesn't he leave?" Thanks Jeannie!!!

"I loved Kay and Real Fox. They were so cute, and the romance was sweet. NuFox is a jerk, and the storyline is awful. All the years with Miguel yacking about his true love, Charity, and suddenly he's back and he loves Kay. He NEVER loved Kay. She was the tomboy buddy. Kay needs to dump both of them and head for Smallville and latch on to the Green Arrow." Thanks MJ!!! For those that don't know, Smallville is the show Justin Hartley (the original Fox) is now on.

"Does anyone else not have the idea that Vincent might not only just be Chad's lover but he could be the blackmailer as well? The question is what his motive might be in blackmailing Teresa and who could have put him up to this?" Thanks Sarah!!!

Until next week friends,

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